ThiokaHi everyone,  Tomorrow this ( ---->http://blogs.kde.org/node/4491<----) will end and KDE will lose the opportunity to win 1000 euros. You can vote even though you're not from Germany. Spend some of your time, you can vote three times. If you like KDE support it. Have a nice day.00:13
DaskreechThioka: thanks :)00:38
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Kimlarouxthey are ranked 1015... they need to be 1000 to get the money, I believe we can change that00:42
ThiokaI hope so00:45
ThiokaHi everyone,  Tomorrow this ( ---->http://blogs.kde.org/node/4491<----) will end and KDE will lose the opportunity to win 1000 euros. You can vote even though you're not from Germany. Spend some of your time, you can vote three times. If you like KDE support it. Have a nice day.01:20
ThiokaAnd good night!01:20
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DaskreechThioka: Woohoo Back above 1000 :)01:27
ThiokaPerfect, keep up the good work.01:28
ThiokaGood night!01:29
level15hi all. where did aurorae go in 11.10?01:39
Tech-1maybe you could point me in the right direction - i uninstalled xserver-xorg .. and reinstalled it, everything works but my music player launchers, when i click them, it takes the system to log in status, something is missing and i don't know what01:41
SnowhogTech-1: When you say 'takes the system to log in status', do you mean you are taken out of your desktop back to the KDM login screen?01:44
Tech-1when i click on any music launcher it logs out and logs back in..01:45
level15is anyone using aurorae decoration?01:46
Tech-1if i knew what it took out while doing the purg xserver-xorg i could replace it..01:46
Tech-1this may do it again, if so, ill brb01:49
SnowhogTech-1: You can see if reinstalling kubuntu-desktop (you are running Kubuntu, yes? I won't assume just because you are here.).01:50
Snowhogdoes the trick for you.01:50
Daskreechlevel15: where did you get it before?01:55
Daskreechhi bigbrovar_01:55
level15Daskreech: I didn't, I saw a post about getting it for kde 4.3 but not for any newer versions01:56
level15DarkriftX: but now i got it, thanks... it turns out i already had it and didn't know :-)01:56
Daskreechlevel15: :-)01:56
bigbrovar_Daskreech: Hi01:56
bigbrovar_am having issues with kwallet similar to this https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=28396501:57
ubottuKDE bug 283965 in general "Akonadi doesn't work due to kwallet problem" [Normal,Unconfirmed]01:57
bigbrovar_everytime I have to kill kwalletd otherwise applications which require kwallet to start wont function properly.. anyone having this issues?01:58
bigbrovar_started couple of days ago and I would really not like to re install my system without knowing that could be the cause of this problem01:59
bigbrovar_heck its 3am here.. am heading back to bed ..01:59
Daskreechbigbrovar_: did you look to see the entries in the Kwallet manager?01:59
Stronzewhen i was using ubuntu, i had a script to pull flash videos to that folder it was in but with kubuntu-desktop for gui, it doesnt work any more. is there a kubuntu solution to pull flash video without degrading adobe?02:30
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Stronzeas much fun as it to watch mat to go in and out. can anyone point me to the correct webpage for my question?02:38
DaskreechStronze: to that folder?02:40
Stronzeheya Daskreech02:40
Stronzethe folder i had the script in. the script would pull flash videos to the that folder02:41
Daskreech!info youtube-dl02:41
ubottuyoutube-dl (source: youtube-dl): download videos from youtube. In component universe, is extra. Version 2011.08.04-1 (oneiric), package size 33 kB, installed size 168 kB02:41
StronzeDaskreech, its not just youtube i watch videos on02:42
Daskreechthat actually does more than youtube but I'm trying to think of another flash downloader02:43
StronzeDaskreech, i know adobe stores the flash within mozilla sub folders but its a pain to find it02:43
DaskreechAh firefox02:44
StronzeDaskreech, /home/stronze/.mozilla/firefox/viuoica6.default/Cache/02:44
Daskreechwould https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/download-flash-and-video/ help ?02:44
Stronzelet me check02:45
Stronzehttp://pastebin.com/hxLz3vks <----the script that i found02:47
StronzeDaskreech, yeah that works bud02:52
StronzeDaskreech, thanks02:52
DaskreechStronze: Fnatastic :)02:52
StronzeDaskreech,  remember if el sucks you in, drop me a line. gonna watch some videos now02:53
