pooltable_rod2k please list a program00:00
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apwbdjpyosefu, I honestly have no idea, it has given me days of headache, then I decided reinstall will take me less time.00:01
crassanyone know why trying to install wine from x86_64 ubuntu prompts to remove a bunch of packages?00:01
bekkscrass: Which packages? Please show us a nopaste.00:01
apwbdjpyosefu, backup your home folder entirely, use aptoncd to backup the big packages, and do it. That is if you find no better solution.00:01
yosefuapwbdjp, thanks for the attention!00:02
apwbdjp_Rod2k, actually no, but I've given the same tutorial to a friend of mine and it worked for him00:02
leois there any way to install all multimedia codecs available? Im using ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS00:02
yosefua headache it is00:02
gliorosGuys, I am thinking to stop pay for hosting and start my own server. In doing so, if i establish a server from home running ubuntu do i need a fast connection? because most of the ISPs here in London have not good upload speed...00:03
apwbdjpyosefu, anytime.00:03
apwbdjpglioros, what are you hosting?00:03
glioros158 websites00:03
Pumpkin-does anyone ever look at any of them ?00:04
SIFTUglioros: do not do that from your house00:04
gliorosSIFTU why?00:04
JosesordoIt possible to change GRUB background image in ubuntu 11.10?00:04
SIFTUglioros: well I guess if you have UPS and a top notch security system you could.. but why?00:05
apwbdjpglioros, do you know how much trafic you have, through your websites?00:05
gliorospaying for a dedicated server to another company is quite expensive00:05
SIFTUglioros: also if anyone uses the sites you probably wont have enough bandwidth.. how much are you using now?00:05
_jayHey all, there is a little app that you can run from the terminal  that displays what key or input is executed, anyone know what it is?00:05
gliorosapproximately 1million users per month00:06
TausenFYI - disabling ACPI didnt fix the "network causes kworker to use 100% CPU" issue00:06
apwbdjpglioros, yeah, but they also save you the pain of buying optical fiber, UPS, a machine with enough horsepower and RAID, and stuffs.00:06
SIFTUglioros: oh is that all.. then you are fine.. go for it00:06
Jordan_U_jay: There is "xev" for simple things in a GUI environment and "showkey" for low level (needs to be run in a non-X tty).00:06
_jaythat's it Jordan_U thanks00:07
Jordan_U_jay: You're welcome.00:07
gliorosguys it gonna be cheaper i think.. I pay 1000 dollars a month for that server00:07
gliorosthats why i am thinking to switch everything home00:07
gliorosand at home i am gonna have the server next to me...00:08
apwbdjpOr switch to a cheaper host00:08
glioroshow do i know what they are doing with the server i am paying at the moment in another country ?00:08
apwbdjpYou don't need a 1000 dollars server for 1 million visits a month00:08
Pumpkin-my troll detector is going off00:08
SIFTUPumpkin-: lol00:09
gliorosapwbdjp:  I provide to companies a service such as dropbox00:09
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apwbdjpHum.. then yeah, you could go for it, but to answer your original question, you WILL need a good upload speed.00:09
LoganKraneThanks to all of you guys that helped me out! It took a little maneuvering, but I got it installed. Just have to figure out how to use it and get my wireless to work.00:09
SIFTUglioros: just do it!!00:09
gliorosthats my concern... guys.. what it gonna happen with the upload speed...00:10
airtonix_i'm looking to remove window decorations from the window switcher in compiz on 11.04, (i just need to know the window matching rule that would apply to the alt+tab window switcher)00:10
crassbekks: its hard to paste that in from aptitude, but for instance it wants to remove libc6 and replace it with libc-bin (which seems to be causing a cascade effect)00:10
gliorosi checked virgin media internet connections here in london and the upload them is not good00:10
gliorosare there different isps?00:10
gliorosi cant find something///00:10
crasshmm, but I already have libc-bin installed00:11
Guest54027dedicated to all the many many love myself more thank you : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdxgUhSWImc00:12
klemaxHello, How to print cpu usage in 1 minute intervals per user?00:13
_Rod2kapwbbdjp By "0. Make sure you have an appropriate data plan with your phone contract " do they mean that I must have an internet-based-service with the operator?00:14
gliorosanybody can suggest me a good ISP for my server in United Kingdom ?00:14
aetas-dkSo I have installed Ubuntu server, jay…its connected to the tv and I have a black screen - any clue to what to do next? I would like to be able to see what I write =)00:14
gliorosapw: do you think this is good http://shop.virginmedia.com/broadband/up-to-100mb.html ??00:14
klemaxglioros: uk200:15
apwbdjp_Rod2k, I guess it just means your phone can connect to the internet.00:15
klemaxglioros: maybe rapidswitch too00:16
LoganKraneQuestion, do I need certain drivers for certain things on my computer with Ubuntu? My wireless card does not seem to be working.00:16
pac1LoganKrane, what does the system log say about it?00:17
gliorosklemax: these are web hosting companies... I need a good ISP so to establish a server at my home.//00:17
LoganKraneWhere do I find that in Ubuntu?00:17
klemaxglioros: ah sorry00:17
pac1or dmesg|less00:17
pac1to page through it00:18
LoganKraneWhere do I type that in?00:18
aetas-dkSo I have installed Ubuntu server, jay! its connected to the tv and I have a black screen - any clue to what to do next? I would like to be able to see what I write.00:18
pac1start a terminal00:18
_Rod2kI'm gonna make my dinner. A huge thank you to apwbdjp for the tip =)00:18
apwbdjpglioros, they give no info about upload speed, guess you might have to make some calls, or move to the agencies, to ask.00:19
LoganKraneI'm so new to Ubuntu, it's crazy, sorry but I don't know what you're talking about.00:19
gliorosOkay guys thanks for the info00:19
pac1press alt and f2 then type term00:19
pac1press return and the terminal application will start.00:20
LoganKraneOkay got that.00:20
pac1terminal is the command prompt in linux00:20
LoganKraneAh I see. Mkay, it says something about the firmware file not found.00:21
pac1so welcome to the wonderful world of doing your own technical support.00:21
LoganKraneLol so I just need to find the firmware for it.00:22
pac1and know what to do with it in linux.00:22
gliorosok just found out the upload speed is 1.361Mbps00:22
gliorosdo you think is enough?00:22
hammommahquestion. i have whole heap of media in mounted @ /media/media/...  i have chowned all perm to me owner and mythtv group but for some reason i cant see half the folders. when i ls in terminal the ones i can see are highlghted green and other which i cant see are purple?00:22
pac1If linux is telling you the firmware is the problem, that's a good sign.00:22
LoganKraneIIt actually gave me a website to go to as well.00:23
psusidoes anyone know if it is possible to either add another unity bar, or move the existing one to somewhere OTHER than the left side of the screen?00:23
pac1LoganKrane, I'd google linux makerofwirelesscard model00:23
pac1If its common, someone else has been down that road.00:23
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leois it ok to install the plugins-bad?00:24
pac1glioros, enough for what?00:24
LoganKranepacl, Thanks for the help. :P00:24
moonunitzappais their a limt on the size of a file i can copy/paste to a external USB HDD?00:24
Guest15209I can't get xfburn to see a blank disk in my dvd drive any help?00:24
leois it ok to install the plugins-bad?00:24
moonunitzappaim trying to move a 5 gig file and it keeps saying its to large00:24
moonunitzappaanyone have any ideas?00:25
pac1leo, we can't advise you on that but if you keep repeating a question you'll get the boot.00:25
apwbdjpmoonunitzappa, what's the filesystem used on the hdd?00:25
psusimoonunitzappa, it is probably formatted with fat32, which can only handle files up to 4gb in size00:25
leowhy cant you guys advise me on that?00:25
moonunitzappafat32 i think00:25
pac1someone might.00:25
moonunitzappawhat filesystem can i use to move something from  my ubuntu desktop to my windows dual boot?00:26
apwbdjpmoonunitzappa, NTFS, I believe.00:26
Bartzywith gnome-terminal, opening new terminals (tabs) is a bit slow. Takes 1-2 seconds. Any idea?00:26
leocan anyone help? is it safe to install plugins-bad package?00:26
pac1My solution was to install windows in virtualbox and use that.00:26
hammommahanyone here know how to change other permissions with chown?00:26
apwbdjpmoonunitzappa, if you can't reformat your drive right now, you can bypass that issue by spliting your file in two.00:26
psusimoonunitzappa, windows only understands fat and ntfs00:26
stevejb@hammomah you may way chmod00:27
stevejbchown is ownership00:27
stevejbchmod is permissions00:27
Felix72moonunitzappa: i used ntfs for that. might not be really recommended but worked for me over the past years without any problems00:27
DriiperHello! I'00:28
moonunitzappathe file is an ISO apwbdjp00:28
stevejbdoes anyone have a momennt to help figure out an getting HDMI video out to work on a laptop with ATI graphics00:28
moonunitzappaok ty00:28
DriiperI'm trying to set up PPTP on my server (11.10) but i cant seem to get Default gateway on the client. do anyone have any idea what the problem may be?00:28
hammommahanyone here?00:28
hammommahlag soz00:28
stevejbhammomah I think you want chmod00:29
apwbdjpmoonunitzappa, you can still zip-split it, I think. It's far away from being the best solution, only do that if reformating is not a solution at the moment.00:29
LoganKranepacl, is there a way to find out the manufacturer and product through Ubuntu?00:29
moonunitzappai have a USB thumb drive that i could use. but when itry to format says its inuse00:29
pac1sometimes you can see it in the log00:29
pac1there's a second log00:29
moonunitzappaor device is busy00:29
pac1ls /var/log/sys*00:29
LoganKraneinclude the asterisk?00:30
Driiper I'm trying to set up PPTP on my server (11.10) but i cant seem to get Default gateway on the client. do anyone have any idea what the problem may be?00:30
apwbdjpmoonunitzappa, you have to unmount it first. sudo umount /media/[mydrive]00:30
pac1use the command: less /var/log/syslog00:30
Dan_EI can't get any burning program to see blank disks in my drives ubuntu 11.10 they do see the drives. Help Please.00:31
pac1moonunitzappa, its mounted.00:31
pac1unmount it00:31
apwbdjpmoonunitzappa, or just use the disk utility (system -> administration -> disk utility, if I'm right) to both unmount, and format.00:31
hammommahdrwxrwxr-x this is permissions for folder i cant see?00:31
pac1apwbdjp great answer.00:31
hammommahstevejb, dont those perm say i should have full access?00:33
apwbdjppac1, thanks ^^00:33
gantryHow do I change the window behavoir in gnome-shell so that it doesn't to have a mouse focus, but not raise the window?00:36
stevejbif you want a file to have fully open permissions00:37
stevejbyou can say chmod 777 somefile00:37
tibo_hi, how can I disable the automatic window maximize when switching workspace ? (11.10) thx00:37
stevejbthen it is readable, writible, and executable by everyone00:38
hammommahlovely do i use -Rv to apply to all folders and files within media drive?00:39
stevejbI think that that would work00:39
hammommahand do i need 0777 like when setting up samba?00:39
Josesordohow is the command to test the 3D rendering ?00:39
tibo_<Josesordo> glxinfo ?00:40
Josesordotibo_, mm.. I guest..let me see00:40
hammommahstevejb, thanks for the help chief.... found tutorial on chmod time for some quick learning :)00:40
stevejbI haven't messed with samba in a while00:40
Josesordotibo_, no, is another.. glx something.. appear a window with a cube..and tell you the frame/second.. of your graphic card00:40
stevejbgood luck00:41
stevejbanyone able to help with an ATI hdmi video problem?00:41
TechnicusHello . . . I have installed Uubuntu 11.04 and was displeased with the Unity desktop, so I tried installing KDE, and ended up installing the whole Kubuntu Desktop, I am fine with that, it is kust that when I boot in verbose mode I do not want the screen to flash blue . . . how can I configure the boot so that does not happen?00:41
Josesordotibo_, yeah =) .. 60 FPS .. is bad =/00:41
tibo_<Josesordo>  depends... which platform ?00:42
lilrubyprogHey, can anybody help me integrate my thunderbird (calender, mail, etc) with gnome 3?00:42
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Josesordotibo_, Ubuntu 11.1000:43
Dan_EI can't get any burning program to see blank disks in my drives ubuntu 11.10 they do see the drives. Help Please.00:43
Josesordotibo_, I just did a fresh install .. I guess this version is using the native driver for my ATI00:43
gantryHow do I change the window behavoir in gnome-shell so that it doesn't to have a mouse focus, but not raise the window?00:43
tibo_<Josesordo> if it's a desktop, yeah, that's slow... for a recent machine, it should be 1000. for embedded platform, 60fps is not bad00:44
apwbdjpDan_E, the blank disks are supposed to show on Nautilus (the file explorer) first, with the drives, does it not?00:44
Dan_EI will look00:44
Josesordotibo_, well is a laptop .. old ASUS hehe00:45
gantryThe dialog boxes emerging from the title bar, is that a feature that Ubuntu added or is that a GNOME3-shell thing?00:46
tibo_g<Josesordo> try that: glxinfo | grep rendering00:46
gantryhello <tap><tap> is this thing on?00:47
tibo_if it's disabled, that'd explain why it's slow. you'll have to install the latest drivers00:47
escottgantry, do you mean focus follows mouse?00:47
gantrymy focus already follows the mouse00:48
gantryI just want it to not raise the window when it gets the focus00:48
dr_willisits a unity ubuntu. 10 thing00:48
gantrydr_willis, how do I turn this off?00:48
Josesordotibo_, well said: direct rendering --> YES00:49
gantrydr_willis, I don't even know what it is called00:49
dr_williswhixh thing.. you are asking about 2 differebt things00:49
tibo_<Josesordo> ok... maybe that's all your card can provide :/00:49
dr_willisthe auto raise of focus. not seen a settig to disable that. may not be setable at this time.00:50
escottgantry, i was under the impression that focus follows mouse was completely disabled in gnome3. so i dont know how you can have it at all.00:50
tibo_<Josesordo> if it's an integrated GPU, they are supposed to be slow, especially on an old laptop...00:50
gantrytwo things: first, I want to config my wm so that the focused window is not raised; second I want to have normal dialog boxes, not ones that drop down from the title bar....I would appreciate any config help the community can offer me00:51
dr_willisthe dialogs slideing down from  the titlebars is a new feature of 11.10 and most likely is a compiz plugin00:51
escottgantry, http://blog.bodhizazen.net/linux/gnome-3-focus-follows-mouse/00:51
escottgantry, although that doesn't make any sense as gnome3 doesn't use mutter00:51
Josesordotibo_, mm.. well is dedicated.. 512MB of VRAM .. but in old times this card give more FPS ..00:51
dr_willisi like the dialogs pinned into the windows. they worked hard to make it work well.00:51
gantryescott, if you use the gnome-tweak tool you can have mouse focus00:52
antnash_Has anyone here set up tvheadend before?00:52
dr_willismutter as far as i know is not usecd any more. its all compiz00:52
bjrohanI could use some serious help. If I had hair I would tear it out by now. I have a couple of problems that I can not seem to resolve after trying multiple ways to fix (I am new to Linux however so I am only implmenting what others have said) Can anyone help?00:52
escottdr_willis, mutter is the gnome3 wm00:52
dr_willisa search of askubuntu.com may show some answerw            gantry00:53
apwbdjpbjrohan, we might. Go on, please.00:53
dr_willisescott:  i did not see any mutter binary on my 11.10 system when i looked for it yesterday, while usig gnime shell00:53
escottgantry, dr_willis sorry if my previous was confusing meant to say gnome3 doesnt use metacity (it uses mutter) and the blog i found was suggestion changing metacity stuff00:53
escottdr_willis, its not a binary its a library00:54
Johnnychimpoanyone know how to make my ubuntu partition dual boot bigger so i dont get the out of space issue00:54
gantrydr_willis I appreciate you telling me to "go google it" after I have been doing so for the last couple days00:54
dr_willissomthing seems... odd about that escott  ;)00:54
bodomHI there. I have a problem with the system console: it is too long and scrolls out of the monitor. Any ideas on how to solve it?00:54
escottdr_willis, ldd `which gnome-shell` | grep mutter00:54
CharminTheMooseI'm running fbpanel with aewm and fbpanel refuses to hide/unhide windows when clicking them from the taskbar, but right-clicking and selecting iconify/raise works. What's up with this behaviour?00:54
dr_willisgantry:  have you specifically gone to askubuntu.com ?00:54
bjrohanFirst My network is SLOW. speedtest.net shows .5MBps. If I do a network stop, (which causes all my icons to change colors) and o a restart, then reboot to get my icons back to normal I can then get 7 MBps download00:54
apwbdjpJohnnychimpo, gparted will do fine, for resizing partitions, I believe00:55
gantryI'm in ask#ubuntu now00:55
gantryI can't imagine that google would not index askubuntu.com00:55
JosesordoIn ubuntu 11.10, I should install driver from ATI for my graphic card? or use the native one?00:55
bjrohanAbout an hour later, slow internet again.  When I get slow internet ALL of my audio is also garbled, be it playing a CD, testing the speakers etc. When I restart network, audio is fine as well, then gradually degrades00:55
dr_willisgantry:  so you havent tried the site...00:55
robin0800psusi, you can move it to the bottom using a hack00:56
gantryI'm looking there now00:56
gantryso far no luck00:56
Dan_EThey don't show up in flie system either.00:56
Johnnychimpofailed to download package files00:56
Dan_Esorry file system00:56
apwbdjpDan_E, do non-blank CDs work fine?00:57
atari2600ais there a way to disable onboard from the lock screen?00:57
gantryI haven't found anything in the FAQ00:57
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atari2600aI ran it from shell once to see what it was & now it's there every time I lock00:57
apwbdjpJohnnychimpo, what did you type?00:57
Dan_Ethey did but i will check00:57
gantryOK, so out of 1567 users, the best answer I have is "go google it"00:57
Johnnychimpoi just clicked on gparted in the app installer and thats what it said00:58
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apwbdjpHum.. try it from cli: sudo apt-get install gparted00:58
Dan_Eyes they do.00:58
JohnnychimpoE: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.00:59
dr_willisgantry:  i belive the answer is 'its not setable that way at this time' but have no proof of that00:59
apwbdjpJohnnychimpo, do so00:59
dr_willisgantry:  ive seen this question asked befor in here and never seen a way to do it mentioned00:59
apwbdjpbjrohan, what's the machine with the problem? Laptop? old?01:00
dr_willisgantry:  it might be doable with a combo of compiz settings01:00
bjrohanlaptop, it has a broadcom 4400 wireless modem01:00
JohnnychimpoE: Unable to synchronize mmap - msync (28: No space left on device)01:00
JohnnychimpoE: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.01:00
bjrohanDell inspiron 640001:00
gantryI no longer use Unity01:01
gantryUnity is worse than gnome-shell01:01
greentechhi has anyone tried running ebox and ispconfig on the same ubuntu server?01:01
apwbdjpJohnnychimpo, ironic ^^ Because you have no space, you'll have troubles installing it01:01
greentechI'm having problems with ebox and ssl01:01
bjrohanapwbdjp Dell Inspiron 6400 with Broadcom 4400 wireless modem. I did see that 4300 Broadcom had issues01:01
Johnnychimpoi have a 1tb hard drive01:01
apwbdjpJohnnychimpo, anyway, use the Ubuntu Live CD (if you have it), or a Knoppix Live CD01:01
Johnnychimpoits got plenty of space01:01
apwbdjpJohnnychimpo, not in the root partition, apparently01:02
Johnnychimpoim on a dual boot w7 bx01:02
greentechI tried running it using port 442 instead of 443 as it said 443 was already in use01:02
LoganKraneAnother question, why won't Ubuntu run .exe files such as driver installers?01:02
atari2600ayou guys are all terrible01:02
lara_94helo, i installed openssh-server on a server today and once i logged out i was unable to login again using ssh.. what can be the reason?!01:02
Johnnychimpohmm any other way to fix it?01:03
apwbdjpJohnnychimpo, use the Ubuntu Live CD, you'll find gparted already on it, use it to give more of the space to the Ubuntu partition01:03
Johnnychimpoi have the ubuntu studio01:03
Johnnychimpowill that have it01:03
apwbdjpJohnnychimpo, no, you can't resize the Ubuntu partition from withing Ubuntu01:03
dFencehi guys - you probably get this a lot, but google couldn't get me a proper solution: I'm using 11.10 and when trying to compile a menuconfig-target I get "[...]/lxdialog/checklist.c:62: undefined reference to `wmove'" – I already tried reinstalling libncurses-dev and libncursesw-dev, but so far no cookie. Linking / Copying /usr/lib/libncurses[w].so to libncurses[w].so.5 didn't work either – any hints?01:03
rhizmoeubuntu - gdm = ? debian?01:04
Johnnychimpocan i do it from windows 7 how i made it dual boot?01:04
Dan_Eapwbdjp, yes they are there.01:04
nesoianyone have any tips on how to keep my dell xps m-1330 touchpad from freezing all the time with 11.10?01:05
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Johnnychimpois live just the iso burned to dvd?01:05
stevejbnesoi could it be a temperature issue?01:05
apwbdjpJohnnychimpo, yep yep01:05
nesoistevejb: I don't think so, because rebooting with no cooldown fixes it at least temporarily01:05
apwbdjpJohnnychimpo, but from Windows I don't think you can resize an EXT4 partition.01:05
crasswhere is the default architecture that apt-get looks for set?01:06
KillaBytetrying to install ubuntu  on a alienware m17x but when i try to install 10.10 or 11.04 i have what looks like video issues?01:06
nesoiit seems to be a known issue, but the bug happens a bit differently from the description here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-input-synaptics/+bug/86840001:06
Johnnychimpoevery other time i connect a usb hard drive i get error creating moint point: no space left on device01:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 868400 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics (Ubuntu Oneiric) "Synaptics touchpad stops working" [High,Confirmed]01:06
robin0800moonunitzappa, fat 32 is limited to 4 gb01:06
nesoiin this one, the touchpad goes wild, but in my case it just freezes01:07
apwbdjpDan_E, this is weird.. tried different blank cds?01:07
eronSo is this the second stop when looking for answers after I read through the support pages?01:07
nesoiwondering if there's an alternate driver which might work01:07
nesoior something01:07
Dan_Eyes i tried 8 different dvd's01:07
KillaByteIs anyone using a alienware to run ubuntu?01:07
dr_williseron:  i tend to hit askubuntu.com first. then googlr, then here.01:07
Johnnychimposo what do i do when im in the live cd on boot up?01:07
Dan_Eall blank and all programs say no disk in drive01:08
Johnnychimpoi dont want to wipe my w7 installation01:08
eronare the red names admins here?01:08
eronI havnt use IRC in ages01:08
dr_williseron:  would depend on the irc client01:08
dr_willisi see no red names at all01:08
Dan_Ethese are rewriteable01:09
theborgeranyone suggest a good media center remote that works out of the box and is about 40 to 50 bucks with the receiver?01:09
eronyou were poping up as red in Xchat dr01:09
apwbdjpDan_E, did you try with simple CDR disks?01:09
Dan_Ei will now01:09
dr_willistheborger:  the mythtv channel guys would know more about those then here.01:09
nesoino ideas?01:09
jim__hey can is this ubuntu support01:09
dr_williseron:  most likely its because i said your nick01:10
pdklis there an honest unbiased review of unity vs gnome shell?01:10
eronso are you an admin here?01:10
eronor just helpful?01:10
dr_willispdkl:  both are works in progress.. and improveing all the time.. ;)01:10
dr_williseron:  im not an op.01:11
dr_willispdkl:  best advice play with them both, learn how to tweak them both how you want01:11
KillaByteanyone have an alienware m17X running ubuntu?01:12
dr_willisKillaByte:  most of ther time any issues would depend on the chipset of the pc, not the brand.01:14
lystraAnyone here with knowledge about LACP?01:14
Josesordomm.. guys, where I can see the icons (guake, compiz, etc) in Unity with ubuntu 11.10?.. in bottom I can only see the time, my name, message, volume01:14
dr_willisKillaByte:  so state the actual problem and see who czn help.01:14
reoWould anyone consider openbox more configurable vs XFCE in terms of themes?01:14
Dan_Eregular CDR's blanks show up, blank DVD's don't.01:14
dr_willisxfce uses xfwm i think reo .   both are minimal window managers01:15
dr_willisopenboc i think hax more built in features01:15
KillaBytei think its video issues01:15
KillaBytesays my hardware dont support unity??01:16
flopexDan_E: have you installed the restricted extras?01:16
dr_willisKillaByte:  installed the proper 3d drivers yet?01:16
KillaBytethats the problem i cant get to the login screen01:17
dr_willis!info ubuntu-restricted-extras01:17
KillaBytejust a black screen01:17
ubottuubuntu-restricted-extras (source: ubuntu-restricted-extras): Commonly used restricted packages for Ubuntu. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 56 (oneiric), package size 2 kB, installed size 36 kB01:17
flopexDan_E: no, it's an ubuntu package01:17
dr_willis!nomodeset | KillaByte01:17
ubottuKillaByte: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter01:17
Dan_Eno i didn't01:17
apwbdjpKillaByte, boot into graphic failsafe?01:17
flopexDan_E: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras01:17
eronsystem>admin>hardware drivers....this will auto search for all missing drivers after a new install?01:18
dr_williseron:  yep01:18
KillaByteok i press shift to get to the screen then edit01:18
dr_willisthe nomodeset url shows how.01:19
apwbdjpKillaByte, You would edit, or just boot into recovery mode -> graphic failsafe01:19
dr_willisbut thats right.. ;)01:19
apwbdjpdr_willis, wouldn't that work too?01:19
KillaBytethank you very much01:19
dr_willisi always edit the grub menu.01:20
eronand can i use the software center to install that codex package or should I learn command line from the get go   re: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras01:20
* dr_willis has grub-fu skill of over 900001:20
apwbdjpWHAT?! Over 9000!01:21
apwbdjperon, never checked if restricted-extras shows in the software center, you could do a search.01:22
dr_williseron:  yes to both.01:22
flopexeron: you could use either.01:22
dr_williseron:  cli is faster and easier to show how on irc ;)01:22
eroncli comand line interface?01:22
dr_willistheres a check box during istall that installs a lot of this by default.01:23
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal or type in it: man intro01:23
|Anthony|why doesn't that suggest ctrl+alt+t01:23
dr_willisthats new for 11.1001:24
apwbdjpWhat is?01:24
|Anthony|the !cli response?01:24
dr_willisctrl alt t i think was added in 11.10. i never use that combo01:24
apwbdjpI've been using it since 10.0401:25
apwbdjpOn GNOME, and lxde01:25
dr_willisi alwsys got a shell open since  1980+01:25
nimbioticsusing nautilus in ubuntu 11.10, im trying to search for a file that resides in a folder whose name begins with dot ('."), but neither nautilus nor the "search for files" accesory sem to be able to do search in such folders. Is ther a way around this?01:25
flopexnimbiotics: a folder starting with a period means that it is hidden, press ctrl+h01:26
nimbioticsflopex: I've got "Show hidden and backup files" ON by default01:27
Dan_Edo I need to reboot after installing restricted-extras?01:28
apwbdjpnimbiotics, do you know the full filename?01:28
flopexDan_E: I'm not sure.01:28
nimbioticsapwbdjp: yes, but full name does not work either01:28
bastidrazorDan_E: no01:29
apwbdjpThen you could use terminal command01:29
bastidrazorDan_E: all you need to do is restart any applications you're using.. banshee for mp3's or chrome/firefox for flash01:29
nimbioticsapwbdjp: ??01:29
flopexnimbiotics: Try using the terminal to cd into the directory you want.01:29
apwbdjpls -aR .*/youfilename01:29
apwbdjpnimbiotics, that will give you the path to the file, wherever it is, as long as it's in a hidden directory01:30
eronctr-c will not copy from the commandl line?01:30
Dan_Estill does not see my blank dvd's in file system01:30
apwbdjperon, no, use ctrl+shift+c01:30
nimbioticsflopex, apwbdjp: The problem is that, this time I know the full name and location of this file, but that is not always the case01:31
r4yI want to know, can I make an iso out of my current install of Ubuntu?01:31
apwbdjpnimbiotics, if you're not sure it's in a hidden folder, just delete the .*/01:31
apwbdjpr4y, you mean a bootable CD, or a backup?01:31
eronif i did sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras and the last few lines that poped up  were 1 upgraded, 50 newly installed, 2 to remove and 184 not upgraded.01:31
eronE: Could not get lock /var/cache/apt/archives/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)01:31
eronE: Unable to lock the download directory01:31
nimbioticsflopex, apwbdjp: Let me restate the question: How do I make a search for a file that might be in a hidden folder?01:31
r4ybootable cd I can install from01:31
apwbdjperon, close the software center, and synaptic, and any other apt instance01:32
r4yNot for any mp3s and so on01:32
apwbdjpnimbiotics, ls -aR yourfilename01:32
Jordan_UDan_E: Non-blank DVDs are visible though? (blank CDs/DVDs should never show up in "Filesystem")01:32
hammommahhow do i add umask option to chmod -Rv a=wrx /media/media so all new files created have permissions as shown applied?01:32
apwbdjpnimbiotics, this will look recursively for the file, even if it's in a hidden folder.01:32
scottjhow do I change what the system background (not the same as gnome selected bg, it's the one cairo-compmgr uses and I think gdm)01:32
r4yI have a blank drive I am thinking of doing this from01:32
=== cantonic_ is now known as cantonic
Dan_Eok will try burning again01:33
eronthat would include the system>admin>hardware drivers windows?01:33
Jordan_Unimbiotics: "locate search_pattern_here".01:33
nimbioticsapwbdjp: but do i need to have the full name of the file? can I use placeholders?01:33
nesoiAsking again: anyone have any tips on how to keep my dell xps m-1330 touchpad from freezing all the time with 11.10?01:33
apwbdjpnimbiotics, yes, ls can take * and ?01:33
nimbioticsapwbdjp: THX!01:33
r4yI am going to install 10.04 first then install what I want and hopefully I can make a cd out of that01:33
Jordan_Unimbiotics: I don't think can ls is what you want for searching for files unless you're working with shallow directory trees with few files in them.01:34
apwbdjpr4y, the method I would use would be to install what you want, then save the packages (not the entire install) with APTonCD01:34
r4yI wish this computer had a DVD writer and reader01:34
r4yI will check that out ty01:34
nimbioticsJordan_U: I01:35
slikeHi. I bougtht my laptop 3months ago but I haave a little problem. In fact it's noisy and I do not use it for video editing01:35
apwbdjpr4y, APTonCD outputs an ISO that you can move somewhere else, burn, or just keep like that.01:35
flopexnimbiotics: ls -al01:35
nimbioticsJordan_U: I'll never know01:35
Jimmyk_Is this a good place to ask about pptp VPN server setup?01:35
r4yCool, ty for the help01:35
slikeIt's also noisy when I'm on the internet, open firefox with word01:35
Dan_Enope xfburn says drive is empty01:36
Jordan_Unimbiotics: What do you mean?01:36
nimbioticsapwbdjp, Jordan_U: ls -aR *peaceful* returns error "ls: cannot access peaceful*: No such file or directory"01:36
Dan_Eand there is a blank dvd in it01:36
Kalidarnis security.ubuntu.com down?01:36
KalidarnUnable to connect to security.ubuntu.com:http: [IP: 80] that concerns me :P01:36
Jordan_Unimbiotics: Try just "locate peaceful".01:36
apwbdjpJordan_U was right.01:37
flopexKalidarn: it works for me.01:37
apwbdjpI got stupid on this one. find -iname, and locate are a lot better.01:37
JZApplesPrior to my 11.10 upgrade I uninstalled Evolution Mail via the software center and installed Thunderbird but there appears to be a lot of Evolution left on my system.  What is the best way to clean all this up?  Search "Evolution" in the synaptic package manager and remove everything that way??????01:37
nimbioticsJordan_U: I get not response at all01:37
bonhofferanyone know how i can make an icon show up when i hit alt-tab (i get a ? now for an app)01:37
Kalidarnflopex: try to update now01:38
Kalidarnit may have worked in the past01:38
Jordan_Unimbiotics: If it's a recently added file try "sudo updatedb" (will take a while to run and should give no output), then "locate peaceful" again.01:38
Kalidarnflopex: cannot even ping it01:38
Jimmyk_Spinkzeit: Finish your work01:39
apwbdjpnimbiotics, try find -iname *peaceful*01:39
nimbioticsJordan_U: THX, will do01:39
szalJZApples: as integrated as I hear that Evolution is into Gnome, I suspect it highly likely that you cannot remove it all w/o uninstalling Gnome01:39
flopexKalidarn: it's working perfectly!01:39
Dan_Ehow do you get to a terminal in 11.1001:39
webPragmatistany of oyu use rdiff-backup?01:39
Johnnychimpook i shrunk my w7 partition to 500 leaving 500 for ubuntu01:39
flopexDan_E: ctrl+alt+t01:39
nimbioticsapwbdjp: same thing; no feedback at all01:39
apwbdjpDan_E, just Ctrl+Alt+T01:39
webPragmatisti'm trying to figure out how to make a dang include list that says "exclude all but /var /etc and /home"01:39
JZApplesszal, that's silly01:40
webPragmatistI tried - ** /var /etc /home but no luck01:40
capetahow can i install pcre package?01:40
apwbdjpnimbiotics, did locate work?01:40
Johnnychimpohow can i check how much room i have on my ubuntu install01:40
nimbioticsapwbdjp: cant tell as i get no feedback01:41
capetai have libpcre3 package installed but when i try to compile nginx, it says that i didn't have pcre01:41
flopexnimbiotics: did you try ls -al01:41
apwbdjpnimbiotics, peaceful exists, somewhere in the filetree?01:41
o0splitpaw0owebPragmatist: http://wiki.rdiff-backup.org/wiki/index.php/GraphicalUserInterfaces01:41
Jordan_Uapwbdjp: nimbiotics is still probably waiting for "sudo updatedb" to finish.01:41
szalcapeta: did you also install the respective -dev package?01:41
Jordan_Uflopex: nimbiotics doesn't even know what directory the file is in as far as I can tell.01:42
Jordan_Uflopex: So ls is rather useless.01:42
flopexJordan_U: yes, that is what I though as well.01:42
Dan_Ehmm still not working01:42
Kalidarnflopex: must be an singtel routing failure because it stops there when trying to traceroute01:42
dr_willisJohnnychimpo:  df -h    is common01:42
=== Jimmyk_ is now known as jimmy_kash
capetaszal: no, ty :)01:43
bonhofferanyone know what i should search to see what that icon (Alt+tab) icon is called?01:43
Johnnychimpook, gparted says i still have 432 unallocated01:43
nimbioticsJordan_U:  I was testing with a known file, but the fact is I need to find a file that might be in a hidden folder so, no; I dont know the location of the file; I only know the name contains "Peaceful"01:43
flopexKalidarn: traceroute works fine.01:43
r4yJZApples, I remember once I unstalled evolution because I didn't want it and some other thing like it and my install of Ubuntu got messed up. Instead now I open alacarte known also as the main menu and take evolution off of applications, Internet then I do sudo apt-get remove indicator-messages then I do killall gnome-panel01:43
Kalidarnyes from australia though01:43
Steakdoes anyone here know how I can install Flash for ubuntu 11.10?  I have a 64-bit machine, but I'm rather indifferent to the 32-bit flash client vs. the 64-bit native01:43
flopexnimbiotics: ls -al |grep Peaceful01:44
RudyValenciaWhat is the "lecture" sudo refers to when I first run a privileged command?01:44
Kalidarnobviously it's going to take a different path from where i am in australia rather than from wherever you are flopex01:44
bodomanybody knows how to resize the system console?01:44
webPragmatistanyone else know rdiff-backup?01:44
dr_willisSteak:  i just use the installer in the repos01:44
Johnnychimpois this good01:44
Johnnychimpo/dev/sda2             489G  296G  193G  61% /host01:44
Steakgot a download from Adobe but it only has two folders 'pki' and 'yum.repos.d' and no readme or instructions01:44
Jordan_USteak: What are you trying to install?01:45
szalSteak: use the FlashAid plugin for Firefox & have it install the "development version" (don't remember the exact wording), that'll pull in 64bit Flash01:45
nimbioticsJordan_U: find did work for thye test file, but the one I', looking for is not show. I know is there cause I've got an application opening it, but I cannot sdee the location from this application01:45
dr_willisSteak:  dont use the download like that  use the repos/package manager01:45
SteakJordan_U: just the flash player, eg for youtube01:45
szaldr_willis: what is the exact package name for 64bit Flash then?01:45
Jordan_USteak: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer01:45
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash01:45
dr_willisi just use what the repo tool installs..01:46
irreverantwhat's the command for updating my librariers?01:46
Johnnychimpohow can i allocate the 432 that is not being used for ubuntu01:46
apwbdjpnimbiotics, if so, then it's probably not in the ~ folder, you'll have to cd back to / (just do cd /), and do the find again, it'll take a while01:46
