artnayhttps://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/community-p-translations-roundtable was updated14:07
artnayDPM: Feedback is top priority. LP should be more social for translators. Community should take place in LP itself. <- how to achieve that?14:09
dpmartnay, we were discussing the roadmap for Launchpad in the next few months and some of the priority feature requests. No specification has been written yet14:12
artnayhow do we gather feedback? ML, bug reports, occasional rant on IRC *g* - should we have some sort "official LP translation development top priorities" list in the wiki?14:12
artnaywe can "vote" on bug reports against LP but that's about it14:13
dpmartnay, the feedback idea was about being able to post comments to strings, in order to leave a note from reviewers to those submitting translation suggestions14:13
dpmbut this is *very* early stage14:13
artnaydpm: ah, that sounds great. one of the missing features.14:13
dpmwe're trying to get a translations feature in the Launchpad roadmap14:13
dpmthat's a strong candidate14:14
artnaydpm: would those comments be carried over when exporting to po?14:14
dpmbut I don't want to set expectations too high for now14:14
artnayI understand14:14
dpmas I say, we haven't discussed any implementation details14:14
dpmI'll keep everyone updated on the mailing list14:14
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TLEdpm: lang packs has been released, let me know when you get around to the blog post14:45
dpmthanks TLE, I'm busy with spamming everyone with blueprints e-mail today, so I don't think I'll get onto it until Monday14:53
TLEdpm: np, just let me know, so I can get to post some fresh news on the G+ page14:53
TLEI'll browse through the blueprints later, whould we keep putting actions on there for releasing the lang packs14:53
dpmTLE, ah, good point. Do you mind adding the langpack actions to the community-p-translations-roundtable one?14:56
TLEno, I'll do that15:06
dpmthanks :)15:17
sagacitranslations for en_AU aren't showing up in synaptic now... I'm sure we've done it and I've just proof-read over some of the strings on LP - "dialogue" and "colour"... is this because it's not supported any more?15:32
kelemengaborsagaci: yes, now synaptic has to be translated here: https://launchpad.net/synaptic15:45
kelemengaborand not under the Ubuntu project15:45
dpmsagaci, they should show up in the application, though. Would you mind filing a bug against synaptic if they don't?15:46
sagaciyep, I will tomorrow, I'll check with a couple of ubuntu-au'ers first for reproducibility15:47
kelemengabordpm: the only problem is that synaptic is translated by LP translators, and some languages might not have such a team15:49
kelemengaborhm, but there is a team for en_AU, so they probably just haven't done the job15:52

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