nhainesWell, the OCLUG talk went well.  But the sponsor never showed so no one could get into the classroom.  Everyone was lined up in the hallway when I got there.02:24
nhainesFortunately, someone brought a monitor to troubleshoot his laptop, so I plugged it into my desktop computer and did the presentation that way.02:24
nhainesI started off with "Sorry I'm late, I got held up at the bank.  I'm talking about Unity today and I had to make sure my check from Canonical cleared."02:24
jbermudesand next time you can say "sorry I'm late, after reviewing unity for my talk I decided that perhaps it's time to test other distros and lost track of time" :P02:52
nhainesjbermudes: haha03:36
nhainesI was suprised... no negative comments about Unity during the talk.  Everyone seems to think it has potential, even if they don't want to use it themselves.03:36
jbermudesyeah, it'll be interesting to see what it will become regardless of what kinks it might currently have03:37
jbermudesIf anything they should at least be appreciated for trying something new03:38
philipballewnhaines, Do you use unity?03:40
nhainesphilipballew: yup.03:51
philipballewnhaines, me as well. I like it a lot03:51
nhainesI said as much in the talk: I thought I'd use it for 2 weeks, learn it real well so I could answer questions, and then go back go GNOME2 Desktop and never worry about it again, but I found that I really liked it.03:52
philipballewI see that staying with gnome 2 is something that is not possible in many ways. Its a dead project in most respects03:53
philipballewbut just a thought03:53
nhainesWell, this was in March.03:54
philipballewAh yes. Unity has come a long way since then to03:56
akkAnybody submitted to SCALE (or know about their system)? Is there a way to get line/paragraph breaks in talk proposals?04:25
akkThere are instructions at the top of the page saying to use <!--break--> but that just shows up verbatim if I preview.04:26
seidosno carrier06:11
MarkDudeTWIT studios rocked. Good bbq. Got to Meet John Dvorak and Veronica Belmont- yay06:15
* MarkDude thanked Tom Merit for talking about Linux06:16
jtatumi like dvorak's early work :) (speaking of modems) i read his pc guide to telecommunication cover to cover. and i liked the column he did on the back page of.. pc computing or something06:16
MarkDudeHe is EXACTLY like you think he would be06:16
jtatumhm, is that good thing? :)06:17
MarkDudeWell sure, he sorta just plays himself in real life06:17
MarkDudeVEry funny, even more so - when they are not doing recorded show06:18
MarkDudeThe studio is great, I would say geeks should go06:20
MarkDudewell even non geeks would have fun06:20
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philipballew_how hard is it to make a custom live cd with only the apps I see that I want22:25
* philipballew_ hugs seidos 22:34
MarkDudehello there seidos22:35
* MarkDude hopes I will be able to see you at Scale22:36
MarkDudeAnd ALL of you folsk in this channel there too22:36
broderphilipballew_: it's not impossible. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization22:37
philipballew_broder, thanks. I am contemplating what is better. that mathod or installing from scratch and making a live image from my harddrive22:42
broderphilipballew_: if you're going to do that, you might want to look into live-build. it knows everything needed to build an ubuntu image, and should be customizable...let me see if i can find the docs on how22:43
philipballew_alright, broder its for work. Im making lubuntu images for computers to donate to Africa :)22:46
seidoshi everybody22:48
broderphilipballew_: grr. the docs used to be at http://live.debian.net/manual/en/html/managing-a-configuration.html but that's throwing a 404 at the moment22:48
philipballew_broder, crazy debian. Its all good, I can look into it in a day or two23:16

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