psychx-If I have Ubuntu installed, do I have to install lubuntu separately?01:56
Unit193You don't have to reinstall, but it's generally better01:58
ubot5If you want to remove all !KDE, !GNOME and !XFCE packages and have a default !Lubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purelxde »01:58
psychx-Ok, thanks. Also, can I install it separately and have Ubuntu and Lubuntu as a dual-boot option? (I'm guessing you can, but doesn't hurt to ask.)02:00
Unit193As long as you have the diskspace02:00
psychx-Ok, thanks! I think I'm going to give it a try. Gotta DL it and burn it on a separate laptop.02:01
Unit193Just remember where you put grub so you don't whack the wrong one if you want to switch full time02:01
Unit193Link in topic, torrents are preferred02:01
psychx-Hmm, ok. I'll have to read about that. I just installed Ubuntu, and have used CentOS before, but am not familiar with the whole GUI setup.02:01
hrundel50Set systray icons size? BEcause they all seem to be of different sizes now.02:34
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Guest36209anyone else have the wandering toolbar icons after a suspend?07:11
=== Guest36209 is now known as skiwithpete
* skiwithpete that's better07:11
icerootskiwithpete: yes07:12
skiwithpeteis there a known fix?07:12
icerootskiwithpete: on my todo-list i have "open a bug for it"07:12
skiwithpeteoh, are you a dev?07:12
icerootskiwithpete: http://alpha-unix.de/~iceroot/lxde-indicator-spaces.png  this you mean?07:13
skiwithpeteexactly what I mean, though my toolbar grey...07:13
icerootskiwithpete: yes, i will open a bug about it and post the bug-url to you so you can subscribe to that bug07:14
skiwithpetecool, I might have seen it listed as a bug before, though I can't find the page.07:14
skiwithpeteGoogle seems to think Lubuntu is just me misspelling Ubuntu07:15
icerootskiwithpete: if so please post it to me, i have not found something about it07:15
skiwithpetelike I say, I can't find it07:15
skiwithpeteActionparsnip had commented on the bug, but I can't find him either07:15
skiwithpeteso, next question: is it LXDE or Lubuntu at the heart of this problem?07:16
icerootskiwithpete: i dont know i guess its an upstream bug07:17
icerootskiwithpete: so at the first i will create a lubuntu bug and the maintainers should have a look if it is upstream07:17
skiwithpetecool, send us a link to the page when you've done it07:18
icerootskiwithpete: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lubuntu-meta/+bug/89010207:20
ubot5Ubuntu bug 890102 in lubuntu-meta (Ubuntu) "Systray in lubuntu-desktop is producing big spaces after some time (indicator-applet)" [Undecided,New]07:20
icerootskiwithpete: please subscribe by "this affects me too"07:21
skiwithpetei don't see the "this affects me too" button07:22
skiwithpetenm, just had to sign in07:24
icerootskiwithpete: Does this bug affect you? Edit07:24
skiwithpeteyep, done it07:24
icerootskiwithpete: in green text at the top of that page07:24
icerootskiwithpete: thx07:26
JohnDoe_71Rusloks like my http://postimage.org/image/rkk1e3ew5/ but only with caffeine07:27
bioterrorthose icons moves mystically :D07:27
icerootJohnDoe_71Rus: yes, seems to be a common problem. also on 11.0407:27
icerootJohnDoe_71Rus: bioterror can you also subscribe on that bug? :)07:27
JohnDoe_71Rusi use 10.0407:27
bioterroriceroot, sure I can07:27
icerootJohnDoe_71Rus: lubuntu-desktop on 10.04?07:28
bioterrordid lubuntu use xfce power manager during 11.04?07:28
icerootJohnDoe_71Rus: ok i will add 10.04 and 10.10 also to the affected one4s07:28
skiwithpeteAnother thing that happens, suspend kills Gnome-do - anyone else using that?07:28
skiwithpeteJohnDoe_71Rus, you're CPU usage is knocking on 100% flat out07:30
skiwithpetein that imahe07:30
JohnDoe_71Russkiwithpete: yes. Often loading cpu 100 %07:31
skiwithpeteold comp or are you just a RUN IT CRAZY kinda guy?07:31
JohnDoe_71Ruslow memory. often swap07:32
skiwithpetehow low?07:32
JohnDoe_71RusP4 2.8 512Mb07:32
skiwithpeteI'm thinking RasberryPi which only has 25607:33
skiwithpetek good to know07:33
JohnDoe_71Rusmy girlfriend use browser flash game07:33
icerootJohnDoe_71Rus: your screenshot is from 10.04?07:34
skiwithpeteI didn't know Linux users could have girlfriends  ;)07:34
JohnDoe_71Rusyes. ubuntu 10.04 + lxde + lubuntu-desktop07:35
icerootJohnDoe_71Rus: i have posted your screenshot also to that bug07:35
JohnDoe_71RusI want to refuse from gdm. There is a problem with automount usb disks07:36
JohnDoe_71Rusiceroot: ok. then i change panel color, the space is like icons, but not responce to mouse btn click07:37
bioterrorJohnDoe_71Rus, what does gdm have to do with automounting drives?07:38
skiwithpeteiceroot, did you confirm it?07:38
icerootskiwithpete: launchpad is doing that if there are more then 1 person affected by it07:38
JohnDoe_71Rusbioterror: then i change gdm to lxdm and login usb disks not automount.07:39
ubot5Ubuntu bug 846878 in xfce4-power-manager (Ubuntu) "empty space between time applet and nm-applet" [Undecided,Confirmed]07:39
