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suihkulokkioneiric firefox, when being compiled on a machine with linux 3.0 kernel, will fail to compile with:13:50
suihkulokki../coreconf/config.mk:71: ../coreconf/Linux3.0.mk: No such file or directory13:50
suihkulokkifun :)13:50
ogra_oh, could you file a bug, our buildds all use old kernels13:50
suihkulokkilooking at it right now13:51
ogra_we have some pandas but that are currently all assigned to armhf porting iirc13:52
ogra_so trhey havent seen any higher level builds like desktop packages yet13:52
ogra_it is expected that we drop all but panda soon though13:52
punxosHow can "remove" a jump to a tag in a macro ??I to change this code --> http://pastebin.com/CrkXZZJK (tag already defined obvius)14:15
dmartpunxos: what are you trying to do exactly?  I don't understand from your code14:20
punxosthis code is inside a macro, so I can't create a tag because the compiler fail due to tag is redefined14:21
brendandis it still correct to dd the 11.10 pandaboard image to the SD card? or is a different method used now?14:21
ogra_brendand, neither the images nor the method to write tham changed14:23
ogra_its the same as 11.0414:23
brendandogra_ - ok, thanks14:24
dmartpunxos: so, where you say "tag", you mean "label14:24
dmartpunxos: Is this as assembler macro, or are you working with C inline assembler?14:26
punxosassembler macro14:27
punxosdmart: I found the solution: add $ to label14:28
punxosthx anyway14:28
dmartpunxos: "dollar local labels" don't work on arm -- though if you have some code where they do appear to work, I'd like to see it14:30
dmartError: junk at end of line, first unrecognized character is `1'14:30
punxosdmart: beq $label14:31
punxos$label: some code14:31
punxosdmart: sorry not work :(14:32
dmart$ is allowed in symbol names on arm -- you haven't really solved the problem there; you just have a different label name when you ass $14:32
punxosI dint' do enough checks14:32
punxosyes yes14:33
ogra_.oO( arm is a british company, try a pound sign instead of a dollar one ;) )14:33
punxosdmart: this example code-> http://infocenter.arm.com/help/index.jsp?topic=/com.arm.doc.kui0100a/armasm_cegceijg.htm14:33
* dmart doesn't know if UTF-8 is allows in symbol names for £ :P14:34
dmartpunxos: are you working with the ARM RVCT assembler (armasm) or GNU as?  The syntax for macros is completely different; the example is for armasm14:35
dmartOK, so GNU as then14:36
dmartpunxos: porting that example to GNU as might look something like this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/738238/14:39
punxosdmart: thanks14:40
dmartBut I suspect that doesn't quite solve your problem.  Can you paste your actual source code so I can see what you're trying to do?14:40
punxosyes 1 sec14:41
punxosjust update a register if r0 is 014:43
punxosdmart: but this macro is inside other macro due to that your example not work14:47
Nekohello ubuntu guys!14:50
Nekodoes anyone know of a particular brand/model of SD card that actually supports erase/secure erase?14:50
gildeanyes, a drill will securely erase any sd-card14:53
gildeanthe bigger the drillbit the better14:53
Nekonot useful :D14:58
dmartpunxos: in this case, you could avoid the branch using conditional assembly15:03
punxosmm I dont' know how15:04
punxosa short sample please ?15:04
dmartpunxos: here are some examples of things you can do:15:08
dmartThe GNU assembler documentation is a bit vague about some acpects of macros, but it is worth reading15:08
punxosdmart: oooo thanks very much ! great job15:09
dmarthope it helps15:12
punxosyes it's perfect :)15:12
punxosworks perfectly15:12
dmartwhich approach did you choose?15:13
punxosbeq 1f15:13
punxosit's more visual for me15:14
dmartThat's a good simple solution, and works in a lot of cases.  If your code is performance-critical, you might still want to use conditional instructions; though it really depends on how reliably that branch can be predicted (and the sophistication of branch prediction on the CPU(s) you're targeting)15:15
robclarknote that if you are building thumb2 (or you want to support thumb2) then see IT instruction instead..15:23
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antoniodariushI have a beagleboard, can I install ubuntu on it ?15:40
antoniodariushwell i guess so :)15:41
ogra_antoniodariush, depends what version of beagle and which flavour of ubuntu15:42
antoniodariushI have a project but running on nanonote so i need to cross compile and use toolchains everytime to compile the software15:44
ogra_(you cant easily run ubuntu-desktop on a beagle C4 ... not enough ram, but it will run ubuntu-server fine for example)15:44
antoniodariushas long I can avoid cross compilation I am fine with any flavour of ubuntu15:45
ogra_right, use -server for this15:45
antoniodariushI have a beagleboard-xM15:46
antoniodariushok i'll have a look thanks15:47
