doctormo-otherI notice a lot of support for language teams, so did the loco council make the call that LanCo teams were actually LoCo teams?00:38
doctormo-otherAs bizarre as the logic in that is.00:38
cjohnstonthe decision was made that language teams would be provided the ability to use ltp00:39
mhall119doctormo-other: essentially we all agreed that languages teams are not loco teams, but they do serve a similar function, so we're going to try to support them how we can00:40
mhall119at least, that was my understanding, since I wasn't at that session00:40
doctormo-othercjohnston: What's 'ltp'?00:40
cjohnstonit was very much agreed though that if a language team wants a feature, they will more than likely be responsible for providing the code00:40
cjohnstonloco team portal00:40
doctormo-othermhall119: Makes sense, increases the scope a tad, but the loco directory is getting quite powerful anyhow.00:41
cjohnstondoctormo-other: you doin reviews?00:41
mhall119yup, hence why it's not the "directory" anymore, it's the "portal"00:41
cjohnstonim workin on another one00:41
doctormo-othercjohnston: yep00:41
doctormo-otherI'm trying to convince the new US-MA leader to not invest in the wiki so much. He's saying the ltp is too inflexible.00:42
cjohnstonwhat does he want ltp to do that it doesnt00:42
doctormo-otherI think the main bugbear is the branding, or lack of team branding.00:42
doctormo-otherCoincidentally I was working on a small part of that last week.00:42
cjohnstondoctormo-other: are you familiar with the use of tarmac?00:42
cjohnstonya, i saw00:43
doctormo-othercjohnston: It's a deployment tool right? We were using it at UbuntuOne but I forget the specifics.00:43
cjohnstonwell.. basically.. when you review my branches (other than the one that is propsed to your branch)00:44
cjohnstonif you set the review to approve (under add comment)00:45
cjohnstonand the status of the MP to approved00:45
cjohnstonif there is a commit message in launchpad, tarmac will do the merging for you00:45
cjohnstonbbiaf, gotta spend a few minutes with the kids00:45
cjohnstoniirc you still have dev access.. so tarmac will work for you00:45
doctormo-otherAh yes that's right, automatic merging.00:46
cjohnstonit wont accept approvals from non-devs00:46
cjohnstonif you need something sooner than 15 minutes from now, ping me00:46
doctormo-otherThanks cjohnston00:46
doctormo-othercjohnston: I'm not sure about the changes to the title element and link.01:01
cjohnstonremoving it from the table?01:01
doctormo-otherJust the way it goes onto the next line.01:02
cjohnstonremove the registration link from the h3 then and put it a line below01:02
doctormo-otherAye aye01:03
cjohnstonstupid update-openids01:03
doctormo-otherIs there any reason to put these links into a button type item with an image as a background element?01:03
doctormo-otherRemove the 'Event Participation' title completely (assume context) and use a button at the top there.01:04
cjohnstonI would like to do it similar to FB tbh..  I'm attending,, maybe and no.. with the list of attendees below01:08
cjohnstondoctormo-other: if your interested in design stuff for ltp.. we have some mock ups that we really want to implement01:09
doctormo-otherYou know that's my schtik :-)01:09
cjohnstoni know it is.. but you have to be interested to do it ;-)01:09
cjohnstonhow do you like my #ubuntu-design channel?01:09
doctormo-otherI can't commit huge amounts of time, but i think I'd be useful to take a look and see what can be done.01:10
doctormo-othercjohnston: How do you like _my_ ubuntu-design channel?01:10
cjohnstonya.. let me upload a few of the things and see what we can do01:10
cjohnstondoctormo-other: i created it01:10
cjohnstonafter a discussion with the design team on tuesday last week01:10
doctormo-otherI thought I joined last week too, maybe you were there already :-D01:11
cjohnstonyou joined during the session with wendar iir01:11
cjohnstoni had created it the day before that01:11
doctormo-otherOf course, convergent dialectics!01:11
cjohnstoni woudl love to implement both of those01:13
cjohnstonyou will have to manually merge my branch into yours.. tarmac only does trunk01:15
