Davieyzul: Ah, interesting - i assumed an upgrade issue, failure to migrate00:00
adam_gDaviey: (tho i just noticed hggdh's comments.)00:00
Davieyadam_g: I just added a comment to your facter merge btw00:00
adam_gDaviey: yeah, looking at that now. thanks00:00
zulDaviey: could be...i dont think glance handles upgrades well00:00
Davieyzul: yeah, there was discussion on that recently00:00
adam_gim not sure how a glance upgrade from natty -> oneiric would work properly00:00
Davieyadam_g: I don't think that had a test case TBH00:02
zuladam_g: the packaging will need to have some smarts i think00:02
* Daviey goes awol00:05
adam_g there were some changes to glance-api.conf mid-cycle that required a section to be added to the middle of the file otherwise the api server stopped working00:08
bitshiftHi there, I'm getting a "scripts/Makefile.modpost:42: include/config/auto.conf: No such file or directory" error when trying to compile parts of the kernel (acquired with apt-get source) - what is going on? :<00:33
qman__wild guess -- is autoconf installed?00:37
bitshiftapparently not, though i have build-essential installed - will install autoconf and try again00:38
bitshiftsame error :|00:39
bitshiftgonna try something 1min00:40
smoserutlemming, compressed filesystem is acceptable.00:41
bitshiftokay now it starts building but hits /bin/sh: scripts/genksyms/genksyms: not found00:41
smoserand in my opinion, assuming minimum memory of 256M is ok.00:41
smoseri'd say 4G would be fine, but i want to be able to test in a VM.00:41
twbsmoser: lucid netboot install requires more than 256MB *now*00:42
twbI had to allocate another 64MB or so or it would silently fail to install some files, and on reboot it'd get its knickers twisted post-pivot.00:43
smosernot more than 256M00:43
smoseri know that.00:43
twb(Admittedly I can't remember if that was with lowmem)00:43
smoseri've booted oneiric in 25600:43
smoserwith no specific arguments.00:43
twb*booting* is of course fine00:43
twbI was talking about d-i00:43
smoseralmost certain i'vve done install00:43
twbOK, I'm sorry, I am wrong.  I was using qemu's default, which is 128MB not 256MB00:44
twbSo I needed at least 192MB to boot and run d-i from network00:44
smoserthat seems more reasonable.00:45
twbOnce that was done, lucid would boot and run fine with 128MB00:45
smoserkvm default on recent ubuntu is 256 i think00:45
twbbitshift: "make deb-pkg" ?00:46
bitshifttwb: giving this a try at the moment: http://linux.koolsolutions.com/2009/07/05/tip-preparing-your-linux-kernel-sources-for-out-of-tree-kernel-module-compilation/00:46
bitshiftduno if it applies direct to me but will see00:46
bitshiftall i need is one module but having to compile all the modules in drivers/net00:47
twbbitshift: apt-get build-deb linux-2.600:47
twbIf you just want to build out-of-tree modules, install the relevant -dkms package00:47
bitshiftnot doing out of tree modules, just trying to fix the errors that i got which are on that page also00:48
twbWhy are you reading an article on doing so, then?00:48
bitshiftbecause it mentioned the errors I had00:48
bitshiftand suggested a fix00:48
bitshiftdoesn't hurt to try, right?00:48
twbapt-get build-dep linux-2.6; cp /boot/config-NNN .config; make deb-pkg00:49
twbbitshift: no it probably won't hurt, I just get annoyed by lots of users stupidly following inappropriate howtos00:49
bitshiftwell i needed a fix, sorry if it makes you mad :/00:49
twbLike trying to set up zimbra in lucid by following instructions written for dapper00:50
twbbitshift: no worries00:50
bitshiftseems to be compiling now anyway, slow system so this might take... a while...00:50
bitshiftis there any way to just build *one* .ko in drivers/net?00:51
twbNot that I know of00:51
bitshiftdamn, okay00:51
twbYou could do something like "make allnoconfig" and then go turn on just that module, but it might compile a bunch of other options out and result in an unhelpful module00:52
bitshiftyeah i'd rather not risk that00:52
bitshiftthis device might take hours just to do drivers/net00:52
twbTurning off debugging (i.e. CFLAGS += -g) in the kernel hacking option will make the build MUCH faster IME00:52
twbYou might also want to chat with #ubuntu-kernel instead00:52
bitshiftwell if any problems arise i probably will then =]00:53
bitshiftits just this bloody r6040 module00:53
twbHmm, apt-file says that Debian has that module built, but packages.ubuntu.com won't tell me about it under oneiric/precise00:56
twbbitshift: you get that module out of the box on Debian00:57
bitshiftstill rocking 10.04.3 on this one00:57
twbAh, OK00:57
