rick_hpoor lions have more chippy than play in them00:33
snap-lrick_h: Gee, there's a surprise00:38
jrwren_yes the bear got ejected from teh game.00:53
jrwren_poor lions.00:53
rick_hsnap-l: ping, don't let me forget, still have that ram in my backpack for you01:22
rick_hran into it while cleaning it out oops01:22
rick_hjcastro: jjesse any suggestions for awesome travel luggage? checkout type things?01:30
rick_hchristmas wishlist time for the in laws and checking out http://www.amazon.com/Travelpro-Crew-Rollaboard-Black-Size/dp/B003H4Q050/ref=wl_it_dp_o_npd?ie=UTF8&coliid=I2VHB318QO6ZXY&colid=2MA8O7BXBIDWH01:30
jjesserick_h tumi laptop bag01:42
jjesseits expensive01:42
jjessebut nice01:42
jjessealso try and carry on as much as possible01:42
rick_hjjesse: yea, I'm looking for an option that with laptop backpack + carry on roller I'm set for the week01:43
jjessewhat airline will you be using?  united? delta?01:43
rick_hright now delta01:43
rick_hfor my first two trips I know i have01:44
jjessetry and stick w/ the airline01:44
jjessestatus on an airline is worth gold01:44
rick_hyea, jcastro gave me some pointers01:44
jjessecompared to status w/ a hotel01:44
rick_hto got into the delta skymiles, hilton honors, and such01:44
rick_hfigure it'll take me a few to learn the ropes01:44
jjessei'm stuck w/ united just beacuse that's what i've been flying the last 5 years01:45
jjessebut delta has wifi on most of thier flights01:45
rick_hah, that's cool01:45
rick_hnot horribly worried about that tbh, but good to know01:45
jjesse`detroit's security is actually easier to go through than grand rapids01:50
jjessefor some stupid reason01:51
snap-lThat's because nobody gives a fuck at Detroit03:14
snap-lMan, why am I so tired.03:16
snap-lAbout ready to go to bed03:16
jjesseto much raking of leaves?03:16
snap-lI think it's time-change regression03:18
snap-lfeels like 11pm to me03:18
jjesseme 203:19
snap-lOK, I think I'm toast. G'night, all.03:20
rick_hsorry for the morning spam12:27
mydogsnameisrudyit is monday12:27
rick_hdoing some irc reconfig so lots of connect/disconnect trying to get it all setup12:27
mydogsnameisrudy`what are you running?12:30
mydogsnameisrudyah k takes some to get it righyt12:30
mydogsnameisrudyright too ;)12:30
rick_h_there we go13:00
rick_h_crap, not to put it in tmux13:00
rick_h_ok, phew13:02
brouschrick_h_: spammer!13:11
brouschi started reading the Python Testing Beginner's Guide. It starts with doctests. Do people actually use those?13:15
rick_h_no, they're frowned upon by large portions of the python community13:15
brouschthat's what i though13:15
brouschseem so hackish13:15
rick_h_but yes, some are big fans and use only them13:15
snap-lrick_h_: I have a script for keeping one tmux for IRC open if you want it13:18
rick_h_naw it's ok, I just had too many windows/load/reloading going13:18
rick_h_got it all peachy now13:18
snap-lBut I want to share. :)13:18
snap-lIt's the OSS way. ;)13:18
rick_h_then paste it anyway then :P13:18
snap-lSince it's 9 lines, including comments, there's probably at least 3 bugs in it. ;)13:20
_stink_rick_h_: enjoying your first day? :)14:06
rick_h_it's a regular docs part14:07
gamerchick02nice, rick_h_14:35
gamerchick02you don't get "shoot bambi" day off?14:35
ColonelPanic001shoot bambi?14:37
_stink_i think Ford is off, at least.14:38
_stink_for shoot bambi day.14:38
gamerchick02day before opening day of firearms deer season14:38
gamerchick02Chrysler is14:38
gamerchick02GM is14:38
gamerchick02Nexteer is14:38
ColonelPanic001that's kind of absurd14:38
gamerchick02it's stupid really14:38
gamerchick02i HAVE to take the day off and it's without pay14:38
ColonelPanic001"lol huntin' time be comin', close them thar offices"14:38
ColonelPanic001oh the hell with that14:39
ColonelPanic001that's doubly stupid14:39
ColonelPanic001I'd be bitching14:39
brouschi would love that. bambi killing day is my son's birthday14:39
_stink_his name is Bambi Killing?14:39
gamerchick02dude, i slept my ass in14:39
ColonelPanic001Bambi Killing Rousch14:39
gamerchick02and it's my brother's birthday14:39
gamerchick02so win win14:40
gamerchick02no pay, but sleeping in an extra day is almost worth it14:40
gamerchick02AND i get to chew the fat with you all in here14:40
brouschwow, a full 1/3 of our employees are taking vacation tomorrow14:40
gamerchick02wow, that's... crazy...14:40
brouschi guess i see why places shut down14:41
