cjohnstonitnet7: ping01:17
cprofittnigelb: ping02:19
cprofittcjohnston: ping02:19
cprofittI contacted Richard Weait of OSM tonight02:19
cprofittand sent a message to brian about the map script from LP02:19
cjohnstonmark em in progress02:20
cprofittwho would be best to have a OSM person contact?02:20
cjohnstonmhall119: you willing?02:20
cjohnstoni dont know anything about maps at all02:21
mhall119willing to what?02:22
cjohnstonbe a point of contact for OSM02:23
mhall119I thought cprofitt was going to be out contact02:23
cjohnstoni dunno02:23
cjohnstonask him02:23
mhall119cprofitt: can you be out point of contact for OSM?02:23
cjohnstoncprofitt: we have some bitesized bugs when your ready to jump in head first too02:24
cprofittI am contacting OSM, but if they want to talk to a developer I might want to point them at a person with better working knowledge of the code base02:24
cjohnstoncprofitt: #ubuntu-website02:24
mhall119cprofitt: if you need a contact, send them my way03:01
cprofittmhall119: sounds good... I just know I do not know the code well yet03:01
mhall119well, cjohnston keeps renaming stuff and I may not either03:02
cjohnstonthats ok.. nigelb goesnt know how to write commit messages03:15
nigelbcjohnston: :D03:15
Darkwingcjohnston: You still up by any off chance?06:38
nigelbDarkwing: he went to bed a while back.06:41
Darkwingnigelb: I figured as much. I was hoping for a bit of insomnia. :)06:42
dholbachgood morning07:46
czajkowskialoha 08:43
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jasonjangaloha~ czajkowski & all09:07
locodir-userhay alguien por aqui???11:28
paultagSo.. Who wants to contribute to Fluxbox? -- http://people.ubuntu.com/~paultag/fluxbox/fluxbox-deps.png <- Internal Deps16:43
paultaghello, 10 year old project :)16:43
mhall119hey paultag, I was wondering, what UI toolkit does fluxbox use?17:05
paultagmhall119: its a window manager, not a de :)17:34
paultagmhall119: no uitk needed17:35
mhall119paultag: it has window decorators, they've gotta be drawn by something17:40
mhall119even if it's just Xlib17:40
paultagmhall119: I understand how it works :)17:50
paultagmhall119: and yeah, xlib17:50
paultagbut Xlib is hardly a UI toolkit ;)17:50
paultagWe have FbTk, but that's not really a UI Toolkit17:52
paultaghas some stuff, but not a lot17:52
mhall119close enough  to answer my question ;)18:10
paultagmhall119: :)18:12
paultagok, who wants to make me happy18:13
paultagcould someone write a c++ parser? kthx18:14
paultagmhall119: no wai :)19:30
paultagI'm not writing it, man19:30
paultagthe syntax rules are so crazy complex19:31

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