claydohlol Quintasan I can email that to you:)00:12
claydohQuintasan: sent00:19
RiddellBarkingFish: how did you get korean to work?00:20
BarkingFishi managed it once, and now it won't do it.00:20
BarkingFishI've got jasonjang from #ubuntu-ko helping me to sort it00:20
Riddellwhat program was it using?00:21
BarkingFishI don't know, I had a couple installed, I think it was UIM possibly, looked like it might not have worked at first, but people here saw what I typed00:21
afiestas_just saw the white update icon in my parent computers01:10
afiestas_and the updater worked well, great job !01:10
Riddellwe have a white update icon?01:11
RiddellI have a gear with a green circle arror01:11
afiestas_Riddell: it was a gear with an arrow I think01:24
afiestas_but yes, it was white 01:24
valorieI have the gray and white updater icon as well, since 11.10 upgrade02:32
Riddellhmm, I feel like I'm missing out02:38
afiestas_Riddell: xD03:12
afiestas_Riddell: in which timezone are you now ?03:12
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Riddellafiestas_: I'm in -412:39
* Riddell nudges agateau about qt accessiblity14:17
agateauRiddell: I am actually on it right now!14:17
agateauRiddell: assuming you refer to bug 87735814:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 877358 in qt-at-spi (Ubuntu Precise) "QtAccessibility causes crashes in several applications" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87735814:17
Riddellagateau: you saw my e-mail?14:23
agateauRiddell: not yet, what does it say?14:23
Riddellagateau: oh it says here is my suggestion http://people.canonical.com/~jriddell/tmp/kde4libs_4.7.2-0ubuntu3.debdiff and do you have a better suggestion?14:24
* agateau has no mail from Riddell yet14:24
RiddellI sent it at the weekend to agateau @kde.org14:25
agateauRiddell: ah ok, was looking at my @canonical box14:25
agateauRiddell: that's a crude fix, but it should work. Are we sure no Qt-only apps are affected?14:26
RiddellI suspect we don't know14:27
agateauat least it would be better than our current state I guess14:28
Riddellagateau: were you working on a better fix?14:29
agateauRiddell: I just started diving into qt-at-spi code, I am at the stage where I landed in the cave and turned on my flashlight to see what is around me14:30
agateauRiddell: meaning: far from a fix14:30
agateauI have a reliable way to reproduce the crash with Kopete, I am going to try to reduce it to a test program14:31
agateauthis should help determining if the bug is kde-specific or not14:31
Riddellagateau: ok so maybe wait a bit to see if you come up with anything and if not use my workaround?14:35
agateauRiddell: sounds like a reasonable plan14:35
Riddellhmm, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu needs an update for muon14:36
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Quintasan_shadeslayer: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=134504915:31
Quintasan_wendar: ^15:32
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shadeslayer<3 15:32
shadeslayerHere I come chroots15:33
Quintasanshadeslayer: more importantly http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=19319421&postcount=2315:34
shadeslayersomething is missing15:34
shadeslayer"This device lacks the needed file (bad luck)"15:34
Quintasanshadeslayer's infamous bad luck15:36
QuintasanSo any of 8.6.6.x roms cannot be rooted15:37
QuintasanApparently it will not work with any tf101g as they do not have 'App Backup' functionality15:37
Quintasancheck for ota or something15:38
Quintasan"Ok, just to clear it up you need to have because even though has asus-backup it does not have suid and thus does not work"15:39
* Quintasan is back to studying geography15:39
Quintasanfreaking test from map15:39
shadeslayeroh boy15:39
shadeslayerI remember those15:39
QuintasanWish me luck then15:40
QuintasanI want a C15:40
Quintasanoff we go then15:41
shadeslayerQuintasan: best of luck15:41
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shadeslayerQuintasan: still around?15:49
wendarQuintasan, shadeslayer: whoot!16:00
shadeslayeryeah! :D16:01
shadeslayerwendar: http://androlinux.com/android-ubuntu-development/how-to-install-ubuntu-on-android/ << ubuntu chroots16:01
shadeslayersadly, I'm downloading at 7 KBps16:02
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Daviey15:36 < kwmiebach> byobu improved my work so much. cant live without it anymore16:19
Daviey15:39 < kirkland> kwmiebach: that's great to hear :-)16:19
* jefferai just got some message asking him not to set noisy nicks on away...wtf16:43
afiestasMmm 16:51
afiestasseems that my Mom's laptop after upgrading to 11.10 has apper and muon16:52
