AlanBellmorning all08:39
DJonesMorning AlanBell popey08:39
Pendulumhi AlanBell08:43
AlanBellhi popey DJones and Pendulum who should be asleep08:43
diploMorning all08:43
PendulumAlanBell: I would be if I could be08:49
* czajkowski frowns at Pendulum 08:52
Pendulumczajkowski: this is not by choice :P08:53
Pendulumczajkowski: am telling my ex who is WDW obsessed about Characters of Flight08:54
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Scaling Up - http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/11/14/scaling-up/09:10
brobostigongood morning everyone,10:03
JamesTaitGood morning all!10:04
brobostigonmorning MooDoo and JamesTait10:04
JamesTaitbrobostigon: o/10:05
brobostigondoes anyone else use bitlbee here, on ubuntu server lts, and getting msn failing?10:05
brobostigonJamesTait: o/10:05
brobostigonand i fully expect gconf to fail, as it is ugrading on my desktop from gcpnf 2.34 to 3.2.310:06
popeyi haven't logged into msn for months10:07
brobostigoni just noticed, i only turn it on, when i want to talk to a specific person, that is on msn.10:08
gordlast i heard msn changed the protocol, so all non official clients are broken10:08
brobostigongord: however. empathy works, and that is non-official.10:08
brobostigonhere anyway.10:09
gordshrug, i don't use msn anymore either so don't know a huge amount about it, just something i read a few weeks ago10:10
brobostigonok, i will look on the bitlbee bug tracker, someone must have noticed, and reported it, and written it down.10:11
popeyactually i might go back to using empathy/pidgin now I have a fixed abode10:13
brobostigonyep, FF9 has failed with the newer gconf.10:15
MooDooLaney: sorry about the nottingham gig, i had a poorly daughter :(10:17
brobostigonLaney: it threw up an error, saying something along the lines of it couldnt communicate with dbud/gconf.10:17
Laney2.34? you are upgrading from an oneiric system that has not been upgraded since july?10:17
Laneyalso i see no firefox 910:18
LaneyMooDoo: i didn't make it either :P10:18
brobostigonLaney: i am not on ubuntu, i am on debian sid/experimental.10:18
MooDooLaney: ah ok, don't feel to bad then....10:19
AlanBellthere were about a dozen people there apparently10:19
Laneyyeah i heard reports10:19
Laneyi was in the pub with the missus and the others were incredibly late10:19
Laneycouldn't leave her alone10:19
MooDooAlanBell: yeah good reports from nottslug, paul sladen was there apparently, although i might have mis read the post10:19
Laneybrobostigon: also, "firefox in not coming well with system upgrade shocker"10:21
Laneyand ITYM iceweasel10:21
brobostigonLaney: agreed, i fully expected it.10:21
bigcalmMorning peeps :)10:28
bigcalmI'm drinking coffee out of my oggcamp 11 mug - is this wrong?10:28
MooDoobigcalm: why would it be wrong?10:29
MooDoobigcalm: now if you tell me that you've only purchased one mug, then yes it would be wrong10:29
MooDooyou should of got two one for safe keeping :S10:29
bigcalmMooDoo: coffee not tea :(10:29
bigcalmMooDoo: Hayley bought a mug as well10:29
MooDoobigcalm: then it's fine :)  just keep hers pristine and it will be worth a few quid in a few years ;)10:30
popeyhttp://www.bigbrotherwatch.org.uk/home/2011/11/big-brother-watching-listening.html#.TsDo9vJDPUI   golly10:30
MooDooremind me not to come darn sarf!10:34
bigcalmMight stop the cabbies from chatting though10:34
MooDoodoubt that :D10:39
popeybrobostigon: fwiw I can't connect to msn with empathy today10:47
bigcalmPeople still use msn?10:47
brobostigonpopey: ah, i havent tried yet, let me try.10:47
popeyi only connected because brobostigon mentioned it10:48
brobostigonok, her accounts in empathy shows it as connected, but none of my contacts are showing up.10:48
brobostigonthe accounts*10:48
MooDoobigcalm: i use it, as all my friends use it10:49
diplolibpurple is broken, emesene has a fix in place i believe10:49
bigcalmAh. I guess that's the reason why I still use facebook10:50
diploBut others are lagging behinf10:50
MooDooi'm connected to pidgen, then again i'm using an older version of Fedora here at work10:50