bioterrorMon09:28 <bioterror> did lubuntu use xfce power manager during 11.04?07:40
bioterrorthat's not just problem on ubuntu07:40
skiwithpete"Under 'System tray icon' select 'Never show icon' and click Close."07:41
skiwithpeteIn 11.10, there is no such option. Is there a workaround?07:41
skiwithpetethat's a quote07:41
skiwithpeteso... we still needed the bug report07:41
JohnDoe_71Rusbioterror: i think some strange with policykit07:43
skiwithpetereal world beckons... catch you dudes later07:44
skiwithpetepeace out07:44
JohnDoe_71Rusubot5: i use gnome-power-manager07:46
ubot5JohnDoe_71Rus: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:46
icerootJohnDoe_71Rus: if so, please post it to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxpanel/+bug/84687807:48
ubot5Ubuntu bug 846878 in xfce4-power-manager (Ubuntu) "empty space between time applet and nm-applet" [Undecided,Confirmed]07:48
bioterrorJohnDoe_71Rus, now you got it07:48
bioterrorpolicykit has nothing to do with the DM07:48
JohnDoe_71Rusя не так хорошо знаю систему. просто заменил gdm на lxdm и получил проблему.07:49
JohnDoe_71RusI not so well know system. Has simply replaced gdm on lxdm and has received a problem.07:50
bioterrorprobably the lxdm when it runs the script to start lubuntu fails to call policitykit properly or something like that07:54
JohnDoe_71Ruserror of policykit in .xsessionerrors. in bouth sessions gdm and lxdm07:56
JohnDoe_71Rusjust run livecd 11.10 http://pastebin.com/ryfXNuP8 .xsession-errors :)11:20
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sowhathello! is it possible to install Lubuntu from Linux Mint keeping both systems?13:00
holsteinyou can dual boot easily13:00
holsteini mean.... its linux, so anything is possible13:00
sowhatokay, but how about installing OS from another OS ?>13:00
holsteinthe mint system will have mint repos, so changing mint to lubuntu would be more of a hassle than its worth13:01
holsteinyou can just install lxde over there in mint and get something lubuntu like13:01
holsteinsowhat: you can make a bootable USB, or a CD from a downloaded iso13:02
holsteinthere are ways to make a partition bootable as well and install from that, but i have never needed to do it13:02
sowhatmy laptop doesnt boot from USB and I dont have any free CD right now13:02
sowhatreason why I want to try Lubuntu is that Mint is too slow13:04
holsteinlike i said, you can try LXDE from mint... that will get you the DE that lubuntu is using... which is LXDE13:04
holsteinthere are lots of options, from netbooting, to moving that hard drive to another machine for the install13:05
bioterrorsowhat, what's so great in mint?13:05
sowhatI don't know yet, because this is first Linux I have tried :)13:06
bioterrorlinux mint = different theme, some a backup software and restricted-extras installed ;)13:06
holsteinif by saying 'i dont have any free CD right now' you mean, you just dont have any CDR's, thats going to be the easiest and most hassle free... just getting a blank CD13:07
sowhatis it easy to try LXDE ?13:07
sowhaton mint13:07
holsteinsudo apt-get install lxde13:08
holsteini dont have mint, so i cant say from first hand experience13:08
bioterrorinstalling just lxde is not same thing as installing lubuntu-desktop13:09
bioterrorbut technically if mint is using ubuntu repositories, why not just install lubuntu-desktop :D13:09
bioterrorand remove rest13:09
bioterrorthat also free's you from the mint repository :---)13:10
bioterrormint is great, but I'm not a huge fan of it13:10
holsteinyou can try that too... i have had better luck when adding lxde to systems where i want to have different DE's working together13:10
holsteinbut, lubuntu-desktop should be there, and it should work find13:11
sowhatso you say that I don't have to install one more OS to try how fast it is, I just need to install lubuntu desktop?13:12
holsteinsowhat: ?13:12
holsteinLXDE is likely the boost in speed you are looking for.. and theres only one way to find out13:13
holsteinsowhat: technically, you are saying you *cant* install the OS to try out how fast it is... or you can easily do that, so this is a viable alternative13:14
holsteinlubuntu also runs great as a live CD13:14
sowhatokay, then I will just buy one CD :)13:14
bioterrorbuy many CD's13:15
bioterroratleast 1013:15
bioterroror even more13:15
bioterroryou need them :D13:15
holsteinif you are going to make one CD, make http://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager.html and get a USB stick13:15
holsteinplop will let you boot USB on 'legacy' hardware13:16
holsteinbioterror might have suggested that to me ages ago?13:16
bioterrorI dunno :D13:16
sowhatsorry for the stupid question, but how do you run .com files on linux?13:23
sowhatI am trying to install plop13:23
bioterrorsh file13:23
bioterrorin terminal ^^13:24
holsteinim not using plop as a boot loader though13:24
holsteini just made the iso to use it live13:24
reflexrgis there a keyboard command to lock screen not suspending(hibernating)? so I don't have to keep the screensaver preferences open. Because I like to keep my screen locked when I leave the room and I use bittorrent and I don't want my downloads to be interrupted each time I have to lock it with suspend.14:52