bitshiftgot it out of the box on slackware too00:57
bitshiftbut ubuntu, no joy :'(00:57
twbDo you realize it's bad juju to just pick up a 3.0 .ko and drop it into a 2.6.32 kernel?00:58
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bitshifti've not done that...00:58
twbIt might be OK if you patch the 2.6.32 source to include the r6040 module and then build that00:58
qman__network drivers are the sole reason I upgraded my file server from hardy to lucid00:58
bitshiftits in the 2.6.32 source00:58
bitshiftusing source from my current kernel version00:58
twbCarry on then00:59
bitshiftapt-get source'd00:59
bitshifti can't run anything past 10.04 on this without even more modification i think00:59
bitshifttried 11.10 server and got a refusal to start due to the lack of the cmov instruction (Vortex86MX)00:59
qman__onboard NIC burned out and the replacement I bought wasn't supported in the old kernel00:59
twbMaybe apt-file isn't telling me about r6040 in anything below 3.0.0 because there aren't any earlier kernels in sid00:59
bitshiftah, well I assure you it's there :>00:59
twbHeh yeah01:00
bitshiftmay have to cancel this compile and do it tomorrow, won't break anything if I do that?01:00
qman__and yeah, ubuntu "i386" isn't really i386, it's i686 with some pretty specific requirements01:01
qman__granted it doesn't affect most people01:02
bitshiftyeah i was kind of sad that i couldnt just run 11.1001:02
qman__but it's not spelled out that well until you run into it01:02
qman__I have an old K6, had to install the linux-386 kernel01:02
bitshiftwait what01:02
bitshifti dont recall twb leaving01:02
ruben23hi guys i just install iptables on my ubuntu serer how to turn it on..any idea..?01:02
bitshiftwait its right there i cant read01:02
qman__iptables is included by default01:02
qman__you need only create rules and set policies01:03
twbbitshift: tramp bug01:03
bitshiftqman__: is it actually possible to get 11.10 on something that old then?01:03
twbbitshift: I had to pkill -9 emacs01:03
ruben23 qman__: how to start it..?01:03
qman__install from disc if it lets you, then boot live, chroot, install linux-386 kernel01:03
bitshiftoh right, might have to look into that soon01:03
bitshiftno the installer wont even start lol01:03
twb(It's fixed in HEAD but HEAD introduces a problem with IRC autojoin that ICBF fixing yet.)01:03
qman__ruben23, it is started01:03
qman__ruben23, sudo iptables -L to show the currently applied rules01:03
bitshifttwb: emacs for irc? i used that once, didn't much like it01:04
twbEmacs is my desktop environment.01:04
bitshiftLOL really?01:04
qman__as an internet troll once said01:04
twbUsing irssi would be like a GNOME user using kIRC01:04
qman__Emacs is a great operating system, but the text editor kind of sucks01:05
ruben23qman__:  is thi running already..?---> http://pastebin.com/kRADcAPm01:05
qman__you have a fail2ban setup applied and not much else01:05
qman__FWIW I used to run amarok on a gnome desktop01:06
bitshiftgonna get some sleep, will probably poke in tomorrow/"later today" and be all "got 99 problems," bye.01:07
qman__then they made 2.0, which sucked, and I started using exaile01:07
twbqman__: emacs is more a DE than an OS -- consider that it has a standardized widget set and keybindings, libraries for stuff like spelling, a desktop calculator, a bunch of apps, etc.  But it doesn't have hardware drivers, a filesystem, a network stack, resource allocation heuristics, etc.01:12
twbCalling Emacs an OS is like pointing at the CRT and calling it the computer01:13
qman__fair enough01:13
twbHaving said that, you can boot movitz (OS) + lice (emacs clone) off a floppy on bare metal x8601:13
qman__I've never actually used emacs, I learned vim and have been using it ever since01:14
skypentanyone familiar with how to show a blank page (instead of my routers main page) when my server is off?01:14
twbskypent: "page" as in HTTP?01:15
qman__it appears that your router is trying too hard01:15
skypenttwb : yes01:15
qman__and in that case, it would be your router, not ubuntu, to make that happen01:15
qman__though I can't fathom why the server would ever be off01:15
twbskypent: what is serving HTTP -- the router, or the server?  And to whom?  Your LAN or the internet?  Are both machines running Ubuntu?01:16
twbqman__: because his sister unplugged it so she can plug in the hairdryer01:16
qman__my K6 has been online since january01:17
qman__about due for a power outage01:17
twbqman__: I think the correlation of uptime to penis length is not statistically significant.01:18
