micahgchrisccoulson: I requested testing of the EDS patches in -proposed in ubuntu-testing, not quite sure if that was the right place, will follow up when I get up, it's looking like late monday for thunderbird at this point09:03
micahgthunderbird 8 that is, 3.1.16 is going out later today09:03
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cousin_luigiWhat's the story with FF8 on oneiric?18:15
micahgcousin_luigi: there were some issues found, there will be a respin, so the update will probably be early next week18:15
cousin_luigimicahg: ok, thanks.18:15
* micahg hopes chrisccoulson made his flight18:16
cousin_luigimicahg: is it possible to install the ff9 preview alongside the stable version without messing up the configuration?18:17
micahgcousin_luigi: unfortunately, we don't support that configuration at this time.  I have heard from upstream that moving between the channels with the same profile is usually ok, I'd suggest backing up your .mozilla in your home directory just in case, then install the firefox-next PPA, you can use PPA purge later to downgrade to stable if you want18:19
cousin_luigimicahg: Thanks, I'll do that.18:20
micahgI generally run the beta on my dev machine and it rarely crashes18:21
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