bluebomberchloric: Hi, chloric.03:43
bluebomberI was here (kinda).03:43
bluebomberBut now I'm about to doze off. Goodnight, everyone.03:44
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Tohru_chanhey MichelleQ 15:07
Tohru_chanHow's you?15:07
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dorgananyone in here use Geany are their IDE?15:54
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mhall119dorgan: I do (now)17:35
dorgani actually figured out what i was looking for17:37
mhall119dorgan: how's the wife?17:38
dorgani was trying to figure out how to do php lint check from inside geany....but found out if i run the compile command thats what it does(not very intuitive)17:38
dorganshe's doing well17:38
mhall119yeah, geany is taking some getting used to, but Gnome 3 broke all the GEdit plugins I used17:38
mhall119so  far it's been fast and light though, so I'm happy with it17:39
dorganwe have the first major ultrasound next month...where they would be able to tell us what we are having except since its twins odds are she wont be able to and if they do its usually only for one and they said that even that is a 50/50 call17:39
dorgani just started using it last week17:39
dorgani've been using gedit before that17:39
mhall119dorgan: either way you're going to have a fun 18 years17:40
mhall119you and DammitJim can talk about the joys of twins17:40
DammitJimhealthy, right?17:46
dorgannah havent had them yet17:46
dorganwife is 15 weeks pregnant17:46
dorganstill got a couple months of sanity left...please dont rush that :D17:46
DammitJimoh cool17:49
mhall119dorgan: sanity?  in the last trimester? ha!18:02
mhall119s/sanity/false alarms and anxiety/18:03
DammitJim /exit18:43
raubvogelSanity? What's that?20:13
raubvogelSomething I can trade for juju beans?20:14
mhall119no, but maybe you can trade it for juju charms20:17
raubvogelAt which exchange ratio? Are bitcoins involved?20:20
mhall119and bitcoins are never involved, it's hoarder currency20:21
raubvogelIt is the currency for those with heating problems at home20:23
raubvogelI wonder if you could make a restaurant whose food was either cooked by or kept warm (think buffet) by bitcoin mining rigs20:24
mhall119Salmonella Café20:25
mhall119you pay in bitcoins20:25
raubvogelHas a sphisticated feel to it20:25
mhall119the food is cheap, but they charge you to use their electricity20:25
raubvogeler, sophisticated 20:25
raubvogelDon't they all?20:26
mhall119Panera doesn't20:26
mhall119nor does Starbucks20:26
mhall119I haven't really taken my laptop anywhere else20:26
raubvogelWell, the food price includes the operating costs20:26
raubvogelsomeone is paying for it ;)20:27
mhall119heh, true, but indirectly20:27
mhall119if bitcoins every become popular, I can see solar-powered bitcoin "mines"20:27
mhall119convert sunlight directly into money20:28
raubvogelNeed to sell that to those guys runnin the rigs20:33
raubvogelSomeone I know here was spending $300/month in electricity mining20:33
mhall119for bitcoins?21:06
raubvogelmhall119: Exactly21:16
roaksoaxchloric_: o/22:47
chloric_When do you think we can muster a small group for an Ubuntu Hour?22:53
chloric_We could throw it at that cafe22:53
roaksoaxchloric_: idk, whenever you want, itnet7 said he would come23:02
chloric_Whats a good day?23:07
chloric_Sundays or Satursdays?23:07
roaksoaxchloric_: for me everyday I guess23:17
roaksoaxchloric_: lol23:17
chloric_and itnet?23:18
roaksoaxchloric_: i guess a weekend23:23
roaksoaxchloric_: lol23:24
roaksoaxchloric_: around when are you looking into having one?23:24
chloric_i think this weekend may be too soon23:24
chloric_maybe next23:24
roaksoaxchloric_: next iis thanksgiving isn't it?23:27
roaksoaxchloric_: im fine this weekend23:27
chloric_So, let's aim for saturday? or sunday23:29
roaksoaxchloric_: i think saturday is better as its not a family day23:31
roaksoaxim gonna go on of these days to check it out23:33

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