skypenttwb : my ubuntu server is a web server.  As soon as it's on it leads the ip to the main page of my server's /etc/var/www index.html.  When it's off it shows my router's login page.  Just wondering if someone's experience on how to show a blank page when the server is off.01:18
qman__that's a function of your router01:18
qman__and is a really poorly thought out one, at that01:18
qman__normal, sane defaults would have the request time out if the server isn't available01:19
qman__not hijack the request01:20
qman__and with a login page, no less01:20
twbskypent: that's your router being "helpful"01:21
qman__announcing to the world what router and probably firmware version you're running01:21
twbskypent: it can't be fixed from Ubuntu, so you need to talk to your router vendor (or replace the router with an Ubuntu one)01:21
qman__it's one step from asking people to own it01:21
skypentgod damn that router... and it's helpfulness.01:21
twbThough FWIW I would run SOHO routers on OpenWRT, not Ubuntu.01:22
qman__I use untangle at work01:22
qman__my router runs ubuntu though01:23
qman__but my router is an ATX desktop with four NICs01:23
twbI like openwrt because its has actual packages, so you can e.g. just slap in a USB hdd and "opkg install squid" and bam, you have squid01:25
twbAnd building custom images is reasonably easy.01:26
patdk-lapheh, my router is a vmware image01:29
patdk-lapand when it was physical, I still only ever ran it with a single nic01:29
patdk-lapjust can't live without vlans01:30
qman__my main goal was performance01:30
qman__at the time I was big into counter strike so that came first, did it all by hand01:30
patdk-lapnever had a reason to push gigabit through my router01:30
patdk-lapnow some of my servers have quad bonded nics01:31
patdk-lapbut none of that passes over the router, at that bandwidth01:31
qman__made a firewall script to handle port forwarding I'm a bit proud of, though it's trivial for a shell master01:31
twbpatdk-lap: I rolled out one of those back when C4 was new01:31
patdk-lapthe only c4 I know of, is explosive :)01:32
twbThat's PE401:34
twbC4 is CentOS01:34
twbContemporary with Etch IIRC01:34
patdk-lapmine where all slackware01:35
patdk-laptillI went virtual, then I started with ubuntu 7.0401:35
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skypentHello, could anyone go to my ip and see if my router is still broadcasting its login or my actual /etc/var/www contents?  Everytime I go it shows it is, but it might be because of the network i'm on.02:34
skypentKind of pulling my hair out thinking that someone can view the contents of my router... need some piece of mind02:35
dorkport 80?02:35
skypentis it blocked?02:36
dorkisn't connectable02:36
skypentthank god!02:36
skypentor... thank you!! ... you are my god... today.02:36
skypentmucha gusta bud02:36
twbAssuming he's IRCing from there, of course...02:37
twbAll 100 scanned ports on 174-23-37-247.slkc.qwest.net ( are filtered02:37
skypenttwb what does that mean?02:38
skypentout but not in, right?02:38
dorki took 'my ip' as in the literal02:38
twbdork: eh?02:38
dorkheh the poor bastard that replaced me when i left my last job02:39
dorkapparently is hated by everyone02:40
twbBecause he's an ignorant clown02:40
dorkhe broke the smart host i replaced our old barracudas with a week ago, mail was down an entire week02:40
dorkmy old level 1 guys were IMing me an amusing play by play of it02:40
twbdork: presumably because he didn't know to just get the old master.cf out of etckeeper :-/02:41
twbStupid cowboys02:41
dorktwb: no, it's an amavisd/spamd/clamd quarom w/ postfix, he accidentally turned the bayes filtering on on spamassassin and it wasn't configured at all so it was rejecting every piece of mail for a week02:41
dorka weeks worth of free email customer email gone02:41
twbPity your users suck enough that you have to parse the 822 bodies02:42
twbWe do that, but only for one or two users.02:43
dorkwell it's the free accounts that come with internet service so it's all junk anyways02:43
dorkwell junk as in non paying02:44
dorkthe guy even had the audacity to bitch about 'the guy who set it up' which was me, never even spoke to this guy before and i was jut helping my previous employers out02:44
dorktalking about how it's a bad idea for a smart host to not give failure receipts for mail blocked for spam02:45
twbbadmouthing the last guy is SOP02:47
twbI get chewed out occasionally for doing it in front of the customer when the last guy was also worked for my employer02:48
dorkmy new employers love me, the last guy set the bar so low02:48
