almoxarifeI was asked to return and gain voice after agreeing to follow the guidelines by pangolin, I am agreeing to do so.02:27
almoxarifeI also would like to lose  my ip ident , I am confused about how to do it, I do have a launchpad id/pass02:28
pangolinalmoxarife: I'm glad to see you decided to come back. Did you have any questions about the guidelines?02:29
pangolinalmoxarife: you can join #freenode and ask for a cloak.02:29
almoxarifepangolin: actually there is one, the guidelines should include something about helping people first with the gui tools avail, I know trouble shooting is much easier with terminal, but the avg user like me is mostly clueless to terminal trouble shooting, and it would also go with the philosophy of ubuntu, otherwise I am in agreement02:33
pangolinalmoxarife: ok I will remove the mute blocking you from ending to the channel. I do need to let you know that if we have any further issues it will be much more difficult to get unbanned.02:35
almoxarifepangolin: I would expect it to be, thnks02:36
pangolinas far as hiding your ip, join #freenode and ask in that channel for a cloak.02:37
almoxarifepangolin: thnks02:37
pangolinthank you. have a good night.02:37
Jordan_UAnyone awake that can watch maxxx in #ubuntu?16:07
Jordan_U#ubuntu could really use an op at the moment and I really need to leave.16:10
ubottuIn #ubuntu, z3r0c007 said: ubottu: this is the error: Unhandled Lockdown error (-15)17:48
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (flood (24))18:21
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from qwertyoruiop)19:09
ikoniathank you Pici19:28
Piciyou're welcome, but I'm not really here.19:29
ikoniame neither19:29
GTRsdkhi ikonia19:51
ikoniaGTRsdk: I assume you know why you're banned ?19:52
GTRsdkI saw the quit message but that doesn't make sense19:52
ikoniaGTRsdk: what OS are you using ?19:53
GTRsdkikonia, Debian19:53
ikonia(even though we've just dont this in #debian - I'l do the dance again for you)19:53
ikoniaGTRsdk: right, so you cross-posted your question in #debian and #ubuntu - and you used #ubuntu for non ubuntu support19:53
GTRsdkI probably should not have posted in #debian19:54
GTRsdkI do not know for sure if the package exists in there19:54
GTRsdkbut I do know that it exists in Ubuntu19:54
ikoniayou know this is unaceptable, you've used the channels long enough and had many warnings refresher of the rules19:54
ikoniaso now you can take a little break from #ubuntu, as people can't be expected to monitor you 24x719:54
ikoniahope it doesn't matter19:56
* Pici sighs20:44

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