broderdo our mesa packages build llvmpipe? i assume we wouldn't want to use it for the default install, but is it even available?01:17
LLStarkshi, is iwlwifi missing from 3.2 debs? i can't find it outside of the precise.git repo.04:09
LLStarksoops wrong chan04:09
Sarvattbroder: libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental04:46
broderwhat causes it to get used? the absence of any other renderer?04:54
SarvattLIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1 yourapp would let ya try it out if that's what you're trying to accomplish, but yeah if it cant load a dri driver it falls back to that05:05
Sarvatt*note: i haven't actually used it from the package in over a year, you may have to rename it to swrast_dri.so instead of swrastg_dri.so to have it be automatically used unless things changed. can tell with glxinfo, software rasterizer = not using the right one05:13
broderyeah, forcing it was at least part of what i wanted to play with :). i'll experiment, then05:16
tjaaltonwell get it by default soon anyway05:41
tjaaltonwith the next mesa release05:42
broderi assume that unity would still favor unity-2d over the software rendering?05:42
tjaaltonprobably doesn't atm05:43
tjaaltoni tried this last summer05:44
tjaaltondidn't perform that well even on a core2duo, but apparently it should be better in master05:44
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