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JoeSomebodyhi, does ubuntu home support cover kubuntu?  the kubuntu website takes me to ubuntu when i try to get docs ...04:24
JoeSomebodyand, where are kubuntu docs?04:25
Kimlarouxit's the same thing, only kubuntu uses KDE04:25
KimlarouxUbunty used Gnomes, now it uses Unity04:25
Kimlarouxbut for core system doc, it's the same thing04:26
JoeSomebodyok, but so when i need kde specific assistance, what is best?04:26
Kimlarouxeither kubuntu or kde04:26
JoeSomebodyi am also trying ubuntu 11.10, but i like kde a lot04:27
bulwynklvideo keeps freezing on chrome/firefox... e.g. vimeo and youtube...05:01
bulwynkllocks the whole damn PC05:01
bulwynklany thoughts where I might start to diagnose the root cause?05:01
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DaskreechJoeSomebody: You can ask in here for Kubuntu support #kde is also a helpful channel if anyone is awake though a little more acid than here05:30
JoeSomebodyok :)05:34
saravanahow to run an .exe file in kubuntu 11.10..05:52
saravanacan i use wine ?????????05:55
Resistanceyes you can use wine.  but make sure the .exe has execute permissions05:55
Resistance(i.e. chmod +x /path/to/executable )05:55
saravanaResistance: k05:56
saravanahow to install wine05:57
Resistancesaravana:  apt-get install wine?05:57
Resistancesaravana:  sudo apt-get install wine05:57
Resistancein terminal05:57
bigbrovarSaravana : a better approach would be to ask if there is any Linux alternative to the exe windows app u want to install.  Linux by default does not support exe or windows application. Wine support is a third party solution whuvh has varying degree of success05:58
CQhello, I dont see the sound and multimedia configuration anywhere (not in system settings, not under multimedia in the kmenu) ... any ideas on where it went??05:59
CQ...or even better, how to get it back!05:59
bigbrovarEven then the end result won't work as well as the app did in windows or work as well as a Linux alternative might have05:59
saravanaResistance: downloading started06:00
CQsaravana: thought aboutusing virtualbox? you can use it in seamless mode, meaning you can have a windows guest and the windows windows will be on the linux desktop like the others06:00
saravanabigbrovar: u know any softwares like that06:00
saravanaCQ: thanks06:02
bigbrovarAny software like what? The nky software that allows u to install windows app is wine. But u would be better served finding if they is a Linux alternative to the windows software u intend on installing06:02
saravanawhile i tried to instal virtual box it says another application is in use06:06
saravanaCQ what to do now06:07
bigbrovarsaravana: thats probably because wine is still being installed06:12
saravanabigbrovar: i closed the terminal unknowingly while its downloading06:13
bigbrovarsaravana: open another terminal and do a apt-get install -f06:14
saravanaget install what bigbrovar06:15
bigbrovarsaravana: sorry that last command should be sudo apt-get -f06:18
bigbrovarIt would help fix any unfinished install06:19
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saravanabigbrovar: what to do now a list of commands appear06:25
saravanai closed terminal while i mdownloading wine now am unable to install related softwares to wine . what to do now????????/06:28
akishi. i am trying to run through konsole a java application named "jarjscreenfix.jnlp" downloaded it from here: http://www.jscreenfix.com/basic.php. i am giving the command "java -jar jarjscreenfix.jnlp" but the sstem answers that: "Unable to access jarfile jarjscreenfix.jnlp". What do i have to do to run this application?06:28
saravanahow to fix this proble,06:30
saravanaanyone one know about this06:34
Resistancesaravana:  go into the terminal, run `sudo apt-get -f`06:35
Resistancesaravana:  it'll work06:35
Resistanceor it should, at least06:35
saravanaResistance: i did it , list of commands appeared , what to do then06:36
Resistancesaravana:  that might be problematic.  i'm dead tired, so i dont have a solution right now...06:36
saravanaplease help me what should be the next command06:38
akishi. i am trying to run through konsole a java application named "jarjscreenfix.jnlp" downloaded it from here: http://www.jscreenfix.com/basic.php. i am giving the command "java -jar jarjscreenfix.jnlp" but the system answers that: "Unable to access jarfile jarjscreenfix.jnlp". What do i have to do to run this application?06:41
