rick_hoh joy00:25
snap-lApache security fix released.02:27
snap-lAlso posted on the mailing list about the CDs and distribution02:28
snap-lGood evening.02:30
jjessesnowing on that side of the state?02:30
snap-lNot yet02:30
rick_hlittle bit earlier02:30
snap-lApparently if you're not warm of heart like us in the D02:30
jjesse94 between Marshall and 131 was down to 30 mph02:30
jjessebecause of the snow02:33
snap-lYeah, Michigan doesn't do well with precipitation02:33
snap-lYay, JoDee's home. Time to get some dinner.02:34
jrwrencursed snow.02:56
jrwrencursed late dinner.02:57
jrwrencursed apache security02:57
snap-ljrwren: Are you now a Hannah Barbera villan? "Curses!"03:42
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WolfgerI have my IRC back today!12:55
brouschis that why it was so quiet yesterday?12:55
Wolfgerand it's Friday \o/12:55
Wolfgerand it's snowing \o/12:55
Wolfgeroh wait12:55
Wolfgerand it's snowing :-(12:55
Wolfgerand I'm editing perl scripts \o/12:58
rick_hI was afk most of the day12:58
rick_hblame me for quiet, little ranting to do12:59
Wolfgerah, and here I thought the moral of yesterday was "if you want rick_h to see something, you need to send it in IRC, not e-mail"12:59
rick_hI saw your thing and checked it out13:23
rick_hthought I replied to you about it?13:23
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rick_hsnap-l:  and brousch  http://www.blog.pythonlibrary.org/2011/11/10/wxpython-and-sqlalchemy-an-intro-to-mvc-and-crud/13:30
brouschold news. i saw that half an hour ago13:31
rick_hbrousch: :P13:31
rick_hsorry, I'm a bit late getting up this morning, had to take the boy to day care13:31
brouschalthough if i had actually read the whole thing i would probably be getting done right about now13:31
rick_hlooks solid for you gui types13:31
Wolfgerrick_h: yeah, you replied. I got your reply late in the evening. I sent it before lunch I think...13:31
rick_hWolfger: yea, that's my fault. I checked it out from my phone when you sent it, but was afk13:32
brouschnobody makes desktop applications these days13:32
rick_hI didn't reply until later in the day when I got some laptop time13:32
rick_hbrousch: bwuhaha! the corruption is near complete13:32
Wolfgerrick_h: no problem at all. I was just bored and without IRC to keep me company :-p13:32
snap-lRight, because there's a web service for collecting Arduino data13:33
snap-l<- cranky. ;)13:33
brouschsnap-l: i assume you use a command line program that ships it up to a web service13:33
snap-lIn real time?13:34
brouschclose enough13:34
brouschuse those web sockets things13:34
snap-lYes, because every lab needs a dependency on Node. ;)13:35
brouschnow you're getting it13:36
brouschyou want to view it on your android tablet, right?13:37
brouschlike on star trek where the engineers walk around with padds adjusting things13:38
rick_hsnap-l: http://bret.appspot.com/entry/web-sockets-in-tornado13:44
rick_hno node, but you did just get a node book13:44
* snap-l considers writing all of this in VB613:45
snap-lThe way that God intended. ;)13:45
brouschyou can get a free visual studio-based IDE from microsoft to help you13:47
brouschi'm sure jrwren would be happy to answer any questions13:48
jrwrensnap-l: I do love saying "curses" because of Hannah Barbera villans and because it is safe around my 4yo.13:50
jrwrensnap-l: what rae you writing in VB6?13:50
jrwrenand, yes, I would.13:50
jrwrenbut... for desktop GUI, F# is awesome. I wrote a GTK# twitter client in 104 lines of code.13:51
snap-ljrwren: I'm kidding13:52
snap-lI'd sooner write something in Java Swing than VB, not because I think VB isn't that great, but because Java Swing is more portable13:53
snap-l(And yes, I know Mono is supposed to fix that)13:53
* snap-l stops making sense and joins a circus.13:53
snap-lbrousch: Don't make me ship myself to you to choke you. ;)13:54
brouschwhat's wrong with tk?13:54
brouschit even has a set of less-ugly widgets now13:54
* snap-l tried learning TCL / TK early on becuase it was the "least painful at the time" way to make GUI application13:55
