mikeruActionParsnip: ... wans't transmission integrated with the unity dock before :S ?00:00
Scuniziconbot: are you at the terminal now? or another machine?00:00
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conboti am on a tty terminal00:01
GremuchnikHi. how do I edit the applications list in GNOME3 to add an icon to an application shown without it? thanks!00:01
Scuniziconbot: logged in under your user name?00:01
ActionParsnipmikeru: i believe so, you can enable the systray item etc00:02
mikeruQ: can I install GNOME3 and keep unity?00:02
mikeruActionParsnip: not with the notification area (I already have that on)00:02
Scuniziconbot: sudo service lightdm start00:02
Gremuchnikmikeru, yes, simply install gnome-shell and then logout and login with a "gnome" session00:02
mikeruActionParsnip: but I think it used to display download/upload speed in the Dock, much like Chrome displays download progress on the Dock00:03
mikeruI might be confusing it with the Mac version though.00:03
mikeruGremuchnik: will that install all Gnome 3 stuff?00:03
ActionParsnipmikeru: it can be made to show more, or you can  disable te tray icon and it will live in the launcher00:03
mikerulike, all the standard GNOME 3 stuff installed by default in Fedora and <insertdistributionshippingnome3>?00:04
ActionParsnipmikeru: i havent used gnome desktop in a while00:04
Gremuchnikmikeru, it will install the G3 desktop manager00:04
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mikeruActionParsnip: well yes, I noticed now that I click on the X it will close transmission. what I was asking is if it can display download/upload status in the dock00:05
mikeruActionParsnip: I only used Gnome 3 once, when it was still alpha or whatever they denoted it (and it was slow and unstable as hell). while I don't intend to stick to it, I'd like to test it00:05
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psychx-Is it simple to dual-boot multiple linux distros?00:06
ActionParsnipmikeru: could propose it on brainstorm.ubuntu.com00:06
mikeruI would, but so far I've seen that whatever is proposed on brainstorm is ignored...00:06
Scunizipsychx-: if you want to do that just to check out other distros.. install them into a virtual machine with virtualbox.. much easier.. espicaially if you decide to "not" like the distro.. it's easy to delete.00:06
_mustafa_ubuntu's lekka ek sa00:07
mikeruand some blog post I once read said that the only things that they implement from brainstorm, were in fact planned already by Canonical.00:07
psychx-Scunizi: Ok, I will try that. What is the typical app to use? VirtualBox?00:09
Scunizipsychx-: yep.. virtualbox.org if you want to get version with usb support et.al.. otherwise I believe it's also in the repos with all the non-free stuff ripped out of it.00:10
ActionParsnipmikeru: http://www.webupd8.org/2011/09/integrate-transmission-with-unity.html00:10
psychx-Scunizi: ok great thank you.. what would you suggest me trying out? I have Ubuntu 11.10 installed right now but I'd like to try some others. I have a CentOS box that was given to me that I usually SSH into, but I want to try something with a GUI out on this pc.00:10
mikeruActionParsnip: ohhhh, hopefully it supports 11.10 by now00:11
_mustafa_i'm goin' street racing - with a wrx impreza twin turbo - bye bye00:11
Scunizipsychx-: pure debian perhaps.. fedora.. there's lots out there.. mint?00:11
ashokamauryahey guys, I need help00:11
Scunizipsychx-: no need to burn a cd eitehr.. vbox will install direct from the .iso00:12
ashokamauryaJust installed ubuntu 11.10, but my mic isn't working00:12
zacariashow do you encrypt a file or a directory in Ubuntu?00:18
ThiokaHi everyone,  Tomorrow this ( ---->http://blogs.kde.org/node/4491<----) will end and KDE will lose the opportunity to win 1000 euros. You can vote even though you're not from Germany. Spend some of your time, you can vote three times. If you like KDE support it. Have a nice day.00:20
R1ch13086zacarias: http://www.liberiangeek.net/2010/10/create-encrypted-files-folders-ubuntu-10-0410-10-maverick-meerkat-seahorse/00:21
JZApplesWhen I try to download updates I a Failed to download repository information with the following details:  W:GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net oneiric Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY C5E6A5ED249AD24C, W:Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-audio-dev/ppa/ubuntu/dists/oneiric/main/source/Sources  404  Not Found00:25
