yosefuwould you mind if i ask a few questions about sound settings?00:12
stochastichey yosefu, what questions did you have?00:50
yosefuwow that's so nice!00:50
yosefui was trying to get my sound back in 11.1000:51
yosefuaplay -l doesn't find any soundcard00:51
stochastichmm, I don't know where to begin helping you on that problem00:51
stochasticdo you know what your soundcard is?00:51
yosefulshw -C multimedia gives me two00:52
yosefu  product: Manhattan HDMI Audio [Mobility Radeon HD 5000 Series]00:52
yosefu       vendor: ATI Technologies Inc00:52
yosefuproduct: 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset High Definition Audio00:53
yosefu       vendor: Intel Corporation00:53
stochasticokay so you're trying to get your onboard audio working again?  was it ever working?00:54
yosefuafter installing00:55
yosefuhowever i did some tweak to get a midi keyboard working with zynaddsubfx00:55
yosefuand to get jack working, and so on... i might have messed it all00:56
yosefualso tried an alsa upgrade script00:56
stochasticohh, that could cause major troubles00:57
yosefui guess00:57
yosefumaybe i should reinstall alsa from scratch00:58
yosefuor is there a way to restore the settings that come with the install?00:59
* stochastic really doesn't have an answer for those questions00:59
yosefuwhere would you ask?01:02
stochasticmaybe in #ubuntu01:06
stochasticmaybe poke holstein and ask him01:06
yosefuwouldn't that annoy him?01:06
stochasticwell I just did by typing his name directly, so you can leave your chat client open and wait for him to come back01:11
virtuhey holstein, how are you?02:30
holsteini missed virtu03:28
holsteinand yosefu03:29

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