govatenthey guys. is anyone online? 00:58
govatentI want to say, the linux cafe in miami is SUPER GREAT!!!!!00:58
govatentCloric speaking: Of course it is =)00:59
maxolasersquad_hEvening dude05:03
chloricHey david05:14
chloricAlan and I were at the Linux Cafe today05:14
chloricwe spent 5 hours straight before we realized it was late05:14
govatenthey chloric !05:16
govatentI have not seen you in forever! 05:16
govatentI just got home. drive took forever.05:16
chloricah snap, govatent is here =/05:23
govatentI am starting to rave about the cafe online05:23
govatenthey bluebomber 05:27
bluebomberHey, govatent 05:28
bluebomberWhat's up?05:28
govatentwhats up05:28
govatentbluebomber: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ys9fNqQr3L405:28
maxolasersquad_hSo what is the Linux Cafe?05:28
bluebomberNo friggin' way!05:28
bluebomberAlso, everyone, in case you haven't been keeping on top of things: http://www.americancensorship.org/05:29
govatentThese people opened up a small cafe aimed at teaching people about linux while being a cafe 05:29
govatentit has more linux swag than you can think of 05:29
govatentcomputers running every distro known to mankind 05:30
govatentandroid pos, 2 google tvs 05:30
govatenta very nice roomy space 05:30
govatentwe are going to help the owners setup installfest and linux meetups once a month or more. 05:30
govatentthe owners are very cool 05:31
govatentbluebomber, thanks for that link 05:31
maxolasersquad_hbluebomber: ++05:31
govatentlol i forgot about the ++05:32
govatentmaxolasersquad_h, you should check it out once we get our meetings going 05:32
govatentgive you and the family a reason to visit miami :)05:32
bluebomberI want to see it, too!05:33
govatentbluebomber, i love how angry birds did a promotion for the candy 05:33
bluebomberSounds like a neat idea.05:33
bluebomberYeah, I enjoyed the video. Thanks.05:33
govatenti really wish i would have gotten that new version of the candy 05:34
govatentthe angry birds really sold it05:34
govatenti gotta start promoting the cafe so people know about it. 05:34
govatentMy first step is to have a learn what linux day event thing 05:35
bluebomberI came in near the end of this conversation; is this cafe open yet?05:35
govatentits amazing 05:36
govatenti want to help the owners 05:36
govatentyea one second ill get link05:36
bluebomberOh! You're not an owner or a manager of it, either?!05:36
govatentthe owner is a very deep *nix lover 05:37
maxolasersquad_h.swf --05:38
bluebomberWow. Creative menu item names.05:38
govatentgive them some love 05:39
bluebomberI would if I could. They don't have a store link.05:39
bluebomberBy the way, O'Reilly gave me a free ebook today for emailing them. They're a pretty classy outfit, speaking of giving love to companies.05:40
maxolasersquad_hI purchase all my tech books from O'Reilly.05:40
bluebomberDitto. And up until now they've been physical. O'Reilly's web store lets you register your physical books and upgrade to eBooks at a deep discount. Right now it only costs $5.05:41
maxolasersquad_hYou should tell them to build their website on open technologies.05:41
bluebomberUpgrade to DRM-free eBooks in 5+ formats*05:41
maxolasersquad_hYeah, I only by DRM free e-books now for my tech stuffs.05:41
bluebombermaxh: Linux cafe or O'Reilly?05:42
maxolasersquad_hLinux Cafe05:42
bluebomberYeah, and the kicker is that it appears that only the first page is flash...05:43
bluebomberMaybe you can show your love by designing them a better website in X/HTML5, govatent. You'd only need about ten minutes.05:44
govatentif i knew how to code 05:44
govatenti would do it05:44
bluebomberYou mean HTML isn't included among the 1042 languages you know?05:45
bluebomberWould this kind of project be a suitable subject for a codejam?05:45
maxolasersquad_hgovatent: Just use Microsoft Visual Studio dude.05:45
bluebomberI've never been to one of those.05:46
bluebomberlol@ maxh 05:46
maxolasersquad_hIf you could just get the image he is using (or just use a screenshot, it would be pretty easy to replace in HTML.05:46
bluebomber"Yeah, hey, Linux dudes, get away from proprietary stuff. Use Microsoft software instead."05:47
bluebomberI'm pretty proficient in HTML, but not the HTML5-specific additions.05:47
bluebomberI'm eager to learn them, though.05:47
maxolasersquad_hLots of it is pretty simple, the HTML part of HTML5 stuffs.05:47
bluebomberAlso, I'll leave this here: http://mnachtig.blog.usf.edu/?p=30605:47
maxolasersquad_hhttp://www.html5rocks.com/en/ is a good starting place.05:48
govatentbluebomber, sweet!05:48
bluebomberI think I'm more excited about CSS3 than X/HTML5, to be honest.05:48
bluebomberBut that may just be the designer in me speaking.05:48
govatentoh i went to a raving club microsoft event last night on south beach. omg..that was the saddest event i have ever been to. 05:49
maxolasersquad_hThere's some cool stuff like <input type="email">05:49
maxolasersquad_hWhich is dead simple, but brings lots of love to people on mobile devices.05:50
bluebombermaxh: I....... see...... ugggggggh, that just reeks of custom tag nonsense.05:51
maxolasersquad_hAnd datalists make autocompletion easy.  Though some cool stuff like that still isn't getting any support.05:51
bluebomberBUT, I'm not going to form a judgment just yet.05:51
bluebomberI need to learn more about all the additions.05:51
maxolasersquad_hIt's not a custom tag, it's a standard input type that hints to the browser to act accordingly, saving one from all sorts of Javascript ugliness.05:51
bluebomberIt isn't a custom tag, but that example, along with many of the frequently touted new element types, remind me of them.05:52
bluebomberNevertheless, that slideshow was pretty amazing.05:52
bluebomberWell, whoa.05:53
maxolasersquad_hThe real fun is in the new Javascript and client-side abilities.05:53
bluebomberWait, I guess I was assuming that was all HTML5.05:53
govatentguys, its been a long day. i am going to pass out 05:53
bluebomberThat still has a bunch of Javascript. BTW, why do we not call it ECMAscript?05:54
govatentill catch up with everyone later05:54
maxolasersquad_hgovatent: About to do the same when I get done reading https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Python05:54
bluebomberG'night gov'nah, err, govatent.05:54
govatentlol. night everyone 05:54
govatenthave fun maxolasersquad_h :)05:54
maxolasersquad_hA'ight, I'm off to bed too.  Y'alls take it easy.05:57
raubvogelIf i have a local user in my linux box, how do I make it belong to a group defined in ldap?15:15
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