twbLike "some fucking clown thought it clever to hard-code the backup script to look for the backup drive in sde or sdf instead of just using /dev/disk/by-*"02:48
twbdork: we tend to get it in reverse -- because our -fu is strong enough they can usually just call and say "it borked!" and we can fix it while they're on the line, they think they can get by without buying and SLA, or that they can replace us with some indian student straight out of uni02:50
dorkoh so they hate the new guy02:51
dorkyeah i dealt with that nonsense too w/ acquisitions02:52
dorki'll never look back at having to deal with end users02:52
dorkactually i'd deal with business customers with SLA's but no residential/SOHO nonsense02:52
virusuyhi everyone02:59
dorkhey virusuy03:00
tazmaniawhat is the best vm to use on ubuntu server 10.04 LTS?03:00
tazmaniavirtual machine03:01
dorkyou mean for you to host VMs on?03:02
dorki guess i don't understand the question03:02
tazmaniaI have already had ubuntu server 10.04 LTS installed and running and I would like to setup a virtual machine on it03:03
dorki don't know what the ubuntu defacto standard is but i use Xen personally03:04
dorktazmania: what's the VM gonna be used for ?03:04
tazmaniathe existing ubuntu server is hosting bazaar svn server and I would like to host drupal on the same machine by creating a vm, hopefully, instead of buying another machine03:04
dorkyou can't run both on the same box?03:05
tazmaniatry not to03:05
virusuytazmania: you can use KVM, OpenVZ, XEN, if you need a bare-metal Hypervisor03:05
virusuythose runs on Ubuntu03:06
tazmaniawhich one is more stable or recommended for ubuntu server03:06
virusuyuhmm .. xen or OpenVZ03:06
virusuyor you can use Virtualbox, with a Headless configuration03:06
tazmaniayeah I have come across virtualbox but am not sure if it is suitable or how stable it is03:07
virusuyDepends on VM's load03:08
tazmaniaI did a apt-cache search for openvz and it doesn't exist03:08
dorki think it's overkill for a drupal cms03:09
dorkbut again i don't know the situation03:09
tazmaniaI have two raid1 drives and quad xeon 3.2ghz and 4gb ddr303:09
virusuydork: if it's just a CMS03:09
virusuyVirtualbox will be ok03:09
virusuytazmania: about how to install openvz on Ubuntu : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=61722503:09
twbvirusuy: he doesn't have hardware vt?03:10
dorktazmania: i think the ubuntu standard is going to KVM03:10
tazmaniafirst raid1 has been used for svn and would like to setup drupal on the second raid103:10
virusuytwb: oh, shame on me03:10
twbFor lucid he should be using kvm03:10
tazmaniaok. i will investigate further. thanks guys03:10
virusuytwb: indeed, thanks for pointing that03:11
virusuytazmania: no problem, good luck03:11
tazmaniafound this link http://www.howtoforge.com/installing-and-using-openvz-on-ubuntu-10.0403:12
twblucid does not officially support openvz03:12
twbIt (and xen) were dropped in favour of LXC... which was then disabled :-/03:12
virusuytwb: so, we can only install xen03:13
virusuyand KVM03:13
virusuyright ?03:13
twbWell, what I am using is KVM for full virtualization and LXC for jails03:13
twbAnd for LXC running either an old 2.6.32 kernel, or a backport, or a rerolled one to turn LXC support back on03:13
virusuyat work we use VMware03:13
virusuybut i'm not doing sysadmin task on VMware03:14
twbI hate vmware03:14
dorki've always used xe03:14
virusuyso, i'm not 'in charge'03:14
dorknothing but excellent results03:14
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 790863 in linux "Unable to start lxc container after update to 2.6.32-32" [Critical,Confirmed]03:14
dorkbut it has always been rhel xen kernels or xenserver03:14
virusuyin fact our VMWare sysadmin complains alot about xen03:14
virusuyi dunno why.. just fanboys :P03:14
dorkvirusuy: because it doesn't work with a mouse03:14
virusuydork: probably thats why03:15
twbAnyone that needs a mouse to administer a system, is not a system administrator03:15
virusuydork: he's also winadmin03:15
virusuytwb: +103:15
dorkhe probably needs phpmyadmin03:15
dorkand WEBMIN03:15
virusuytwb: tweeting your comment.. epic03:15
twbdork: stop it you're hurting me03:15
virusuydo you use twitter?03:16
twbNo because I am not a 12yo white girl03:16
virusuytwb: you got me!03:16
twbSee also: "damn kids, get off my c&c milnet"03:17
roaksoaxDaviey: i have tried to reproduce and doesn't seem reproduceale to me in 2 computers running oneiric03:19
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virusuytime to sleep04:33
virusuysee you tomorrow04:33
kellnolahi everyone05:25
