ali1234so apparently i signed up to give a talk about mobile linux at nlug02:52
Azelphurit's a trap02:54
ali1234hmm i leave the computer for 6 hours and steam gets compromised?02:59
ali1234if i wasn't really drunk i'd probably have something insightful to say about this03:00
funkyHatWhich nlug?03:32
AlanBellmorning all07:33
AlanBellreally need to get rid of that cockerel07:34
ballAlanBell: Dust off and nuke it from orbit - it's the only way to be sure.07:42
ballSo, I wrote a thing about servers for small organisations.  It's dumbed down pretty much because it's aimed at business people and not geeks.07:45
ballI mention Linux but not Ubuntu specifically.07:45
ballAnyone fancy taking a look?07:45
ballThanks AlanBell07:46
ballIt's not too late for me to submit bugfixes if you see something that needs improvement.07:46
AlanBelllooks good07:48
ballThanks AlanBell07:50
ballIt's CC-licensed, so you're welcome to use it if you like.07:51
ballThe next one will probably be about networking.07:51
ballAlanBell: Any suggested improvements?07:53
AlanBellnot really, or not without making it more complicated :)07:53
AlanBellit was focussed on file serving, which is fine07:53
AlanBellthere are plenty of other topics, like introducing email (local or cloud) and then on to shared web applications like a CRM system etc07:55
ballLooks like it's raining in Chippenham07:56
ballAlanBell: I'm going to do one on software too... perhaps "the cloud" warrants one in its own right.07:57
ball...or at least a paragraph07:57
ballThanks for taking a look.  That really helps.07:58
* ball goes back to testing 72 servers08:07
tonytigerAlanBell: did you want me?08:08
AlanBellyes :)08:09
AlanBellSouthampton, pub!08:09
AlanBellso, when would be a good day, early December or alternatively in January to do a happy hour in Southampton?08:10
tonytigerIt's a Thursday evening, right?08:11
AlanBellprobably, but doesn't have to be08:11
AlanBella weekday, after work drinks is the idea08:11
tonytiger15th December maybe?08:12
AlanBelland how about a pub08:13
tonytigerI thought Mark had suggested one?08:13
AlanBellI think mark suggested the Hobbit, not sure if that is a long haired rockers pub08:14
tonytigerIt is a bit08:14
tonytigerBit more atmosphere than the one that popey chose though08:14
AlanBellfeel free to suggest an alternative (wheelchair accessible is the only criteria)08:14
tonytigerHmm, OK08:15
tonytigerI don't really drink so don't know the pubs much.08:15
AlanBellhttp://www.hobbitpub.co.uk/events/ 15th is "Tom Bombadil's Cabaret Open Mic Night"08:16
czajkowskihow are we all  this mornign08:50
* ball waves08:51
* AlanBell ponders chickenecide08:52
* ball hands AlanBell a partially-charged pulse rifle08:53
AlanBellit started crowing at 6:1508:53
czajkowskiAlanBell: oh dear08:54
AlanBellit is for the pot08:55
ballI'm usually up by then anyway08:56
AlanBellI think one last chick flick video of specky then it will be time to say goodbye08:56
ballDefinitely this month because I'm working nights.08:56
AlanBellTheOpenSourcerer: want a chicken?08:56
AlanBellwill the kids let you serve it?08:56
danfishhas the apocolypse happenned yet?08:58
TheOpenSourcererAlanBell: Hmmm - James was rather against the idea - it has to be said.09:08
popeyShoot it in the head.09:09
AlanBellpopey: want a nice big fat chicken?09:10
popeyNo thank you.09:10
popeyI think we have a covenant that prevents us having chickens09:10
popeyand pigs09:10
AlanBellmight be going in the bin then09:10
AlanBellpopey: not alive09:10
popeyhah, oh09:10
AlanBellnice big fat tasty dead chicken09:10
popey"Meat is murder"09:11
popey"Tasty tasty murder"09:11
TheOpenSourcererpopey: You do eat chicken.09:11
TheOpenSourcererThey all start out alive.09:11
TheOpenSourcererMy mistake was explaining it to the children FIRST!09:11
PendulumAlanBell: too traumatic for your kids if you try to serve it to them?09:12
AlanBellwell I am going to kill it in a sec, it can go in the bin, or someone can have a tasty meal09:12
TheOpenSourcererWhat about a neighbour?09:12
TheOpenSourcererThey will appreciate the peace I am sure ;-)09:12
AlanBellPendulum: apparently so09:12
popeydo you not eat chicken AlanBell ?09:12
PendulumTheOpenSourcerer: +1 especially if it started crowing at 6:15, one might quite like the revenge ;-)09:12