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slevenany 106:45
bigbrovar|HulkHogan: If u read my original post u would see I have tried all the solutions bare suggesting07:54
bigbrovar|Removed all kwallet config files in .Kde/share/apps and .kde/share/config07:55
bigbrovar|And i made this changes while before I logged into my kde session so that they are not overwritten07:56
HulkHoganthen maybe is not a kwallet problem07:58
bigbrovar|Hmmm I wonder what the issue could be then. Cause kwallet  service seems to hang on start up causing every other app which require it to also hang08:01
bigbrovar|HulkHogan: btw which version if kubuntu  are u running08:02
Hulk_Hoganbigbrovar|: restart kwallet then08:03
ahoxHi, I get an "The package that is being modified was not found on your system or in any software origin." from Apper. How do I fix that?09:52
ahoxThis seems to be caused by a PackageNotFound error, however, aptitutde dist-upgrade finds those.09:58
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jamil_1hi all, I am unable to add a new entry in kickoff Launcher -> Applications -> Development11:10
jamil_1any suggestions11:10
Kalidarnj #gnupg12:05
christoshow to enable isight webcam on my 2,1 macbook white running Kubuntu 11.10?????12:16
christosi am begginer at Kubuntu12:16
Lynourechristos: what do you want to use it with?12:18
christosskype or cheese.... nothing unsual12:18
Lynourechristos: I don't have a macbook, and I'm a bit busy now, but maybe still...12:18
Lynoureand what does skype show when you test it?12:19
christosdon't rush... don't bother...12:19
christosskype doesn't find12:19
christosthe webcam12:19
Lynourechristos: you need isight-firmware-tools and some couple of steps12:21
Lynourehttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/MactelSupportTeam/AppleiSight should help12:22
christosthanks a lot. keep up12:22
Lynourechristos: If you get stuck at some step, ask again here. :)12:23
BluesKajhiyas all12:26
christosfailed due to macOs version 10.6.... thank a lot though!12:30
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kamilnadeemHow to get the file menu back in Choqok ?13:18
kamilnadeemI had hidden it but now I am not able to It?13:19
kamilnadeemHi phoenix_firebrd13:23
kamilnadeemhow are you brother?13:24
kamilnadeemwell it is CTRL+m , ok13:34
phunyguy_workok so interesting.  My PC at home is having a problem.  KWin seems to have run amuck, and flooded the logs filling up my HDD.13:51
phunyguy_workand it's really annoying because it is a SSD.13:51
phunyguy_work4.0KB free13:52
phunyguy_worki deleted a 38 gig KWin log and it's still full.  That's what I don't understand13:52
kamilnadeemO.o this is scary phunyguy_work13:54
phunyguy_workyou're tellin me13:54
BluesKajyou must a have repetitive error that looping and writing to disk , could be nepomuk or akonadi , phunyguy_work13:54
phunyguy_workwonder if it has anything to do with the fact that I did a fresh reinstall and copied back my home folder13:54
phunyguy_workgoing to try a restart, then I will free the space up again13:55
kamilnadeemsuch a problem for a normal user will mean catastrophe for a new user13:55
phunyguy_work....I hope it comes back.  It's a remote machine currently13:55
phunyguy_workthat computer has so many issues and I am wondering if it is kernel related13:56
phunyguy_workworks fine until I updated recently13:56
phunyguy_workkamilnadeem: this isn't the place to share your blog unless it is to help someone.14:00
kamilnadeemSorry will not happen again14:02
phunyguy_work:(  It didn't come back... :(14:03
kamilnadeemtake care14:03
kamilnadeemphunyguy_work: Thanks for educating14:03
kamilnadeemPeace Be With You All14:03
phunyguy_workguy PM'd me trying to get me to click on his blog.14:04
phunyguy_workI lit him up.14:04
Pinklady340hi guys, I wonder if you'd be kind enough to help me.  I'm looking at new flatscreen for my kubuntu 11-10, it's native resolution 1440x900 - i don't see it as a setting, so do you know if i could get it to work please?14:09
Pinklady340The graphics card it will go to is ATI Radeon SE on PCI express slot, 128mb14:10
Pinklady340sorry guys, I have to go, I'll come back later.14:11
c_smith-hey, I'm trying to do an update, but I keep running into the error "Another application seems to be using the package system" when I don't have another package manager running, and just booted up, what can I do to try to fix this?14:25