doctormo-othercjohnston: Yes I did a manual merge, lp just bounced my push.01:17
doctormo-otherbzr: ERROR: Permission denied: "~doctormo/loco-directory/event-page-design/": : A branch with the name "event-page-design" already exists for doctormo in loco-team-portal.01:17
doctormo-otherOh the name changed recently.01:18
doctormo-otherThe first thing to do with the linked designs is to split them up into work items.01:19
doctormo-otherThere's a lot of changes in there.01:19
doctormo-otherAlthough why would the loco portal have links for amazon ec2/cloud?01:20
cjohnstonthat wasnt the content to go there01:20
cjohnstonit was samples for design01:20
doctormo-otherAh ok, I think the map from the current homepage is a hard problem to digest into the proposal.01:22
doctormo-otherSo we loose the function/links?01:22
cjohnstonyou talking the map of the globe that you click on?01:22
cjohnstoneveryone hates it01:22
doctormo-otherOK, I hate it too.01:23
cjohnstondoctormo-other: on that event-page-design, i think that there may be a little bit of the css that you added that i didn't use.. if so, it should be removed01:33
cjohnstonbut i dont remember01:33
doctormo-othercjohnston: I saw the diff, you removed both the css additions.01:34
cjohnstonthey are still in the branch that you pushed back after comitting mine01:34
cjohnstonmhall119: you back?01:37
mhall119eating dinner01:42
cjohnstonwhen you get back, id like implentation feedback01:43
doctormo-otherOK styles removed and reviews done.01:50
cjohnstonis your branch ready for review again?01:51
doctormo-othercjohnston: For your designs, what you need is a producer, not a designer. You've got the designs already. Production is just a matter of grinding away at the different modifications until the overall design is achieved.01:51
doctormo-othercjohnston: Yes my branch is ready for review.01:51
mhall119cjohnston: I'm back02:02
cjohnstonmhall119: ok.. so.. it was discussed that we want to have the ability to define regional contacts in ltp02:02
cjohnstonie you be the CFL regional contact while itnet7 is the team contact02:02
cjohnstonim trying to figure out how we should implement this02:03
svwilliamscjohnston: do we define regions in ltp already02:05
cjohnstonsvwilliams: no..02:05
cjohnstonand i have no desire to02:05
cjohnstonmy thought is a text field02:06
mhall119make a Contacts model, foreign keys to userprofile and team, with a name field for the region02:06
cjohnstonworks for me02:06
mhall119letting teams choose their own region names should give all the flexibility they could want02:06
cjohnstonthat was my thought02:06
cjohnstonwhat page should the contacts be edited on02:07
mhall119that's a good question02:07
doctormo-othermhall119: Regions as in sub-teams?02:07
cjohnstondoctormo-other: no02:07
svwilliamsregions as groups of teams?02:08
svwilliamsmhall119: like southeast region us?02:08
doctormo-otherThe matter is mystical to us.02:08
cjohnstonlike gainsville orlando jacksonville miami tampa02:08
mhall119regions as in "if you're in this part of my loco team's geographic territory and you want to do something, contact me"02:08
doctormo-otherThat's exactly what we both just asked.02:09
mhall119good for having primary contacts for metropolitan areas, etc02:09
cjohnstonbut not seperate teams.. or sub teams02:09
mhall119svwilliams asked about groups of teams02:09
doctormo-othercjohnston: Aye, my mistake, I meant to clarify.02:09
svwilliamscjohnston: mhall119: its kind of like subteams02:09
svwilliamsbecause when you say region02:09
mhall119svwilliams: there's no membership02:10
doctormo-othercontacts for sub-localities, not regions.02:10
svwilliamsits a small location in a loco02:10
mhall119just a contact02:10
svwilliamsright true02:10
svwilliamsso ... psuedo sub team02:10
cjohnstondoctormo-other: it could be a region of france though02:10
svwilliamsso its however the team wants to define it02:10
doctormo-otherAnd it might not, region is ambiguous, no?02:10
mhall119it doesn't even have to be a geographic region, if people want to have a translations contact, and a hardware contact, etc, they can02:10
svwilliamslike northeast florida (sorry for non us florida people)02:10
