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TandyUKrun-parts: /etc/cron.hourly/mythtv-frontend exited with return code 111:35
TandyUKrun-parts: /etc/cron.hourly/mythvideo exited with return code 111:35
TandyUKany idea how i can top that?11:35
TandyUKi dont wannt to silence cron thoguh as i need the reports if there is a real error11:36
TandyUKoh i see11:38
TandyUKold shit you can be arsed to delete11:38
ZinnTandyUK: Please watch your language.11:38
TandyUKif your gonan update a package and add a 'fix' delete the file when you no longer need it11:39
TandyUKinsstead of leavign it to sit around indefinitely until someone investigates the error11:39
TandyUKi wonder how many people just set a mailto="" line to shut cron up11:39
superm1TandyUK: there was a server bug in autobuilds that only affected builds from one day14:06
superm1for -fixes builds14:06
superm1if you happened to upgrade to that day's builds, those files showed up when they shouldn't14:06
TandyUKthis has been going on for months14:07
TandyUKthe machien is set to auto update14:07
superm1that's nearly 6 months ago though14:07
superm1ah :)14:07
TandyUKyeah my customer just told me how thheyve been getting emails  from cron on a daily bass14:07
superm1not many people complained about it so after fixing the server bug the next day we decided it wasn't necessary to figure out the right stuff in postinst to clean it up14:07
TandyUK bet many people have the bug, just cron is silenced14:08
superm1it's possible yeah14:08
TandyUKboth myth boxes on this site had it14:08
TandyUKso i bet every other 'appliance' type myth box does too14:08
superm1well only if they actually installed updates from that day14:08
TandyUKits daily updates14:09
superm1at least most of the people we were querying only install them every few days14:09
TandyUKso ofc it did14:09
superm1if you'd like to help work out the stuff that goes in postinst to clean up those files properly, i'll be glad to help merge a patch14:09
TandyUKbut anyhow ive shut my boxes up now14:09
TandyUKhow hard is it to "rm /etc/cron.daily/mythtv-frontend"14:10
superm1well there's more to it, you have to key off of what version they're upgrading from14:10
superm1and what they're upgrading to14:10
superm1because those files do have a purpose in some versions14:10
superm1so it's a dpkg --compare-versions test that needs to go in there14:11
dekarlsuperm1: the build script from packaging doesn't like running twice on the same build dir (to avoid pulling everything again) because of the uncommited changes to mythtv/VERSION17:40
superm1dekarl: hmm interesting18:02
superm1so during the clean phase it needs another call then18:03
dekarlor shall I just always remove the build directory?18:03
superm1dekarl: was that with a source package run or a binary package run18:03
superm1you shouldn't have to remove the build directory (we don't for autobuilds)18:03
superm1ok so that was a binary package run18:03
superm1can you pastebin how it fails?18:04
dekarlto late18:04
superm1well off hand do you remember what was complaining about that file?  was it git?18:04
dekarlbasically it complains when git pulling about local changes in the way18:04
superm1ok so probably during the debian/rules get-git-source then18:04
dekarlI'd try to recreate but the script doesn't like the patch I'd like to test :(18:05
superm1what's wrong with that?  wrong patch level?18:05
dekarltells me to refresh the patch because it can't unapply it18:06
dekarlahh, I could convince it to build without patch at least18:06
superm1that's werid though18:06
superm1it should have cleaned up a failed patch run18:06
dekarlI'll try again18:07
superm1it must have been a side effect of this not being able to do a full binary build twice because of that mythtv/VERSION failure18:07
superm1i think two things need to happen then18:08
superm11) during the checkout it needs to clean the tree if necessaary18:09
superm12) add a trap to the shell script to catch failures at any step, not just the patch testing18:09
superm1dekarl: ok i think i fixed up <1> via changes to the bzr, shouldn't happen now as long as the build is successful each time18:17
dekarlthanks, we'll see18:20
dekarlend of succesgul build without patch and start of another round http://paste.ubuntu.com/735522/18:30
Zinn[paste.ubuntu.com] Ubuntu Pastebin18:30
dekarl"git stash" and starting again (now with a patch again) works... it's the same patch that wasn't working earlier18:38
superm1ah but you didn't have the updated bzr for teh first run18:40
superm1that's why18:40
superm1i see that it was updated for that second though18:41
superm1that's the key18:41
dekarlI think so, too18:43
dekarlyou fixed it while it was already running18:43
antnash_Evening guys. Can I install mythbuntu onto existing LVM partitions?23:55

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