czajkowskione for popey http://images.tomahawk-player.org/elvis.png10:59
selinuxiumczajkowski, I like it!10:59
popeylike that!10:59
czajkowskireviewing http://tomahawk-player.org/about11:00
MooDooczajkowski: that looks quite good, have you installed it yet?11:05
czajkowskidoing an article on it now11:05
dogmatic69would anyone be able to help with my issue http://serverfault.com/questions/330701/504-and-502-with-cherokee-reverse-proxy-to-php-server11:33
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gordebuyer sending me emails about their new sales should really be considered a form of mugging11:55
MooDoogord: unsubscribe?11:56
gordthen how would i know about their fantastic new sales? :(11:57
bigcalmI was happy to unsubscribe11:57
KrisDouglasI cannot believe it's lunch time already12:17
MooDoome neither, but woohoo12:17
gordfar too early for lunch yet12:19
KrisDouglasi consider between 12 and 4 lunch time :)12:20
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gordonjcpI found some odd behaviour in banshee13:17
gordonjcpevery so often - without being on shuffle play or anything - it'll drop in a sneaky wee 808 State track13:17
bigcalmgordonjcp: it's one redeeming feature is to play 808 state13:25
bigcalmThe Ubuntu loco events page has updated the layout13:52
bigcalmFear change!13:52
popeyeww thats broken13:54
AlanBelloh, right13:54
bigcalmAlanBell: shall we aim for the 9th Dec for the xmas meal? Might get some more people to sign up then13:55
AlanBellit has just been unbroken slightly13:57
AlanBellMyrtti: the Model M layout got merged and they are working on a more realistic dish keycap effect to go with it14:09
gordi really do need a new keyboard, normally get logitech but they always break. so i tried microsoft. worst keyboard in the world14:27
andylockrangord which one?14:28
andylockranI like the standard dell one14:28
gordiruno, some terrible one14:28
gordthe back calls it a "sidewinder X4"14:28
andylockranthe front calls it a qwertyuiop ?14:40
gordvery clever ;)14:41
andylockransimple mind..14:42
MooDoohello all14:57
* MooDoo used a microsoft natural14:57
pansanyone know how to enable chap for PPTP-plugin with network-manager?15:01
pansi am running ubuntu 11.1015:01
popeyAlanBell: whats the on screen keyboard of choice these days?15:02
KrisDouglasStill not had any lunch :(15:06
AlanBellpopey: onboard is OK15:09
AlanBellespecially if you use it from trunk with the model m theme :)15:10
AlanBellgord: you want a filco keyboard15:19
gordAlanBell, quick google doesn't make me think i do ;) keys are too raised15:20
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gordhttp://www.logitech.com/en-gb/keyboards/keyboard/devices/4740 is my favourite keyboard ever, could do without the illuminated bit, but a joy to type on15:22
gorduntil it breaks like all logitech stuff does15:22
buzz_£70 . ouch (logitech mice/keyboards dont last long enough to cost £70) :)15:28
buzz_as you alreayd said15:28
BigRedSMy logitec trackballs are all > 3 years old15:37
BigRedSthere's three of them, though, so perhaps that's why :)15:37
buzz_ive had plenty of logitech stuff and ive worn most of it out. my harmony one is still going, (well the second one after the first broke), but then its a remote control that you dont use 8 hours a day15:47
Azelphurthey last long for me15:48
AzelphurI had a logitech G15 I believe it lasted around 5 years with 12-18 hours a day use?15:49
Azelphur5 years with the kind of punishment it gets from me is fair enough :P15:49
AzelphurI've had a Logitech trackball for about 10 years that got the same kind of treatment, I replaced it a couple years ago though just because it was ridiculously old.15:50
buzz_perhaps trackballs last longer than mice15:54
buzz_or ive been unlocky15:55
gordeverything i get of theirs just, dies. and non of their wireless stuff works properly for me15:55
MooDoouser error ;)15:56
gordi'll get occasional 10-15 seconds of it losing signal so it just sits there doing nothing, or repeating the last key i pressed down constantly15:56
buzz_ive had more of a gord experience15:56
buzz_i mean even my £100 remote broke15:56