svwilliamsor jacksonville02:11
svwilliamsahh very cool ok02:11
svwilliamsso its team contact for X02:11
svwilliamsX = to whatever02:11
doctormo-othermhall119: So rip out the concept of 'regions' and just put them in as 'contacts', tell teams to use it for localities/regions or misc.02:11
mhall119cjohnston: maybe call it "area" instead of "region"02:11
cjohnstonArea contacts?02:12
svwilliamsehh still location based term02:12
cjohnstonit is location based02:12
mhall119so it can be geographic area, area of interest, area of expertise, etc02:12
cjohnstoni truely hope that i have nothing going on at work tomorrow02:12
doctormo-othermhall119: If it's an area or region then the model should include geo or address.02:12
svwilliamswhy not just call it special contact02:13
svwilliamsloco special contact for hardwre02:13
svwilliamsloco special contact for tampa02:13
doctormo-otherClarity and specificy.02:13
svwilliamsloco special contact for south france02:13
svwilliamsbut doctormo-other it doesn't have to be location based02:13
svwilliamsit could be area of expertise02:13
mhall119doctormo-other: baby steps, let's just get a name first02:14
mhall119let that run for a bit and see what people do with it02:14
doctormo-othermhall119: Understood, I support svwilliams's idea for such a thing to be called 'special contacts'02:14
svwilliamscjohnston, I tried to sign into my local ltp and I received an error02:17
svwilliamsThe username (svwilliams) with which you tried to log in is already in use for a different account.02:17
mhall119svwilliams: run manage.py update-openids02:17
mhall119then go get a bite to eat02:17
mhall119maybe a nap02:18
cjohnstonand a few drinks02:18
mhall119road trip02:18
cjohnstongo visit mike02:18
svwilliamslol well it was quick cause "no module named south02:19
mhall119wait, how did you syncdb?02:19
svwilliamsum ... nope02:19
svwilliamswell wait02:20
svwilliamsi ran make init02:20
svwilliamswhich finally worked02:20
mhall119"nope" isn't an answer to a "how did you" kind of question02:20
mhall119ah, make02:20
cjohnstonyes it is mhall11902:20
mhall119cjohnston: nope02:20
svwilliamsmake init02:20
svwilliamsthen make lp02:20
svwilliamsand then make live02:21
cjohnstonsvwilliams: sudo apt-get install python-django-south02:21
mhall119cd loco_directory02:22
doctormo-otherI wish it would put env and all the rest of the non-branch into the parent cache, it's a pain to have to symbolically link everything when I test a branch.02:22
mhall119../env/bin/python manage.py update-openids02:22
cjohnstondoctormo-other: have you tried nigelb's summit instructions?02:22
mhall119doctormo-other: there's a better way to do it using bzr02:22
doctormo-otherI have'nt seen either the summit instructions or the better bzr way.02:23
doctormo-otherAlthough I could guess at them.02:23
cprofittcjohnston: mhall119: http://www.murraytwins.com/blog/?p=9602:24
cprofittbrian murray pointed me at that02:24
mhall119is location information still available through the launchpad api?02:26
cjohnstonno idea02:26
svwilliamsmhall119, cjohnston its running now02:26
svwilliamsyou were not kidding02:26
svwilliamsabout it running forever02:26
svwilliamsIf its alright with you all I'll attempt to update the wiki02:26
doctormo-othercjohnston: Caught OperationalError while rendering: no such column: events_teamevent.recap, your new branch doesn't have a migraton for recap.02:27
cprofittthat also comes from brian02:27
mhall119svwilliams: you can run it while update-openids is going, if you want to run a separate terminal02:27
doctormo-othermhall119: I can tell you... latt and long are still available in 1.0 of the API02:29
mhall119doctormo-other: ok02:29
cprofittbrian said that people can not set their location via LP anymore though02:29
mhall119is it available to anonymous connections?02:29
cprofittso not many will have the data in place02:29
cprofitthe did say it was still in the API he thought02:29
cjohnstondoctormo-other: im pushing it now.. r50102:30
doctormo-othermhall119: There are anon connections (guest user) but not all information is available. I'd have to test it.02:30
cprofittcjohnston: I would be willing to take a poke at a bit-size item this coming week02:31