JZApples, W:Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-audio-dev/ppa/ubuntu/dists/oneiric/main/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found00:25
JZApples, E:Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.00:25
FloodBot1JZApples: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:25
zacariasR1ch13086: Tx00:25
OerHeksJZApples, try changing mirror ?00:27
JZApplesOerHeks, How do I change the url?00:28
OerHeksJZApples, go into software sources00:28
paissad_guys, when i enter $HOME and expand it with TAB, i have -> \$HOME, ... but i dont want to have the backslash, is it possible to remove such stuff ?00:34
BrianXP7how do i set the default resolution in ubuntu 11.1000:34
paissad_what must  i do to remove that ?00:35
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adrianochi all, i'm try using Empathy, but where i to create a sign (gmail), i have this error: org.freedesktop.DBus.Glib.UnmappedError.McdAccountManagerError.Code0: Failed to set parameter: Protocol jabber not found00:42
|Slacker|hello guys, i've just reinstalled my oneiric from scratch and for some reason I can't recall it disconnects wifi after closing the lid00:42
|Slacker|and I'd like it to keep connected00:43
adrianocmaybe miss some package ?00:43
yoaino3vAnybody here know where I can install tor from I've looked and can not find any source00:43
yoaino3vI'm on ubuntu 11.0400:43
gloomerim having trouble compiling the Realtek 8192SU drivers, says missing smp_lock.h, where can i download this and where do i put it?00:44
MiguelitoI ve installed Ubuntu 11.04 on an Inspiron 1525 laptop and the battery is always 15% or less even when charging . how can I get the battery to work properly00:45
yoaino3vAnybody know anything about tor?00:45
adrianocsomeone ?00:45
smw!anyone | yoaino3v00:46
ubottuyoaino3v: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.00:46
MiguelitoI need to use the laptop from time to time unplugged00:46
ubottuTor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is in Ubuntu's repositories, but the Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en | To use Tor on freenode, see !tor-sasl00:46
yoaino3vI looked there just a lot of nothing00:46
yoaino3vPackage tor is not available, but is referred to by another package.00:48
yoaino3vThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or00:48
yoaino3vis only available from another source00:48
yoaino3vE: Package tor has no installation candidate00:48
yoaino3vwoops didn't mean to use that so many lines00:48
Miguelitocould anybody help me out?00:49
|Slacker|how do I make ubuntu keep my wifi on after closing the lid of my netbook?00:49
MiguelitoI ve installed Ubuntu 11.04 on an Inspiron 1525 laptop and the battery is always 15% or less even when charging . how can I get the battery to work properly?00:49
yoaino3vI dont understand where the installer is on this site deb     http://deb.torproject.org/torproject.org00:51
mikeruso I installed gnome-shell...00:52
mikeruand it's all choppy.00:52
mikeruterribly choppy00:52
mikeruit's disgusting to stare at00:52
tashto add a user to Ubuntu sodoers don't I just need to edit /etc/group and add them to the admin group?00:52
mikeruI'm using fglrx.00:52
urlin2uyoaino3v, there isn't one you down load and you install.00:52
Miguelitoare you actually seeing my messages?00:52
mikeruany suggestions :D ?00:52
gridbagwhats a good usb-wireless adapter to use on Ubuntu ?00:52
yoaino3vThen what do I do?00:52
|Slacker|gridbag, ralink00:53
urlin2uyoaino3v, download and install00:53
yoaino3vFrom where00:53
Miguelitohelp please00:53
yoaino3vI've looked for hours00:53
urlin2uyoaino3v, what is it that you want, I just logged on.00:53
yoaino3vI want tor installed to run a proxy on irc00:53
gloomerwhere can i get smp_lock.h from a old kernel source tree?00:53
gridbag|Slacker|, how easy is it to install?00:53
gridbag   i don't want to install drivers.00:53
urlin2uyoaino3v, you wont get it there you have to find the instructions on how to do that.00:54
|Slacker|gridbag, well....here I don't need to install anything00:54
|Slacker|I just plug it in and i'm happy00:54
|Slacker|but lemme test just to be sure00:55
yoaino3vWell if I could install tor it wouldn't be so hard, but seems not possible to install on linux00:55
Miguelitohelp pleaaaase00:55
MiguelitoI ve installed Ubuntu 11.04 on an Inspiron 1525 laptop and the battery is always 15% or less even when charging . how can I get the battery to work properly?00:55
urlin2uyoaino3v, you get tor from their site prebuilt it is the easiest.00:56