phunyguy_workusing Muon? c_smith-?14:25
phunyguy_workIf so, try to locate the lock file and kill it14:25
phunyguy_workcan't remember where it is14:25
c_smith-Phoneyguy_work, seems either killing the Muon process or killing Kblocked did it.14:35
volodyaso, suppose I've just installed some upgrades, and now /usr/sbin/mysqld-akonadi crashes on startup. How do I fix this?14:43
BluesKajc_smith-, run this in a terminal, sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a14:44
rolandhi. where can I get KDE partition manager 1.1 ? need it to create aligned partitions for crucial m4 ssd14:44
phoenix_firebrdvote for kde http://blog.lydiapintscher.de/2011/10/10/help-kde-e-v-secure-funding-for-a-sprint-with-just-a-few-clicks/15:01
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BarkingFishafternoon dudemeisters :) I need some help.  Do we have a GUI anywhere in kubuntu 11.10 for bluetooth?16:15
BarkingFishI have an adapter in my machine which is recognised and working, but I'll be blowed if i can find a gui to actually do anything with it.16:16
BluesKajBarkingFish, kmenu>apps>internet>BlueDevil16:18
BarkingFishnot installed, I'll have to go get it :)16:19
BarkingFishwon't install either :(16:20
BarkingFishThe following packages have unmet dependencies:16:20
BarkingFishbluedevil: Depends: obex-data-server but it is not going to be installed16:20
BarkingFishit will now, I had to manually select obex-data-server16:21
BarkingFishhm. It's saying "No adapters found".16:22
* BarkingFish growls16:23
BarkingFishBus 004 Device 022: ID 0a12:0001 Cambridge Silicon Radio, Ltd Bluetooth Dongle (HCI mode)16:23
BluesKajthere's some reall bugs on this distro ,, I'm a bit pi**ed about the internet apps not installing properly in their correct paths and then when they're moved to the correct dirs ,the executables can't be found16:25
BluesKajlike google-earth16:25
BluesKajinstalling lsb-core doesn't help16:25
BarkingFishbbiab, gonna reboot16:29
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JuJuBeeHow can I remove akonadi from my system?17:28
JuJuBeesomething keeps starting it and it uses almost 140MB of disk space for each of my students even thought they don't use it.17:28
Abhijithi. alt f1 or super key for brining the menu bar is not working. how to reassing it. in kubuntu 11.10. help please17:43
Abhijitthis happend after i removed and added the default panel.17:45
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TheLastProjectI hate this...18:01
TheLastProjectI have random Plasma Desktop Shells crashes daily now, but I can't report because I don't know what I did to cause it...18:01
TheLastProjectWhat? Again? You can't seriously crash every 2 minutes...18:03
Daskreechjamil_1: Still here?18:03
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras18:03
Abhijityes my plasma is crashing always18:06
DaskreechDamn missed Abhijit18:09
DaskreechTheLastProject: Did you add the default panel?18:09
TheLastProjectDaskreech: Add the default panel? What do you mean?18:09
DaskreechThere is a bug in the system tray that will cause it to kill the panel in a way that will shutdown all of plasma. Known bug fixed in the next release (two or so weeks away)18:10
TheLastProjectDaskreech: I meant more like, what is the default panel? This thing that Windows users would call a taskbar?18:10
DaskreechIt's a panel configuration with a Menu, Desktop Pager, Taskbar manager, clock and a system tray18:11
Daskreechthe "normal" panel18:11
TheLastProjectDaskreech: Ah, okay, then I probably have that because I never changed something about the panel. Good to know, thank you for the info.18:13
DaskreechTheLastProject: try removing the system tray and see if it helps any18:14
DaskreechYou will lose the little minimized icons and the notifications sliding up18:14
TheLastProjectDaskreech: Thanks for the tip but... I NEED the system tray pretty much constantly so I'll keep up with the random crashes and self-restoring after a few seconds then =/18:15
DaskreechTheLastProject: does it invoke dr konqui ?18:15
TheLastProjectDaskreech: invoke, that's a work that I still somewhat understand, but what is dr konqui? X_X18:16
DaskreechTheLastProject: normally when a KDE program crashes it has a little dialog box that asks if yo uwould like to file a bug and then walks you through the steps for making a better bug report18:17