flopexirreverant: sudo apt-get update01:46
Jordan_Unimbiotics: Has "sudo updatedb" completed yet?01:46
szaldr_willis: also I think I already told you that the above page is outdated01:46
irreverantthat's right01:47
dr_willisJohnnychimpo:  check  the partition mamager tool  perhaps.01:47
Jordan_Uirreverant: What do you mean by "librariers"?01:47
Johnnychimpodo i allocate is as linux swap01:47
hammommahin a bash script how do i get info outputted to screen to get written to file?01:47
dr_willisJohnnychimpo:  clarify whats going on.01:47
irreverantthe libraries from cononical01:47
Johnnychimpotrying to make my dual boot disk have more room for ubuntu01:47
irreverantJordan_U to update01:48
apwbdjphammommah, use the > operator. ex: ps -ef > myfile.txt01:48
Johnnychimpotrying to split drive for w7 and half for ubuntu01:48
bodomhammommah: >01:48
Johnnychimpoi have got 432 unallocated from ubuntu live/ gparted01:48
nimbioticsJordan_U: it didnt take long to refresh; this is a rather fresh install01:48
dr_willisJohnnychimpo:  use gparted from a live cd. is a common tool for that task01:48
Johnnychimpook, im confused what to do with gparted when i get in there01:49
apwbdjpnimbiotics, are you trying it from / now?01:49
dr_willisJohnnychimpo:  resize the fs's as needed01:49
Johnnychimpoi shrank my w7 to half01:49
Johnnychimponow i have 432 unallocated01:49
Jordan_Unimbiotics: Try "locate -i peaceful" in case it's something like "Peaceful" (capital 'P').01:49
dr_willisJohnnychimpo:  so grow ubuntu fs next.01:49
Johnnychimpook, where is that at01:49
apwbdjpJohnnychimpo, right click on the ubuntu partition, resize, and grow it01:50
dr_willisJohnnychimpo:  you got ubuntu installed allready?01:50
irreverantI can't update the software sources to download the newest version of Ubuntu01:50
Johnnychimpoi think01:51
flopexirreverant: how have you been updating them?01:51
Johnnychimpohost and win7 are same01:51
Jordan_Unimbiotics: What application has the file open?01:51
hammommahapwbdjp, would this work? http://pastebin.com/G0MAQQKa01:51
irreverantNo, to be honest it's been a while...01:51
irreverantMaybe six monthgs01:51
Johnnychimpocreat as file system ext2 ?01:51
dr_willisJohnnychimpo:  huh? you booted a cd, and installed ubuntu to its own partition?01:51
Steak(I'm on a Live CD for what difference it makes) "sudo apt-get update" says some index files failed to download01:52
irreverantflopex: No, to be honest it's been a while...Maybe six months01:52
Johnnychimpoits along side w701:52
flopexirreverant: go to the software center > click edit > software sources and then update from there01:52
=== Kalidarn is now known as zz_Kalidarn
apwbdjphammommah, the ex: I said was an example ^^, the operator is > thefile, only01:52
SteakW:  Failed to fetch cdrom://Ubuntu [filenames]01:52
Johnnychimpoinstalled of unbunto.com01:52
Johnnychimposide by side01:52
dr_willisJohnnychimpo:  if you mean INSIDE windows via wubi.. you are doing all this wrong01:52
hammommahapwbdjp, ahhhh is see01:52
Johnnychimpodamn it.  i got to start over then01:52
nimbioticsapwbdjp: last command u gave DID return what I expected; but the file I was looking for is not there, guess it has something to do with the application. THANKS A LOT01:53
dr_williswubi installs to a file on the windows drive01:53
irreverantI dont' have that option!01:53
Johnnychimpook, so i should shrink the w7 drive to half. then should i make the other half a primary partition?01:53
=== zz_Kalidarn is now known as Kalidarn
r4yHow do I know what extra packages I have add so I know what to add to the CDs I am going to make APTonCD?, including updates?01:53
apwbdjphammommah, that would be a bit different because I think chmod and chown output to stderr, not stdout01:53
popschwhat does gnome do in the sound panel when I go beyond 100% in the output volume?01:53
r4yI meant added, sorry01:54
Steakjust to be clear, what is the "Software Center"?  Is that something accessed through the Dash Home?01:54
dr_willisJohnnychimpo:  if doing a install.. leave it unallocated and let the installer partion the unallocated pace as it wants01:54
Johnnychimpois there any way to move my install to another disk?01:54
szalr4y: extra packages for what?01:54
dr_willismoving a wubi install is doable.. i hear.. i dont use wubi.01:54
robin0800apwbdjp, they do all flavourers01:55
r4yLike for instance hydrogen, updates, flash and what ever I have added to an install of Ubuntu to put onto CDs using APTonCD01:55
dr_willisSteak:  theres an icon for it in the panel by default.01:55
hammommahapwbdjp, it worked with sudo chmod -Rv a=wrx /media/media > chmod.txt01:55
=== airtonix_ is now known as airtonix
urlin2uJohnnychimpo, here is a link if you want to move the wubi to a partition. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=151935401:56
apwbdjphammommah, Nice ^^01:56
dr_willisSteak:  software center = the main new fancy package manager tool for ubuntu now a days. there are alteratives01:56
apwbdjpJohnnychimpo, you were on Wubi?! My bad I didn't catch that..01:56
Steakthanks dr_willis, I must have missed that somehow01:57
dr_willisSteak:  i rarely use it. i perfer synaptic ;)01:57
Steakhow do I get synaptic?  is it a download?01:57
hammommahfinally a way to have all media accessable by everyone :) if i set system umask to 000 will all files dropped on to media server then be accesable by everyone or do i have to still run bash script everytime?01:58
Steaksays it's not included by default in ubuntu 11.1001:58
leo2007when I run `xdg-open .' to open current dir in file-browser. It is opened but not brought to the front. Any ideas?01:58
dr_willisSteak:  correct..       install it if you want01:58
=== samuel_ is now known as samuel
samuelhello guys01:59
[PanzeR]DzaDzedoes someone here knows something about gtk theming ?01:59
samuelanyone know of a program sort of like bittorrent (peer2peer) that keeps files in sync between computers yet does not require a server computer?01:59
ygorHello Guys..im running Ubuntu 11.10 by a flash drive, and to do that i used the universal-usb-installer.well, it works fine but, how can i change the language from english to something else running a live-cd, or a live-flash-drive?01:59
r4yOK, I am confused APTonCD doesn't have the packages listed like Synaptic Package Manager and Ubuntu Software Center. Instead I have to download them, right?, I don't see why this is any better then putting the files on CD myself.01:59
SteakI'll give it a shot.... I really like downloading a file, having the file, then executing it.... none of this "click here in the Center" hocus pocus02:00
r4yI must be missing how this works. I need to Google this first I guess.02:00
dr_willisSteak:  self installing executalbes like windows usesx have a whole host of other issues..02:01
k3nqt sdk package name?02:02
dr_willisSteak:  and windows is movine towards a package manager/market type setup bit by bit also over time02:02
[PanzeR]DzaDzedoes someone here knows something about gtk theming ?02:02
WeedoutIm 8:07pm 11.11.1102:02
dr_willis[PanzeR]DzaDze:  thats a large topic.02:02
r4yOK, I get it. I just have to remember not to do sudo apt-get autoclean and sudo apt-get clean02:02
apwbdjpr4y, you can autoclean and clean, once you made your iso ^^02:03
antnash_alright guys. What am I doing wrong in this bash script...     if [! -e filename]; then02:03
ygorHello Guys..im running Ubuntu 11.10 by a flash drive, and to do that i used the universal-usb-installer.well, it works fine but, how can i change the language from english to something else running a live-cd, or a live-flash-drive? Let me explain better, i cant log-off to change the language because im using a live-cd, and if i do so, its asks me user name and password, which i dont have.02:03
[PanzeR]DzaDzei need someone who know it,  i need to change right click menu selection color02:03
MagicJI have a planar touch screen running on 11.04 - works VERY well.  How do I change the touch sensitivity02:04
Steak_flash installed just fine with the Software Center... thanks guys02:04
apwbdjpygor, someone today tried logging out with ctrl+alt+delete, could that work with you?02:04
dr_willisSteak_:  theres a check box during install that would have auto installed it i think.02:05
r4yAlright, thank you.02:05
darthindywasup guys02:05
k3nqt sdk package name so I can install it?02:05
=== Steak_ is now known as Steak
MagicJhow do I upgrade to 11.10 and stay with Gnome?02:05
Jordan_Uygor: I would generally recommend a standard install (which will work fine on a flash drive, even on multiple computers) if you have enough space.02:05
k3nis qt already on ubuntu?02:06
escottMagicJ, you don't02:06
Jordan_U!notunity | MagicJ02:06
ubottuMagicJ: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic02:06
interlude2011Regarding firefox: the firefox-bin process does not  shutdown when I exit firefox. Could this be a sign of a trojan?02:06
dr_willisMagicJ:  you mean stay with gnome-2?02:06
mattiekinshey guys... how do I setup smuxi to get to channel #witp?02:06
MagicJescott:  what do you mean02:06
MagicJdr_willis: yes02:06
dr_willisMagicJ:  simple... you dont.02:06
escottMagicJ, if you want gnome2 you don't upgrade, or you pick another distribution02:06
ygorapwbdjp? yeah i tried this but the live-cd asks for this user name and password, someone told me ubuntu and ubuntu, but did not work out.02:06
apwbdjpk3n, try sudo apt-get install qt[tab][tab], you'll get a list.02:06
Steakdr_willis: during the OS install or on opening Firefox?02:07
dr_willisgnome2 is dead time to move on.. ;)02:07
jost__i've got a problem here... i run a package update on my Server via SSH. Usually, the update runs on its own, so I didn't watch it. Now this update prompted me (for a passphrase), but upon noticing this the ssh connection was already broken. The update process is still waiting. My question is: How do I get the system back without causing damage?02:07
dr_willisSteak:  install of the os.02:07
Jordan_Uinterlude2011: No. It's probably just a bug or a firefox window that you aren't noticing is still open.02:07
MagicJyuck - so this is the end of the line for me?02:07
apwbdjpygor, find your username with the whoami command, and change your password with sudo passwd yourusername02:07
jost__is there a way to simply send the process the passphrase?02:07
ygorJordan_U? how? i dont understand whats a standard install.. i mean i just told the software to install ubuntu in this flash drive and no parameters were asked...02:08
cryptodirarunning 10.10 amd/64 toshiba notebook here...... does anyone know if/when the keyboard backlight problem will be fixed???  it never works beyond POST....  :(02:08
dr_willisMagicJ:  gnome2 is dead...  officially.. at least02:08
Steakdr_willis: ok I'm on a Live CD, didn't give many options02:08
Jordan_UMagicJ: As the factoid states, GNOME's "fallback" session is similar to GNOME-2, and in addition XFCE is similar to GNOME2 and the developers have stated that they don't intend to make any major shifts like GNOME has.02:08
MagicJwhat are other distros doing?02:08
dr_willisMagicJ:  using gnime 302:09
mattiekinsanyone here using smuxi?02:09
Jordan_Uygor: I mean to boot from a different CD / USB and run the Ubuntu installer. What you have right now is more accurately described as a "LiveUSB" than an Ubuntu installation and has many drawbacks.02:09
MagicJok - is gnome 3 like gnome 2 - it is this unity thing that I don't like02:09
mattiekinsor is ther a better irc client for linux?02:09
MagicJmattiekins: I use chatzilla02:10
dr_willisMagicJ:  and you have actually tried unity for how long?02:10
interlude2011Thanks Jordan_U. I ran chkrootkit but it didn't come up with anything except a false positive.02:10
mattiekinsdoes it work well on ubuntu?02:10
ygorapwbdjp ok...its done..hope it works..thanks.02:10
apwbdjpmattiekins, for gui I use xchat, when on low power I use irssi.02:10
Jordan_Uinterlude2011: You're welcome.02:10
escottMagicJ, its conceptually similar to unity, but you should try it on a liveusb02:10
MagicJdr_willis: about a month - tere are some things that I like about it - but there is too much I don't02:10
mattiekinsxchat never wants to connect to my server02:10
dr_willisMagicJ:  gnome3 is not like gnome2. the fallback mode is a crutch  also02:10
MagicJdr_willis: is gnome 3 an option for 11.1002:11
mattiekinsdr_willis: yes02:11
ygorJordan_U yeah maybe i could give a try and try to reinstall somehow..thanks02:11
dr_willisits in the repos yes... MagicJ02:11
k3nis there an option on sudo apt-get install that gets dependencies included?02:12
Jordan_Uygor: You're welcome.02:12
apwbdjpk3n, actually, I think it does it without the need to tell it to02:12
flopexk3n: sudo apt-get -f install02:12
Jordan_Uk3n: apt-get always installs any dependencies.02:12
k3nI'm getting a lot of broken packages02:13
k3nI'm on 10.0402:13
flopexk3n: maybe you just need to update02:13
apwbdjpk3n, that's usually because of removing, more than from installing02:13
k3nnope still broken packages02:14
k3nunmet dependencies...02:15
k3nqt doesn't already come on ubuntu?02:15
apwbdjpk3n, gksu synaptic, and see if it proposes anything?02:15
cryptodirarunning 10.10 amd/64 toshiba notebook here...... does anyone know if/when the keyboard backlight problem will be fixed???  it never works beyond POST....  :(02:16
k3napwbdjp, what's that suppose to do?02:16
k3nIt gives blank prompt02:16
apwbdjpk3n, gksu sill prompt you for your password (the way sudo does)02:16
escottcryptodira, you need to check launchpad for your hardware and see if there is a bug report and what the status is02:16
miadbahramihelp me for connect vpn ,pptp in ubunt02:16
admiralshlorkyis there a way to start a process as a background process with a script?02:17
apwbdjpk3n, it'll just open the synaptic package manager, which might say something about the broken depencencies02:17
admiralshlorkythrough the terminal, specifically transmission-cli02:17
k3nit didn't... i'm in the same shell is the one i've been using sudo02:17
pfifoI use a diskless node, i have a USBlive image customized and have aprox 1200mb of disk space available, I would like suggestions on running a vbox machine with windows xp. It it possible?02:17
k3napwbdjp, oh it dude... i'm on dual screen.... couldn't see it02:17
skegeekSomeone in #VirtualMin said it works pretty well with 10.04 and/or earlier releases. Is this true or do some people do custom "hacks" to -make- it work?02:17
KhayyamDoes anyone have any reccomendations for ubuntu 11.10 as far as 64-bit or 32-bit? I noticed 32-bit is reccomended on the download website.02:18
dr_willisKhayyam:  go 64bit of your hardware supports it.02:19
apwbdjpKhayyam, use 32 bits if you have a 32 bits machine, with no more than 3 gigs of ram.02:19
pfifoKhayyam, go 64, it only recommends 32 in case you dont know what your bus size is02:19
eHAPPYIts nearly 2012...why is anyone using 32bit on modern hardware ^_^02:19
pfifoi have 27 32 bit laptops02:19
apwbdjpeHAPPY, on netbooks02:20
dr_willisarm cpus are 32bit at this time i hear. 64bit ones comming soon02:20
dr_willisbut thats not quite the same ;)02:20
apwbdjpeHAPPY, I'm running on a Intel Atom processor (1.6Ghz..) with 1gig of ram02:20
cryptodiraescott, thanks.02:20
jost_how to reconnect to a broken pipe?02:20
admiralshlorkymy home media server has a atom processor02:20
dr_willissome atoms are 64bit i thought02:21
apwbdjpadmiralshlorky, yeah I think it's to keep it fanless, right?02:21
etandelNeed some help: How do I change my DM from lightdm to GDM? Or better, where is the file that has the script that starts ligthtdm on boot?02:21
robin0800Steak, you can do it from the adobi site which will then open the software centre02:21
admiralshlorkyapwbdjp: nah, it's because it's a netbook02:21
dr_willisetandel:  sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm02:21
admiralshlorkywith external storage attached02:21
psusijost_, if it is an anonymous pipe, you don't...02:21
escottetandel, uninstall gdm and install lightdm02:21
pfifodr_willis, Hello, good to see you02:22
apwbdjpadmiralshlorky, oh, I thought. 'cuz I read somewhere that some nettops have atom to be fanless02:22
jost_psusi, this is what happened: I connected via ssh to my server and ran an update with apt-get02:22
dr_willispfifo:  moo! ;)02:22
etandelThx. Its for a friend's pc and i don't use ubuntu, just arch =( .02:22
dr_willissome nettops are fanless..02:23
admiralshlorkyapwbdjp: some do, but this is a linux channel, and linux people have boners for repurposing old hardware02:23
zorobabelokay I'm stupid, how do I resume an operation after pressing ctl + z in terminal02:23
jost_this update prompted me, but by the time i notices the prompt i got a "broken pipe"-Error02:23
admiralshlorkyapwbdjp quite frankly, i can't blame them02:23
dr_williszorobabel:  'bg/fg' commands02:23
jost_now the apache is down and nothing works anymore... how to recover this?02:23
apwbdjpadmiralshlorky, actually, it's what I spend my days doing. Buying antique machines and making them run again.02:23
psusijost_, restart the upgrade?02:24
pfifokang_, hi02:24
D_Russanyone know how to do changing wallpapers in unity?02:24
robin0800Steak, thats not right you just have to select which one you want on the adobe site02:24
jost_psusi: The apt-get process is still running (and probably waiting for input)02:25
=== Karl is now known as Guest45789
apwbdjpjost_, kill it, restart the upgrade02:26
jost___psusi: The apt-get process is still running (and probably waiting for input). I don't want to kill it, as this might break something.02:27
apwbdjppsusi, It has pretty good crash recovery, I believe02:27
Josesordohow I can see the system tray icons on Ubuntu 11.10? .. Please02:27
apwbdjppsusi, i interupted many upgrades, before02:27
robin0800Johnnychimpo, then you create a new partition in the unused space02:27
zorobabeldr_willis, 'no such job' is the reply02:27
zorobabeland no jobs listed after 'jobs'02:28
jost___apwbdjp, i'm the one having that problem :-)02:28
dr_williszorobabel:  what did you do exactly?  you may want to check some bash guides on 'job control'02:28
Steakrobin0800: I got it figured out, thanks02:28
apwbdjp^^ jost_ you'll have to excuse me it's 2:30 AM in here ^^02:28
zorobabeljust paused via ctrl+z during a sudo apt-get02:29
zorobabelbut okay02:29
dr_willisthe sudo may be the key. its running as the root user perhaps?02:29
jost___apwbdjp: no problem - 3:30 AM here :-)02:29
apwbdjpjost_, I believe it's not much of a risk. And keep this in mind for further ssh: http://mattiasgeniar.be/2008/06/04/screen-a-must-for-ssh/02:30
apwbdjpjost___, you could've gone back exactly where you left it.02:31
dr_willisscreen, byobu, tmux, and i think theres another one or 2 similer apps...02:31
jost___ok, thanks for the hint02:32
D_Russcan someone help me out with nautilis?02:32
apwbdjpdr_willis, I find byobu not so suitable for small terminals (netbook again). Never tried tmux really02:33
jost___thanks for the hints - simply sending the apt-get process a TERM signal and using "dpkg --configure -a" worked02:33
apwbdjpD_Russ, ask your question02:33
D_Russis there a way to make the images larger for selecting images in applications such as gimp, so that i dont have to manually prview every image in the folder to find the correct one02:33
dr_willisapwbdjp:  oh? i use it over ssh on my android phone. smaller then a netbook...02:34
jost___good night everyone02:34
apwbdjpjost___, good night!02:34
apwbdjpdr_willis, ^^ got used to spaced terminals and large fonts, I believe ^^02:35
dr_willisi got a mini-netbook like setup here. android phone and a mini bluetooth keybord+touchpad02:35
apwbdjpdr_willis, I'd kill for something like that..02:36
apwbdjpdr_willis, I heard lxde runs fine on rooted android?02:36
dr_williswhole setup about the size of 2 cellphones. made a custome stand also.02:36
KSHawkEyeI'm looking for a command prompt way to create an iso, any ideas?02:37
dr_willis!info mkisofs02:37
ubottuPackage mkisofs does not exist in oneiric02:37
apwbdjpKSHawkEye, from a CD, or build it from files?02:37
dr_willishmm.. what was that command.02:37
apwbdjp!info genisoimage02:38
ubottugenisoimage (source: cdrkit): Creates ISO-9660 CD-ROM filesystem images. In component main, is optional. Version 9:1.1.11-1ubuntu2 (oneiric), package size 519 kB, installed size 1400 kB02:38
zorobabeljust had to do a kill-all02:38
dr_willis!info wodim02:38
ubottuwodim (source: cdrkit): command line CD/DVD writing tool. In component main, is optional. Version 9:1.1.11-1ubuntu2 (oneiric), package size 337 kB, installed size 852 kB02:38
zorobabelkinda annoying02:38
D_Russis there a way to get thumbnail preview in apps that require me to find images, so that i dont have to go through hundreds of images to find the correct one that i need?02:38
KSHawkEyeapwbdjp: from files, it's important that I can preserve the file structure though, I don't care about the standards as long as it works on ubuntu again. I need it to follow system links, and allow for executing02:38
dr_willisfile selection dialog i thought  had a show thumbnail/icon option02:39
NertskullDoes anyone have a suggestion for a good command line LAN chat system?  ytalk is all I know of, but I'm wondering if there are others?02:39
Jim__what do you think of ubuntu?02:41
KSHawkEyebasically, i need to create an iso which keeps file structure as close as possible. I need the iso to keep the system links and the file permissions so I can run  the programs latter from the disc. Any ideas?02:41
dr_willisJim__:  i use it.. what more is there to say..02:41
r4yHello again. I want to mark the bad sectors of my hard drive I just wiped with DBAN. My hard drive has this link to go to: http://support.wdc.com/02:41
r4yI am going to install Ubuntu 10.0402:42
apwbdjpKSHawkEye, http://linuxcommand.org/man_pages/mkisofs8.html <- Look at the example section.02:42
Jim__i have this problem with my system02:42
r4yUbuntu opened a whole new world to me02:42
webPragmatistwhat are some monitoring tools for ubuntu?02:43
r4yCan I suggest you get an extra hard drive to try Ubuntu on?, but not as a dual boot.02:43
webPragmatistlike service monitoring02:43
Jim__whenever i adjust the brightness it goes into a flashing fit.. any help?02:43
taladonwebPragmatist, what are you wanting to monitor? like apache or mysql?02:44
r4yHmm, it maybe a monitor problem, but I wouldn't know02:44
r4yIf it is a monitor problem then trying Ubuntu on another hard drive would be one way to tell02:44
webPragmatisttaladon: yea02:44
webPragmatistdisk usage and such02:45
Jim__ya maybe02:45
Jim__ill see02:45
webPragmatistnagios ?02:45
r4yFunny they are using another definition of the word monitor02:45
webPragmatistI think i've tried zabbix02:45
taladonI've used nagios at work... it's not too bad.. there's also zabbix and zenoss02:45
* dr_willis is confused also02:45
robin0800[PanzeR]DzaDze, you need to change the theme02:46
r4yDo you have Nero jim?02:46
D_Russso i guess there is no thumbnail feature when selecting images within an application?02:46
KSHawkEyeapwbdjp: Much appreciated. I'm not  seeing anything that keeps the permissions though, I need to be able to run the programs off the cd, I have tried several of these examples but the permissions seem to always get lost.02:46
dr_willisD_Russ:  i thought the normal file dialog box had that option02:46
[PanzeR]DzaDzerobin0800,  no, i need to change the selection on right click menu to be 0..02:46
[PanzeR]DzaDzei'll post screenshout02:47
r4yNero is what use to burn Ubuntu onto CD, but the first time I had Ubuntu I requested for Ubuntu on CD and they sent it to me for free02:47
* dr_willis checks02:47
robin0800!nounity | MagicJ02:47
ubottuMagicJ: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic02:47
dr_willistheres dozens of tools to burn an iso to cd in windows. ;)02:47
r4yName some for Jim02:48
ubottuCD/DVD burning software: k3b (KDE), brasero (GNOME), gnomebaker, xcdroast, wodim (command-line) | To burn ISO files, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto02:48
D_Russif you selecting an image in an application such as gimp, you have to manually select each image file to see a preview vs having all images in that folder be displayed with a thumbnail so you can find the file easily.02:48
r4yJim is using Windows, right?02:48
D_Russworks this way for other apps also02:48
webPragmatisttaladon: what types of things did you monitor with nagios?02:48
apwbdjpimgburn is what I always use. Does.. everything.02:48
apwbdjpand is free!02:48
r4yJim__: you are running Windows, right?02:49
r4yNice, Jim can go here to download it: http://www.imgburn.com/02:50
dr_willisD_Russ:  normally i just drag/drop from nautilis onto the apps.  been ages sinc2d ive used gimp.02:51
dr_willisimgburn - what i tend to use also02:51
D_Russnot just gimp dr_willis, but almost any other app that requires you to select an image.02:51
r4yjim__: do you have a flash drive?02:52
dr_willisD_Russ:  i drag/drop 99% of the time02:52
r4yI think jim is gone02:52
robin0800MagicJ  gnome3 classic is alright02:53
D_Russi guess thats always an option i am just not used to doing it that way.02:53
r4yI didn't see jim leave, O well.02:53
dr_willisi found gnome3 classic a crutch that shold have been left out. ;)02:54
BrianXP7_can someone help me with a problem02:54
apwbdjpBrianXP7_, please, do ask.02:54
r4yI plan on installing Ubuntu 10.04, how should I go about marking bad sectors with something from here:02:54
BrianXP7_I'm upgrading to Ntty Narwhal (was 10.10) and there's flickering and tearing everywhere02:54
bonhofferwhat diff tools are the most polished / easy for ubuntu?02:54
r4yor with the live cd of Ubuntu?, or both?02:54
bonhofferfile diff02:55
robin0800mattiekins, xchat02:55
leo2007i am facing a serious productivity killer. none of the windows are auto raised. for example, when opening a url in another app, firefox is not autoraised.02:55
leo2007Could someone give me a hint? I am running Ubuntu 11.10 in vmware.02:56
r4yI plan on installing Ubuntu 10.04, how should I go about marking bad sectors with something from here: http://support.wdc.com/ or with the live cd of Ubuntu?, or both?02:56
r4yoops, sorry02:56
jribleo2007: hint for what?  Ask your question02:56
r4yI was going to post on another channel02:56
bonhofferi'm trying meld02:56
leo2007jrib: 10:56 <leo2007> i am facing a serious productivity killer. none of the windows are auto raised. for example, when opening a url in another app, firefox is not autoraised.02:56
apwbdjpBrianXP7_, did you check the Additional Driver list?02:57
BrianXP7_I did02:57
FloodBot1BrianXP7_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:57
BrianXP7_It's an Intel 82865g02:57
apwbdjpBrianXP7_, System -> Administration -> Install Additional Driver.02:57
BrianXP7_Did that... Nothing comes out02:58
webPragmatistZenoss looks most promising02:58
BrianXP7_apwbdjp, compiz and everything worked on 10.1002:59
=== oldirty is now known as ooldirty
insanoCan anyone help me with an error in my Ubuntu 11.10 guest on OSX 10.7.2 Host? Here is an ls of a shared folder from within my guest.-rwxrwx--- 1 root vboxsf   138 2011-11-01 18:26 sess.php02:59
insano?????????? ? ?    ?          ?                ? test4.php02:59
apwbdjpBrianXP7_, http://askubuntu.com/questions/38144/video-not-working-properly-on-an-integrated-intel-82865g-card02:59
apwbdjpBrianXP7_, there seems to be a few solutions to try, here. Try that first.03:00
dr_willisinsano:  looks like file system curruption. time for a  fsck03:02
insanoHere is how I am able to create the behavior seen in my test4.php file….03:02
insano1) Attempt to access a file that does not exist in the guest via Apache running on the guest03:02
insano2) Create the file via the host03:03
BrianXP7_apwbdjp, does reverting that driver in natty back to 2.4 work?03:03
apwbdjpBrianXP7_, I have no idea. Come on, you're a Linux user, you should learn to try things yourself.03:04
BrianXP7_apwbdjp, i'm a 13-year-old linux user who knows how to use aptitude03:04
apwbdjpBrianXP7_, we all started like that. You're a brain connected to the internet, you can learn how to do anything ^^03:05
dr_willisinternet brains taking oveer th3 world... sounds like a good movie..03:05
BrianXP7_apwbdjp, k i'll try that03:06
guerrilha hello guys! after iv used gparted to resize an windows partition, i cant boot it. windows recovery tools as bootrec fixes wont work. Is there a way via gparted or some linux alike to fix up the windows partition handling so the tools  could work, or even set up the booting partition via such tool ?03:06
whateverelse2hirens boot cd03:06
dr_willis  #windows may know other tools also03:06
truth63hey can sum1 help me or give me sum info on how i can get my comp too recognize my hdd03:08
apwbdjpI love the flexibility of Windows.. I've copied an entire install into an .img file, split it in two and put it in two usb sticks, zeroed the hard drive, repartitionned, the system could work again.03:08
whateverelse2is it external?03:08
apwbdjpThat is on Linux. On windows, you resize a partition, you break the installation.03:08
dr_willistruth63:  start with the basics. try mounting it by hand yet? what kind of hd is it?03:08
BrianXP7apwbdjp, I'm back03:08
truth63yes but no longer in a case03:08
BrianXP7apwbdjp, another thing. my unity 2d launcher gets a spasm when i drag it up and down03:09
whateverelse2vista wont recognize it03:09
dr_williswindows7 can resize its own  filesysetm while its in use....03:09
apwbdjpBrianXP7, I'm not exactly aquainted with unity. Did the fixes I sent you improve anything?03:10
BrianXP7apwbdjp, i'm still upgrading... o.O03:10
dr_willis!mount | truth6303:10
ubottutruth63: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount03:10
dr_willistruth63:  no need to msg me. i may have to leave at any time03:11
truth63is that an app?03:11
dr_willismount is the core comand to mount filesystems....03:11
apwbdjptruth63, it's a command. Does the hard drive appear in the disk utility (System -> Administration -> Disk Utility) when you plug it in?03:11
truth63yes under peripheral drives03:12
apwbdjpThen clic on it, and clic Mount03:13
truth63theres no place to do so03:13
truth63It says volumes unknown03:14
apwbdjpHum.. unformatted hard drive?03:15
EvilResistancetruth63:  does anything show up whne you use the disk utility to view the drive?03:17
truth63no it was working prior to having to remove from external case03:17
EvilResistancenot when mounting but when viewing it03:17
truth63format benchmark safe removal03:17
dr_willistruth63:  what fs was it using? what sort of hd/case is it?03:18
dr_willisive seen those 'green hd's' that dont work ol older machines03:18
dr_willisMagicJ: +++03:19
ConstyI'm having an issue with the current version of the ATI proprietary driver. When I attempt to install it, unity completely fails to start because libGL.so.1 isn't found. I'm assuming this is some kind of a weird issue on 64-bit platforms since the file does exist in /usr/lib64 for example. Even making a symbolic link to it though in /usr/lib seems to still cause Unity to fail.03:20
ConstyAnyone also having issues with that on 11.10?03:20
=== Gskellig|afk is now known as Gskellig
pdklim using ATI's driver03:20
pdklwas it a new install or an upgrade?03:21
Constypdkl: New install, but I did not enable it through the Additional Drivers application. Instead I downloaded it direct from the site and attempted to install. It says it's successful and everything but doesn't work when I reboot.03:21
=== iC__ is now known as _iC_
Constypdkl: If I use Additional Drivers and select the proprietary FGLRX driver it works, but if i select the post-release updates one it always fails. That's why I tried downloading it from the site, but that also fails.03:22
pdklConsty: i did this... http://askubuntu.com/questions/62808/ati-incompatible-with-gnome-shell03:23
pdklto get  it working right in unity and gnome shell03:23
[PanzeR]DzaDzehow to make this spacing from the selected area to be 0 ?! ----> http://pic.mk/images/screenrtr.png03:24
Constypdkl:  hmm.. it looks like there's a bunch of packages that he gets before he installs03:24
apwbdjp3:24 in casablanca, time to go to bed03:25
Constypdkl: wonder if that's the problem.03:25
pdklsuppose so03:25
pdklIts how i got my drivers working03:25
Constyok I'll give it a shot03:25
aeon-ltd[PanzeR]DzaDze: GTK? it will probably be defined in the config file /usr/share/themes somewhere03:25
apwbdjpI'll see you guys! Keep rocking, you're awesome!03:25
GooeYhi, all. I want to reinstall ubuntu. I found this as one of the options: sudo apt-get install -f. What will that do exactly?03:25
plouffeGooeY, man apt-get03:27
GooeYplouffe, is that a command?03:27
[PanzeR]DzaDzeaeon-ltd,  i changed the menu x and y padding to 0 in the gtkrc file, and this i what i got.. it's has empty space03:27
=== fhtagn_ is now known as fhtagn
plouffeGooeY, it's the command to view the manual for apt-get03:28
GooeYoh ok03:28
plouffe-f Fix; attempt to correct a system with broken dependencies in place. This option, when used with install/remove, can omit  ..03:28
Constypdkl: If you don't mind me asking, how are you liking Unity in 11.10? After spending a day with it, I actually really like it now.03:29
Constypdkl: Simple enough to operate, gets out of your way when you're doing stuff. At first I was very against it in 11.04, but it's grown on me.03:29
webPragmatisttypically how is ldap authentication used in linux? just trying to not have to manage users if they already exist in active directory03:30
aeon-ltd[PanzeR]DzaDze: have you killed and restarted X after changing it?03:30
Crazyi just say something then go to play basketball~03:33
[PanzeR]DzaDzeaeon-ltd,  yes i've killed, i have tried some others values, like 3,4.. and there was a change, but on 0, there's still a 1px space03:34
rhizmoehow come alt-tabbing doesn't bring applications to the front anymore? this has changed since i installed 11.10.03:36
rhizmoeall i get is a wiggling icon03:36
[PanzeR]DzaDzei want from this: http://pic.mk/images/screenrtr.png, to make it like this: http://pic.mk/images/screenqxq.png03:36
hammoommahanyone know how to force a 852 x 480 resolution?03:38
mazda01what does it mean to mount the image file to replay the logfile. I used ddrescue to save a dieing partition and it's xfs FS. when I try to run xfs_check, it says: Mount the filesystem to replay the log, and unmount it before03:38
mazda01re-running xfs_check.03:38
NeldogzHey guys, something happend on my system with Pithos, i cant seem to run it without sudo. If i launch it without sudo its completely blank. I have tried reinstalling but still the same problem. Can anyone steer me in the right direction?03:38
=== chris__0076 is now known as chris_0076
Neldogzshould i just go to the install folder for pithos and overwrite the perms?03:39
mazda01xfs filesystem people out here?03:40
mazda01Neldogz, not sure what repurcutions running pithos as root has but you can also edit the command that's run within the menu by adding gksudo in front of it if it's a GUI app03:41
Neldogzmazda01: if i were to reset the perms on the pithos folder would this satisfy sudo?03:42
mazda01no idea03:42
Neldogzgonna give it a try03:43
mazda01Neldogz, i was just trying to help fast. not sure what your real issue is03:43
mazda01i would investigate how pithos is normally run03:43
black_13i am am trying to install ubunut as vmware guest but am having problem install the vmware tools03:43
Neldogzthank you03:43
black_13I get the message "Skipping X configuration because X drivers are not included"03:43
mazda01Neldogz,  the quick fix woiuld be to just add gksudo to the front of the normally run command BUT that's not a proper solution IMO03:44
aeon-ltd[PanzeR]DzaDze: what theme is this? there may be other parameters that control this03:44
Constyso the fglx driver seems to be working now, but it's slow as balls and no GL apps run. Unity appears to be operating in 2D mode03:44
Constyso strange03:45
ddelonyHi. I think a recent update broke AIM connectivity in Empathy.03:45
robin0800[PanzeR]DzaDze, use gnome-tweak-tool03:46
mazda01how do you mount an image file from ddrescue so it "replays" the logfile?03:47
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=== max is now known as Guest3448
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aeon-ltdno one got problems?03:51
=== Guest55573 is now known as zkriesse
hammoommahhow do i force a resolution of 852 x 480?03:53
truth63_any one good with hdds?03:53
hammoommahchanged xorg.conf but doesnt seem to change anything03:53
urlin2uhammoommah, will the computer support that resolution?03:53
hammoommahits plasma tv native resolution03:54
urlin2uhammoommah, try xrandr -s 852x48003:54
hammoommahkk brb03:54
webPragmatisthey guys i installed ldap-auth-client … can i run through the configuration again somehow?03:54
hammoommahurlin2u: size not avaliable in supported modes03:56
urlin2uhammoommah, I figure as such, thatis why I askeed03:56
maoI turn my wireless NIC in 64-bit system,then i can not turn on wireless NIC  in 32-bit system,anyone knows why?03:57
maoI turn off my wireless NIC in 64-bit system,then i can not turn on wireless NIC  in 32-bit system,anyone knows why?03:57
truth63_How do i get a HDD to get to where i can at least create an image of it to recover the data?03:58
rhizmoeerf. how much are floppies these days?04:00
urlin2utruth63_, you can access the Hd with a booted ubuntu disc and pull what you want and many other open source, you need to be more desciptive of what you want to save and if there is a OS.04:00
aeon-ltdrhizmoe: offtopic, but i doubt a lot even for 'hipster vintage' type value04:01
truth63_no os at all it was an external in a case now due to breaking usb 2.0 which happens alot with these vi had to remove it from the case04:02
Alastair1can anyone advise the easiest way to check a remote imap inbox and have it populate a MySQL db? it's for a web interface but i'm hoping there's a better way than php's imap functions to retrieve the messages. =/04:03
