beardygnomedo you zip straight to the server, or do you zip locally then copy across?00:00
msknightIt doesn't respond to the usual ... smb://username:password@server/share00:00
jtreminioHello all! I'm trying to boot up xubuntu live usb, but it's stuck at the terminal without getting into the gui. what do I type to get into the liveusb gui?00:00
beardygnomejtreminio: try startx00:01
jtreminiobeardygnome, no screens found00:01
well_laid_lawnthere won't be a xinitrc file set up so it will go to twm00:01
beardygnomemsknight: zip might not support remote shares....00:01
beardygnomedo you have room to zip locally first?00:02
beardygnomeand do you have ssh access to the server?00:02
msknightyes. However, cp <file> smb://username:password@server/location/filename  ... returns, "cannor create regular file"00:03
well_laid_lawnjtreminio: did you check the iso?00:03
jtreminiowell_laid_lawn, no I didn't ...00:03
well_laid_lawnjtreminio: guess what I'm going to suggest ;)00:04
beardygnomeif you have ssh access, you can use scp to copy files:00:04
beardygnomescp path/to/file user@server/path/to/copy/to00:04
well_laid_lawnif there are no windows comps nfs would be far easier00:05
well_laid_lawnthan smb00:05
msknightnfs is read only, isn't it?00:05
ubottunfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.00:05
beardygnomeyou can also set up password-less ssh keys to allow automatic authentication00:05
jtreminiowell_laid_lawn, just did md5sum, same as on website00:06
msknightThis is getting messy.  I'll take these forward, but there remains an underlying problem with uploading via the SMB mount.00:06
jtreminiobut let's see, google seems to have some answers00:07
beardygnomeyou could try using sshfs to mount the share00:07
well_laid_lawnjtreminio: the default for the live cd is to start the gui so something went wrong with how you made the usb00:07
msknightI think that NFS publication on the Unix side is my problem.00:07
jtreminiowell_laid_lawn, I think i may have taken the thumbdrive out without ejecting first. let's try it again00:10
msknightWhere should I report the problem with the SMB upload through the mount plese?00:10
well_laid_lawnwhat os is the server running?00:12
beardygnomeyou can use ubuntu-bug to report bugs against packages00:12
msknightOpen Indiana 151a Sept 2011.00:12
well_laid_lawnmsknight: is that an operating system? never heard of it00:13
well_laid_lawnbut the issue is on the server00:13
msknightYes - a fork of Open Solaris 10 after Oracle took over Sun and took Express 11 back to closed source (effectively)00:13
well_laid_lawnthat's where you go to report it then00:14
* jtreminio crosses his fingers00:14
msknightIt worked on Ubuntu versions. I moved to Xubuntu because of Unity, and the removal of Gnome in the package.00:14
msknightBut I don't see any reason why it should work on an Ubuntu build and not Xubuntu.00:15
jtreminionope, formatted drive, redid it with unetboot and still goes to prompt. Wonder if ubuntu will do it00:16
jtreminioWill ubuntu run well on a netbook with 2gb ram?00:16
beardygnomejtreminio: what graphics are you using?00:17
jtreminioGraphics & chipset: NVIDIA ION (GeForce 9400M)00:18
jtreminiowait no that's not right00:19
jtreminioGraphics & chipset: Intel US15W / GMA 500 graphics00:19
beardygnomethat shouldn't be causing you any problems then00:20
jtreminioI tried going with elementaryos first and it couldn't detect my graphics card :(00:20
msknightThanks folks. Your help was very much appreciated. I think I'm a few more steps forward.00:24
beardygnomemsknight: np - good luck :-)00:25
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BixenteDoes anyone want Desktop effect on Xubuntu03:07
Bukowskiiwhat is the proper way to make a live usb stick, i tried unetbootin but when i boot my computer won't go passed the first screen03:35
holsteinBukowskii: that works for me...03:39
holsteinBukowskii: are you sure its not graphics card related?03:39
Bukowskiii had ubuntu installed on the same computer a year ago with no issues03:40
Bukowskiiits a netbook, with an atom cpu and sintegrated graphics03:41
w30Bukowskii, I had success with usb-creater03:41
jmcantrelli really want to like xubuntu, but i'm having some issues. how do i get it to remember my ssh key passwords like gnome?03:42
