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alourieI have a problem and need help catching it22:16
alouriemy login time from the <password+Enter> until usable desktop is at least 30 seconds22:17
alouriehow do I profile it?22:17
alourie(I have quite a fast system, so 30 secs is ridiculous)22:17
roadmralourie: is your time from bootup to login screen reasonable?22:25
roadmralourie: once you're at the login screen, go to a VT (ctrl-alt-F1 for instance)22:26
alourieI'd like it faster, but it's ok22:26
alourieI'd say it's the same as it had always been22:26
roadmrwhen there you can tail /var/log/syslog, /var/log/Xorg.0.log and ~/.xsession-errors22:26
roadmralso you could run top to see which processes are running22:26
roadmralourie: so what I'd do is prepare top on the VT, then punch in my password and quickly go to the VT to see which process may be hanging things up22:27
roadmralourie: this is quite improvised :) but it may be a start22:27
alourieroadmr: well, I could start top (or something like that) probing with high res and drop it to a logfile, then look at the file itself. No rushed switching22:28
roadmralourie: that also works, I like to see stuff happening but I agree it's less comfortable22:29
* EgyParadox is away: I'm busy22:31

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