urlin2utruth63_, you have a way to plug it in?04:03
truth63_urlin2u yea sata to usb and is currently plugged in04:04
urlin2utruth63_, computer should see it, in does not?04:04
truth63_urlin2u it does but wont allow me too open it04:05
urlin2utruth63_, what happens when yo try?04:05
hammoommahhow do i edit available resolutions?04:05
truth63_urlin2u it only shows in the disk utility04:06
truth63_urlin2u how would i get it to show up under devices and stuff?04:08
=== jason is now known as Guest63089
CrazyThinkerIs there any way to hibernate ubuntu?04:08
urlin2utruth63_, not really sure here since it sounds like the internal sata this is out of my area of knowledge really, I assume you have rebooted though, and you could put that HD in fstab or maybe somethings there blocking it just guessing really.04:08
urlin2uCrazyThinker, the is a hibernate in the shutdown menu, you have to have at least a equal swap to ram to have it works if it does.04:10
domoquestion.. why does ubuntu server use .bashrc instead of .bash_profile?04:10
domoin my home dir04:10
CrazyThinkerurlin2u, Thanks04:10
truth63_urlin2u how do i put in fstab?04:11
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions04:11
=== ratman is now known as Guest81551
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount04:13
urlin2utruth63_, check the bots mount info as well for mounting the hd04:14
truth63_i am thanks i hope it works04:15
truth63_urlin2u it wont delete info will it?04:15
urlin2utruth63_, what, you would have to run a command made to delete, your question basically no04:16
truth63_urlin2u how do i find out the file sys?04:17
urlin2utruth63_, run sudo fdisk -l in the terminal it will list the partitions.04:18
=== NuclearMeltdown is now known as Immortal_Techniq
=== Immortal_Techniq is now known as ImortalTechnique
mordofis there any software that will monitor my development files and refresh a firefox tab appropriately?04:20
truth63_urlin2u doesnt contain valid partition table04:20
mordofi know there are a few for win/os x.. but i can't find any for linux04:20
urlin2utruth63_, so that is what the whole fdisk readout says what is the whole context?04:21
=== EvilResistance is now known as Resistance
truth63_Disk /dev/sdb doesn't contain contain a valid partition table04:22
truth63_urlin2u Disk /dev/sdb: 1000.2GB,04:23
urlin2utruth63_, not sure then really this is outside of my area of knowledge but that helps for you to mention, so we got farther ahead.04:23
truth63_Disk /dev/mapper/cryptswap1 doesnt contain a valid partition table.04:24
truth63_u know where i can get help?04:25
urlin2utruth63_, ah it is encrypted what encryption?04:25
urlin2utruth63_, actually that is a swap you sure that is the HD you want to access04:26
truth63_yes its got a 256 bit encryption04:26
urlin2utruth63_, haow were you getting in before?04:26
truth63_when it was in its case04:27
truth63_urlin2u it would jus let me on04:27
urlin2utruth63_, so how did it get encrypted?04:28
truth63_bc its now out of the case i assume04:28
truth63_and thats what i was told04:28
urlin2utruth63_, not sure myself this channel probably isn't the one or at least in a quiet time like now, what is the format of the partitons NTFS or ext04:29
truth63_umm i was using microsoft at the time but cant access it with microsoft04:30
thornanyone have any tips on changing the scan dimensions with xsane?04:30
urlin2utruth63_, if the case3 is te key I nwouldn't know really can you look at the manufacturers website or contact them?04:30
urlin2uthr key*04:31
truth63_urlin2u yea ill look it up rite quick04:31
=== francois is now known as mellowtalk44
truth63_AES encryption04:33
urlin2utruth63_, yeah04:34
peepsalotanyone able to use pandora in firefox in gnome 3?  mine is locking up when it tries to advance to the second song.  with a message box that is outside the edge of the screen, and clicking Cancel or OK doesn't do anything.  I have to kill the process.  http://i.imgur.com/OdHuE.png04:35
truth63_WDBAAF0010HBK-01 the partition type?04:36
peepsaloti tried alt-click and drag to move the popup alert box window, but it only moves the entire firefox window04:36
peepsalotnot sure if this is a firefox, gnome 3, or flash issue04:37
urlin2utruth63_, I find this on the web but I think you need to ask a professional, I would call a computer repair I guess, they should know much more and can ask the right questions or contact the manufacturer maybe there is a way to get in.  http://betanews.com/2009/11/05/is-aes-encryption-crackable/04:37
thornok, it reset properly when I switched options from multipage to copy and back.04:37
peepsalotwell, it's probably flash's fault, but i think firefox should probably handle flash errors better04:38
black_13i am trying to install ubuntu as vmware disk04:39
black_13sorry i mean vmware guest04:39
black_13when i install the vmware tools i get errors with x drivers04:40
crshbndcthey is this the right channel to ask questions about installing ubuntu?04:40
w30                                                  /part04:40
crshbndcti am trying to install 10.04.3 lts on my machine. i cannot get any other version to work, so i thought maybe a LTS would work. but it wont boot from usb. i just get a blank screen after the plymouth loading screen is finished04:41
urlin2ucrshbndct, do you know the graphics card?04:42
crshbndctyeah. its a radeon hd 697004:43
urlin2ucrshbndct, try tapping the shift key on powering on and at the gui hit f6 then choose nomodeset for a low grapphic boot boot in from the nomodeset choice04:44
crshbndcti created a bootable usb with unetbootin. it works with every other deb/ubuntu distro. but it doesnt give me the ubuntu boot screen. just a generic grub boot screen04:45
danubhey all. what is some good software for packet analysis? on windows, I use capsa software (pretty graphs, easy breakdown of info, etc), but it looks like the best think for linux is just the default wireshark analysis. is there anything better?04:45
crshbndcti tried adding nomodeset to the grub command didnt work04:46
=== nils_ is now known as Guest93881
urlin2ucrshbndct, what grub are you installed?04:47
=== nils- is now known as nils_
urlin2ucrshbndct, I don't do PM04:48
=== evil is now known as Guest50790
thornso why do you have to run the scanner with root?04:49
crshbndctokay then. it is the default grub that unetbootin installs. i think its just plain old grub, not grub204:49
urlin2ucrshbndct, ah unetbootin that complicates things UI don't think you can get the real gui you normally see, what computer OS did you load the usb with?04:51
=== jalen- is now known as jalen
=== corey_ is now known as Guest31229
crshbndcturlin2u: i used windows to load it. i dont have a working linux install atm04:53
=== XDS2010 is now known as XDS|AFK
urlin2ucrshbndct, you can probably load a alternate cd and just do a text install then use the installed grub menu to run with nomodeset if m=needed.04:55
crshbndctyeah i will probably have to do that04:56
Jimmy_KashGeneral question, which is better (if any) for hosting sites? Ubuntu or Centos?04:57
tensorpudding!best | Jimmy_Kash04:59
ubottuJimmy_Kash: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.04:59
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khayyamis there a program/app list somewhere off of the ubuntu 11.10 desktop?05:06
grandyhello, i installed 11.1 and when I move the mouse to the left side of the screen, a giant organge, semi-opaque box appears over the left 50% of the screen -- could someone tell me what it's doing?05:06
khayyamall I see is a quick launch bar05:07
grandykhayyam: hmm, on mine this orange area appears some of the time and i can't figure out what it's doing... it's unlike any UI I've seen05:08
K`zanHi folks, is is just me or is something funky with the firefox update today?  Within about 5 minutes of doing the update everything hung up and it looks like my /boot went away.05:08
khayyamgrandy that sounds kinda like uhmm.... your mouse key is activated?05:08
khayyamlike when you move windows to the left and right of the desktop something like that appears usually05:09
khayyamgrandy, do you have a mousepad? maybe it's clicked in05:09
khayyamdoes ubuntu 11.10 have a programs list ?05:10
grandykhayyam: oh maybe that's it, but that isn't doing anything, it doesn't let me slide windows to the next desktop05:10
grandyyeah that's exactly what the thing looks like05:10
grandyso something must be triggering it05:10
khayyami don't believe that's what it's for grandy, its for putting a window on the right or left half of your current desktop05:10
khayyamthis must be a bad time for support :P05:11
grandyit looks like the regular way that the screen highligts when you want to drag a window, but it just doesn't go away05:11
khayyamdid you try restarting?05:12
khayyamis there a way to start a program with the terminal but have the terminal close?05:13
khayyamw/out closing the program05:13
K`zanOk, just me apparently.  Thanks folks!05:13
grandykhayyam: yeah you can put an icon on the bar that essentially does that05:14
grandywhat would you type into the terminal to start the program?05:14
=== idefix is now known as vinnie48
vinnie48how do you lower the volume of the welcome tune of ubuntu?05:21
urlin2uvinnie48, you can turn it off in the startup applications.05:23
=== Kasjopaja23111 is now known as Kasjopaja
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest84310
RudyValenciaHi, I'm trying to set up WebDAV access based on Linux users with mod_auth_pam, but I can't access it from Windows, and I don't know why it isn't working. Any suggestions? (I want to be able to transfer files to my server without using SCP or FTP.)05:31
Lesterwooddoes ubuntu 10.04 use x.org or x1105:34
J2ME-noviceLesterwood: my guess would be x.org05:36
ssfdre38its xorg05:36
gliorosguys plesk with ubuntu how can i increase the number of the imap connections?05:36
ssfdre38X11 is part of x.org05:37
gliorosi opened the /etc/courier-imap/imapd but i cant find the maxperip05:38
gliorosits /etc/courier-imap/imapd is found it05:41
thetentmakerhow do I get rid of the ubuntu 11.10 unity desktop and go back to what i had in 10.10 ?05:43
urlin2u!nounity | thetentmaker05:43
ubottuthetentmaker: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic05:43
gliorosalso gnome connection manager seems to not work on the latest version ubuntu guys05:43
gliorosany ideas?05:43
thetentmakerwhich does ubuntu 10.10 use? is that gnome 2 ?05:44
somsipwiki cypress hilll05:45
Picithetentmaker: yes.05:45
sidd_makhow to integrate some other player then banshee in sound panel....??05:45
gliorospici any ideas why i cant run gnome connection manager?05:46
r0guegood morning, I want to install windows on a seperate partition, what are the options?05:46
gliorosmaybe is not supported on the new version ?05:46
Piciglioros: You mean network manager?05:46
urlin2uthetentmaker, I think so but natty and oneiric have a DE call classic not really exactly the same.05:46
gliorosYes I need to connect to my dedicated server..05:47
Piciglioros: oh.. Uh... You may be able to get to that from a nautilus window, from the bookmarks.05:47
glioroslike putty for windows for ubuntu is gnome connection manager05:47
gliorosand it is not working for me05:47
r0guegood morning, I want to install windows on a seperate partition, what are the options?05:48
gliorosrogue go to ubuntu website eveything is expained in detail05:48
urlin2ur0gue, the #windows channel hehe.05:48
r0gueis boot repair already on the live cd?05:49
urlin2ur0gue, I would just reload drub using the wikis instructions.05:50
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)05:50
r0guethanks ubottu05:50
gliorosPici still not working.. any other way to connect to another server?05:50
chaospsychexhow do i install games from 'games.kde.org' i can't seem to find the download link?05:50
chaospsychexalso i have downloaded a widget and it's not showing up in the 'add widget' menu05:51
chaospsychexi am using Kubuntu05:51
r0guewell, I went through the details and they say you need gparted to make a seperate partition for windows,I installed gparted, but there is only the unmount option, what will happen if I unmount?will my pc shutdown?I only have 1 harddisk05:54
Lesterwoodcan someone explain to me the relationship between xorg x11 gnome/kde/desktopenviornments and ssh x11 switch guys05:54
urlin2ur0gue, you can't change the partition your using, if you want to use a gparted disc, or a live ubuntu cd05:56
r0guehmm, but the gparted I will be using from flash drive, is it text based or GUI?05:57
urlin2ugui r0gue05:57
Lesterwoodsomeone explain to me what a filesystem in userspace is05:57
urlin2uLesterwood, kind of slow here you have a while to wait?05:58
Lesterwoodno problem05:58
Lesterwoodsorry if i come accross as hasty05:58
urlin2uLesterwood, nah but being that it is slow you might have some luck with looking on the web.05:59
r0guewhich file should I download from gparted website in order to make a bootable flash drive?zip or iso?05:59
Lesterwoodurlin2u, i understand, i have tried online, but the concept is confusing to me05:59
thetentmakerwhat do I do after sudo apt-get install gnome-panel to get rid of this unity desktop?06:00
gliorosguys urgent.. i restarted the server i am paying for.. the sites are working properly but the email not.. could not connect to mail server.. whats went wrong ?06:00
ezrafreecan anyone tell me where i find system preferences in unity?06:00
gliorosdo i need to do something after the restart ?06:00
urlin2ur0gue, just the ISO and load it to a usb withe unetbootin or the startup disc creator.06:01
r0guewhich file should I download from gparted website in order to make a bootable flash drive?zip or iso?06:01
FlynnI migrated my wubi install to it's own partition by following the following instructions:http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1519354  .  Is that any different from a "normal install?"06:01
urlin2uFlynn, nope06:01
Flynnurlin2u:  sweet thanx,06:02
urlin2uFlynn, is there a install grub part to it?06:02
ezrafreehello, how come i can't choose gnome in gdm? i don't see any options during the login screen06:02
urlin2uFlynn, or does the script do that for you?06:02
Flynnurlin2u:  grub-install --version06:02
urlin2uezrafree, have you installed the shell is that what you want ggnome 306:03
r0guethanks, just an opinion, which iso is useful?gparted, system rescue cd or ubuntu rescue remix?06:03
urlin2uFlynn, your in like well Flynn06:03
WarDekarhey I have ~70 web crawlers running on one machine, and when they're all retrieving stuff it shoots the load average to ~15... what's the best way to figure out why and how to lower it?06:03
urlin2ur0gue, you want to resize or bulild partitionss you want gparted ISO06:04
r0gueand what about others?do they also contain gparted?06:04
Flynnurlin2u:  Sweet.  just wanted to make sure.  Thank you.06:04
ezrafreeurlin2u: i am stil running gnome 2.32.0 how can i install gnome 3?06:04
urlin2ur0gue, I forget you will have to look closer, a regular ubuntu cd has it installed.06:05
ezrafreemy goal is to run compiz and gnome together can i still do that in gnome 3?06:05
glioroshow can i restart courier-imap ?06:05
urlin2uezrafree, what is the release your using gnome 3 is for onerirc really.06:05
ezrafreeurlin2u: i run ubuntu 10.10 and gnome 2.32.0 and compiz 0.8.606:06
urlin2uezrafree, compiz and gnome 3 in ubuntu I think is not really setup I think you can in fedora, and a few others.06:06
r0guedont think its there in ubuntu 11.10 live cd06:06
urlin2uezrafree, maverick has some web stuff on gnome3 for maverick but I wouldn't try it is a hack and may break it altogether do it at your own risk, gnome 3 run fine in oneriric thouggh.06:07
urlin2ur0gue, gpartedis on every ubuntu live cd it is staock.06:08
glioroshow can i restart courier-imap ?06:08
urlin2uglioros, it involves restarting a daemon from looking at the web, pretty slow here can you just reboot or is it a server.06:10
bhaveshEven after I plug my earphones in, I still get sound from my monitor speakers06:10
gliorosit is an ubuntu server.. i restart the whole server it the emails still not working06:10
gliorosi am losing money now... ;p06:11
gliorosi changed the settings06:11
gliorosso thats why i think it need to be restarted06:11
chaospsychexdoes anyone in here use conky ?06:11
urlin2uglioros, try #ubuntu-server06:11
urlin2uchaospsychex, yes06:12
chaospsychexurlin2u: can you paste your 'conky.conf' file ?06:12
urlin2uchaospsychex, sure hold on06:12
chaospsychexurlin2u: k06:13
urlin2uchaospsychex, this is the conkyrc I assume that is what you want http://paste.ubuntu.com/734949/06:14
JuggernautSo if I understand correctly, its NOT possible to move the Unity sidebar thats on the left? It keeps opening up every time I move my mouse to my browser's back button.06:18
somsipJuggernaut: you understand correctly. It's n the left and there it will stay06:19
Juggernautsomsip: Do you know why?06:19
somsipJuggernaut: there was a recent discussion about this somewhere. end of story - because Mark S stays so06:20
Juggernaut"somewhere" = on the ubuntu forums?06:20
somsipJuggernaut: Some posted a link here a couple of days ago. Big thread on a bug tracker about 'Ubuntu isn't involving the community' and it was alink on there. someone raiosed the same point. It got discussed. Last comment was, basically, it stays where it is06:21
JuggernautI'll search for it, thanks.06:22
kruxi found a link that shows you can move it ?.. hold up see if this works or not06:23
eHAPPYWhen I do showmount -a does that show a current list? because one of the mounts isnt even avaliable anymore06:24
Juggernautkrux: I'll take a loot06:24
JuggernautOh. Thats a third party download I think06:25
JuggernautBut its 32 bit only.06:25
ridinvintageCan anyone help me get my xbox to have an open Nat?06:25
=== xxx is now known as Guest8084
urlin2uridinvintage, if it isn't ubuntu it's not supported.06:27
ridinvintageno i'm using my laptop for ics and i need to port forward to allow connection to be open06:28
somsipJuggernaut: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/66841506:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 668415 in Ubuntu "Movement of Unity launcher" [Undecided,Won't fix]06:28
JuggernautAwesome, thank you06:29
ridinvintagei have tried using iptables but it doesn't seem to work.06:29
urlin2uridinvintage, out of my knowledge area, just be real specific, it is really slow here right now as well.06:30
hangingclownsupgraded ubuntu to 11.04 with vmware fusion 4.0.206:31
wildc4rdis there any reason why I am having trouble playing streamed flash style video (jumpy/low frame rate) since changing to 11.10?06:31
JuggernautDamn that just sucks. Now I have to download gnome or something.06:31
hangingclownsgetting the grub command line prompt saying that it has an unknown command named humatch when it point it to grub config06:31
hangingclownsany solutions?06:31
bjrohanI am a Linux newbie. I am running a dual boot laptop. As I migrate from Windows to Ubunto I have cleaned off more of my windows partition. Today I repartitioned my windows drive, giving me unallocated space. While trying to increase my Linux partition (via live CD) I inadvertantly copied my Linux partition to the unallocated space. My question is, now what do I do? Where is that new partition mounted inside Ubuntu, and what is the best way06:32
bjrohanto use it?06:32
ridinvintageAlright, what I have is my laptop connected to my wireless and I am sharing the connection with my xbox using the Network Manager. What I need to do is have the ports on eth0 be open so my xbox will have an open NAT.06:32
The_Misfitim trying to upgrade to Firefox 8 but it wont because of broken packages06:32
vivekghow to get audio exported to remote computer using XDMCP ?06:33
=== Justasic_ is now known as Justasic
=== avernos_ is now known as avernos
urlin2uThe_Misfit, what distro are you running06:35
urlin2uwhat release actually The_Misfit06:36
urlin2ubjrohan, I inadvertantly copied my Linux partition to the unallocated space.  Can you explain what this means; cloned, made another partion...etc06:38
=== nac-godfather is now known as nac4l
=== unimaxlin is now known as unimaxlin|work
Tomassois tehre some way to block porn from myself ?06:39
urlin2uTomasso, lol seek professional help.06:40
bjrohanurlin2u in Gparted I right clicked the original Linux partion, and an option of move/resize was presented. It wouldn't let me increase the size, only decrease, so I selected move. it asked where I wanted to move to, I clicked the unallocated spot, and it appears to have copied it. Now running gparted while in Ubuntu, it shows /dev/SDA1 /dev/sda3 (was unallocated and 60GB)/dev/sda5 and /dev/sda6. right now /dev/sda5 is locked06:41
Tomassomm i did .. but anyway i get tempted.. xvideos is driving me mad06:41
bjrohanurlin2u mounted rather than locked. Where would /dev/sda3 me mounted if at all, so I can see if original partition was copied to it, or if it was just formatted06:42
urlin2ubjrohan, take a screen shot of gparted and imagebin it.06:44
urlin2ubjrohan, gparted gives the amount if data in partitions as well.06:44
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.06:45
bjrohanhow do I imagebin it? I have the pic already06:45
The_MisfitThe_Misfit: Oneric06:45
The_Misfiturlin2u: Oneric06:45
bjrohanhere is the image urlin2u http://imagebin.org/index.php?mode=image&id=18359006:46
=== o0o0 is now known as iExist
Juggernaut"We've deliberately not made the launcher appear when you touch the left edge, to avoid tension between left-page-nav and the launcher. To invoke the launcher, you have to hit the corner of the screen."06:46
urlin2uThe_Misfit, I believe FF 8 was just released I upgraded my oneiric to precise but if it is not there it should be soon without any special installation, I would think.06:46
JuggernautThis is such baloney06:46
JuggernautMine jumps out every time I approach anywhere near the left edge06:46
The_Misfiturlin2u: i misspoke, natty06:46
The_BROSHow to update Firefox to 8th?06:47
somsipThe_BROS: it seems to be taken 'a few days' to propogate into the repos06:47
somsipThe_Misfit: it seems to be taken 'a few days' to propogate into the repos06:47
somsiperk...Oh well you both asked :)06:48
philip__i have a wifi problem when i upgrade to 11.10 from 10.0406:48
malinahey.. there.. I asked earlier.. what is the ubuntu installer src package called?06:48
The_BROS<somsip> thanx06:48
urlin2ubjrohan, so which is the new partition sda3 it has 8 gigs can hyou open it from home in sda5?06:48
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=== corey_ is now known as Guest81421
The_BROSAnybody knows how to update GUI version of ClamAV? My Ubuntu is 11.04.06:49
urlin2umalina, src is source06:50
bjrohanThen new partition is /dev/sda3 of 58.59 GB  My original Ubuntu part was/is  /DEV/SDA5 @ 37 GB06:50
Guest81421i have a question06:50
bjrohanurlin2u how would I open it in home?06:50
prophethi guys, i want to set a partition active on a gpt disk, anyone knows how can i do it?06:51
malinano shit06:51
malinalet me ask again: *where* can I locate the *source* files of the ubuntu installer ui?06:51
Guest81421are all these chat clients the same server06:51
malinagod, urlin2u : "src is source" as an answer can only be found in places like these I guess :/06:52
urlin2ubjrohan, in the left panel should be all of your partions.06:52
OliveGreenHi all.06:52
Guest81421i want a nick i dont want to be a quest06:52
OliveGreenHow do I solve a hash sum mismatch error?06:52
cinnabar12hey guys, have done a wubi install from a oneiric beta 2, sys info says ubuntu 11.10 but the update channels are precise-updates etc.?06:52
Guest81421how do i be a name06:52
The_Misfitit says06:52
The_MisfitThe following packages have unmet dependencies:06:52
The_Misfit firefox : Depends: libstdc++6 (>= 4.6) but 4.5.2-8ubuntu4 is to be installed06:52
The_Misfit           Recommends: firefox-globalmenu but it is not going to be installed06:52
FloodBot1The_Misfit: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:52
malina Guest81421  : /nick IAMAFOOKINGTARD06:52
The_Misfitmy bad06:52
urlin2umalina, we nevr know what people are asking or what they mean or their level of understanding.06:52
malinawell sinc eyou obviously are not capable of answering somethign simple as wher eis the src, then don't attempt ot answer me06:53
urlin2umalina, if your so smart why are you here.06:53
Guest81421: /nick IMTHECOOLEST06:53
malinaand I am perfectly aware of th level here: "how do I make a name", "src is source" in 20 secs06:53
urlin2umalina, lol take your meds .06:53
Guest81421didnt work ;(06:53
malinatry wihtout the COLON06:53
bjrohanurlin2u, I can only see my windows partition and my normal booted into home partition, I don't see any "new" ones06:53
malinau will get the there06:53
FloodBot1malina: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:53
malinaand no space06:54
=== Guest81421 is now known as IMTHECOOLESTAGAI
kr4shis avd manager faster in ubuntu than windows?06:54
malinanubuntu .. christ, I thought one could get at least somethign resembling a 'linux' question in here but obviously not06:54
urlin2ubjrohan, It looks kinda n=messed up and to be honest I don't want to ask tons of questions to figure out what you have done, since you are not sure, sorry.06:55
cinnabar12have done a wubi install from an oneiric beta 2 dvd, sys info says ubuntu v11.10 but the update channels are precise-updates?06:55
malinado you have an ubuntu-dev channel or something? where one can avoid this kind of tardedness?06:55
bjrohanurlin2u I know the steps I took, just not sure what I ended up with.06:55
OliveGreenI just added a repository to my sources.list, and I started receiving a "hash sum mismatch" error. How do I fix it?06:56
=== IMTHECOOLESTAGAI is now known as Newguy
Juggernautmalina: #ubuntu-devel06:56
Newguythanks malina06:57
urlin2ubjrohan, gparted is not showing the data amount to sda5 just sda3 so I can't tell if you just cloned it or dd it you don't know.06:57
Juggernautmalina: You know the location of your castle, you can go away now.06:58
JuggernautNo one likes you. You were adopted.06:58
bjrohanurlin2u how can I tell which partition I am currently booted on?06:58
abemI now have a sh :grub>  error on rebooting how do i sort this one out06:59
FacultiesOfMindanybody here?06:59
cinnabar12oohhhhh my, there's a whole load of packages being updated in my terminal...06:59
mccbjrohan: hm. would "df" help you because it at least says what's mounted where?07:00
FacultiesOfMindanybody here knows how to change bantypes?07:00
FacultiesOfMindin x-chat07:00
surialI'm a bit confused; when I apt-get install znc and znc-extra, I run into a known ubuntu bug where znc's current version is 0.074-1 but extras is 0.070-1 and these are mostly not compatible. However, if I search the debian package search, I see 0.094, i.e. a much higher version. This got me wondering: my /etc/apt/sources.list still has entries for jaunty and karmic. Does apt-get dist-upgrade upgrade me to Ocelot?07:00
bjrohanmcc what is "df"07:01
surial... and separate from that, how do I fix the ZNC issue? I'm guessing adding unstable would be a start; 0.074-1 for znc-extra is out there.07:01
bjrohanurlin2u, in Nautlius if I go to filesystem on the left, and in a blank area hit properties, it says I have 51GB of free space, letting me know that I boot into /dev/SDA307:03
bjrohanwhich was the target of my Move To operation earlier today, leading me to believe that /DEV/SDA5 can have done to it whatever is necessary urlin2u07:04
OliveGreenCan someone please help solve a hash sum mismatch error?07:04
OliveGreenhelp *me*07:04
gliorosi change the imapd settings in particular the MAXDAEMONS and MAXPERIP. and as a result the email are not working. any ideas?07:05
OliveGreenYounder, Hi.07:05
bjrohanurlin2u, with storage device manager I can see that /dev/sda5 has errors. Can I have Ubuntu fix the errors, or should I try reformatting?07:05
prophetis it possible to put the swap on a logicAL PARTITION?07:06
SqueezeHi all.07:07
chaospsychexis it possible to create a 'symlink' to a folder on a ntfs partition ?07:08
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=== Metal is now known as Metal_Raptor
OliveGreenHi all.07:09
Metal_Raptorhi all07:09
mmax8eI'm trying to install ubuntu server 11.10 64 bit using the CD, but my installation hangs right after choosing "Install Ubuntu Server" option from the installation menu. Can anybody help me?07:10
gluesniffmonkeyWhen I right click on 'Edit Menu's nothing happens Ubuntu 10.04. What to do?07:10
captaincalamityHiya all, sorry to be a pain, if anyone can see this, please let me know.07:12
somsipcaptaincalamity: yes07:12
captaincalamityHm. Cool. Thanks. :S07:12
OliveGreensomsip, Hi.07:12
BesogonHey!! Guys, My ATI X1200 works very very freezing with Gallium default driver! Any idea how to fix 3D problem?07:13
* phlak_user is wondering whether Oneiric latest update should be numbered 11.11 :)07:13
BesogonAnd another problem! Google Chrome don't use system proxy settings07:14
BesogonAt all07:14
=== captaincalamity is now known as calamity
gluesniffmonkeyokay. figured it out. alacarte07:15
phlak_userBesogon: chrome or chromium?07:15
OliveGreenHi all.07:15
Besogonphlak_user: I think I should have Chrome as it is used by many.07:16
Besogonphlak_user: Does Chromium work well with proxy???07:16
phlak_userBesogon: yes07:17
calamityare they not effectively identical?07:18
phlak_userBesogon: but chrome should also work well07:18
BesogonI thought about iptables and it's ability to implement system proxy settings. And someone have told me it is not possible07:18
phlak_userBesogon: do you have the proxy server also on the same machine?07:19
abemYesterday I upgraded and I got a grub rescue> error and then I was told to follow the instruction hear http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1580752. But now on reboot I am getting the sh :grub> how do I continue?07:19
Besogonphlak_user: It works in strange way...only automatically without specify the PROXY server. NO. I'm a client07:19
phlak_userabem: did you type exactly this command -> sudo mount /dev/sdXY /mnt07:20
Newguyi have a question how do i use my dvd drive in ubuntu in a vbox?07:21
The_MisfitSo this is the unmet dependencies error in synaptic firefox 8 -> properties: http://ubuntuone.com/05tEY7umotP9QCdA4J39Kv07:21
Newguyhow do i mount the drive07:21
phlak_userBesogon: that could be because your proxy is not configured as a "transparent proxy"07:21
Besogonphlak_user Nonetheless I bother more about slow 3D graphic with  my ATI x1200 :)07:21
phlak_userabem: that wont work; you need to substitute XY for your hard disk number (eg it could be /dev/sda107:22
Besogonmay be07:22
abemphlak yes I did07:22
phlak_userNewguy: mount it via the menu option on vboc07:22
phlak_userNewguy: vbox07:22
Newguydo i mount a dvd drive in a vertual box?07:23
phlak_userNewguy: yes07:23
Newguyits checks in settings07:23
abemphlak yes  I did that and got a message that affirms the changes07:24
Newguyi check it still no mount07:24
Newguydo not see the dvd drive once os is loaded07:24
Newguyno cd music for me07:24
mrsunhmm, updated my ubuntu last night, today plugin-container is EATING memory07:25
mrsungoes fine for a little while then it starts eating like 100mb/s07:25
OliveGreenHi all. I keep recieving this error after adding a repository to me sources.list: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/506144/ Can someone please help me?07:25
Newguyi was just about to watch alien siege too :(07:25
calamityAnyone else had any issues, successes, etc?07:25
botanikyswell... sorry for a stupid question, thats my first day in here, but anybody knows where to find server/channel devoted to sap, axapta or nav? $)07:26
abemphlak  how do I then move from sh :grub>07:26
phlak_userNewguy: look here -> http://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch12.html#idp1286636807:26
Newguythese question are terminal07:26
mmax8e I'm trying to install ubuntu server 11.10 64 bit using the CD, but my installation hangs right after choosing "Install Ubuntu Server" option from the installation menu. Can anybody help me pleease?07:28
chaospsychexwhy is conky reporting more memory being used than is really being used ?07:28
The_Misfitsweet if igured it out07:32
TheElusiveToolhey alll07:35
TheElusiveToolanyone can help with gdm?07:35
calamityTheElusiveTool what's the problem?07:37
TheElusiveToolah thanks07:37
TheElusiveTooli installed kubuntu to my ubuntu desktop07:37
TheElusiveTooldidn't like the login kdm07:37
TheElusiveTooli tried the dpkg-reconfigure gdm07:37
TheElusiveToolchose the gdm07:37
TheElusiveToolthen logged out07:38
TheElusiveTooland the kdm was still there07:38
=== agent is now known as ayub
calamityand have you removed kdm?07:38
ayubhi i need some assistance how do i block off webpages on 11.4 i cant seem to find domain blocker please07:38
TheElusiveToolno i haven't tried that07:38
calamityie, sudo aptitude remove kubuntu-desktop07:38
TheElusiveTooli'll try that07:39
TheElusiveToolshould i remove the kdm aswell?07:39
calamitywell, I believe kdm came with kubuntu-desktop, so it shouldn't be required.07:40
stephnii want to add text to a video which software should i use avidemux?07:40
TheElusiveTooloh ok07:40
TheElusiveToolokay i removed the kdm07:40
TheElusiveTooltry reconfigure again?07:40
TheElusiveToolk brb07:41
alan_can you see this?07:41
ayubhi i need some assistance how do i block off webpages on 11.4 i cant seem to find domain blocker please07:41
Lasersayub: Just use /etc/hosts07:41
Lasersayub: I'm sure there are some GUI Domain Blocker. I don't know the name of it. I'll try and look a little.07:42
ayubplease but domain blocker was the best on 10.0407:43
ayubhow do i use /etc/host07:43
ayubsu -07:43
Newguygood night everyone07:44
TheElusiveTooldidn't work calamity07:44
=== danub is now known as j2daosh
arunkumarvwhich is the scheduling algorithm in pound load balancer07:45
TheElusiveToolstill has the boring kdm login07:45
ayubhow do i use /etc/host07:45
Lasersayub: By adding a line "      facebook.com"07:46
Lasersayub: By adding a line "      www.facebook.com"07:46
LasersUse or
TheElusiveTooluninstalled kdm07:46
chaospsychexi'm having a weird problem with Xubuntu07:47
ayubim lost07:47
shashi-kanti am new to irc and just trying to learn how to use it07:47
chaospsychexI downloaded a file with KTorrent and it's not showing up anywhere outside of ktorrent. ktorrent says it's in my home directory but when i navigate there, it's not there?07:47
ayubsend me screen shot or something full command07:47
JohbeHello, strange behaviour in ubuntu 10.04lts when adding IP alias interface, it started using that interface as the default source IP for default route. ip sh route shows the new address as the source.07:47
Lasers!info dansguardian | ayub07:48
ubottuayub: dansguardian (source: dansguardian): Web content filtering. In component universe, is optional. Version (oneiric), package size 475 kB, installed size 2376 kB07:48
JohbeWhat can I do to specify that the old eth0 IP address is the one to be used per default without doing a "hack" ?07:48
ayub-im a new to 11.04 this version is kinda difficult07:49
abemPHLAK: do you perhaps know how I need to continue from this sh :grub> error?07:50
TheElusiveToolhow do i reset the gdm?07:50
dr_willissudo service gdm restart      you mean?07:50
TheElusiveToolwell i can only get kdm for some reason07:51
TheElusiveTooli uninstalled kdm, and when i use reconfigure-gdm07:51
TheElusiveToolthe only options are gdm, or lightgdm07:51
dr_willissudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm         to select default07:51
TheElusiveTooli tried that07:51
TheElusiveToolbut the changes won't take effect07:51
TheElusiveToolthere are no errors07:52
dr_willisyou rebooted?07:52
TheElusiveToolbut i logoff or restart07:52
abemHello there can anybody help? Yesterday I upgraded and I got a grub rescue> error and then I was told to follow the instruction hear http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1580752. But now on reboot I am getting the sh :grub> how do I continue?07:52
TheElusiveTooli still get the kdm login07:52
dr_willissounds like kdm is still installed.07:53
OliveGreenHi all.07:53
TheElusiveTooli did apt-get remove kdm07:53
sinaloco1do u spanis07:53
TheElusiveTooleverything was removed07:53
OliveGreenYounder, Hello. Are you there?07:54
sinaloco1como estan07:54
TheElusiveToolPackage kdm is not installed, so not removed07:54
TheElusiveTool0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 10 not upgraded.07:54
OliveGreenHi all. I keep recieving this error after adding a repository to me sources.list: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/506144/ Can someone please help me?07:55
TheElusiveToolany thoughts doc?07:55
abemhi all07:56
Milos|NetbookHow can I just disable ufw.07:57
Milos|NetbookI don't want it.07:57
Milos|NetbookIt won't let me disable it.07:57
FloodBot1Milos|Netbook: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:57
Milos|NetbookThose were three sentences.07:57
abemI have a problem, can you assist please: Yesterday I upgraded and I got a grub rescue> error and then I was told to follow the instruction hear http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1580752. But now on reboot I am getting the sh :grub> how do I continue?07:57
kkei'm not sure if i want a full blown mysterious cloud thing. what i would like to have is something a bit like ESXi, one quite simple host os with some ui/webui for deploying vm's (perhaps to multiple servers).. should i go with openstack, try my luck with ganeti or eucalyptus or what not, or is there something else?07:58
LasersMilos|Netbook: How did you attempt to disable it?07:59
Milos|NetbookLasers, /etc/init.d/uwf stop to stop which didn't work so I tried sudo service ufw disable07:59
TheElusiveToolany other way to go back the the gdm login?07:59
