TRAVISgbkerensa here is that scrnshot of the slow chrome update that I totally spaced what do you think?07:21
TRAVISgGuess I should've sent an e-mail sorry little to no sleep this weekend07:22
bkerensaWhat about the update TRAVISg?07:22
TRAVISgremember we talked a while ago about my chrome updates taking way longer than normal07:23
TRAVISgbtw side note I really would like to contribute some how but not sure what to do07:23
TRAVISgif you think of anything let me know and I will see if I can manage it07:24
bkerensaTRAVISg: Well the screenshot doesnt show me how long its taking but generally chrome updates come from Google07:33
bkerensaGoogle has a bug tracker you might file a bug but likely it would be held as valid07:35
TRAVISgthanks man goodnight07:57
bkerensaBrian_H: You asked me to ping you about this when it happened http://j.mp/uYLVTr09:23
OregonianTitle: Enter To Win A Looxcie LX1 Wearable Camcorder | Benjamin Kerensa dot Com (at j.mp)09:23
bkerensaGood Morning16:26
bkerensaBrian_H: How is the weather out there in Beaverton today?22:27

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