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tumbleweedbdrung: urgh, sorry, I temporarily broke our PPA. I accidentally jumped from 0.134 to 0.136 and then fixed it. I'll update the daily build to hardcode 0.136 until we've uploaded 0.13506:25
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hrwcjwatson: sorry for mess. will do it better next time07:40
dholbachgood morning07:57
LaneySubject: haskell-csv_0.1.2-1~bpo60+1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into squeeze-backports08:16
Laneybdrung: ^08:17
Laneyalso, good morning :-)08:17
nigelbMorning Laney08:19
cemcbroder: seems to be ok this time, tested the package and I've also updated the bugreport08:21
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Rhonda$> apt-get source qcake  # does fetch me 0.7.2-2build1 instead of what I expected from debian sid :)09:50
Laneypull-debian-source :-)09:53
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dupondjepbuilder really doesn't show cleanly what depend its missing when I try to build something :(11:56
dupondjeany idea's how I can find out what one is th blocker ?11:56
dupondjewhats missing now :s12:10
geserthat's the reason I use gdebi for build-depends installation as it passes the list of packages to apt instead of a dummy package12:22
cjwatsonsuspicious for *all* those to be virtual.  I wonder if it's forgotten about some important Packages files.12:22
cjwatsonif it's etch, well, who knows12:22
geserdupondje: login into that pbuilder and check if the sources.list looks good12:24
dupondjedeb http://archive.kernel.org/debian-archive/debian-security/ etch/updates main12:27
dupondjedeb http://ftp.de.debian.org/archive/ etch main contrib non-free12:27
dupondjelooks fine :s12:27
cjwatsonapt-get update and see if you can e.g. 'apt-cache show autoconf'12:28
dupondjeworks fine12:30
dupondjeits weird12:32
dupondjetried to apt-get some packages, and it works just fine in the pbuilder12:32
dupondjeso it can get the packages12:32
ubottuDebian bug 646008 in pbuilder "pbuilder dependency resolving failing under Etch chroot" [Important,Open]12:36
dupondjeW: Couldn't stat source package list http://ftp.debian.org etch/main Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/ftp.debian.org_debian_dists_etch_main_binary-amd64_Packages) - stat (2 No such file or directory)12:52
dupondjekeeps trying to look at those files also for some reason :)12:52
StevenKdupondje: etch is no longer on ftp.d.o12:54
dupondjeI know, I supplied --mirror archive.de.debian.org .. but still looks for that file somehow12:54
StevenKarchive.de.debian.org == NXDOMAIN12:55
dupondjeerrr ftp.de.debian.org12:56
StevenKEtch isn't on http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian/dists/ either12:57
StevenKTry --mirror http://ftp.de.debian.org/archive/12:57
dupondjedeb http://ftp.de.debian.org/archive/ etch main contrib non-free12:59
dupondjehave this now in source.list12:59
StevenKThat should actually work13:01
StevenKHowever, pbuilder does its work in two steps13:02
StevenKThere is the debootstrap phase, which uses --debootstrap-mirror or so, and the second phase, which installs build-essential and so on, which uses --mirror13:02
StevenKOh, you have to use --debootstrapopts13:03
StevenK--debootstrapopts http://ftp.de.debian.org/archive/ --mirror http://ftp.de.debian.org/archive/13:04
dupondjelets try :)13:05
dupondjeI: running debootstrap13:10
dupondjeE: No such script: http://ftp.debian.org/debian13:10
dupondjewhat ?! :)13:10
dupondjelets try again13:11
dupondjenope :(13:13
dupondjeW: Couldn't stat source package list http://ftp.debian.org etch/main Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/ftp.debian.org_debian_dists_etch_main_binary-amd64_Packages) - stat (2 No such file or directory)13:13
dupondjestill same error :(13:13
Laneyyou probably want archive.debian.org13:15
dupondjelets see if that works13:16
Laneythe dists/ directory is useful to see what a mirror has13:17
dupondjeI: Retrieving Packages13:17
dupondjeand then nothing ... :)13:17
dupondjeits still showing Retrieving Packages :s13:20
dupondjethat doesn't seem to work, still waiting for 'Retrieving Packages' :(13:28
dupondjepbuilder-dist etch create --mirror http://archive.debian.org/debian/13:28
dupondjebleh :( unable to fix it :(13:56
dupondjepfft, whatever I try to do, it wants to use ftp.debian.org14:15