gordonjcpseems a shame to waste a perfectly good tasty chicken09:13
AlanBellpopey: I do, and would eat him quite cheerfully09:13
AlanBellgordonjcp: it does09:13
gordonjcpAlanBell: wonder what it would cost to overnight a frozen chicken in a polystyrene tub??09:13
gordonjcpyou could do chicken by post09:14
AlanBellmore than the cost of a chicken from the butchers I expect09:14
TheOpenSourcererIt is a free range chicken.09:14
TheOpenSourcererAlanBell: Helen would like to have him as a pet. I am trying to talk her out of that09:15
PendulumTheOpenSourcerer: mention the crowing at 6:15?09:15
AlanBellTheOpenSourcerer: get some hens, they are awesome09:15
TheOpenSourcererMy wife is a vegetarian Pendulum09:15
TheOpenSourcererShe likes furry things09:16
PendulumTheOpenSourcerer: yes, but I assume she also likes her sleep09:16
gordonjcpTheOpenSourcerer: doesn't she eat eggs?09:16
TheOpenSourcererWe do get up at 6:1509:16
TheOpenSourcererYes. But Cocks do not lay them. That is AlanBell's dilema09:16
gordonjcpI wonder if I should get some hens09:16
AlanBellyou should!09:16
AlanBelleveryone should get hens09:16
gordonjcpI might well09:16
gordonjcpwe haven't really got many foxes out here09:16
gordonjcpwe *do*, sometimes, briefly09:17
TheOpenSourcererMy wife wants to start a facebook page "Save Specky"09:17
TheOpenSourcererAlanBell: When you dispatch Specky could you do me a favour too?09:17
AlanBellwhats that then?09:17
popeyvideo it and upload to fb? :D09:17
gordonjcpTheOpenSourcerer: what, do it on a trampoline wearing a pink sparkly hat?09:17
TheOpenSourcererMy wife doesn't like the idea09:17
popeyare we having a moment of silence at 11am?09:18
Pendulumwin 3309:19
gordonjcpfor Nigel Tufnel day?09:19
Pendulumfail :(09:19
AlanBellspecky will be09:19
gordonjcpI'm going to have a minute of turning it up to eleven09:19
TheOpenSourcererHelen says "NO"09:19
AlanBellbut yes, popey lets mute the channel at 1109:19
popeyfor 2 mins09:19
TheOpenSourcererAlanBell: Helen was about to drive round and collect your chicken (alive).09:20
gordonjcpthey don't make particularly good pets09:20
TheOpenSourcererI am desperately trying to stop her09:20
* popey races to get there and kill it first09:20
* TheOpenSourcerer thinks of the Dick Barton theme tune09:21
* popey thinks TheOpenSourcerer is older than he looks09:21
AlanBellpopey: do you want me to pop round with a dead chicken?09:21
popeynot really, no. Thanks for the very kind offer.09:21
danfishAlanBell: how'd you end up buying a boy chicken?09:21
AlanBellI think specky has run out of options09:21
AlanBelldanfish: they all look the same when they are little09:22
TheOpenSourcererAlanBell: Hold on.09:22
TheOpenSourcererMy wife is phoning a friend...09:22
danfishyou could feed specky birth control pills - he may 'turn' ;)09:22
TheOpenSourcererWho may be able to hold specky for a couple of days.09:22
TheOpenSourcereruntil she has found a pen to hold Specky.09:23
AlanBellyou don't want a cock, really!09:23
TheOpenSourcererI know that!09:23
danfishTheOpenSourcerer: give her the number for KFC09:23
gordonjcpAlanBell: can you not just kill specky and pop him in the freezer until the children have forgotten the whole affair, *then* cook him?09:23
AlanBellyou need about 12 hens to go with one09:23
TheOpenSourcererHelen is a vege caring person who doesn't like the idea of dead animals.09:24
popeythere are many dead animals on the planet09:25
popeywhy focus on that one09:25
TheOpenSourcererShe is talking to Nigel... OMG!09:25
Pendulumpopey: she knows that one09:25
popeyVeggies make no sense09:25
AlanBellTheOpenSourcerer: really, get hens09:26
TheOpenSourcererPendulum: Actually she doesn't. She knows the owner and knows it is alive.09:26
AlanBellit will be humanely dispatched and chucked in the bin09:26
TheOpenSourcererAlanBell: Apparently the RSPCA will re-home it!09:27
TheOpenSourcererThat's what Helen said09:27
TheOpenSourcererShe has offered to transport it next week.09:27
TheOpenSourcererWomen! She has just said "I wish you hadn't told me" Does ANYONE understand women?09:28
popeySo someone at the RSPCA is going to be having chicken sandwiches for lunch next week.09:28
gordonjcppretty much09:28
gordonjcp"yeah I'll rehome it" <gets pot, picks some fresh sage and chops an onion>09:28
