pleia2akgraner: we forgot about team reports again this month, do you want to send a reminder email to loco-contacts this week so we can include the october team report next week?01:24
* pleia2 has to write october reports for her teams still01:25
akgranerpleia2, doh!  yes if you don't mind01:59
akgranerI don't know where my mind is01:59
akgraneror has been01:59
akgranerpleia2, all the stats are in - I am not sure what script lizar is using but the stats look to be the right ones...02:15
akgranerI'll be back online in a about an hour or some one the kids are in bed etc and the house is quiet and I'll finish up any summaries and start moving stuff over02:16
philipballewakgraner, Any help needed03:32
akgranerphilipballew, I think there are still summaries needed03:32
akgranerif you have time03:32
akgranerif not no worries03:33
philipballewalright, sorry, been busy all weekend. doin homework and planning my trip home from college for turkey day03:33
akgranerno worries...:-)  that's why we are a team...03:34
akgranerwe help each other out03:34
philipballewcalled the mom to tell her I was coming home, then realized its been 3 and a half weeks since I talked to her. interesting phone call this weekend then. so thats been my weekend akgraner but I can do some now03:35
akgranerteenagers gotta luv 'em  grrrrr03:37
* philipballew is 19 so will soon be able to say fun things about teenagers03:38
akgranerMonday Monday....how14:59
akgranergrrr stupid enter key...14:59
akgranerhmm is there not any loco news - me looks for some...15:06
holsteinsorry i havent been more active newsies...15:07
holsteinim needing to move again, and im a bit of a mess15:07
holsteinhopefully things will chill out an a week or so15:07
akgranerholstein, anything I can help with - I am just over the mt15:35
holsteinakgraner: thanks!15:36
holsteinnah... its going to be fine15:36
holsteinyou are sweet for asking though :)15:36
akgranerI'll be in and out of the wiki for the next few minutes....16:07
akgranerok so I left the links that still need to be summarized on the googledoc - I am going to look for the development team meetings and remove the sections that don't have news....16:42
nlsthznHi, the links left in the google doc... they are still to be done or are already?16:50
akgranerneed to be done...16:56
nlsthznakgraner, k... on it :)16:57
akgranernlsthzn, thanks!17:03
* akgraner goes to look for a few more items now that nlsthzn is summarizing the links that are left...17:05
nlsthznDone (for now) :p17:57
pleia2akgraner: https://plus.google.com/100887841569748798697/posts/ZG4W98YVGPF18:00
pleia2add to appreciation section?18:00
akgranerpleia2, perfect :-)18:01
akgranerI pulled a post from the loco directory blog about the Romanian team and added it - and I'm adding a reminder about the loco directory as well18:02
akgranernlsthzn, thanks!18:02
pleia2ah, good idea18:03
akgranerpleia2, added to to the googledoc18:05
akgranerI'll move all these summaries over can you proof it once I move them overt18:06
Unit193Howdy, I'd like to request a time fix for the IRC meeting, it's supposed to be second Saturday of each month at 11:00 UTC and on the last Sunday of each month at 18:00 UTC (I know the Sunday coming up isn't correct)18:07
pleia2this is for the fridge calendar, Unit193 what team?18:09
pleia2akgraner: can you take care of this? and I won't have time to review for a few hours, work work :\18:09
akgraneron it18:11
akgranerUnit193, which team and I can go ahead and fix it for you?18:11
Unit193IRC Council, I can't exactly approve it, but https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcCouncil/MeetingAgenda is my backup18:13
Unit193Thank you very much. I use the fridge (GCal) more than I would ever a wiki :)18:16
akgranerUnit193, I fixed the one for the 27th and I just sent myself an email to fix the rest of them after UWN is out :-)18:17
akgranerthanks for bringing it up...18:17
akgranerHappy we can help :-)18:18
Unit193Again, thanks. That was bugging me :P18:20
akgranerNo worries - I'll get it fixed for ya and ping ya to double check once I am finished updating it18:26
akgranerUnit193, ^^18:26
Unit193Ok, I'll idle here for a while. Anything a non-writer can do?18:28
akgranerOk all the summaries and information have been moved over - I'm going to step away and grab some lunch the re-read and proof it.  If someone else could also look over it for obvious spelling errors or Camelcases (hotlinks) like LoCo and stuff that would be great...18:28
akgranerGoogledoc has been changed to reflect Issue 242 - so if you see links today you can go ahead and add them as you see them...18:31
akgranerIssue 242 will cover November 14-20 in case you are wondering :-)  bbiab...   Thanks in advance everyone!18:32
pleia2reviewing now18:46
* pleia2 making a few edits18:48
pleia2ok, saved18:52
* nlsthzn isn't a fan of the whole "<Name> reports..... <Name> continues...." style18:53
pleia2where would you put their name?18:54
pleia2we're looking to write some style guidelines, so feedback is good :)18:55
nlsthznI don't think every single summary needs them (at least I see some don't have them at least)18:55
nlsthznAt least18:55
pleia2one of the big things that came out of UDS was making sure we give pepole credit and "thanks" so I think including the name is important18:56
nlsthznbut the news letter looks really good btw18:56
nlsthznwhy not include the others by default underneath the titles?18:57
pleia2that might be a possibility18:57
akgranerpleia2, is there anything else besides the in this issue than needs to be added or fixed?19:20
pleia2akgraner: nope, we're all set!19:21
akgranerIf not I'm back from lunch and can finish that up and publish19:21
akgranerok great!19:21
akgranerThe new edition of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter is now available here:19:35
akgranerThanks Everyone!19:35
akgranerEverything has been updated, archived and published - \o/  yay!20:06
akgranerThanks now to start all over again :-)20:09

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