gesercheck with --debug-echo if pbuilder-dist does correctly pass your --mirror to the real pbuilder14:20
dupondje['sudo', 'HOME=/home/dupondje', 'ARCH=amd64', 'DIST=etch', 'pbuilder', '--build', '--distribution', 'etch', '--buildresult', '/home/dupondje/pbuilder/etch_result/', '--aptcache', '/var/cache/apt/archives/', '--override-config', '--basetgz', '/home/dupondje/pbuilder/etch-base.tgz', '--logfile', '/home/dupondje/pbuilder/etch_result/last_operation.log', '--bindmounts', '/var/cache/archive/', '--mirror', 'http://ftp.debian.org/debian', '--debootstrapo14:24
dupondje2 times --mirror it seems :s14:24
gesertry setting MIRRORSITE="http://archive.debian.org/debian/" before calling pbuilder-dist (I hope I read the code correctly)14:28
dupondjedoesn't seem to work neither :(14:32
geserlet's see if bdrung or tumbleweed can help you as they hopefully know better how the mirror selection in pbuilder-dist work14:36
tumbleweedthere is no mirror selection14:38
tumbleweedbut we just fixed that in trunk14:38
dupondjewhere exactly ? :)14:41
tumbleweeddupondje: lp:ubuntu-dev-tools (or just grab a recent build from the ubuntu-dev-tools ppa: https://launchpad.net/~udt-developers/+archive/daily14:41
dupondjeanyway did some mods in the code now, and its working :)14:46
dupondjefinally :)14:46
dupondjethanks all!14:47
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tumbleweedLaney: how tolerant are we about duplicates in ubuntu_uplaod_history?17:43
Laneyin what way?17:43
tumbleweedit looks like the mboxes are going to get some duplicates17:44
tumbleweedsame history item imported in a second run17:44
Laneyfrom your data?17:44
tumbleweedI'm cleaning them up by hand, but I'm wondering if that's necessar, and wondering if that'll be happening in the future too17:44
tumbleweedfinished importing, btw17:45
tumbleweedjust topping up the ends, with uploads since I imported each series, which is why I'm seeing this17:45
tumbleweedI think getPublishedSources() continues picking up new records that land while you are iterating thorugh it17:47
Laneyso we should go back to taking the mtime at the end?17:48
Laneyend of the loop17:48
tumbleweedwell, then we risk losing things. Which is why I'm asking how duplicate-sensitive we are17:48
tumbleweedalso, we are trusting the Dates in the changes files, which can be a month or two out of sync with the publication date17:48
tumbleweeddon't know if you'd noticed that17:49
Laneynot as created_since_date?17:49
Laneyi don't see how you lose things if you getPublishedSources behaves as you say and we take the timestamp at the right time17:51
tumbleweedI mostly noticed it with kernel SRUs, which probably spenda while being tested in a PPA, so that might be correct behavior17:51
tumbleweedLaney: well, we don't know at what point it stops noticing new things17:52
tumbleweedbut I'm pretty sure it picked up things that appered during a 8 hour run17:52
tumbleweedoh my per-release changes were probably also completely unhelpful for your normal cronjob use, because it would only look at the devel release. I've just committed a fix for that.17:54
Laneyyou could take the latest created date you see as the next starting time17:54
tumbleweedthat sounds correct17:55
Laneymaybe +1 if it is inclusive17:55
tumbleweedit is according to the docs17:55
Laneyi start seeing python i don't understand17:56
* Laney quivers17:56
tumbleweed**params ?17:58
Laneydid lp have correct changesfile links all the way back?17:58
tumbleweedit's pretty straight-forward :)17:58
tumbleweedcheck the log files: http://people.ubuntuwire.org/~stefanor/out/ (I can tar + gz if you want)17:59
tumbleweedthere were a good number of missing changes files in the middle, and the occasional missing changelog everywhere17:59
Laneyif it did then we can forget about merging with the old data18:00
tumbleweedgrep Traceback out/*.log | wc -l18:00
tumbleweed$ grep skipping out/*.log | wc -l18:01
tumbleweedah, those went together, nm that18:01
Laneyseems ok18:01
Laneyi had already merged your branch which defaulted to the dev release :(18:02
tumbleweedooh, a changes file without a version :)18:02
Laneyso if you can make sure that < precise are current when i take them18:02
tumbleweedok, oneiric is still importing18:03
tumbleweedand I think we can get the samp files to behave correctly before the SRU people accept anything more18:03
tumbleweed$ grep '404 for \.changes' out/*.log | wc -l18:04
cjwatsondear etherpad, stop signing me out every five minutes18:07