gordeven after changing computer, changing devices and moving house it happens15:56
buzz_the only trackball i have is in my tankstick - http://www.atpm.com/12.12/images/tankstick.jpg15:56
buzz_much better place for a trackball15:56
KrisDouglasMy logitech G15 died on me, they do have a rather rough performance/ longevity15:57
Azelphurgord: my Logitech headset does seem to work reasonably well15:57
Azelphurit occasionally drops out, but I think that's what it does when it's low battery15:57
buzz_a eadset has no excuse to break, but then if it is logitech it just might :-)15:57
gordall of this is a giant shame, because when it does work, i really like logitech stuff :(15:58
buzz_i like my harmony remote. i dont like the fact you need windows or a mac to prorgam it.. however you can do it in virtualbox so15:58
gordhe harmony remotes look great, but i only really use my ps3 (doesn't work with ps3 without an adapter) and xbmc (use my phone), i don't have much need15:59
* Seeker` is surprised Azelphur has any electronics more than 30 mins old, given his ability to kill Arduinos.16:01
Seeker`the problem with harmony remotes is the extreme lag between pressing a button and it doing anything. It is a nightmare to use for custom devices (i.e. mythtv) when scrolling etc.16:02
* Seeker` has a G9, G13, G15, G27, G3516:03
Seeker`and a harmony one16:03
AzelphurSeeker`: woo, G-Series stuff, you know ali1234 wrote Linux drivers for them right?16:04
Azelphur /awesome/ linux drivers.16:04
Seeker`I only really use linux for mythtv atm16:04
Seeker`my desktop is usually in windows mode for gaming16:04
AzelphurSeeker`: I play WoW on Linux with my G19 and G1316:04
AzelphurI pretty much exclusively use the G-Keys to play16:05
Seeker`yeah, I use the G13 and G9, only thing I use the G15 for is typing and Kidney Shot.16:05
Azelphurah, your on WoW too? what realm16:06
Seeker`I have a legit copy of windows, didn't see the point in trying to get WoW to work under WINE when it works in windows, and with less chance of it randomly not working16:06
Seeker`hmm, got a lvl 10 or so goblin on there I think16:06
AzelphurI'm a guild leader and reliably make raids on Linux. :)16:07
Azelphurwe're 6/7 FL atm16:07
Azelphurraggy going down tonight in theory \o/16:07
Seeker`6/7 heroic here16:07
Azelphur /hate16:07
Seeker`3/7 heroic pre-nerf16:07
Seeker`what class do you play?16:08
gordpeople still play wow?16:08
Seeker`yes, wow :P16:09
Azelphurmage :P16:09
gordno idea how people can play one game for so long, i went through three games just last week :P16:09
Seeker`woo for two button classes :P16:09
AzelphurSeeker`: 2? it's 1.16:09
Seeker`ah, macro? :P16:09
Azelphurarcane blast arcane blast arcane blast arcane blast... xD16:09
Seeker`the mage in my guild manages 50k on the pull, its stupid16:10
Azelphurand he's probably in full HC gear right? :)16:10
Seeker`not full16:10
Seeker`I beat him over the course of the fight though16:10
AzelphurI can pull that single target on a good day.16:10
Seeker`I usually hit about 29k on Baleroc heroic over the course of the fight16:11
Azelphurfun :)16:11
Seeker`but that involves lots of movement etc.16:11
AzelphurI'm one piece short of full ruthless too, btw :p16:11
Seeker`last time I did Occul'thar on 25 man I hit 33k16:11
Seeker`only had 1 or 2 bits of heroic gear then16:11
Azelphurfor my gear, which is mostly FL normal gear, I usually come on top or very close to people in the FL HC gear16:12
gordhttp://www.eegra.com/comics/2008/10/55.png is pretty much my view on the entire thing16:12
Seeker`would probably manage 35 or 36k if i went back to assassination16:12
Seeker`will look at comics when I'n not at work :P16:12
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KrisDouglaswhat in god's name is this conversation leading to? :)16:19
gordi wish16:22
KrisDouglasI have ready salted crisps16:25
KrisDouglasyou had to choose food though16:25
KrisDouglasI am starving16:25
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DJonesWould anybody recommend any particular hardware suppliers? Desktops & monitors, trying to get quotes for 1/2 dozen machines with Win 7 32 bit, and most places seem to be charging £100 more per machine for 32 bit instead of 64 bit17:00