holsteinjmcantrell: that seemed to 'just work' for me... but i stopped doing passwords recently03:43
holsteinBukowskii: i format those sticks each time03:43
holsteini would try a fresh format03:43
holsteinBixente: i have compiz03:43
holsteinworks great :)03:43
jmcantrellhow do i use dropbox?03:44
w30Bukowskii, it also gives you 4 gig of persistent storage for printer, network,etc. settings03:44
Bukowskiiwill a windows style quick format to fat32 work?03:44
madnickjmcantrell: please elaborate03:44
madnickDropbox has an installer03:45
holsteinjmcantrell: i installed it, and i found a dropbox-thunar package03:45
jmcantrellhow do i install dropbox in xubuntu? there's just a nautilus-dropbox package, but i don't want nautilus03:45
jmcantrellwhere's the dropbox-thunar package?03:45
zenroxjmcantrell, i just installed nautilus03:46
holsteini found a .deb from here http://crunchbanglinux.org/forums/topic/8864/thunar-dropbox-dropbox-contextmenu-items-in-thunar/03:46
holsteinBukowskii: i would try it03:46
jmcantrellis there any way to get the file emblems for dropbox like in nautilus?03:47
holsteinjmcantrell: AFAIK, no in thunar03:51
holsteinbut, you can just have nautilus like zenrox suggests03:51
jmcantrelldoes xfce use gtk3?03:55
madnickIf you mean that you can use GTK3 apps, yes, and 11.10 has an GTK+-3 theme03:56
jmcantrellwhat are the various apps in xfce built with?03:57
holsteinjmcantrell: i am enjoying my transition to XFCE so far... ive been in about a week or so04:18
holsteinto describe all the various apps would take quite some time04:18
Unit193Some of the Xfce goodies are installed though, but not all (http://goodies.xfce.org/projects/applications/start)04:22
jmcantrelli can't seem to figure out how to get xfce to remember my ssh keys05:10
holsteinjmcantrell: the passwords you mean?05:12
holsteinwhen i look back at it, i think its a bit odd that gnome remembered them05:12
holsteinbut, let me look around a bit05:13
holsteini mean, you could probably install the gnome-session-manager or whatever it is/was05:13
jmcantrellif i'm using an encrypted home directory, what's the danger in using passwordless ssh keys?05:43
holsteini read something about password ssh keys...05:44
holsteinpersonally, i have a strict, 'whatever makes you personally feel safe' security policy05:45
holsteinbut, the main point of keys is to not have passwords going back and forth05:46
jmcantrellholstein: right, that's why you use pubkey auth05:47
jmcantrellbut the private key is locked with a password05:48
holsteini would say, the good thing about a password ssh key is, the keys get compromised, and maybe you have a little more time to change keys and secure things again05:48
Bukowskiihmmm tried fresh formatted usb key and different linux live programs and still gets stuck ate first screen06:19
Bukowskiii think maybe i'll have to burn a live cd, does xubuntu live cd support usb cdroms?06:20
TVasEyeshi, first time user, looking for root password for freebie xubuntu 11.10 (from Linux Magazine DVD)06:24
ballTVasEyes: for Xubuntu you shouldn't need to know.06:27
ballAt least, that's my understanding.06:27
ballTVasEyes: Did you boot from the DVD?06:28
TVasEyesball: installed from dvd, was not offered option to set password, will not let me login as root.06:28
ballTVasEyes: So, don't log in as root.06:30
ball(you shouldn't need to)06:30
ballIt didn't ask you root's password, or it didn't ask you your own?06:30
TVasEyesball: have to, X server gives me lousy resolution, also want to get rid of unwanted daemons (bluetooth, etc)06:31
TVasEyesball: created user (w password) but not for root.06:31
ballShould be able to change your screen mode without being root.06:31
TVasEyesno, display hasn't resolution on menu.06:32
ballAs for the daemons, I don't know how those are configured on a Xubuntu system06:32
ballTVasEyes: Settings -> Display ?06:32
TVasEyesball: yes, from that menu only get 640x480!!, monitor does 1280x1024 (on slackware w xfce4 desktop)06:33
ballTVasEyes: Sounds as though X.org isn't recognizing your monitor for some reason.  Was it turned on when you booted your PC?06:34
TVasEyesball: yes06:35
ballI don't know then.  We're in the same boat: X.org hate us and won't give us a working xorgconfig program any more.06:35