bioterrorFAQ is full of useful things14:55
reflexrgI think there might be a bug with pcman going to test something out to make sure if it does what it does then I'll report it. will do that sometime later.14:55
reflexrgthanks for the link14:56
bioterrorwhat kind of bug?14:56
reflexrgno not bookmark bug14:56
reflexrgI meant the link I bookmarked14:57
reflexrgit is file integrity and moving files around and accidentally putting it somewhere perhaps it isn't a bug maybe it is just how it works and you just have to be careful when moving files14:58
bioterrorI've heard about that once before14:58
reflexrgI really do love PCman file manager though very light weight and fast14:59
reflexrgthat's the only issue I have with it but again I need to make sure it is really pcman and not that the file was already messed up15:00
reflexrgI'll burn a cd then do a checksum of the encoded files then do what I did to mess up the files then checksum them to make sure it was that15:00
reflexrgthen if it was then I'll write my report15:01
reflexrgwell I am kind of paranoid about this now cause I am an audiophile and I do photos so file intergroup is very important to me thinks for now I'll do md5 sum files so anytime I htink its messed up I can check the md5 to see if it really is :)15:12
M0hij #lubuntu-offtopic15:12
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bioterrorM0hi, everytime you fail a kitten dies!15:15
reflexrgwould I put "ctrl-alt-l" if I want it to be control alt l?15:18
bioterroror what was it15:19
bioterrorbut windows+l is great!15:19
bioterrorbbl, installing 11.1015:19
reflexrgI am use to how linux distros usually have the lock with that command15:19
reflexrg11.10 is great!15:19
reflexrgwell I use windows too15:19
reflexrgbut when I am at my linux box I think to use that command lol..15:20
brother-I use XF86HomePage =)15:22
brother-single key ftw15:22
marazThe behavior of the windows key seems to have changed between 11.04 and 11.10. Shortcuts like win-alt-something no longer work if you don't press all the buttons at the same time - the win key opens the lxpanel menu with a 200-300ms delay on keydown as opposed to opening it on keyup like in 11.0416:05
marazis there a way to configure this?16:06
reflexrgyes I noticed this when I have been using lubuntu16:07
reflexrgbut I haven't used 11.04 though16:08
reflexrgI installed from 11.1016:08
reflexrgthis was awhile ago this happened it was my first time installing ubuntu with encrypted home partition. do I really need the "                                          ecryptfs-unwrap-passphrase       " passphrase after install? I copied it then exited terminal and was gonna paste in leafpad then print it out and put in safe but it didn't let me copy and paste over and I don't know how to reset it or to give the output back out again I s16:08
bioterrorsome one messed this thing16:09
reflexrgbioterror do you know? ^^16:10
reflexrgI'll search for this online16:10
bioterrorI'm looking right now lubuntu-rc.xml16:10
reflexrgno not the keyboard thing about my passphrase problem16:10
reflexrgyou can do one at a time no big deal16:11
reflexrgI'll be awaiting16:11
bioterrorI dont take part in encrypted homes16:11
bioterrorI hate them16:11
reflexrgwell I use it because I have a laptop16:11
bioterrorI have many laptops16:11
bioterror3 working atm. ;)16:11
reflexrgother than that I don't use encryption on my external drives16:11
brother-if you don't encrypt the other parts of the drive there are no real gain in doing encryption of the home dir either16:12
reflexrgwell I think I'll put encryption on my portable drive maybe cause I might take that out sometimes when I use my laptop16:12
brother-you will spill files to /tmp and what not during runtime16:12
reflexrgwell I am speaking off people stealing your files if you loose or someone steals your laptop16:13
reflexrgnot from intrusion from the internet or network16:13
brother-yes. if you have things in /tmp or /var because you used sleep mode you have breached the security anyway16:13
reflexrgtrue but I don't use sleep mode I use lock mode but again there is ways around the lock mode there have been bugs with it in the past like hooking up a second monitor16:14
brother-having encryption without thinking is the major problem16:15
marazany idea about the windows key? :)16:15
bioterrormaraz, some ;)16:15
brother-nope. I don't use the hotkeys like that so I haven't noticed anything unusual16:15
marazi looked through lubuntu-rc.xml but there wasn't anything related16:15
reflexrg / root on its own partition 10 gb and /home on its own partition at 28gb16:17
reflexrgI don't think lubuntu encrypted the root16:17
reflexrgI didn't see an option for it16:17
reflexrgwell when 12.04 is released I'll be doing another fresh install and I'll see about how I can encrypt the / root partition16:19