yoaino3v@Miguelito > Go here for help > http://www.techsupportforum.com/forums/f64/00:56
|Slacker|gridbag, yep...it just worked00:56
stealth-I enabled a restricted driver that didn't work. Anyone know a quick command to disable it? The gui is just a black screen, so I can't do it viat he prompt.00:56
urlin2uyoaino3v, or you can get it that way that is00:56
micromis there a plugin for libreoffice to save to an on-line SVN repository instead of saving to the local drive?00:58
Shirakawasunastealth-: I'm confused about the blank screen/gui/prompt statement. If you can access a terminal on that computer, you can uninstall the driver (e.g. remove the nvidia packages) with apt, then they can no longer load.00:59
stealth-Yes, I'm aware of that.01:00
Shirakawasunastealth-: then other packages will step in and fill the gap - if nvidia, then nouveau or vesa01:00
stealth-But I have absolutely no idea what it installed.01:00
Marmelodovanyone know why my mouse automatically grabs stuff when I single click for no apparent reason01:00
Shirakawasunastealth-: dpkg-query --list | grep nvid (or whatever)01:00
Marmelodovand don't know how to replicate it either01:00
jribMarmelodov: your mouse could be broken.  See if it happens with another mouse01:01
Marmelodovyeah happens when I use my mouse or touchpad01:01
stealth-Shirakawasuna: I have nvidia-96-updates, nvidia-common, and nvidia-settings-updates. Remove all of those, and things should go back to as they were?01:01
ShirakawasunaMarmelodov: like alt+click?01:01
Rothamhey.. how can I reset unity/system settings from the terminal in 11.1001:01
tashis using visudo the suggested way to add someone to sudoers?01:01
jribtash: of course01:01
Rothami changed a couple settings and it crashed01:01
tashor, just edit /etc/group and add the user to the admin group01:01
Marmelodovlike if I were to click and hold01:01
Jordan_URotham: For unity and compiz settings only, "unity --reset".01:01
Marmelodovbut stops if i click again01:02
Shirakawasunastealth-: if you remove those, it should hopefully default to nouveau or vesa, which is the default.01:02
tashjrib: second question ^01:02
stealth-Shirakawasuna: Alright, I'll give it a shot.01:02
jribtash: depends on what you want to do.  If all you want to do is give the user full sudo access, then just add them to the admin group (sudo adduser USERNAME admin).  Do not edit /etc/group....01:02
SwashBucklahello, I would like to use a custom Xsession, instead of the default Ubuntu session manager, BUT _keep_ the default Ubuntu login manager. Anyone done this? This seems relevant but does not quite meet my needs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CustomXSession01:02
urlin2uMarmelodov, have you made any adjustments to compiz?01:02
Shirakawasunastealth-: it might require a restart or manually unloading modules/restarting X. If you don't know how to do the latter, just reboot (sudo reboot) after uninstalling the packages.01:02
tashjrib: I want to give them sudo rights01:02
Jordan_Ujrib: tash: Yes, but adding someone to the "admin" group is the recommended way to simply give someone sudo privileges in Ubuntu.01:02
Guest87142argh irc all these years and i still dont know how to use it. could someone answer probably a very simple question01:02
tashuser is already created01:02
jribtash: then add them to the admin group01:02
MarmelodovI thought it was that too but it was doing it even before I installed compiz01:03
tashso, usermod -G admin user ?01:03
jribtash: sudo adduser USERNAME admin, does not create user, it adds user to admin group01:03
stealth-Shirakawasuna: It wants to remove ubuntu-desktop as well.01:03
tashjrib: oh01:03
jribtash: you probably don't want to run that usermod command01:03
luca_biI cannot open phpmyadmin01:03
urlin2uMarmelodov, so it is not clicking at the window header and moving it?01:03
stealth-Shirakawasuna: If I remember right, that's a meta package, right? Probably still nto what I want, though...01:03
luca_biI don't remember the password01:03
luca_bihow can i do?01:03
Guest87142any ubuntu pros available very quick question ???01:04
tashjrib: thank you.01:04
Marmelodovyeah it is if i move my mouse it'll move whatever its grabbing01:04
Jordan_U!ask | Guest8714201:04
ubottuGuest87142: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:04
Marmelodovits bizarre, only happens sometimes and I cant make it happen if i try01:04
floydspritehey guys i just downloaded ubuntu on my external hard drive01:05
urlin2uMarmelodov, sudo apt-get holy-water01:05
gloomerwhere would the kernel source tree be on the local file system?01:05
