sagacihead_victim: ping09:38
head_victimsagaci: pong09:45
sagaciextra packages are supposed to be only from main unless incredibly necessary09:49
sagaciwvdial, build-essential not a bad idea due to wvdial needed with certain 3G modems that nm-applet can't handle09:50
head_victimAre the enAU localtes, myspells, etc all in main?09:50
head_victimI'd be tempted to make them depends09:51
head_victimAs well as the firefox enAU spelling09:51
sagaciyep, I sifted through the main repo last night via synaptic09:51
head_victimAnd LO stuff.09:51
sagacidoesn't really matter recommends/depends, haven't filed it yet09:51
sagacicouldn't find any other en_AU stuff, from main09:52
sagacicould possibly add en_AU stuff from universe but would have to get the OK for it09:52
sagacilynx for those times your graphics dies so you still have a webbrowser09:55
head_victimCool, as always, take my suggestions as wishlists, I have no idea what is techincally feasible09:55
head_victimI've never used lynx in my life09:55
sagacibut historically, you've had multiple computers to bounce off of, yeah?09:56
head_victimNah never not been able to get failsafe up if main dies09:56
head_victimMy logic for that stuff is anyone technically literate enough to be able to use lynx should be able to fix their graphics ;)09:57
sagacialso, it doesn't allow for a backup locale, so you can only have like en_AU, not en_AU and en_GB as a backup10:00
sagacinot out-of-the-box, so to speak10:00
head_victimThat's ok, by default it goes back to normal English from memory10:00
sagacishould email the list for a default background10:02
sagacithe ones on wikimedia commons and aren't the right ratio10:02
sagaciwikimedia commons search wasn't useful*10:05
head_victimI'd run a competition, set up a wiki page for people to add entries to, the winner gets to be default for the localised CD10:09
head_victimOr get them to add it to the UAU flickr group10:10
head_victimbrb dinner10:16
sagacihead_victim: ping12:54
head_victimsagaci: pong12:55
sagacibed soon?12:55
head_victimVery much so12:55
sagacihead_victim: how does one redirect a page on the ubuntu wiki12:58
head_victimMagic :)12:59
head_victimJust create the page and the only contents should be "#REDIRECT NewPage" without the "12:59
sagacithought so12:59
head_victimWikis are the one thing I can actually be useful to people with :)13:01
sagacimy redirect isn't working13:05
head_victimWhich page?13:05
sagaciI was just skimming over the team report where it's got links - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/TeamReports/11/October13:07
sagacibut I'd like my jpickett name to redirect to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JoelPickett13:07
sagaciah, it's kicked in13:07
head_victimWas going to say, works for me :)13:08
head_victimDid you use jpickett in the past or has he picked that up himself incorrectly?13:08
sagacidon't know13:08
sagaciI don't mind what's used as long as it redirects properly13:08
head_victimNo worries :)13:09
sagaciso how does one go about sharing to the UAU group13:13
head_victimShould just be a case of joining the group13:13
head_victimAnd then adding the photo to it13:13
head_victimSo if you join the group13:16
head_victimOpen the photo in your photostream13:16
head_victimThen there should be an "Actions" button in the top left with a drop down menu and "add to a group"13:17
head_victimSpeaking of which, I just added the new website teaser13:21

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