ColonelPanic001do they also play banjo music the day after?14:43
brouschi do!14:47
brouschsteve martin r0x14:47
gamerchick02no, they don't play banjo music at Chrysler14:49
gamerchick02brousch, steve martin r0x for sure14:49
ColonelPanic001I think it should be required if you close the office for opening day of hunting season14:49
gamerchick02"cue ominous banjos*14:49
ColonelPanic001I don't think banjos can sound ominous14:50
gamerchick02violins can though14:50
gamerchick02*scree scree scree*14:50
snap-lColonelPanic001: after a marathon of Deliverance, I think you might want to rethink that statement14:50
* gamerchick02 ducks and hides14:50
snap-lnote: I have never seen that movie14:50
gamerchick02i refuse to watch that film because of all the stuff i've heard about it14:50
brouschone of my favorites14:51
snap-lAnd there you have it14:51
snap-lBanjo-pickin, Bambi-killin' Pig Squealin' Rousch14:51
snap-lsome assembly required.14:51
brouschwelcome to west MI14:52
ColonelPanic001I haven't seen it either, although I get the reference14:52
brouschwtf, it is one of the greatest movies of all time14:52
brouschwe got to watch it in class14:53
snap-lWe saw Ferris Bueller's Day Off in class14:53
snap-lI see the disconnect14:53
ColonelPanic001snap-l wins14:54
gamerchick02the same could be said about northern MI.15:05
snap-lThe same is said about Northern MI. ;)15:13
* snap-l needs to make an XMame cabinet15:13
_stink_same here15:14
snap-lbut I have no wood-working skills15:14
* snap-l eyes rick_h_ slyly. ;)15:14
rick_h_what is this?15:14
snap-lActually, I'd love to find a gutted cabinet and work with that.15:14
snap-lMeme cabinets?15:14
snap-lThey're essentially arcade cabinets but with a computer in there emulating the workings.15:15
rick_h_ah, easy. get some plywood and come over15:15
rick_h_I've got everything you need for that15:15
jjessewe used to have an xbox arcade in the office15:15
jjessehacked xbox running a bunch of emulators hooked up in a cabinet like an arcade15:15
snap-lI have two arcade machines, but they're not suitable for converting15:16
snap-la) because I'm not crazy, and b) because they're both a cocktail and a mini version15:17
_stink_i so badly want a cocktail arcade machine.15:17
snap-l_stink_: Do you like Galaxian? :)15:18
snap-lIt's a bit old, so you might want to replace the caps in it15:18
snap-lbut if you're up for a project, I think we can work something out15:18
_stink_no shit15:19
_stink_does it power up?15:19
snap-lLast I checked.15:19
snap-lThat was a few years ago15:19
snap-lI'd rather it go to a friend than to Craigslist.15:19
_stink_well, if you get to the point of trying to get rid of it before we talk about it again, please remind me.  I'd love to work something out.15:20
_stink_but mayyyybbe like in a few months?15:20
snap-lI'm in no hurry to move 'em15:20
jrwrenSo why is GM/Ford off today?15:37
jrwrenI can't figure out how today relates to hunting.15:37
brouschit is clean your gun day15:38
brouschand clean out the back of your rusted pickup day15:38
brouschand buy a lot of beer day15:38
jrwrenok, i've never cleaned my gun, maybe I should.15:39
jrwrenbut seriously, why today? hunting season is not until next month, right?15:39
brouschtomorrow is gun opener15:39
jrwrenso they get today off,b ut have to take vacation to go hunt tomorrow?15:40
jrwrenthat is dumb15:40
jrwrenoh, its always Nov15th for openner?15:41
jjesseyeah i think always nov 1515:48
gamerchick02yes, it does15:52
gamerchick02it's always the 15th. and the automakers just shut down on the 14th because there are a lot of people that take vacation today15:53
rick_h_yea, you have to go up and bait and such15:53
gamerchick02baiting is illegal15:55
rick_h_oh sorry15:56
* rick_h_ isn't hunter himself, but my uncles show up to thanksgiving dinner in camo15:56
gamerchick02it's illegal because of the bovine TB thing that's a problem15:56
gamerchick02i don't even hunt, and i know this. i'm awful15:57
snap-lgamerchick02: Nothing wrong with picking up useless bits of information15:58
jrwrenbaiting isn't illegal anymore.15:58
jrwrenbut you can't do it until Oct 115:58
jrwrenI was just reading the MI dear guide.15:59
jrwrenthere are only certain areas where TB is still a problem.15:59
gamerchick02snap-l, i have lots of useless stuff in my brain. mostly related to old film, but you know15:59
gamerchick02ah, it must be restricted then, jrwren15:59
jrwrenhttp://www.michigan.gov/dnr/0,1607,7-153-10363_10856_10905---,00.html   :)16:01