MartijnVdSwhy 32?17:01
MartijnVdS32 is only useful if you have legacy Win16 apps I think?17:02
DJonesSome of the software we use is quite old & the supplier won't certify it for 64bit yet17:02
DJonesBut that software is integral to the business17:02
gordonjcpdoes it work under wine?17:03
DJonesgordonjcp: I wish, it barely works under windows :)17:03
MartijnVdS"certified" ugh17:03
gordonjcpcomplain to the manufacturer17:03
hamitrontried it on win7 pro with that xp virtual machine?17:04
DJonesThe supplier has said it "will" work, but they don't support it as yet17:04
hamitrontypical :/17:05
DJonesBut because its used by every member of staff, most of the day, we can't take a chance on it not working or glitching17:05
hamitronany eta on them supporting it?17:06
MartijnVdSif they won't give an ETA, be afraid17:06
DJonesI'm still waiting for them to update it sufficiently for it to be able to integrate with Sage Line 50 200917:06
DJonesWe're stuck using teh 2008 version of Sage until then17:06
MartijnVdSTime to start thinking of migration paths17:07
selinuxium /me hates Sage...17:07
hamitronwe are still on sage line 50 v517:07
DJonesIs that still the dos version17:07
hamitronerm, don't think so17:08
hamitronI not looked at the accounts comp for ages ;)17:08
hamitron"it works"17:08
hamitronoh, my mistake, v7.0117:09
gordonjcpDJones: well your other option is to pass on the cost to your software supplier17:10
gordonjcp"Here you you, you can pay this since your inability to provide updates is now costing us money"17:10
hamitronthe sad thing is, gonna cost you more for systems that will need upgrading sooner17:11
hamitronDJones, dell don't charge extra17:13
DJonesHmmh, Acer Veriton offers 64/32 bit at pcworld business for £80 less than we quoted for the cheapest machines17:15
ali1234the windows keys are valid for 32 bit or 64 bit17:16
ali1234so you buy the 64 bit one, then reinstall it17:16
DJonesThats an option, but its not me installing them, external IT charging £49/hr17:17
ali1234i mean you have to reinstall anyway to get rid of the crapware17:17
MartijnVdSali1234: restore, because you don't get an installtion CD, just a restore CD17:17
ali1234ever heard of msdn?17:17
hamitrondoes a retail dvd work with oem keys now?17:17
ali1234no, that requires a bit more poking17:18
DJonesIs digitalrivercontent.net an official windows distribution source (if anybody has ever heard of it)17:19
DJonesAh yes, official e-commerce partner of MS17:19
DJonesYou can download the iso's of Win 7 from their server17:20
DJonesI can get a Dell Optiplex 380 for £299 with Win 7 32bit instead of £42517:26
bigcalmWhat would cause one of my screens to go black now and then? This screen is on a 2nd PCI gfx card17:39
bigcalmOnly started happening this afternoon17:39
bigcalmDVI cable just fell out of the back of the monitor17:40
* bigcalm makes use of the screws17:41
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JGJonesHey all19:07
JGJonesQuick question - is there some sort of a voodoo ritual I need to perform in order to get Ubuntu One to start syncing folders in the Ubuntu One that wasn't created on the computer (I enabled photo sync for Ubuntu One on Android, which make a Picture - phonename but doesn't show on my computer)19:09
sadsunit does it in the background for me19:18
sadsunautomatically... but it isn't terribly fast19:19
sadsunJGJones... always forget to add the name, sry19:19
JGJonessadsun, I'm aware it's not fast....I agree it's not fast but shirely 4 days is pushing it just a tad?19:32
sadsuntook a day or 2 to upload 300MB for me...19:33
sadsunits free, so I am not complaining...19:34
sadsunmaybe its faster if u buy extra space, JGJones19:34
JGJonessadsun, it's not even near 5MB in my case! :)19:37
sadsuno_O okay, hmm... then there might be something wrong then19:37
JGJonesFiles that are created in existing folders works - they're transferred. But new folders? Hmm19:37
sadsuncan u go to your Ubuntu One Control Panel?19:38