TVasEyesball: thanks anyway.  anyone else know how to log into root a/c ??06:36
ballTVasEyes: You don't log into root06:36
ballIt's possible to become root, but you probably don't want to.06:36
ballThat's not how Xubuntu works.06:37
TVasEyesball: used to being admin, every installation needs tweaking & doing it via sudo is not an option -- life's too short06:37
ballTVasEyes: sudo /bin/sh ?06:38
TVasEyesball: hmm, will try, back in a jiffy06:38
ballTVasEyes: Try not to break anything.06:38
TVasEyesball: works, nice.  thank you v much, good 'lateral' thought.06:40
ballTVasEyes: Good luck.06:41
DreegSalve a tutti, ho installato l'altro ieri Xubuntu ed oggi lo sto usando.. ho notato perĂ² che all'avvio prima della schermata di logon (che ho settato come Automatico) e del caricamento di xubuntu (a volte addirittura la salta e si prolunga la presenza della schermata incriminata) mi appare una schermata tutta "colorata" a bande con colori tendenti al grigio.. tipo i disturbi della televisione o meglio del digitale terrestre xD Come risolv08:25
DreegP.S. i driver della scheda grafica non sono attivi e non si vogliono attivare (ATI Radeon HD 1450)08:26
homebrewciderhi there, I've just started using avant window navigator. seems good so far, BUT, I can't remove the awn terminal. I want to use another terminal application and I've added that but can't remove the original, can someone help please.08:26
ochosihomebrewcider: i guess better turn to an avant-window-navigator support channel then?08:31
incorrectwhat version of xfce does 10.04 come with?10:16
dirtycookiehello people, a few days ago i mentioned in this channel that xubuntu doesnt automatically link usb sticks to my desktop. Some of you suggested to make the shortcut manually, and that this could be only to this memory stick. but the problem applies to all sticks that i insert. can anyone tell me y xubuntu doesnt link my usb-sticks automatically to my desktop?10:19
homebrewciderhi, does anyone know how to hide, but not remove completely the second panel?10:23
knomewhat do you mean by that?10:24
homebrewciderI  am experimenting with another dock thingy and I don't want the bottom panel popping up every time, but I don't want it deleted in case I need it back10:25
knomei supppose there is no such way except maybe backing up the panel config, and then deleting it10:25
homebrewciderand the panel config to backup would b where please10:26
knomei don't know10:27
homebrewciderfound a solution10:31
homebrewciderturn opacity down to zero10:32
TVasEyesdirtycookie: are you a member of group 'plugdev'?  use 'id' to see which groups you belong to.10:43
dirtycookieTVasEyes: no i dont know that group10:44
TVasEyesdirtycookie: is likely to be a permission thing, what do you see when you enter 'id' on yr terminal?10:45
dirtycookieTVasEyes: on my local machine??10:45
TVasEyesyes (ie the machine where you use USB stick)10:46
dirtycookieTVasEyes: output is as follows10:46
dirtycookieuid=1000(tux) gid=1000(tux) groups=1000(tux),4(adm),20(dialout),24(cdrom),46(plugdev),117(lpadmin),119(admin),124(sambashare)10:46
TVasEyesdirtycookie: looks good, my hunch was wrong :-(10:47
dirtycookieok... any other hunches??10:47
TVasEyesdirtycookie: can you tell more about s/ware version, etc.  I've only just started fiddling with v 11.1010:49
dirtycookieTVasEyes: well, the os is freshly installed on my eeepc. i started having such problems when i edited my fstab because i wanted my onboard flash memory to be statically mounted10:50
TVasEyesdirtycookie: fresh install here too, same groups, usb mount works fine; you didn't keep copy of fstab?10:52
TVasEyesdirtycookie: IIRC, mount has a 'label' option which might be useful.10:53
dirtycookieTVasEyes: i just added a line to fstab, what is IIRC?10:53
TVasEyesIIRC == if I recall correctly10:54
TVasEyesdirtycookie: in added line - no typos and mount point exists?10:55
dirtycookieTVasEyes: this is my line which mounts the flash memory10:57
dirtycookie/dev/sda1       /media/4GB_flash                          vfat    errors=remount-ro 010:57
TVasEyesdirtycookie: unsure about 'remount-ro', also line ought to have 6 fields, needs a second 0 appended to end10:59