ShirakawasunaSwashBuckla: that wiki article should work. If you set up a .xinitrc correctly, then link it to .xsession, lightdm should hopefully show it. If it doesn't, lightdm must be behind on that.01:05
Marmelodovhaha what's that?01:05
floydspriteand i keep getting this message when i try to download ssh threw term01:05
urlin2uMarmelodov, a joke it may be the beast.:D01:05
floydsprite sudo apt-get install ssh-server01:05
floydspriteReading package lists... Done01:05
floydspriteBuilding dependency tree01:05
floydspriteReading state information... Done01:05
floydspritePackage ssh-server is a virtual package provided by:01:05
FloodBot1floydsprite: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:05
Guest87142fair point installed Ubuntu 11.10 using wubi.exe on windows 7 everything install pc resrated took me back to windows as expected restared selected ubunto took me to a login screen then nothing i was greeted with a wall paper mouse would move but no menus just a nice fancy screen?01:05
Lehthanishey all, I'm running Ubuntu Studio (natty) and trying to find themes for gnome...but I'm not sure what gnome I should be looking for...there's all these gtk and metacity...01:06
SwashBucklaShirakawasuna: is lightdm the Ubuntu login manager?01:06
Marmelodovyeah maybe, i tried sudo apt-get fix-my-shit and that didnt work either01:06
Shirakawasunastealth-: if you remove ubuntu-desktop, I think you'll be fine. Just reinstall it afterwards. Make sure it only wants to remove the meta package pointer thing and not everything.01:06
Lehthanisif I go to about gnome, it just says gnome.  2.32.101:06
ShirakawasunaSwashBuckla: yes01:06
xanguaLehthanis: you will be fine with gtk2 themes01:06
ShirakawasunaSwashBuckla: as of oneiric01:06
floydspritedid any one see what i just wrote01:07
SwashBucklaShirakawasuna: cool, thanks I'll try the steps in the link01:07
MiguelitoCan anybody help?01:07
MiguelitoI ve installed Ubuntu 11.04 on an Inspiron 1525 laptop and the battery is always 15% or less even when charging . how can I get the battery to work properly?01:07
Lehthanisxangua, thanks!  so if I get the right kind of theme, it should be easy to install right?01:07
MiguelitoI have researched a lot and couldn't find anything relevant!01:07
xanguaLehthanis: just extract the theme and drag it to the appearence window01:08
RothamJordan_U:  it tries to restart and then I get an error -- "compiz (core) - Warn this should never happen.  you should probably file a bug about this" (and some other warnings)01:08
Lehthanisok, I'll give it a shot01:08
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Jordan_URotham: Then please check if there are any existing bug reports about this and if not, file one.01:09
stealth-Shirakawasuna: I just didn't remove nvidia-common, and that stops from pulling in ubuntu-desktop. Restarted after removing nvidia-96-updates and nvidia-settings-updates, and now it appears to work like previously. Thanks for the help :)01:09
Jordan_U!bugs | Rotham01:09
ubottuRotham: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.01:09
MiguelitoJordan_U: I ve installed Ubuntu 11.04 on an Inspiron 1525 laptop and the battery is always 15% or less even when charging . how can I get the battery to work properly?01:09
Jordan_UMiguelito: I don't know.01:09
floydspritehey can anyone help me with my problem01:09
MiguelitoJordan_U: ok, thanks01:10
Guest87142installed Ubuntu 11.10 using wubi.exe on windows 7 everything install pc resrated took me back to windows as expected restared selected ubunto took me to a login screen then nothing i was greeted with a wall paper mouse would move but no menus just a nice fancy screen?01:10
xanguaGuest87142: try a real install ;)01:10
urlin2uMiguelito, how long ago did you install, at times the battery app needs to sync cyles?01:10
Guest87142i have in the past but i wanted to try it first? hence why i chose that option i think ill uninstall and test it through virtual server if i like ill remove windows for good. does anyone know if adobe cs5 is compatiable with ubuntu01:11
Miguelitourlin2u: I installed ubuntu yesterday. I have this issue since I decided to format my laptop and install Linux.01:11
Lehthanisxangua, the theme I found has a metacity folder and a gtk2.0 folder....should I just extract the gtk2 folder and drag it to appearance?01:11
floydspritewhen i type sudo apt-get install ssh-server i get this:  E: Package 'ssh-server' has no installation candidate01:11