shashi-kantthis is better08:00
LasersMilos|Netbook: Try "sudo ufw disable" ?08:00
LasersTheElusiveTool: Upgrading always blows for some reason. Something always go wrong. :(08:01
TheElusiveTooltell me about it08:01
TheElusiveToolwas just curious about kubuntu08:02
TheElusiveToolnow i'm stuck with the kdm login08:02
LasersTheElusiveTool: Try this. It may be slightly outdated. http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome08:02
TheElusiveToolokay lasers it's removing08:03
TheElusiveToolthat's alot of packages08:03
LasersTheElusiveTool: What packages? o.O08:04
=== jason is now known as Guest15520
LasersTheElusiveTool: All KPackages?08:04
TheElusiveToolwell i hope so08:04
LasersTheElusiveTool: Cool. I hope so too. You could do "sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm" and select gdm (if you have more than one display manager installed).08:04
antonio_Good morning from spain08:05
TheElusiveTooli tried that08:05
TheElusiveToolevery time i choose gdm08:05
TheElusiveTooli log out and log in08:05
Milos|NetbookLasers, I'm just waiting on my friend who needs the help. Will that remove it from startup also or do I need to use update-rc.d to do that?08:05
TheElusiveToolor restart08:05
TheElusiveToolthe kdm login always comes back08:05
TheElusiveTooleven after removing kdm08:05
TheElusiveTooland there's no kdm to select08:05
TheElusiveToolkdm login is still there08:05
LasersMilos|Netbook: I don't use ufw much. I'm already behind the router.08:06
LasersMilos|Netbook: We should wait and see what your friend have to say.08:06
Milos|NetbookLasers, likewise with hem...08:06
=== Guest15520 is now known as jasef
Milos|NetbookLasers, cool thanks.08:06
barecrackerhi i am using webchat.freenode.net, how do i set all the in and out messages to ignore? thx08:06
Milos|NetbookLasers, I just wish ubuntu came with nothing pre-installed. I could probably find such an install08:07
Lasersbarecracker: What IRC client?08:07
Lasers!minimal | Milos|Netbook08:07
ubottuMilos|Netbook: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD08:07
barecrackerlasers: webchat.freenode.net08:07
barecrackerit's jus a webpage08:07
barecrackernot client08:07
Lasersbarecracker: Well, that's not a real client. The features are there only if they added it.08:07
Milos|NetbookThanks for the Lasers!08:07
antonio_just a question: i have tried tu run an application from the dash of my oneiric, and i've realized taht most frecuently used applications have disappeared. Is it right, or is it a bug in my ubuntu? Thank you!08:08
LasersMilos|Netbook: I haven't used that for long time, but yeah, avoid the metapackages (ie ubuntu-desktop) and install things as you go from scratch.08:08
barecrackermore than half of the message on my screen are joining and quitting messages08:08
Milos|NetbookLasers, thankies.08:08
Milos|NetbookLasers, that's exactly what he'd need. Superb.08:08
Lasersbarecracker: I understand. You shouldn't use webchat.freenode.net (web) as a permanent solution to IRC. :)08:09
barecrackerlasers: okay thanks08:09
antonio_just a question: i have tried to run an application from the dash of my oneiric, and i've realized that most frequently used applications have disappeared. Is it right, or is it a bug in my ubuntu? Thank you from Spain!08:11
=== KIAaze_away is now known as KIAaze
Guest8314hello everyone08:11
=== firecracker is now known as barecracker
TheElusiveToolokay it's done08:12
TheElusiveToolall kubuntu packages removed08:12
LasersTheElusiveTool: Cool. Gdm then? :)08:13
TheElusiveToolshould i restart, or just logoff?08:13
LasersTheElusiveTool: It's your call.08:13
TheElusiveToolok brb08:13
=== sveldhuisen_ is now known as sveldhuisen
TheElusiveToolstill kdm login08:16
solofightthe new ubuntu sucks. i liked the old menu, dashboard, desktop very much than this side bar thing. How do i revert it back without changing the os version ? i am currently having (11.10)08:16
wink888hi all i am actually looking at using ubuntu running as a live OS running 3g and recording information back to centeral server08:17
wink888can anyone give me some initial thoughts to if this will work08:18
TheElusiveToolno luck lasers08:18
TheElusiveToolstill kdm08:18
wink888also is it possible ot have the OS just boot directly to my application using the live OS from USB install?08:19
barecrackerQ: under the new ubuntu, how can i browser file folders with a "detailed" view, not just icons?08:19
LasersTheElusiveTool: lasers didn't trigger me. People kept killing each others with lasers. :( Can't you go with a clean installation?08:19
solofightan for the worst part the synaptic crashes in the latest version and has been reported as a bug08:20
TheElusiveToolLasers: reinstall from scratch?08:20
barecrackeri want to be able to see the file size/extension type/modification date etc08:20
r0skHey, morning all!08:20
r0skanyone has ubuntu running on macbook 2.1?08:21
LasersTheElusiveTool: If it's bothering you that much, yeah. Well, try running "sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm" again. Also. Try a forced reinstallation of the package 'gdm'08:21
TheElusiveTooli used apt-get remove gdm, then reinstalled it08:21
LasersTheElusiveTool: Wait. You're on latest Ubuntu? You surely mean lightdm?08:21
wink888is there a limitation to running ubuntu from a USB drive? Can I save my customisations for the next time it runs?08:21
TheElusiveToolno i chose gdm in the reconfigure-gdm08:22
TheElusiveToolthere were two options, gdm, and lightdm08:22
TheElusiveTooli read something about a gdm208:22
barecrackerhi, how can i browser file folders with a "detailed list" view under 11.10 ?08:24
barecrackernot just icons08:24
dalek_I am getting choppy/jerk-o-vision playback of ALL video formats on Totem movie player... However this worked fine before I had to do a major re-install... so I must be missing something which I still need to install. Any ideas?08:24
JapyDoogei guess they removed the buttons for that in 11.10 to make it look 'cleaner'? :P graphics over usability \o/08:24
TheElusiveToolLasers: what did you mean by lightdm08:25
JapyDoogedalek_: mpeg/mp3 codecs? are also used for audio decoding08:25
Newbeeansdoes anyone have the proper wiki/help page on how to uninstall Ubuntu? It takes me 12-15 seconds for all programs to respond to ticks. My pc doesn't seem to be able to handle it.08:25
barecrackerjapy: were u answering? but the graphics are still much to be desired08:25
barecrackeranswering me ..08:25
SunTzuNewbeeans what's the cpu speed?08:25
wink888anyone running ubuntu from live USB? can you configure changes and install apps on it and then it will be there on the next run?08:25
JapyDoogeyea well just talking random about your question barecracker :) i have no idea tbh, didnt try 11.10 that well yet08:26
SunTzuNewbeeans how much real ram is installed?08:26
LasersTheElusiveTool: What version are you on?08:26
JapyDoogebut i'll check my VM with 11.10 :)08:26
dalek_JapyDooge, Is there a list somewhere of every codec/package I should have installed to get video playback working 100%?08:26
NewbeeansSunTzu: I'm not sure. I don't have it fired up right now. 2GB ram08:26
JapyDoogenot that i'm aware of dalek_08:26
JapyDoogethere might be some information on a wiki / forum08:26
LasersTheElusiveTool: Then you have been using lightdm. gdm is not used in 11.1008:27
Lasers!lightdm | TheElusiveTool08:27
TheElusiveToolwhen i first upgraded to 11.10 i had a nice gdm login08:27
Lasers!info lightdm | TheElusiveTool08:27
ubottuTheElusiveTool: lightdm (source: lightdm): Display Manager. In component main, is optional. Version 1.0.6-0ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 94 kB, installed size 428 kB08:27
LasersTheElusiveTool: That's lightdm.08:27
LasersTheElusiveTool: Install that.08:27
barecrackerin terms of graphics interface, it's such's a let down for windows 7 users when swtiching to 11.1008:27
SunTzuNewbeeans get a PM08:28
JapyDoogebarecracker: :) move your mouse over the top bar and go to the View -> List option there08:28
chaospsychexbarecracker: ? are you saying the interface is worse in 11.10 ?08:28
TheElusiveToolReading state information... Done08:28
TheElusiveToollightdm is already the newest version.08:28
chaospsychexthe win7 interface is crap08:28
chaospsychexfile explorer is crap08:28
barecrackerit's never any good08:28
LasersTheElusiveTool: Try "sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm" and see if anything came up.08:28
barecrackerjapy: thx08:28
JapyDoogewell its a matter of taste imo :-) but i like Windows 7 GUI more than Unity08:28
chaospsychexyour crazy as hell, unity may suck yes, but you haven't seen gnome308:29
JapyDoogenp bare08:29
JapyDoogethats true08:29
chaospsychexthe regular gnome3 blows win7 gui away08:29
JapyDoogegnome3 is worse08:29
FloodBot1JapyDooge: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:29
TheElusiveToolReading state information... Done08:29
TheElusiveToollightdm is already the newest version.08:29
chaospsychexthen go to #windows and flatter them about how awesome the win7 gui is08:29
TheElusiveTooldpkg-maintscript-helper: warning: environment variable DPKG_MAINTSCRIPT_NAME missing08:29
TheElusiveTooldpkg-maintscript-helper: warning: environment variable DPKG_MAINTSCRIPT_PACKAGE missing08:29
LasersTheElusiveTool: Meh.08:29
szal!language | chaospsychex08:29
ubottuchaospsychex: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.08:29
JapyDoogei find the workflow of Gnome3 nice, but the userinterface is far from being consistent08:29
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents08:30
barecrackerwin7 interface is sleek and stable08:30
JapyDoogechaospsychex: don't take it that personal, i'm only saying that its a matter of taste :) you dont have to start getting personal :P08:30
barecrackeri honestly say it rocks08:30
TheElusiveToolLasers: it came up with the same menu as reconfigure gdm08:30
TheElusiveTooli chose gdm again08:30
TheElusiveTooltry logoff again?08:30
danubhey all. i got apache installed, but for some reason it is reading the /etc/apache2/apache2.conf.dpkg-dist instead of /etc/apache2/apache.conf. why is it doing that?08:31
barecrackerwhat bugs me is that when unbuntu did the unity swtich, they had all the time to learn from win708:31
LasersTheElusiveTool: You can't select lightdm? Just gdm?08:31
=== JimmyJ_ is now known as JimmyJ
barecrackerbut they didn't come up with a better one08:31
TheElusiveToolno i can select both08:31
LasersTheElusiveTool: Select lightdm only.08:31
TheElusiveToolwhen i select lightdm i get :dpkg-maintscript-helper: warning: environment variable DPKG_MAINTSCRIPT_NAME missing08:32
TheElusiveTooldpkg-maintscript-helper: warning: environment variable DPKG_MAINTSCRIPT_PACKAGE missing08:32
LasersTheElusiveTool: I think it's a confirmed bug.08:33
JapyDoogeis it possible to move the unity-bar to the bottom?08:33
barecrackerjapy: i got it .. the menu bar only shows up when i mouse over it at top08:33
LasersTheElusiveTool: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lightdm/+bug/706354 (with debconf or dpkg package)08:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 706354 in ntp (Ubuntu) "dpkg-maintscript-helper: warning: environment variable DPKG_MAINTSCRIPT_PACKAGE missing" [Low,Confirmed]08:33
barecrackeri was searching all over for it and almost wanted to smash my laptop in frustraction08:33
JapyDoogeyep barecracker thats a way to make the userinterface more minimalistic, but i have the feeling that they might have looked a little bit at Mac OS X with this new GUI design :-)08:33
NewbeeansDo I need a certain uninstall procedure to go to a lighter distro?08:34
LasersTheElusiveTool: Therefore it affects lightdm too. Don't worry about it. That's norm for using somewhat-latest of Ubuntu.08:34
Gentoo64Newbeeans, you dont uninstall08:34
barecrackerjapy: they want it to be all interface for all, pc and tablets etc08:34
LasersNewbeeans: You install it from scratch. Not the other way.08:34
JapyDoogeNewbeeans: if you want to move to another distro, usually you just install it over this one and choose to format the drive during installation of that distro. You will loose personal data then tho, except when /home is in a different partition and you choose to not reformat that one08:34
NewbeeansI see.08:35
TheElusiveToolLasers: so there is no apparent fix yet08:35
JapyDoogebarecracker: yea that doesnt work. i'm afraid Microsoft is making the same fault with Windows 8 tho, the 'one interface for all' is unpossible08:35
JapyDoogei don't see myself developing on a touchscreen :D08:35
LasersTheElusiveTool: Right. It was reported and confirmed not long ago.08:35
JapyDoogeNewbeeans: the alternative is to make Ubuntu lighter08:35
NewbeeansThanks...I'm going to play with that for awhile...good info as always08:35
TheElusiveToolwell that sucks08:35
JapyDoogefor example switch to another WM.08:36
TheElusiveTooli'm not reinstalling!08:36
szalTheElusiveTool: is there anything about lightdm that doesn't work?  if there isn't, just ignore the warning, perhaps file a bug to have that fixed for 12.0408:36
LasersTheElusiveTool: Also, lightdm, gdm, kdm, etc. You only see them for few seconds. You can ignore it.08:36
JapyDoogeif you want real light ones, you might want to look at fluxbox, xfce, icewm, etc08:36
JapyDoogetoo late >.<08:36
TheElusiveToolbesides the kdm issue it's running great. even got conky working08:37
szalwhat's lightdm got to do w/ kdm now?08:38
TheElusiveToolno i was trying to use the gdm login instead of kdm login08:39
Lasersszal: He tried KDE. Does not like it. Uninstalled everything. KDM is still there for some reason.08:39
maumwhat is ctrl+t for on ubuntu 11.1008:40
szalthen he forgot to uninstall it..  simple08:40
Lasersszal: Feel free to help him. :)08:40
TheElusiveTooli uninstalled all kde packages08:41
JapyDoogehm how do i install gnome classic on 11.10? :)08:41
JapyDoogelooks like aptitude is gone and apt-get doesnt support 'search'08:41
Lasers!notunity | JapyDooge08:42
ubottuJapyDooge: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic08:42
quiescensJapyDooge: the traditional search for apt is apt-cache search (pattern here)08:42
szalJapyDooge: aptitude is alive & kicking, and for apt it's 'apt-cache search'08:42
JapyDoogethank you Lasers :)08:42
quiescensJapyDooge: there is of course also probably nothing stopping you from apt-get install aptitude08:42
JapyDoogequiescens: aptitude isnt installed by default on 11.1008:42
quiescensJapyDooge: i know, i'm saying you can search with apt-cache search (stuff)08:43
quiescensJapyDooge: or just choose to install aptitude if you want08:43
LasersOr make aliases!08:43
JapyDoogebah, Canonical should make up their mind on this one :P before i had to switch from apt-get to aptitude (or i was getting messages that this method of installing stuff was depricated) and now aptitude is gone :P argl08:43
JapyDoogebut thanks for all that information =)08:43
qbitzaHow do I change my Date display settings in Unity?08:46
TheElusiveToolLasers: thanks for taking the time to help08:46
rumpe1JapyDooge, then install aptitude or use "apt-cache search <term>"08:47
qbitzaUnder Language Support, I can only select regions08:47
LasersTheElusiveTool: No problem.08:48
JapyDoogeyea rumpe1 was fixed already :) but ty08:48
TheElusiveTooli'll just put up with it til the next upgrade08:48
=== Root is now known as Guest59091
chaospsychexis there a pkg available in the repos that will allow Audacious to play .psf files?08:50
oddy_CJKay , r u here??08:51
=== Fever_ is now known as BlauskaerM
linuxuz3rhello fever_08:51
linuxuz3rhi BlauskaerM08:52
BlauskaerMNeed to fix that so that I change Nick everytime I connect to freenode08:52
oddy_hi everybody, I have a problem with ubuntu 10.04 on my desktop pc, it was working fine for a long time, but recently on openning it stops loading and display this http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/64/p0911111830.jpg/08:53
qbitzaoddy_: nasty08:53
oddy_qbitza : what?08:54
qbitzaoddy_: Boot with a LiveCD, go into recovery mode and see if you can still mount / fix your disk08:54
oddy_I tried boot with a liveCD but it doesn't permit me to access /08:55
=== Fiddich_ is now known as Fiddich
qbitzaWhat message does it give?08:56
oddy_qbitza : the message in this photo http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/64/p0911111830.jpg/08:57
oddy_qbitza: you mean the message when mounting / on the liveCD ?08:57
qbitzaThat's not booting from a live cd - booting from the live cd should allow you to run Ubuntu without any installation08:57
Lasersoddy_: Did you do anything before that happen? o.O08:58
Lasersoddy_: You need LiveCD. Listen to qbitza. :)08:58
=== zz_M4rc3l is now known as M4rc3l
oddy_qbitza: it alert me "you have no permission to access this"08:58
oddy_Lasers: the last time I used this computer I unplugged the power cable instead of turning off08:59
BlauskaerModdy_: Not really the best way to power donw09:00
qbitzaoddy_: You trashed your drive09:00
qbitzaI haven't seent hat happen in a couple of years now09:00
oddy_qbitza: so, what to do?09:00
BlauskaerMIsnt there a disktest on the live CD?09:00
qbitzaShould be09:00
BlauskaerModdy_: Try that fist so that you can confirm that the disk is still alive09:01
BlauskaerMof the test checks out09:01
chaospsychexwhy isn't the 'audacious-plugins-extra' in the repo?09:01
=== Guest71164 is now known as jbache
oddy_BlauskaerM: try what dude, the liveCD?09:03
VustomFor some reason Java isn't setting the CWD to the folder that a .jar file is in which is causing an error to occurred when I try and install something, anyone know how to fix this?09:03
BlauskaerModdy_: Not to talk down to you but then you tried to mount the disk in the live CD, did you do it as root?09:03
Vustomto occur*09:03
BlauskaerModdy_: There should be a HDD test on the live cd, use that test to config that the disk is not damaged09:03
oddy_BlauskaerM: I'm trying the liveCD now, wait a min09:05
szalBlauskaerM: the live CD doesn't even have smartmontools09:06
oddy_BlauskaerM:  it is opened, now what to do?09:06
oddy_Lasers, qbitza, BlauskaerM : the liveCD is running now, what to do next??09:08
BlauskaerModdy_: I have never used the HDD test in ubuntu so I dont know09:09
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=== glenn is now known as Guest41599
n1mdaUbuntu 11.10. I ran apt-get remove compiz, but after a restart my desktop does not show up. What do I do to fix it? Other than installing compiz again, I don't want it09:12
oddy_BlauskaerM:I'm trying to access /, but it tells me "unable to mount, Error mounting: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda5"09:13
BlauskaerMn1mda: Did apt-get also remove gnome when you removed compiz?09:13
ksx4systemit's not possible to move from left side to right side of screen, am I right?09:14
BlauskaerModdy_: Then your disk is broken, the super block is the block in the disk that stores the partiotiontable09:14
caesar_anyone know how to unlock svn folder?09:14
n1mdaah yes it seems so BlauskaerM. Should i install the package "gnome" again?09:14
BlauskaerMn1mda: you can try, or just use KDE :P09:15
oddy_BlauskaerM: does that mean I have to install a new system ?09:15
BlauskaerModdy_: I think so =/09:15
n1mdawhy would compiz remove gnome? that makes no sense09:15
BlauskaerMIt might also mean that you need to get a new disk09:15
=== Guest41599 is now known as glda19
abemYesterday I upgraded and I got a grub rescue> error and then I was told to follow the instruction hear http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1580752. But now on reboot I am getting the sh :grub> how do I continue?09:16
BlauskaerMn1mda: Try to remove firefox, then apt-get tries to remove gnome aswell09:16
glda19when can i upgrade to thunderbird 809:16
BlauskaerMn1mda: dont know why09:16
oddy_BlauskaerM: so, no way I can fix it and reuse the current system ?09:16
Lasersoddy_: You can if you're fully resolved in hanging out in this channel until you fixed it.09:16
BlauskaerModdy_: I dont know =/09:17
quiescensi don't recall any issue with removing firefox causing gnome to be removed09:17
Lasersoddy_: It's easier to backup everything (/home/ and /etc) and reinstall.09:17
* quiescens shrugs09:17
glda19when can i upgrade to thunderbird 809:17
szal!repeat | glda1909:17
ubottuglda19: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/09:17
oddy_Lasers: I don't have no internet connection on this computer, so I'll lose all the Apps09:18
caesar_svn download got interrupted.. when i go to resume it says "locked" anyone know why this is happening?09:18
oddy_Lasers: I have no *09:18
Lasersoddy_: I see.09:19
deej1976glda19: I would say when the ubuntu Thunderbird maintainers are happy with their packaging09:19
Lasersoddy_: Why not?09:19
deej1976glda19: You could always download from mozilla and run.09:20
oddy_Lasers: do you mean, I can save everything even the my programs?09:20
glda19deej1976, it's out now for windows09:20
Lasersoddy_: You can rescue personal file, documents, etc. But as for programs, you can reinstall them from Internet.09:20
oddy_Lasers: don't reinstall would remove all the installed software??09:20
deej1976glda19: It's out now for linux if you download and install manually09:21
Lasers!latest | glda1909:21
ubottuglda19: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.09:21
oddy_Lasers: aha09:21
oddy_Lasers: don't you have any idea how can i fix it, or even find the way to fix it?09:21
glda19djee1976 but how can i install it on the same place where the ppa does it09:22
deej1976glda19: You can extract in your homearea and run from they while waiting for the official upgrade in the repo09:23
Lasersoddy_: It require an Internet conncetion (or 10.04.3 LTS Disc). You can recover your personal/important files. Move them to different/secondary hard drive. Install a fresh copy of Ubuntu on the first hard drive.09:23
glda19thnx djee197609:23
* deej1976 checking nick spelling deej1976, hmmm09:24
oddy_Lasers: no< i mean fix the problem without reinstallation09:25
ksx4systemUnity collapsed just after I installed compizconfig-settings-manager09:25
ksx4systemI logged out and logged back in - problem persists09:25
Dex7when i connect to mpd server (music player daemon) from another mashine - it dont play anything. how can i solve it?09:25
_Rod2kHi guys. I want to set up a new connection on Ubuntu. I'm trying to make my cellphone to use the internet connection from my computer. Looking for it on Ubuntu help and this is all I came up with: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/internet/C/connecting-mobile.html09:25
Lasersoddy_: It is possible. Yes. I just don't want to get into it because it would enable me to search forums and archives for hours.09:25
oddy_Lasers: then tell me what to search about, and I'll do it09:26
Lasersoddy_: ubuntu busybox recovery, for starters.09:27
_Rod2kMy question is, is it possible to use bluetooth or USB internet from my computer on the cellphone using Ubuntu? Anyone tried it already?09:27
ksx4systemone more time: what happened to Unity after installing and running compizconfig-settings-manager?09:27
oddy_Lasers: ok, thank you09:28
Lasers_Rod2k: It is possible but my BT phone does not have Internet plan. :)09:28
ksx4systemand how to fix it?09:28
crocketDoes ubuntu have a kernel patch that enables mdf support in mount?09:28
ksx4systemUnity's 3D dashboard and launcher doesn't start with X session09:28
_Rod2kLasers, you got me wrong. I mean for the cellphone to use the PC's internet.09:28
_Rod2kLasers, not the other way.09:29
Lasers_Rod2k: Ah I see. I have no clue.09:29
_Rod2kIsn't there a way to set up a bridge connection between Ubuntu and the phone in order to let the phone to use the pc-internet-connection? Or at least a program...anything?09:31
Lasers_Rod2k: Well. Do you even know if your phone can use Internet through BT (from computer?)09:32
Lasers_Rod2k: Some smartphones can do Wifi. It really varies on phone models (and linux/Windows/Mac).09:33
_Rod2kLasers Yeah but my phone lacks Wi-fi. All I got is BT. And AFAIK it does use the pc's COM port to use dial-up network and PAN.09:33
rykkahi everyone. mupdf ,anyone knows how to make j/k to view next page?09:34
_Rod2kLasers the only thing that kinda makes it impossible or hard to set is, when setting up a new Access point, it only supports Data Packet connection type instead of Data Call.09:35
ironhalikare there any aptitude extensions? Something that would give it some yum or emerge features?09:36
_Rod2kLasers, On windows I tried GnuBox and M-Router. After that I tried Bluesoleil and Hiisi Suite. Nothing worked.09:36
_Rod2kI mean, they did work out-of-the-box for me, but in the end I got no internet running on my phone (Nokia 5233)09:37
Lasers_Rod2k: I have Nokia X2. I'll try it.09:38
deej1976ironhalik: which feature is missing ?09:38
Lasers_Rod2k: Gotta find my phone first.09:39
tbfhow can i get back the old alt-tab switcher in unity?09:39
tbfthis application grouping in oneiric drives me nuts09:39
oddy_Lasers BlauskaerM : I fixed it guys :)09:39
_Rod2kLasers: Are you going to try it on Ubuntu or windows?09:40
VustomI just installed 7zip from the Ubuntu Software Center but I can't figure out how to extra this .zip file with 7zip, can someone help?09:41
JapyDooge7zip != zip09:42
ironhalikdeej1976: Im thinking about more readable output like in yum, and nice package summaries in search, like in gentoo :>09:42
JapyDoogeinstall zip or unzip09:42
JapyDooge7zip is for the 7z format09:43
ironhalikdeej1976: also something that would speed up the repo update process, after a while Ive got lots of repos, some of them timing out and it takes a while, not that yum was any faster :P09:43
VustomIs there anything else I can use besides the default Zip program? As I keep getting an error when extracting09:43
VustomI've redownloaded, same problem, and I'm the only one having it09:44
szaldefine 'an error'09:44
JapyDoogeVustom: what is the error? is the archive damaged? did you clear the browser cache before redownloading?09:44
VustomI posted the error there09:44
_Rod2kLasers: Is this for computer sharing internet connection with cellphone or the other way around? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothDialup09:45
deej1976ironhalik: Have you read through the man page?09:45
VustomJapyDooge: That's odd.. the file is listed in the .zip but it's got an odd name; I'll take a screenshot to show you09:46
JapyDoogeVustom: try 'unzip -t \*.zip'09:46
ironhalikdeej1976: im looking through it now09:46
Lasers_Rod2k: "Make sure you have appropriate data plan" -- I think it's using the phone to get Internet on PC.09:47
VustomJapyDooge: http://i.snag.gy/2AHcS.jpg09:47
Lasers_Rod2k: http://www.stolk.org/debian/bluetooth.html09:48
Lasers_Rod2k: Do you really need it?09:48
_Rod2kLasers: Unfortunately I REALLY need it. For work and for my sister, She needs it inside her bedroom and doesn't want to try the operator's data plan contract. Catch.09:50
Lasers_Rod2k: I'll try it now.09:51
VustomJapyDooge: Any ideas? :c09:51
_Rod2kLasers, Great so we can share the experience (if you want).09:52
chroothi, is there anyone who ever installed cloud on ubuntu, give me some advice09:55
KNUBBIGHey, I'm having a problem with hosting mercurial with apache on ubuntu, and there's none at #mercurial, so I try my luck here: Hosting itself is fine but when I try nested subrepos, I get a 404 on checkout and the logs say sth about no acceptable variant HTTP_UNAUTHORIZED. Anyone got any idea?09:55
VustomJapyDooge: I did a cd to the folder where the .zip is then unzip -t Zelda.zip (renamed it to Zelda.zip so it's easier) and now I can't find where it extracted it too.. but here's the log http://paste.ubuntu.com/735058/09:56
JapyDoogeVustom: sorry was afk for a sec :) cehcking screenshot now09:56
JapyDoogehmm it looks like the one who packaged it uses some creative codepage09:57
VustomShould I just go on Windows to extract it?09:58
JapyDoogeyou can give that a try indeed, do you have a download link?09:58
quiescenstechnically unzip will probably extract it fine09:58
quiescensbut you did use unzip -t09:58
VustomI dunno where it unzipped it too though :/09:58
quiescens-t is test09:59
JapyDoogetesting: Zelda Adventure V0.9.5/music/Fontaine F??es.ogg   OK09:59
JapyDoogei see it there also09:59
quiescensit only extracts to memory09:59
JapyDoogethe file itself is okay, but it has unknown characters in it09:59
JapyDoogequiescens: i asked him to do that :) he tried it normally before09:59
VustomI will go on Windows to extract it :)10:00
JapyDoogeVustom: if you like i can download, extract, repackage on an US system10:00
JapyDoogeso you dont have to reboot10:00
VustomIt's 80 MB's :p10:00
JapyDoogenvm then :+ wont be a quick fix10:01
VustomThanks for the help though :D10:01
JapyDoogeim at 2/2MB sdsl lol10:01
JapyDoogenp and good luck :)10:01
VustomWhat happens if I were to extract it on Windows, then view the files in Ubuntu. o.O10:02
VustomWill it just come up with ?? again10:02
JapyDoogedon't think so Vustom10:02
Vustomk, brb :D10:02
JapyDoogeyou will either have the same problem on Windows, or windows will 'translate' it10:03
gliorosin shh i change this file using vi /etc/courier-imap/imapd10:03
glioroshow can i safe it now ?10:03
schnuffleglioros: :w10:03
JapyDoogeglioros: press 'esc' then type :wq!10:03
JapyDoogew = write10:04
JapyDoogeq = quit10:04
JapyDooge! = force10:04
=== root is now known as Guest42555
glenndwhere can i set the workgroup10:04
vinnie48if you want to donate money to the ubuntu developers, how goes?10:04
JapyDoogeglioros: or install 'nano' as an userfriendly alternative to vi :) but thats personal choice, some will scream 'blasphemy!' now after me suggesting this10:04
Guest42555are you working with backtrack10:04
=== jfergon is now known as jfergon_gymkhana
Lasers_Rod2k: Try blueman. It have more options, but yeah, I'm not getting it yet.10:05
KNUBBIGJapyDooge: <3 ;D10:05
JapyDoogevinnie48: http://www.ubuntu.com/community/get-involved10:05
szalGuest42555: (1) don't IRC as root (unless there's no other way); (2) we don't support BackTrack here10:06
_Rod2kLasers Interesting, that was what I was thinking just now o_O10:06
Guest42555thank you szal10:06
_Rod2kLasers Do you think this might work http://fedoranews.org/contributors/muhammad_al_ismail/bluetooth/ ?10:08
VincentBInstalling ubuntu now, hope I get it to work10:08
Lasers_Rod2k: Dunno. Not likely. 2004.10:08
Lasers_Rod2k: But that looks similar to the link I sent you earlier.10:09
JapyDooge1:05 <KNUBBIG> JapyDooge: <3 ;D << sup? :P was afk for a sec10:10
glenndwhere can i set the domain name10:10
_Rod2kLasers: thanks for the tip. At least I now have a new direction to go. Can't give up on this.10:11
_Rod2kLasers, about the link you sent, it's not really necessary to download and install a new copy of Debian, since Ubuntu is Debian-based so assuming that all described there will work out is OK right?10:13
=== skrewler_ is now known as skrewler
Lasers_Rod2k: Correct.10:14
Lasers_Rod2k: Good luck! BTW!10:14
_Rod2kLasers, Okay I'm gonna face the pain :-P10:15
_Rod2kLasers, Yeah I will need it.10:15
Lasers_Rod2k: It is much easier to wait until you get on the computer to check stuffs instead of phones. :)10:15
chargedanyone to help me adding the right privilege to smmsp user?10:15
glenndwhere can i set my domainname10:15
Lasers_Rod2k: And Twitter/FB have text-only messages. Not sure what you need Internet for. :)10:15
deej1976!repeat | glennd10:16
ubottuglennd: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/10:16
_Rod2kHmm, Lasers, if you got anything lighter and preferably for the Ubuntu-side (or even windows-side) just let me know - rodolfo.inec@gmail.com :)10:17
balooohi everyone.  Does anyone know how I can reference my ubuntu machine on a windows network by hostname?  For some reason I can only do it by IP.  I don't have access to the DHCP or DNS / WINS server.  My only goal is to be able to reference my machine by hostname from another computer on the same network.10:17
SubNormalI just replaced my secondary ethernet card, after I did that I have no internet connection, the secondary card was for local connection not internet,  i'm using 10.04 and ebox. any one that could assist me?10:18
Lasers_Rod2k: I'm not pursing this challenge Sorry. And you really really shouldn't post emails in here.10:18
dr_willisbalooo:  set it to a static ip and edit the hosts file is one way10:18
gliorosguys  Starting imapd/etc/init.d/courier-imap: /usr/lib/courier-imap/imapd.rc: /bin/sh^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory10:19
glioros failed10:19
gliorosanybody knows why ?10:19
balooodr_wills: yeah, but that won't work for me, because my use cases is bring several VMs up/down.   So it won't be practical or to get ~20 people to update their hosts files anytime that happens.  Also they don't have permissions to edit their host files :(10:20
llutzglioros: dos2unix <yourscript>10:20
dr_willisglioros:  how did you make that imapd.rc file10:20
gianluca_is there any way to remove unity10:20
gianluca_and use gnome?10:20
deej1976!notunity | gianluca_10:20
ubottugianluca_: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic10:20
dr_willisunity uses gnome 310:21
llutzglioros: or: recode ibmpc..lat1  <yourfile>             reason for that error are bad lineendings in a file imapd.rc calls10:21
gliorosllutz so vi /etc/courier-imap/imapd.rc10:21
gliorosto amend it ?10:21
phlak_userbalooo, you could always set up a small and fast dns server/forwarder like dnsmasq that would serve the needs of your internal LAN as well as forward external requests10:22
llutzglioros: however, you have to recode the linebreaks10:22
phlak_userbalooo, http://thekelleys.org.uk/dnsmasq/doc.html10:23
dr3mrocan any one help me what is the problem here ?http://pastebin.com/Xh272MSD10:23
schreberIs there a way to force/double-check why nautilus is not displaying a mounted drive?10:23
llutz!pm | glioros10:23
ubottuglioros: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.10:23
glioroswhat do you mean by recode the linebreaks ?10:24
balooophlak_user: the problem is that I'm ona managed network and the pc's that will need access are also managed.  I can't point them at any other dns server.  I thought their would be a way to make ubuntu work within a windows network enviorment?  Can't the vms just register with the dns somehow?10:24
llutzglioros: or: recode ibmpc..lat1  <yourfile>             reason for that error are bad lineendings in a file imapd.rc calls10:24
phlak_userbalooo, which dns?10:24
balooothe WINS server? (I'm assuming their is a wins server)10:24
llutzglioros: you file has CR/LF  but is has to be just LF   as lineending. change that, pick the tool you want10:24
llutz!info dos2unix10:25
ubottudos2unix (source: dos2unix): convert text file line endings between CRLF and LF. In component universe, is extra. Version 5.3-1 (oneiric), package size 51 kB, installed size 268 kB10:25
szalevery better text editor should be able to convert between Unix, DOS and IBM standard10:25
gliorosdos2unix='recode ibmpc:lat1' ?10:26
llutzglioros: its the  same, yes10:26
llutzor "tr -d '\r' ..."  or or or10:26
phlak_userbalooo, maybe winbind would help you -> http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-88206.html10:27
gliorosok did that and still    Stopping imap-ssl/etc/init.d/courier-imap: /usr/lib/courier-imap/imapd-ssl.rc: /bin/sh^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory10:27
llutzglioros: more than one file corrupted10:28
=== M4rc3l is now known as zz_M4rc3l
phlak_user!info winbindd10:28
ubottuPackage winbindd does not exist in oneiric10:28
deej1976glioros: This is the hint "/bin/sh^M"10:28
Dex7hello please help. how can i install driver (00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset High Definition Audio (rev 06)) on ubuntu server?10:28
phlak_user!info winbind | baloo10:28
ubottubaloo: winbind (source: samba): Samba nameservice integration server. In component main, is optional. Version 2:3.5.11~dfsg-1ubuntu2.1 (oneiric), package size 5461 kB, installed size 16124 kB10:28
gliorosdeej1976 you mean that the corrupted files are in bin folders ?10:28
deej1976No the ^M at the end of the line10:29
gliorosso what i do know ?10:29
llutzglioros: recode all broken files10:29
phlak_userglioros, its a dos end-of-line format which is different from unix eol10:29
deej1976glioros: As llutz said dos2unix all the broken files10:29
SubNormalI just replaced my secondary ethernet card, after I did that I have no internet connection, the secondary card was for local connection not internet,  i'm using 10.04 and ebox. any one that could assist me?10:29
llutzglioros: apearantly  /usr/lib/courier-imap/*10:30
phlak_userSubNormal, can you paste the output of sudo lshw -C network10:30
gliorosis there a command to dos2unix all the files together?10:30
phlak_user!pastebinit | SubNormal10:30
ubottuSubNormal: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com10:30
phlak_userglioros, use a wildcard * maybe10:30
stylussHi, I installed xmonad on ubuntu 11.10, created xmonad.hs file but when I use it, it hangs :S how do I debug it?10:30
=== Morfeus is now known as Morfeus^
llutz<phlak_user> glioros, use a wildcard * maybe10:31
SubNormalphlak_user i'm sorry but I have no internet connection on it and I tried to setup samba but I cant get it to work, so I have no idea on how to make a paste :-/ any idea?10:32
phlak_userSubNormal, is it a server or a desktop installation?10:32
cablophow good is ubuntu for real servers?10:32
* phlak_user shouldnt have said "maybe"10:32
llutzcablop: as good as any other distro, depends on the admin10:33
phlak_usercablop, its good also for "unreal" read "virtual" servers10:33
SubNormalphlak_user it's server10:33
ActionParsnipcablop: its fine10:33
JapyDoogecablop: i have used Ubuntu Server a lot for my webservers and mailservers, it's okay i guess :)10:33
cablopsome people decided to run a server to dedicate it to MySQL only10:33
JapyDoogebut you have to keep it up to date10:33