Daskreechcertain types of crashes don't call it up I don't recall my recent plasma cashes doing that18:17
TheLastProjectDaskreech: Ah, yes, that pops up every time it crashes. I have that on my screen this very moment, just checking if I can report it somewhere18:17
TheLastProjectDaskreech: I found one bug talking about the Amarok and Clementine tray icon. Seeing as I use Clementine, that may be related to it in some way o,o18:18
DaskreechTheLastProject: alright it will probably ask you to install some debug packages then it will search through the kde bug reports to find similar crashes. If it is the bug I told you about then it should be fixed already and you can (maybe) suffer for a litle longer18:19
Daskreech If it's not been marked as fixed you can add your description of what happens so the developers can have more information on what's happening18:19
TheLastProjectDaskreech: Yep, got the debug packages already. Guess I'll just wait and check if it still happens the next time it updates, otherwise I'll file a report. Don't know how else I should know if it's that bug or not =/18:19
DaskreechTheLastProject: the second to last step of reporting the bug is that it will find any other crashes that look very similar to yours and ask you if you think they are the same. It will show the crash information side by side so you can see if they look about the same18:21
DaskreechEven if you don't really understand them they will look very similar so you can just add your information to that bug (assuming it's not closed)18:21
DaskreechTheLastProject: do you have an account on bugs.kde.org ?18:22
TheLastProjectDaskreech: Yeah, I'm comparing the backtraces now. I guess the threat ID and LWP is different every time? And yes, I do have an account there18:22
DaskreechTheLastProject: an ID should be different :)18:23
DaskreechI forget what the LWP is >_>18:23
TheLastProjectDaskreech: Looks like pretty much everything is marked as a duplicate and closed. Oh well, I don't think I have anything special to add, I'll just wait.18:26
DaskreechTheLastProject: should get the fixes with the KDE 4.7.4 update18:30
jimmy51__a week ago i started getting this message when trying to install updates "the package that is being modified was not found on your system or in any software origin."18:30
DaskreechMy kmail was crashing everytime I sent mail or tried to fetch a number of messages18:30
jimmy51__this only happens in Apper, the other pgk mgmt app works (muon, i think)18:30
Daskreech Tried to file a bug and they said it was all fixe18:30
Daskreechd KDE 4.7.3 came out and everything worked again ^_^18:31
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aboudreaultHi. any important issue in kubuntu 11.10 ? Just wondering, I'm about to download it... otherwise will get natty18:42
Daskreechaboudreault: Umm.. Not sure18:46
jimmy51_apper is giving me this when i try to install updates: "the package that is being modified was not found on your system or in any software origin."18:46
jimmy51_muon installs updates without trouble.  any ideas?18:46
Daskreechwhich package ?18:46
TheLastProjectaboudreault: Task manager icons randomly ask for attention even though they don't need it18:47
jimmy51_Daskreech: i dunno... when i click details it says "couldn't find package"18:47
TheLastProjectMost annoying bug atm, beside the random crashing of KDE that's supposingly fixed in 2 weeks18:47
aboudreaulthmm, not critical, but certainly annoying yea/18:47
DaskreechTheLastProject: Yeah 4.7.2 introduced a set of strange plasma bugs18:47
Daskreechjimmy51_: Does  the packages you expect to be updated update?18:48
Daskreech or is that a blocking error?18:48
jimmy51_nothing updates.  it just bails.  i'm currently going through package by package to update and see if it's a certain one.18:49
Daskreechjimmy51_: hopefully that's not a lot of packages18:50
* Daskreech says as he has 121 updates waiting18:50
ResistanceDaskreech:  that's better than my server..18:51
Resistanceits got 245 updates :/18:51
DaskreechServers I might be more conservative on18:51
Resistances/server/Kubuntu + server stuffs/18:52
Daskreechgranted most of my updates are for Wireless drivers and bluetooth on my desktop that has neither18:52
jimmy51__Daskreech: it started a week ago.  i've been installing an update at a time since then as time allowed.  i'm down to about 12.18:54
jimmy51__down to two19:11
jimmy51__that's the culprit!19:12
BluesKajjimmy51__, 11.10 64bit?19:16