snap-lAnd while TK was the saner part of the dynamic duo, it was still pretty miserable.13:56
* snap-l did not like TCL13:56
Wolfgeryeah, I would not recommend tk for any purpose, I don't think.13:57
brouschit's right in the python standard lib13:58
snap-lbrousch: That's fine. It can stay there.14:00
snap-lYou know who else was in the Python Standard Library?14:01
brouschi don't see that anywhere. i think you're making it up14:02
Wolfgeryeah, after looking at wx, I can't imagine ever torturing myself with tk again14:04
snap-lHitler was totally a fan of whitespace14:04
* snap-l stops before he gets a CoC violation14:05
brouschhitler could be a module that enforces strict pep8. all pep8 warnings cause exceptions14:05
brouschlike rick_h is standing behind you with a taser as you code14:05
Wolfgero_0   did brousch just compare rick_h to hitler?14:07
ColonelPanic001they do both have mustaches14:07
brouschthey do?14:09
WolfgerI think hitler just had really bushy nose hair.14:12
jrwrensnap-l: mono doesn't do anything for vb6 portability14:14
jrwrenLOL @ hitler in PSL14:15
jrwrenoh... now THAT is a software dev methodology in itself. " rick_h is standing behind you with a taser as you code"14:16
Wolfgerjrwren: Yeah, that's kind of like "write your code as though it will have to be maintained by an angry axe murderer who knows where you live"14:17
Wolfgerexcept less lethal and more immediate14:17
jrwrenyes, and more personal.14:18
jrwrennot only do i not worry about crossing the line... but I can also actively try to do great and make rick_h happy14:18
snap-lHow have we lived before virtual machines and emulators?14:36
snap-lPoorly, I must confess.14:36
Wolfgerwhat's a virtual machine?14:48
* Wolfger still lives poorly14:48
snap-lSet up Virtualbox14:53
rick_hwtf, I leave for an hour and I'm now in the std lib for python? sweet!14:54
brouschfrom hitler import rick_h14:55
rick_hfrom hitler import TaserRick14:56
rick_htry: TaserRick.validate()14:56
rick_hEXCEPTION: You have angered Rick, prepare for the shock!14:56
brouschmore effective than the jenkins nerf missile launcher thing14:57
Wolfgeroh, great... he actually *likes* the idea of being a taser-wielding code nazi. We're all doomed.14:59
Wolfgeron the plus side, code will look much nicer15:00
* Wolfger wonders when TaserRick will become integrated into LaunchPad for the "benefit" of everybody's PPA...15:03
rick_hheh, there's already stuff there. Why I'm joining15:03
ColonelPanic001someone needs to write a PythonTidy sort of thing, but call it TaserRick, and with every found problem, it says "ZAP"15:07
snap-lNot sure if there's a USB cattle prod, but that's a requirement15:08
snap-lwarnings, .5 seconds15:09
snap-lerrors, 2 seconds.15:09
rick_hI think it'll have to come from the higher ups15:09
rick_hsupplied in the office chairs15:09
rick_h"sweet, this pace has cool motorized powered office chairs!"15:09
rick_hbooo, local verizon didn't have a live razr phone to play with15:10
snap-lWhat... the... fuck...15:11
brouschnot to be pedantic, but the speech bubble in the picture is on the wrong character. skroob isn't even in the frame15:13
brouschnow i can't take the article content seriously15:13
snap-lYeah, because article content is totally dependent on the images used15:16
snap-lI totally disregard articles when they have images that don't fit the article at all15:16
snap-l(only half-kidding)15:16
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brouschthe idea behind the picture is OK, it's the execution that is fail15:18
ColonelPanic001In VIM, can I have fancy stuff where instead of just simple completion with ctrl+p, I can get things like php docs, so when I do it on, say "array_push", it'll tell me the syntax?15:21
rick_hyea, I had that working when I was doing php ColonelPanic00115:21
brouschColonelPanic001: all of that is built into eclipse15:21
rick_hColonelPanic001: https://github.com/mitechie/vim15:21
ColonelPanic001I don't mind doing the legwork - any idea where to start looking?15:21
rick_hthat's my old php config15:21
rick_hcheck that out15:22