Miguelitourlin2u: I actually had the same problem with WinXP.  But it worked perfectly well with Vista(which came installed with the laptop)01:12
xanguaGuest87142: if by compatible you mean there is a linux version, there is not....check wine database for more01:12
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help01:12
xanguaubottu: tell Guest87142 about wine01:12
ubottuGuest87142, please see my private message01:12
urlin2uMiguelito, what I said is really a guess, not really sure.01:13
floydspritehey can anyone help me01:13
skypentfloydsprite : look in our chat01:13
Icehawk78I was attempting to upgrade the fglrx drivers on my laptop, and upon restart, 11.10 will no longer boot. I'm able to boot into Windows 7 on the same machine and access the grub config, but am not sure what I should start with to repair my installation. Any recommendations?01:13
Guest87142many thanks ubottu i dont know how to work this irc but i got the mesage ill check the list thaks01:13
xangua!info ssh-server | floydsprite01:13
ubottufloydsprite: Package ssh-server does not exist in oneiric01:13
urlin2uIcehawk78, is it a wubi install?01:13
Icehawk78urlin2u: No, fresh install on its own partition.01:14
xanguaIcehawk78: how did you upgrade it¿ from ubuntu oficial repository¿01:14
urlin2uIcehawk78, how are you accessing the grub.config?01:14
Icehawk78xangua: I ran apt-get install fglrx and then restarted.01:14
Tech-1Hi: just uninstalled xserver-xorg, snd reinstalled it, now everything workd with the exception of my music programs  this is what i did  ( http://saf.li/271GG )  id like to know what got left out...thanks01:15
MiguelitoI ve installed Ubuntu 11.04 on an Inspiron 1525 laptop and the battery is always 15% or less even when charging . how can I get the battery to work properly?01:15
Miguelitourlin2u: ok, thank you01:15
Icehawk78urlin2u: I have ext4 drivers for Windows installed, so I can read/write to that partition, though I've not changed anything yet.01:15
floydspritethanks guy01:15
urlin2uIcehawk78, so you have easybcd or grub in the mbr?01:15
Icehawk78urlin2u: Grub, and yes.01:16
Shirakawasunastealth-: no problem! Enjoy ubuntuing!01:16
urlin2uIcehawk78, actually easybcd would not be in the mbr, cool grub.01:16
Icehawk78urlin2u: I installed 11.10 from a live-usb second to ensure it would write the boot partition.01:16
Miguelitostealth: I ve installed Ubuntu 11.04 on an Inspiron 1525 laptop and the battery is always 15% or less even when charging . how can I get the battery to work properly?01:16
urlin2uIcehawk78, so what happens when you choose ubuntu from the grub menu?01:17
Miguelitooh man! I might have to reinstall windos vista  and forget about ubuntu....01:18
Icehawk78urlin2u: Non-graphical boot process, eventually freezing after saying... some stuff about battery states, I think?01:19
Icehawk78If the boot process would leave a log somewhere, I can look for that, otherwise I can reboot and tell you what it says from another computer.01:19
Miguelitohelp pls01:20
yeatsIcehawk78: /var/log/dmesg01:20
Tech-1anybody want to give me a hand getting my music player launchers back working ?01:20
ThiokaHi everyone,  Tomorrow this ( ---->http://blogs.kde.org/node/4491<----) will end and KDE will lose the opportunity to win 1000 euros. You can vote even though you're not from Germany. Spend some of your time, you can vote three times. If you like KDE support it. Have a nice day.01:20
Thiokaand good night!01:20
urlin2uIcehawk78, I'm not really solid in this area, but I would think if you get to a cli and remove the fglrx drivers you would be in, I don't thin it is a grub problem.01:21
xanguaThioka: don't ever spam here, thanks01:21
Icehawk78urlin2u: Any idea how to manually boot to a cli from grub? I removed all grub entries except the main "Boot 11.10" and "Boot Windows"01:23
urlin2uIcehawk78, try the recovery option in the grub menu, you can get there probably01:24
Icehawk78urlin2u: Recovery isn't in grub, that was removed01:24
urlin2uIcehawk78, you might try hitting e at the menu and inserting nomodeset right before no spash the hitting crtl-x to a cli then removing there, or trying start-x to get to the desktop.01:26
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urlin2uIcehawk78, you can chroot from a live cd probably and remove it, I don't know how myself.01:26
urlin2uIcehawk78, I'm assuming this will work at all as well.01:27
Icehawk78urlin2u: Hey, it's more of a guess than I had :P01:28
Jordan_UIcehawk78: Add the kernel parameter "single" to get into single user / recovery mode.01:29