reflexrgI am not overly concerned about intrusion its the theft of files from physically being at the computer. Because Linux is quite secure and I make sure everything is up to date. Also setup my browsers so they are more secure with whitelists and blacklists with what sites can use what plugins/addons...etc... :)16:22
reflexrgwell what I'd really love to do is have another partition for guest that automatically logs in after a set time at the login window so they theft guy thinks he got the right password or something then the guest account will be setup to send out the person's ip to me but that's if the person is dumb enough to have it hooked up to the internet on his first tries on cracking the pc16:25
philipballew_How would I make a custom live cd to have only my apps I want?16:38
gastlyphilipballew_, here's a very nice guide that tells you how to do it: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization16:39
philipballew_fun stuff!!!16:40
bioterror.config/openbox/autostart doesn work, config/openbox/autostart.sh doesnt work nor does .config/autostart/foo.desktop16:45
bioterrorI would like to ask what is this :D16:49
bioterrorI forgot [desktop entry]16:50
Unit193/etc/xdg/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart works :P16:51
gastlylxsession-edit should have an option to add new startup items, making them manually is painful :p16:52
bioterrorUnit193, :D16:55
lrojashi all, just wondering how can i install firefox on lubuntu? is it safe to sudo apt-add-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-next ?16:57
xsaidxlrojas: if its trusted/stable repo then why not16:58
xsaidxbut i wud go with trusted only tho16:58
lrojasthat's what i'm asking.. is that trusted? ppa:/mozillateam/  looks trusted... :/16:59
gastlyI think firefox-next is for beta versions, so if you want to test beta versions then go for it :>16:59
lrojasok, here is the thing.. maybe i'm asking the wrong question...16:59
gastlyand yes, it can be trusted it's an official team afaik16:59
lrojasi tried sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable  but it says that is for lucid and maverick users...17:00
lrojasalso, i tried to find wich firefox to install from the standard ubuntu repositories but i'm not sure what to do...17:00
xsaidxlrojas: wellim not sure but the normal thing is to add a repo that match ur version17:00
xsaidxlrojas: chrome/chromuim its fast tho17:01
lrojasso, my question is.. if i want to install firefox, what would be the safest way...17:01
lrojasi kind of like firefox, i do web development and the plugins for firefox are good17:01
xsaidxadd their repo if u wanna stay updated or dl the .deb17:01
xsaidxlrojas: if you mean firegub i guess chrouim has such tool by defult17:02
lrojasxsaidx: fair enough...17:02
lrojaswhy is not firefox in the standard repositories for Lubuntu ?17:02
xsaidxlrojas: just click rightthen inspect element17:02
lrojasxsaidx: i do more JS profiling than inspecting elements17:03
gastlylrojas, sudo apt-get install firefox doesn't work?17:03
xsaidxlrojas: theres a console and all things you need to work with js just give it a shot then judge :D17:03
lrojasxsaidx: ok... i will do that17:04
blueblue2anyone in here?17:06
blueblue2im trying to install lubuntu alongside xp i have 60 gig 20 is xp 40 is lubuntu17:07
lrojasgastly: do i need to install firefox-gnome-support, firefox-kde-support ?17:07
blueblue2im on live cd , so im thinking i need a swap file and ext 3 partition first17:08
gastlylrojas, I don't think so, but it won't hurt to install them they won't do any harm :)17:08
blueblue2i use gparted?17:08
blueblue2ive mosty ony expeience with grub and puppy linux17:08
gastlyblueblue2, yes you'll have to use gparted to partition the drives, make a swap partition from the 40gig lubuntu drive and I suggest you also have a separate /home partition17:09
blueblue2so 3 partititons and a swap partition?17:10
blueblue2or 4 partitions?17:10
gastlyfor Lubuntu, 1 root partition + 1 swap partition + 1 home partition = 3 :)17:11
gastlyif my math is correct that is :p17:11
blueblue2what about xp where will that be?17:11
blueblue2ok so 4 total including the ntfs part.17:12
gastlyif you have xp already installed then no need to touch the XP partition17:12
blueblue2what is a swap partition for?17:12
gastlywell, in case you RAM gets low, the kernel swaps some stuffs to the swap partition to free up memory17:13
blueblue2oh cool very good17:13
xsaidxblueblue2: dont make too big swap do what you have in your RAM e.g ram =1g so swap =1g17:14
blueblue2ok s i wil do hat now 1 gig swap and 20gb /home and 20 gb lubuntu all in ext 3 format?17:14
xsaidxblueblue2: ext4 its cool tho17:15
gastlyblueblue2, depends on your RAM size as xsaidx swap should be equal to your RAM size17:15
blueblue2ok so i have 512 ram17:15
gastlyblueblue2, also if you don't plan to install much stuff on the root partition then you can reduce it's size to about 15 GB or even less depending on your requirements :)17:15
blueblue2what is the purpose of the /home partition and root partition is the partition the os is on?17:16