popeyI like what joey has done with the OMG logo today http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/09:29
PendulumTheOpenSourcerer: I'm a woman and I would eat it. (Might as well learn how to pluck a chicken sometime)09:29
TheOpenSourcererAhh. Clarissa Dickinson-Wright wouldn't have this problem.09:30
TheOpenSourcererMy wife is now speaking to AlanBell09:31
PendulumOperation Cock Rescue 2011 has now commenced then?09:31
Pendulumsorry, have been reading up on a guy who testified in the US about war crimes in Iraq so phrases starting with Operation and ending with supposed rescue are on my brain09:33
AlanBellexecution postponed09:33
TheOpenSourcererSpecky has been given a stay09:33
gordonjcpDave2: your double entendre skills are required09:33
gordnote to self, don't mention when i am killing animals in #u-uk - its more effort than its worth09:33
AlanBellstill on death row09:33
gordonjcpPendulum: Operation Enduring Cock09:34
Pendulumtbh, I'd been trying to make it sound less dodgy, but it's ridiculously early here and brain is not functioning09:35
Lantiziapopey, neat... ARM emulation on an ARM device :P09:36
popeyI bet specky is cock-a-hoop09:36
popeyhah, hadn't thougt of it like that09:36
JamesTaitMorning all!09:38
nigelbTheOpenSourcerer: Having a /hilight for Nigel seemed to have been a bad thing for today ;)09:39
TheOpenSourcererThat is finished now nigelb09:39
TheOpenSourcererHelen is now trying to contact the RSPCA09:39
TheOpenSourcererAlthough AlanBell is not being cruel from what I can tell.09:39
AlanBellhttps://plus.google.com/u/0/109175303602657131317/posts/XkJYWPMx2EB if anyone wants one last look at Specky the Cock09:48
czajkowskisweet jebus the read back in this makes for some laughs09:55
daubersczajkowski: Because the manic cock killer of Farnborough is at large again?09:58
TheOpenSourcerer czajkowski It would have all been fine if my dear wife hadn't wandered in my office at the right moment.09:59
danfishhorrible story locally about a chicken who had an accident outside the local curry house09:59
gordonjcpor wrong moment, for that matter09:59
danfishthe vets tried to save him but unfortunately he slipped into a korma and never woke up10:00
brobostigongood morning everyone.10:00
AlanBellczajkowski: how do you feel about plucking?10:00
brobostigonslipped into a korma, ?10:01
brobostigonhumorous mispelling.10:01
danfishbrobostigon: indeed10:02
TheOpenSourcererdanfish: Please don't give up your day-job for a life as a comedian. I think it won't work out for you.10:02
danfishTheOpenSourcerer: heh - I came to that conclusion years ago10:03
daubersdanfish: However, you may be able to reduce your shopping bills as long as you like tomatoes....10:05
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danfishdaubers: toms are the last thing I need - it was a particularly fine harvest of toms this year and I've run out of sauce storage space10:11
popeymmm sauce10:11
bigcalmGood morning pees :)10:11
bigcalmThat's the 1st time I've bothered to read the scroll back10:12
daubersdanfish: heh, I'm living off parsnips at the moment10:12
bigcalmWell worth it :)10:12
danfishmaybe specky, some of my sauce and some of TheOpenSourcerer's chilis should get together some time10:12
bigcalmNice vid too10:15
OliI wish somebody would call me up to try and sell me fake antivirus software: http://news.bbc.co.uk/today/hi/today/newsid_9637000/9637033.stm10:18
ballSomeone phoned me up yesterday and tried to sell me a fake university... does that count?10:19
ballIt's starting to get light in Newfoundland10:19
ballbtw, what's an "eft"?10:21
danfishsomeone tried to sell me Italy over the phone the other day. Offered to chuck in Greece for free if I pay'd cash10:21
ballIn Euros? ;-)10:24
Oliball: As in, "would you like to buy a university?" or a course at a fake university?10:25
ballA degree programme at a fake uni.10:26
daubersball: Email them back and say you'd rather buy the University10:27
balldaubers: I'm not giving them my email address ;-)10:27
daubersball: Send it using popeys email address, he won't mind!10:28
OliAnd then there are always things like http://www.guerrillamail.com10:28
ballOli: ...or I could just telnet into an SMTP server ;-)10:29
