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fosburgType 1 fonts; Question, Adobe type one fonts are for windows and MAC, what OS for type 1 fonts is used for Linux--Ubuntu?17:30
fosburgWill Adobe Type 1 (MAC) fonts work with a Linux OS?17:46
Resistancefosburg:  #ubuntu17:50
fosburgThanks I got a link to font install17:51
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bobweaverhello there I have a question about ubunut classroom 1st is there any "local  teams" that hold live classrooms ? 2 say I wanted to make a classroom local in my town. could I implement ubuntu -classroom?   the reason why I ask is the other day I wnt downtown and handed out free live cd. and here are the 2 main questions that I got   1 so I just put this cd in my computer? and 2) where can I learn about this do you teach classes19:58
Resistancebobweaver:  i think that's not the purpose of this channel19:59
Resistancebobweaver:  this channel is usually for sessions which apply to the general ubuntu community19:59
Resistancenot specific local areas.19:59
bobweaversorry Resistance I just dont know where to turn that is all20:00
Resistancebobweaver:  fwiw, though, you're free to create a channel here on FreeNode and run yoru local "classroom" session from there20:00
bobweaverno I am saying live in a building with people there20:00
bobweaverResistance:  PM ?20:00
bobweavercool just wanted to ask 1st20:01
* Resistance isnt god though20:01
Resistanceso i likely cant answer all your questions20:01
* Resistance has his attention split between 5 things now so... :P20:01

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