jimmy51__BluesKaj: bingo19:16
BluesKajjimmy51__, make sure you place the libflashplayer.so in /usr/libs19:17
jimmy51__BluesKaj: will that cause any trouble in the future?19:18
jimmy51__BluesKaj: also, right now flash works well... i just get an error when i get a sfotware update notification and try to install it19:19
Daskreechjimmy51__: Down to two wow :)19:19
BluesKajjimmy51__, /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins is the correct path19:22
jimmy51__BluesKaj: ok... so after an 11.10 install, i'll have to remember to find that file (libflashplayer.so) and copy it to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins?19:22
jimmy51__(to prevent this error when i try to install updates)19:23
BluesKajok, that's because the update wants to install that damn nspluginwrapper19:23
BluesKajwhich shouldn't evem be in the repos for 64bit19:23
BluesKajI'm getting fed up with all the bugs in 11.10 , IMO it's trhe worst yet19:24
BluesKajyes to you  last question , jimmy51__19:26
engromadai've installed an alternative window manager and when i log into it, i can't get any sound to work. tried alsamixer, but all avaliable volumes were set max.19:27
AciD_jimmy51__ / BluesKaj> for info I have a symbolic link in that folder flashplugin-alternative.so -> /etc/alternatives/mozilla-flashplugin19:27
engromadais there some command i must issue which was being automatically run by the default WM?19:27
BluesKajjimmy51__, it may install to the correct path and it may not ...kind of hit or miss.... a link might work , I didn't have one19:28
jimmy51__this is my first annoying thing i've hit in 11.10 so far.  i suppose i shouldn't be surprised it is flash related.19:29
engromada"sudo aplay -l" is listing my sound devices, and i'm using kbuntu 11.10 with the window manager: stumpWM19:32
Daskreechengromada: is your user in the audio group ?19:35
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AciD_jimmy51__: you are then lucky ; from my pov, so far, akonadi is a pita, kde sound sometimes just stops working and there is still no functional way to not get stuck into a 'black-screen-for-you-since-you-tried-to-use-an-external-projector-with-the-fn-shortcut-key'19:36
genii-aroundHow can you be using kubuntu when you're using stumpwm ?19:37
jimmy51__AciD_: yikes!  that doesn't sound like fun.  i don't know what akonadi is but mine must be working :).19:37
engromadamy user is in the audio group, if i log the user in using the default WM, sound is fine19:37
AciD_jimmy51__: akonadi is the new engine for managing PIM info (mail, calendar, notes, etc.)19:38
AciD_I'm sure it's ok when you don't have years for data to migrate though..19:38
jimmy51__AciD_: ah.  is that related to the envelope in the notification area by the clock?  if so... that thing sure doesn't seem to be reliable.19:39
AciD_but apart from those problems, the last version of kde is great !19:39
AciD_jimmy51__: I don't use the enveloppe, but I guess it's related19:39
AciD_do you use kmail or kontact ?19:40
engromadaDaskreech: if i log the user in using the default WM, sound is fine. (i think that means it's in the audo group)19:41
Daskreechmight just mean that pulseaudio is kicking in. but type "groups" in the terminal to see what groups you are in19:42
engromadayeah i failed! i'm not in the audio group!19:43
engromadathanks, hopefully that'll sort it19:43
engromadaI'm thinking perhaps my audio drivers aren't starting. trying to find out how i determine the names of the drivers so i can try to start em!19:51
adarshajoisahow do i make my okular read chm documents?20:01
BluesKajengromada, aplay -l will list the soundcard20:02
engromadawhat about driver info? i'm trying to run "sudo modprobe snd-[NAME OF YOUR SOUNDCARD'S DRIVER]" from the community support page20:07
genii-aroundIf you know the VENDOR:DEVICE-ID code of your soundcard it would help to know what driver it's supposed to use. If it's a pci device you can usually see it at the end of each device line with: lspci -nn20:10
BluesKajmodprobe loads the driver if it's available engromada .lspci -nn | grep -i audio should show it20:11
engromadaokay, let me try that20:11
BluesKajengromada, you can always pastebin the output so we can have a look20:12
t0ntinhi all. Some task bar items (programs, folders) appear to the left side of the ones already open. Is there a way to fix that?20:13
