InHisNameNow who is having a cow over spilt milk ?00:37
fosburghow do I find out where memory is being used00:43
fosburgI'm a newbe to linux and ubuu00:45
MutantTurkeyfosburg: you probably have a system monitor you can look at00:51
MutantTurkeyjedijf: ^00:51
MutantTurkeygnome-system-monitor maybe00:51
fosburgI have not seen anything in the system folder that shows this info00:52
MutantTurkeyif you launch the "gnome-system-monitor" process it should work00:54
MutantTurkey(not familiar with ubuntu specifically, but it might just be Alt+F2 and type in that00:54
fosburgthanks I'll give that a try00:56
GeekyAdamof course theres also top and, my personal favorite, htop00:57
MutantTurkeyGeekyAdam: htop is the bomb dizzley00:57
MutantTurkeyI don't know why anyone ships top these days.00:57
MutantTurkeyIt's not intuitive whatsover00:57
MutantTurkeyI don't know how people use itl00:58
GeekyAdamone of my screen regioins is an htop session00:58
MutantTurkeyGeekyAdam: I did for a while embed it onto my desktop00:59
MutantTurkeynow i just use yakuake00:59
MutantTurkeyand pull it up whenever00:59
GeekyAdamexplain embeding into your desktop and what is yakuake?01:00
MutantTurkeyGeekyAdam: I set it as my root window in my window manager01:00
MutantTurkeyeffectively acting as my desktop01:00
MutantTurkeyand yakuake is a drop down terminal01:00
MutantTurkeyon a hotkey it just "drops down" and is there01:00
MutantTurkeyquite handy01:00
MutantTurkeythey also have one for gnome if you pefer, called tilda afaik01:01
GeekyAdamdo you use that for your irc? or do u use a different app for that?01:01
MutantTurkeyI use konversation from TDE01:02
MutantTurkeyalso irssi though01:02
jedijffosburg: how are you making out?01:28
GeekyAdamim pretty sure im putting ubuntu on my main gaming desktop at home. the machines only good for playing WoW now, and that plays [decently enough] in Wine01:29
fosburgyou answered my questions--now i'm trying to understand what i'm looking at01:29
MutantTurkeyjedijf: question01:30
GeekyAdami love me some Windows 7, but i cant deny my lust for ubuntu01:30
jedijfMutantTurkey: just ask, befor ei phrik you01:30
MutantTurkeyI am trying to find a library path, I am examining the process and see it's loading kwin3_laptop.so01:30
MutantTurkeycan I use ld or the like to find the hard path?01:30
fosburgThanks to all01:31
MutantTurkeyjedijf: any idea/01:33
MutantTurkeyi guess i'll just do find -iname blahblah01:33
MutantTurkeyinstantly found it :|01:33
MutantTurkeyI am a fool.01:33
jedijffind / -name01:35
jedijfinsert name01:35
jedijffind / -name part_of_name 2>/dev/null to get rid of the can't search stuff01:36
jedijfor as root if needed01:38
jedijfnow to fix landlines.....phones suck01:38
MutantTurkeyI was just wonderin g if Ld has some way to do it01:42
MutantTurkeyprobably does lul01:42
GeekyAdamspeaking of landlines, i saw a tutorial online on how to use Skype with Asterisk to make skype come through a normal phoneline02:50
GeekyAdampretty cool stuff, totally wanted to try it02:50
rmg51morning JonathanD10:39
JonathanDhey rmg5110:40
JonathanDwhats up?11:18
rmg51nothing at the moment11:21
JonathanDnot going grocery shopping?11:21
rmg51just trying to read the paper11:21
rmg51it's Monday silly11:21
rmg51I shop on Sat.11:21
JonathanDI used to shop friday mornings.11:21
JonathanDBut the store nearby doesn't open early enough.11:22
rmg51Acme opens at 611:22
JonathanD6 isn't early enough.11:22
rmg51Pathmark is 24 hours11:22
JonathanDnot on weekdays, anyway.11:22
JonathanDThats slightly more viable. If there was one here :)11:22
rmg51not sure about ShopRite11:23
JonathanDLets see11:23
JonathanDI have acme, genuardis, walmart, bottom dollar11:23
JonathanDThese are all on or near 202 in KOP11:23
JonathanDFor anything else it'd be on the other side of norristown.11:24
rmg51that's why I shop on weekends11:24
rmg51weekdays are to tight with work in the way11:25
JonathanDI don't work til 9.11:25
JonathanDBut Josh gets on the bus shortly after 7, and needs to be "reminded"11:25