knomeshouldn't that be remount,ro11:02
TVasEyesdirtycookie: haven't vfat installed, why remoun, I'd use 'user,ro'11:03
knomenote that it is "errors=remount,ro"11:04
TVasEyesknome: oops, thanks11:05
dirtycookieTVasEyes: didnt make any thoughts about it11:07
dirtycookiethe entry11:07
TVasEyesknome: errors=remount-ro is documented in 'man mount'11:08
TVasEyesdirtycookie: comparable line from my fstab (on slackware system): /dev/sde1        /mnt/memory      auto        noauto,users,rw    0   011:10
dirtycookieTVas Eyes: ok ill try your line and see what happens11:22
TVasEyesdirtycookie: another oops, re-read yr "wanted my onboard flash memory to be statically mounted", so line might read:  "/dev/sda1  /media/4GB_flash  vfat  defaults 1  2", 5th and 6th fields are optional but will prevent dump and fsck from running if missing, see 'man 5 fstab'11:23
dirtycookieTVasEyes: hi,... im back. i inserted my usb stick which got mounted BUT didnt show up on my desktop11:38
TVasEyesdirtycookie: available in Thunar though, no?11:39
dirtycookieTVasEyes: yes it is11:40
TVasEyesdirtycookie: am very new to (x)ubuntu, no idea why you don't get an icon on desktop.  shouldn't be a big problem, as long as you can access & eject.11:42
dirtycookietrue but i have a small screen11:42
TheSheepdirtycookie: if you go to settings->desktop->icons, you can see the preferences for what to display on your desktop11:44
TheSheepdirtycookie: make sure you have 'removable devices' enabled there11:45
TVasEyesdirtycookie: ok, I'll check this out. on both my machines I use xfce with 4 desktops, enough space to leave all sorts of apps open permanently.11:45
TVasEyesdirtycookie: sorry, 'workspaces' not desktops11:46
ballThanks for your message earlier TVasEyes11:50
TVasEyesball: no, thanks to you, I really started to panic/get frustrated when it wouldn't let me log in. all's well that ends well, eh?11:53
dirtycookieTheSheep: removeable drives is enabled11:59
TheSheepthen no idea12:00
ballI have to go12:10
goliatHey ive been wondering how stable is Xubuntu 11.10?12:54
goliatAs how good does it hande ATI Cards and Broadcom wireless cards? I always have trouble with them.12:57
craigbass1976Is there a way to slide launchers around the top bar?  I keep having to stick spacers in there13:58
craigbass1976Or a text file I can edit instead of swearing when the mouse doesn't appear to be grabbing anything...14:00
knomedid you check the panel preferences, items tab?14:00
knome(right click -> panel -> panel pref.)14:01
craigbass1976I don't have such a choice when I right click the panel that I can see14:02
knomewhich xubuntu version?14:02
craigbass1976lucid, xfce 4.6.114:02
knomecan't remember how that works14:03
pteague_workhow do i restart the window manager? i currently have no way to move windows around or give them focus :(15:52
Sysixfwm4 --replace15:52
pteague_worknice, thank you15:55
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well_laid_lawnthere's 100 ppl in the channel - I haven't seen that before !17:30
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rohnhi all18:29
rohni am new to linux and more new to xubuntu18:30
rohni have a serious problem18:30
rohnwhen i start my computer18:30
xrdodrxrohn, what happens?18:30
rohnevery time it shows something low grafix stuff18:31
rohnand when i take update18:32
rohnafter that i can not boot into gui18:32
rohnits just boot into cli18:33
rohnplease help me18:33
rohni have a celeron d 2.13Ghz18:34
rohn512mb ram18:34
rohnand a msi mobo with onboard via s3 unichrome named VIA Technologies, Inc. KM400/KN400/P4M800 [S3 UniChrome] (rev 01)18:35
rohnxrdodrx, can you help me??18:36
xrdodrxrohn, did it ever work?18:37
xrdodrxor did this happen right after you installed it18:38
rohnin live mode it is happens also18:39
rohnbut when i take update after that it gose to cli18:39
rohni cant start gui18:39
rohni tried startx18:40
rohnand some other command18:40
rohnwhich i collected from internet forums18:40
xrdodrxrohn, you're using old hardware that is not supported in the newest ubutntu18:41
xrdodrxthe va driver hasn't been in ubuntu for a while18:41
well_laid_lawnthat's not right18:41
rohnit says "Ubuntu is running in low-graphics mode" Your screen, graphics card and input device setting could not be detected18:41
