oSoMoNgood morning08:19
MacSlowgreetings folks08:48
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cjohnstonsabdfl: greetings!12:57
doctormo-otherHey cjohnston and of course everyone!13:04
cjohnstonmornin doctormo-other13:04
doctormo-othercjohnston, mhall119: I've estimated that it'll take about 2 months work to make the svg-editor <-> etherpad graft. Workable, but etherpad's complexity does get in the way a bit.13:06
doctormo-otherGetting hold of a javascript rockstar would take less time. So I'm going to put it to one side for now.13:06
cjohnstonif you find one, let us know13:07
doctormo-othercjohnston: Pre-made is probably almost impossible, all the good ones have been bought, butchered or don't really work.13:11
cjohnstonthen develop one?13:11
doctormo-otherI certainly keep my eyes open for all kinds of miracles, I'll add this one to the list ;-)13:11
doctormo-other"then develop one?" > yes that's what the above is.13:12
mhall119daker: ^^ is that a project you'd be interested in>13:21
dakermhall119, what ?13:22
mhall119daker: putting a different front-end onto etherpad13:25
mhall119daker: doctormo-other wants to graft a simple graphics editor on top of etherpad's realtime edit syncing13:25
mhall119doctormo-other: are you planning on using the lite version of etherpad for this?13:29
dakerah i see13:30
doctormo-othermhall119: I've only looked into the java version, but if it's using the ace2 editor thent he lite version will be exactly the same.13:30
doctormo-otherThe actual requirements are smaller than the entire functionality of svg-editor. But the core is the hard part.13:31
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doctormo-otherHey Kaleo16:22
MacSlowsalut Kaleo16:23
Kaleohi doctormo-other!16:23
Kaleosalut MacSlow16:23
doctormo-otherKaleo: How's your design?16:24
Kaleodoctormo-other: I don't design much; mostly implement designs :)16:28
doctormo-otherKaleo: Ah cool, are you interested in our game design challenge?16:29
Kaleodoctormo-other: not at the moment I am afraid16:41
Kaleodoctormo-other: very busy times for me16:41
doctormo-otherKaleo: No problem, tell your friends! :-D16:42
dakerhello Kaleo18:33
Kaleohi daker!18:36

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