fosburghow do I find out where memory is being used?  I'm a newbe to linux and ubuntu00:46
pleia2fosburg: from the command line you can run: top01:11
pleia2hold down shift and hit the "m" key to sort by memory usage01:11
pleia2same with "p" and processor/cpu usage01:11
fosburgthanks for the help01:17
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ashickur-noorhow I can install mozilla 8 in Ubuntu?07:40
bioterroryou mean firefox?07:41
ashickur-nooroh sorry07:41
ashickur-noorya firefox07:41
bioterroruse firefox ppa07:41
ashickur-noormozillateam ppa is not working07:41
ashickur-noorI have tried it07:41
ashickur-noorbut no luck07:41
stryke297when trying to boot to usb I received a no configuration file found error, and was told to check my md5checksums.  The sums didn't match but now I dont know what to do next08:22
Snicksiehiya :)14:26
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fosburgType 1 fonts; Question, Adobe type one fonts are for windows and MAC, what OS for type 1 fonts is used for Linux--Ubuntu?17:29
fosburgWill Adobe Type 1 (MAC) fonts work with a Linux OS?17:45
Abhijit!fonts | fosburg17:47
ubot2fosburg: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". For the official ubuntu font, see: http://font.ubuntu.com/17:47
fosburgthanks for the info17:48
mark_help requested!19:21
mark_I can't get my wifi working on a Dell Vostro 101519:22
ParkaSpaceHello? I have some rather embarrassingly simple questions...22:45
ParkaSpaceI'm starting to use Ubuntu, and I'm noticing that when I tell applications to quit, they continue working in the background, and I'm not sure why.22:45
ParkaSpaceI'm telling them to quit using the dock, not just buttons on the window, but they don't seem to shut down.22:46
JackyAlcineParkaSpace: That usually signals for the applications to quit, but not necessarily terminate.22:51
JackyAlcineAnd no question's embarrasing.22:51
ParkaSpaceAh, okay. How precisely do I terminate a program then? It's kind of frustrating when I want to turn off my chat client and continue to receive messages, or my music player won't shut off.22:52
JackyAlcineAh. What version of Ubuntu are you using and what application is running as your dock?22:54
JackyAlcineIf you're using 11.10, then that'd be a matter of opening the application and manually clicking "Exit", "Quit" or "Close".22:55
ParkaSpaceI am running 11.10, and I used the "Quit" command by right-clicking from the dock. Should I use the title bar of the application instead?22:55
ParkaSpaceI'm not sure how to check what is running as the dock...22:56
JackyAlcineThat, to your left, is the dock.23:00
JackyAlcineAnd yes, if it doesn't close there, you should close it using the window controls instead.23:00
ParkaSpaceI'm trying to quit Banshee Music Player, for example. "Close" takes the program off the dock, but the song I selected is still playing. I bring it back up with the Dash, and tried to close it with the window, and it is still playing.23:01
ParkaSpaceSelecting "Quit" from the dock command does the same thing. Pulls it off the dock out of sight, but I still hear Weird Al.23:01
ParkaSpaceI'm sorry, I guess I should say: I know what the dock is, but I thought you were asking if there was a specific version of the dock, like Unity2d or something. Sorry about that.23:04
JackyAlcinePress Alt+F2 and enter "killall banshee -s KILL"23:10
JackyAlcineIt's a dirty way of doing it, but it'll kill Banshee.23:10
JackyAlcineFor Empathy, do the same and change the command to "killall empathy empathy-chat -s KILL"23:10
bioterrorno empathy to the empathy23:11
bioterroror for23:11
bioterrorkill is actually rather nice way to do it, becouse it always tries to close it properly23:12
ParkaSpaceAh, okay. Thank you. So commands are the way to do it for now? Is there a way to try to find a setting or something later?23:12
bioterrorwhen for example -9, it's like execution to the process23:12

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