jrwrenya'll made me curious so I've been reading.16:01
jrwrenthe "How to field dress deer" is particularly good16:01
_stink_in a sweater?16:02
brouschdoes it cover stone tool butchering?16:07
jjesse__stink_ as long as the sweater isn't white as it is after labor day16:07
=== jjesse_ is now known as jjesse
snap-lbad command or filename16:19
snap-lYou're in a maze of twisty passages, all alike16:19
gamerchick02lol _stink_16:20
snap-lWest of House16:20
gamerchick02how to field dress deer... perhaps they should have sweaters, hats and scarves16:20
snap-lYou are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front16:20
snap-lThere is a small mailbox here.16:20
gamerchick02they could be hipster deer16:20
ColonelPanic001open mailbox16:20
ColonelPanic001we need a zorkbot16:21
snap-lOpening the small mailbox reveals a leaflet.16:21
_stink_snap-l: is this the opening to Maniac Mansion?16:21
snap-l_stink_: Turn in your geek card16:21
ColonelPanic001put openmetalcast advertisement in mailbox16:21
snap-lIt's Zork16:21
snap-lI don't know the word "openmetalcast".16:21
ColonelPanic001pft. well, this is a worthless game, then16:22
ColonelPanic001burn house16:22
snap-lWhat do you want to burn the house with?16:22
ColonelPanic001fire and rage16:22
snap-lI don't know the word "fire".16:22
ColonelPanic001well, we're in no danger of the singularity any time soon.16:23
ColonelPanic001_stink_: when do you want to go?16:29
_stink_ColonelPanic001: not sure16:30
ColonelPanic001whenever you'd like. I'm already hungry, thoguh I can wait, too16:30
_stink_sorry to all of #ubuntu-us-mi for this conversation that should be on IM.16:30
ColonelPanic001nope. This is vital public information16:31
gamerchick02are you talking about lunch?16:54
gamerchick02if so, it's very very important.16:54
rick_h_hmmmm, lunch..it is time for that isn't it16:58
gamerchick02it is17:02
gamerchick02i'm getting hungry17:02
gamerchick02i miss everyone when i'm at work17:02
rick_h_having movie theaters open on thanksgiving robs people of family time...making my wife do rounds at the hospital robs her...let's all just stay home and if you want/need anything FUUUUUUUUUUUU17:12
snap-lFrankly, I think it's stupid to have stores open early on Black Friday17:18
snap-l6am tops, but having idiots camp outside just to get a shitty TV for cheap is just stupid17:19
jrwreninsanely stupid given how cheap the TV is anyway.17:34
jrwrenbut I guess even I would be tempted by a $20 bluray player :)17:34
rick_h_I'm allergic to gatherings of stupid people17:35
rick_h_so I just stay home and lock the doors after thanksgiving17:35
* greg-g waves17:39
rick_h_howdy greg-g17:39
greg-gso, Ubu has now turned to point downward17:40
greg-gas of last night17:40
greg-gthe little guy, his head is now pointing down17:40
greg-gie: one of the last steps and signaling he won't be breech17:40
rick_h_ah, that little guy17:41
greg-gyeah :)17:41
rick_h_sorry, starting job today so Ubu == Ubuntu and was very confused17:41
greg-gwe're pretty much at term17:41
greg-ghaha, yeah17:41
rick_h_greg-g: good stuff17:41
greg-gI should start using his post-birth name: Rowan17:41
rick_h_heh, ours was "peanut" for a long time17:42
jrwrengreg-g: congrats.17:42
jrwrenyou naming him ubu rowan, how cute.17:42
rick_h_Blazeix: http://www.androidcentral.com/htc-rezound-available-today-verizon17:43
rick_h_well 2/3 are out...we're next17:43
greg-gjrwren: :)17:44
gamerchick02snap-l, hear hear (re black friday)17:54
gamerchick02rick_h_ "allergic to stupid people"? Is there a cream for that?17:55
rick_h_not yet, under development17:55
rick_h_nasty side effects17:55
gamerchick02like what? growing another arm (which might come in handy, if you think about it)?17:55
jrwrena bit to Zaphod for me.17:57
gamerchick02i can see that.18:02
gamerchick02checkbook balanced, half of my hotel paid for, my car paid for december...18:03
gamerchick02time for a celebratory smoke on the front porch? perhaps. oh, happy birthday to my brother.18:05
ColonelPanic001smoking is bad, m'kay?18:11
ColonelPanic001next you'll drive without wearing a seat belt18:11
* ColonelPanic001 trolls the channel18:11
gamerchick02i smoke a small, flavored cigar once in awhile18:16
gamerchick02it's a hobby, not a habit18:16
greg-gthat I can appreciate18:16
greg-geither that or a pipe every now and then18:16
gamerchick02and yes, i do drive without a seatbelt... from the mailbox to the driveway on the way home from somewhere18:16
