dholbachgood morning07:57
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amithi....i needed a help...13:08
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Guest28852hi...i needed a help13:09
cjohnstonGuest28852: with13:09
Guest28852i am new to ubuntu...13:09
Guest28852so i dont know how to burn a dvd....13:10
Guest28852please suggest13:10
cjohnstonGuest28852: try #ubuntu for support13:10
Guest28852one more thing...I don't have a great Internet connection, so can I ask Ubuntu to ship installation DVDs for free...13:11
cjohnstonGuest28852: where do you live? 13:11
Guest28852Jorhat, Assam, India13:12
cjohnstonGuest28852: try joining #ubuntu-in and see if anyone that is in India could help you with that13:14
Guest28852K... any other alternative.....13:14
cjohnstonto my knowledge, CDs are no longer sent out to people.13:15
paultagcjohnston: that is correct :)13:16
paultagmhall119: Nope, what's up with that?13:16
Guest28852k...so what should i do?13:17
cjohnstonGuest28852: talk to the people in #ubuntu-in  they live in India, so hopefully someone could help you with getting a CD13:17
paultagOr I think you can buy one13:17
Guest28852kk...what is the cost?13:18
mhall119paultag: it's an essay he wrote, where he basically describes the nature of "currency" in open source communities13:18
paultagmhall119: interesting.13:18
mhall119very interesting, and he did a much better job of researching it than I would have13:19
paultagI'm not so sure the idea of currency is really, well, valid13:19
mhall119it'll make my post a lot easier to write13:19
mhall119not specifically, no, and he's clear on that13:19
mhall119but "currency" is a lot easier for me to type than "implicity value exchanged in a gift-economy"13:20
paultagI'll have to give it a read tonight13:20
paultagyou relize that's just anarcho-communism13:21
mhall119not quite the same, but closer to that than capitalism, yes13:21
paultagI'll have to read it before I judge it more13:22
mhall119ya, it's not too long, and well worth it13:22
paultagmhall119: so how was your bbq?13:22
mhall119paultag: excellent: https://picasaweb.google.com/116288560091326227763/LoCoBBQ?authkey=Gv1sRgCL2KscWez-C0SA#13:23
mhall119I have to get the one's from my camera uploaded somewhere besides facebook13:25
paultagmhall119: damn it feels good to be a gangsta' :)13:25
paultagmhall119: no food-porn shots though13:26
mhall119these are itnet7's13:26
mhall119I'm pretty sure I have some food-porn shots13:27
paultagah, gotcha13:27
mhall119there are some gratuitous s'more pictures in there though13:27
paultagsaw those :)13:27
mhall119evidently s'mores are a very distinctly American thing13:28
paultagyeah, I'd imagine so13:28
mhall119makes me proud to be an American :)13:28
paultag'murica - land of horse hoofs, chocolate and stale pie-crust13:29
mhall119horse hoofs?13:30
paultagmhall119: gelatin, which at one point was horse hoof, I seem to recall13:30
paultagnow I think it has more bone marrow13:31
mhall119it's probably all artificial chemicals now13:31
paultagalright, time to check on some code that's in the oven13:33
paultagone love13:33
czajkowskiwell worth following this discussion https://lists.launchpad.net/launchpad-dev/msg08271.html especially the latest email 16:30
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