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TLEdpm: goodmorning10:09
dpmhey TLE, good morning10:09
TLEI'm just updating the specification with work item for the language packs. I was wondering; should language pack release that after the release of the next version be in the specification that matches the ubunte version that they are in or the development cycle that they are in10:10
TLEi.e. should the fifth and sixth lang pack release for natty (which are placed in the oneiric cycle) be in the spec for the UDS-N or -O10:11
TLEanyway I hope you know what I means10:12
dpmTLE, I'm not sure I can follow, could you give me an example?10:12
TLE2 sec10:12
TLEhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/NattyLanguagePackReleaseSchedule the two last releases10:13
TLEthey are located in the P development cycle10:13
TLEso should I put them in the spec from UDS-P because the work will happen in this cycle?10:14
TLEI think that is what makes most sense10:14
dpmTLE, I can follow you now. But when you're talking about spec, which exact page are you talking about?10:14
TLEthat was the one you wanted me to put them in right?10:15
dpmTLE, ok, gotcha. Yes, it makes sense to put them in there. In the long run, we should perhaps have a wiki page with _all_ langpacks, so that we have a better overview, but I would do it only if we can generate it somehow automatically, otherwise it'd be too much work to maintain10:16
TLEdpm: yes, it should be a simple task to make a script that parses the calendar feed that includes everything and outputs wiki content, but it would still need to be put in the wiki manually everytime it changes10:17
sagaciit's not hard to get into the forums14:10
sagaciwhoops, wrong channel :)14:11

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