gastlyblueblue2, 512MB?, then I suggest you go with 1GB (my personal experience is 1GB works well with 512MB) :)17:16
gastlyroot (/) is the partition where you OS is installed and all your software packages that you install, /home is for your user files are stored17:17
blueblue2so when i open folder pictures for instance that is accessed from /home on the hdd?17:18
gastlyblueblue2, yes17:18
blueblue2and do pictures and personal fies automatically got to the /home when i save tem or upoad them or do i have to specify?17:19
blueblue2same wit apps do they auto downoad and install to/root17:20
xsaidxblueblue2: yeh e.g pics from webcam goes into images folder automaticly dl's goes in downloads folder and so on17:20
gastlythey will go there automatically, there will be a directory inside /home with your username and all your files will go there (automatically, because you're only allowed to access your own home folder, unless you're root)17:20
blueblue2so 1 gig is swap, 10 gigs /root and 30gb is /home17:21
blueblue2sounds good?17:21
gastlyyup, pretty good17:21
xsaidxwhy 1g in swap ?? dont think that will make ur ram cooler cus the swap its too slow then your ram so no need to put all the 1g but you can put like 530 o sumthin lil but dont exagaret17:23
blueblue2so to slarify /rot is only 10gb is that going to be large enough for pidgin ,skype ,other apps i download?17:23
gastlyblueblue2, you can be on a safer side and go with 12GB for /, I have KDE and Lubuntu and lots of other apps install and my / is only 8.6GB full :>17:24
blueblue2ok very good gastly and xsaidx i apreciate you dudes17:25
gastlyxsaidx, I had a 512MB swap for 512MB RAM and it really slowed things down when I used the system for heavy stuff, I've seen that 1GB works better with 512MB but I don't have any benchmarks to show17:26
gastlynp blueblue2 :>17:26
blueblue2i wi open gparted and get started , also  is the sped that livecd runs a god indicator of how lubuntu will run installed?17:27
gastlyyes, but most of the time the installed system will be much much faster ;)17:27
blueblue2srry my typing is por i have to lay on floor bc my back is real screwed up and makes typing hard17:27
xsaidxblueblue2:  np  , gastly tbh i have only 512 and thats what i do not more and never tried sumthin else but fom what iread what they have recomend me when i wanted to install lubuntu was what itold him : D17:28
blueblue2i ask bc the live cd runs realy poorly and slow17:29
gastlyxsaidx, well I guess it depends on the usage :) Try compiling the Linux kernel with 512mb ram and swap it'll be hell xD17:29
blueblue2i have a acer laptop it was a gift and has amd 64 ,with 512 ram and 2ghz processor17:29
blueblue2is run the same as terminal?17:30
xsaidxgastly: will that affect peformance if compile the kernel cus i was told the benefit wud be very small so ididnt bother me i have an old todhiba with 1.4 gh pocessor and 512 ram17:31
gastlyblueblue2, CD's are slow that's why it runs slow, on an hdd it would fly :)17:32
gastlyxsaidx, it depends, you can have some non-official patches applied to the kernel like BFS Scheduler and do some optimization like disabling unneeded stuff then the kernel gets noticeably fast17:33
xsaidxgastly: well im not really that good to kno whcih module i need on my kernel  so yeh17:34
gastlyI did some compiler optimizations for my CoreI7 and compiled the kernel and it flies :D17:34
gastlyxsaidx, it's a guessing game, that's how I learned :D17:35
blueblue2in system info under cpu how do i find the speed of my processor?17:37
blueblue2is it same as fruancy?17:37
gastlyyup I think so17:38
gastlyI'm not on Lubuntu right now so I can't tell but you can run 'cat /proc/cpuinfo' in a terminal and it will show you the speed17:38
wxlanyone know a memory monitor for lxpanel?17:39
bioterrorpeople tends to use conky for memory monitoring17:40
wxlbut i don't LIKE conky :D17:40
bioterrorI just configured mine, again17:40
bioterrorthey had changed hwmon0 to 1 :P17:40
xsaidxwxl: i belive theres a small thingy that you can add fom the panel prefeence when u click right17:41
wxlxsaidx: nope17:41
xsaidxwxl: you dont want that ?? or what ?17:42
wxlxsaidx: there is no memory monitor installed as an option .. so i don't know about this "thingy" or "that" which you refer to17:43
xsaidxwxl: hang on17:43
gastlyI generally prefer to have a dock like AWN, it has a lot of applets and stuff like the memory monitor17:43
wxlxsaidx: there is a cpu monitor if that's what you mean, but i'm pretty sure cpu ≠ memory17:43
xsaidxwxl: yesh17:44
xsaidxwell guys brb17:44
bioterrorthere's a cpu graph17:44
bioterrorwxl, you should go with the conky ;)17:45
wxlbah conky's poop.17:45
bioterrorwxl, which stinkpad did you get?17:45
bioterrorI grabbed T42 ;)17:45
wxloh hehehe r60 bioterror :D17:46
bioterrorthat's a new!17:46
bioterrormine is more legacy17:46
bioterrormaraz, I removed few lines from lubuntu-rc ;)17:47
marazdo tell17:47
bioterrormaraz, windows key stopped messing around17:47
bioterrorhttp://ricecows.org/lubuntu-11.10.png there you ;)17:47
blueblue2whoa my hdd is not showing up in gparted17:48