cprofittthis weekend may or may not end up being good... depending on in-laws02:31
cjohnstoncprofitt: i should be decently available next week too02:31
cprofittfor the location pins are we looking for people or event pins?02:33
cprofittbrian said perhaps a greesemonkey script to have folks enter their location or use the api02:33
cprofittdaughter just got home from MS event02:36
doctormo-othercjohnston: Your recap modification looks sane, but it's in addition to a lot of content on that page that looks the same.02:39
doctormo-otherFor instance comments.02:39
doctormo-othercprofitt: Yikes *hug*02:39
cprofittdoctormo-other: onece again -- congrats on being a dad!!02:39
cprofittyeah... middle school is a big transition02:39
doctormo-otherThanks cprofitt!!02:39
nigelbcprofitt: pong02:40
cprofitthey nigelb02:40
cprofittwe were talking about OSM and bdmurray's script02:40
doctormo-otherlol, I thought you meant Microsoft, not Middle School.02:40
cprofittsounds like bdmurray feels it is a lot of work for minimal value02:40
cprofittdoctormo-other: my daughter uses Ubuntu and does not like Windows or OS X02:41
cprofittshe wears her Ubuntu shirts too school and answers kids questions02:41
doctormo-othercprofitt: Mine too ;-) or at least, I pretend she has that view.02:41
svwilliamsI'm glad I'm not the only one who read that as Micrsoft first and did a double take02:41
cprofittmy youngest doesn't express that view yet, but the six year old and eleven year old both do02:41
doctormo-othercprofitt: Sounds like you a legion of a family, congrats.02:42
cprofittyeah... three children... not quite 300... but they are passionate about Ubuntu02:42
doctormo-othercprofitt: Did you catch the UK open source docs? I've been sending them around to American friends, you know, to incourage the use of etc.02:44
cjohnstong'nite all02:44
cjohnstondoctormo-other: if you ahve ideas for improving the design, let me know.. maybe give it the grey background found on http://loco.ubuntu.com/about/ ?02:45
cprofittdoctormo-other: I did not ... feel free to send them too me02:47
doctormo-othercjohnston: I've added comments to the merge proposal.02:47
cprofittnight cjohnston02:47
doctormo-othercprofitt: On it's way to you.02:48
doctormo-otherYou been at October-fest party too?02:49
mhall119it's November02:49
cprofittdoctormo-other: no, but I want to ...02:50
nigelbmhall119: Did you get a chance to do those code reviews?02:50
cprofittI think next year I head off to Waterloo for one02:50
mhall119nigelb: no, it's not been a good day for getting things done for me02:50
cprofittI was born there ... so I need to attend an October Fest there02:50
nigelbmhall119: heh, ok02:50
doctormo-othernigelb: I did all the code reviews.02:55
doctormo-othercprofitt: I think your D's will get a kick out this image https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/102241005050666075649/albums/5673096957440025649/567309695946744177802:55
nigelbdoctormo-other: ha. looks like cjohnston got to all of mine :)02:57
doctormo-othernigelb: Yeah, I did all of his :-P02:57
doctormo-othermpt: Are you interested in joining #ubuntu-design ?02:57
mptdoctormo-other, what's that about?02:59
doctormo-othermpt: Trying to ignite a new team.03:00
doctormo-otherWe're hopefully going to be looking at some programs/games this cycle to get a sense for design in the community.03:00
cprofittI just gotta post my bosses quote about open source software after reading those docs03:01
cprofitt“I need something I can rely on. If an open source based system breaks, who’s going to fix it?”03:01
nigelbmhall119: Nevermind, cjohnston did the reviews \o/03:01
cprofittthat is my fearless leader03:01
* cprofitt faceplams03:02
doctormo-othercprofitt: "You are!" :-P03:02
cprofittand with the Microsoft stuff... I fix it too03:02
cprofittand the Apple stuff03:02
doctormo-othercprofitt: I think the best response is that "open source is like sugar, we can use it to make our coffee sweet, but we can't expect the sugar maker to come round and make our coffee for us"03:03
cprofittI think it is better to say... Microsoft makes you pay just to have the priviladge of finding their bugs03:03