daubersor set up a second mail address of dearscammers@domain.com10:30
ballI hope this coffee works10:32
ballIt's 04:32 and I'm here until 07:0010:32
ball...then I have to drive home.10:32
* daubers orders rfid kit10:35
OliWhat are you building, daubers?10:36
daubersSign in/out system for the local hackspace10:36
Myrttino proper tea at my sisters :-(10:38
ballI wish we had a hackspace10:39
OliThat sounds like a useful application of it. I keep considering sticking RFID gates on all our doorways so I can log the progress of my car key* around the house so when I inevitably lose it, finding it doesn't require any thought. *I'll start with the car key and move onto better-half, cats, visitors, etc...10:39
MyrttiI still like the skype phone idea10:39
gordonjcpOli: or do what I do, end up leaving the keys in the car all day10:40
gordonjcp(this only works if you live up a quiet farm track)10:40
MyrttiOli: for RFID tags http://huopio.fi/simo/blog/2009/03/rfid-calling-cards-for-osx-and-skype.html10:41
Oligordonjcp: Hmm yes, that's a point. Perhaps I just need a triangulation masts around the house. Seems like it would be a bit more expensive to make things identifiable though.10:41
danfishdiferrent tech, but the excellent prey software has helped me locate my phone a few times10:49
balldaubers: did you ever see the Cambridge/ORL "Active Badge" videos?10:49
gordonjcpany VoIP people here?10:51
gordonjcpif I have an FXS which breaks out to a pair of RJ11 sockets, do I need a ringing capacitor for a UK phone?10:51
ballgordonjcp: That'd be build in I should think.10:52
ball(to the FXS)10:52
ballgordonjcp: What software are you using it with, out of interest?10:52
TwinkletoesFor any BIND users... is it OK for several zones/domains to share the same zone file (obviously using @ in the SOA record)?  I have several domains (basically mis-spellings of my real domains) that I want to serve up in DNS with exactly the same data as the correctly-spelled names10:55
popeytwo minutes silence10:59
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bigcalmThank you everybody11:02
TheOpenSourcererEven twitter shut up pretty much.11:02
davmor2morning all11:03
davmor2czajkowski: prod11:03
heeedpeople in office talking through 2min silence...shocking11:03
dutchiedo we still need the meeting announce for last night in the topic?11:03
danfishonly 8 mins til it all kicks off 11-11-11-11-11-1111:03
matttthe whole office goes quiet11:03
dogmatic69we doing it at 11:11:1111:03
matttone bulgarian goes: "wtf is this?"11:03
* mattt shakes head11:03
popeydogmatic69: no, silence is on the hour11:03
popeyyou can do it whenever you like tho ☺11:03
danfishthat was nice - the builders on the big project next door who are driving me potty due to noise stopped working to the 2 mins11:04
bigcalmIt's to remind people of the horrors of war. Please remember all the time, not just at 11am on 11th November each year11:04
ballIt's my niece's birthday11:05
davmor2bigcalm: but I enjoy being at war with czajkowski if only all war could be settled our way ;)11:05
ballI see the BBC Web site is wearing black.11:05
davmor2on a serious note I arrived at 2 minutes past due to not want the chimes to get in the way of the silence11:06
popeywe muted for 2 mins11:06
gordonjcpball: I'm not, yet, but I'll be using Asterisk11:08
popeyFri Nov 11 11:11:12 UTC 201111:11
popeybah even11:11
popeyso close11:11
danfishthe end-of-the-worlders were wrong again :/11:13
bigcalmDo you feel sorry for them?11:15
bigcalmMaybe the world has ended in their reality11:15
danfishbigcalm: maybe it has ended - I was rather hoping the afterlife would be a bit better than a  damp Surbiton11:18
bigcalmAutumn rocks11:19
directhexis u1 down? i got a 504 error from the music store, and it's being really buggy now11:21
popeydirecthex: I'd ask in #ubuntuone11:21
popeydirecthex: I just connected to the store in banshee on 11.10 and it worked fine11:22
gordonjcpit's just plain *wrong* that I get a better internet connection by VPNing to my house, *through* the VPN from this office to the one in Thamesmead11:26
gordonjcpthan I do just connecting to the local network here, which goes through our work VPN11:26
* gordonjcp finds network shares particularly baffling in Ubuntu11:59
MartijnVdSsharing or accessing shared content from other machine11:59
