OliHello all. Whose leg should I be humping to get a cloak activated?09:32
OliMy proof of id: https://launchpad.net/~oli09:33
Tm_TOli: please, language09:34
Myrttijussi, topyli ^09:53
topylilooks good. congrats on your membership Oli09:56
topyliany staff awake? we're in need of an ubuntu/member cloak for Oli please09:56
topylithere you go Oli. wear it well :)10:35
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cjohnstonHow can I get one of the bug bots in a channel?20:28
m4vcjohnston: what channel?20:33
cjohnstonm4v: bbiab.. sorry im stuck at work20:34
cjohnstonm4v: mind a PM?21:30
m4vcjohnston: nope.21:34

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