glioros<llutz> <phlak_user> glioros, use a wildcard * maybe10:33
ActionParsnipcablop: thats fine too10:33
gliorosi cant understand guys....10:33
SubNormalphlak_user I can access it's ebox from this computer though10:33
glioroscan you explain it more ?10:33
gliorosi am gonna appreciate it10:34
llutzglioros: try: dos2unix  /usr/lib/courier-imap/*10:34
phlak_userSubNormal, ok, can you tell me how many interfaces show up in sudo ifconfig10:34
ActionParsnipSubNormal: can you ping the IP?10:34
cablopthey have two issues, one is they believe Ubuntu is not a good distro for production servers, and the other is they tried a debian with no luck in that server, the debian was unable to detect the hardware, as ubuntu was based on debian, they believe ubuntu is going to fail too10:34
daurnimatorhow can I "Browse Network" (samba) as a certain user?10:34
JapyDoogecablop: nowadays my servers run FreeBSD, but Ubuntu Server is nice :)10:34
glioros-bash: dos2unix: command not found10:34
ActionParsnipglioros: install it then ;)10:34
ActionParsnip!info dos2unix10:35
llutzglioros: why are you administrating a mail-server when you don't even know some bash-basics?10:35
ubottudos2unix (source: dos2unix): convert text file line endings between CRLF and LF. In component universe, is extra. Version 5.3-1 (oneiric), package size 51 kB, installed size 268 kB10:35
cablopany hardware isues, not recognized drivers, hard to install drivers or so with ubuntu server?10:35
JapyDoogecablop: Ubuntu supports more hardware than Debian, as it's more up to date - but it's tested very well and there is a huge community supporting/testing/using it.10:35
ActionParsnipcablop: depends on the hardware10:35
gliorosi tried to install it but E: Couldn't find package dos2unix10:35
deej1976glioros: sudo apt-get install dos2unix10:35
SubNormalphlak_user I get eth1 eth2 and loopback10:35
gliorosi did that guys and i am getting E: Couldn't find package dos2unix10:35
ActionParsnipglioros: do you have universe repo enabled?10:35
llutzglioros: try: recode ibmpc:lat1  /usr/lib/courier-imap/*10:35
SubNormalActionParsnip from what machine and what IP?10:36
=== danilo is now known as danilos
phlak_userSubNormal, ok great so you have both interfaces recognized; now you need to edit /etc/network/interfaces and add the second card details10:36
ActionParsnipSubNormal: I thought you were trying to hit an ebox page...?10:36
gliorosrecode: Syntax is deprecated, please prefer `ibmpc..lat1'10:36
gliorosrecode: fopen (/usr/lib/courier-imap/authlib): Is a directory10:36
phlak_userSubNormal, before that, what are the IPs of the two interfaces?10:36
cablopthanks for your opinions :)10:37
SubNormalActionParsnip ah, I can access the servers ebox from this machine allready, I just told that I could access the server's ebox10:37
JapyDoogegood luck cablop10:37
daurnimatorre: unity; how can I move the application menu thing? (where you pick programs to launch)10:37
* phlak_user there is a command called recode?10:37
ActionParsnipdaurnimator: ahh I found this today10:37
llutzphlak_user: sure10:37
daurnimatorI have a tri screen stup; and going all the way to the left (small+shit) screen to open a program/switch programs is annoying as hell10:37
deej1976!info recode10:37
ubotturecode (source: recode): Character set conversion utility. In component main, is optional. Version 3.6-17 (oneiric), package size 119 kB, installed size 768 kB10:37
phlak_userllutz, thanks, didnt know that :)10:38
ActionParsnipdaurnimator: http://www.webupd8.org/2011/10/how-to-move-unity-launcher-to-bottom-of.html    It may break things10:38
gliorosllutz what i do now my friend?10:38
SubNormalphlak_user "eth1" and "eth2 should be but shows no ip address"10:38
daurnimatorso how about browsing network shares as a different user?10:39
daurnimatorActionParsnip: thx10:39
phlak_userSubNormal, ok which is the iface connected to the Internet?10:39
llutzglioros: find  /usr/lib/courier-imap/ -type f -exex recode ibmpc..lat1 {} \;10:39
phlak_userglioros: -exec10:39
SubNormalphlak_user eth1 should connect to the internet10:39
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal10:39
glioros recode ibmpc..lat1 {} \;10:39
gliorosfind: unknown predicate `-exex'10:39
llutz-exec, sry10:39
llutzphlak_user: thx10:40
phlak_userSubNormal, was it eth0 and eth1 before you replaced the card?10:40
phlak_userllutz, yw10:40
glioros   Starting imapd done10:41
glioros   Starting imap-ssl done10:41
glioros   Starting pop3 done10:41
glioros   Starting pop3-ssl done10:41
FloodBot1glioros: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:41
phlak_userSubNormal, i think thats why you've lost Internet cos the iface renumbering has broken your firewall rules etc10:41
llutzglioros: you're done :)10:42
SubNormalphlak_user eth0 was for the localnet and eth1 was for the internet10:42
gliorosllutz: yes thank you very much my friend ;p but the strange is my company emails asking for password and not synchronise properly10:42
llutzglioros: if the same guy copying those files set up your mailserver, i'd suggest to fire him and reinstall all from scratch :)10:43
llutzglioros: check logs for more info10:43
=== joo is now known as Guest9834
phlak_userSubNormal, you need to edit this file to get the interface numbering proper again -> /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules10:44
llutzjust rm /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules   and restart udev or reboot10:44
gliorosllutz a last question and sorry about all this... now the courier imap working email why the emails are still now working ?10:46
llutzglioros: check logs for more info10:46
llutzglioros: "not working" is no error somebody can help you10:46
Guest8314/whis llutz10:46
llutzGuest8314: wrong channel10:47
deej1976Guest8314 #test10:48
phlak_userglioros, the logs are your friends10:48
SubNormalphlak_user should I delete the file?10:48
phlak_userSubNormal, that would be the simplest thing to do :)10:48
jmhodgeshey, i'm on lucid and ubuntu-dev-tools seems to be broken. it's depending on a debootstrap_1.0.20ubuntu1.3_all.deb  that is 404'ing10:48
SubNormalphlak_user ofcurse :D10:48
llutzSubNormal: udev will create that file next start10:48
gliorosi checked in var/log/messages and there is mail.none10:49
jmhodgesi see an old ticket that supposedly fixed it, but i don't see an updated ubuntu-dev-tools in the lucid repo10:49
SubNormalllutz thanks10:49
llutzglioros:nothing in /var/log/mail.[log|err] ?10:49
sharlenei have a presario c500 and latest xubuntu installed.  my wireless isnt working still after installling the additional drivers .. can someone help me10:49
gliorosllutz nothing10:50
SubNormalphlak_user 70-persistent-cd.rules should I leave that file alone?10:50
phlak_userSubNormal, yes only the -net rules10:50
llutzglioros: then check what files your mailserver logs to10:50
glenndwhere can i set the network name in ubuntu10:50
phlak_user!hostname | glennd10:50
ubottuglennd: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hosts to include BOTH the old and new hostname and then change /etc/hostname to the new one. WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.10:50
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qodamanyone here10:50
=== tianlong is now known as shi-tianlong
=== shi-tianlong is now known as cablop
phlak_useris there a way I can propagate updates from one laptop to another without it having to connect to the internet to download the packages?10:51
deej1976!ubuntu | qodam10:51
ubottuqodam: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com10:51
chargedcan I chgrp a user?10:52
phlak_userlike a sync option10:52
sharlenei push the wireless button and my blue light dont turn on like it does in vista,10:52
phlak_usercharged, yes10:52
glenndwhy did i see by network locations by windows network gsoft and workkgroup where my ubuntu is in it10:52
llutzcharged: usermod10:52
sharlenecan someone remotely help me'10:52
qodamif anyone interested in knowing how to crack wep/wpa then pm me10:53
llutzphlak_user: using apt-proxy maybe?10:53
phlak_user!offtopic | qodam10:53
ubottuqodam: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:53
qodamif anyone interested in knowing how to crack wep/wpa then pm me10:53
qodamif anyone interested in knowing how to crack wep/wpa then pm me10:53
qodamif anyone interested in knowing how to crack wep/wpa then pm me10:53
qodamif anyone interested in knowing how to crack wep/wpa then pm me10:53
FloodBot1qodam: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:53
llutzqodam: Do you have any ubuntu support related question?10:53
sharleneim sure this is easy for a guru in linux10:54
ActionParsnipsharlene: can you give a pastebin of the output of:  sudo lshw -C network; lsb_release -a; rfkill list; dmesg | grep -i firm10:54
phlak_userllutz, tx ill check that out; btw i saw a sync option but that only updates the packages list10:54
daurnimatoroh god I'm hating unity10:54
ActionParsnipdaurnimator: then don't use it10:54
llutzdaurnimator: don't use it then10:54
daurnimatoryeah trying out lxde now10:54
qodami have installed ubuntu 11.04 on my pc but it have some video problems. plz help me. i have RAM 512 mb10:54
SubNormalphlak_user just restarted, tried ping google and it failed :-/10:54
qodamis that engough10:54
daurnimator(trying meaning installing)10:54
deej1976!notunity | daurnimator10:54
ubottudaurnimator: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic10:54
phlak_userSubNormal, you need to check ifconfig to see if the ordering is correct10:55
ActionParsnipdaurnimator: or you can install any other the multitude of desktops and sidestep unity etc altogether10:55
gulzarhow to use compiz with ccsm settings? Installed everything but ccsm settings are being loaded like desktop cube, woobly windows etc...10:55
gliorosllutz in var/log/auth i have this error 2002Can't perform "download" operation: Requested file "/var/log/auth.log" is to big to be sent at once. Try to request file in pieces of 512KB10:55
* tMH is gone. nsf10:55
=== tMH is now known as Guest25918
* daurnimator still needs help with netowrk browsing'10:56
ActionParsnipdaurnimator: can you ping
daurnimatorActionParsnip: i want to list the samba shares of a comp as a certain user10:57
SubNormalphlak_user now I have eth0 and eth110:57
phlak_userSubNormal, with the IP addresses correct?10:57
llutzglioros: no idea, just wondering _what app_ tries to download auth.log...   i have to go, hunt for food10:57
gliorosand this PHP Deprecated:  Comments starting with '#' are deprecated in /etc/php5/cli/conf.d/imap.ini on line 1 in Unknown on line 010:57
gliorosPHP Warning:  Directive 'safe_mode' is deprecated in PHP 5.3 and greater in Unknown on line 010:57
ActionParsnipdaurnimator: if you'd read the manpage for smbtree you can see there is the option: --user=username10:58
gulzarhow to use compiz with ccsm settings? Installed everything but ccsm settings are NOT being loaded like desktop cube, woobly windows etc.10:58
ActionParsnipdaurnimator: you can also specify password10:58
phlak_usergulzar, on 11.10?10:58
gulzarphlak_user: yup with lxde10:59
phlak_usergulzar, afaik ccsm wont work10:59
ActionParsnipgulzar: try pressing ALT+F2 and run:  compiz --replace10:59
daurnimatorActionParsnip: ah; smbtree works10:59
daurnimatorbut the gui does not10:59
ActionParsnipgulzar: if it goes weird, just reboot10:59
harsh343I am not able to copy any material in my pendrive11:00
SubNormalphlak_user eth0 is right for the local network) eth1 (I would have prefferd
harsh343please give me the command for this or how can i change CHMOD to pendrive11:00
harsh343right now my pendrive is only read only11:00
harsh343deej1976, You there11:00
ActionParsnipharsh343: what file system does the device's partition use?11:00
gulzarActionParsnip: compiz --replace is OK.. compositing is ON but effects are not. it seems like ccsm settings are not being loaded. How to tell compiz to use settings from ccsm?11:00
harsh343i donot no11:00
daurnimatorhow can I use smbmount as a normal user?11:00
ActionParsnipgulzar: its automatic11:01
elkngI've plugged in IrDA usb adapter, then did "sudo irattach irda0" and now I have new interface: "irda0     Link encap:IrLAP  HWaddr 0f:83:95:1a", how can I use TV's remote control to send pressed buttons to some application ?11:01
ActionParsnipdaurnimator: not sure, if you press ALT+F2 and run:  smb://servername/sharename   does it open?11:02
harsh343I rung this command for give permissions to my www folder sudo chown -R harsh343:harsh343 /var/www11:02
phlak_userSubNormal, what is the IP of the gateway? or what is the output of route -n11:02
gulzarActionParsnip: did that also..but no effect. Are you using compiz?11:02
harsh343now i want to give the permissions to pendrive11:02
daurnimatorActionParsnip: nope11:02
harsh343ActionParsnip, what i can do11:02
daurnimatorfound https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Samba/SambaClientGuide11:02
ActionParsnipgulzar: not myself no11:02
ActionParsnipdaurnimator: or:  smb://servername11:03
ActionParsnipdaurnimator: or:   smb://ip.address.of.box11:03
simion314hi, i  have a strange problem, i got a new wireless router i installed it(i am using it on LAN), it worked fine with the default settings, now the problem is that sometimes my mail application will not work, KMail or Thunderbird ,also a plasmoid that connects to gmail , restarting my kubuntu 11.10 has no effect restarting the router no effect, the only thing that works is to reboot in an other partition where i have a previos version of kubuntu 11.04 ,11:03
simion314this is realy strange , i had no update that coincided with the new router11:03
harsh343ActionParsnip, how can i find what file system does the device's partition use? can You give me the command after i wil tell you11:03
ActionParsnipharsh343: sudo fdisk -l   will say11:04
SubNormalphlak_user I just wrote this up, http://pastebin.com/At0vL2EY this is the current interfaces I have11:05
phlak_usersimion314, did the new router come with any default firewall /content filter settings11:05
phlak_userSubNormal, ok; are you able to ping
SubNormalphlak_user gate way is but by doing route -n I get as gateway11:06
Myth17can anyone helpe me out with wifi issues in ubuntu forums--> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=187917511:06
SubNormalphlak_user yes11:06
=== Morfeus^ is now known as fsdfsdfs
phlak_userSubNormal, whats the IP of the WAN interface of the gateway?11:07
=== fsdfsdfs is now known as Morfeus^
soreauMyth17: Have you tried rfkill unblock all?11:08
bonhofferhow do i set default browser to chromium?11:08
SubNormalphlak_user I belive
Myth17soreau, yes dosent seem  to work :|11:09
Aliveshow can i tell which configure options a binary in a .deb was compiled with?11:09
soreau! work | Myth1711:09
ubottuMyth17: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.11:09
harsh343   ActionParsnip this is the output http://pastebin.com/474vBjxp11:09
soreauAlives: You'd have to review the log for the package using packages.ubuntu.com11:10
=== tomaw is now known as theia
Alivesok thanks11:10
=== theia is now known as tomaw
Myth17soreau, ahh, i mean has no effect! :|11:10
soreauAlives: What package on what distro and arch?11:10
soreauMyth17: Do you have any bios settings related to wifi?11:10
Alivesirssi, lucid, amd6411:11
Alivessoreau: ^11:11
mosdef100200Hi Bonhoffer I use in 10.10 of Ubuntu Administration > Preferred applications >11:11
bonhoffermosdef100200, thanks!11:11
Alivessoreau: i just switched to xterm and the irssi colors are a bit off... trying to see what the issue is... apparently there is a configure switch you need to pass so irssi knows to use 256 colors11:11
phlak_userSubNormal, can you ping that?11:11
daurnimatorActionParsnip: eventually got it working with file->connect to server11:12
bonhofferhmm . . . 11.10 -- is different mosdef10020011:12
mosdef100200sorry preferences > preferred applications11:12
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, sshd is the server (or daemon) of SSH. For setting up the SSH server, please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/openssh-server.html . Advanced SSH uses: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Advanced . For SSH client information, see !ssh . Related: !scp (Secure CoPy)11:12
Alivessoreau: so, http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/irssi , but where do i find the log?11:12
mosdef100200oh well sorry mate! good luck11:12
bonhofferthanks to you11:12
soreauAlives: Hang on, let me try to remember where it's hiding11:12
SubNormalphlak_user nope11:12
phlak_userSubNormal, does the route command show default route as ?11:13
Alivessoreau: here is the problem i am having, illustrated in the screenshots: http://screenshots.debian.net/package/irssi ... notice how the statusbar on one is darkblue and light blue on the other?  mine is light blue now and hard to read since switching to xterm color profile instead of linux-console... im trying to get it to be dark blue again11:14
phlak_userSubNormal, it should look like this ->         UG    0      0        0  eth011:14
soreauAlives: In that case, you might try #irssi11:14
jribAlives: change the color profile back?11:15
Alivessoreau: yeah im there too... they asked me what configure options irssi was compiled with, so thats why im here11:15
soreauAlives: ok, still looking11:15
lucianhello. my thinkpad e325 doesn't seem to want to boot from my ubuntu usb drive, what else could I do?11:15
Alivesjrib: xterm color profile is much more preferred for all other progs, vim, bash, etc... it accurately reports the colors11:15
Aliveslucian: how did you build the usb drive to make it bootable?11:16
phlak_userlucian, check with another usb drive11:16
Myth17soreau, BIOS settings.hmm I will have to check. :|11:16
jribAlives: well presumably irssi uses color X and you've changed color X. Either don't use color X for that part of irssi (i.e. modify your irssi theme) or change color X11:16
Alivesjrib: yeah i know... i cant get it to display colors properly in xterm... which term do you use?11:16
jribAlives: rxvt-unicode but I use weechat11:17
simion314phlak_user: hi, yes it has a firewall, but why it would work some times and why work on my old kubuntyu(kmail is other version there), anyway i do not have many options in that firewall, i enabled  allowed all packets to get to the internet11:17
Alivesyeah i just tried rxvt and ti works!11:17
SubNormalphlak_user here http://pastebin.com/N4Cexnmx just wrote it up11:17
lazbighow to allow it?11:17
phlak_userSubNormal, ok that shows you dont have a default route setup;11:18
[PanzeR]DzaDzei want from this: http://pic.mk/images/screenrtr.png, to make it like this: http://pic.mk/images/screenqxq.png11:18
SubNormalphlak_user hm ok, what should I do then?11:18
[PanzeR]DzaDzei want to make the menu from this: http://pic.mk/images/screenrtr.png, to be like this: http://pic.mk/images/screenqxq.png11:19
[PanzeR]DzaDzehow to do that ?11:19
Myth17soreau, couldnt find anything relevant in bios11:19
phlak_userSubNormal, for now you can use the route command to add the default route like so -> sudo route add -n gw
simion314is there a command that can list the firewall on the router open/closed ports?(i am not sure if the pc could have access to firewall in the router)11:19
soreauMyth17: Is it an hp laptop by chance?11:20
lucianAlives: with http://www.pendrivelinux.com/universal-usb-installer-easy-as-1-2-3, as the website suggested11:20
lucianit's one of those UEFI laptops11:20
ActionParsnipsimion314: could use nmap and scan the interface11:20
Myth17soreau, no a sony vaio11:20
soreauMyth17: Not really sure then. What happens when you try rfkill?11:20
Aliveslucian: ah so it hasnt ever worked11:20
Aliveslucian: try the ubuntu startup disk creator under system -> administration11:21
Alivessee if that works11:21
lucianAlives: no, it hasn't suddenly stopped working11:21
phlak_userSubNormal, you need to add the route command in the /etc/network/interfaces file like so -> up route add -net gw dev eth111:21
ActionParsniplucian: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?11:21
lucianActionParsnip: nope11:21
phlak_userSubNormal, oops the route add command is -net not -n11:21
ActionParsniplucian: then how do you know it was complete and consistant?11:22
phlak_userSubNormal,  sudo route add -net gw
Aliveslucian: i assume it uses grub... you could try to re-install grub on it, not with apt-get, but with grub-install11:22
lucianActionParsnip: i don't11:22
ActionParsnip!md5 | lucian11:22
ubottulucian: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows11:22
lucianAlives: but i can't boot anything other than windows, how could i install grub on it in the first place?11:22
AlivesActionParsnip: hes not doing that though he says it used to work and all of a sudden stopped... im assuming due to a new kernel being installed and a re-run of grub-install11:22
Myth17soreau, its just executes with no effect11:23
simion314ActionParsnip: what should i scan with nmap the router IP?11:23
Aliveslucian: everything needs a bootloader though, so it has to have grub, lilo, or ntldr11:23
lucianAlives: no, i'm saying it hasn't suddenly stopped. I'm just trying now, on a brand new laptop11:23
Aliveslucian: oh, well try startup disk creator first then11:23
lucianbut yeah, i'll check the image too11:23
Alivesif that works then you know you can boot off usb and all that11:23
soreauMyth17: After that, did you try enabling the physical switch?11:23
Alivesyou might be able to even boot off usb and reinstall to usb with that11:23
ActionParsnipsimion314: that isn't a full question11:24
lucianAlives: as i said, i used the windows util from pendrivelinux. I'll try the ubuntu one as soon as i have an image on an ubuntu machine11:25
Alivesah i see now11:25
simion314ActionParsnip: i installed nmap ,looked at man and i see an example nmap -A -T4 scanme.nmap.org  , my question is how to use it for my case? see the router open ports11:25
ActionParsnipsimion314: if you scan the router for open ports you can see what is open and closed11:25
soreauAlives: No wonder, it's on launchpad https://launchpadlibrarian.net/44546172/buildlog_ubuntu-lucid-amd64.irssi_0.8.14-1ubuntu4_FULLYBUILT.txt.gz11:25
ActionParsnipsimion314: use your routers WAN IP11:26
go8765Hello. Can anybody please help me with LO-impress? I have in one slide many effects that work good(and 3 mowing too) and have 1 effect(moving) that dоnt work. And when I make the same slide - moving dont work in all times11:26
Myth17soreau, yeah, I did. it shows phy0 and sony-wifi softblocked no but acer-wireless softblock yes11:26
soreauMyth17: I'm not really sure then11:27
dydsomeone can tell me a good mail client for ubuntu?11:28
soreaudyd: evolution or thunderbird to name a couple11:29
daurnimatorhow can I do a make install?11:29
ActionParsnipdyd: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/list-of-email-clients-available-in-ubuntu-linux.html11:29
phlak_userdaurnimator, by typing sudo make install11:29
daurnimator==> I tried sudo make install; but apparently I have permission denied11:29
deej1976dyd: claws-mail for something different11:30
dydsoreau: i am using evolution, but i don't like the way it organizes mail, i just don't want "groups" of mails, but just the last one on the top11:30
phlak_userdyd, you can turn off threaded view in evolution; i use it too11:30
soreaudyd: Yea, claws-mail is another one11:30
ActionParsnipdyd: thunderbird is fairly simple, claws is good too :)11:30
daurnimator$sudo make install ===> make: stat: makefile: Permission denied ====> make: *** No rule to make target install. Stop.11:30
NertskullDoes anyone know if VNC clients can connect to the freenx protocol? Just like they would w/ VNC?11:30
phlak_userNertskull, they dont; but the remote desktop tool does11:31
soreaudaurnimator: You're probably not in the right directory. What are you trying to install?11:31
deej1976dyd: mutt, used all the time until force to use M$ exchange11:31
usuariowas a hiff+11:31
Nertskullphlak_user: thanks11:31
soreau! freenx | Nertskull11:31
ubottuNertskull: FreeNX is advanced remote desktop technology. For more information and install instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX11:31
daurnimatorsoreau: the problem is that root doesn't have permission to the dir I'm in11:31
soreaudaurnimator: What are you trying to install?11:31
phlak_userdaurnimator, thats a new one :)11:32
daurnimatorsoreau: doesn't matter; root can't cd or ls the dir11:32
soreaudaurnimator: then you're screwed11:32
daurnimatorphlak_user: its under /home/<me>/.gvfs11:32
lucianActionParsnip: image hash matches, that wasn't it11:32
[PanzeR]DzaDzeanyone ?11:32
phlak_userdaurnimator, can you copy it to somewhere like /usr/src or /usr/local/src11:32
ActionParsniplucian: cool, please check in future. Makes sure the download wasn't corrupted in transit11:33
chabiplease save me I have an application which is crashing all timee11:33
ActionParsnipchabi: which app?11:33
daurnimatorphlak_user: I'd rather not; but I can..11:33
phlak_userdaurnimator, why?11:33
daurnimatorthe problem seems to be that root can't access the .gvfs dir11:34
chabiso what can I do?11:34
ActionParsnipdaurnimator: whom is the owner of the folder?11:34
lazbigi want some help11:34
daurnimatorphlak_user: cause then I have to copy it all off my network drive each time I want to install11:34
phlak_userdaurnimator, why do you want to install it each time?11:34
daurnimatorActionParsnip: ?11:34
ActionParsnipchabi: if you run it in a terminal, what is output (pastebin the output if any isgenerated)11:34
daurnimatoras in, the owner in la -la is actually ?11:35
chabiok i will report you the error11:35
daurnimator*ls -la11:35
phlak_userdaurnimator, and i wouldnt try to compile anything off a network drive11:35
chabino problem11:35
chabijust give me one minute11:35
ActionParsnipdaurnimator: what is the output of:  ls -l ~/.gvfs11:35
daurnimatorphlak_user: its already compiled. I just want to install it :)11:35
daurnimatorActionParsnip: apparently No such file or directory11:36
ActionParsnipdaurnimator: that will be why then ;) do you use KDE?11:37
daurnimatorActionParsnip: thats as root11:37
daurnimatoras myself; I'm the owner11:37
NertskullDoes anyone know a good command line LAN chat program?  All I know of is ytalk, but it seems to not be used much, anything else?11:38
ActionParsnipdaurnimator: does the folder exist as your user and are you using KDE?11:38
ActionParsnipNertskull: irssi11:38
lucianNertskull: finch might work11:38
SubNormalphlak_user allright I changed that, and I was able to ping google, but it felt alittle slow11:38
phlak_userSubNormal, felt?11:38
dr_willisJabber :)11:38
ActionParsnipjabber routed through irssi11:38
daurnimatorActionParsnip: no I'm in unity11:39
phlak_userSubNormal, you seem to have double -NATted your network11:39
SubNormalphlak_user erm... soon as I hit enter on ping it took about 5 sec to ping11:39
daurnimatorsee: http://pastebin.ca/209378011:39
lucianNertskull: if it's lan,  you can use bonjour with finch or similar11:39
daurnimatorVERY strange11:39
NertskullAren't both irssi and finch to connect to network protocols?  I want something that I can keep within my own LAN for security?11:39
dr_willisI've seen simple clients written in peel and ruby11:39
chabichabi@ubuntu:~$ kile11:39
chabiConnected to accessibility bus at:  "unix:abstract=/tmp/dbus-TLx2380dQb,guid=db5f88c6b0ede3b3cac826ea0000002d"11:39
chabiRegistered DEC:  true11:39
chabikile(2553)/kdecore (KLibrary) findLibraryInternal: plugins should not have a 'lib' prefix: "libkonsolepart.so"11:39
chabiInvalid parent:  0x90bce38 Kile(0xbfc41abc)11:39
FloodBot1chabi: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:39
chabiQAccessibleWidget::rect: This implementation does not support subelements! (ID 1 unknown for KTextBrowser)11:39
Nertskulllucian: I'll look into that11:39
ActionParsnipdaurnimator: ok, that's gnome desktop. Unity is only a shell :)11:39
phlak_userSubNormal, did the RTT show 5  secs or in ms?11:39
lucianNertskull: you could run an xmpp/irc server somewhere on your network. but bonjour requires no server11:40
dr_willisNertskull: run your own server11:40
Nertskulldr_willis: yeah, that's the answer I keep coming back to, some sort of IRC server or something akin to that11:40
SubNormalphlak_user no I mean, it took about 5 sec for the command to kick in, I had then about 70ms ping11:40
phlak_userSubNormal, ok11:40
lucianNertskull: but try bonjour first. at work, that's what we use11:40
dr_willisNertskull: they got simple ones.11:41
Nertskulllucian: k, thanks, I'm going to look into that right now, see what I can find out11:41
SubNormalphlak_user damn it, I just restarted and I cant ping now11:41
deej1976Nertskull: openfires a good xampp protocal server11:41
lucaI have this problem Connessione fallita: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)11:41
phlak_userSubNormal, did you add that route to the /etc/network/interfaces file? else it wont be persistent11:41
SubNormalphlak_user route -n is exactly the same as before now11:42
dr_willisNertskull: i imagine the best to use depends on the size and features you need11:42
lucaHow can I do?11:42
ActionParsnipdaurnimator: looks ok the folder is a special folder11:42
ActionParsnipchabi: use a pastebin as I clearly said. Thanks11:42
deej1976luca: is mysql installed/running ?11:42
phlak_userSubNormal, does it have the default route?11:42
lucait should be11:42
daurnimatorActionParsnip: so how can I let root see it11:42
lucado you know the command?11:42
Nertskulldr_willis: I just want to be able to ssh into one machine, and talk to my wife on her computer - normally I use pidgin/otr but android doesn't support that well yet (i hate gibberbot)11:42
deej1976luca : should?11:42
MilosCan we do screen through two users?11:42
deej1976luca: ps -ef | grep mysql11:43
=== joe75_ is now known as joe75
Milosi.e. can I join another user's screen?11:43
phlak_userSubNormal, just add this line to the WAN interface in /etc/network/interfaces : gateway
phlak_userMilos, on another PC?11:43
deej1976Milos: Yes11:43
Milosphlak_user, nono same PC11:43
Milosdeej1976, oh sweet11:43
=== lewisham is now known as liwsi
ActionParsnipNertskull: use googletalk, or spawn a new chanel here on freenode and both join11:43
deej1976Milos: need to read up on permissions11:43
ActionParsnipNertskull: andchat is awesome :)11:44
NertskullActionParsnip: does andchat support otr? or other?11:44
lucianNertskull: nope11:45
liwishcan I create a USB "live cd" from the guest account?11:45
ActionParsnipNertskull: what is otr?11:45
dr_willisUsing andchat right now..11:45
gliorosdeej1976: the email is still now working despite the fact we fix courier imap... any suggestions in which log i need to check ?11:45
lucianif you want a local xmpp server, ejabberd is very lightweight. you can even run it on a router11:45
liwishusing the startup disk creator there is a permission error within /tmp11:45
lucadeej1976: http://ideone.com/8rPCh11:45
SubNormalphlak_user wan interface? is that the eth1 wich connects to the internet? if so it allready has the as gateway11:46
liwishand sudo is disabled within the terminal...11:46
deej1976glioros: not me11:46
dr_willisZnc and irc clients could be local only.  :)11:46
deej1976luca | not !11:46
gliorosdeej1976 y?11:46
deej1976glioros: I wasn't helping you with your problem, with configuring imap, only the ^M converting11:47
phlak_userSubNormal, do you have the default route in route -n ?11:47
SubNormalphlak_user this is my current /etc/network/interfaces http://pastebin.com/At0vL2EY11:48
lucadeej1976: sorry luca@luca-Satellite-A200:~$ ps -ef | grep mysql11:48
lucaluca     11053 24720  0 12:47 pts/0    00:00:00 grep --color=auto mysql11:48
deej1976luca: not running11:48
phlak_userSubNormal, and output of route -n11:48
deej1976service start mysql11:48
lucadeej1976: how can i do to run mysql?11:49
SubNormalphlak_user same as before http://pastebin.com/N4Cexnmx11:49
dr_willisGotta love greping ps and finding your grep line..11:49
deej1976sudo service start mysql11:49
phlak_userSubNormal, somehow your default route isnt getting set11:49
ActionParsnipdr_willis: pipe the result to:  grep -v grep11:49
phlak_userSubNormal, you can add a static route to the interfaces file too11:49
ActionParsnipdr_willis: ps -ef | grep -i naut | grep -v grep11:50
phlak_userSubNormal, like so , on  a line by itself -> up route add -net gw dev eth111:50
pr3d4t0rUbuntu Server 10.04 LTS patched and up-to-date.  About 3 hours ago I stopped being able to create new processes.  Everything I try from the shell gives bash: /path/to/executable: Input/Output Error.  I can't even sudo -u root so that I could re-start the server.  The server is about 9,000 miles from me and I'd prefer to restart it ASAP rather than wait for the morning staff to come in, about 5 hours from now.  Can you recommend any actions?  Thanks in a11:52
phlak_userpr3d4t0r, look into /var/log/syslog - looks like a disk error11:53
deej1976pr3d4t0r: look like your losing the disk11:54
pr3d4t0rphlak_user: I don't think I can even cat it.11:54
schnufflepr3d4t0r: or it's 100% full11:54
thropehow to completely disable unity on 11.10? just upgraded and its unusuable (only use the machine headless with nomachine nx which doesnt run unity at all)11:54
dr_willisif you reboot ut may not come back up11:54
Fudgewhats the gnome file browser that comes up when attaching emails or burning with bresaro called11:54
dr_willisthrope:  use some other wm or desktop.11:55
deej1976thrope: you might want to look at xubuntu/xfce11:55
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic11:56
schnufflethrope: I settled for LXDE using Lubuntu11:56
thropewhat happened to the release process? upgrades used to be so smooth but with removing gcc 4.3 and this unity rubbish its a complete disaster11:56
SubNormalphlak_user I could not write that command with up like you wrote but I could make it work with out up11:56
phlak_userpr3d4t0r, is it on elastic storage or discrete disk11:56
thropeok thanks willl try gnome shell11:56
ActionParsnipthrope: what CPU are you using and how much RAM do you have?11:56
phlak_userSubNormal, ok11:56
dr_willisunity works well for me.11:56
thropeActionParsnip: dual i7 3.2Ghz 12GB ram11:56
dr_willis!info gcc11:57
ubottugcc (source: gcc-defaults (1.107ubuntu5)): GNU C compiler. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.6.1-2ubuntu5 (oneiric), package size 4 kB, installed size 64 kB11:57
=== quem_ is now known as quem
thropeit works on the machine, but it doesnt work at all connecting through nomachine nx11:57
gliorosanybody i can pay fix something on my server?11:57
thropethis machine is headless so I use it exclusively through nx11:57
thropeunity doesnt work at all there -11:57
dr_willisthrope: gnome shell might nit work either then11:58
pr3d4t0rphlak_user: Physical disk.11:58
SubNormalphlak_user I checked route -n and there is a extra line at the bottom now this is my new route -n http://pastebin.com/jmaj8dkk11:58
pr3d4t0rphlak_user: It may be some log that went crazy; single partition.11:58
phlak_userpr3d4t0r, ouch! time to go on the cloud?11:58
dr_willisi never did get nx workung right. :(11:58
pr3d4t0rphlak_user: Do yhou know of some bash way of opening a file?  I don't think I can even run cat :(11:58
deej1976dr_willis: Q, How do you find multiply terminals sessions under unity, I've got 17 open at the moment under gnome2 (grouped)11:58
phlak_userpr3d4t0r, other than cat or less or more11:59
dr_willisdeej1976:  i just use terminator11:59
pr3d4t0rphlak_user: Hah!  Yeah.  And I'm a big cloud advocate.  This particular server is cheaper to run physically since the DC, power, air, and network are free :)11:59
thropehow do i set the default session for a user11:59
thropewhen i log in from nx I dont go through gdm12:00
pr3d4t0rphlak_user: I can start a new shell.  I can't start anything else.  And the web server is still sort of running.  Processes eventually lock up.12:00
dr_willisthrope:  you could edit their. .dmrc12:00
deej1976dr_willis: Cheers12:00
pr3d4t0rphlak_user: That's consistent with running out of disk or file descriptors.12:00
ActionParsnipthrope: the last session is remembered for each user so will set the default12:00
ravenhi need some help with openvpn server.conf please12:01
pr3d4t0rphlak_user: The servrer gets huge traffic spikes occasionally; I'm guessing file descriptors before physical disk.  And you just gave me an idea.12:01
pr3d4t0rphlak_user: The user I'm using may be out of ulimit resources...  but maybe others are still OKi.12:02
gliorosanybody i can pay fix something on my server?12:02
johan^iziLo all. I have this weird problem. I hope someone can help met out. I am running 11.10 in Gnome-Classic mode with effects enabled. But there seems to be something weird with the workspaces/virtual desktops. When i set the virtual desktops to a single row of 4 and i use the panel desktop switcher, it flicks me to an empty desktop without any panels or icons. The only way to get back is to start some program with a key binding.. that redraws the o12:02
johan^iziriginal desktop.12:02
phlak_userpr3d4t0r, thats a thought; can you become root?12:02
pr3d4t0rphlak_user: It's only that user :D12:02
pr3d4t0rphlak_user: I'm checking /group to see if anyh of my other user names there is in wheel.12:03
SubNormalphlak_user what am I doing wrong? :-( I restarted again and it's back to "normal" the routing erased12:03
schnuffleglioros: ask a question and you might get the solution forfree12:03
phlak_userpr3d4t0r, can you shutdown the web server? and then delete some apache logs?12:03
pr3d4t0rphlak_user: Yup, it's only that one user.12:03
pr3d4t0rphlak_user: I don't know.  I need to first figure out if I can sudo -u root :)  One moment.12:03
phlak_userpr3d4t0r, just type sudo -i12:04
call_me_jimmy_heAnyone ever installed Age of Empire in Lucid Lynx?12:04
gliorosschnuffle i fix the courier imap and the email is still now working12:04