gordonjcpaccessing shared content from another machine12:00
gordonjcpI can get it to connect to the server but I can't figure out where it's mounted12:00
tonytigerIf it's a share you're accesing from within Gnome/Unity it won't be mounted anywhere useful12:02
gordonjcpwell that's pointless then12:02
popey~/.gvfs or something isnt it?12:02
gordonjcpwhy doesn't it let you mount it somewhere sensible?12:04
gordonjcpoh, wait12:05
gordonjcpit doesn't actually have samba12:05
gordonjcpsod it, sshfs12:05
gordonjcppopey: yeah, it puts it in .gvfs12:07
gordonjcpso what then, symlink it to be useful?12:08
gordonjcpalso, is the share supposed to show up along with the other mounts in the Mac Dock thing?12:09
popeydunno, i never use windows shares12:12
daubersgordonjcp: They used to, but I think they took them out again12:12
diplogordonjcp, I always open Nautilus12:14
gordonjcpdiplo: right, but nautilus doesn't work12:18
gordonjcpfor whatever insane reason it's browsing windows shares on the local network here rather than over the VPN12:18
gordonjcpand it doesn't mount the share anywhere sensible12:18
daubersgordonjcp: hit ctrl+l then give it the uri (e.g. smb://someserver/someshare)12:22
TwinkletoesI'm using setfacl with the --test option.  The output format is like this:   u::,g::,m::,o::   If u,g,o are standard user/group/other, what is 'm' for?13:11
TwinkletoesSorry, I've just found it.. . mask13:15
Laney"Debian Project Manager, Canonical"13:17
Laneyho ho ho13:17
diploRecent update, screwed my mouse clicking... any thoughts where to start looking ?13:27
diploAnd it seems keyboard13:28
diploAlt F2 works, but can't type13:28
selinuxiumJust checked one of my old jaunty servers and the sources.list no longer connects to anything...13:28
selinuxiumIs it no longer available for Jaunty?13:28
lubotu3`Ubuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases13:31
selinuxiumare there any mirrors? How could I upgrade without going to a disk?13:32
shaunoselinuxium: jaunty & karmic are on old-releases.ubuntu.com - if you can upgrade to 9.10 from there, the next step would be into the 10.04 lts13:35
selinuxiumshauno, Cheers!13:35
selinuxiumdeej1976, Thanks for your help too.13:35
shaunoI've never actually tried that, so I'm not sure how to get do-release-upgrade to use that mirror13:36
selinuxiumshauno, I just need to get to a historic repo source atm... Need a quick dirty fix for something...13:41
selinuxiumshauno, any idea what a line in the sources list should read like?13:42
selinuxiumShauno, I think I have worked it out..13:44
shaunoI think just: deb http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu jaunty main13:44
shaunoit's using the same layout as the regular release servers, so the only difference should be the addition of old-13:44
AlanBelllast second reprieve for the chicken!!14:18
AlanBelljust called the tip to ask if I can dump a chicken carcass, explained the issue and they said bring it alive!14:18
danfishthis chicken will have it's own twitter and facebook accounts soon!14:28
TheOpenSourcererSomeone at the tip is thinking tasty supper :-)14:34
TheOpenSourcerers\ \fresh14:34
* bigcalm wonders why so few have signed up to this: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-uk/1409/detail/14:34
DJonesWould a chicken carcase not go into the recycling waste bin14:35
deej1976Will they be serving chicken?14:35
hamitronsounds dangerous14:36
DJonesWould it matter what they're serving, it'll be in the dark, they could serve anything and say its something else :)14:37
hamitronjust no hot gravy14:37
gordonjcpdaubers: right, but that doesn't mount it anywhere sensible14:39
AlanBellSpecky has gone to a better place \o/14:40
=== georgios is now known as GiorgioShooter
DJonesI'm not sure your stomach is a better place from Specky's point of view14:42
AlanBellanyhow, Specky was alive last time I saw him, and the guys at the tip asked me to bring him down alive14:45
AlanBellsnowdrop and chocolate were looking a bit frowny when I got home14:46
DJonesWhy did you have to get rid of him14:47
DJonesIsn't that what he's there to do? Male chickens don't do much else14:47
AlanBellyup, he wasn't supposed to be male14:48