ColonelPanic001brousch: I know, I miss it from doing Android stuff in Eclipse ;)15:22
ColonelPanic001rick_h: thanks15:22
brouschtrollfail :(15:22
rick_hyea, looks like I had C-u mapped to phpdoc comand15:22
rick_hwe just ignore you brousch15:22
brouschi don't blame you15:23
ColonelPanic001I know it's a hanging offense, but I hve to admit to liking Eclipse for that kind of thing15:23
ColonelPanic001really brings down the learning curve when suddenly I have to do an android app, and have done a total of 50 lines of crappy Java15:24
ColonelPanic001I understand if you all want me to leave now.15:24
brouschColonelPanic001: i started using netbeans when i was learning java. i didn't actually read a java book, i just scrolled through the autocompletes and javadocs looking for what made sense15:24
ColonelPanic001same here, with Eclipse, and for Android15:25
rick_hColonelPanic001: yea, I think everyone admits it helps with the learning curve15:25
ColonelPanic001developer.android.com on the left monitor, Eclipse on the right15:25
rick_hbut it does tend to lead to people that don't learn15:25
ColonelPanic001rick_h: pfft learning15:25
brouschlearning is for chumps. all that matters is doing!15:25
ColonelPanic001nah, I  agree, I just could use the occasional "wtf is the order for the array and thing to add to it in this crappy function?"15:26
brouschoh crap, i think i have the pidgin plugin for that activated15:27
brouschluckily my desll doesn't have the hardware support15:27
Wolfgersnap-l: interesting article, but I am increasingly of the opinion that quantum physics is just a big boondoggle.15:28
brouschall i got was a notification popup15:28
WolfgerI think when you take quantum physics classes in college, they sign you to an NDA and then fill you in that it's all a bunch of bunk that sounds sciencey enough to get the suits to keep throwing money at them for "research"15:29
ColonelPanic001ask _stink_15:30
ColonelPanic001that's the impression I get from 'string theory'15:30
ColonelPanic001seems like any time anyone mentions physics, someone will throw that word in, but I never hear wtf it *is*, except for once in a while "it's a mathematical model that may or may not have any real use or relevance at all"15:31
WolfgerI suppose what really makes it all seem even worse than it is, is the fact that the common person's only exposure to it is via journalists.15:32
ColonelPanic001I'm dumb. How does one go about getting this 'phpdoc' command? I'm not finding the package. php-doc doesn't seem to be it15:33
brouschstring theory states that if you use enough complicated math and big words you can keep stringing people along for funding15:33
snap-lstring theory is what happens when Math and Physics tries to fill in the blank spaces.15:37
snap-lsee also: Dark Matter15:37
_stink_holy crap, something i know something about16:08
brousch_stink_: i was under the impression that if you say you understand string theory then you do not understand string theory16:08
ColonelPanic001tell us, is quantum phyics all bullshit, and the same for string theory16:08
ColonelPanic001I've never really heard anyone who would really know, say anything much about string theory16:09
_stink_brousch: hah.  wasn't it Feynman who said that about quantum field theory?16:09
ColonelPanic001seems like it's a buzzword to toss out there to make yourself sound like you might know stuff, or just because you heard it and it sounds neat16:09
ColonelPanic001"I think I can safely say that no one understand quantum theory"16:09
ColonelPanic001paraphrased, don't remember exactly16:09
_stink_here's the thing you need to remember about string theory16:10
ColonelPanic001they get lost in the dryer16:10
_stink_at the moment it's totally untestable.16:10
snap-lIt's a theory16:10
_stink_so it's just a bunch of math.16:10
ColonelPanic001IT'S JUST A THEORY16:10
ColonelPanic001I believe in intelligent phyics16:10
_stink_and there's no obvious way to turn it into anything testable.16:11
snap-l_stink_: Well, it has about as much chance of being tested definitively as LIGO has for finding gravitational waves.16:11
