dholbachgood morning07:57
alouriegood morning07:58
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czajkowskihttp://techcrunch.com/2011/11/13/diaspora-co-founder-ilya-zhitomirskiy-passes-away-at-21/  tragic09:06
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bkerensaso sad09:31
alouriewas he sick?10:01
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duanedesignmorning all11:47
czajkowskiduanedesign: hi11:50
cjohnstonmornin duanedesign11:50
nigelbHey duanedesign11:50
duanedesign'lo all11:57
duanedesignthis video is too cool. http://vimeo.com/3200120811:58
nigelbpopey, AlanBell - http://img.ly/arwj12:10
nigelbDaviey: ^^12:10
Davieynigelb: OLD.. saw that last night :)12:17
nigelbDaviey: Drat. Last night is already old.12:17
Davieynigelb: that is like 10 years in real life.12:18
scott-workgood morning channel :)12:40
scott-workcjohnston: i'm still lacking on irc parlance.  what does 'o/' mean?13:37
AlanBell\o/ but with only one arm13:37
cjohnstonor raising your hand13:38
popey \o/13:38
popey ( )13:38
popey | |13:38
scott-workah, i got ya :)13:46
scott-worki knew \m/13:46
doctormo-otherscott-work: What is \m/13:54
scott-workdoctormo-other: it's basically the devil horns, or can mean 'rock on'13:59
doctormo-otherscott-work: you mean 😈 ?14:00
scott-workdoctormo-other: i can't see that image, it just appears as a rectangle with small OIF and 608 in it on two lines14:32
doctormo-otherscott-work: Look at it with Ubuntu font14:33
scott-workah, i can do that tonight when i get home14:33
doctormo-otherUbuntu-font: for special occasions!14:33
cjohnstondholbach: I am told these are the relevant differences between harvest summit and ltp: http://paste.ubuntu.com/738251/14:52
dholbachcjohnston, wow - thanks14:52
dholbachI'll file a ticket and see what they can do about it14:53
cjohnstonthere was also an issue with a spider geting into harvest which was part of what was killing it, i have been told14:53
dholbachah yes, I think that's fixed now14:54
czajkowskihttp://www.h-online.com/open/features/HealthCheck-Ubuntu-The-search-for-unity-1377292.html  <---- not my writing but written by co worker15:15
alouriehow's everyone today?15:21
doctormo-otherfun fun, I attended a work shop at MIT for managing time and procrastination.15:22
alourieoh nice15:26
alourieand our son just got into a fashion catalogue :-)15:26
alourie(his photo that is)15:28
alouriejust one really (and from the back)15:28
cprofittgood read czajkowski15:30
alourieit's in Hebrew, but nevertheless15:30
alouriego down to the bottom15:30
alouriethere's a guy holding a baby15:30
* alourie is pondering whether jcastro has anything to do with this small fashion outlet15:30
popeyIs this fashion from the past?15:31
doctormo-otheralourie: I wanted to take that baby off him!15:31
doctormo-otherpopey: They're all sad because of the War.15:31
alouriepopey: no, it's quite current15:32
alouriedoctormo-other: sad?15:33
doctormo-otheralourie: OK maybe I meant stern.15:34
alouriedoctormo-other: oh, the model there. Yea15:35
alouriehe's roboty-like that in a real life as well15:35
alourie(according to my wife :-) )15:35
doctormo-other"<<would you like a cup of tea>> <<beep>>"15:36
jcastroakgraner: pleia2: Mark confirmed for next week, see email/trello17:09
akgraneryep saw it17:09
jcastroakgraner: I learned today you can do @name on a comment and it will send the person a notification17:10
jcastroso like "@jorge Any update on this card?" etc.17:10
akgranerjcastro, also thanks for the transparency post! I can't tell you how hard it was for me personally to understand that part of this whole process..17:10
akgraneroh sweet17:10
akgranerI need to update trello for my stuff as well and get a handle on all my action items etc17:11
jcastrooh also17:11
jcastroyou can hit Q and it will cycle views in the board17:11
jcastroso like, it will only show you your items17:12
jcastrothat way I can check the entire board in the morning17:12
jcastroand then just have it show my tasks to me17:12
akgraneroh nice17:12
jcastrowithout cluttering the UI with your tasks, etc.17:12
nigelbjcastro: TRAITOR17:12
nigelbjcastro: You cancled our training session :P17:12
jcastroI can do it today if you want17:13
akgranerI don't know who has more enthusiasm you or Marco - both of you make me look like I am running on dead batteries...17:13
nigelbjcastro: I'm off to bed. I need to step out of the house early in the mornin.17:13
jcastronigelb: ok just grab me this week17:13
jcastrono crazy travelling, etc.17:13
jcastroso I am back to normal17:13
nigelbjcastro: I have crazy traveling :)17:13
nigelbKL this weekend.17:14
akgranerjcastro, "normal" seriously there is nothing normal about you dude! :-P17:14
nigelb /query akgraner17:15
dholbachI call it a day17:58
dholbachsee you all tomorrow!17:58
* dholbach hugs you all17:58
Davieydholbach: o/17:58
dholbachbye :)17:59
czajkowskipeeka boo19:30
