c_smith-bkerensa, any word from the Library?00:26
bkerensac_smith-: Nothing yet00:48
* bkerensa left a voicemail00:48
bkerensaI will let you know once they call me back00:49
c_smith-bkerensa, you here?01:10
bkerensac_smith-: yes01:14
c_smith-cool, hey, have you gotten a hold of the Salem Public Library?01:18
c_smith-sorry, had to do something01:19
bkerensa<c_smith-> bkerensa, any word from the Library?01:19
bkerensa* shantorn has quit (Quit: Lost terminal)01:19
bkerensa<bkerensa> c_smith-: Nothing yet01:19
bkerensa* bkerensa left a voicemail01:19
bkerensa<bkerensa> I will let you know once they call me back01:19
bkerensa<c_smith-> bkerensa, you here?01:19
bkerensa<bkerensa> c_smith-: yes01:19
bkerensa<c_smith-> cool, hey, have you gotten a hold of the Salem Public Library?01:19
c_smith-cool, if you can't get a hold of me on IRC, you can shoot me an email any time.01:20
c_smith-now to read my new book. not one you might expect a geek to read, the book is Christopher Paolini's Inheritance, have you heard of it?01:21
* c_smith- is going to be reading, do not attempt to talk to, as I won't respond.01:29
adam_g.win 302:48
bkerensaadam_g ?04:56
* bkerensa continues to try and fix this weird hook program in his WP framework04:56
* bkerensa yawns18:18
bkerensa= Welcome to the Ubuntu 'Precise Pangolin' development release =18:24

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