solidus-lakehey all, how do i confirm that cpufrequency scaling is in fact working?12:04
zykes-does anyone know what the watershed package is required for ?12:04
=== call_me_jimmy_he is now known as Jimmy_Hendrix
SubNormalphlak_user just wondering, is there any chance that ebox could be interfearing?12:04
KNUBBIGI need a quick help on #ubuntu-bots, what was the command to view the best tool for sth? Thanks!12:04
phlak_userKNUBBIG, whats sth12:05
zykes-i keep getting a error when it's booting about some watershed problem and a /dev/dm-x device12:05
KNUBBIGphlak_user: something12:05
Jimmy_HendrixIt would be great to play AOE in Lucid12:05
johan^iziAs an addition to my problem. When switch from the desktop wall to the desktop cube, the problem goed away, but every time i switch desktop, it redraws.. And i cant move windows from desktop x to y using ctrl-alt-shift-arrow. When i use the windows context menu, it works fine12:05
schnuffleglioros: that's a rather simple description of your problem. What has been fixed and what is not working?12:05
apwbdjpJimmy_Hendrix, checked at winehq?12:05
phlak_userSubNormal, cant say; i would go to /var/log and start deleting all the rotated logs .1 .2 .3 etc12:06
phlak_userSubNormal, also what is the output of df -h12:06
phlak_userSubNormal, pastebin it please12:06
Jimmy_Hendrixapwbdjp, yes, I have checked it, and it is possible, but, I want to know if there is someone here ever go to the trouble12:06
KNUBBIGwhere is the BestBot in #ubuntu-bots :12:06
zykes-noone knows ?12:07
apwbdjpJimmy_Hendrix, I tried AOM, it said some missing ddls but I didn't go looking to download them. You let me know if you have any success with AOE.12:07
KNUBBIGAny opinions on a good xml editor?12:08
BrixSatKNUBBIG:  vim :)12:08
KNUBBIGWhy'd I even ask :D:D Any graphical ones?12:09
Jimmy_Hendrixapwbdjp, ok then, I will install it now. I hope heaven give me success installing AOE in Lucid :(12:09
apwbdjpKNUBBIG, gvim :)12:09
Nertskulllucian: how do you access bonjour from the command line?  I'm not familiar, but I see things about using mDNS, is that right?12:10
Jimmy_Hendrixapwbdjp, is there no bots with name gemacs? :D12:10
lucianNertskull: use finch12:10
KNUBBIGok, vim-gtk .. I'll look into it ;p ty12:10
Nertskulllucian: k, thanks, I'll look into that12:11
Jimmy_HendrixKNUBBIG, choose emacs22-gtk, it is better bot than vim-gtk :))12:11
SubNormalphlak_user df -h here you go http://pastebin.com/AMVS2csa12:12
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:13
KNUBBIGI'd have asked in #ubuntu-bots but BestBot is missing :(12:13
apwbdjpDoes anyone know why /dev/mem is locked past the first 1.1MB, even to privileged users? (only on ubuntu)12:15
apwbdjpI checked on other distros, it is readable. But on ubuntu it gives operation not permitted, after the first 1.1MB read.12:16
ironhalikis there anything I can do to make my battery indicator more accurate?12:16
apwbdjpIt's pretty sad, you can't recover stuffs straight from the ram, if an application crashes12:16
ironhalikis has a spread of +- 1 hour, and the battery shuts off with the indicator claiming theres still 30 mins worth of juice12:17
ravenhi need some help with openvpn server.conf please12:17
pr3d4t0rphlak_user: OKi, more information:  I can log on as a non-wheel user.  When I try to su as a user in the wheel group I get a Bus Error.12:17
zagibuironhalik: maybe there's a calibrate battery function in the bios12:17
ironhalikoh, and the battery was formatted and calibrated couple of times12:17
ironhalikzagibu: hmm, I need to check it out12:18
zagibuironhalik: ubuntu can't do a lot if the battery controller reports wrong values12:18
fmauroironhalik: what kind of laptop are you using?12:19
ironhalikits a Dell latitude d42012:19
noWayhey guys , anyone have any idee why the hell I can't access anything even if I'm root :)12:19
noWayp.s ( after restart everything works great )12:19
fmauroironhalik: pity, I had a similar problem with my ThinkPad, there's a recalibrating/powermanagement suite fÃor thinkpads12:19
ActionParsnipnoWay: what are you trying to access and with what app?12:20
noWayActionParsnip: via terminal , files on desktop or anything12:20
apwbdjpnoWay, what do you mean can't access anything? What do you do, and what do you have as answer?12:20
fmauroironhalik: it's called tlp, but I doubt it works with others.12:20
noWayapwbdjp: as answer I got : read only =))12:20
ActionParsnipnoWay: is your $HOME owned by your user?12:20
noWayyep ActionParsnip12:20
ironhalikfmauro: the manual says the battery will callibrate itself after formatting it, charging it to full, then draining it all the way down12:20
noWayas I said , after restart it comes back to normal12:21
lucianI've managed to boot from usb on that Thinkpad E325 (by enabling UEFI legacy boot), but after the ubuntu splash screen it drops me in busybox12:21
ActionParsnipnoWay: you can double check by running:  sudo chown -R $USER:$USER $HOME12:21
ActionParsnipnoWay: covers all bases :)12:21
apwbdjpActionParsnip, he said he can't do anything even as root..12:21
noWaythe strange thing is this : Access: (0755/drwxr-xr-x)12:21
noWayeven as I root I can't do anything12:21
noWayand I have to restart , lolz12:21
ActionParsnipnoWay: ok so when you access a folder, what happens when it goes wrong?12:21
noWayActionParsnip: I get "can't access , read mode only"12:22
ActionParsnipnoWay: is the partition healthy?12:22
noWayActionParsnip: I just checked , Yes12:22
apwbdjpnoWay, you reboot, it works fine until..? it just starts messing up, just like that?12:22
ActionParsnipnoWay: and is your RAM healthy?12:22
noWayapwbdjp: indeed12:23
noWayActionParsnip: yep12:23
ActionParsnipnoWay: when did you last run memtest?12:23
noWayActionParsnip: 1-2 weeks ago12:23
zeroblockdoes 11.04work on macbook pro 13'' 2011?12:23
ActionParsnipnoWay: and has it been acting up before taht or since then?12:23
ActionParsnipzeroblock: yes12:24
ubottuFor help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages12:24
soportehabla español12:24
noWayyo.un poco :)12:24
soportecomo estas12:24
ActionParsnipnoWay: is the system installed on an SSD?12:24
zeroblockActionParsnip: i have to use bootcamp to install ubuntu? or I can replace OSX? Im noob on this ;P12:25
noWayActionParsnip: nop12:25
ActionParsnipzeroblock: no idea, i don't buy apples overpriced hardware12:25
bazhang!es | soporte12:25
ubottusoporte: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.12:25
SubNormalphlak_user i've deleted all the files, did you find anything out of the paste?12:25
ActionParsnipnoWay: if you make a new user, does the same occur?12:25
soportedonde estan los canales12:26
zeroblockActionParsnip: have any guide about replace OSX to ubuntu? I googled but nothing can help12:26
noWayActionParsnip: didn't tried12:26
bazhangsoporte, /join #ubuntu-es12:26
ActionParsnipnoWay: its worth exploring12:26
noWayActionParsnip: anyway it's strange that I can't access anything even as root :|12:26
deej1976!english | soporte12:26
ubottusoporte: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList12:26
zykes-not anyone here that's good on boot problems ?12:27
=== fayimora_ is now known as fayimora
noWayand I also if I check the privs they are all ok12:27
ActionParsnipzeroblock: why buy a mac to then put ubuntu on it, you can get more grunt for the same price....12:27
zeroblockActionParsnip: I disspoint after I boot up ma mbp at first time :( i thought it will be great on Lion12:28
soporteno lo veo12:28
zeroblockso I decide tto change OSX to ubuntu like my desktop12:28
=== renato_ is now known as renato
noWayActionParsnip: so , no idea ?12:28
soportey de donde eres noway12:29
zeroblockmathi_: hello :)12:29
noWaypor ?12:30
soporteno pregunto12:30
deej1976!english | soporte12:30
deej1976!es | soporte12:30
ubottusoporte: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.12:30
mathi_if I have 1000 subdirectories, will the access to one fo them slow down? Should I reduce the number of directorie? E.g. in windows the explorer task may freeze12:30
Nertskulllucian: sorry to keep bothering, I've got finch installed, and accounts on two computers w/ bonjour - and I can see eachother in the chat list - but when I send a message, it doesn't show up on the other - any ideas for me?12:30
soportejoin #ubuntu-es12:30
ActionParsnipNom-: did a new user do the same?12:31
ActionParsnipok s'gone12:31
ActionParsnipNom-: tab spazz, sorry12:31
soporteya se como12:31
jtr__sound problem ubuntu - help!12:33
jtr__sound not working at all12:33
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.12:33
ravenopenvpn need some help to configure gateway and push routes to access lan and internet12:34
schnufflemathi_:  The File Browser should slow down12:34
mathi_jtr__, was that for me? I have no sound problem12:34
ActionParsnipjtr__: run:  alsamixer     are all levels unmuted and cranked? Is it a laptop or desktop? Does it have a make and model?12:34
jtr__mathi_: no no12:34
jtr__ActionParsnip: laptop12:34
mathi_schnuffle, what would be a reasonable number of files ?12:34
thropeso im trying to install gcc-4.3 from ehre12:34
jtr__ActionParsnip: i did pulseaudio --kill12:34
ravenopenvpn need some help to configure gateway and push routes to access lan and internet please12:34
jtr__ActionParsnip: and then alsamixer reload12:35
schnufflemathi_: That depeds on what you want to do12:35
thropeI have added the PPA as far as I can tell but the gcc-4.3 pacakge isnt showing up12:35
ActionParsnipjtr__: is there a switch to increase / decrease volume?12:35
jtr__ActionParsnip: this method used to work previously12:35
thropeany ideas? is there something else to enabel the ppa?12:35
jtr__ActionParsnip: doesnt work now12:35
ActionParsnipjtr__: what is the make and model of the laptop?12:35
jtr__ActionParsnip: someone was telling me a permanent solution i abandoned half was through12:35
mathi_schnuffle, accessing text files inside these directories12:35
xanguathrope: because there are no packages for oneiric12:35
jtr__ActionParsnip: dell inspirion n501012:35
thropexangua: oh for fuck sake - I just upgraded to oneiric especially for this12:35
LjLthrope, language please12:35
deej1976!language | thrope12:36
ubottuthrope: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.12:36
schnufflemathi_: accessing it with a file browser and then open it with a office tool?12:36
jtr__ActionParsnip: i used to type those two commands everytime i restarted my pc12:36
ActionParsnipjtr__: why am I having to ask all these basic questions? Why didn't you add all this good stuff to your initial question instead of me having to milk this from you?12:36
thropeso there is no way to get gcc-4.3?12:36
jtr__ActionParsnip: sorry12:36
mathi_schnuffle, no ,it is only accessed by PHP functions12:36
jtr__ActionParsnip: i am totally confused about the alsa pulseaudio thing12:36
mathi_these are caching directories schnuffle12:36
apwbdjpmathi_, http://serverfault.com/questions/49700/optimal-directory-depth-vs-number-of-files-in-a-directory-for-ext312:37
xanguathrope: compile it....or use a previous ubuntu version¿12:37
ActionParsnipjtr__: try: gnome-alsamixer     see if it helps12:37
jtr__thrope: i think u can still try compiling from source code !12:37
jtr__ActionParsnip: on kde12:37
jtr__ActionParsnip: :(12:37
thropeyeah I'm halfway through that12:37
apwbdjpmathi_, that is for ext3, I've no idea about ext4, thought, you might wanna google the difference between the two.12:37
ActionParsnipjtr__: no worries12:37
thropewhen I thought I found this ppa with it12:37
jtr__ActionParsnip: but still it'll work , i hve gnome3 also ( crap it is)12:37
ActionParsnipjtr__: what is the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh; chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh; ./alsa-info.sh12:37
jtr__ActionParsnip: in a min12:38
deej1976thrope: Download and compile yourself ?12:38
thropedeej1976: yep im doing that except it takes many hours12:39
schnufflemathi_:  okay checked a bit and the common advice seems to be to keep it under at least 32K files per folder12:39
deej1976thrope: true12:39
jtr__ActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/735167/12:39
deej1976thrope: Try disabling the parts you don't need12:39
mathi_schnuffle, the question was about the number of folders, but in Linux a folder is a file ?12:40
ActionParsnipjtr__: are you trying to use the HDMI?12:41
ActionParsnipmathi_: everything is a file in Linux12:41
jtr__ActionParsnip: anything that works , sound is a priority here , i have to test my game engine code ( panda3d ) which has sound12:41
jtr__ActionParsnip: basically i dont know12:42
schnufflemathi_:  mathi_:  schnuffle, what would be a reasonable number of files ?12:42
daurnimatoranyone want to help me get my touchpad working?12:42
daurnimatorit doesn't seem to be detected at ALL12:42
ActionParsnipjtr__: do you want to use the inbuilt speakers or send the audio to a TV?12:42
jtr__ActionParsnip: no12:42
mathi_schnuffle, sorry I meant folder:( are you angry?12:42
chicago5hey guys, have a problem with installing from an USB stick12:42
jam__Which Version are you using ?12:42
ActionParsnipdaurnimator: what is the make and model of the system?12:42
daurnimatorActionParsnip: gigabyte t1125n12:42
ActionParsnipjtr__: thenm where will the sound come from if its not a TV or the laptop speakers?12:43
chicago511.10, my USB stick is mounted at /dev/sda1 and when installing grub, the installer always wants to install grub on /dev/sda1, but my HD is at /dev/sdb112:43
schnufflemathi_:  no12:43
chicago5any way to tell the installer where to install grub to?12:43
ActionParsnipdaurnimator: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/78683012:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 786830 in linux (Ubuntu) "Touchpad not detected on Gigabyte T1125N" [Undecided,Incomplete]12:44
daurnimatorActionParsnip: yeah; I filed it :)12:44
luca_bidear friends I would like to install on my uubuntu the database MySQL but i'm not able12:44
luca_bihow can i do?12:44
ActionParsnipdaurnimator: cool12:44
luca_biplease help me12:44
KNUBBIGchicago5: skip the installation of grub, boot from a live CD/the USB stick into a live system, mount your HDD and grub-install /dev/sdb112:44
schnufflemathi_:  the number of folders shouldn`t be important to you. It costs time if you have a nested tree with  a lot of dirs and you traverse them.12:44
oldschoolhi anyone here installed ubuntu 11.10 on windows 7 useing wubi that can help me out i keep getting at the end of the installation permission denied12:44
KNUBBIG!grub > chicago512:44
ubottuchicago5, please see my private message12:44
mathi_schnuffle, well anyway everything is a file is Linux. 1000 folders compared to a an adiced limit of 32K seems very little12:44
ActionParsnipdaurnimator: can you give the output of:  lsmod | grep mous12:44
xanguaoldschool: i would suggest you to make a real install better ;)12:45
chicago5thanks @ KNUBBIG12:45
jtr__ActionParsnip: laptop speakers , i want to use the analog stereo12:45
jtr__ActionParsnip: i think that would mean the analog stereo ?12:45
jtr__ActionParsnip: hdmi and the analog stereo are the only two options i have12:45
jtr__ActionParsnip: in the master channel selection12:45
ActionParsnipjtr__: I asked if you wanted to use the speakers and you said no...12:45
chicago5KNUBBIG: I did that partially already, but at boot time, it does not have any menu entries, I guess I "just" have to populate the menu.lst?12:45
daurnimatorActionParsnip: nothing12:46
jtr__ActionParsnip: netsplit ?12:46
schnufflemathi_:  If your PHP sctipts just store the cached file on the disk and reload it when needed. You don't ave to search for them. So I guess the layout shouldn't matter for you12:46
ActionParsnipdaurnimator: ok can you run:  lsmod; lsb_release -a  and pastebin the output please12:46
KNUBBIGchicago5: If you're using grub2, no, all os should be detected automagically12:46
oldschoolxangua on way i need my windows also am not to good with ubuntu just want to try it out and see how it works for me12:46
ActionParsnipjtr__: not seem one here, in sound prefs, is the right output device selected?12:46
mathi_schnuffle, ok, thanks for the help!:)12:46
LogicallyDashingoldschool: lots of tutorials awailable, what use-case do you have?12:47
KNUBBIGchicago5: if not, try chrooting into your installation and run sudo update-grub12:47
jtr__ActionParsnip: iwant to use the laptop speakers , not the hdmi - tv12:47
jtr__ActionParsnip: netsplit just happened i think ?12:47
ActionParsnipjtr__:  not seem one here, in sound prefs, is the right12:47
ActionParsnip                       output device selected?12:47
jtr__ActionParsnip: master channel set to analog stereo , not the other hdmi12:48
daurnimatorActionParsnip: pastebin.com/hh7jzg7Y12:48
ActionParsnipjtr__: are there more levels to the right in alsamixer?12:48
jtr__ActionParsnip: let me see12:48
jtr__ActionParsnip: 6 levels , master, headph, speaker ,pcm , mick jack in , beep12:49
jtr__ActionParsnip: none muted12:49
Yagwitgm all12:49
=== Yagwit is now known as Newbeeans
ActionParsnipdaurnimator: try:  sudo modprobe psmouse     does it start to work?12:49
ActionParsnipjtr__: all I can recommend then is:  killall pulseaudio; rm -r ~/.pulse; rm ~/.pulse    wait a little while then try sound apps12:50
daurnimatorActionParsnip: no12:50
jtr__ActionParsnip: rm: cannot remove `/home/jtr/.pulse': No such file or directory12:51
ActionParsnipjtr__: hmm, that is interesting12:52
jtr__ActionParsnip: i dont feel the same way :P12:52
jtr__ActionParsnip: i had changed something in the alsa config file wait i'll tell u which file12:53
jtr__ActionParsnip: i had altered /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf12:53
ActionParsnipjtr__: try: http://www.pastie.org/284711012:53
ActionParsnipjtr__: what did you add to the file?12:53
gliorosqmail-queue-handlers[16331]: hook_dir = '/opt/psa/handlers/before-queue'12:53
quiescensActionParsnip: technically, that is the expected output of the line you gave jtr12:53
jtr__ActionParsnip: i commented what i had added - but still i'll pastebin the file12:54
gliorosmaybe is that the reason my emails are not working ?12:54
quiescensActionParsnip: since you have rm -r ~/.pulse; rm ~/.pulse12:54
quiescensActionParsnip: the first one should have no output, and the second would complain about .pulse not existing12:54
ActionParsnipquiescens: d'oh12:54
* quiescens hides12:54
tjaderHow do I allow a default user to configure the network?12:55
jtr__ActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/735185/12:55
jtr__ActionParsnip: do i need to give it a restart ?12:56
jtr__ActionParsnip: or should i want for the ppa u told me to get ?12:56
lucianany idea on why a Ubuntu live usb would drop to busybox after the splash screen, on a Thinkpad E32512:57
daurnimatorActionParsnip: anything more/12:57
luca_bihow can I install mySQL on ubuntu??12:57
jtr__luca_bi: try apt-get mysql12:58
apwbdjpluca_bi, sudo apt-get install myqsl-server12:58
skiter11luca_bi: ubuntu software centre12:58
ActionParsnipjtr__: sure, reboot can't hurt :)12:58
admiralshlorkyhey luca-bi12:59
admiralshlorkyluca_bi that is12:59
ActionParsnipdaurnimator: not sure, doesn't seem to be a module loaded for it12:59
daurnimatorActionParsnip: :(12:59
admiralshlorkyif you're going to make an ubuntu webserver, it's really easy to do it through the task sel way12:59
admiralshlorkysudo apt-get install tasksell12:59
daurnimatorwell it seems as if linux just hates this laptop12:59
jtr__ActionParsnip: i started the ppa thing :(12:59
jtr__ActionParsnip: reboot after that :)13:00
admiralshlorkythen find the packages(in the case of my sql, apache and whatnot, choose lamp), choose them and install13:00
ActionParsnipjtr__: indeed13:00
admiralshlorkythey are chosen by highlighting and subsequently pressing space/tab on the items you want13:00
luca_bion software centre there is mySQL administratore is it correct?13:01
KNUBBIGluca_bi: you'd want mysql server I think13:02
luca_biServer MySQL is already installed13:02
luca_bican you help me?13:03
KNUBBIGwell then you've already got it13:03
deej1976luca_bi: mysql -h localhost -p -u root mysql13:03
lucianluca_bi: if you want a UI for it, look in the software centre13:03
BluesKajHowdy all13:03
deej1976!info mysql-admin13:04
ubottumysql-admin (source: mysql-gui-tools): GUI tool for intuitive MySQL administration. In component universe, is optional. Version 5.0r14+openSUSE-2.2ubuntu2 (oneiric), package size 1743 kB, installed size 4984 kB13:04
apwbdjpdeej1976, I think the -h localhost isn't needed, is it?13:04
skiter11luca_bi: in ubuntu software centre install MYSQL CLIENT and MYSQL SERVER13:04
deej1976apwbdjp: doens't hurt13:04
luca_bideej1976: It requires me a password but i don't have any password13:04
deej1976luca_bi: Hit return13:04
apwbdjpluca_bi, you have been asked to give one, when you installed mysql-server13:04
luca_biskiter11: I have already installed both server and client13:05
ActionParsnipluca_bi: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MysqlPasswordReset13:06
cablopi want an ubuntu as server but with gui tools13:06
cablopi was thiking to install an ubuntu-server ant then on top install the ubuntu-desktop13:06
deej1976cablop: that works13:06
jribcablop: that's fine13:06
cablopor install the ubuntu-desktop then the server kernel... but i think the second is not going to set up things correctly13:06
jribcablop: either method is fine13:07
luciancablop: i did it both ways some time ago, and it was fine13:07
cablopbut if i want for things to work by default for server environment maybe the first one is the best, right?13:07
luca_biActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/ibg2nmsk13:08
deej1976cablop: What are you trying to archive?13:08
harsh343how can i install PHP PDO package through ubuntu 11.1013:08
harsh343deej1976, hello13:09
cablopsetup a server, but to leave gui environment on it to administer it remotelly using nx, vnc or ssh -X13:09
ActionParsnipluca_bi: that link is all I know. I don't use mysql13:09
luca_biwhat do u use?13:09
luca_biluca@luca-Satellite-A200:~$ sudo /usr/sbin/mysqld --skip-grant-tables --skip-networking &13:10
cablopdeej1976:  setup a server, but to leave gui environment on it to administer it remotelly using nx, vnc or ssh -X13:10
luca_bi[1] 747713:10
luca_biluca@luca-Satellite-A200:~$ 111111 14:08:44 [ERROR] Can't start server: cannot resolve hostname!: Connection timed out13:10
luca_bi111111 14:08:44 [ERROR] Aborting13:10
FloodBot1luca_bi: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:10
ActionParsnipcablop: most server stuff is administered at cli13:10
deej1976cablop: I'm with ActionParsnip cli admin is easy13:11
cablopActionParsnip: yes i know, but for some tasks we prefer some guis13:11
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chymistWhen I use any apt-based command, I am told that I should use -f to fix unmet dependencies. However, doing so causes a huge number of essential packages to be removed. How can I get around this? http://pastebin.com/AARmaPw913:11
admiralshlorkyi was agreeing with deej197613:12
cablopie manage a LVM using the LVM gui tol is easier than using commands13:12
admiralshlorkythere's only a few things that i prefer a gui for13:12
admiralshlorkyand that's primarily torrenting13:12
cablopi ant to use both13:12
deej1976hi admiralshlorky, harsh34313:12
admiralshlorkysimply because all the cli-based torrent clients i've used are pretty lame13:12
cablopso my intention is to leave a gui for some users and access the server either mode13:12
skiter11luca_bi: i used mysql some time ago, i can't remeber what you do to start use. I know it's by command line.13:12
ActionParsnipadmiralshlorky: you can use web UIs for torrents. transmission has a web UI. There are apps on various mobile phone OSes to talk to it too13:13
admiralshlorky^yes, i'm aware of this13:13
cablopi am going to disable the gdm server so no useless gui on the server, anyway, just remote gui or startx by hand13:13
ActionParsnipadmiralshlorky: so why use a gui..13:13
admiralshlorkybut i've run into issues with advanced configuration13:13
ActionParsnipi see13:13
admiralshlorkyspecifically scheduling download up/down times13:13
luca_biskiter11: I want to use PHP on a linux system with apache I have an host with altervista I want to staru using PHP13:14
ActionParsnipadmiralshlorky: transmission has a window where you can specify a different speed, you can then set the normal speed as you wish13:14
luca_biskiter11: On Altervista you can use phpmyadmin which is free13:14
admiralshlorkyactionparsnip that's why i use the gui for torrents.13:14
admiralshlorkyspecifically for that reason13:15
chymistWhen I use any apt-based command, I am told that I should use -f to fix unmet dependencies. However, doing so causes a huge number of essential packages to be removed. How can I get around this? http://pastebin.com/AARmaPw913:15
admiralshlorkyi add them through the command line13:15
luca_biskiter11: If you want to use joomla you need a second class database13:15
admiralshlorkybut i configure it through the gui13:15
ActionParsnipadmiralshlorky: the web UI can set the speeds as you wish too :)13:15
luca_biskiter11: second class database is not free you have to pay it13:15
jribchymist: do you have any idea why this would be happening?13:16
admiralshlorkyaction, gah13:16
admiralshlorkyit's too easy to make things easy these days13:16
chymistjrib: I attempted to use dpkg -i to install an updated version of libc13:16
admiralshlorkyi turned my old comp into a torrenting box for the house13:16
jribchymist: this is not a good idea13:16
chymistjrib: So I see. How can I resolve my present situation?13:16
tjaderHow can I allow non-administrator accounts to manage the network?13:16
admiralshlorkybut i refuse to let people download things with the gui13:16
ActionParsnipadmiralshlorky: same, with samba share, ssh and backup :)13:17
jribchymist: use version of libc in the repositories13:17
admiralshlorkythey have to use the cli13:17
admiralshlorkyor it's a bust.13:17
luca_biskiter11: when I write localhost I see it works so apache2 is installed I have a problem with mySQL13:17
skiter11sorry luca_bi i can't help =/13:17
iExistchymist : downgrade13:17
admiralshlorkychanged the permissions on vnc lol, so nobody else can use it13:17
=== JimmyJ_ is now known as JimmyJ
admiralshlorkywithout root access13:17
apwbdjpluca_bi, is mysqld up?13:17
chymistiExist: How?13:17
deej1976luca_bi: What's problem with mysql13:17
admiralshlorkyjust because i'm spiteful13:17
luca_bideej1976: I can't connect to it13:18
admiralshlorkybut if i was going to use a web interface, i'd like to write it myself at least.13:18
iExistchymist : i don't know :(13:18
deej1976Is is running, did you run sudo service start mysql ?13:18
iExistchymist : maybe apt-get -?(some flag) libc13:18
iExistchymist : man apt-get13:19
luca_bideej1976: I don't know if it is running which is the command? The first you gave to me required a password13:19
chymistiExist: Hitting me with a man page isn't helpful at this stage. I've already gone through it and can't find anything relevant.13:19
apwbdjpchymist, apt-get remove, then apt-get install, maybe?13:19
iExistchymist : i see13:19
admiralshlorkyspeaking of which, how would you go about writing a shell based service that would check a folder every 30s for new files?13:19
=== danilo is now known as danilos
ActionParsnipadmiralshlorky: fatrat is great for non torrent downloads too and has a web UI. Lets you pull stuff down and lets you turn off the client PC :)13:20
ActionParsnipadmiralshlorky: could cron a job13:20
chymistapwbdjp: It won't allow me to do anything without first using -f, which breaks *everything*, including apt.13:20
deej1976luca_bi: service mysql status13:20
iExistchymist : aptitude install libc=(version before 11.1 ;)13:20
apwbdjpadmiralshlorky, watch ls? with --interval=30 and --diferences?13:21
luca_bideej1976: luca@luca-Satellite-A200:~$ service mysql status13:21
luca_bimysql respawn/post-start, (post-start) process 962513:21
admiralshlorkyapwbdjp something along the lines of that13:21
apwbdjpadmiralshlorky, man watch, you'll find everything you need I believe13:21
apwbdjpchymist, that'd be weird, you mean apt actually tries to remove itself?13:22
chymistiExist: It worked! Thank you so much!13:22
=== Radios is now known as PACE_MAKER
deej1976sudo service mysql start13:22
iExistchymist : :D13:22
chymistapwbdjp: Yes, seriously.13:22
chymistiExist: Thanks a lot. :)13:22
admiralshlorkyout of curiosity, with one of those, would you write the shell script and just start the watch process?13:23
propheti just installed ubuntu 11.10, then installed compizmanager and now my unity has gone13:23
admiralshlorkyor would the watch part actually be part of the shell script?13:23
propheti did ctrl-alt-backspace in the meantime13:23
prophetdue to a freeze13:24
apwbdjpadmiralshlorky, watch doesn't need to be a part of a shell script. You can use shell script if you actually wanna do something different with the output (send to file, or something)13:24
admiralshlorkyso, i could do watch -n 30 ./shellscript13:24
apwbdjpadmiralshlorky, you'd have the same effect with while true do ...; sleep xx; done;13:25
admiralshlorkyand the shell script could essentially be if [ -e "torrent file output" ] or whatever13:25
apwbdjpadmiralshlorky, you'll have to check for changes yourself, but gives more flexibility13:25
admiralshlorkyi like the modular aspect of watch13:26
admiralshlorkybeing able to invoke a single instance of the script would be rather nice if there's already a function to loop stuff around every once in a while13:26
admiralshlorkyas opposed to being only able to invoke the looped version of the script13:26
apwbdjpadmiralshlorky, right13:26
admiralshlorkyi feel the watch solution would be more true to the unix spirit13:27
ActionParsnipadmiralshlorky: there is tripwire if memory serves13:27
cablopi wonder if a live 10.04 CD would run on a server13:28
=== babai is now known as babai_abakan
ActionParsnipcablop: sure, why wouldnt it13:28
cablophardware issues? like not detecting the server hardware?>13:29
admiralshlorkywhat kind of server?13:29
admiralshlorkyx86? some cracked out beowulf cluster?13:29
cablophp proliant dl360 g613:29
admiralshlorkyoh yeah13:29
admiralshlorkyi bet it would run on it like a charm13:29
ActionParsnipcablop: the server is pretty much the same as desktop just without the X server and such, same drivers and all that13:29
cablopmy customer told me the debian installer was unable to even start... so they don't want to test and fail13:30
admiralshlorkyand sometimes they run hpux13:30
cablopwhat's hpux?13:30
admiralshlorkywhich is, imo, just about as cool as ubuntu13:30
admiralshlorkyit's unix13:30
admiralshlorkyrather than linux13:30
=== soreau_ is now known as soreau
admiralshlorkyit's the most super retardedly awesome proprietary os out there13:32
cablopyou said awesome and rtardly in the same sentence... so i guess it is a bad os13:33
lucianbah. (initramfs) unable to find a medium containing a live file system13:33
lucianany ideas?13:33
admiralshlorkyit's pretty fucking awesome13:33
cablopdoes it support mysql?13:33
ActionParsniplucian: installing from liveCD?13:33
cablopafaik mysql is not going to support unix anymore13:33
admiralshlorkyand by retardedly awesome, i mean so awesome that it would blow so much of your mind that it would make you retarded13:33
deej1976!language | admiralshlorky13:33
ubottuadmiralshlorky: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.13:33
admiralshlorkysorry deej197613:33
lucianActionParsnip: live usb, on that Thinkpad E32513:33
admiralshlorkyi'm just really excited about unix13:33
deej1976cablop| time to install mariaDB :D13:34
admiralshlorkycablop, it wouldn't make any sense from mysql's perspective to stop supporting unix13:34
ActionParsniplucian: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?13:35
lucianActionParsnip: yep13:35
thropehow to add setenv option to sudoers to get sudo -E to work?13:35
deej1976admiralshlorky: MySQL is under Oracles wings now13:35
clipartcatadmiralshlorky, do you live in a tin can?13:35
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:36
admiralshlorkyclipartcat something like that, but i like it very much. no need to be rude13:36
clipartcatadmiralshlorky, well it was intended to be a friendly joke, if you haven't noticed that mysql ownership change :)13:37
admiralshlorkysorry, i'm relatively new to servers13:37
admiralshlorkyand mysql hasn't really been anything of much focus to me13:37
admiralshlorkyi'm just recently set it up on a machine to play around with, but other than that, i don't really have any experience with it13:38
clipartcatas it's been quite much discussed in nerd media. monty leaving oracle and writing open letters and such :)13:38
admiralshlorkyyep, don't really subscribe to the nerd media13:38
admiralshlorkyunfortunately, my time is divided fairly equally between getting drunk, learning about unix and working13:39
admiralshlorkynot much spare time between the three of those13:39
schnuffleadmiralshlorky: this is a support channel use #ubuntu-offtopic for talkgin13:40
admiralshlorkyi was defending my honor. i'd prefer to joust than to go off topic, but by all means understand the context.13:40
viksto all13:41
RaTTuS|BIGviks just ask your question13:41
reisihi there, just started kubuntu installation on asus 1215b laptop, mouse/trackpad driver doesn't seem to be loaded automatically, any tips?13:41
apwbdjpreisi, what you say not loaded automatically, you mean you found out a way to load them manually?13:42
Um_cara_qualquerdoes anybdody knows where do I extract this file to fix emesene conection problem? https://github.com/emesene/emesene/zipball/master13:42
xanguaUm_cara_qualquer: extract it anywhere and run it, like the emesene blog says13:43
viksany one can plz help about web print13:43
schnuffle!ask | viks13:43
ubottuviks: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:43
admiralshlorkyhe did ask13:44
reisiapwbdjp: i didn't find; just wondering if someone had guessed which kernel modules isn't loading automatically13:44
Um_cara_qualquerxangua, hehe how do I run it? :P13:44
reisiusb mouse works13:44
admiralshlorkyoh, nvm, that also refers to question syntax13:44
schnuffleadmiralshlorky:  OKay my car is broken, can you help me? :)13:44
xanguaUm_cara_qualquer: double clic¿13:44
admiralshlorkysure, is it making any sounds?13:44
admiralshlorkyother than the normal variety?13:45
Um_cara_qualquerxangua,  it has manu archives in it13:45
Um_cara_qualquerand none of them is an executable13:45
xanguaUm_cara_qualquer: i just run it13:46
xanguaright now, now gone ;) preffer pidgin13:46
vikshow to install dropbox in kubuntu 11.1013:46
Um_cara_qualquerxangua, o_O it's a rar file... how do you run it?13:47
Um_cara_qualquerops, zip file13:47
Um_cara_qualquerwith lots of directorys in it...13:47
Um_cara_qualquero_O what's the command?13:47
admiralshlorkyviks: http://www.dropbox.com/install?os=lnx13:47
schnuffleUm_cara_qualquer: it's a python installer for windows, so it won't run on Linux13:47
admiralshlorkyclick the .deb version13:47
luciandoes hibernation require a swap partition, or can it work with a swap file?13:47
JapyDoogeviks: download the deb from the dropbox webpage13:48
JapyDooge... what admiralshlorky says :P13:48
admiralshlorky**viks: the .deb version that matches with your system, i.e. 32 bits for a 32 bit system, 64 for a 64 bit system13:48
viksthank you guys13:48
apwbdjplucian, it does.13:48
xanguaUm_cara_qualquer: extract it, enter the emesene directory and run the 'emesene' file13:48
lucianapwbdjp: thanks13:49
marsfligthDo you know an equivalent for *'autotras'*?13:49
=== cesar_ is now known as Guest2439
schnuffleUm_cara_qualquer: There's aPPA to install emesene under Ubuntu: http://blog.emesene.org/p/downloads.html13:49
xanguamarsfligth: and whar does autotras do¿ if we can know...13:50
Um_cara_qualquerI don't think we are speaking about the same file... this is the file: https://github.com/emesene/emesene/zipball/master there is no possibility of running it... it is a zip file, with directorys in it... if I'm missing something please be more clear :( I'm not that expert on linux yet13:50
viksbest c++ ide for kubuntu13:50
RaTTuS|BIGzip files can be extracrted in ubuntu13:50
ActionParsnipviks: there isn't a best anything13:50
admiralshlorkyum_cara_qualquer: try using the git tool, might be a cloned install of something13:51
deej1976viks: kdevelop13:51
ggarri_is there any one who knows good tomcat6?13:51
ActionParsnipviks: what is the best colour?13:51
admiralshlorkyviks: vim with modifications!13:51
henkyeUm_cara_qualquer: i must be missing something     archives are meant to be extracted right ? extract it13:51
admiralshlorkyactionparsnip: trick question, best color is rainbow.13:51
Um_cara_qualquerI did... now what?13:51
schnuffleUm_cara_qualquer: If you want to install emesene on your system use the PPA repository. Then you can install it with aptitude install emesene13:51
ActionParsnipadmiralshlorky: technically white ;)13:51
admiralshlorkyi definitely prefer rainbow.13:51
ActionParsnipadmiralshlorky: but stil, its as nonesense a question as was asked13:52
shomonhi, my sound has gone really bad quality from one day to the next.. levels seem right.. and it's on any player I use...13:52
ActionParsnipviks: in short, best is an opinion, so is never concrete13:52
Um_cara_qualquerschnuffle, I installed emesene with apt-get13:52
shomonhow can I check up sound generally - debug what might be causing it to sound so bad?13:52
admiralshlorkyviks: i would look around for c++ vim configs13:52
sevenearthsis there any way I can get 'hddtemp' to return a temp to me without having to do 'sudo hddtemp' all the time?13:52
admiralshlorky^nope, rainbow13:53
henkyeUm_cara_qualquer: search for executable file, if none present, search for "setup", "install" something like that   make it executable & run it13:53
