anadonHow did I miss that?00:00
jtaylornot recommended to use unless oyu know what you're doing00:00
jtaylore.g. a perl transition is about to come which will disrupt the archvie quite a bit00:00
anadonI'll make it through--I have 2 other OSs on this machine should the worst happen00:01
anadonand win 800:01
anadongawd it is bad.... 8 clicks to shut-down00:02
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jbwiv_guys, anyone know if the improved multi-monitor support is testable/installable on Oneiric? I had to switch over the KDE for now because unity wouldn't support my three monitor setup...I'd like to switch back sooner rather than later...14:08
icerootjbwiv_: #ubuntu14:08
Ian_Corneeven if you could, it's focused on 2 monitor support14:08
coz_when did this happen ^^ ?14:09
jbwiv_Ian_Corne, huh? I saw a video online demostrating 6 monitor support in the 12.04?!14:10
coz_if ubuntu has focused solely on dual monitors that is a BIG step backwards14:10
coz_jbwiv_,  I have seen 6 monitor set ups with most of the ubuntu versions this past few years...14:11
patdk-wkya, I love my 6 monitor setup14:16
patdk-wkneed a 40" screen with the >100 dpi14:17
coz_that would be sweet ")14:19
patdk-wknext would need a video card that supported > 2600x?14:21
gesercoz_: it would really be a shame if it's limited to 2 monitors but it would a least still be an improvement, as sometimes I get the impression that multi monitor isn't tested at all (like indicator menus properly working only on one monitor)14:22
patdk-wkhmm 100dpi 40" would be 3500x197014:23
coz_geser,   I doubt many multiple monitor set ups are tested adequately.. although, again, if it is now ONLY dual monitor support..then it is an enormouse backstep for the distribution14:23
coz_there are thousands and thousands of ubuntu users who have dual and more monitors on their systems14:24
coz_any attempt to fiddle around with multi monitor support is a death sentence for ubuntu14:26
jasefcoz_, where are you getting your figures from?14:27
coz_jasef,  years of support14:27
jasefcoz_, you've supported several thousand users with dual monitors?14:27
jasefdual or more*14:27
patdk-wkwhy several thousands?14:28
coz_jasef,  hundreds personally,, but considering the  trend in multi monitor set ups the figures cannot be that far off14:28
patdk-wkif he had to, that means he supported every single ubuntu user14:28
coz_none the less, any step "backwards" , in this case multi monitor support, is foolish14:29
jasefpatdk-wk, I said 'several thousand' because coz_ stated before 'thousands and thousands of ubuntu users' use two or more >.>14:29
coz_geser,   which video cards do you have?14:30
patdk-wkthousands and thousands = several thousands14:31
jasefpatdk-wk, I know that - that's why I said it.14:32
patdk-wkif coz has helped 100 ubuntu users, and 10/20 used dual monitors14:32
patdk-wkthat would be a reasonable scale up14:32
* patdk-wk wonders how ubuntu vm's fit in, without any monitors :)14:32
geseran ATI HD* (don't know the exact number, but it's a couple of years old now) and I use the free radeon driver (didn't had time to figure out how to properly set up fglfx with dual monitors)14:32
coz_geser,  ok I am an idiot with ati  cards,,, have you checked in #radeon at all?14:33
coz_geser,  you have only one dual head card?14:33
Ian_Cornecoz_: i didn' tsay only14:34
coz_Ian_Corne,  oh ok :)14:34
Ian_Cornebut i thought I read somewhere that they are focusing on enhancing the experience with more then one monitor, specifically 214:34
Ian_Corneso they're not taking anything back :p14:34
coz_concern is now ended :)14:35
geseryes, only one card, didn't check in #radeon as the free driver works (though only 2d) and I didn't need 3d acceleration in the past14:35
coz_geser,  again with ati I am not skilled with,, how were you getting the 3rd monitor on a dual head card?14:35
coz_geser,   driver?14:36
BluesKajso who's testing 12.04 and if so what's it like so far for desktops with nvidia graphics?14:36
coz_BluesKaj,  that's why I am hanging out here :)14:36
BluesKajhey coz_ :)14:37
gesercoz_: I've only 2 monitors and my card has 2 connectors, so no problem :)14:37
coz_BluesKaj,  hey guy :)  i think we both know nvidia will break several times before release,, regardless :)14:37
coz_geser,  ok I may have not read correctly then,, I thought you wanted three monitors connected14:38
BluesKajyup,  think I'll do the real tsting on my other linux machine ...this is our media server , don't want the wife's wrath on me this time :)14:38
coz_BluesKaj,  I completely understand :)14:39
* BluesKaj wonders what major changes to expect on 12.04/Kubuntu14:42
jbwiv_coz_: unity won't work with xinerama on 11.10. Nor will unity 2d14:44
jbwiv_that's why I'm on kde now14:45
coz_jbwiv_,  which video card?14:45
geserxinerama = one desktop spanning 2 monitors?14:46
coz_BluesKaj,    http://www.techdrivein.com/2011/11/6-key-changes-in-next-ubuntu-1204_12.html14:46
jbwiv_coz_: nvidia14:46
jbwiv_geser, or three in my case14:46
coz_jbwiv_,  mm  well compiz doesnt work with xinerama  but needs nvidia's  version of it14:47
geserI've unity-2d on my dual monitors setup (with the free radeon driver and obviously an ATI card)14:47
jbwiv_coz_ two cards: GeForce GT 440 and GeForce 9800 GT14:47
jbwiv_geser, dual monitors work fine14:47
jbwiv_especially with things like nvidia's twinview14:48
coz_jbwiv_,  mm  so you want the 3 monitors?14:48
jbwiv_but when you go above two...14:48
geserthe 2 cards make things complicate?14:48
jbwiv_coz_, yes14:48
jbwiv_geser, just the need to support three monitor. that requires two cards14:48
jbwiv_kde4 supports the three out of the box. unity+compiz and unity2d both break14:48
coz_jbwiv_,  mm.. check in #ayatana14:49
jbwiv_coz_, that's new to me. I'll take a look14:49
coz_jbwiv_,  see if they have any reason for it,,you can also ask smspillaz in #ayatana since he is the main developer for compiz which Unity runs under14:49
jbwiv_coz_: cool. thanks!14:50
geserI don't know who is responsible for that work item for 12.04, but let them know they should also check with 3 monitors (or more). at least it's still early enough that it might be considered (during beta it's mostly to late for such things)14:50
jbwiv_geser, I saw it demonstrated across six monitors on 12.04. looked good and functional14:51
jbwiv_I'm just hoping those features will trickle into 11.1014:51
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coz_jbwiv_,  #ayatana can be slow at times... so just hang out there... not often really a support channel as it is a development channel,, if they get rude move to #compiz-dev to speak with smspillaz,,, although he has been in and out there and also lives in austrailia so adjust to your time zone14:54
jbwiv_coz_, ok, thanks man. very helpful. I appreciate it!14:56
coz_jbwiv_,  no problem14:56
coz_jbwiv_,  again  sam = smspillaz.. has mainly moved to the #ayatana channel but still frequents #compiz-dev which is where I believe he should be :)14:57
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BluesKajBBL, stuff to do21:43

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