LjLnext time he sends factoids gratuitously to people, though, i swear i'll send it on a trip to the moon >:00:00
Jordan_ULjL: Because I see a lot of people try to give mallicious commands and fail. Like 90% of the people who try to get people to delete all their files but don't know that rm -r has protections for '/'. I agree that I was too accusitory though (which is why I apologised for it).00:03
LjLJordan_U: yep, it was entirely possible he just failed at being malicious, but that's why i said that asking him "what was that intended to do?" would have been better. but i'm seeing you realize that yourself, so big +1 to you and hug.00:04
tonyyarussoMoon face is 99% illuminated. || Moon phase: Full || Next full moon is on Friday 09 December00:52
PiciTm_T: cryptopsy is a troll fyi.07:21
Tm_TPici: I did smell it, yes, but I'm waiting him to cross a line so I have reason to act (:07:22
Tm_Tbut thanks for the headsup (:07:23
Tm_Tnow I know I don't need to make it too obvious07:23
elkyhe's crossed plenty of lines previously, not really worth giving chances to07:32
Tm_TI see07:33
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LjLmeh, i've got zero tolerance for smartfaces22:52
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