xrdodrxyou can try to install the xserver-xorg-video-openchrome package18:41
xrdodrxif it's not installed already18:41
xrdodrxtype sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-openchrome18:42
rohni will try18:42
EnekkAnyone out there who might know how to get transparency working in Guake when Xubuntu is using Compiz?18:54
EnekkIsn't that a bundle of fun18:54
SysiI think you need to start guake after compiz18:55
Sysiscript like "compiz --replace && guake" at autostart or something18:55
xrdodrxuse tilda instead :318:56
Enekkso, if Compiz is running (as it is now) I should be able to kill Guake and start it up to test your theory18:56
EnekkAnd you win18:57
Enekkthanks, I'll go modify the start up, that makes my life so much easier18:57
EnekkNow if I could get the Compiz Grid plugin to work correctly (works on all directions, but top right is always top) I'd be pretty much at parity with my old gnome install18:58
EnekkBut that last one is a bug18:58
xrdodrxi thought that top right thing was just me lol18:58
EnekkI reported it, but no activity on the bug report yet18:59
xrdodrxi'd like to cc myself18:59
EnekkLet me dig it up18:59
xrdodrxthanks :)19:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 875522 in compiz-plugins-main (Ubuntu) "Grid Plugin has the "Top Right" action seemingly bound to "Top"" [Undecided,New]19:01
EnekkI thik part of the problem is that they might not look much at the launchpad bugs19:01
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rohnhow to edit configuration file19:38
rohnwhen i start my computer, every time i am getting a message19:52
rohnubuntu running in low graphix mode19:53
rohn(EE)chrome. unknown card ids(7205|1462|7104)19:54
rohnchipset KM400|KN40019:54
rohnxrdodrx, please help me19:55
rohnand telling me to edit the config file to solve this this problem19:55
rohnplease anyone help me19:56
jmcantrelldoes anyone use ssh with pubkeys? how do i get xfce to remember my key like gnome does?20:05
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w30I use thunar as a file manager but it has no print function. Is there a way to get a print option button?20:30
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knomeyakeb-away, can you turn off/not use awaynicks? thanks.20:33
w30how aout printing in ristretto? Is that possible?20:34
bytesoupHi Folks, I tried to boot a Packard Bell Desktop PC with xubuntu 11.04 live CD the other day and I just get a black screen after the splash screen. The only hardware info I can extract is CPU: AMD Athlon 64 processor 3800+ 2.4Ghz its currently running 32bit Win Vista from the windows device manager: ACPI x86 based PC, NVIDIA GEForce 6100 nForce 405 Graphics card20:55
mxedjmcantrell, cant you use gnomekeyring for that?21:04
jmcantrellmxed: i tried, but the onboard keyboard pops up every time i login21:07
mxeduninstalll the onboard keayboard then ?21:08
policecopfedi have a really basic problem;21:31
policecopfedin the workspace switcher, can i change the contrast between active and inactive windows?21:31
knomeif you modify the gtk theme21:32
jmcantrelldoes xubuntu alternate installer let you do full disk encryption?22:36
olbijmcantrell: full disk, you mean all partitions?22:38
jmcantrellolbi: yes. encrypted LVM22:38
olbiI dont check this but /home is encrypted for  install22:40
olbifrom* install22:40
olbitry in virtualbox22:41
jmcantrelldoes xubuntu have the startup disk creator?22:51
Sysifor usb? yes22:52
schreberCan someone explain why mounted drives would not show up in nautilus? If I umount them they show up but re-mount them and close nautilus they disappear again (again they're still accessible via the "Go" feature in nautilus).22:56
schreberreplace nautilus with Thunar22:57
tsaavikanyone know how to increase/decrease the volume via commandline in xubuntu. aumix can't access a mixer device :(23:12
* tsaavik wants to map ctrl-uparrow to volup23:12
tsaavikand amixer wants an absolute # :(23:13
Sysiamixer set Master 5%+ doesn't work?23:13
tsaavikah! you rock!23:14
tsaavikwoot, fired up xbindkeys and I'm all set :D thanks Sysi23:19
Sysixfce hotkey settings would've handled that..23:21
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