jcastroonly 4 work items from the roundtables? that can't be right19:32
czajkowskithere was a lot of talking19:32
jcastroa bunch in the leadership summit19:33
cprofittyeah -- quite a few community blueprints this year19:33
cprofittczajkowski: not sure if you saw the comment -- but that was an interested read you linked to earlier today19:34
czajkowskicprofitt: ah no worries. thought folks might find it interesting to read19:38
technovikingha, iTunes Match chokes when try to upload Severed Fifth:)19:44
cprofitttechnoviking: lol19:45
czajkowskiI go tto review http://www.h-online.com/open/news/item/Tomahawk-media-player-version-0-3-released-1378695.html  today19:46
czajkowskinow installing19:46
jcastroczajkowski: I tried it yesterday20:16
popeyEvening all!20:20
* popey tickles jcastro 20:20
* jcastro ninjas out of the way20:20
doctormo-otherjcastro: Wife caught you rocking out at UDS, said you were the wildest base player evar.20:23
czajkowskijcastro: what did you think of it20:29
jcastroI never got it to play my local music20:30
jcastroit kept playing stuff from youtube20:30
czajkowskiI'd miss U1 music intergration20:30
popeyjcastro: what was the name of the song that akgraner's daughter sung at the party?20:36
jcastrothe one with the swearing?20:37
popeyi dont think so20:37
* popey uploads to yootoob20:37
popey1.1GB later...20:38
akgranerpopey - Can't You See20:42
jcastroit all makes perfect sense20:43
jcastroexpressed in dollars and cents20:43
jcastropounds, shillings, and pence!20:43
popeythats the one20:50
technovikingwoots, registered for Scale 10x20:59
akgranertechnoviking, yay!21:03
mhall119technoviking: nice21:06
mhall119wish I could go again21:06
mhall119that's an awesome conference21:06
technovikingakgraner: let me know how I can help out at Ubucon, if you are working on that21:23
akgranertechnoviking, actually I passed that off to the CA LoCo team - contact nhaines I am sure he'll find something for you to do :-)21:24
pleia2technoviking: this is a good place to start http://nhaines.livejournal.com/63667.html21:30
pleia2I'm sure he'd be happy to have volunteers for other logistical parts of Ubucon too, and we always need volunteers for the Ubuntu booth on the SCaLE floor on sat-sun ;)21:30
technovikingpleia2: thanks21:31
* pleia2 should make the scale wiki page soon21:32
mhall119akgraner: ping21:36
akgranermhall119, pong21:36
mhall119akgraner: can I get 5 minutes of your time to talk about burnout?21:36
akgranerphone, skype IRC21:36
akgranermhall119, but you know I can talk for more than 5 mins on this right?  just warning you...:-)21:37
bkerensahmm gstreamer phonon backend is broken =o21:38
* bkerensa mills around finding someone to patch21:38
* popey tickles akgraner with http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ze2d8HGDmPI&hd=122:02
akgranerdo I want to see this?22:03
akgranerpopey, dang all 6 minutes wow22:03
popeyits done on my phone so not great quality22:04
popeyjust thought I'd put it up22:04
akgraneryou know that was the first time Pete, Becca and I had ever performed together22:06
akgranerso thank you for capturing that for us22:06
popeyI'm sure the novacut guys will do a better version, but I'll put the raw video up somewhere so you can get it22:06
alouriewow, that's great22:15
akgranerWe're proud of her that's for sure...22:18
akgranerafter attending UDS - she said she wants to pursue a career in marketing.. I am not sure how she arrived there from UDS but ok we'll go with it22:19
mhall119akgraner: lots of marketing going on at UDS, even if it's not so explicit22:20
mhall119maybe she could talk to someone in the marketing team next time22:23
akgranermhall119  :-) maybe22:25
akgranerIf she gets to attend another one22:25
mhall119maybe the'll do in in NC22:25
mhall119do one22:25
mhall119akgraner: how far are you guys from Bryson City?22:26
akgranerabout 2 hours give or take 10 minutes and leaf watchers22:27
bkerensaI hear that there is a good chance the next UDS will be West Coast U.S.22:28
mhall119took me a minute to parse "leaf watchers"22:28
mhall119sometimes being a Floridian means you forget about seasons22:28
alourieleaf watchers?22:29
* alourie is not from around, sorry22:29
mhall119people looking at the changing colors of the leaves (I assume)22:30
AlanBellpeople drive about looking at autumn leaves falling22:30
AlanBellor fall leaves autumning I suppose22:30
mhall119'round here we have green (on the trees) and dead (everywhere else)22:30
* alourie didn't see a real autumn for ages22:33
akgranerI'm sorry - I should have explained - people here drive 20 miles per hour looking at the leaves and bring traffic to a standstill at times - while the leaves are beautiful I would prefer people pull over and look at them..:-)22:35
doctormo-otherIs jono off work today?23:07
doctormo-otherOr in the uk?23:08
cjohnstonhe took today and tomorrow off23:08

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