ogra_builtin typing break :)18:08
Laneyjust got a text reading "Steak!"18:19
Laneytherefore I am afraid UDD will have to wait :P18:19
* tumbleweed should eat too18:20
Resistancelol *18:20
Laneyhowever I discovered timestamp.resolution18:20
Laneyparams['created_since_date'] = since + timedelta.resolution or summat18:20
cemcbroder: ping.19:10
brodercemc: yes?19:10
cemcbroder: what happens now with that pdns-recursor backporting?19:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 888627 in Oneiric Backports "please backport pdns-recursor 3.3-2 from Precise" [Wishlist,In progress]19:11
Resistancehey broder i have a question for ya if you wouldnt mind a /query19:11
brodercemc: backports require an archive admin to process, so we're waiting for them to do that19:12
broderResistance: yes?19:12
Resistancebroder:  you have the message via /query... partly because i dont want to fill the channel and partly because i had already typed /msg broder :P19:13
cemcbroder: right, ok. thanks for the help. or, better yet thanks for doing it ;)19:13
brodercemc: i'll have to upload the hardy backport by hand since there are source changes, but i want to hold off on doing that until the others have been processed19:13
cemcbroder: got it. let me know if there's anything I can help with19:14
Resistancebroder:  also, how often is packages.ubuntu.com updated with what has been put into the <dist>-backports repos for each distribution/release?19:14
broderResistance: i know nothing about how packages.u.c is run19:14
Resistancebroder:  then perhaps you can tell me how i can check the oneiric repos from a natty system?19:15
* Resistance isnt even sure that's possible19:15
broderhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/<package> will list the versions in all pockets for all current releases19:15
broderthat's source package, not binary package19:15
Resistanceoop nevermind, i got my answer19:15
* Resistance found what he was looking for19:16
tumbleweedLaney: hrm, I'm not convinced we have the right stamp file handling yet. The things that were uploaded during the scraping appared in the right places alphabetically. That means, to me, that we can't know whether we picked up everything that was uploaded during scraping19:18
Laneylet's just ask someone what it is supposed to do19:18
Laneyif it is indeed like that then we'll just have to ignore things uploaded after we made the request19:23
tumbleweedthat's another option19:23
tumbleweedResistance: please don't worry about asking questions here. That's what the channel's for. Generally asking thinsg in public is better than private, because more people can help out19:29
Resistancetumbleweed:  true, but it wasnt a support question  ;P19:30
tumbleweedResistance: there's also rmadison (the command)19:30
tumbleweedthis isn't a support channel, it's (amongst other things) a place where people learn their way around ubuntu development19:30
Resistancenext time i'll post here :P19:31
* Resistance goes back to hunting down an elusive bug in a program he coded.19:31
blairhello, i've prepared a merge to update the rbtools package (https://code.launchpad.net/~blair/ubuntu/precise/rbtools/rbtools-fix-886436/+merge/81388) and it's failing for a reviewer with this bzr merge error: bzr: ERROR: None 0.3.4 was not found in <PristineTarSource ...>.  What am I missing?  It looks like I just need to run bzr merge-upstream?  I already unpacked and dropped the upstream tarball in this branch19:48
blairdoes bzr merge-upstream manage everything with dropping a new tarball into an existing checkout?19:56
tumbleweedblair: no idea. But you should be trying to get that through debian, if possible20:07
blairtumbleweed, i have a ticket opened, cloned debian's git repository for the package, updated the package and pushed it to github for them to download, but there's been no movement yet20:08
tumbleweedah. I see that debian bug, but no mention of your github repo in it20:10
blairok, i was privately emailing the debian maintainer, i'll put that into the ticket20:13
tumbleweedany reply from him?20:14
blairtumbleweed, no.  also, i just updated the ticket with my work, github location and a few questions20:20
tumbleweedblair: to answer your questions, git-buildpcakge includes tools to make importing new upstream sources easy20:29