greg-gand by "small, flavored cigar" do you actually mean...... ;)18:17
gamerchick02*huffs* no. i actually mean a small, flavored cigar.18:17
greg-ghey, we all celebrate in our own special ways18:18
gamerchick02don't take this the wrong way, but i don't like the fat ones *cringes*18:18
ColonelPanic001I bet you don't.18:18
greg-gI don't know where this just went, but I think I'm too young for it18:18
gamerchick02please, pull your minds out of the gutter.18:18
gamerchick02and dust them off and put them back in your heads18:19
gamerchick02greg-g, i've wanted to try a pipe18:19
gamerchick02i've never smoked one. actually, saturday night was my first cigar. it was enjoyable.18:19
greg-ggamerchick02: I went through a phase, when I quiting cigarettes18:19
gamerchick02i don't do cigarettes. they're expensive and stinky (sorry)18:20
ColonelPanic001I know some people like htat18:20
gamerchick02dang. the one day i'm available for a LO Live, and they move it to Wednesday18:20
gamerchick02colonelpanic001, you mean people that are expensive and stinky? i'd guess that most of the cast of the jersey shore are.18:21
gamerchick02where's Wolfger?18:21
gamerchick02i haven't chatted with him in forever.18:21
gamerchick02probably he's working.18:22
_stink_i was waiting for you to say "speaking of expensive and stiny"18:22
gamerchick02or maybe not.18:22
gamerchick02you're not stinky, _stink_18:22
gamerchick02at least i don't think so.18:22
_stink_not me18:22
_stink_Wolfger :P18:22
ColonelPanic001_stink_ is _stink_y18:22
gamerchick02i doubt he's stinky.18:22
gamerchick02i miss this channel so much when i'm at work18:23
* gamerchick02 hugs channel18:23
* ColonelPanic001 defends his special place18:23
gamerchick02am i the only lady in this channel?18:23
ColonelPanic001that I know of, offhand. I don't know18:23
gamerchick02i'm the only one with anything resembling "chick" in their name.18:24
ColonelPanic001mv _stink_ _stinky_chick_18:24
gamerchick02you guys, i started reading the Daily WTF interviews section.18:25
gamerchick02i've lost a couple hours.18:25
gamerchick02and i realize that my interviews haven't been all that bad18:25
greg-ggamerchick02: re only female, I'm honestly not sure18:27
gamerchick02*shrug* doesn't bother me.18:28
gamerchick02also, the "read" function of the instapaper extension in chrome is le awesome.18:29
gamerchick02actually  it's called text view18:57
snap-lWell, that was productive19:58
snap-lI swear, at some point my job description will be "cleaner"19:59
jrwrendid someone say they don't like fat ones? /me is here.20:01
jrwreni prefer title "data janitor"20:04
gamerchick02hello jrwren. that was me, referring to cigars20:06
gamerchick02data sweeper?20:06
gamerchick02my brother's making honey candy and it smells like bad BO and is giving me a headache20:10
jrwreni ate too much sugar and caffiene and have a headache :(20:11
ColonelPanic001I bent my wookie20:13
snap-land now you have a headache?20:13
brouschi thought too much about ColonelPanic001's bent wookie and now i have a headache20:13
brouschColonelPanic001's bent wookie on a caffeine high while swimming in honey candy batter20:15
rick_h_ugh, my head hurts...and no wookie bending20:15
* greg-g hides20:16
brouschthis room is really going to pot without greg-g to C0C slap us20:19
snap-lyeah, it takes a lot to offend me20:19
ColonelPanic001I don't appreciate being threatened with greg-g's CoC20:20
greg-gso, about that lack of females in this channel...20:20
* rick_h_ hides...20:21
* greg-g goes to get lunch and leave this chilly coffee shop20:21
jjessethere's a lack of females in this gropu?20:21
jjessei thought we had our token 120:22
* snap-l waits for the inevitable "no good can come from this conversation" moment.20:25
ColonelPanic001that was when I joined the channel20:30
snap-l http://notinventedhe.re/on/2011-11-14 <- for rick_h_20:31
brouschis this rick_h_ approved? http://docs.pylonsproject.org/projects/pyramid_rpc/dev/jsonrpc.html21:09
snap-lScheduled the vacation extravaganza for work.21:21
brouschthe what?21:31
brouschdoes anyone know of a pdf reading app that syncs across devices?21:48
Blazeixrick_h_: you're probably in YUI land by now, but fyi https://twitter.com/#!/jashkenas/status/13620049964394905622:14
Blazeixbackbone dev22:14
gamerchick02gotta drive back down. see everyone tomorrow night?22:44

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