afiestasapper is the one with the grey-white good looking icon16:52
afiestasand muon is using the old one16:52
afiestasJontheEchidna any idea why is that?16:52
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Riddellbonsoir bambee 19:00
yofelamarok 2.4.90 is up for packaging20:20
yofelI won't be able to take a look till tomorrow afternoon20:20
Riddellyofel: is that the beta?20:27
yofelit is20:27
Riddellwho can remember where Groo's PPA is?20:33
Riddellah got it20:35
Mamarokwhat is a KDE goodies PPA? I get bug reports from people using that21:17
MamarokRiddell: there have been changes since _Groo_ packaged it21:17
macoMamarok: launchpad search says https://launchpad.net/~hrvojes/+archive/kde-goodies21:18
macoid really like a convention of putting the packager's lp name into their ppa version strings21:18
macoso ya know who to blame :)21:18
Mamarokmaco: thanks, why can't people stop using these PPAs? Seriously, we do already package betas, they really shouldn't use that21:19
RiddellMamarok: I know, I'm just getting the libmygpo-qt from him21:19
MamarokRiddell: ah, OK21:19
BarkingFishmaco: nobody is to blame. If something goes wrong, everyone pitches in to fix it if they're able :)21:20
BarkingFishIf you wanna know who packaged it, read the changelog :)21:20
macoBarkingFish: referring to PPAs21:20
macounofficial ones21:20
macowhere someone just grabs a thing and packages it and doesnt provide updates to it21:20
BarkingFishyou wanna use a ppa, that's on your own head :)21:21
MamarokBarkingFish: nonetheless we get the reports upstream, and that sucks21:21
macoBarkingFish: Mamarok was saying she gets bug reports from people using random PPAs21:21
BarkingFishthen you should be telling people that they should only be using official repos for things if they want help.21:22
BarkingFishYou don't write the stuff in the PPA, why the heck should you support it? 21:22
BarkingFishI agree that it sucks21:22
MamarokBarkingFish: that's what I do, but it is still additional work I would not have if people wouldn't use these21:22
MamarokI have just spend several minutes ona bug report because of that21:23
BarkingFishis it worth adding it into your channel topic?21:23
BarkingFish"If you're using an unofficial PPA, we don't provide help, so don't ask." ?21:23
BarkingFishthen again, how many people actually *read* the channel topic? :P21:24
MamarokBarkingFish: nol, b4ecuase there are more distributions around and we can't put everything in the #amarok header21:24
Mamarokand it was not a bug report on IRC, read again21:24
MamarokI could seriously live without triaging stuff from unsupported PPAAs in kKDE's bugzilla21:25
BarkingFishah, ok.21:26
BarkingFishDo you want someone who could help you triage or deal with those things? I'm not doing a whole lot at the moment :)21:26
MamarokBarkingFish: not for Amarok, it is pretty well triaged, thank you.But a lot of other KDE parts could need some help in triaging indeed.21:34
BarkingFishsure :) I don't mind in the slightest.  I already have an account on KDE's bugzilla, do I need anything doing to it to triage, extra permissions or anything? Or can I just go straight ahead.21:36
MamarokBarkingFish: that depends on your Karma, but start triaging, if you can't change bugs, write a comment, the other KDE triagers will see it21:40
MamarokKatrma has to be earned :)21:40
BarkingFishMamarok: I know, I have some on launchpad21:41
BarkingFishMamarok: you might wanna check - https://launchpad.net/~lightningstrike35/21:43
BarkingFishif it looks ok, i'll just get working21:44
RiddellUDS blog http://blogs.kde.org/node/450521:48
MamarokBarkingFish: the bugzilla permissions in KDE have nothing to do with Launchpad Karma, please just start triaging, the others will notice and reward good work :)21:49
BarkingFishok, wasn't sure where you were doing the triage, you mentioned launchpad at the top :)21:50
BarkingFishNever mind, I'll just dig in :D21:50
JontheEchidnaafiestas_: I wasn't aware of the new icon until recently. 1.3 will have the new icon22:05
JontheEchidnacoincidentally, I'm working on pushing out 1.3 alpha atm22:06
afiestas_JontheEchidna: what I'm afraid of is having appe and muon together23:22
afiestas_only one of them should be installed afaik23:22
afiestas_or at least, only one should check for updates23:22
JontheEchidnayou can disable either from their respective applications23:25
JontheEchidnafor apper you click the gear in the top-right and go to the settings page23:26
JontheEchidnafor muon, open any muon app and go to the app's settings dialog and go to the notifications page23:26

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