bioterrorthe ones # are marked for deletion17:48
chris_lubuntuhi guys, i have the intel 852 video chip in my notebook, can somebody say me how to install correct drivers? i have problems running half-life in wine and it has to do with my video card17:48
wxli think i used to have a t42 back in the slackware days bioterror17:48
marazbioterror: won't removing those disable the menu functionality altogether?17:48
bioterrormaraz, only the annoying popup for menu17:49
marazlet me rephrase that: won't removing those disable the windows key menu functionality altogether?17:49
bioterrorread what the binding says17:49
bioterrorwhen hitting super_l it will run command lxpanelctl menu17:49
wxloh yey look i found a rainy day project: make your own plugin http://home.student.utwente.nl/j.vanderhoff/LXPanel_HowTo.html17:50
bioterrorin here we have winter coming, might take a while for the next good rainy day17:50
wxlhere in the pacific northwest winter actually does mean rain. i realize that's not true everywhere :D17:51
bioterrorwxl, phillw enjoys rain 24/7/365 ;)17:51
wxlwe're not too far away from the uk weather17:51
bioterrorthat's what you get for living in england ;)17:51
wxloregon is gloriously green though.. so there's a benefit to it all17:52
wxlokok, now i'm offtopic and will shut up.17:52
bioterrormaraz, after removing those two lines run command: openbox --restart17:52
wxldon't you mean --reconfigure?17:53
bioterrorI mean restart17:53
wxlhm seems unnecessary. reconfigure always worked fine for me17:53
bioterrorwe want openbox to re-read the configs17:54
wxlre config ure17:54
bioterrorextremely annoying17:54
wxlrestart does it too, but at the cost of restarting everything else17:54
bioterrorwhen pressing alt+f2 to get launcher, that will not come on top of all17:54
bioterroryou're right17:55
bioterror  --reconfigure       Reload Openbox's configuration17:55
bioterror  --restart           Restart Openbox17:55
wxlchris_lubuntu: could you give me the output of "lspci | grep -i vga" ?17:55
=== slow-motion_ is now known as slow-motion
bioterrorwith that old intel I would not mind playing games thru wine17:56
bioterrorbut now Kids to bed ;)17:56
wxlbioterror: you make a good point about focus with hot keys.. i've heard/noticed this before but was not able to find a good solution17:56
blueblue2gastly are you stil here?17:58
gastlyblueblue2, yes17:58
blueblue2tank god17:58
blueblue2so my partitioning is done but i was wondering should i set up any flags like for boot?17:59
gastlyblueblue2, I think it will be done automatically when you install Lubuntu, so no need to do it manually18:00
blueblue2i see windows has a flag set to boot18:00
blueblue2i want to have a choice of windows or linux when i boot ,  think that is called dual booting?18:01
gastlyyup, Grub will take care of that18:01
gastlyyou can go ahead and start the install, blueblue218:01
blueblue2i dont have grub installed18:02
gastlyit will get installed automatically when you install Lubuntu to your hard disk18:02
gastlyinstallation is pretty darn easy these days xD18:03
blueblue2ya hmm puppy had to install grub tok me a long time18:03
blueblue2it is pretty inspecific on how to edit the boot file18:04
blueblue2hmm my swap is 1000 mb is that right?18:05
blueblue2isnt that a gb why doesnt it say 1gb lol18:05
gastlylol, dunno but yeah it's 1GB xD18:06
chris_lubuntuwxl: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82852/855GM Integrated Graphics Device (rev 02)18:07
blueblue2isnt 1000mb a gb?18:07
chris_lubuntui updated mesa and wine too, and now this error doesnt show up18:07
wxlchris_lubuntu: you may appreciate this discussion http://askubuntu.com/questions/4658/how-to-install-intel-82852-855gm-driver18:08
chris_lubuntui give it a try18:09
chris_lubuntuis this red text private or something? :D18:09
chris_lubuntunow your name is blue, and before it was red, is this like whisper?18:10
chris_lubuntuthanks for the link but it says i have newest version for everything18:13
wxlchris_lubuntu: it's because i didn't mention you18:25
wxllike now you don't notice18:26
wxlanywho i sent the link more for to prove the point that graphics driver has been a real pain in the butt18:26
wxlwhoa, 12.04 is to be non-PAE.. for lubuntu this is a particular concern! http://news.softpedia.com/news/i386-non-PAE-Kernel-To-Be-Removed-from-Ubuntu-12-04-234434.shtml18:31
icerootwxl: there is no reason to use pase18:39
icerootwxl: amd64 is what you want  also see www.realworldtech.com/forums/index.cfm?action=detail&id=78966&threadid=78766&roomid=218:39
icerootthey are talking about removing non-pae? so there will be only pae or amd64?18:41
wxltalking about removing pae support18:42
wxlgiven lubuntu is intended for legacy devices that seems like a bummer,l to say the least18:42
icerootwxl: removing pae support is good but it seems non-ape will be removed18:42
wxlhow do you figure it's good?18:43
icerootIf the non-PAE i386 kernel will be removed from Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, non-PAE users will have to upgrade to the PAE kernel, and processors missing the PAE and i686 support will be orphaned.18:43
