nigelbmhall119: Pretty sure we can't see that page.02:21
mhall119nigelb: you can't, but IS can02:43
mhall119it's basically what's in the pastebin, with similar scripts for doing the same in Wordpress and Drupal, but it should make IS more comfortable knowing it's an established proceedure02:44
mhall119knome: it's orphaned, we don't have enough developers to tend to all of the projects we'd like to see done.  Would you be interested in adopting it?02:45
nigelbmhall119: ahh. cool.02:48
nigelbmhall119: http://instagram-engineering.tumblr.com/post/12651721845/instagram-engineering-challenge-the-unshredder02:54
nigelb[Django] Error (EXTERNAL IP): /events/no-team/35/detail/09:24
nigelbmhall119, cjohnston ^ wtf :|09:24
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nigelbWho's even trying to hit those URLs.09:27
knomemhall119, not really.10:57
cjohnstonnigelb: thats the same as bug #69212111:55
ubot4Launchpad bug 692121 in loco-team-portal "Team event has been unlinked to loco team on loco.ubuntu.com (affects: 1)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69212111:55
cjohnstonbut 35, and 74 which was another error, are old11:55
nigelbcjohnston: ah12:02
knomemhall119, is there somebody who could help with getting started with the reports if i got a new contributor doing that?12:03
nigelbknome: we're all willing to help :)12:05
dakerknome, what kind of report ?12:05
nigelbdaker: team reports12:05
nigelbTHere was an app written but is current abandoned because there's just 4 of us.12:05
dakernigelb, where ?12:05
nigelb5 if you count Ronnie, but he's been busy lately.12:05
cjohnstondaker: any chance you have some time today to work on something ajaxy?12:05
knomewhat's the status of the app then?12:05
cjohnstonknome: abandoned and horrible12:06
dakercjohnston, shoot12:06
cjohnstondaker: I'm adding regional contacts.. and mhall119 and I were thinking an ajaxy way of adding them12:06
knomeso one would need to roll the updates in the wiki?12:06
cjohnstonknome: its meant to be a stand along thing12:07
knomeyes, but if the app is ready you can't use it, am i right?12:07
knome*is not ready12:07
nigelbBUt yes, there should be an easy way for UWN to get the reports12:07
cjohnstoncorrect.. it needs alot of work before it will be ready12:07
knomeso, if somebody would take the task, he would need to work with the wiki, as previously?12:07
cjohnstonhe wouldnt need to work with the wiki.. he would work on the app, when the app is ready it would be deployed, then we could stop using the wiki for team reports.12:08
knomeright. so if nobody can work with the app, the team reports are not going to happen anyway?12:08
cjohnstonif noone is working on the app, the teams that do reports will continue doing them on the wiki12:09
knomeyes, but they are not gathered in one page.12:09
knomethe last complete is from august12:09
cjohnstonfor what team? i know teams did them in october12:10
knomefor https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TeamReports12:10
cjohnstonwhoever aggrigates them hasnt i guess12:11
nigelbThe frontpage hasn't been updated is all.12:11
mhall119knome: dholbach was the last person working on the team reports app, I think, so you can talk to him about direction.  cjohnston nigelb and I can help anybody get started with django12:16
knomei have no time to work on the app.12:18
AlanBellwho just broke events pages then?13:55
doctormo-otherAlanBell: What's broken?13:56
AlanBellthe update registration was a second ago13:57
doctormo-otherhttp://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-uk/1340/detail/ <- that one seems a bit broken13:58
head_victimAlanBell: I saw it when you pasted it. It's moved to the rhs but it's now back within the bounds of the page13:58
doctormo-otherhttp://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-uk/889/detail/ <- But that one looks nice14:00
AlanBellyeah, looks like it was in the process of landing14:00
doctormo-otherWe should probably take the register button away if it's past the event date14:02
knomebtw, is anybody here from the canonical IS?14:03
cjohnstonknome: they hang out in #canonica-sysadmins14:47
knomehmm. nobody in that (or canonical-) channel?14:48
cjohnstonknome: they hang out in #canonica-sysadmin14:49
doctormo-othercjohnston: That's canonica and not canonical?15:08
cjohnstondoctormo-other: can you tell him please15:09
cjohnstoni cant type i guess15:09
cjohnston#canonical-sysadmin knome15:09
doctormo-othercjohnston: lol, you can type... unless all these chars are coming from your mind...15:10
doctormo-othermundane action from a distance lol15:10
cjohnstonsomewhere between the mind and the fingers there is a miscommunication15:10
doctormo-othererror between enery wave and collapse? Must be that damn entropy!15:18
doctormo-otherenergy* although with my misspellings, I get to pathologise it as dyslexia ;-)15:18
knomecjohnston, yep, thanks.15:19
newz2000Wow, I missed a lot while I was away! I see I've been pinged but the scrollback is huge, so ping me again if you still need me.15:54
cjohnstonnewz2000: we always need you15:55
* newz2000 feels good to be needed15:55
cjohnstonmhall119: https://code.launchpad.net/~lamont/loco-team-portal/production-merge-urt18784/+merge/8219316:58
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daker_cjohnston: https://code.launchpad.net/~daker/loco-team-portal/fix.889567/+merge/8205322:03
cjohnstonmhall119: were you able to figure out the summit problem22:03
mhall119cjohnston: no, I'll need to snoop around on the server, is it in place now?22:04
cjohnstonno.. he reverted due to the damage22:04
mhall119are the files still on there somewhere?22:04
mhall119in a separate branch or something?22:04
cjohnstonthe old local_settings is in place, the new one is in the email we had as well as the rt22:06
cjohnstondaker_: https://code.launchpad.net/~chrisjohnston/loco-team-portal/regional-contact  this is what i need some ajaxy type love with22:07
daker_cjohnston: how this would work ?22:10
daker_cjohnston: btw can you share the analytics access ?22:10
cjohnstondaker_: when an admin goes to edit the team22:12
cjohnstoni see having one field to pick the contact, and one field to define the region22:13
cjohnstonand then a button that they can click that will add a second field to pick a contact and a second field to define the region22:13
cjohnstonand that continue on22:13
cjohnstonif that makes any sense to you22:14
daker_cjohnston: i have made the frontend22:38
daker_cjohnston: http://paste.ubuntu.com/738693/22:39
cjohnstonthat is the add button stuff only right?22:41
cjohnstonit has the fields too22:41
daker_yep you click add it will duplicate the div22:42

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