waterDropwhat's difference beetween Ext2 Ext3 and Ext401:30
urlin2uwaterDrop, better studied rather then asking here. http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2011/05/ext2-ext3-ext4/01:32
Icehawk78Jordan_U: Thanks, that got me to a command line. now I just have to figure out how to remove fglrx, since apparently it *wasn't* installed via apt-get01:32
Jordan_UIcehawk78: sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf-bad01:33
waterDropurlin2u, thanks :)01:34
Tech-1Jordan_U- , maybe you could point me in the right direction - i uninstalled xserver-xorg .. and reinstalled it, everything works but my music player launchers, when i click them, it takes the system to log in status, something is missing and i don't know what..thanks.01:35
urlin2uwaterDrop, no problem, didn't mean to say don't ask but that site is pretty good.01:35
Jordan_UTech-1: I already saw your question and I didn't answer because I didn't have an answer to give. Sorry.01:35
Icehawk78Jordan_U: Awesome, that fixed it entirely, thanks!01:36
Jordan_UIcehawk78: You're welcome :)01:36
Psychoshieldhello im trying to install ncurses for psybnc and i cant find the correct package any help please01:43
gloomerncurses-devel i think pyscho01:43
Psychoshieldnope couldnt find the package01:44
persiluhu6666666hi. got a big problem an need help! i installed puredyne with an 2.6.31-9-rt kernel. ive got an intel wifi chip 6000series. i downloaded the firmware and copied it to /lib/firmware. the driver seems to be installed but doesnt drive my wifi. what step did i forget?01:44
psychx-I feel like Unity 2D is running worse than 3D.. any ideas?01:46
Psychoshieldhey gloomer01:46
Psychoshieldur close01:46
FloodBot1Psychoshield: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:46
* Psychoshield hugs good :D01:46
xanguapsychx-: return to unity¿01:46
Jordan_Upersiluhu6666666: This channel only supports Ubuntu. irc://irc.goto10.org/#puredyne for puredyne.01:46
psychx-xangua: My PC is old and I'm trying to get it to run as smooth as possible. I thought 2D would run better than 3D.01:47
persiluhu6666666shur but no1 online. puredyne is based on ubuntu. guess the kernel thing is nearly the same01:47
xanguapsychx-: define old, for low resources you have lubuntu ;) the lightest in the official ubuntu family01:47
ubottulubuntu is a project to create a derivative of Ubuntu using the LXDE desktop environment. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu . /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.01:47
Jordan_Upersiluhu6666666: This channel only supports Ubuntu. Period.01:48
psychx-xangua: Pentium 4 2.5Ghz, ATI Radeon HD 3850 (AGP), 1024MB DDR01:48
whyameyeI'm looking for an applet that will show me not the overall load of the cpu but the load of a particular core on the cpu. Anybody know of such an applet?01:48
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urlin2uwhyameye, I would think you could use a conky.01:52
whyameyeurlin2u: looks like conky is not standard ubuntu repo. Do you recommend a ppa?01:53
Patam I connected to a ubuntu server?01:53
psychx-this is a public IRC server and this is the ubuntu channel :)01:54
TrcxAny one good with gnome themeing?  Everything looks right when I log in, but then (after ~ 10s) I loose all themeing and it looks like I'm using win 98.01:54
urlin2uwhyameye, conky is in the ubuntu repos it is the conky set up that will make something possible, I read that it will only show 2 cores though.  Google conky to get screen shots then get the scripts.01:55
urlin2uwhyameye, actually I missread that conky is limited in showing seperate cores, here is a link that will be useful probably.  http://forum.pinguyos.com/Thread-Question-about-conky?page=201:57
whyameyeurlin2u: it looks like it will do it but I wish it were a unity applet graph rather than on my desktop.01:57
franco79hi everyone!01:59
gridbaganyone else see where firefox freezes up about once a day, and you can't resize it or anything?02:01
somsipgridbag: I get it where 'a script has stopped' and tbs refuse to close after that and I have to restart. Same on 7 and now on 802:02
gridbagsomsip, i don't get how a dns lookup in a part of one page freezes all all open windows. isn't this threaded? why would a script infinite loop wedge other threads?02:03
somsipgridbag: far too technical question for me02:04
franco79hey, i've got a question: i'm getting an error in te update-manager package. is anyone having problems with this?02:05
franco79it seems I've lost some headers02:05