kellnolaugh, dealing with a client that I replaced disk for in a failed raid1 and the other disk died (not entirely) before the sync could finish05:27
RudyValenciaHi, I'm trying to set up WebDAV access based on Linux users with mod_auth_pam, but I can't access it from Windows, and I don't know why it isn't working. Any suggestions?05:30
RudyValencia(I want to be able to transfer files to my server without using SCP or FTP.)05:31
Zanzacarkellnola: So how are you going to get the data back?05:34
kellnolaZanzacar, most of it is there, there's just a lot of media sense key errors05:35
kellnolathis ticks me off, because we told this person their disk failed months ago and she didn't care to do anything about it. and the the "good" one has failed (partly)05:36
ZanzacarI always just laugh because people never want to do any preventative thing its always reactive instead of proactive05:37
twbOh good grief05:38
twbin lucid update-grub runs in the postrm of every kernel, so uninstalling twelve kernels is gonna take an extra couple of minutes while it churns through os-prober and such05:38
twbAnd the worst part is, that host isn't even using grub anymore05:39
twbHmm, I should probably wibble kernel-img.conf05:39
kellnolathey just don't listen05:39
kellnolaand now for some reason I look bad because the good disk failed on the same day I swapped out the bad one05:40
kellnolathis is so depressing, that most of our clients don't see the value or can't afford a goddamn server that has hot swappable disks05:45
Zanzacarkellnola: I didnt know they had servers with hot swappable disks that pretty impressive. I am kind of new to all this. I am guessing if it is hot swappable that it has to be some kind of raid setup above 0?05:47
twbTechnically SATA disks are always hot-swappable05:48
twbIt's only the case that's an issue05:48
kellnolauh, most server class machine have that. a disk fails, you slap in the new one, and go. 5 minutes.05:48
kellnolathis one was a software raid with an lvm on top  of it. it's a process, you just have to know how to deal with it. but you do have to take the server down05:49
kellnolato insert the new disk05:50
twbkellnola: because the case doesn't have hot-swap bays?05:50
kellnolatwb, no none05:50
kellnolaand it wasn't "root" raid and the only disk that could boot was the one that failed ... so ...05:51
kellnolaand now she is complaining about all this shit and freaking out.05:51
kellnolashe might want to pay her bills once in a while05:52
kellnolawe have to do all this cheap shit hacky crap for our broke ass non-profit clients05:53
kellnolaI'm going to bill the living shit out of her05:54
kellnolabill her hard05:54
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.05:55
Resistancekellnola:  ^05:55
Zanzacarare software raids worse then hardware raids?05:55
kellnolawell, just more of a pain05:55
ZanzacarI setup a software raid 1 time and it was a pain, and then when I upgraded I lost the software raid and had no idea of how to get it back haha.05:58
Zanzacarit was a semi nightmare but I would think it would be easier if you have done it a few time or know what your doing (unlike me)05:58
gliorosguys i just restarted my dedicated server.. however it should be noted that i did some changes to the courier imap before restarting it. so the email are not working.. do i need to restart courier imap ?06:13
gliorosguy please i need an answer i am not receiving emails for 158 sites06:14
Zanzacaris there any harm in restarting it?06:21
Zanzacarhave you tried that?06:21
Zanzacartried it... not that06:21
gliorosguys anybody online.. really need some help ?06:58
greppyjust ask your question, if someone is here and can help, they will answer.07:00
gliorosi changes the imapd settings in particular the MAXDAEMONS and MAXPERIP07:01
gliorosrestart the courier imapd07:01
gliorosbut still the emails are not working07:01
gliorosany ideas?07:01
greppynope, I haven't kept up on courier.  what specifically is not working?07:07
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OPcwDEbh3Hi! Recently there was a bug in Apache (rangerequest) which was resolved in release 2.2.21. On my ubtuntu 10.04 apache version is listed as 2.2.14. So this bug is still open in LTS?08:40
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freakynlHi, I'm trying to remove old kernels to free up enough space on /boot. Think I have them removed, but dpkg --get-selections still shows a lot of old ones as 'deinstall'. Is there something I'm omitting?08:44
maxbThat's just dpkg remembering that you chose to remove those package names08:51
maxbYou can use dpkg --forget-old-unavail to prune the list08:51
