pi-rhogood evening ... today when I upload a new source package to ppa.lauchpad.net, it's giving me back a "permission denied", claiming that my GPG signature is invalid00:21
pi-rhodput is validating my signature right before I upload00:22
pi-rhois launchpad OK?00:22
lifelessit should be fine, that warning is cosmetic but scary00:24
pi-rhothanks, lifeless00:26
cafuegoUllo, I have a question about PPAs. I have one that contains 2 packages, one depends on the other. They're building in the wrong order, but does a PPA even include built versions of itself in its build process?00:38
cafuegoIf it doesn't, can I just add it to itself as a depend? ANd how do i change the build order of the packages in that case?00:40
Kiallcafuego: it does include them (the other packages in the same PPA)00:41
StevenKBut only if it's build and published00:42
cafuegoKiall: Cool. So all i need is to change the build order00:42
StevenKIf it requires it, then Depend on it00:42
Kiallcafuego: just make sure package A Build-Depends on package B and launchpad will figure out the rest00:42
Kiallif it builds the wrong one first, it will put it into "dependancy wait"..00:42
cafuegoKiall: it already does, afaik.00:42
cafuegoit may have used the wrong version though00:44
KiallThen you need to specify the version along with the dependency00:45
cafuegoyeah I just relaised I hadn't changed that back00:45
cafuegoHmmno, that's definitely set00:45
cafuegoI shall wait and see what it does in the current build run00:46
Kialllifeless: BTW, any idea why the PPA build queues have been so long recently? (Curiosity, not complaining)00:46
cafuegoKiall: dput errors.00:47
cafuegoKiall: I have a bunch of builds pending coz dput kept whining at me even though the upload actually worked fine.00:47
lifelessKiall: we've been short builders, I'm not sure of the details why.00:47
cafuegoKiall: I bet I'm not the only one re-uploading and triggerring another build that way.00:47
Kiallcafuego: true, I'm sure thats adding to it alright.00:48
cafuegoKiall: Only 400% in my case ;-)00:48
Kialllifeless: fair enough, as good a reason as any :)00:48
StevenKThere's only 700 builds in the queue.00:49
KiallIts times like this I wish you could upload pre-build deb's ;)00:51
Kiall(actually - a week or so ago, the queue was 30 something hours.. its times like that.. ;))00:52
lifelessthanks, but I like knowing who has root on my machine :)00:52
Kialllifeless: pre-build deb's would allow people to gain root? As in, in more ways than when LP builds them?00:52
StevenKSo the pre-built deb does not have to match what the source builds ...00:53
StevenKAnd so can contain malicious code ...00:54
StevenKIf we allowed mixed uploads, the checksums and the filename need to match and then it get accepted.00:55
KiallStevenK: ah, i get ya00:56
lifelessif an LP built deb gets root, you have an audit trail. :)00:57
lifelessthus 'knowing who' rather than 'controlling who'!00:57
StevenKThe buildds (effectively) have root on end-users machines, so I'd prefer they were trusted and heavily locked-down machines00:59
KiallMaybe you should all .deb's do a quick echo "LP ssh key" > /root/.ssh/authorized_keys during postinst, There would be no shortage of builders then ;)00:59
Kiallshould have *00:59
lifelessKiall: couldn't trust them01:01
Kialllol, true ;)01:02
lifelessKiall: the owner could have a hacked gcc that installs a virus in the libc startup code for every binary01:02
cafuegoOne more question if I may? :-)01:07
cafuegoI have a PPA that does daily builds via a recipe.01:08
cafuegoIt builds fine for Natty and Oneiric, but the Lucid version needs some backported libs.01:08
StevenKSo have those libs published in your PPA01:08
cafuegoIf I pop my backported libs in the PPA, will it build them, as the recipe doesn't reference them.01:09
cafuegoHmm, I suppose they're in there now as chained build deps.01:09
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mvohello, I keep getting timeout errors for https://translations.launchpad.net/ddtp-ubuntu/precise/+link-translations-branch (e.g. ID: OOPS-c69666ebd5b885a91ff27ff24e46aaad) - is there any workaround for this so that I can get my translations exported? my target is lp:~mvo/ddtp-ubuntu/ddtp-precise09:02
alkisgHi, I requested a build recipe from lp:~epoptes, (1) for ppa:ts.sch.gr/proposed, and then some seconds after that, (2) for ppa:epoptes/proposed. The problem is that from what I see, the first build request has completely disappeared!09:05
alkisgShould I file a bug? Or should I just request another build?09:05
mvomeh, xchat crashed09:06
pooliehi mrevell09:21
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wgrantmvo: That branch doesn't exist.09:46
mvoaha, thanks wgrant! I can fix that :) I wonder if it could give a more helpful error mesage maybe?09:47
wgrantmvo: It does give a more helpful error message. Except that it tries to fall back to doing a search, which times out here... not sure why.09:48
mvowgrant: aha, that explains it, thanks! and it works now, thanks a lot ,that unblocked me :)09:49
wgrantmvo: Great.09:52
cafuegois there a way for me to ask lp to build a package whose build I cancelled?10:02
wgrantcafuego: A recipe build?10:06
cafuegowgrant: No, a dput one.10:07
cafuegowgrant: I added 2 library depends to my ppa; the second started building but depends on the first, so i cancelled it as it would fail anyway.10:07