cprofittOpen Source lets you find bugs for free03:04
doctormo-otherIn my spare time, I am, Analogy Man! *heroic music*03:04
mhall119is that like a sandwich?03:04
nigelbmhall119: all that's left for review is the docs changes. Wanna do that?03:04
cprofittmhall119: kinda03:04
mhall119nigelb: link?03:04
cprofittits just rough working for a person that really has no understanding of FOSS03:04
cprofittand discounts it... slams it... says we will never run it03:05
nigelbmhall119: https://code.launchpad.net/~nigelbabu/summit/docs-cleaning/+merge/8186203:05
cprofitt... and yet we already are03:05
mhall119cprofitt: keep your FOSS away from his Firefox, PHP and Apache03:05
cprofitthe had me install Apache and MySQL a week after making that statement03:05
cprofitthe had no clue those were FOSS03:06
doctormo-othercprofitt: Can't you just put it in every day conversation?03:06
doctormo-otherOr just rename it 'commodity software', anything is better than slaming.03:06
mhall119nigelb: approved03:06
doctormo-other"I installed that open source software you asked for Mr. Jerk" (I don't know his real name)03:07
cprofittdoctormo-other: lol03:07
cprofittI just let it slide off... and go about 'getting IT done'.03:07
mhall119cprofitt: just call it free softwre, he'll probably hear "freeware" and be cool with it03:07
cprofitthe has come around a bit since 200903:08
cprofitthe really likes my OSSEC server running on Ubuntu03:08
doctormo-othercprofitt: He's following the crowd then03:08
cprofittand my OpenVAS server running on Ubuntu03:08
cprofittand my Cacti server running on Ubuntu03:08
doctormo-othercprofitt: Swap our his desktop for Ubuntu running a windows theme.03:09
doctormo-otherI love making people go white and trembly as I log into many desktops at MEM03:09
cprofitthe even asked me if he could have my expo and scale 'features' on his Windows 703:09
cprofittI had to tell him no... Windows doesn't have that03:09
mhall119daker: you should /join #ubuntu-design03:10
cprofittI would rather bring him along slowly03:10
doctormo-other*doh* just say yes and punt a windows theme on a test box and then shock him with the fact it's Ubuntu.03:10
cprofitthe did give me 'permission' to run Ubuntu on my machine03:10
cprofitthe has some Windows only software he uses... so that would prove difficult03:10
doctormo-othercprofitt: You're a nice guy.03:10
cprofittI also value my job... I am currently the only source of income03:11
cprofittno need to make people upset03:11
doctormo-othercprofitt: Ah, the American way :-P as a certified Bolshei I'd never be able to stand by and watch people commit intellectual suicide.03:14
cprofittdoctormo-other: I have been looking to get a different job for three years now03:15
doctormo-otherBolshevik, you know, left wing crazy person.03:15
cprofittso I do not have to... but I have to swallow it to pay my bills and take care of my family.03:15
mhall119doctormo-other: ah03:15
doctormo-othermhall119: I use it in a fun, tongue in cheek way.03:15
mhall119wasn't there another, further left group?03:16
doctormo-othermhall119: You mean Sylvia Pankhurst?03:16
cjohnstonmpt: #ubuntu-design is also a place that we are trying to get the design team to join to be able to contact them easily03:17
mptcjohnston, it's worth a try.03:18
cjohnstonmpt: i have a yes from a few of them.. so we will see :-)03:18
doctormo-othernight cjohnston, again.03:18
nigelbmhall119: did you see the new design in the summit bug?03:18
mhall119doctormo-other: no, I was thinking of Trotsky03:18
nigelbsomeone had given us a nice mockup.03:19
doctormo-othermhall119: Ah, i think Chaplin was more left wing than Trotsky :-P03:20
mhall119maybe, but that wasn't who I was thinking of03:20
svwilliamsoohhh looks like balsamic mockup nigelb03:22
doctormo-othersvwilliams: where?03:23
svwilliamsI use it at work alot, nice designs keeps the customer from trying to change the colors03:23
nigelbsvwilliams: it is a balsamic mockup :)03:23
svwilliamsdon't know if this is the bug nigelb was talking about https://bugs.launchpad.net/summit/+bug/88868603:23
ubot4Launchpad bug 888686 in summit "Schedule could use a re-design (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]03:23