maxbbut that's pretty much just a cosmetic difference08:52
freakynlI ran aptitude purge <package names>, thx :) Was more wondering if it kept configs behind or something, don't see any other reason to keep them in a list09:09
betim_hi, when I installed a server, i setted the option for installing automatic updates, how can I revert that?09:35
freakynlhmm what happened to iscsitarget? Upgraded to 11.10 but iscsitarget-module has no candidates available? Should I use another iscsi target?09:37
uvirtbotNew bug: #888936 in eucalyptus-commons-ext (universe) "eucalyptus-commons-ext version 0.5.0-0ubuntu3 failed to build with openjdk-7" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88893609:47
Davieyjamespage: How is the complex testing work going?10:11
jamespageDaviey: well I've sniffed the openstack-integration tests10:12
Davieyjamespage: viable?10:12
jamespagewell it will be10:12
jamespageits a little sparse at the moment and relies on keystone10:12
jamespageso we need to address that with the charms10:12
jamespagebut we should be able to run it against a juju deployed openstack deployment on hardware10:13
Davieywell the charms need to start using keystone regardless.10:13
jamespageDaviey: agreed10:13
jamespageSo the immediate focus for the complex testing work will be to get what I have already running on hardware10:13
jamespageits works in the cloud now10:14
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Davieyjamespage: Considering part of the test should also include testing orchestra, could the test case rollout a fresh orchestra server?10:14
Davieyon each run?10:14
jamespageI think testing the deployment of an orchestra server is a good ISO test case10:15
jamespagebut I don't want to include it in the complex testing work10:15
jamespageits part of the infrastructure that supports complex testing IMHO10:16
jamespageit will of course test the juju/orchestra interaction so its a great integration test for that piece10:16
Davieyjamespage: Well the main drive for this is testing code before it lands in the archive, orchestra is pretty much developed in the archive.10:18
Davieyso yeah, i think your focus sounds good.10:18
Davieyso it tests, as far as it is a consumer.10:18
Davieyi'd like to consider doing a weekly from-scratch test in an automated manner, but perhaps in a different lab10:19
_rubenbah .. i'm running into bug #48241910:40
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 482419 in ifenslave-2.6 "802.3ad interface bonding fails if started too early" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48241910:40
uvirtbotNew bug: #889028 in tomcat6 (main) "upgrade to tomcat6  6.0.28-2ubuntu1.5 failed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88902810:58
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lynxmanDaviey: do you have experience with ubuntu server netboot installs?11:53
lynxmanI just selected the archive, after that the install screen just sits there idle :/11:53
lynxmanDaviey: meh nevermind, slow network11:58
BrixSathello, how do i debug wpa_supplicant connection to a wifi network?=12:08
rbasakIs it a standard to keep bzr branches in quilt push -a 'd state?12:33
BrixSatcan i set the /etc/network/interface  to have my wifi config to connect to my wpa network?12:44
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BrixSatwireless_send_event--->SIOCGIWAP(disassociated:vMgrJoinBSSBegin Fail !!)12:49
leniosBrixSat, you can use /etc/network/interfaces to get wifi12:54
gliorosguys my emails are not working12:54
BrixSatlenios:  and how do i set up my wifi config like ssid and wpa password12:54
gliorosmaybe is that the reason  qmail-queue-handlers[16331]: hook_dir = '/opt/psa/handlers/before-queue' ?12:54
leniosyou'll need a "wpa_conf /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf" in your interfaces file12:55
uvirtbotNew bug: #889095 in clamav (main) "package clamav-freshclam 0.97.3 dfsg-1ubuntu0.11.04.1 failed to install/upgrade: Abhängigkeitsprobleme - verbleibt unkonfiguriert" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88909512:55
leniosand then supply the informations in /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf12:55
Davieylynxman: I think we all have experience with netboot installs. :)13:11
Davieylynxman: HELLO ORCHESTRA13:11
lynxmanDaviey: sorry, thought it was called something else now, all these name changes got me confused ;)13:12
lynxmanDaviey: actually it was a fake raid sata card being silly13:12
Davieylynxman: why would you use fakeraid?!13:13
lynxmanDaviey: I didn't, the stupid card did13:13