marsfligthxangua: From producer: 'Autotrash is a simple Python script which will purge files from your trash based on their age or the amount of free space ...' http://www.logfish.net/pr/autotrash/13:53
viksbest colour :)13:53
admiralshlorkynope, definitely rainbow13:53
admiralshlorkyoh, marsfligth, don't even worry about that13:53
ActionParsnipviks: I like orange, but one is not absolutely better than the other. Its an opinion only13:53
admiralshlorkyunix is above trash cans13:53
schnuffleUm_cara_qualquer: okay and it has a problem with connecting? How do you want sove this problem? Got a hint from somwhere?13:53
admiralshlorkyit'll just delete your stuff irrecoverably13:53
admiralshlorkybut you could always set up your delete button to move to a folder named trash13:53
apwbdjpsevenearths, sensors applet can display the hdd temperature on gnome pannel, it's what I use to avoid that issue13:54
marsfligthxangua: I'm asking for equivalent because on my 10.10 64-Bit doesn' work13:54
ActionParsnipadmiralshlorky: its not really gone til you overwrite the data13:54
viksi will try out kdevlop and vim13:54
admiralshlorkyand then set up another script with watch to delete stuff13:54
ActionParsnip!compile | viks13:54
ubottuviks: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall13:54
sevenearthsapwbdjp: I'm using conky with the 'exec' line13:54
deej1976viks: give kdevelop a look, reportedly very good, vim,emacs,nano,gedit,geany,leafpad etc....13:54
Um_cara_qualquerschnuffle, just that file... but it does not say where extract or how run it13:54
viksok. let me try13:55
admiralshlorkyactionparsnip: and even then if you rewrite the data you can tell with an electron microscope and trace levels of magnetism13:55
apwbdjpsevenearths, when I installed hddtemp, it told me something about if I want it to run as daemon.. isn't there a way to use that?13:55
Um_cara_qualquerhttp://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/153/capturadetelaie.png/ -> in the extracted directory of the file13:55
Um_cara_qualquerno executable13:55
admiralshlorkyactionparsnip: and if you shred the hard drive, you can rebuild it and go through the rigamarole13:55
admiralshlorkyactionparsnip: it just depends on how far you're willing to go to get your data back13:55
schnuffleUm_cara_qualquer: Which file? To build from the sources you need to enter: python setup.py install13:55
sevenearthsapwbdjp: not to sure :(13:55
ActionParsnipadmiralshlorky: i've had this discussion before with others, overwrite = gone13:56
apwbdjpadmiralshlorky, if you microwave the hard drive, I don't think that's recoverable ^^13:56
xanguaUm_cara_qualquer: enter the emesene directory, and then run the emesene file13:56
xanguaeasiere imposible13:56
Um_cara_qualquerok hang on13:56
admiralshlorkythere's a chunk in there about it13:56
apwbdjpsevenearths, I mean if it runs as daemon, you won't need sudo privileges to ask it for temprature, right? the question is how to ask it.. hddtemps documentation says something about this?13:56
admiralshlorkyi'm no expert, so i don't claim to have an opinion of my own13:56
admiralshlorkybut based on what i've seen on a combination of csi/wikipedia, data is ALWAYS recoverable.13:57
=== Mud is now known as Guest32505
schnuffleadmiralshlorky: Then trust ActionParsnip, overwrite your data and it's gone!!13:57
ActionParsnipadmiralshlorky: the citations are 10 years out of date, newer stuff is used13:57
admiralshlorkyoy vey.13:58
ActionParsnipadmiralshlorky: the same dude said the bits needed to be flipped about 100 times to be truly gone, its nonesense13:58
sevenearthsapwbdjp: 'sudo chmod +s /usr/sbin/hddtemp' turned out to be th solution13:59
admiralshlorkyhell dude, i don't know, it was just something i read. i don't claim to be an expert of magnetism or the magic of hard drives13:59
apwbdjpsevenearths, there's the hddtemp deamon way too, I just found it13:59
null`I'm trying to PTRACE_ATTACH to a process, but whenever I manage to attach the process quits, anyone has any idea why this behavior occurs ?13:59
ActionParsnipadmiralshlorky: its cool :)14:00
apwbdjpsevenearths, just make hddtemp run as deamon (sudo dkpg reconfigure hddtemp, to tell it to run at every startup), and ask it with netcat localhost 763414:00
admiralshlorkythat was my favorite parsnip.14:00
sevenearthsapwbdjp: cool. cheers!14:00
Um_cara_qualquerxangua, plz don't get mad... I'm new on ubuntu, and I don't have a clue witch might be the executable of emesene :P... in the extracted directory14:01
CharminTheMooseAre there any applications out there that displays windows in a box, similar to twm/ctwm's window box?14:01
Nertskullwhat can I use to monitor which port a program is using?14:01
RaTTuS|BIGNertskull netstat14:02
admiralshlorkycharminthemoose based on a quick google, twm runs on linux14:02
null`anyone ?:/14:02
CharminTheMooseadmiralshlorky: so you're suggesting I just run twm then?14:03
admiralshlorkycharminthemoose i'm not really suggesting anything here, i have no experience with it as far as i know14:03
sevenearthsanyone know how I can get the following as just a number: 'cat /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THM0/temperature'?14:03
admiralshlorkybut it looks to be part of the gnome2 package14:03
shomonhi, does anyone know how to diagnose tinny audio on ubuntu? http://askubuntu.com/questions/75395/poor-sound-quality-on-ubuntu-compared-to-winxp-why14:04
=== max is now known as Guest4372
shomonlike that question.. but how can I tell if there's a setting out of place?14:04
schnuffleUm_cara_qualquer: if you extract the package cd into it, then you run python setup.py build. You'll have the binaries under ./build14:04
admiralshlorkyso, my guess is that it's probably something that runs on linux, which leads me to suggest that it may instead of being a viable alternative, a direct port14:04
undreamHello there14:04
admiralshlorkyor possibly originally written for linux14:04
undreamI am going to install ubuntu on a machine14:04
admiralshlorky^easiest os install ever14:04
undreamI want to ask this simple question: 32bit or 64bit ?14:05
admiralshlorkywhat type of processor do you have?14:05
=== Guest84877 is now known as forkup
NertskullRaTTuS|BIG: I'm not sure how to use netstat for that, because it only gives me a current snapshot, but my program only uses the port when I type in it, so I can't to both at the same time14:05
Nertskullis there a way to continually refresh netsat?14:05
schnuffleundream: more then 4GB RAM 64Bit, less 32Bit is alright14:05
undreamI have 12 gigs of ram, 64 seems lile my first pick at this point, but I would like to ask if there are any problems about going for the 64 bit release14:05
RaTTuS|BIGundream - if you have more than 4GB RAm then 64bit otherise 32bit14:05
RaTTuS|BIGno problems with 64bit software14:05
Um_cara_qualquerschnuffle, just to be clear, this is the command: "python setup.py build" ... and than ./build?14:05
JapyDoogeUbuntu Server is still my favorite build environment, it's awesome for that <314:05
JapyDoogenever had an easier OS to set it up14:06
undreamThank you :) what about flash for 64 bit ?14:06
undreamI'm reading a lot of problems about it14:06
henkyeundream: take also this in consideration: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/153/capturadetelaie.png/14:06
RaTTuS|BIGno worries for flash - seem to work ok14:06
undreamThank you vey much14:06
undreamI'll go for 6414:06
henkyeundream: sry, this one http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physical_Address_Extension14:06
schnuffleUm_cara_qualquer:  the command executed in the emesene directory is python setup.py build. Afterwards there wil be a dir called build where the builded files are found14:06
kandinskiI have an old USB wireless adapter, where should I start to see if it works in the latest ubuntu? I plug it and it doesn appear under Internet Connections. It has no label.14:06
ubottuTo use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info14:07
xanguaschnuffle: Um_cara_qualquer no, you just enter the emesene directory and run emesene.....easier imposible14:07
=== mathi_ is now known as dokg
searchingwhere I can find Foundations of GTK+ Develooment pdf free download? :))14:07
Um_cara_qualquerxangua, there is no emesene to run man... they all open gedit14:07
dsnydersHi all!  Is there a datelens app for ubuntu?14:08
Um_cara_qualqueri'm gonaa try schnuffle idea14:08
shomonhow do you diagnose tinny audio on ubuntu?14:08
xanguasearching: on gnome foundatin site¿14:08
admiralshlorkyum_cara_qualquer: change their permissions to executable14:08
admiralshlorkychmod u+x <whichever files>14:08
OliveGreenHi all.14:08
xanguaUm_cara_qualquer: omg i just run it like 15 minutes ago :/14:08
searchingI need the book :) free14:08
schnuffleUm_cara_qualquer: I still don't really know what you want to do?14:09
schnufflexangua:  running emense leads to a AttributeError :)14:09
Um_cara_qualqueremesene is having conection problems... it does not conect anymore14:09
OliveGreenI have a couple weird questions, please. First: Is it safe to use gnome-tweak-tool?14:09
schnuffleUm_cara_qualquer: That is clear but how do you want to solve this problem? Install from the sources?14:10
ubottudeej1976: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:10
schnuffleUm_cara_qualquer: MAybe it's a good solution to sort out what the connection problem is?14:10
admiralshlorkyinstalling from source might be a pain in the ass, if you can install from repos, you probably should14:10
Um_cara_qualquerhmmm... it was conecting few days ago...14:10
xanguaomg you like to do everything harder....14:11
admiralshlorkyrepos make life so much easier14:11
deej1976!info gnome-tweak-tool14:11
SubNormali'm running 10.04 LTS server with ebox and using it as gateway, internet works fine, but I only have 10mb connection, even though i'm using a 10/100/1000 ethernet card. any one knows what's wrong?14:11
ubottugnome-tweak-tool (source: gnome-tweak-tool): tool to adjust advanced configuration settings for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.2.0-0ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 71 kB, installed size 656 kB14:11
Um_cara_qualquertell what to do... all the files in there open gedit... none opened an executable window14:11
admiralshlorkyopen a terminal in that folder14:12
admiralshlorkychmod o+x *14:12
admiralshlorkythen try it.14:12
admiralshlorkynot o+x14:13
admiralshlorkychmod u+x *14:13
vikshow to install .py file14:14
raj-darkmysteryvnc access issue dotted gray screen with xmarked mouse14:14
raj-darkmysteryneed help :(14:14
Um_cara_qualquerok ok... hang on14:14
raj-darkmysteryport 5901 is already forwarded to the server14:15
shomondoes anyone know how to sort out sound being really tinny on ubuntu?14:15
RaTTuS|BIGviks - python blah.py14:15
RaTTuS|BIGviks or - chmon u+x *.py ; ./blah.py14:16
RaTTuS|BIGviks or - chmod u+x *.py ; ./blah.py14:16
Um_cara_qualqueradmiralshlorky, it says there's a missing operand14:17
viks@ratt , ok14:17
marsfligthPlease, do you know an equivalent for *'autotrash'*? On my Ubutu 10.10 64bit don't work (autotrash: purges files from your trash based on age and/or filename) https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/autotrash14:21
OliveGreenHow do I play .pls files on Rhythmbox?14:22
Um_cara_qualqueradmiralshlorky, heheh I just got it now x) thx14:22
shomongo to "add radio" OliveGreen14:23
Um_cara_qualquerthx everybody :P14:23
shomonI think14:23
shomonradio channel even14:23
jesus_hi just install ubuntu 11.10 wubi does ubuntu has a system restore points like windows ?14:23
schnufflejesus_:  no14:23
shomonubuntu should release an 11.11 version today14:23
OliveGreenshomon, You mean "create new radio station"?14:24
shomonyes, right click on that14:24
shomonit should let you add a url with a .pls ending14:24
schnufflemarsfligth: do you have the error message?14:24
OliveGreenOkay, then?14:24
jesus_schnuffle so how can one undo changes if need it in ubuntu14:25
RaTTuS|BIGjesus_ what are you wanting to do ?14:25
schnufflejesus_:  depends on the changes, the best way is always haveing a backup14:26
deej1976jesus_: !info rcs14:27
be01850I'd need some small help to get my ubuntu back working.  Will take only 2 minutes of your time.  Someone ready to help?14:27
deej1976!info_rcs :jesus_14:27
RaTTuS|BIGbe01850 - ask your question14:27
schnuffle!ask | be0185014:27
ubottube01850: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:27
brondywhat is the best prog to convert 200 tiffs into one pdf?14:27
shomonscribus? but it'll be a lot of clicking brondy14:28
be01850I'd just need the list of a 'find /usr /etc -ls' command.14:28
be01850I'm using ubuntu 11.414:28
shomonthere may be more automated ways using unix tools14:28
schnufflebrondy: don't know if it's the best but imagemagick has the tools to do the job14:28
OliveGreenshomon, Yup! It worked. Thanks! :-)14:29
RaTTuS|BIGbe01850 - what is not working ?14:29
brondyk thanks14:29
be01850RaTTuS|BIG Can' logging anymore.  Something went wrong in a script I was working on.14:29
qxtJust installed a clients machine with Ubuntu. Recommended Arch Linux but they wanted Ubuntu. I am about to compile a new kernel "Linux 3.0.8". Since this machine using AES256 with a 512 Whirlpool hash digest for full disk encryption I need to make sure AES-NI of the SB 2600 is enabled. The kernel flags should be CONFIG_CRYPTO_AES=y14:30
qxtCONFIG_CRYPTO_AES_NI_INTEL=m in .config ... is that right?14:30
deej1976!pastebin | qxt14:30
ubottuqxt: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:30
shomoncool OliveGreen14:30
jesus_schnuffle am new to ubuntu and going to be messing around with its setting like compiz if i do anything wrong i would like to be able to go back to the one it was befor14:30
qxtCONFIG_CRYPTO_AES_NI_INTEL=m is what I am wondering about14:31
qxtAlso need to know about VT-d.14:31
schnufflejesus_:  what you can do is using LVM. With that you can set a snapshot and recover to it later14:31
OliveGreenshomon, Now I can enjoy me favorite Soma FM streams on Rhythmbox. Thanks again! ;)14:31
shomonexcellent! I'm still stuck with my tinny audio problem :'(14:32
qxtThis desktop looks like a bad joke of a Windows 7 pimped out smart phone!14:32
deej1976!notunity | qxt14:32
ubottuqxt: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic14:32
DarsVaedaif you use ALT+TAB and navigate to "show desktop" and choose that, then use STR+ALT+ARROW right or left -  do you get all empty workspaces too?14:33
adi11hi all. i installed ubuntu 11.10 on my hp dv 7600. this is dual boot with win7. after grub screen it starts the loading the os, so the ubuntu logo and the dots are loading. than it hangs on a black screen for about one minute. after that it load the OS ok. than on shut down it takes like a min or more. its like in the times of feisty fawn. what possibly causes the hangover ? is there a log text file to see what causes this? thanks14:34
jesus_schnuffle ok thanks how would i do that useing the terminal14:35
qxtdeej1976 Even in Gnome 3 the traditional desktop metaphor is been trashed.14:35
schnufflejesus_:  check http://www.howtoforge.com/linux_lvm14:36
adi11i installed nvidia 285 drivers and i like this but its just that it takes so long to load and shutdown.14:36
henkyeqxt: there are more alternatives than Gnome3 or Unity ...14:37
jesus_schnuffle thanks14:37
adi11anyone any idea? thanks14:38
be01850RaTTuS|BIG: (sorry if I do not follow the etiquette, I'm not used to IRC) Are you still there?14:38
schnufflejesus_:  another option is to use virtualization, you setup a system, save it so that you can always restart at the beginning14:39
be01850schnuffle: I'd just need the output of the following command to repair my system: find /usr /etc -ls14:40
jesus_schnuffle how would i do that14:40
RaTTuS|BIGbe01850  - sorry been afk - if you have been fiddling with a startup script and broken your system then boot from a livecd and try and fix it that way - if it is something else - explain in more detail - someone should be able to help14:41
kandinskiI have an old USB wireless adapter, where should I start to see if it works in the latest ubuntu? I plug it and it doesn appear under Internet Connections. It has no label.14:41
* RaTTuS|BIG going for coffee back in 5 mins14:41
iExistwhere can som1 see the messages when a usb connect?14:42
be01850RaTTuS|BIG: ok, thx for you answers anyway14:42
edbianiExist: yep14:42
be01850RaTTuS|BIG: please ping me when you're back14:42
schnufflejesus_:  you use KVM or VirtualBox ... to setup a virtual machine. Those tools have a snapshot function as well. In that way you can play around and when the system is broken you can just restart from scratch14:44
Dark_ApostropheHello, does anyone know how long it's likely to take for the new Firefox update to hit the main Ubuntu repositories?14:47
jesus_schnuffle ok14:47
qxtWhat exactly is the ideology/metaphor behind the GUI in Unity. The Traditional Desktop Metaphor has been mainstream since the Xerox Alto 1973.14:48
deej1976!ff | Dark_Apostrophe14:48
ubottuDark_Apostrophe: firefox is the default web browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion | To install plugins: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxPlugins14:48
tensorpudding!ot | qxt14:48
ubottuqxt: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:48
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qxttensorpudding, I SAID Unity. That is Ubuntu right?14:49
tensorpuddingnot all discussion about unity is support14:49
riffautaeqxt: thats not really a support question14:49
tensorpuddingit's also to stem a pointless debate from taking up time in this busy channel14:50
Dark_Apostrophedeej1976: Thanks14:50
madmachineubuntu! Proudly South African!14:51
madmachinewould you guys rather run FreeNAS or SAMBA on Ubuntu?14:53
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=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest34179
tensorpuddingmadmachine, freenas is not ubuntu14:54
tensorpuddingnor is it software which runs in ubuntu14:54
be01850RaTTuS|BIG: I'll install a fresh ubuntu 11.4 in a virtual box and I'll get my informations there.  Thanks for your answers14:56
lolzer hi i have installed kde desktop on ubuntu 11.0414:56
be01850RaTTuS|BIG: bye14:56
lolzerbut i am facing problems with the  headphone output14:56
lolzer its not balanced and also very low14:56
henkyelolzer: run alsamixer in terminal for more options14:57
qxtriffautae, I need some support understanding what this desktop is all about. Should I go buy a book to find out? As a software engineer one of our biggest tasks to to interface humans with their machines. I agree with Linus Torvalds accusation that Gnome 3 (and the like) are "a unholy mess"14:58
SunTzuqxt is there a trinity of that unholy? ;]14:58
jesus_schnuffle would this also work looks easyer http://beginlinux.wordpress.com/2010/03/24/back-in-time-system-restore-on-ubuntu/14:58
lx_gris there any place to find information on when firefox 8 will be available in updates? or the flash player updates?14:58
deej1976qxt: trying in channel #gnome14:59
riffautaeqxt: they may be tutorials and such but I doubt there are books yet. Personally I use gnome2+i3 and avoid the whole mess14:59
SunTzuoverdub !!14:59
riffautaeqxt: when i upgrade to a distro with unity or gnome3 as the default i'll prolly switch to xfce+i314:59
schnufflejesus_:  don't know about but sounds nice14:59
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blindHi, running 11.10, wireless keeps disconnecting randomly.. did not have the issue in 10.10 or Mint 11 - someone yesterday suggested I reboot.. so I did.. and it took a little longer than normal, but I did get disconnected in the same fashion (I have to turn wireless off/on before I can connect again).15:00
henkyeone long term shame in ubuntu: watching flash videos triggers screensaver    any solution ?15:00
riffautaemadmachine: i just use samba and ssh, you can use scp, rsync and git through that so its pretty easy to backup and access files from any comp15:00
qxtriffautae, Wow, now I know why Mint Linux is most likely going to outgrow Ubuntu. Personally I use Debian Wheezy with xfce.15:02
Crazyhello everyone,can i creat different file systems under one  partition ,and the partition was separated by me under the whole disks15:02
SunTzucrazy que loca ;]15:02
CrazySunTzu: what?15:02
riffautaeCrazy: do you mean, make one partition for ubuntu on the hard drive and then have linux break that into multiple in a higher layer??15:03
riffautaeCrazy: sorry about the extra '?' there15:03
vishalHow to fix these -- 'Shell user-theme extension not enabled' and 'unknown extension error' in `gnome-tweak-tool` under natty?15:03
KlunkHi guys, how can I stop the Input Signal Out of Range error on Ubuntu 11.04. I upgraded my son's PC and every since I cannot get a UI, I have just wiped with a new download and that didnt help, although the live CD booted fine15:03
=== trekkie1701c is now known as Guest38755
SunTzuKlunk run Xorg with its reconfig option15:04
riffautaeKlunk: that means ubuntu is trying to display a video signal that is too high of a resolution or refresh rate.15:04
riffautaeSunTzu: control-alt-f2 will get you a terminal15:04
Crazyriffautae: i mean that the partition was just a part of the whole disks ,and i want install another linux system in that partition15:04
riffautaeSunTzu: sorry meant Klunk ^^^15:04
gulzar I am using custom cursor. When pointer is on some app like firefox or terminal it is acoording to the theme but when it is on wallpaper area it turns back to default black.. How to cure it? Using LXDE15:04
madmachinetensorpudding: i know.. i was asking, which disto would you choose to setup your own NAS system... rather FreeNAS or Ubutu with Samba and rsync, for instance...15:05
SunTzucrazy specify size of part then, not wholedisk15:05
KlunkI realise that riffautae, tried several things but cant change setup if I cant actually get a window in the first place15:05
tensorpuddingmadmachine, not a poll channel15:05
riffautaeCrazy: sorrry i dont know what 'whole disks' is15:05
KlunkI will try getting a terminal but I tried that before with no luck15:05
SunTzuriffautae the whole disk, like dos used to use15:05
CrazySunTzu: you are right15:05
madmachinetensorpudding, thx...15:05
riffautaeSunTzu: ? you mean a single partition taking up the whole drive?15:06
Crazyriffautae: yes15:06
aconbereslightly odd question, I'm not running in Gnome, I have an external monitor connected through a laptop dock. If I undock, and redock the external monitor doesn't come out of power savings mode. XRANDR shows it as connected, but I can't wake it.15:06
Crazyriffautae: thats it15:06
aconbereAny thoughts on ways to force an external montitor to wake :)15:06
riffautaeCrazy: so you want to install linux on one big partition?15:07
SunTzuaconbere is a module used to access it?15:07
Crazyriffautae: yes thats it15:07
Klunkriffautae - ctrl-alt-f2 does nothing. How can I tell if I have actually got a booting system. I have tried using the numpad keys to change resolution as well and that didnt work15:07
aconbereSunTzu: a module? (sorry not sure what that means)15:07
SunTzuaconbere kernel module loaded15:07
Crazyriffautae: can i?15:07
riffautaeKlunk: do you get a 'grub' screen on boot that lets you select which kernel/os?15:07
vishalwhere can I discuss about new gnome shell (gnome3) on ubuntu 11.04? On #gnome or else other recommendations?15:08
riffautaeCrazy: yes when installing choose custom partitions and make one large one, then tell it to mount it as '/'. later you will have to look up how to make swap a file intead of a partition15:08
KlunkNo I get nothing. I get the PC showing that it is not finding a CD to boot from, then the screen goes blank and I get the sugnal out of range error15:08
aconbereSunTzu: hmmm I'm not sure honestly. I15:08
riffautaeCrazy: the other option is to make one large partition and install lvm on top, then you can change and resize partitions how ever you want and other os's will just see it as one mystery partition15:09
learneris there any good GUI download accelerator other than Axel for ubuntu 10.10?15:09
aconbereSunTzu: I've recently moved off of gnome and been doing a bunch of hand power management in acpi so still learning15:09
SunTzuaconbere k...15:09
riffautaeKlunk: check the boot order in your bios and make sure it is set up to look at the hdd with ubuntu on it first15:09
SunTzuaconbere ##Xorg or #Xorg15:10
aconbereSunTzu: roger15:10
Klunkthere is only one hdd, I had it hdd then cd before, changed to cdrom -> hdd so I could boot a live cd15:10
gulzar Please help .I am using custom cursor. When pointer is on some app like firefox or terminal it is acoording to the theme but when it is on wallpaper area it turns back to default black.. How to cure it? Using LXDE15:10
Klunkand the hdd has a single partition15:10
Crazyriffautae: when i mount it as '/', how can i create a swap file system15:12
=== Guest25918 is now known as tMH
adi11hi guys. what is the name of that app that lets you install so many other apps in ubuntu15:12
SunTzucrazy read the docs15:12
dchernivadi11, synaptic15:12
RaTTuS|BIGadi11 sudo apt-get15:12
adi11its not from canonical. its a third party15:12
riffautaeadi11: synaptic?15:12
adi11it have some repos and you can find all propietary apps15:12
CrazySunTzu: the help of ubuntu ?15:12
riffautaeadi11: oops late to the party15:12
deej1976adi11: ubuntu-tweak15:12
SunTzucrazy on your hd15:13
learneris there any good GUI download accelerator other than Axel for ubuntu 10.1015:13
adi11and the winner is : deej197615:13
SunTzulearner there are alternatives, ie, wget15:13
adi11thank you very much15:13
riffautaeCrazy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq this has a section talking about swap as a file, its not a header item so youll have to look through to find it15:13
learnerSunTsu, any GUI ??15:14
Crazyriffautae: thank you15:14
jost_can anybody point me to a reference of cifs return codes? I get a -22, and don't know what that means.15:14
SunTzulearner for which brower?15:14
SunTsulearner: watch the difference ;)15:14
henkyelearner: maybe jDownloader will suit your needs ?15:14
SunTzujost_ google `cifs error -22'15:14
gulzarlearner: use Kget15:15
learnerSunTsu, for mozilla15:15
SunTzulearner get flashgot for that15:15
SunTsulearner: again: SunTsu != SunTzu15:15
gulzarlearner: can also use aria2.. though command line but very simple with resuem and continue download15:15
SunTzusuntsu oopsie15:15
gulzarlearner: for that flashgot will be a good option15:16
magmaIf I have a user that it is not admin, it cannot do network modifications (as in change the wireless network)... Why does this happen15:16
SunTsuSunTzu: yeah, a little bit confusing ;)15:16
SunTzua bit ;]15:16
=== SunTzu is now known as Free-man
daviddoriaMy Software Center is missing the search box in the top right: http://daviddoria.com/Uploads/SoftwareCenter.png - Is there a way to get it to be displayed?15:16
Klunkriffautae. Tried making hdd first boot device, now I get the message 'Loading Operating System' followed by the screen go blank and input signal out of range15:17
jost_SunTzu, I already did that. I've also read man mount.cifs...15:17
apwbdjpdavidcalle, I think it's not part of 11.10 anymore, or something, you can install it manually15:17
luca_biDear friends, I'm using phpmyadmin I'm studying the types of data one can put in a table. I think it depends on what you want to create isn't?? Is there a discussion about that??15:17
blindHi, running 11.10, wireless keeps disconnecting randomly.. did not have the issue in 10.10 or Mint 11 - someone yesterday suggested I reboot.. so I did.. and it took a little longer than normal, but I did get disconnected in the same fashion (I have to turn wireless off/on before I can connect again). What can I do?15:17
apwbdjpdaviddoria* I meant! My appologies to davidcalle.15:17
Free-manjost_ read the src then15:17
magmaHow can I make that normal users can change the wireless network??15:17
deej1976luca_bi try #mysql15:18
dchernivjost_, try mounting with --verbose flag15:18
daviddoriaapwbdjp, how would I install it?15:19
dchernivblind, what does your dmesg say?15:19
blindFrom what I can see, nothing out of the ordinary, here it is: http://pastebin.com/hAyYSeFp15:20
jost_dcherniv, i've done that too, nothing than the generic error message (wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock, missing codepage,...)15:20
apwbdjpdaviddoria, sudo apt-get install software-center15:20
n3glvFailed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/l/linux/linux-image-2.6.35-31-generic_2.6.35-31.62_i386.deb 404  Not Found [IP: 80]15:20
daviddoriabut I have the software center right? just not the search box?15:20
dchernivjost_, whats the command you're using to mount?15:20
jost_and in the syslog only "CIFS VFS: cifs_mount failed w/return code =-2215:20
apwbdjpdaviddoria, oh.. that's is weird..15:20
daviddoriaapwbdjp, yea - "software-center is already the newest version."15:20
dchernivn3glv, apt-get update15:20
gulzar Please help .I am using custom cursor. When pointer is on some app like firefox or terminal it is acoording to the theme but when it is on wallpaper area it turns back to default black.. How to cure it? Using LXDE15:21
dchernivn3glv, then try again15:21
jost_sudo mount -t cifs //servername/sharename /directory/to/mount/to --verbose -o username=guest,domain=MYWORKGROUP,rw15:21
magmaHow can I make normal users to change the wireless network without needing to introduce root password??15:21
blindmagma: with network-manager or wicd ?15:22
n3glvFailed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/l/linux/linux-image-2.6.35-31-generic_2.6.35-31.62_i386.deb 404  Not Found [IP: 80]15:22
magmablind: with the icon that appears in unity near the clock15:22
blindyeah.. any user should be able to use that15:22
=== badfrog_ is now known as n00bfrog
magmablind: but in the last ubuntu, it asks for sudo authentication15:23
lvidalI have a virtual machine with ubuntu server 10.11 and I'm trying to connect to mysql from another machine in the LAN but it seems that 3306 port is closed, how can I open it?15:23
dchernivjost_, can you run smbtree and check if your mount is listed15:23
haylomaybe it asks you for the keyring password magma15:23
blindmagma: I've been through like 6 or 7 versions of ubuntu and network-manager has never asked me for password15:23
magmabecause you are part of the admins group15:24
blindalso... with sudo, don't you type in YOUR password, not the root password?15:24
haylomagma if you leave that keyring blank and change desktops you can end up with sudo being the only way to unlock it15:24
n3glvI get same on web browser , 40415:25
jost_dcherniv, done. It show the share, and i've also tried some other shares.15:25
n3glvThe requested URL /ubuntu/pool/universe/l/linux/linux-image-2.6.35-31-generic_2.6.35-31.62_i386.deb was not found on this server.15:25
hayloyou need to get comfortable with the fdifference between your sudo passwd and the password you set for you keyring in the network manager15:26
riffautaeKlunk: hmm and the live cd worked?15:26
magmablind: If I do it with my account it does not ask me anything. If I change the account to a user that does not belong to admins, it asks for the password of the first account15:26
TausenHey everyone - I've got a major issue with my ubuntu 11.04.15:26
TausenWhenever I connect to a wireless network or plug in a network cable, a kworker process uses 100% of one core of the CPU in spikes, causing the entire system to lag horribly :(15:26
TausenI posted on the ubuntu forums with details, here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=187899315:26
magmaand it says "insert authentication for network modifications"15:27
blindHi, running 11.10, wireless keeps disconnecting randomly.. did not have the issue in 10.10 or Mint 11 - someone yesterday suggested I reboot.. so I did.. and it took a little longer than normal, but I did get disconnected in the same fashion (I have to turn wireless off/on before I can connect again). What can I do? - dmesg http://pastebin.com/cRiAXAcT15:29
n3glvTausen: kubuntu?15:30
Tausenn3glv: Just ubuntu desktop 11.0415:30
jost_dcherniv, i found the problem. CIFS was not installed... :(15:32
WhuazGoodYohey hou, can someone tell me how to remove the password from my user account?15:32
riffautaeWhuazGoodYo: do you want the gui to auto login or is this ssh related?15:33
Oogaboogahelp. When installing a motherboard, does it matter if you don't use all the screws to screw it into the case?15:33
riffautaeOogabooga: no just make sure none of the standoffs under the mobo are touching anything they should not be15:34
Oogaboogamy motherboards keep frying15:34
WhuazGoodYoI want it to have no password anymore at all, I know that makes no sense from a security point of view, but this is a public computer in a hostel so everzone should have full access and if the PC is fucked up I can just set it up newly.15:34
Oogaboogawhat is a standoff, riffautae ?15:34
Oogaboogaoh, the thing that the mobo screws into?15:34
needhelpHello, when I try to run a .php file from localhost, I get a popup errormessage saying that it couldnt save /tmp/somefile because the source couldnt be read. Any idea?15:34
riffautaeOogabooga: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Toennchen_IMGP5029_wp.jpg15:34
Oogaboogathanks :)15:35
riffautaeOogabooga: most cases have multiple locations for those and you have to match them to the holes on your mobo15:35
BluesKajOogabooga, don't tighten the screws too much or you 'll crack the board15:35
riffautaeOogabooga: also check to see if another component or your psu is causing the issue15:35
Oogaboogaso the second time in two weeks, i was playing a game and my computer turned itself off and now it won't boot15:35
Oogaboogai just replaced the mobo now it's fucking pwned again15:35
riffautaeOogabooga: might be the psu15:35
szal!language | Oogabooga15:36
ubottuOogabooga: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.15:36
riffautaeOogabooga: if you have a pooppy psu nothing on the computer is going to wok right15:36
Oogaboogadpb|: yeah15:36
overdubOogabooga: sounds like power supply problem15:36
Oogaboogabut overheating shouldn't fry the mobo so easily15:36
riffautaeOogabooga: define 'fry the mobo'15:36
Oogaboogano POST15:36
riffautaeOogabooga: ever again? does it have any burn marks on it, that can indicate a short15:36
dpb|If ur gaming its probably the gpu15:36
Oogaboogadpb|: the GPU? I have a separate video card15:37
Oogaboogai thought the GPU isn't used if you have a video card15:37
riffautaeOogabooga: swap some of the other parts out for extras to see if they are messing things up15:37
riffautaeOogabooga: also make sure you have a good psu and not a weird off brand that came with the case15:37
Oogaboogariffautae: same problem last week, swapped mobo and it worked again (for 2 days)15:37
Oogaboogariffautae: already on my second PSU, this one is from Best Buy15:38
riffautaeOogabooga: hm so prolly antec or corsair i think15:38
Oogabooga450W, should be plenty i think15:38
kaushalcan partner repos be integrated with local ubuntu mirror using deb mirror ?15:39
=== erkan^2 is now known as erkan^
ccmonsterhey guys, how do I get guake to show up on the bigger screen of my dual monitor setup?15:39
Oogaboogaccmonster: try rubbing your pen0r on the bigger screen15:40
riffautaeccmonster: set it as the primary or run it with DISPLAY=:0.1 quake15:40
ccmonsternot quake, GUAKE15:40
apwbdjpccmonster, DISPLAY=:0.1 guake, I believe15:40
ccmonsterwhere do I set that?15:40
riffautaeccmonster: oh no idea what that is but what i said should still work15:40
ccmonster i have nvidia drivers15:40
riffautaeccmonster: nvidia-settings-manager or something15:41
apwbdjpccmonster, the nvidia manager should tell which display is which. Just do DISPLAY=:[display] guake (in a terminal)15:41
ccmonsterwhat do i put in the [DISPLAY]15:42
riffautaeccmonster: 0.1    i bet15:42
apwbdjpthe display number of the bigger screen, probably 0.115:42
riffautaeccmonster: so it will look like    DISPLAY=:0.115:43
ccmonsterwhen i type display i get15:43
ccmonsterdisplay: unable to open X server `:[0.1]' @ error/display.c/DisplayImageCommand/424.15:43
riffautaeccmonster: dont put in the []'s15:44
apwbdjpccmonster, my bad, without the [].15:44
ccmonsterwhen i type display=:0.1 nothign happens really15:45
ccmonsterno feedback in the terminal15:45
=== corsair is now known as corsairtux
apwbdjpDISPLAY=:0.1 guake15:45
ccmonstercaps for DISPLAY?15:46
riffautaeccmonster: exactly like that, display in all caps15:46
TausenHey everyone - I've got a major issue with my ubuntu 11.04. (let me know if I'm asking this to frequently!)15:46
TausenWhenever I connect to a wireless network or plug in a network cable, a kworker process uses 100% of one core of the CPU in spikes, causing the entire system to lag horribly15:46
TausenI posted on the ubuntu forums with details, here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=187899315:46
FloodBot1Tausen: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:46
lvidalcan somebody help me?15:46
ccmonsterbrian@ccbadams:~$ DISPAY=:0.1 guake15:46
apwbdjpccmonster, and guake right after it.15:46
ccmonster/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/gtk-2.0/gtk/__init__.py:57: GtkWarning: could not open display15:46
ccmonster  warnings.warn(str(e), _gtk.Warning)15:46
riffautae!help | lvidal15:46
ubottulvidal: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:46
apwbdjpccmonster, Hum, then 0.1 isn't the right display15:47
badapplehi guys i ve got a question .. i have edubuntu i just installed it on my new laptop i made all the updates installing the grapfical drivers too ... and when i start a movie no matter which one its like stucking for a part of the second and that is really piecing me off :/ so do you think the problem could be from the grapfical drivers becouse i didnt had this before install it .. and how can i fix it ? thanks a lot15:47