JonathanDof silly little things like wearing pants and eating and actually going to the bus stop.11:26
rmg51I'm at work by 811:27
rmg51to much hurry up to shop during the week11:27
InHisNamegood morning,  can apt-get be used to search for what is installed ?    Like search AG for gui and turn up anything with gui in its name ?13:49
jedijfdpkg -l14:00
jedijfand grep14:00
InHisName/bin/mail is NOT installed in my system (ubuntu 11.10) what is installed by default for command line usage ?16:23
InHisNameMy evolution seems to removed since last update.16:24
InHisNameusing dpkg above I have   bsd-mailx,  buncha perl stuff,  evolution (really? said it wasn't installed), thunderbird.   Which is easiest substitute for /bin/mail in a script ?16:38
Resistancenone of them.  fwiw, install postfix and use that to send mail.16:49
InHisNameI tried /usr/bin/mailx as subst for /bin/mail and left rest of script unchanged.  Seems to not complain anymore.   Not sure if mail is really going, not critical yet.16:50
fosburgType 1 fonts; Question, Adobe type one fonts are for windows and MAC, what OS for type 1 fonts is used for Linux--Ubuntu?17:39
fosburgWill Adobe Type 1 (MAC) fonts work with a Linux OS?17:47
Resistancefosburg:  #ubuntu17:50
fosburgthanks--I got a link to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto17:52
waltmanInHisName: If it's not really going out, you might take a look at the nullmailer package.18:04
waltmanOr if you've got a MTA installed on that box, try calling sendmail directly from the script.18:05
InHisNamewhat does MTA stand for ?18:11
waltmanMail Transfer Agent, something like exim or postfix.18:20
* Resistance recommends postfix18:20
waltmanBut if all you want to do is forward all the mail from this box somewhere else (e.g. your ISP's smtp server) then you can just use nullmailer.18:21
MutantTurkeywhich one of you bastards hacked my vps? :p19:08
MutantTurkeybecause someone did and I am freaking out X_X19:08
ResistanceMutantTurkey:  was it LulzSec ?19:09
MutantTurkeyResistance: no.19:09
MutantTurkeybut I found the files they were using to bruteforce I think19:10
MutantTurkeyit was in /lib/.41/19:10
Resistanceyou might consider running rkhunter19:10
Resistanceto look for additional vulnerabilities19:10
MutantTurkeyseems to be collecting irc information in the Undernet server as well as brute forcing IPs's19:11
Resistancekill it, then sudo rm -rf it, and then rkhunter19:12
MutantTurkeyI have it killed19:12
MutantTurkeyI also removed my whole home directory19:12
jedijfcheck crontab19:12
MutantTurkeywhich contained passwords for gmail and IRC19:12
MutantTurkeychanged them.19:12
* jedijf is betting opyum team19:12
MutantTurkeysee the tar.gz19:12
jedijfMutantTurkey: don't use standard ssh ports and disable root login19:13
MutantTurkeytake a look19:13
MutantTurkeyjedijf: root login was disabled , which is weird because they are logged in as wroot over ssh.19:13
MutantTurkeylook over that.19:13
MutantTurkeyI am thinking they may have left some information there.19:14
jedijfMutantTurkey: no time today, but netstat -plant and see how many irc connections you have19:14
MutantTurkeytcp        0      0 boxi:3389               dsl88-247-34606.tt:3565 ESTABLISHED19:14
MutantTurkeytcp        0      0 boxi:3389               bb26a130.virtua.co:3200 ESTABLISHED19:14
MutantTurkeytcp        0    256 boxi:ssh                remote.mc3.edu:9432     ESTABLISHED19:14
MutantTurkeytcp        0      0 boxi:34496              verne.freenode.net:ircd ESTABLISHED19:14
MutantTurkeytcp        0      0 boxi:ssh                remote.mc3.edu:33401    ESTABLISHED19:14
MutantTurkeytcp        0      0 boxi:www                remote.mc3.edu:48731    TIME_WAIT19:14
MutantTurkeysorry :x thats all though19:15
MutantTurkey3389 is my remote desktop protocol19:15
MutantTurkeythat looks okay right?19:15
MutantTurkeydoes rdp present security treat?19:15
MutantTurkeyI dont know what that dsl88-247 is though...19:15
jedijfany open port, moreso the standard ports can/will be automagically scanned and bruted19:16