nigelbsvwilliams: yep, that's the one.03:23
svwilliamsI like the fact they give it to free for people who work on open source projects03:24
doctormo-othersvwilliams: is it open source?03:24
svwilliamsI don't believe so03:25
doctormo-othersvwilliams: Probably best to use inkscape then.03:27
svwilliamsyeah oh I forgot the other sad thing03:27
svwilliamswritten on adobe air03:27
nigelbInkscape doesn't cut it for me as much as balsamic.03:28
nigelbI tend to use things that work.03:28
doctormo-othernigelb: That's a very insulting thing to say.03:30
nigelbdoctormo-other: I'm not insulting inkscape.03:32
nigelbI'm only mentioning my lack of knowledge of it. Or time.03:32
doctormo-othernigelb: "I tend to use things that work." == "Inkscape doesn't work"03:33
nigelbdoctormo-other: "Inscape doesn't work (for me!)"03:33
doctormo-othernigelb: That's not what you said, means.03:33
nigelbdoctormo-other: Well, that was the intention, appologies if it didn't come out right.03:34
doctormo-otherOK, well other tools should be carefully considered. If balsamic can export canvas or svg then it matters not.03:34
svwilliamsI believe it does doctormo-other03:34
svwilliamswait it might be jumping the gun ... it may only do things flat03:35
svwilliamsthe one thing that does draw me to them is this on getting balsamiq for free If you are a do-gooder of any sort (non-profit, charity, open-source committer, you get the idea)03:36
svwilliamsfrom thier site03:36
doctormo-othersvwilliams: This was a similar issue with the linux kernel system, it was free for open source people.03:36
doctormo-otherUntil the developer changed his mind and Linus had t write git.03:37
doctormo-otherNot without a whole amount of pain.03:37
svwilliamsyes but now we have git :-D03:37
svwilliamswhich I like alot03:37
svwilliamsyou are right doctormo-other03:37
svwilliamsthey can change the rules at any time03:37
nigelbsvwilliams: heh, none of that git takl here :P03:37
svwilliamsbut I suppose for me while I'm still getting more proficient at inkscape03:38
svwilliamsit works for quick mockups03:38
doctormo-othernigelb: It's ok, launchpad will support git and we can all like git.03:38
svwilliamshe I like bzr too03:38
svwilliamsboth are better than svn ...03:38
svwilliamsand svn is better than nothing03:38
nigelb(just kidding, I <3 git as well :D)03:38
nigelbsvwilliams: to be fair, svn is much much better than cvs03:39
svwilliamssee, never got to use cvs but I suppose it is also better than nothing03:39
svwilliamsand nothing is better than visual sourcesafe03:40
svwilliamsI had to use it03:40
svwilliamsstupid thing would lock files and wouldn't let you unlock them03:40
svwilliamssay someone had a lock you go to them on thier pc and it wouldn't let them lock it or unlock it03:41
cprofittmhall119: sent you richard weait's response03:55
cprofittI am going to get some sleep folks... have a good night04:07
antdillonDoes anyone know who is responsible for https://vault.canonical.com/?11:02
nigelbISD I guess.11:03
cjohnstongetting ltp errors again :-(19:01
nigelbcjohnston, mhall119 - the LTP tracebacks are from our code.23:07
nigelbwsgi does not let you print to stdout.23:07
nigelbThe easy solution is to do import sys; sys.stdout = sys.stderr23:09
mhall119where are we printing to stdout?23:10
nigelb File "/srv/loco.ubuntu.com/loco_directory/events/models.py", line 165, in first_team print 'Event %s has no team' % self.id23:11
mhall119hmmm, we shouldn't be doing that23:12
nigelbWe should be logging that instead?23:12
mhall119also, that should be happening23:12
mhall119once we get django 1.3, we can do better logging23:12
nigelbmhall119: grep -rn 'print ' loco_directory/ | wc -l23:13
nigelbreturned 6523:13
* mhall119 quicks LTP too23:14
cjohnstonnot allowed23:14
nigelbnot allowed?23:15
cjohnstonto quit23:15
cjohnstonyou arent either23:15
nigelbah. I didn't realize wwhat quicks was :P23:16
mhall119dang, my spelling is bad tonight23:16
cjohnstoni knew23:16
nigelbI haz fix.23:18
cjohnstonpush it23:18
nigelbcjohnston, mhall119 - https://code.launchpad.net/~nigelbabu/loco-team-portal/fix-stdout/+merge/8203623:19
mhall119nigelb: approved23:59

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