tumbleweedand yes, it's normal to delete files during build. We delete files that get automatically generated. If we don't delete them, our tools assume we intentionally modified them.20:29
blairtumbleweed, thanks, i'll remember using git-buildpackage20:30
brodertumbleweed: hmm...so backportpackage doesn't actually look at the forward deps/build-deps of a package21:32
broderi know that's obviously tricky because of substvar stuff21:33
tumbleweedbroder: you mean check if it's backportable?21:37
tumbleweedyeah, that can't be completely analyzed statically21:38
broderi'm looking at bug #890191. usb-modeswitch-data has a breaks: usb-modeswitch (<< older than natty or so), and i'm trying to figure out if an automated tool should be determining that so i don't have to, and if so which automated tool that should be21:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 890191 in lucid-backports "usb-modeswitch-data" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89019121:39
broder(i.e. requestbackport vs. my backport-bug-supervising-bot pony)21:39
CarlFKjames_w:     http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/oneiric/squid-deb-proxy/oneiric/view/head:/debian/squid-deb-proxy.postinst   Revision ID: james.westby@ubuntu.com-20110630120919-bu7qhz6foun4r58y21:39
CarlFKjames_w:  that's you, right?  (and ping.. no clue if you are around)21:40
james_wCarlFK, yeah, but it's a bot21:40
tumbleweedbroder: test build it :)21:40
broderyeah, probably the right answer21:40
CarlFKjames_w: what's a bot?21:40
james_wCarlFK, a robot, an unattended process21:41
tumbleweedbroder:  a lot of the time, it's tight a debhelper dependency that could be loosened with some rules tweaks, or something like that21:41
CarlFKum.. never mind the bot confusion.. that postinst - I think it is stepping on the installer's proxy setting:             Bug #88965621:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 889656 in debian-installer (Ubuntu) "installer stops using proxy " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88965621:42
tumbleweedbroder: it's certainly possible to highlight potential problems, but there'd be false positives & negatives21:42
broderyeah. i think i'll plan to put that sort of logic into my bot, since that way i can change it without having to push out patches21:43
CarlFKwondering if my conclusion is reasonable21:43
james_wCarlFK, sounds possible21:49
james_wI don't know any specifics about that package though21:49
CarlFKjames_w: k - I'll add it to the bug.21:50
CarlFKthat has both squid-deb-proxy-client and squid-deb-proxy22:18
CarlFKwhat scripts get run if I just install squid-deb-proxy-client ?22:18
RAOFCarlFK: If you just install squid-deb-proxy-client there are no maintainer scripts.22:26
CarlFKRAOF: k .. where is the list of what gets installed where?22:28
CarlFKI am guessing this gets put in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/   http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/oneiric/squid-deb-proxy/oneiric/view/head:/30autoproxy22:29
RAOFCarlFK: debian/squid-deb-proxy-client.install22:29
CarlFKRAOF: forgive my ignorance... what do those 2 lines tell me?22:31
RAOFThose are the things which are in debian/tmp after the upstream build/install process has finished that will be in the squid-deb-proxy-client package.22:32
broderCarlFK: you might want to check out the packaging guide if you're trying to understand how a particular package works. http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/debian-dir-overview.html in particular seems relevant22:33
CarlFKbroder: hoping not to have to go that deep :)22:34
CarlFKbut I just found what I was looking for22:34
broderi think you already might be that deep22:34
broder(the page i linked is honestly fairly surface-level and introductory)22:34
CarlFKwoo... I am on my way back up!  broken install fixed with: rm /target/etc/apt/apt.conf.d/30autoproxy22:44
CarlFKwhich seems enough detail for the bug report22:44
CarlFKfixing it is someone elses problem22:44
broderCarlFK: it sounds like squid-deb-proxy-client just doesn't work inside a chroot22:50
CarlFKbroder: depends on your definition of "work" :)22:51
CarlFKmy install uses d-i mirror/http/proxy string http://chris:8000/22:51
CarlFKsquid-deb-proxy-client seems to clobber that22:51
broder...right. that seems like it's by design22:52
CarlFKyeah, I am not sure what 'right' is22:52
broderi think there's an issue that /usr/share/squid-deb-proxy-client/apt-avahi-discover will return a bogus result if there's no avahi-advertised proxy available22:53