DJonesI've had pretty much the same type of conversation, I even booted up the only windows machine in the house at his insistence to go through the commands and at the end, he said yes he could see the problem and could see the error message, then I asked how he could see them because the computer wasn't connected to the internet (which it wasn't and hadn't been for about 6 months)14:55
brobostigoni am hoping the bbc broadcast that story more widely, as more people need to be informed.14:56
brobostigonhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-15690898?postId=110845209#comment_110845209 :)14:58
deej1976I always say "Perfect my computer doesn't boot I'm stuck at a LI___ prompt"15:02
popeydo they ask for your credit card number over the phone or get you to go to a website and pay?15:03
brobostigonno ides.15:03
AlanBellLaney: video has been pulled whilst they fix the titles15:10
DJonesThe call I had wanted a credit card details before tehy could fix it15:19
DJonesAnybody got $25K to buy a motorbike? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230697392979+&viewitem=15:19
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mrevellhi danhg15:30
LaneyAlanBell: good work15:31
Laneyit should be Leader not Manager15:31
Laneyor whatever it said15:32
AlanBellI am sure it will be fixed properly15:32
Laneysure, just letting you know what it shoudl be15:34
dogmatic69i had a screenshot app, something like shutter or shotwell and it was crap so i apt-get removed it... now i cant make screen shots :/15:59
dogmatic69how do i get the original one back on?16:00
dogmatic69it was shutter16:00
davmor2dogmatic69: open software-center and type in screenshot and pick one the default is take a screenshot which is the gnome tool16:02
davmor2dogmatic69: it maybe that you just need to change the default app though16:03
dogmatic69ye i think so, its like the key bindings are wrong now16:03
dogmatic69just done one the manual way and it worked16:04
dogmatic69apps -> accessories -> screen shot16:04
ubuntuuk-planet[Andy Loughran] Amstrad Emailer - http://zrmt.com/2011/11/11/amstrad-emailer/16:09
gordonjcpoh, I remember those16:10
OliI'm slightly appalled they weren't discontinued until this year16:15
issyl0czajkowski: Is Ubuntu doing anything for Google Code-In?16:49
AlanBellwhat is that issyl0?16:58
issyl0AlanBell: http://code.google.com/opensource/gci/2010-11/16:58
issyl0OK, it appears not: http://google-opensource.blogspot.com/2011/11/google-code-in-2011-participating.html16:59
issyl0(Don't worry, czajkowski :-))16:59
DJonesDon't now if this is of any interest to anybody http://www.videoblocks.com/  the first subscription-based resource for downloading royalty-free stock footage, motion backgrounds, production music, sound effects They're offering 7 days of free downloads17:17
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zleapricktimms is on radio 2 ]20:03
MartijnVdS</ignorant foreigner>20:03
zleapdoes something with oss,  works for thelearning machine or something20:16
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RhysMorganEvening all21:02
RhysMorganI have a ubuntu server running on a machine under my stairs. I used to run a load of services on it i.e. web sites and mail etc however i've moved house and now only have ~6mbs so it is painfully slow21:04
RhysMorganI want to migrate the server to a data centre21:04
MartijnVdSRhysMorgan: inside the house or to the interwebs21:04
MartijnVdSgood, having 6 mbit inside your house would be bad :)21:05
matttRhysMorgan: what's your question?21:06
RhysMorganI have a KVM hypervisor in Interxion I want to put the machine on, what is the best way to "lift & shift"21:06
RhysMorgantar it up and plonk it on?21:06
matttthat should work?21:06
RhysMorganHow does the grub/disk uuid stuff work?21:07
RhysMorganis it just a case of editing stab?21:08
matttRhysMorgan: not sure, any time i've done that sort of thing i've just hard-coded the device (ie. sda1 or whatever)21:08
matttyeah, and menu.lst i guess21:08
MartijnVdSRhysMorgan: I'd go for a clean install21:08
MartijnVdSRhysMorgan: and copy files as needed21:08
matttMartijnVdS: i wouldn't, this is more fun21:08
MartijnVdSRhysMorgan: maybe put a dump of the filesystem somewhere on there so copying files to the right place isn't a hassle21:08
matttinstalling is boring :/21:09