icerootwxl: www.realworldtech.com/forums/index.cfm?action=detail&id=78966&threadid=78766&roomid=218:43
icerootwxl: pae is bad and should be removed18:44
icerootwxl: removing i386 and only providing pae and amd64 is bad (imo)18:44
wxli mean i could give a crap less about it but i'm not using it on hardware that old18:44
wxlon the other hand if it's a question of supporting old crap while negatively affecting new stuff that's not good18:45
wxlit would be nice, though, if there was still an option for those people using the old crap18:45
icerootwxl: the old one is not "crap"18:45
wxlby crap i mean hardware18:46
icerootwxl: read the article to see why pae is bad18:46
icerootwxl: and should not be supported18:47
chris_lubuntui dont get what you mean with pae...18:47
ubot5To use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info18:48
chris_lubuntuokay.... i dont have even 1gb ram :D18:49
wxlalso https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Physical_Address_Extension18:49
wxli guess that's another point to think about.. people aren't trying to "push" 32bit. if it's a question of supporting legacy hardware, it's probably a legacy system, i.e. doesn't have much memory anyways :D18:49
bioterrorwxl, I've been lazy and using other things than lubuntu as my main laptop, but I just installed 11.10 (becouse this looks better than previous ;)18:51
bioterrorand I just noticed that this feature about popup has changed18:51
wxlbioterror: i concur18:51
wxlpopup? you mean the focus?18:51
wxli didn't spend enough time with 11.04 to notice it had changed18:52
* bioterror fire vim18:52
wxlchris_lubuntu: maximize some window then hit alt-f2 and see whether or not the run dialog is focused or in the background18:52
bioterrorsomehow that "run" is not considered as a new window18:53
wxlbut check ~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml and you'll find the focus tags all set to yes18:53
wxleverything SHOULD be opening up on top18:53
bioterrorwxl, this was dirty, but I installed gmrun and replaced "lxpanelctl run" with it18:56
wxlthat's disgusting, bioterror18:56
bioterrorbut I get focus ;---)18:56
bioterrorso we should rise two bugs against lubuntu-desktop18:57
bioterrorone is Super_L and another one is this18:57
wxlwhat's the bug with super_l18:58
wxlanyways, write the bug and i'll confirm ;D18:58
bioterrorbug with super_l is that if you press windows button + something, it will popup "start menu"18:59
bioterrorwindows + r, for example18:59
wxlmore that if you press wnidows button ANYTHING you get start menu18:59
wxlactually if you just press windows button you get start menu18:59
wxloh i see there are binds to the desktop for W-fkeys19:01
wxlso yep, that's a bug19:01
bioterrordirty fix is to remove those lines :D19:01
wxlremoving them does not make the menu pop up???19:01
bioterroryeah, you remove SUPER_L19:01
bioterrorbut I removed SUPER_R too19:02
bioterrornot at all19:02
wxlthat's a definite bug19:02
wxli notice on my track pad occassionally my desktop flickers (between workspaces).. not sure how track pad use becomes key+up/down binding.. i need to pay attention to that more19:10
bioterrorwxl, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/FAQ/Workarounds#The_scroll_button_on_your_mouse_keeps_changing_the_Desktop_Workspace_even_when_you.27re_scrolling_through_a_folder_or_file. something like this?19:13
wxlbioterror: ah that may be the offending line19:16
wxlthat seems like a bloody useless shortcut19:17
bioterrorwxl, and gmrun is btw. better than that lxpanelctl run19:23
wxlbioterror: unfortunately it doesn't solve the fact that NO HOT KEY results in a focused window19:24
wxli, for example, have a hot key for a particular ssh connection i regularly make.. always in the background19:24
wxlmake up a hot key for something and see what happens!19:24
bioterrorwindows + e = pcmanfm19:25
bioterrornow it did not focus19:25
wxloh weird19:26
wxlc+a+t works19:26
wxlso does c+a+d19:27
wxloh harumph19:27
wxlwhat the hell did i do because now all of mine work???? :D19:27
bioterrorchange back to terminal or something19:27
bioterrorand press again19:27
wxlhm it's all working for me19:27
bioterrorI got it19:27
wxljust not a+f219:28
bioterrorif I click wallpaper >> it will bring foreground the launched application19:28
wxloh i thought you had a fix not a band-aid :D19:28
bioterrorif I have terminal for example active >> it will not bring launched application to foreground and focus19:28
lrojashow can i change the settings in lubuntu to not have my screen go to sleep or darken when plugged to a power source?19:29
bioterrortry it yourself19:29
wxlas far as i can tell i only have this problem with a+f219:29
wxlright click on the battery icon lrojas19:31
lrojaskind of weird that lubuntu uses the xfce power manager19:33
bioterrornot at all19:33
bioterrorgnome messed their ;)19:33
wxllxde has been sort of put together in pieces19:33
lrojashehe, ok.. true.. i was just expecting to see something more generic or at least lxde related...19:34