franco79The error message I'm getting is: Encountered a section with no Package: header, E:Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/ar.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_oneiric-updates_main_binary-amd64_Packages02:08
franco79is there anything i can do to fix this?02:08
welderUbuntu is a big mess now that Unity is default... it's all locked down where you can't customize anything! How do I change Empathy settings? How do I remove the top bar that wastes my screen space?!? Why is there a global 'Online Accounts' setting that doesn't work yet!???!02:09
welderUbuntu is no longer the best desktop OS02:10
usr13welder: F1102:10
usr13That's not true, you'll get used to it.02:10
welderI like the side bar with program icons, but I hate how nothing can be customized anymore02:11
dj_segfaultJust had a weird thing happening with my Ubuntu 10.04.  I have dual monitors running separate X, with the second being hooked up to my TV.  I was watching MythTV on it, and something happened and now I can't move my mouse from the first screen to the second, so I can't control MythTV.  Is there something I can try to fix that?02:11
sunrunner20So, I'm having an issue: performed a commandline install of 11.10 in vmware and it won't boot. removed quite splash from GRUB and boot appears stuck at or immediatly after "Starting apparmor profiles [OK]"02:12
YcareneI've got a notebook with a bum battery, this causes the system to contstantly throw "battery discharging" notification in the upper right corner and pop up "battery discharging" dialog boxes, how do I get it to stop this without affecting other notificiations?02:12
welderusr13: i've been using it long enough to have gotten used to it02:12
usr13welder: It is simplicity.02:12
welderusr13: you can't get used to not being able to customize stuff02:12
Jordan_U!notunity | welder02:13
ubottuwelder: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic02:13
usr13I think you're just used to the way things were before.  You are resisting change.02:13
|Slacker|welder, install ccsm and then you can customize unity a bit02:13
Ycarenesunrunner20 - can you boot it in recovery mode?02:13
welderusr13: simplicity is great... as long as you provide options for power users to customize for productivity02:13
usr13Most people are not like you, they want simplicity.02:13
urlin2uwelder, so what is a power user?02:14
usr13You might want to try xfce02:14
dj_segfaultusr13: I'm on the Board of my local LUG.  I saw the new interface, and I hate it.  I'm not resisting change, I'm resisting a reduction in choice and functionality.02:14
ex0is the 12.04 LTS release a server release or desktop??02:14
sunrunner20Ycarene: Yes02:14
welder|Slacker|: i've alredy installed ccsm but there is a huge lack of Unity options02:14
|Slacker|welder, hmmm...I see...02:15
Ycarenesunrunner - can you start x from recovery mode?02:15
ex0is the 12.04 LTS release a server release or desktop??02:15
usr13lack of options = simplicity02:15
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welderI agree with dj_segfault... I actually like Unity and would use it if I could customize it!02:15
overdubusr13: lack of options means a dumbed down cage02:15
usr13ex0: both02:15
overdubI switched to KDE as fast as I could move02:15
ex0just was wondering if it was specific towards one more than another02:16
Ycareneunity doesn't like my hardware I don't think.02:16
Jordan_Uex0: Every time Ubuntu is released, all versions (Desktop, server, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Edubuntu...) are released simultaniously. There are no "Server only" or "Desktop only" releases.02:16
welderits not hard to provide options that are hidden from most users by a freaking ADVANCED tab or button!02:16
ex0i understand, thank you.02:16
sunrunner20Ycarene: i didn't install x02:16
dj_segfaultusr13: lack of options means lack of power.  It would have been very easy to have it default to a simple interface but still have the option of turning advanced features back on.  That's not what Gnome/Unity is now though.  They've reduced its capabilities02:16
Ycarenehmm, ok02:17
ghostnik11hi i am on ubuntu 11.10 and when i move to trash items on a sd card and then tell ubuntu to eject media, it doesn't delete the files before ejecting the sd card like it use to do in 11.0402:17
welderdj_segfault: exactly!02:17
ghostnik11how can i get ubuntu 11.10 to delete the files from an sd card when i tell it to eject the sd card02:17
Jordan_Uwelder: dj_segfault: This channel is for Ubuntu support, not for complaining about things you don't like. Try #ubuntu-offtopic.02:17