jedijfcheck auth.log(s) for giggles19:16
Resistanceisnt RDP remote desktop?19:17
jedijfgotta love the internet19:17
jedijfResistance: yep19:17
MutantTurkeyI have their IP19:18
MutantTurkeyit's in the log19:18
Resistanceiptables -A input -s <ip> -j DROP19:19
Resistance(or in my case, iptables -A AUTODROP -s <ip> -j DROP19:19
jedijfcat /var/log/auth.log | grep ssh19:20
MutantTurkeyseems to be an array of IP's19:20
MutantTurkeybruteforcing users and pw's19:20
MutantTurkeyalso I have a few log files authlog.1 2 3 .gz etc19:21
jedijfany good guesses mutantspecific or the standards, mysql blahblah blah19:21
MutantTurkeymatt seems to be going on for a few days19:23
MutantTurkeymaybe a week or two before they got in19:23
jedijfthen you are not being targeted...like arch cal mc3 etc19:23
jedijfif that's logged, it was me ;)19:23
MutantTurkeygotta talk to my VPS guys19:23
Resistanceany of you applied for ubuntu membership, and happen to know what the odds are someone is approved?19:23
* Resistance is applying for Ubuntu membership19:23
MutantTurkeyUbuntu Memebership? what is this 1984?19:23
* Resistance hands MutantTurkey the time warp unit, which is set for 198419:24
jedijfResistance: not really based on odds; more based on work, consistent, in the Ubuntu community/world19:24
Resistancehave fun back there :P19:24
Resistancei see.19:24
* jedijf was recently approved19:25
Resistanceooh congrats.19:25
Resistancei'm in the queue to be considered by this thursday's meeting of the regional board or w/e it is19:25
jedijfit was suggested that team contact should be a member19:25
Resistanceha, i found your approval xD19:27
* Resistance looked in the reports :P19:27
Resistancewhat... what's this about you having ZERO launchpad karma19:28
* Resistance slaps jedijf19:28
MutantTurkeyDid you know trinitydesktop actually has deployed their own Launchpad service for our build system?19:29
jedijfResistance: it expires19:29
MutantTurkeyjedijf: seems su and grep I cant even use19:29
jedijfi don't actively pursue bug stuff19:29
MutantTurkeyI think they were messed with19:29
Resistancejedijf:  neither do i :/19:29
Resistancei target mostly spec tracking19:29
jedijfResistance: didn't check your karma19:30
jedijfsaw the number, that was enough19:30
ResistanceAnswer Tracker 8119:30
ResistanceBazaar Branches 3819:30
ResistanceBug Management 15019:30
ResistanceSoyuz 13619:30
ResistanceSpecification Tracking 355419:30
ResistanceTotal karma: 395919:30
jedijfMutantTurkey: good learning experience; what did you learn?19:33
MutantTurkeyjedijf: FUCK the police.19:39
MutantTurkeyoh sorry wrong lesson.19:39
jedijfthis is not Compton, that language is not excused19:40
jedijfEasy E forever19:40
jedijfin the right time and place19:40
* jedijf prefers Dopeman19:40
* MutantTurkey throws change in the jar19:41
jedijfwe take bills only as we aspire to be the 1%19:44
jedijfand to have more wealth than Greece and Italy combined19:45
MutantTurkeybreaking news, #ubuntu-us-pa is bailed out by the world bank19:45
MutantTurkeybreaking news, #ubuntu-us-pa GDP surpasses most african countries19:51
GeekyAdamMutantTurkey: wow someone really wants your root password21:38
GeekyAdamyet another reason I like ubuntu, you cant log in as root21:38
GeekyAdamvia ssh21:38
* GeekyAdam hopes he's correct, having never fully researched the subject.21:38
ResistanceGeekyAdam:  you can actually allow root logins from SSH21:39
Resistancealthough its not advised ;P21:39
GeekyAdamResistance: but its turned off by default, correct?21:39
GeekyAdammines off21:39
GeekyAdami find that the more "general" irc #channels i idle in, the more activity my auth.log gets21:40
GeekyAdamlike #ubuntu and ##linux21:40
GeekyAdamyet another reason to keep your irssi/dev machine on a seperate network than your production/www machines21:40
JonathanDEveryone should have an irssi machine.21:46
GeekyAdamMutantTurkey: just added you on G+21:46
JonathanDor two.21:47
GeekyAdamheading home, might be on later21:47
MutantTurkeyGeekyAdam: cool cool21:49

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