ogra_even with Xm you want -server unless you actually want to run and use desktop apps ... if its for compiling, -server is the best chouce to not waste resources15:48
antoniodariushyeh that's true15:51
punxosdmart: thanks for the info15:51
dmartpunxos: no problem -- glad it was helpful15:53
punxosIf a irq is raised when the user is in destination instruction jump. if you do "subs pc.lr,#4" maybe is not true (if the las jump was done). Any can explain me that ?17:46
slangasekogra_, NCommander: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/ubuntu-arm-p-optional-initrd had work items, and now it doesn't - what's the story there? :)17:57
ogra_slangasek, NCommander just blindly pasted notes in, while i'm working on the spec atm17:58
ogra_(I'm the drafter, ask him why he blindly pastes stuff without talking to me)17:58
ogra_slangasek, apw, tim and me had another long session in the hallway later, actually looking at code ... the kernel side changed a bit17:59
ogra_so i'm rewriting the stuff atm17:59
ogra_slangasek, i'll finish it by tomorrow, do you want any specific person assigned to the foundations WIs ?18:01
ogra_ro should i  just put the team in and leave it to you18:02
slangasekthe latter is fine18:02
slangasekmany of these are probably taken by me personally18:03
* ogra_ smiles seeing libpam-sshauth in the archive 18:11
int_uaWas there an answer to the OMAP3 question? Was it dropped for 12.04?19:11
ogra_no, it wasnt19:11
ogra_(what was the question though ?)19:11
GrueMasterint_ua: The only real question is whether or not to declare no-support for ubuntu-desktop on omap3 based systems with <512M memory.  Currently, running ubuntu-desktop on a Beagle C4 is extremely painful due to swappiness.19:17
GrueMasterIt takes me over an hour to do any release testing on it alone (other platforms can be smoke tested in 20 minutes).19:18
int_uaGrueMaster: I'm running Ubuntu Core on the N900 from class 6 microSD and I wouldn't say that swappiness is a serious problem.19:26
GrueMasterUbuntu-core is not Ubuntu-Desktop (with unity-2d, etc).19:27
int_uaGrueMaster: are there daily releases of the Core?19:27
GrueMasterOnly when core packages change afaik.19:28
GrueMasterWe may have scaled back image building to 3/week due to armHF bring up.19:28
int_uaWhere are they published? There are no ARM: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-core/daily/current/19:29
GrueMasterlooks like daily/20111112 is the most recent for armel.  We'll need to make sure that they don't get deleted.19:30
int_uaGrueMaster: I don't really care getting it _daily_. I care about their existing :)19:30
GrueMasterYes, agreed.19:30
GrueMasterinfinity: ^^^19:31
GrueMasterAny comments?19:31
infinityHrm.  Curious.19:32
infinityMay be an accidental oops from the cdimage cutover.19:32
infinityOr something.19:32
int_uaP.S. I've posted a question also: http://askubuntu.com/questions/78875/was-omap3-support-dropped-for-12-0419:32
infinityAlthough, I see armel on the 12th.19:32
GrueMasterint_ua: omap3 will not be dropped.19:32
int_ua20111112 is the last daily armel on every palce19:32
GrueMasterWe went over the question of omap3.19:33
int_uaGrueMaster: Thanks :)19:33
GrueMasterI will still be actively testing on beagleXM (512M), and am looking to get ubuntu-desktop running on the Nook Color this cycle.19:33
infinityint_ua: So it is.  We need to hunt that down, thanks.19:34
GrueMasterI would guess possible pool-churn (again).19:34
infinityGrueMaster: No.19:37
infinityGrueMaster: There aren't even failed build attempts.19:37
infinityGrueMaster: I'll look into it.19:37
GrueMasterhrm.  That is odd.19:37
infinityAnd more curiously, there are builds on the livefs builders...19:39
GrueMastercdimage full (again)?19:40
infinityNew machine.19:42
infinityAlso, ubuntu-server built.19:42
infinityAnd ubuntu.19:42
infinityNevermind my claims that nothing was building.19:42
infinityLooks like only core is missing.  And logs are missing, but that's a different issue entirely.19:43
infinityannonaceae is dead.19:44
infinityI think.19:44
int_uainfinity: kubuntu-netbook and kubuntu-mobile are missing too19:44
infinityint_ua: kubuntu-netbook is dead.19:45
GrueMasterHrm.  That is a beagleXM buildd.19:45
infinityint_ua: kubuntu-mobile is half there.19:45
infinityint_ua: (basically, all omap3, mx5, and the -core images are missing, because their buildd went kaput)19:45
int_uainfinity: s/kubuntu-netbook/kubuntu/19:45
GrueMasterAll the *ceae buildds are beagleXMs from linaro iirc.19:45
* infinity chases up with IS now.19:45
infinityOkay, annonaceaeaaeaaeee fixed.  Dailies should look more normal tomorrow.19:52
int_uaThanks a lot :)20:02
int_uaIs Annonaceae a server name?)20:04
GrueMasterNo, it is one of many buildds in our pool.  It is a beagleXM platform.20:05
GrueMasterWe build the entire armel pool (arch=armel/armhf) on actual hardware.20:05
infinityint_ua: "server" is a pretty liberal use of the word, but it's a hostname, yes.20:23
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