lynxmanDaviey: then I realized and smacked the card13:14
BrixSatlenios:  does all go to /etc/wpa_supplicant?13:15
Davieylynxman: great!13:16
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zulgood morning13:39
jamespagemorning zul13:48
zulhey jamespage13:50
leniosBrixSat, see http://paste.ubuntu.com/735243/13:58
leniosit's what should be in your /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf13:59
BrixSatthks lenios__  :)14:25
lynxmanzul: good moaning :)14:35
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raubvogelIf i have a local user in my linux box, how do I make it belong to a group defined in ldap?15:15
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failover2raubvogel, in your group you can edit the memberUid attr to include the user you want.15:18
raubvogelBut, if that is a local user, wouldn't that mean an user with the same uid in another machine would belong to the same group?15:19
raubvogeluser in question is www-data15:19
failover2no, in memberUid you put the user uid(username), not the uidNumber15:20
failover2i mean, if add www-data in group X, every machine using the ldap server will include www-data in group X15:21
raubvogelI see15:22
zullynxman: what happened to the swift upstart jobs you were writing15:32
lynxmanzul: they're done, did they get included in the package?15:32
zullynxman: i dont think so...is there a bzr branch?15:32
lynxmanzul: should check, don't have it at hand here :/ will check later15:33
zullynxman: nm found them15:34
nineteen67cometHello. I've been running my own web server (gentoo from 2001-2005, Ubuntu Server 2005-present) and I've never gotten any form of e-mail to work. They are in my home; so I've got the ISP problem, is there a work around?15:34
lynxmanzul: cool, need some testing, not 100% sure they're hunky dory15:38
matrix3000nineteen67comet: Nope, unless you pay for business class.15:53
matrix3000Consumer IP address ranges from ISP's are usually on spam block lists around the internet as well.15:54
matrix3000This prevents people from getting more bot generated emails15:54
uvirtbotNew bug: #841853 in swift (main) "Include swift recon scripts in the package" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84185316:27
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webPragmatisthey guys what's the benfit of using reiser?17:08
webPragmatisti have an lvm of backups i'd like to be able to reize17:08
patdk-wkpeople still use reiser?17:22
webPragmatistpatdk-wk:  i just saw it on some howto17:23
webPragmatisti was going to use ext417:23
patdk-wkjust resize it then17:23
webPragmatistbut i didn't know if reiser had something to do with the resizing17:23
webPragmatistpatdk-wk: typically on a backup server would you mount /var/backups and throw other server backups in that or do something like create a user called rdiff-backup and store them in the home?17:24
patdk-wkwouldn't know17:25
patdk-wkI would do whatever the backup software perferred17:25
webPragmatistit doesn't seem to prefer anything17:25
uvirtbotNew bug: #889188 in samba (main) "package samba 2:3.5.8~dfsg-1ubuntu2.3 failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: package samba is not ready for configuration  cannot configure (current status `half-installed')" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88918817:26
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raubvogelWhat is the name of the startup script for subversion?18:24
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ZanzacarI dont know how to word this and I may sound silly but I am going to give it a try.18:55
ZanzacarSo I was wondering if it is possible to basically have "windows/tabs" in a terminal?18:56
Zanzacarsuch that I could have weechat, elinks, and a base command line all open at the same time.18:56
ZanzacarThis way I could multitask without having a gui more or less.18:57
ersiZanzacar: What terminal are you using? If it's the standard one "Gnome-terminal", then just press ctrl+shift+n for a new tab19:00
PiciZanzacar: screen19:01
ubottuscreen is a window manager for terminal sessions, also useful over SSH. The 'byobu' package provides very useful additional utilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Screen19:01
Zanzacarersi: I wanted to run a terminal only laptop on an old machine, so no gui.19:03
ZanzacarPici I will have to check out screen I knew there had to be something out there.19:03
ersiZanzacar: ah, so you're in console?19:03
ersiyou can use different tty's, by doing alt+number (0-9)19:04
ersior alt+left/right arrow19:04
ersiotherwise I'd say screen, like Pici wrote19:04