Taoshow can I have it that when ANYONE but one user ssh a machine it runs a python script then chucks them off15:47
ccmonsterhow do i see the 'displays' so i know what 0.1 is or isnt15:47
lvidalI want to create a new user (command line) with exactly the same permissions as the default user. What's the procedure?15:47
riffautaeTaos: set all the other users shells to '/your/script'15:47
go8765How I can install OO but not LO on my ubuntu? when I try to install OO synaptic say that I need to install LO...15:47
Taosriffautae: thanks15:47
deej1976Taos: /etc/ssh/sshd_config AllowUser?15:47
riffautaeTaos: chsh i think is the command15:47
Taosriffautae: ill just do it in the userfile no?15:48
riffautaeTaos: yea that should do it /etc/passwd i think15:48
NitkuAnyone mind linking me an up-to-date guide to dualbooting windows 7 with Ubuntu?15:48
Taosriffautae: thanks15:48
Crazyriffautae: hello , thank you for your advice about the swap , but now i wonder the /boot , how can i create the /boot and mount it under the '/' ,using "dd" ??15:48
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riffautaeCrazy: no need for a separate boot if you make your one big partition /15:49
apwbdjpccmonster, open a terminal (not guake, any terminal) on the bigger screen, and do this: echo $DISPLAY15:49
ccmonsterbrian@ccbadams:~$ DISPAY=:0.1 guake15:49
ccmonster/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/gtk-2.0/gtk/__init__.py:57: GtkWarning: could not open display15:49
ccmonster  warnings.warn(str(e), _gtk.Warning)15:49
apwbdjpthat'll tell you what's the display name of your big screen, use that instead of :0.115:49
Taoscan anoyne see any securty risks in someone sshing a virtual box inside a chroot jail inside a virtual box on a DMZ?15:49
needhelpHello, when I try to run a .php file from localhost, I get a popup errormessage saying that it couldnt save /tmp/somefile because the source couldnt be read. Any idea?15:49
ccmonsterapwbdjp, brian@ccbadams:~$ echo $DISPLAY15:49
riffautaeTaos: vbox in a vbox? or two instances of vbox one of which is in a dmz?15:50
ccmonsterhum is right lol15:50
Taosno a vbox inside a vbox15:50
ccmonsteri just killed guake, and now im retrying it15:50
Crazyriffautae: ok ,  thank you very much15:50
kandinskivbox in a vbox, you could break the Internet15:50
koskozhi, I just upgraded to ubuntu 11.10 and I thought thunderbird was the default mail client, but it seems it's still evolution. How can I make thunderbird the default one?15:50
Taosso DMZmachine runs vbox inside chjail vbox inside chjail15:51
dchernivneedhelp, is /tmp writable for all?15:51
kandinskiI have lost my window decorations15:51
go8765Can anybody help me please to install openoffice?15:51
kandinskiand the unity panel15:51
kandinskiboth went kaboom15:51
kandinskihow can I regain them? I still have a termianl15:51
Tausenkandinski: does this work? unity --replace15:52
Taosriffautae:                                 _kad15:52
kandinskiTausen: did not15:52
diverdudeI have 100Mbit LAN. If i scp a file to my mac-laptop from my ubuntu server using afp protocol, it only copies 11.2 MB/S. The file i am copying is residing on a USBdisk connected to the ubuntu server. WHy is it going so slow?15:52
riffautaeTaos: sorry that is still confusing15:52
kandinskiTausen: no launcher15:52
deej1976koskoz: System Settings -> System info -> Default Applications15:53
riffautaedrapedup: 100megabit /8 = 12 or so15:53
Taosim running a machine in a dmz, that machine has a virtualbox on it which then spawns virtualboxes on it will it be safe (given some other securty fidding) to execute abatary code on the inside box15:53
Tausenkandinski: hrmm, sorry then - complete noob here, just shooting in the dark :) someone else can probably assist you better15:53
badapplenoobody can help ? :(15:53
riffautaedrapedup: 100mbit is in bits not bytes so its 8 times slower then it sounds15:53
koskozdeej1976, I don't have default application in system settings...15:53
deej1976system settings Than System Info15:54
kandinskiTausend, no worries, and thanks a lot15:54
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riffautaeTaos: should be as long as you set up networkign correctly, if you can find a way to escape from vbox a lot of people will pay you lots of money :)15:55
needhelpdcherniv: yes, its now 77715:55
Taosriffautae: Good.15:55
deej1976needhelp: chmod +t /tmp15:55
janisozaurhow can I left-pad a string using shell? e.g. I have "1" and I'd like to have "001" (always 3 chars)15:55
KlunkI am very disappointed with Ubuntu 11.10. It just fails to work on my PC, but the Live CD works fine. I have managed to get a responding system, but it is not a complete install. I have just set the grub resolution to 640x480, the machine starts, shows a splash screen and the switches to text mode, displaying a load of service started then stopped messages. I can now get a terminal but it does not start the UI15:56
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riffautaejanisozaur: http://jonathanwagner.net/2007/04/zero-padding-in-bash/15:56
riffautaeKlunk: are you using a crt?15:56
janisozaurriffautae, ah, the "printf" command. totally forgot about that one. thanks a lot15:57
koskozdeej1976, it's strange because when I click on the mail icon on the top right of the desktop it's evolution which is set, not thunderbird15:57
Klunkno, but a 4:3 panel15:57
riffautaeKlunk: hm what is the model num and such15:57
deej1976koskoz: Have you Gone into System Settings -> System Info -> Default Applications ?15:57
reisidoes anyone have working accelerated video using vlc and fglrx drivers? i have fglrx and xvba-va backedn installed, but still no vlc output named vaapi or something like that15:57
koskozdeej1976, yes, and it's thunderbird which is set15:58
dchernivjanisozaur, same way as in C15:58
dchernivjanisozaur, printf %.3d 515:58
deej1976koskoz: Is evolution still running?15:58
koskozdeej1976, it's not even launched15:59
needhelpdeej1976: no diff. Btw, it sais its the source files that couldnt be read. That happens to any php-files inside www-directory15:59
deej1976needhelp: What the permissions on the php files?15:59
riffautaeKlunk: what you prolly need to do is make a screen entry in /etc/X11/xorg.conf and set the horiz and vert scan rates. the monitor EDID data [tells the comp what it can do] must not be working15:59
deej1976koskoz: On my fresh install clicking Mail brings up Thunderbird16:00
koskozdeej1976, that's really weird, I just made the upgrade from 10.10 to 11.1016:00
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Klunkso it just wipes away what was working on the old install and gives me a non-working system. Well done Canonical, great job16:00
deej1976koskoz: What happens if you run Thunderbird, it should complain about not being default app16:02
KlunkI should not have to go through all this to do an upgrade, I am sorely tempted to use another distro, what with all the move to Unity, a major step backwards IMO, what was good about Ubuntu was I could choose what I wanted, Unity is horrible16:02
deej1976!notunity | Klunk16:03
ubottuKlunk: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic16:03
dr_willisUnity is not Horrible.. but theres Lubuntu (lxde) or xububntu (xfce) if you perfer Klunk16:03
koskozdeej1976, it shouldn't considering it's already the default mail client16:03
apwbdjpKlunk, I believe you can still chose what you want. I'm using lxde on Ubuntu.16:03
dr_willisOr theres the Gnome-shell route.16:03
deej1976koskoz: Have you tried it?16:03
deej1976!info xubuntu-desktop16:03
ubottuxubuntu-desktop (source: xubuntu-meta): Xubuntu desktop system. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.138 (oneiric), package size 3 kB, installed size 48 kB16:03
needhelpdeej1976: I just did: /var/www$ sudo chmod -R 755 *16:04
koskozdeej1976, yes16:04
KlunkI know lots of people that are looking at other distros because unity is the default in Ubuntu, its a shame really because a lot of peole are goingt o move away from a distro they have used for years. I started back with 4.0116:05
mengesbI have a three monitor display system, and Ubuntu with NVIDIA drivers recognizes the monitors in 2-display pairs (2880x900 +1440+0 in my three display scenario). This makes 'maximizing' on my left two displays expand to both, whereas the right display is treated independent, and expands to only the one. Is there a way to constrict them without doing seperate x displays?16:05
BrianXP7I'm back!16:05
BrianXP7So, how do I force 16:9 on an Intel 82865g chip?16:06
deej1976koskoz: Have you tried un-installing evolution16:06
dr_willismengesb:  ive never did manage to get 3 monitors working totally right.   You are using a single card with 3 video outs? or 2 cards?16:06
koskozdeej1976, not yet16:06
xuser1can you recommend me a good alternative for gnome 3 panrl?16:07
mengesbdr_willis: I'm using a single card with support for 4xDVI heads; Galaxy MDTx416:07
koskozdeej1976, I think I'll just reboot because VLC is set as the default video app and it still not launching as the default one16:07
dr_willisxuser1:  any of the various docks can work.  it depends on what you want  the alternative to do16:07
xuser1i like gnome , cause it has the best aplications  but i hate that panel16:08
dr_willismengesb:  you must have a large desk. :) not seen that card..16:08
BrianXP7So, how do I force 16:9 on an Intel 82865g chip?16:08
dr_willisxuser1:  you refering to gnome2 or the gnome-3 stuff?16:08
deej1976!repeat | BrianXP716:08
BrianXP7help me...?16:08
ubottuBrianXP7: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/16:08
xuser1can you recommend me something?16:08
compdocxuser1, log on with the gnome-classic option. thats a decent, no frills desktop16:08
ubottuUbuntu includes several dock-like navigation bars. Some options are: avant-window-navigator, cairo-dock, docky (formerly part of gnome-do), stalonetray, simdock, kdocker, kooldock.16:08
xuser1im refering to g 316:08
mengesbdr_willis: It works well ultimately... but every time I maximize on either of the left two monitors... I get a giant 2880x900 application, versus the right monitor it treats it like 1440x900 added...16:08
dr_willisxuser1:  any of the docks can work.. depending omn your needs..16:08
dr_willismengesb:  you have restarted X since enabling all 3? ive noticed oddities if i dont resart X after setting my twin monitors up.16:09
mengesbdr_willis: I've rebooted several times actually16:09
mengesbdr_willis: but it appears to show only 2 displays... with it merging the left two16:10
mengesbdr_willis: I guess that's more of a nvidia issue?16:10
mengesbdr_willis: well, I haven't looked at my xorg.conf lately16:10
Error404NotFoundWhat are the devices files that are available on linux for hard disks? /dev/sd* /dev/hd* ?16:11
fgrohi folks. trying to resume from pm-suspend I get stuck on blank screen? how to debug? this is thinkpad edge 1316:11
genii-aroundError404NotFound: /dev/sd*16:11
mengesbdr_willis: wow, just one monitor defined, one device defined, and one screen defined16:12
apwbdjpError404NotFound, I think it's only these two..16:12
Error404NotFoundgenii-around: just that? i have an old box, very old and its hard disks are /dev/hda and /dev/hdb16:12
[PanzeR]DzaDzei want to make the menu from this: http://pic.mk/images/screenrtr.png, to be like this: http://pic.mk/images/screenqxq.png16:12
genii-aroundError404NotFound: If it's 6.06 (Dapper) it might have hd*16:12
[PanzeR]DzaDzehow to do that ?16:12
dr_willismengesb:  the nvidia settings tool just shows 2 displays>?16:12
Error404NotFoundgenii-around: hmmm, and in /dev/sd i can only have 26 disks at max?16:13
mengesbdr_willis: yeah, one display shows 1440x900, the other shows 2880x90016:13
mengesbDFP-2 shows the normal one monitor resolution; the DFP-3 shows it as two combined monitors16:14
genii-aroundError404NotFound: No, after sdz goes sdaa sdab, etc16:14
Error404NotFoundgenii-around: aaahhh, so i can add quite a lot :)16:15
holyghettohi i want some help about installing emerald and compiz16:15
Error404NotFoundthats 26^26 or something, i am weak in maths16:15
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mengesbdr_willis:  i guess that's my issue, it combines two monitors and the hardware reports one display16:15
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apwbdjpError404NotFound, if it's limited to sdaa -> sdzz, It's more around 26²16:16
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dr_willismengesb:  i wonder if its not a limit of the card.. id be curious.. if you moved the 3rd monitor over to the other port if it would start getting 'merged' with the Other display...16:16
Error404NotFoundapwbdjp: is it limited? i though i could also do sdaaa -> sdzzz and more, if yes then 26^26 if i am not wrong16:16
dr_willisholyghetto:  compiz is installed by default normally. and emerald is basically a dead project.. whats your specific issues?16:17
mengesbdr_willis: yeah, when i have two ports of the display port occupied, it merges them into one display...16:17
deej1976!emerald | holyghetto16:17
ubottuholyghetto: emerald is an obsolete window decorator for compiz. It's unsupported and unmaintained, making issues with it very hard to diagnose and fix. There are no known, supported alternatives.16:17
apwbdjpError404NotFound, it would be 26^26 if it was limited to sd followed by 26 letters16:17
holyghettooh ok guys thanks16:17
dr_willismengesb:  so its sort of shareing 2 ports per gpu in the card perhaps?16:17
apwbdjpError404NotFound, if it's not limited, means you can do as many letters as you can, it would 26^infinity16:17
genii-aroundError404NotFound: Additionally after sdzz it goes to sdaaa-sdzzz16:17
mengesbdr_willis: it would appear so16:18
bjrohanCan anyone help me with changing the UUID of a drive? While trying to grow a partition, I accidently copied it, now I have 2 partitions with same UUID, NOT a good thing16:18
xuser1incant use kdocker on gnome16:18
dr_willisbjrohan:  the tune2fs command can change the uuid.16:18
Error404NotFoundapwbdjp: nothing is infinite :D we reach a kernel panic before that16:18
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mengesbdr_willis: unfortunately.... maybe I can see if galaxy can help, or perhaps nvidia16:18
dr_willisbjrohan:  the uuid of a filesystem technicaly.16:18
bjrohanI tried tune2fs /dev/sda5 -U 2634bab9-a5d0-42f9-9c6d-0afeec72a37b but received the msg can't find superblock dr_willis16:18
dr_willisbjrohan:  what fs is the drive>?16:19
apwbdjpError404NotFound, maybe filename lenght limit?16:19
Error404NotFoundapwbdjp: yes.16:19
bjrohandr_willis /dev/sda516:19
bjrohandr_willis ext416:19
dr_willisbjrohan:  Hmm.. ive used that command all the time to change mine. You may want to pastebin 'sudo fdisk -l' output for referance.16:19
mengesbI have a second question: I have a LaCie FastKey usb3.0 usb/ssd device (http://www.lacie.com/us/products/product.htm?id=10533) - Ubuntu won't let me mount it, or work with it on any USB port... I have the dmesg output16:20
b0n1hey, i am trying a container virtualization with lxc but i cant do mount -t cgroup none /dev/cgroup16:20
dr_willisbjrohan:  it is formated? has data on it?16:20
xuser1i like awn16:20
b0n1because none is already mounted. when i do umount none, i get /run/shm device is busy. how can i mount none ?16:20
xuser1but cann i disable or delete gnome 3 panel?16:20
mengesbdmesg output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/735384/16:21
bjrohandr_willis how do I paste the output without flooding? It should be formatted, this was the only partition that had Ubuntu on it. I shrunk my Windows partition, tried to extend the Ubuntu partition to the unallocated space, but instead I think I copied original part to unallocated. If there is data I do not need it, so I am okay with formatting it16:22
dr_willisbjrohan:  the pastebinit command.16:22
dr_willisbjrohan:  it might be easier to just use gparted to repartion the drive as needed.16:22
bruderbellI'm having a heck of a time getting my ubuntu samba share to be writable from my windows machine.  http://pastebin.com/c9NBwfST16:22
bjrohandr_willis how to use pastebinit command. I have been using linux all of 3 weeks :-)16:23
compdocbruderbell, dont use that user or group16:24
compdocbruderbell, what are the permissions on the directory:    /var/www/pix/var/albums/16:24
bjrohandr_willis Also I used gparted to try and partition originally, and this was my outcome :-) a little gunshy. Can I use gparted to format that partition to resolve my problem?16:24
OinsHi. The click at "Browse Network -> Windows Network" drops me: "Unable to mount location, Failed to retrieve share list from server". Any ideas how to solve this or how to find the problem?16:24
bruderbellMy share directory is in my webserver directory, so I guess I thought I needed to use www-data so the website would sstill beable to work with the files16:24
RaTTuS|BIGbjrohan - sudo apt-get install pastebinit16:25
OinsClick at Nautilus16:25
bruderbellpermissions on the albums directory shown in the pastebin16:25
gurjeetis `poweroff -f` equivalent of an abrupt crash? or do I have to resort to /proc/sysrq to simulate a crash?16:25
|Slacker|all right...what's with software center? I just can't install any ppa I add there16:25
bjrohanthank you raTTus|BIG I thought pastebinit may have been an IRC thing16:26
bruderbellcompdoc: albums directory is 77716:26
ccmonsterapwbdjp, you around man?16:27
compdocbruderbell, and the owner is www-data?16:27
RaTTuS|BIGbjrohan - np then anything you pipe to it will give you a link like sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit16:27
milen8204Hello all, How can I set the app windows to appear in the center of the screen?16:27
bruderbellcompdoc: mm.  no, the owner is root16:27
apwbdjpccmonster, yup, sorry for the absence.16:27
compdocbruderbell, thats the problem16:27
compdocbruderbell, I specify myself as the owner, but if you have serveral ppl accessing, I think you should use Nobody as the owner16:28
apwbdjpccmonster, still no success, even after killing guake?16:28
bruderbellcompdoc: I see the discrepancy.  I have several folders in there that the website created via the web interface, so they show www-data as owner and group16:29
dr_willisbjrohan:  'sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit'   if you have pastebinit installed.. and gparted can do most eerything..16:29
bruderbellcompdoc: so my goal is to have my samba share assign the same permissions and owner as the website would have done16:29
blindHi, running 11.10, wireless keeps disconnecting randomly.. did not have the issue in 10.10 or Mint 11 - someone yesterday suggested I reboot.. so I did.. and it took a little longer than normal, but I did get disconnected in the same fashion (I have to turn wireless off/on before I can connect again). What can I do? - dmesg http://pastebin.com/cRiAXAcT16:30
bjrohandr_willis that is the problem, gparted does LOTS, and I don't understand it all yet :-).16:31
compdocbruderbell, this is all shared thru the website? why does it even need samba?16:31
mang0Is there any way I can bypass the "Unlock login keyring" crap at startup?16:31
bjrohandr_willis the fdisk -l is this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/735389/16:31
milen8204hello all, how can I start whit command composite-manager which is in cairo-dock?16:31
bruderbellcompdoc: i'd like to get a network share working so that I can do a mass transfer and not use the web interface.  Too clunky via the website16:31
compdocbruderbell, ahh, ok16:32
bruderbellcompdoc: so given that the albums directory has root owner, is there a way for me to get the share to give newly created directories the www-data owner?16:32
compdocbruderbell, that Im not sure of. I do it manually16:33
dcherniv[   49.686405] EXT4-fs (sda1): re-mounted. Opts: errors=remount-ro,commit=016:33
dcherniv[  628.164872] exe (2025): /proc/2025/oom_adj is deprecated, please use /proc/2025/oom_score_adj instead.16:33
bruderbellcompdoc: sounds fair enough.  So my primary concern is just getting the share to allow creating directories and writing files16:33
bjrohandr_willis my best guess, /dev/sda3 is what I boot into as I go to filesystem in Nautlis right click and I get 51 GB free. /dev/sda5 is my original Linux partition at 37GB16:34
compdocbruderbell, I would say so16:34
bruderbellcompdoc: so for that, I just need to match the samba.conf user and group to the permissions of the shared directory?16:34
dchernivblind, ^ seems weird, looks like sda1 was remounted16:34
compdocbruderbell, if you use the same owner as the user who logs on, its all very easy16:34
blinddcherniv: i don't know how i didn't notice that... what does that mean?16:35
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bjrohandr_willis also I have a pic of gparted here: http://imagebin.org/18359016:35
compdocbruderbell, www-data would need a password, which it might have, but do you know what it is?16:35
dchernivblind, is your "/" partition on sda1?16:35
blindit should be.16:35
bruderbellcompdoc: i do not.  But the share directory is 777 permissions.  shouldn't even anonymous users be able to write to that?16:36
=== jthomas_ is now known as TheDracle
compdocbruderbell, its easy enough to test16:37
bruderbellcompdoc: do I need to restart a service or anything after editing the conf file?16:38
compdocbruderbell, I think, but not sure, that samba might require and username, password, and permissions16:38
compdocbruderbell, yes, I think you need to restart smbd after changes16:39
dr_willisbjrohan:  somthing seems odd with your partition start/end numhbers... looking at them again..16:39
dr_willisbjrohan:  sda3 is befor sda2. wich is a little odd. Might be causing issues.. im not sure about that.16:40
bruderbellcompdoc: strange that you mention a password.  should I have a line in my conf file to give the pass?16:40
MaryF\cknPop\nsI ran apt-get remove apache2 and I still see it under /etc/init.d/16:41
RaTTuS|BIGMaryF\cknPop\ns - see apt-get purge16:41
dr_willisbjrohan:  if you are just using 4 partitions total. you could make them all primaries. and not mess with the  extended/logicls also.16:41
MaryF\cknPop\nsI want to reinstall it as it were from a fresh ubuntu installation.  FreeSwitch butchered my set up with vhosts and I want the original settings to restore.16:41
bruderbellcompdoc: oh for the love.  I made all those changes to the conf file all this while, but never restarted the service.16:41
dr_willisMaryF\cknPop\ns:  thats the 'purge' option,  to remove all configs.16:42
compdocbruderbell, no, you enable 'security = user' in /etc/samba/smb.conf, and it works with the user's password automatically.16:42
compdocdont enter a passowrd into the conf file16:42
dr_willisbjrohan:  well im off to bed. I will be back on in about 12 hrs..16:42
bruderbellcompdoc: roger that16:42
bjrohandr_willis my original intent had been to shrink sda1 as it is windows, and add that extra 60 GB to my 37 GB Linux16:43
bjrohanThat is still what I would like to do. I appreciate the help dr_willis16:43
zmbmartinI had installed fglrx but since remove it. How can I restore default boot splash settings. When I installed fglrx it messed up my boot splash and I want to restore that now.16:43
bjrohanAnyone else know about partitions and can help me figure mine out, and correct them?16:44
MaryF\cknPop\nsis /var/www not the webdir for apache?  I ran apt-get purge apache2; apt-get install apache216:44
idefixwhat is a good app for m4a files?16:44
idefix(what does it stand for btw?)16:44
koskozI've got an issue with the interface since ubuntu 10.11. The bar with the 3 icons (reduce, minimize and close) is not showing16:45
bruderbellIs there a switch for the ls command to get it to list permissions with numerals vs rwx?16:45
=== idefix is now known as vinnie48
compdocbruderbell, if you added your username to the same group as www-data, and give the group permissions to write to the folder, that might be an alternative16:45
MaryF\cknPop\nsapt-get purge apache2 did not clear /var/www/16:45
mxedbjrohan, if you have winxp then rezice it with gparted or a ubuntu live cd and use gparted... if you have win7 then  you have inbuilt tool to recize partitions in the diskmanager16:45
dchernivMaryF\cknPop\ns, its not supposed to /var/www is user data16:45
bruderbellcompdoc: after restarting the service, I'm getting good write permissions.  It was my stupidity16:46
mxedbjrohan, meant xp and imagemagic16:46
dchernivMaryF\cknPop\ns, how would you like it if when you removed a packaged it killed your $HOME/Music for example16:46
bjrohanmxed everything is resized, I just messed up with the unallocated blocks by copying my original Linux part to unallocated space, which is what my computer is booting into, now I have a bastard partition16:46
MaryF\cknPop\nsdcherniv: why is /etc/apache2/apache2.conf still here ?16:46
bjrohanmxed take a look at these:  http://imagebin.org/183590 and http://paste.ubuntu.com/735389/16:47
dchernivMaryF\cknPop\ns, after --purge or after you reinstalled apache?16:47
MaryF\cknPop\nsdcherniv: after apt-get purge apache216:47
robertogitanohola alguien por aqui16:48
MaryF\cknPop\nspurge failed.16:48
MaryF\cknPop\nslinux fail.16:48
robertogitanohola mary16:48
dchernivMaryF\cknPop\ns, just move /etc/apache2 out of the way, mv /etc/apache2/ /etc/apache2.old and reinstall.16:49
mneptokMaryF\cknPop\ns: did you stop the apache process before trying to purge everything related to apache?16:49
bjrohanOR how about this, how do I "grow" a Linux partition with gparted live cd16:49
sburjanhello. how can I find out which is the device name of my sound card ? I mean the file from /dev16:49
MaryF\cknPop\nsmneptok: no16:50
mneptokMaryF\cknPop\ns: can't purge what's in use.16:50
vinnie48do you know stuff about ANDROID as well?16:50
MaryF\cknPop\nsmneptok: well I stopped the service, then purged it.  purge fail.16:50
mxedbjrohan, cant you delete that partion and make a new install and use sda2 to linux?16:51
mneptokMaryF\cknPop\ns: sudo invoke-rc.d apache2 stop && sudo apt-get purge apache216:51
MaryF\cknPop\nsdo I have to apt get it again just to purge it again?16:51
vinnie48I put some music on my mobile phone16:51
mneptokMaryF\cknPop\ns: yes. but there's not much point.16:51
mneptokMaryF\cknPop\ns: just move config files aside16:52
vinnie48but the phone displays it with unknown author, where in the properties of the file can I edit that?16:52
=== corey_ is now known as Guest95689
mneptokMaryF\cknPop\ns: and the obfuscated profanity in the nick is not really welcome.16:52
mxedbjrohan, and i think you can make sda2 as primary partition instead of extended16:53
thiebaudemneptok, it should be against code of conduct, just saying16:53
bjrohanmxed, I am 3 weeks new to Linux, I am not sure what you mean :-( I would prefer not to do any reinstall16:53
ravenlvm pvcreate - neverending problem "cannot open /dev/sdx#  exclusively.  Mounted filesystem?"16:53
bhaveshWhy isnt my Ubuntu software Center wine1.3 progress bar moving..?16:53
mneptokthiebaude: working on it without waving rules around (yet)16:53
thiebaudehmm, ok16:53
MaryF\cknPop\ns sudo apt-get install apache2 ;    sudo invoke-rc.d apache2 stop && sudo apt-get purge apache2 ; cat /etc/apache2/apache2.conf   # FAILS16:53
bjrohanmxed, could you explain how my system is set up now exactly as the computer is seeing it?16:54
MaryF\cknPop\nswhy can I still cat apache2.conf16:54
blindOkay, so I thought I was having wireless issues, and looking in dmesg, I see that /dev/sda1 (where / is) remounted itself - is this why my wireless stops working? Why does this happen? How can I fix it? Running 11.1016:54
mneptokMaryF\cknPop\ns: really, could you do something about that nick?16:54
MaryF\cknPop\nsmneptok: huh?16:54
henkyeMaryF\cknPop\ns: try to fking delete it16:54
mneptok09:52 < mneptok> MaryF\cknPop\ns: and the obfuscated profanity in the nick is not really welcome.16:55
MaryF\cknPop\nsmneptok: can you do something about  purging this damn thing?  Linux epic fails, so you change the subject.16:55
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines16:55
ravenlvm pvcreate - neverending problem "cannot open /dev/sdx#  exclusively.  Mounted filesystem?" any ideas?16:55
sipiorMaryF\cknPop\ns: run along outside and play.16:55
vinnie48who cares about windows?16:56
dchernivtrue that16:56
webPragmatistalright i need a vote for a backup machine running rdiff-backup should i put this in /home/rdiff-backup16:56
MaryF\cknPop\nsuhh i stopped the apache service, purged it and it's still running16:56
webPragmatistor /backups16:56
MaryF\cknPop\nsI even stopped the service16:56
vsingh165is anyone experiencing intermittent wifi connection issues on oneiric 64-bit?  I have an rt61pci-based linksys card on wpa-psk personal16:56
ravenlvm pvcreate - neverending problem "cannot open /dev/sdx#  exclusively.  Mounted filesystem?" any ideas?16:56
webPragmatist(these are backups of other machines16:56
blindvsingh165: I am indeed ! but I'm 32 bit. any chance one of your partitions is remounting itself?16:57
mxedbjrohan, oh, you have 3 primary partitions  on the hd, it means you can use it to put in mbr and boot on these partiitons the fourth one and the rest will allways be extended ones, so you can use as example sda1 as primary one that boot up your linux on an extended  partition.16:57
vsingh165usually my connection is good, but sometimes it drops out and firefox keeps trying to "look up" a URL rather than just go to it16:57
vsingh165and sometimes I have to try my WPA-PSK passkey several times b4 I get an IP16:57
ccmonstermy apche web root @ /var/www/folders are all owned by root/root and I wanted to change the ownership. i want to make it so I can manage those folders and be able to move items in there without root permissions.16:57
ccmonsterwhats the best route16:57
vsingh165blind: do you use WPA, WEP, or any other security on your wifi16:57
blindvsingh165: yes, yes, and yes. i have the same issues. sometimes i have to turn off wireless and then back on before it works again16:58
deej1976ccmonster: chown -R ccmonster:ccmonster /var/www16:58
bjrohanmxed can I delete the 37GB partition, and add that space to the 58GB partition?16:58
deej1976ccmonster: sudo of cause16:58
ccmonsteris that advised for my web directory?16:58
ccmonsteror is there a preferred solution16:58
vsingh165blind: the only thing I ever see in the log files when my connection fails is along the lines of "deauthentication (reason 6)"16:58
deej1976ccmonster: simply way16:59
vsingh165blind:  I'm not sure what reason 6 means when it comes to failed authentication16:59
blindvsingh165: mine's either reason 1 or 316:59
bjrohanmxed OR just fix the 37GB partition and use it for storage space?16:59
vsingh165blind:  maybe it's different for different wireless drivers/cards?16:59
blindpossible.. honestly don't know. it's actually why I'm here right now16:59
mxedbjrohan, yes i think so, delete the one you dont ned and resize the other16:59
vsingh165blind:  I wish there was some way to contact the people that code the kernel modules for wifi cards.17:00
vsingh165maybe they would know17:00
mxedbjrohan, thats is beter formate that partion with a filsesystem that you like17:00
bhaveshMy Wine installer progress bar is not moving since a long time..17:00
vsingh165blind:  what module does your card use?17:01
bjrohanmxed, that is what I was trying to do in the first place, was to grow my original 37 GB part to included 58GB of unallocated space, BUT in Gparted I could not figure how to grow a partition, it only let me resize it17:01
ravenlvm pvcreate - neverending problem "cannot open /dev/sdx#  exclusively.  Mounted filesystem?" any ideas?17:01
=== AlNiT-|2 is now known as AlNiT
blindvsingh165: b43 - it's a broadcom17:01
vsingh165blind:  I have fond memories of using ndiswrapper for getting broadcoms to work under Ubuntu lol17:01
blindvsingh165: funny.. i have memories, but they're not fond :P17:02
* RaTTuS|BIG agress with blind17:02
vsingh165RaTTus|BIG: have you had similar problems like blind and I have been having17:03
RaTTuS|BIGhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1878827 M- is what I have17:04
mxedbjrohan, it is a mess when partions is in bad order. i would myself make a backup and remove all partions and start al over again  i had  let sda1 be untouched and i guess you store your stuff on that one17:05
alcohecathe keyboard layout option "make caps lock toggle shift" doesn't seem to work. a program I'm using which uses wxwidget library doesn't recieve the shift key if I have this option set.17:05
webPragmatistwhat's reiserfs typically used for?17:06
mxedbjrohan, i do se you dont store anything at the other partitions is that correct ?17:06
vsingh165RaTTuS|BIG: I've seen in some bug reports that it may be NetworkManager's fault17:06
lucawhat do you think of my website?17:06
RaTTuS|BIGreiserfs is mostly depreciated now - ext4 is better17:07
MaZ-anyone able to tell me offhand how important ginn is? (hoping it only matters for things where touchscreen gestures are important)17:07
onrehello. how do i change the default action when inserting a removable media, in this case a camera memory stick?17:07
RaTTuS|BIGvsingh165 :(17:07
cih997hi, in 11.04 in tilda I could move between tabs with SHIFT+LEFT/RIGHT arrow. In 11.10 when I press SHIFT+LEFT ARROW I get 'D' letter :/ Anyone know WTF?17:07
blindcih997: try ctrl+tab / ctrl+shift+tab ?17:07
cih997blind: doesn't work :/17:08
cih997blind: nothing happen17:08
blindi also get ABCD for shift+arrow keys17:08
blindthat's interesting.17:08
bjrohanmxed I don't only have about 7GB of used space on any Linux partitions. I have a 500GB USD drive I can back up to, then yes reformat17:08
cih997blind: i tried modify some layout settings but without success17:09
mxedbjrohan, you dont need to refomate sda117:09
mxedits your windows system right ?17:09
bjrohanmxed, I get that, just back up my Linux drive in use, boot into Live CD, reformat all partitions except for windows part, then reinstall Linux, or just copy my backup to new partition?17:10
panfisti'm sharing an ext4 fs via samba to another linux client, and on the linux client i'd like to create a symlink on that share that points to another file on that share,17:10
mxedbjrohan, keep sda1 and delete the oterh ones. and make sda2 as primary sda3 as primary and the rest as extended ones'17:10
panfistbut it says that the target doesn't support symlinks17:10
mxedbjrohan, right hehe17:10
panfisti have configured samba to follow symlinks, but google searching for creating symlinks on a samba share has turned up mixed results17:10
panfista couple of sites said that you can't, and other sites said you can as long as samba is sharing a fs that supports symlinks, and as far as i know that is true since it's an ext4 fs17:11
bjrohanMy other drives I would back up to are NTFS, does that matter?17:11
bjrohanmxed My other drives I would back up to are NTFS, does that matter?17:12
mxedbjrohan, no that do not mater if you dont have needs to save ownerships etc17:13
ravenlvm pvcreate - neverending problem "cannot open /dev/sdx#  exclusively.  Mounted filesystem?" any ideas?17:13
|Anthony|anyone here have a link to a good thorough tutorial on setting up a dual boot win7 and ubuntu17:13
|Anthony|NOT wubi17:14
sipiorraven: well, i'll ask the obvious :-) is part of the volume mounted elsewhere?17:14
|Anthony|olderish hardware17:14
RaTTuS|BIG|Anthony| -  install win7 , install ubuntu - job done17:14
sipiorraven: does lsof find processes holding a device open?17:14
ravensipior, noooooooooo17:14
|Anthony|RaTTuS|BIG, no need to setup partitions and a bootloader17:14
ravenwiping with zero possible, changing, erasing, creating partition table possible, formatting/pvcreate IMpossible17:15
bjrohanmxed okay.  My plan is this, copy my entire Linux partition (7GB in use) to another drive, boot into Live CD, use gparted to reformat all non NTFS area, make 1 Linux and 1 swap partition, reinstall Ubuntu, then copy all files back from NTFS to Ubuntu part?17:15
|Anthony|and link folders and firefox profiles?17:15
mxedbjrohan, i backupp my files with dd to an iso  not sure how linux permisions is used on ntfs. maybe it will work good17:15
RaTTuS|BIG|Anthony| - well yes - use win7 to setup half disk and install on that , then uyse the rest under the ubuntu install - or use a seperate disk17:15
mxedbjrohan, sounds good17:16
|Anthony|It's a laptop with only 1 hdd.17:16
prophethelp, my unity desktop has disappeared17:16
bjrohanGotcha mxed make an iso :-)17:16
RaTTuS|BIG|Anthony| - if it's fresh then ubuntu can resize the windows partaion for you I think17:17
diotima|Anthony| ;; what about using an external usb drive?17:17
|Anthony|nah... bout to sell the laptop to my uncle... he's compute retarded17:17
mxedbjrohan, and when done then pizza heheh17:17
|Anthony|i want a simple way for him to pick which os he like best17:18
ccmonsterok so now that I changed the permissions to me:me in my /var/www folder, when i go to a php file in my browser from my apache dir, it downloads the file, not runs it17:18
diotima|Anthony|; having ubuntu on a usb drive would be a perfect way to demo it for him17:18
RobinJdamn damn damn! I accidentially started `sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a` from the terminal! is it safe to press ctrl+c?17:19
|Anthony|i put ubuntu 11.04 on a 2GB usb... didn't really like the live usb experience17:20
gym_janehi all i am really stuck please help17:20
gym_janepostqueue: warning: unable to look up public/qmgr: No such file or directory17:20
gym_janepostqueue: fatal: Cannot flush mail queue - mail system is down17:20
gym_janeits my first day with linu17:20
ccmonsterand now i cant open gedit from the command line17:20
ccmonstermakes no sense17:21
RobinJanyone? i don't want my system ruined! please! xD17:21
diotimastopping a reconfigure might be bad17:21
RobinJdiotima: but letting it run would reconfigure EVERY PACKAGE ON MY SYSTEM17:22