JGJonesCan anyone confirm it? Creating a new folder with files in it on a different device (in my case - via Android app) will not sync to a computer that is already using using the Ubuntu One account?19:38
sadsunI cannot, sry JGJones19:39
JGJonessadsun, yup - it'll tell me "File Sync is up-to-date." But just tested on a old laptop - once I created the Ubuntu One logon, it synced the new folder.19:40
JGJonesMaybe I'll just delete account and re-login and see if that works19:40
* sadsun crosses his fingers19:41
JGJonesok that worked.20:01
* JGJones puts away chicken that was prepared for voodoo ritual.20:02
MartijnVdSJGJones: oh that's what AlanBell keeps chickens for!20:04
JGJonesWhy do you think Google campus often have herd of goats roaming around?20:05
MartijnVdSand a lot of virgins?20:08
popeyEvening all!20:20
MartijnVdS\o popeyman20:20
mattthowzit howzit20:22
* Laney has acquired stilton20:48
mgdmachievement unlocked!20:49
Laneyalso green & blacks20:49
* daubers may require a manekin20:51
popeymmmmm stilton20:51
popeyi made red thai curry tonight20:51
popeyit was yum20:51
Laneyit is for putting on me steak20:52
* MartijnVdS has a parsnip, and no idea what to make with it20:52
daubersMartijnVdS: Put it on a roasting tray, drizzle with honey, then bake it for 30 minutes or so :)20:52
MartijnVdSdaubers: no cleaning, etc.?20:52
daubersgive it a scrub to clean off the muck20:53
daubersYou can skin them if you want, but like carrots, you can eat the skin :)20:54
MartijnVdSok :)20:54
* MartijnVdS will try this tomorrow20:54
daubersHoney roasted parsnips nom nom nom20:54
daubersI have a bag full of parsnips I intend to make into soup20:54
Laneyjust got some o'those for 50p20:55
Laneyroasting away20:55
MartijnVdSI bought the only parsnip in my supermarket.. apparently Dutchies don't eat parsnips anymore20:56
Laneyi may be having quite a few tastes of the stilton20:56
Laneygotta make sure it's okay …20:56
dutchieMartijnVdS: argh, curse you ;)20:56
dutchiei got all excited there20:57
MartijnVdSdutchie: muhahah :)20:57
mgdmpopey: oooh, red thai curry FTW20:57
* AlanBell had a rather inadequate microwaved thai noodle curry20:58
AlanBellI added one of theopensourcerer's chillis to make it more interesting20:58
* AlanBell just had a nice email from the foreign and commonwealth office21:01
popeyyou're allowed to leave?21:01
MartijnVdSYour commonwealth-wide license to kill has been renewed?21:02
AlanBellno, it was along the lines of "do you really want Ubuntu, or will RHEL be OK? I presume you want ssh access and a root account"21:02
AlanBellyay for people who know what they are talking about21:03
DavieyAlanBell: "clearly we'd prefer Ubuntu Server for enterprise puroposes, but we can probably settle for RHEL."21:07
Davieybut make sure you use a spell checker.21:07
* AlanBell always uses an enterprising porpoise21:10
cih997hi, im looking for somebody from London :) little question. thx21:14
AlanBellwhat is the little question?21:15
cih997im going to move to London soon. I got job offer from OpenBet. Im wondering know more about this company.21:17
Davieycih997: I'm willing to bet they are less Open than the name indicates.21:23
LaneyI think I know someone that works there21:28
Laneyhe codes TCL all day long :-)21:28
cih997yep TCL/tk21:28
cih997i have never used this language21:28
cih997i code PHP all day long currently. However, Laney do you know something more about this corp? Or could you give me mail to this friend?21:30
Laneyhe once rolled a massive snowball all the way from his house to work21:30
AzelphurLaney: sounds like an awesome friend21:31
cih997hope it wasnt at summer ;)21:31
ubuntuuk-planet[Jonathan Riddell] Kubuntu Outcomes from Precise UDS - http://blogs.kde.org/node/450522:10
ujjainhttp://data.whicdn.com/images/17728687/September-02-2011-22-16-10-tumblrlqr7wiehKT1qehl60o1400_large.gif - Can somebody explain this one?22:42
ujjainwait, I think I get it anyway, it's just not my humour22:42
bigcalmujjain ...22:42
ujjainbigcalm ...22:43
Azelphurujjain: ...22:44
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