wxllxdm used to be useless19:34
wxldespite the rest of lxde being pretty decent19:34
wxlooh new supertuxkart out19:41
wxlif you run "lxpanelctl run" in command line the focus goes back19:43
wxlscratch that19:43
wxlbadly worded sentence19:43
wxlit's inheiriently onfucsed19:43
wxlit has nothing to do with openbox, bioterror19:44
wxlwhat's very odd is that "lxpanelctl config" *IS* focused19:46
wxlso now we have a bug against lxpanelctl19:46
bioterrorwill you handle that? :)19:50
wxlworking towards it19:52
wxlsuprisingly googling "lxpanelctl run unfocus" pulls up nothing of relevance from what i can tell19:52
wxlodd that no one's noticed19:52
wxlyou make that bug on super_l tho ;)19:53
bioterrorI'm making about super_l19:53
wxlcrap can't use ubuntu-bug19:54
wxlnot against lxpanelctl19:54
wxlseems to be behaving against lxpanel tho19:55
bioterrorlxpanel has lxpanelctl19:55
ubot5Ubuntu bug 890394 in lubuntu-meta (Ubuntu) "lxmenu is run everytime you use shortcut using super -key" [Undecided,New]20:03
marazbioterror: you are awesome20:04
bioterrormaraz, my wife disagrees :D20:04
bioterrorshe came just home and I have not cleaned or anything :D20:05
bioterrorcould not care less as I've back ache20:05
ubot5Ubuntu bug 890395 in lxpanel (Ubuntu) "lxpanelctl run dialog is unfocused" [Undecided,New]20:07
* wxl 's wife sometime thinks he is awesome but generally not when it comes to reporting bugs.. unless they're spiders. She hates those.20:07
wxl(although they are not TECHNICALLY bugs)20:07
bioterroryeah, but they are considered as ones ;)20:08
wxli think they help keep the flies away, but that's just me;)20:08
wxlcan you ubuntu-bug <bug number> ?20:08
wxli know you can ubuntu-bug <process id>20:09
wxli guess i could try20:09
wxlah -u20:10
bioterror!bug 89039520:12
ubot5Launchpad bug 890395 in lxpanel (Ubuntu) "lxpanelctl run dialog is unfocused" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89039520:12
bioterrorI commented that20:12
wxl!bug 89039420:13
ubot5Launchpad bug 890394 in lubuntu-meta (Ubuntu) "lxmenu is run everytime you use shortcut using super -key" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89039420:13
wxlno comment but we're confirmed :D20:14
bioterrorwhat else we could find broken20:14
wxloh i should file against lubuntu-meta20:14
wxland you should file against, um, something :D20:15
bioterrorI used lubuntu-desktop which went to lubuntu-meta20:15
wxli wish that lubuntu showed as a distribution and not as a project/package20:16
wxloh wlel i guess i'll let someone else mess with that20:17
* wxl goes back to work20:17
bkerensahi all22:13
fladdhi there23:25
fladdjust installed lubuntu. can anyone tell me how to make lxpanelctl working???23:25
fladdno one?23:28
fladdis it working for everyone, or is it working for noone and a known bug or something?23:28
xsaidxfladd: wht you want exactly ?23:28
fladdI would like to know, what I need to do after installing lubuntu to make lxpanelctl work. For instance, when I type in a shell "lxpanelctl run" I was expecting a run dialogue, but nothing happens. The same holds for all other lxpanelctl options23:29
fladdalso, there are default keybindings to lxpanelctl calls. these, obviously, also do not work (since the underlying lxpanelctl doesn't work at all)23:30
xsaidxfladd: ok now what you want the lxpanel to do for you cus i nver use it23:30
fladdbasically, I want all the lubuntu keyboard shortcuts to work23:31
fladdlikle W-r, or Alt-F1 and so on23:31
xsaidxim not sure but this must be set somewhere in the openbox config23:32
fladdyes, it is, and there it says that it is just calling lxpanelctl, but this programme is non-functional!23:34
xsaidxfladd: well i jsut test this lxpanel and it wokin for me i gues this comes from config files ill give you mine if you want23:34
fladdyes, please23:34
fladdso just to be sure, when you do "lxpanelctl run" in a shell, this actually does something for you?23:34
xsaidxyeh its does the same when you hit alt+f223:35
fladdit does nothing for me here23:35
fladdI don't really see what could have gone wrong23:35
xsaidxlxpanelctl menu shows menu etc23:36
fladdI just did a sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop.23:36
xsaidxwell now ytou want .lxpanel file ight23:36
fladdvery very strange23:36
fladdnot sure, if this is related to the lxpanelctl call, then yes23:36
xsaidxfladd: dude in my lxpanel i have only those menu entries i have so yeh23:37
xsaidxbut i woud recomde you to ty this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/FAQ/Workarounds#LXPanel_disappeared_and_after_lauching_lxpanel_again.2C_it_looks_ugly.23:38
fladddoesn't do anything23:39
fladdLubuntu seems to be just broken23:40
fladdApparently, being an "official" Ubuntu flavour, also means to adapt the crappy quality control of regular Ubuntu! LOL23:40
fladdAnyway, I don't have time for this, then I can also configure OpenBox myself. No need for Lubuntu, if it does not work out of the box.23:41
fladdBut thanks a lot for your help23:41

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