elacheche_anisAnybody is wake up here??04:35
elacheche_anisIs there anybody wake up here??04:44
elacheche_anisfinally XD06:40
elacheche_anisEgyParadox, Is the mail server of the MLs down??? I try to send a mail to the Tunisian loco since 00h & every time a receive a mail with an error from google..06:41
elacheche_anisI want to know if the u-eg ML works well :/06:41
EgyParadoxit says the email is sent06:44
elacheche_anis:/ you don't receive an error after that??06:46
EgyParadoxI sent it through gmail06:47
elacheche_anisthat's mean that the problem is just in our ML XD What can I do :/ I need to contact the administrator.. Is that true??06:48
elacheche_anisthx EgyParadox for helping me :D06:49
EgyParadoxur welcome :D06:49
* EgyParadox is away: I'm busy22:31

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