BluesKajengromada, some cards don't show the exact module name , try this command instead , cat /proc/asound/modules20:15
engromadahttp://pastebin.com/n9YugWRM okay, didn't think of that, that was my output20:15
engromadaokay my output for that one is http://pastebin.com/6bFNLWUc20:16
BluesKajok the default is card 0 , snd_hda_intel, engromada , so sudo modprobe snd_hda_intel , should load it if it isn't already20:17
t0ntinhi all. Some task bar items (programs, folders) appear to the left side of the ones already open. Is there a way to fix that?20:19
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BluesKajengromada, also check alsmixer in the terminal, make sure the auto mute hasn't muted the master ctrl or any relavent vol ctrls20:19
BluesKajerr alsamixer20:20
engromadahmm, strange.20:22
engromadaall my levels are fine, nothing is muted20:22
engromadathis is really bizzare20:22
BluesKajengromada, ok open /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf, add this line if it isn't already there , options snd_hda_intel index=0 , save the file20:27
BluesKajthen run sudo alsa force-reload20:27
BluesKajengromada, open that file with root permissions20:28
engromadathree nice buckets of eternal gratitude to you, sir/maddam!20:31
engromadais that going to automagically work each time i log in now?20:32
BluesKajengromada, it should , if alsa loads it will as well :)20:35
engromadabeautiful. i hope some day i'll be able to sort stuff out for people like that. so incredibly much to learn20:37
BluesKajengromada, I installed anew m-audio soundcard a while back and it took me 10 days of googling and searching the internet for clues on various tutorails on how to fix my no soundcard recognition probl, so put all the knowledge into atextfile so i wouldn't forget ...learned some stuff along the way :)20:40
BluesKajengromada, I wish there was amore systematic approach one could take to solve sound probs, but it's difficult when even withe same soundcard and drivers differnt problems arise ,, there's no logic to it20:43
engromadai just stuck all your advice into a file, too! I knew i should come here after about an hour of google-frustration... lots of clued-up people in here!20:44
BluesKajwe learn from experience :)20:44
engromadawith that glorious sucsess, i'm off to the pub for a swift couple! thanks :)20:45
BluesKajengromada, np , have fun :)20:46
andantinojust installed kubuntu and i cannot figure out how to set my clock to 12 hour time20:49
genii-aroundIn case others want to know: System settings... Common appearance and Behavior section .. Locale ... Date and Time tab on right ... put pH:MM:SS AMPM  in field labelled Time Format, hit Apply20:56
BluesKajgenii-around, yeah that procedure works in 11.10 , but it didn't work for me in 11.0420:57
BluesKajit kept reverting to 24 hrs time even with AM:PM20:58
BluesKajor UTC or martial or what ever it's called these days20:59
BluesKajgood day20:59
Lugnot so bad and you21:00
BluesKajgood thanks21:00
Lugwhere are you from ?21:00
BluesKajLug, do you have a question ?21:01
BluesKajabout kubuntu.21:01
BarkingFish!info opensync-module-python oneiric21:02
ubottuPackage opensync-module-python does not exist in oneiric21:02
BarkingFish!info opensync-module-python21:02
kubbI am using Linux kubuntu 3.0.0-12-generic #20-Ubuntu SMP Fri Oct 7 14:56:25 UTC 2011 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux21:36
kubbLinux kubuntu 3.0.0-12-generic #20-Ubuntu SMP Fri Oct 7 14:56:25 UTC 2011 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux21:36
kubband have HP C7280 printer. When I turn the printer off it hangs the system. Anyone know where I can report this bug21:37
kubbThis guy has the same problem https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=12625121:39
BluesKajBBL, stuff to do21:42
kubbRe printer bug reported earlier it does not crash with kernel v3.0.0.11 so pproblem is with
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Unit193FloodBotK2 is so greedy...22:14
TheLastProjectDammit FloodBot, stop flooding the chat!22:19
mime1111any idea to make work auto-hide in crystal? thnx ppl22:32
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thormchristensenhi all23:44
thormchristensenanyone familiar with both fedora and ubuntu?23:44
fire`laladoes anyone experience a crashing plasma-desktop with 4.7.3?23:45
thormchristenseni cant use wireless on my laptop under ubuntu, but it works in fedora23:45

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