GridCubeochosi, :D tested ristretto 0.3.0 :D it works!!! it opens folders when you open files! :D00:57
* micahg grumbles that the maintainer of abiword uploaded a dev release and then orphaned the package02:15
ochosimicahg: yeah, i wasn't 100% serious about that07:41
micahgochosi: heh, ok07:41
micahgochosi: BTW, I got someone from Thunderbird to look at the theme issue, I still need to file a bug upstream on it which I will do next week07:42
ochosimicahg: thanks a lot for not just forgetting about that!07:42
ochosimicahg: i will try to keep reminding you ;)07:43
ochosimicahg: btw, any news on a gmusicbrowser 1.1.8 package in debian?07:43
micahgyes, alessio handed it off to me and I"ll try to take care of that next week as well, upstream version is imported, but one of the shimmer patches needs to be rebased07:44
ochosirighty, thanks a lot07:45
ochosiyeah, in fact i'm working towards being able to drop all shimmer-patches (almost there in fact)07:45
* micahg will need to re-familiarize himself with git07:45
ochosiso i'm hoping that in 12.04 we can ship upstream gmb in xubuntu07:46
ochosi(at least that's the plan)07:46
ochosijust with a custom settings-file, which could be part of xubuntu-settings or something like that07:46
micahgthat makes a lot more sense, everyone else can have the vanilla experience07:47
ochosiwell basically i'm working at getting my patches upstream, in 1.1.8 there is already quite a bit07:48
ochosibut it takes quite a bit of time (a lot of code-review/rewriting and then gmb doesn't have releases so often...)07:48
astraljavaochosi: micahg: keychain seems to work nicely for my needs.12:18
astraljavaochosi: btw. added you in G+12:23
ochosiastraljava: ah, nice12:24
astraljavaDamn, sorry, never learn to re-route these things to -offtopic.12:24
ochosithis chan isn't so busy anyway12:24
astraljavaTrue, but polluting the logs for people isn't so cool.12:24
* knome pollutes the log with some smelly gas too12:25
astraljavad00d, please close your mouth!12:25
ochosiastraljava: see? ;)12:26
astraljavaYeah, I guess we can take our leader's example.12:26
knomeastraljava, mouth? hmm.. that's not where the gas came from.12:27
jussihrm, I should ban him :P12:39
knomejussi, me? the project lead?12:39
jussiknome: yep, all the more so! 12:40
knomeit's not october anymore ;)12:40
astraljavaWasn't it Nov. 5th anyway?12:44
knomeni the russian calendar?12:44
knomethat's gone too12:45
astraljavaI thought the revolution was a reference to Guy Fawkes, sorry my bad.12:46
astraljavaOh btw. on that topic, you need to check Law-abiding citizen. Intriguing movie, with slightly disappointing ending, though.12:49
knomehow new is it?12:50
astraljavaNo idea. It's on Canal+ channels now, so probably came out '09 or '10.12:50
knomeso it should probably be on filmtown?12:51
astraljavaI wouldn't know. Last time I used such a service was in '07 or something.12:56
knomeit's there12:57
madnickhttp://www.madnick.se/~madnick/draft-2.png border14:24
madnickwhat more is visually needed?14:25
ochosihm, personally i'm not sure about the two panels, i guess i'd go with one...14:26
ochosialso: i'd put the login-stuff in a box i think14:27
madnicka 3d box? just a border? transperant?14:27
ochosii'd go for a flat semi-transparent box14:28
ochosiin fact something like the input boxes have now14:28
ochosior a bit darker14:28
ochosibut dunno, knome, what do you say?14:28
knomecan't focus now14:28
knomewatching a short movie14:28
ochosik, in fact i'll be away for the rest of the day14:29
ochosimadnick: mind if we try this again tomorrow? :)14:29
knometomorrow night sounds good14:29
ochosipersonally i like this one (fedora16): http://images.derStandard.at/2011/11/03/1319222803137.png14:29
ochosijust as a point of reference14:30
ochosik, see you around!14:32
pleia2http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/xfce-lightweight-speedy-fullyfledged-linux-desktop/  "Xubuntu, however, has a pleasant default theme while Fedora's XFCE spin doesn't." not that we're competing.. :)16:32
pleia2good job theme guys!16:34
aeeeIs it 12.04 have xfce 4.10 ?16:50
micahgaeee: probably not at this point, upstream release schedule slipped16:52
aeeenow thunar 1.2.3 have problem16:54
micahgaeee: please file bugs18:10

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