Zanzacarersi: I am kind of new to this what is a tty?19:04
ersiZanzacar: It stands for 'terminal' sort of, I think it's related to teleprinting >_>19:05
ersisee it as different tabs/sessions19:05
ZanzacarI use weechat right now and it uses alt+left/right for switching chat rooms haha19:06
ersihah, d'oh19:06
Zanzacarso basically the same idea, but with seperate tty sessions.19:06
Zanzacarscreen works great thanks guy, I know I can always count on this channel19:12
ersiNo problem :)19:13
plmHi all...19:14
plmpeople, I'm using ubuntu-server 11.10.. how I add a locale. I want add locale because i wil use  afeature of new postgresql 9.1 for pass ar argument in query for correct locale (collation)19:15
plmI tryed add line pt_BR.UTF-8 UTF-8 on file /var/lib/locales/supported.d/local and after #locale-gen and show ok in #locale -a new locale.. but in postgresql sql not works..19:16
plmCAP=# select * from test3 order by a COLLATE "pt_BR";19:16
plmERROR:  collation "pt_BR" for encoding "UTF8" does not exist19:16
plmLINE 1: select * from test3 order by a COLLATE "pt_BR";19:16
plmSo I remove line pt_BR.UTF-8 UTF-8 from /var/lib/locales/supported.d/local and #locale-gen and I would like if are there another way to add a locale.. maybe I doing wrong..19:17
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bkerensaanyone know what the argument for netstat that is that makes hostnames not be truncated?20:31
jpdsnetstat -n20:32
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FlamHi, today I tried to sudo apt-get update and I got the error, unknown user: root.  I checked /etc/passwd and, somehow, my root line is like this "âroot:x:0:0:root:/root:/bin/bash"20:49
FlamDoes anyone know in which log i can find how that happened and how i can fix it?20:50
matrix3000can you do a sudo pico /etc/passwd ?20:54
matrix3000or sudo vi /etc/passwd20:54
matrix3000basically looks like your /etc/passwd got corrupted20:55
FlamI can't sudo because my /etc/passwd is corrupted on user root20:55
matrix3000have you restarted?20:56
matrix3000did anything write to it?20:56
matrix3000do a ls -l /etc/20:56
matrix3000when was that file last modified20:56
Flam-rw-r--r--   1 âroot root    1737 2011-11-11 11:28 passwd20:57
Flami dont know how this happened20:57
filo1234Flam: but âroot is only a copy/paste error?21:00
filo1234because you wrote taht two times21:01
Flamthe 'a' is in the name21:01
Flamit got renamed21:01
Flamwhich is why sudo cant find user root21:01
filo1234Flam: well this is the problem21:01
Flamyes, but how can i find out how that happened21:01
Flamand how can i undo it without sudo?  Can i make sudo call user 'âroot' instead of root temporarily?21:02
filo1234so this is the mistery21:02
guntbertFlam: boot into recovery mode and fix it from there21:03
filo1234Flam: use acd live and try to re edit /etc/passwd21:03
filo1234cd  live*21:04
matrix3000yea, that's what I would suggest21:08
matrix3000you need to do like a live cd or someting and try to rewrite /etc/passwd and put the new pass in  there21:08
filo1234maybe don't need to change root password21:10
filo1234only delete that symbol21:10
matrix3000that's what i ment, sorry21:11
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uvirtbotNew bug: #889310 in cloud-live "Ubuntu Cloud instance-store AMI's have 1.4G root volumes" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88931021:46
FlamFor those who said use a live cd or boot into recovery mode, not needed22:45
Flami solved my problem by doing the following: sudo -uâroot nano /etc/passwd22:45
filo1234Flam: so was a strange issue22:52
filo1234why root becomes aroot is a mistery22:53
a0lexhey .. my english is not very well, so i hope u can understand my problem :-) i've installed ubuntu server 11.10 on an old thinkpad.. now my problem is every time i close the screen lid it goes in standby how can i turn it off?23:29
filo1234a0lex: do you have isntalled some gui?23:34
filo1234a0lex: I think that you need to install some powermanager tool23:41
a0lexfilo1234: okay :-) i will ask google how to install it and so on :-)23:42
filo1234a0lex: dpkg -l | grep xset23:44
filo1234a0lex: what responds?23:44
a0lexroot@ubuntu:/var/www# dpkg -l | grep xset23:45
filo1234uhm wait23:45
filo1234forget it you don't have X naturally :)23:46
a0lexhave installed  acpi-support  now ..23:51
filo1234it isn't a power manager23:52
a0lexoh okay =/23:52
filo1234a0lex: the problem is that you have a laptop and, obvs a battery power...23:55
filo1234otherwise you can disable APM from BIOS23:56
filo1234but it uses for battery managment23:58

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