dekarlshould the config.xml be shared between BE and FE (on the same machine)? I have a symlink from /home/mythtv to /etc/mytvh, but not from /home/<TheUserThatRunsTheFrontend>. Leaving me with an empty (but existing) file at /etc/mythtv/config.xml which the tools (e.g. mythmetadatalookup) complain about.08:42
dekarl(this is on mythbuntu 11.04 with master as of some hours ago)08:43
superm1dekarl: ideally they should be the same to avoid stuff like that complaining14:32
superm1the mythfrontend script is supposed to make it14:32
superm1and put you in the right group etc14:32
antnashHi guys, I'm hoping someone can help me get my DVB-S card set up. Yesterday I could find channels with dvb-apps scan, but in the mythtv set up the signal/noise ratio would just go mental. Now I can't even find any channels with scan20:47
dekarlsuperm1: I don't see where it would do that in the wrapper (the config.xml and putting in the group part)21:29
superm1dekarl: oh maybe it was just mysql.txt it's doing it for then21:43
superm1in any case it should be doing it for both21:43
dekarlThat would solve it. (at least for the --service startup, not sure about manual startup via the menu)21:44
superm1tbh, i'd like to kill this concept of having a group and shared conffile21:45
superm1but it's the easiest way to keep all these pieces getting along21:45
dekarlso just run everything under the mythtv id?21:45
superm1no, not mythtv id21:45
superm1at least when on the same system, all these things should have a way to discover this information21:46
dekarlthe issue atm is that the backend gets an existing but empty file. I think no file would be ok, too21:46
dekarlso in the best case it provides a red herring when trying to debug "stuff"21:47
superm1well for now i think then get that config.xml stuff in the wrapper21:47
superm1but i want to come up with a better solution at some point21:48
antnashCould someone help me try and get my DVB-S card working please? It seems to register fine in dmesg, I've got  demux0  dvr0  frontend0  net0   in /dev/dvb/adapter0/21:54
dekarlantnash: you moved through the setup from top to bottom?21:56
antnashwhatever I do, it won't tune to channels21:57
antnashit won't tune to anything21:57
dekarlyou did setup the DiSEqC tree?21:57
dekarlif it's just a directly connect LNB without anything in between...21:57
antnashthat's a thought21:58
Zinn[www.mythtv.org] User Manual:Setting up DVB-S for satellite - MythTV21:58
antnashThey just installed a new satellite system in my building21:58
dekarlmaybe you have "card -> 4 port switch -> LNB" if it's a shared dish21:58
antnashI think you may have a point21:59
dekarlthat would be a usual setup around europe21:59
antnashwhich I guess would probably explain the signal/noise going berserk21:59
dekarlactually "card -> 4 port switch -> 4xLNB" with the four LNBs being the four combinations of high/low frequency and vertical/horizontal polarisation22:00
antnashWell this is fun22:02
dekarlthe simplest solution might be to just ask the installer :)22:03
antnashso DiSEqC22:03
antnashAddress of port switch??22:03
dekarlI think "the default" will do22:04
antnashI'll try and get his number from site management tomorrow. Default for number of ports is 222:04
dekarlhaving never seen a DVB-S setup limits my experience a bit :)22:04
dekarltry 4 of you're not sure22:04
dekarl2 is common for another common setup of for a single tv on a dish that can receive 2 satelite positions22:05
dekarlbut that's not what you use if you supply multiple tvs22:05
dekarlantnash: I'm guessing at something similar to this installed at your house http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiswitch22:08
Zinn[en.wikipedia.org] Multiswitch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia22:08
antnashI really hope this works22:08
antnashThat looks likely22:09
antnashHow the hell am I meant to set it up in myth tho?22:09
Zinnantnash: Please watch your language.22:09
antnashthere we are22:10
antnashZinn, Zinn, Zinn. What a prude you are.22:10
ZinnHi antnash, something I can help you with today?  I am a bot, use !help to see what I can do.22:10
dekarlbasically thats what I described earlier, but know what it might look like in real :D22:10
dekarl... but now you know what it looks like...22:11
antnashnope. signal/noise is still having a fit22:13
antnashshould it say...   Status: Scanning Frequency 11428000 No Lock   ?22:13
dekarlbut does it find something on a know existing transponder?22:13
dekarlthat's ok if that is not a used transponder at the constellation the dish is pointing at22:14
dekarlthat was 28.2°?22:15
dekarlit should find a channel called "radio caroline" at 11428 MHz horizontal according to lyngsat ( http://www.lyngsat.com/28east.html )22:16
Zinn[www.lyngsat.com] Eurobird 1 & Astra 1N/2A/2B/2D at 28.2°E - LyngSat22:16
antnashYeah, I'm checking stuff from there22:16
antnashsearching for ITV 1 atm.22:17
antnashThe Signal/noise is going between about 25% and 85% every half second22:17
antnashany idea why it would be doing that, dekarl?22:19
dekarlhmm, maybe there is another DVB-S users from the UK over in #mythtv-users...22:19
dekarlit does that over here, too (DVB-C/T)22:19
antnashso that shouldn't be a problem?22:20
antnashI'm gonna try installing 10.1022:21
dekarlI think not. The jumping around is expected while the card tries to get a lock22:21
antnashsee if that helps my dvb card22:22
dekarlif it's working with the scan* stuff then it's likely a question of the correct DiSEqC tree22:22
antnashIt's not working with scan any more22:22
antnashIt was, but not now22:22
antnashI don't get why it would just stop working with scan22:25
dekarlwell, I'm at a point where my limited experience with DVB-S shows :( no idea22:26
antnashI just don't understand22:30
antnashI'm getting so fed up I might just install window 7 on it22:42
dekarlMCE will likely ask the same questions about your DiSEqC tree22:43
antnashWon't be using MCE22:43
antnashI think it's a driver problem22:43
antnashwhich I won't have on win 722:44
dekarlyour best bet is just asking someone who's seen a DVB-S setup for UK before or even better ask what exactly was installed... (moving on from the state where *scan did find something)22:44
antnashThis is the problem22:44
antnashI can't get back to the point where it found stuff22:44

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