MartijnVdS(i.e. won't take ages)21:09
RhysMorganMartijnVdS: That involves migrating a shedload of cron jobs python scripts/web service mysql db and apache/passenger confs and vhosts21:09
MartijnVdSit involves that anyway :)21:09
matttMartijnVdS: so like, the good thing is ... if you're taking a tar, the worst case scenario is that it doesn't boot on the remote end21:09
MartijnVdSbut copying the fs to a vm and hoping it will boot is Scary®21:09
matttMartijnVdS: it's not scurry21:10
RhysMorganso the way i wa looking was….21:10
MartijnVdSmattt: Having spent several _days_ in a dc trying to get a server with important data to boot after something like this21:10
matttRhysMorgan: i did this before, i took a VM running at linode and put it on my own xen dom021:10
MartijnVdSmattt: it IS scary21:10
RhysMorganfresh install, the untag and before reboot edit fstab and grub menu21:10
matttworked fine21:10
MartijnVdSmattt: (that wasn't a vm though)21:10
matttMartijnVdS: yeah, there may be issues, i'm not denying that21:11
matttbut it could be straight-forward21:11
RhysMorganooooh that may be a good idea…. i could boot the physical drive using vmware then snap it and convert the vmdk to qcow221:11
matttMartijnVdS: btw, i'm really lazy21:12
matttso i usually choose what is hopefully the quickest solution :P21:12
RhysMorganMartijnVdS: the main problem with a fresh install is my memory of things which may not be in the foreground but are used occasionally21:13
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matttMartijnVdS: out of curiosity, what was preventing you from booting?21:21
MartijnVdSmattt: the IDE controller, it turned out21:22
MartijnVdSmattt: and its interaction with grub21:22
MartijnVdS(this was '05ish)21:22
RhysMorganbut anything like that is mitigated by doing a fresh install and untar-ing over right?21:23
matttRhysMorgan: i don't like that idea21:23
matttthat sounds like the messiest of all options21:23
RhysMorganhow so?21:23
MartijnVdSthat would leave files from the fresh install not present in your current fs21:23
matttbecause you'd need to ensure your packages match exactly before doing that21:23
RhysMorganI see21:23
matttnow i've seen bad things doing stuff like that :D21:24
RhysMorganok so create an image with no OS installed then un-tar?21:24
RhysMorgani.e. live boot21:24
matttRhysMorgan: personally, it'd try it ... failing that, do what MartijnVdS suggests -- a clean install, and move your data over21:24
* AlanBell reads back21:25
matttRhysMorgan: make sure you stop all your services before you tar up the live system tho21:25
MartijnVdSmake the .tar using the live cd21:25
MartijnVdSthat's best21:25
matttyeah, even better21:25
MartijnVdSthat way /sys and /proc won't be in the way either21:25
RhysMorganthat's what I had planned21:25
AlanBellyeah, sounds like a good opportunity to learn more about grub and the boot process and file permissions :)21:26
MartijnVdSalso, fstab and the filesystem uuid21:26
AlanBellthat too21:26
MartijnVdSwhile untarring, write it down somewhere ;)21:26
AlanBellwhat partitions are there?21:26
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RhysMorgan. /home & /21:27
RhysMorganwow, doing a clean up… I have a ton of cr*p on this server21:31
* AlanBell deletes 64GB of log files a customer was backing up every night22:14
matttyikes :/22:15
RhysMorganI had a customer a few months back who were storing vmdk and ISO images in their offsite backup area totalling 653GB22:35
RhysMorganvery shortly after that they took my advice to introduce quotas on their users personal shares22:36
ixxvilis bash the standard shell for ubunutu23:15
AlanBellyes ixxvil23:20
ixxviloh k23:20
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AlanBellexcept for certain scenarios where it uses dash23:20
jacobwdebian alchemist shell23:21
lubotu3`/bin/sh links to the DASH shell in all releases since Ubuntu Edgy (6.10). Since DASH is not 100% compatible with the BASH shell, some scripts might break. You can make scripts execute using BASH by changing the first line of the script to « #! /bin/bash23:21
AlanBell/bin/sh is a symlink to dash which is a shell which is more posix correct than bash23:21
ixxvildidnt know23:22
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