cafuegowgrant: .. hoping to kick it off once the first lib was done.10:07
wgrantOh, didn't realise the cancellation feature was turned on for the whole world yet. No, you can't uncancel a build.10:07
cafuegowgrant: do i need to push a newer version of the pkg to trigger a build again?10:08
cafuegowgrant: Okay, now we wait. Thanks :-)10:15
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mcclurmchi all11:44
mcclurmcis there a way to create a PPA such that it looks for build dependencies in another PPA?11:44
geseryes, you can specify dependencies between PPAs11:47
mcclurmcgeser: is this an obvious config setting that I'm missing?11:48
mcclurmcgeser: nevermind. it is obvious ;)11:49
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jamespagehello - please could someone take a look as to why https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=java7-ftbfs pretty much always times out on me14:41
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CarlFKBug #19749215:11
ubot5Launchpad bug 197492 in update-manager-core (Ubuntu) "daemon at port '9004'" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19749215:11
CarlFK"Reported by       Carl Karsten       on 2008-03-01       This bug affects 1 person. Does this bug affect you? "15:12
mvoCarlFK: hi, this is probably something more for #ubuntu-devel, would you be interessted in helping with a fix?15:12
CarlFKmvo: im pointing out that I reported it, and lp is asking if it affects me15:12
mvoaha, ok, I misunderstood then15:15
CarlFKhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/~carlfk  what's the quickest way for me to see the most recent bugs?15:18
CarlFKmost of the time I go to that page it is to go back to the last bug or 2 that I reported, like to add some info to it15:19
CarlFKwhere can add a lp feature request?15:19
rvbaCarlFK: Maybe you are thinking about the "Reported bugs" link in the menu on the right…?15:24
CarlFKrvba: nope - looks like they are sorted by Importance, bug# accending (so oldest first)15:26
CarlFKI am surprised that I can't click on the column headers to sort on them15:27
rvbaCarlFK: This very feature is in progress as we speak ;) … for now you'll have to use the advanced search form I'm afraid.15:28
CarlFKsweet.  I'll stop fussing and get back to working on the bug15:29
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czajkowskimrevell: nice summing up of UDS15:37
mrevellczajkowski, Thanks. It's a bit of a ramble...15:37
czajkowskimrevell: it's the only way to keep a trakc of things and the reason I daily blog while at UDS so I can go back and see what I did15:39
mrevellczajkowski, Yeah, taking notes each day is really important I reckon.15:39
czajkowskiI used to use tomboy now more or less I can get the jost of stuff if I've forgotten if someone has been a good note taker on the etherpad15:40
czajkowskisinzui: you're on a roll with these mails16:32
sinzuiczajkowski, I am ill, I fuelled by sugar, caffeine and fever.16:33
czajkowskisinzui: so you're being productive post UDs with ubuflu16:35
sinzuiI am try to be productive. I really hope some code lands the change Lp because I what I am writing.16:35
czajkowskisinzui: you poked nigelb16:37
nigelbwho? what? where?16:37
sinzuiI have in the past, but I think he needs to choose his part in my victory rather I choose his part in his downfall16:38
sinzuiLp will burn out a developer quickly if that pace is bad16:38
nigelbI take frequent breaks from LP for sanity.16:39
rick_h_hah, well this is a great convo to start my first day with :)16:39
nigelbrick_h_: Heh16:40
czajkowskirick_h_: ello16:41
rick_h_howdy czajkowski16:41
czajkowskimrevell: how is dan getting on16:44
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mrevellczajkowski, He's settling in really well, cheers.17:00
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tumbleweedis there any way to reliably follow uploads with getPublishedSources? It has a created_since_date parameter, but it looks to me like it'll pick up some uploads during iteration though its result set19:21
tumbleweedthe result set appears to be alphabetical, so it's probably not picking up everything that was uploaded during iteration, right?19:21
serfusdoes it take time for a mail to show up in the mailing list archive after being posted?19:38
sinzuiserfus, There is a backlog of list mail. Mail is going to users withing 30 minutes, but I think the archive delay is hours or days behind19:42
serfusoh i see. thanks sinzui19:43
sinzuiserfus, I think the http://www.mail-archive.com/ archive of public Lp lists is current with user receipts of email. You can search for "launchpad" and your team name to find the list19:45
serfusoh nice19:46
serfusit does hold some mails which are not in the LP archive yet19:47
rubin110Hi, I created a new user with some symbols in my password, and can't login with it.20:04
rubin110Symbols include - > " _20:05
rubin110I requested a password reset about 10 minutes ago, but haven't gotten an email back about it yet.20:05
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KombuchaKipCo-founder of social network site Diaspora, Ilya Zhitomirskiy, dies at 22: http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/co-founder-of-social-network-site-diaspora-ilya-zhitomirskiy-dies-at-22/2011/11/14/gIQA7m3LLN_story.html23:40

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