DarkwingBotenAnna: Dest part of that is the comments. I did a facepalm on those alone :D00:01
Faqtotumi don't get why that's funny00:04
Faqtotumalso, they're missing some permutations00:05
DarkwingIt's takes "hackjob" to another level.00:07
BotenAnna"This was obviously written by someone unfamiliar with the "ToLower()" class.00:17
Faqtotumbe that as it may, they're missing "y", "yeah", "yep", "yup", and many others, not even counting the negative varieties00:18
nhainesWow, just on the first comment (and reply) I laughed out loud.00:19
pleia2broder is on the dev update today :) http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2011/11/11/ubuntu-12-04-development-update-3/16:05
* philipballew reads 16:08
broderhaha, dholbach caught me just as i was about to go to sleep, so if i said anything dumb in my exhausted stupor don't hold it against me :-P16:23
MarkDudedragon, what time can you be in WC? I am trying to schedule makeup18:03
bkerensapleia2: http://www.savepangolins.org/18:21
nhainespleia2: do you know if there's an SVG of the Ubuntu pangolin logo used at UDS?18:24
bkerensa= Welcome to the Ubuntu 'Precise Pangolin' development release =18:25
pleia2nhaines: I haven't seen one around yet18:35
* pleia2 now follows @SavePangolins18:36
* nhaines hates putting raster graphics in presentation slides.18:37
nhainesI like how they took down the artwork page on the Ubuntu wiki.18:38
nhainesMaking it harder to find resources is clearly the Right Thing to do.18:38
jtatumi wouldn't swear to it18:42
jtatumbut i think you might be using sarcasm here nhaines :)18:42
* pleia2 hunts for SVGs19:02
MarkDudedragon, you should cancel Karate practice. You can already kill folks with your bare hands. Do you really need to be able to kill in say 8 seconds instead of 12?19:04
dragonMarkDude: done. ETA 11:30a19:17
MarkDudeCool, I have Sam scheduled with Belle for then19:18
MarkDudeTalked to her and have most details figured out19:18
dragonsounds good19:20
MarkDudeWe have anotehr professional photographer from noon - 219:22
MarkDudeBungee Brent, that dude is hella famous19:22
* MarkDude did not want to go to all this trouble and blow some shots19:22
MarkDudeNow to find a few ideas for fake blood19:23
MarkDudeNon- staining, last time I tried, it ended up dying skin red for a few days. Noelle was hella laughing at looking like henna gone wrong19:23
MarkDudeSo you want your GF to kill you?19:25
MarkDudeIf not Jen will19:25
MarkDudeand eat your brains19:25
MarkDudeThen go pick some flowers19:25
Cougarswisshaha :D19:25
MarkDudeThen your GF can come up and go thru your pockets19:25
CougarswissI should be an angry zombie, since I didn't want to be one in the first place.19:25
MarkDudeFind a mirror - and then start admiring herself in mirror image19:26
MarkDudeYou want to be a victim Cougarswiss ? The killings will take place around 3pm19:26
CougarswissMarkDude: I am Sam19:27
MarkDudelol- your mask does not say that19:28
MarkDudeWell I dont think any of the zombies are what you would call happy19:28
CougarswissWell of course not.19:28
MarkDudethey are pissed off at being zombies19:28
dragonyet to configure the IRC settings.19:29
MarkDudeStacy- the vampire is not super happy, but she is ok with idea of being undead19:29
MarkDudeand just decided to join heavy metal band19:29
CougarswissBut seeing as how I am a rich party girl, who is spoiled and rotten and loves being surrounded by people, being a Zombie would make me Insane probably19:30
dragoninsanity ftw.19:30
MarkDudeYes, but you would think you were the prettiest zombie19:31
CougarswissSo I would still have the ego. lol19:31
MarkDudeYep - these zombies are not retarded- they are controlled by Nixie Pixel19:32
MarkDudeAnd still have parts of the old person alive19:32
CougarswissI could be more vulnerable to Nixie then.19:33
MarkDudeYEp, we will have her for another shoot in Dec19:36
MarkDudemaybe goto Brents studio for using greenscreen19:36
MarkDudeI am bringing mine and a rain cover - just in case19:36
MarkDudeCougarswiss, you have a fancy looking bracelet to wear?19:44
MarkDudemaybe a ring or sumthin'?19:44
CougarswissNope. I don't own any jewellery, except for a gold locket.19:45
MarkDudeOk, I will see if I have anything20:08
MarkDudeOk, I need to get some more flowers, I only have some of the pink white and yellow ones. I hope I can find some sunflowers20:13
MarkDudeYay, I love it when a plan comes together20:15
MarkDudeSo far we are using red cake frosting (watered down) and also udon noodles21:04
MarkDudeAnything else we can edit in after21:04
Faqtotumi fail to see what udon has to do with zombies21:05
MarkDudeFaqtotum, well zombies eat PEOPLE21:29
MarkDudethe closest I am to making body parts is udon noodles21:29
MarkDudeSorta like entrails21:29
Faqtotumthat's not very close21:30
* MarkDude made fake blood from ricemilk, pomegranate juice and red dye21:30
Faqtotumzombies are not black holes, so no spaghettification21:30
dragonMarkDude: dye again?21:32
MarkDudefood coloring this time21:33
MarkDudeI think Jenn is more into the being covered with blood thing21:33
MarkDudeCougarswiss, might get some on her hands21:33
dragonedible dye better.21:34
* MarkDude is trying to get zombies to be themselves. Jenn is hella metal21:34
dragons/ye /ye is /21:34
MarkDudeWell yes, I am seeing if I can find better options21:34
MarkDudeUse your googles to see if you can find better and give me recipe21:34
Faqtotumit's to dye for21:37
MarkDudelol, punny21:37
akkdragon: Thanks for mentioning that robot hackathon the other day -- just got back from there, really fun!21:53
=== DonkeyHotei is now known as Faqtotum
dragonakk: I'm glad you liked it!21:58
dragonI'm headed there soon.21:58

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