ColonelPanic001I believe in lego physics16:11
snap-li.e. None.16:11
_stink_see, that word 'theory' blows.  people call Relativity a theory.  that word is meaningless.16:11
MilyardoWell no one doubts Relativity much many more, even though it was the Science Buzz word before String theory16:11
ColonelPanic001quarks are held together by little bumps and wholes16:11
snap-lColonelPanic001: Whores.16:11
_stink_or that.16:11
MilyardoAnd the average person still doesn't understand relativity16:11
ColonelPanic001bumps on whores?16:11
ColonelPanic001sure we do. hand on stove, sitting next to pretty girl, etc. Einstein explained it all.16:12
_stink_but about quantum physics in general:16:12
snap-lQuantum Physics is where Newtonian physics goes for a hit of LSD16:13
_stink_it contains testable predictions that have been verified *orders of magnitude* more precisely than any other theory.16:13
_stink_it can hardly be more legit.16:13
_stink_that shit is real.16:14
ColonelPanic001and so it shall not quit16:14
_stink_hey, hey!16:14
snap-l_stink_: Do you understand Quantum Mechanics?16:14
snap-l(JoDee asking)16:14
_stink_i smell a punchline16:14
snap-l(Very Good)16:15
snap-l(Because you smell a punchline, your statements are accurate)16:15
snap-lApparently this is the secret handshake of Quantum Physicists.16:15
_stink_snap-l: tell her that her pal Pushkal is defending his Ph.D. sometime soon16:16
snap-lI think too the reason String Theory gets any credence is because the math "works" much in the same way that Quantum Math "works"16:16
snap-l_stink_: (That's wonderful!)16:16
_stink_snap-l: "work" as in "predicts fucking crazy shit that would be awesome and confusing if it were real"?16:17
snap-lWorks, as in predicts crazy shit that, when we get the right equipment, appears to predict the crazy shit we're now able to observe16:18
snap-l(and yes, I know quantum observation is an oxymoron)16:19
_stink_naw, works fine for me.16:19
_stink_i need a shirt that says that16:19
snap-l_stink_: We were going to get shirts made up that said "I'm braking your wave function"16:19
snap-ler, breaking16:20
_stink_that would be awesome16:20
_stink_then turn a lowercase psi upsidedown and make it a frowny face16:20
snap-lYou know what that smell is? The smell of money being left on the table.16:21
brouschd00d, get sheldon on big bang to wear it and you will be rich16:21
_stink_brousch: you're the graphics guy.16:22
brouschthat is scary16:22
snap-lSleep dep + allergy medication + Quantum = awesome16:24
_stink_quick google shows no good competing design on a shirt.16:31
ColonelPanic001do it16:31
brousch"Highly informative, and definitely a kick in the pants for anyone out there content to find the one-true-language." :P16:52
snap-lWell, consider web development requires you to learn two languages before you even start16:53
snap-lJavascript and whatever else you're developing in16:54
snap-lnot to mention HTML and CSS16:54
brouschpyjamas lets me compile python to javascript!16:54
snap-ltry harder.17:07
brouschsnap-l: hm, it looks like a dns problem18:09
Wolfgerwhat a waste of a day18:31
WolfgerI just spent all day looking into a "problem" regarding data we collected back in March. The problem was fixed in April. No wonder I can't see anything wrong :-/18:33
Wolfgercan't tamper with data that was received due to the bug, but the bug itself was killed.18:37
Wolfgerworst part is, the guy complaining today is the same guy I worked with to identify this problem back in April18:38
Wolfgerwe both completely forgot we'd already dealt with this18:38
WolfgerMust be a slow news day. For 11/11/11, SI is doing the top 11 players to ever wear #11.18:40
jjessethey are probably sick of penn state stuff18:46
snap-lhttp://candlelightrecordsusa.bandcamp.com/album/time-is-up <- Man, wish Candlelight was CC-friendly. ;)19:13
greg-gMilyardo: thanks for the laugh :)20:01
brouschwtf, tjagoda got a reply from the Saruman twitter account20:26
ColonelPanic001he's screwed20:34

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