broderbut squid-deb-proxy-client's design is that you install it and it starts using that proxy22:54
CarlFKbroder: well, the proxy is there and advertising..22:54
broderadvertising over avahi?22:54
broderok, then my next guess would be that the debian-installer environment doesn't have avahi setup and working, and the package relies on that22:55
CarlFKinstall finished and rebooted.. I need to get back into the installer shell and see if I can run apt-avahi-discover22:55
broderthat seems pretty likely, given the constraints on d-i22:57
CarlFKim actually wondering why it is stepping on the installers settings22:58
CarlFKmy guess is the installer is doing a chroot before things are setup enough22:59
broderit's stepping on the installer settings because the purpose of the package is to step on settings22:59
broderif you don't want the package changing the proxy settings, you shouldn't install it22:59
broderthat's how this particular package works22:59
CarlFKbut the installer has it's own settings23:01
CarlFKkinda like it has its own root user23:01
broderno, the installer has settings that it injects into the target chroot when it starts23:01
broderanyway, i argue that the real bug is that apt-avahi-discover prints out something (and even worse, something starting with "http://") when it can't find anything23:02
broderif it exited without printing anything when it didn't find a result, apt would ignore it and everything would be fine23:03
CarlFK~ # chroot /target /usr/share/squid-deb-proxy-client/apt-avahi-discover23:10
CarlFKFailed to create client object: Daemon not running23:10
CarlFKbut it returns: http://:/23:11
broder(the "failed to create client object" bit is probably not problematic, because it's almost certainly printed to stderr and not stdout23:14
CarlFKso my solution is to not install that as part of the install.  I'll let someone else figure out how it should behave23:16
CarlFKbug 88965623:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 889656 in debian-installer (Ubuntu) "installer stops using proxy " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88965623:17
broderbah. you're going to make me go fix it now23:17
broderi'm supposed to be working23:17
CarlFKdidn't know you were the someone else23:17
broderi get irritated when i see simple bugs where i understand the solution unfixed23:17
Resistancehaha lol23:18
broderit's something of a character flaw23:18
CarlFKI know the feeling23:18
CarlFKI pretty much spent all day tracking this down, even though it wasn't causing a real problem23:19
CarlFKI just had to allow a bit of traffic to not be proxied,and I am just using the proxy for speed23:19
CarlFKthe speed boost will probably never save me 8 hours :)23:20
tumbleweedbdrung: I think I've come to the end of my current u-d-t TODO list. So I'm ready for an upload whenever you are.23:28
tumbleweedI haven't moved the EditFile stuff. If you feel strongly about that, please move it.23:28
tumbleweedthere's some biggish changes, I want people to use them and find the bugs I couldn't :)23:30
tumbleweedactually, not so big23:31
CarlFKbroder: thanks for your help - I am off for today.23:34
bdrungtumbleweed: C:265:PbuilderDist.get_command: Invalid name "di" (should match [a-z_][a-z0-9_]{2,30}$)23:35
bdrungin pbuilder-dist23:36
tumbleweedyeah, I know :) at the time I used that, the line was not easily wrappable23:37
bdrungrequestbackport -> W: 75:find_rdepends: Unused argument 'package'23:37
tumbleweedah, I reworked the substitution23:38
bdrungW:149:request_backport: Access to a protected member _lpobject of a client class23:39
tumbleweednot much alternative there23:39
tumbleweedI suppose one could extend lpapicache further23:39
bdrungyes, it should have a public function23:40
tumbleweedfortunatly, that's easy. There are areas of lpapicache that are hard to extend23:41
bdrungtumbleweed: C:194:EditBugReport.get_report: Invalid name "m" (should match [a-z_][a-z0-9_]{2,30}$)23:43
bdrungtumbleweed: m -> match23:43
bdrungin question.py23:43
* tumbleweed finds that silly, m is a common variable when doing regex stuff in python, but sure23:43
bdrungtumbleweed: m isn't common for me23:44
bdrungi, j, k, and f are common23:44
bdrungtumbleweed: besides that, go ahead23:45
tumbleweedbdrung: ok, uploading23:51

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