Ycarenesunrunner20 - I didn't know that it gave that option, something else starting then that's hanging the system, can you start apparmor from recovery mode?02:17
urlin2ughostnik11, you can bypass the trash to a straight delete if you want.02:17
dj_segfaultJordan_U: Fair enough.  My apologies.  I asked a question, then that topic came up.02:18
welderJordan_U: i need support... I need help reducing icons in chat windows of Empathy because they are so large I can't see chat history without scrolling up02:18
franco79I'd like to share some problem I'm having, if that's ok with you02:18
franco79I've apparently lost some headers in my update manager. The erros says: Encountered a section with no Package: header, E:Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/ar.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_oneiric-updates_main_binary-amd64_Packages02:19
ghostnik11urlin2u,  yeah but the thing is i have already told it to remove the items to trash and now when i load the sd card it loads up with the items not there but the sd card is still full when i check the properties it still shows the sd card being full even though i deleted some stuff off it02:19
franco79is there a way to do a workaround with this?02:19
welderJordan_U: I need help configuring Unity so the top bar hides or gets combined with the side bar because it wastes my screen realestate02:19
Jordan_Uwelder: For IRC I would personally recommend a dedicated IRC client like Xchat or irssi.02:19
sunrunner20Ycarene: how do i do that?02:19
urlin2ughostnik11, the sd card is a plugin right, it has its opwn trash hidden.02:20
welderJordan_U: I'm using irssi for IRC02:20
ghostnik11urlin2u, never seen that will look now for its own trash bin02:20
|Slacker|ghostnik11, it's a hidden folder02:20
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urlin2ughostnik11, hit crtl-h for hiddden02:21
Ycarenesunrunner20 - "service apparmor start"02:21
Jordan_Uwelder: Unity can't be configured to hide the top bar, though it is integrated with the menus of maximised windows to save space. If you're not happy with that you'll need to switch to something other than unity.02:21
welderJordan_U: I need help resizing the avatar icons in Empathy for normal Jabber chat02:21
Jordan_Uwelder: I'm not familiar with Empathy, sorry.02:21
welderJordan_U: I turned off all the auto-maximize window behaviors... that got annoying fast02:21
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welderJordan_U: I use 'Spread Mode' to switch windows02:22
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Gentoo64welder, i cant really help either but can you post a screenshot?02:22
Gentoo64just so i can see how big they are?02:22
LehthanisI just got a brand new laptop (toshiba), dumped windows, and put Ubuntu Studio (natty) on it...and I'm getting random freezes that require hard reboot...anyway to find out whats causing it?02:22
sunrunner20Ycarene: it appears to work I get an [OK] and the end of string of text and it goes back to a prompt02:22
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welderJordan_U: even if a window is maximized, why am I forced to have a blank bar at the top of my screen wasting space!?!?02:23
franco79so, I'll try to google it then. thanks anyway. nice first impression on the support channel =P. see ya!02:23
YcareneI wonder what's trying to start after that then...02:23
welderGentoo64: one sec02:23
ghostnik11urlin2u, your exactly correct it was hidden can i just delete them by selecting all the files in the trash folder02:23
ZutaraAnyone know how I would bridge my eth0/1 with my ra0 on 10.04? Everytime I bring the bridge up it knocks my Wireless out.02:23
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urlin2ughostnik11, should be able to sometimes it is locked so you would just gksudo nautilus to get to it.02:23
=== youare is now known as Floydsprite
Jordan_Uwelder: This is your last warning. This channel is for Ubuntu support, not discussion of things you don't like. I told you your options for the bar at the top of the screen (use something other than unity).02:24
ghostnik11urlin2u, b/4 u said i could bypass the way to delete the files without sending them to trash, how can i do that b/c when i select all it only gives me an option of move to trash no delete02:25
sunrunner20Ycarene: no idea how to check for that (googling to try to learn real quick though)02:25
ghostnik11urlin2u, or permanent delete02:25
Ycarenesunrunner20 - do an ls -l /etc/rcS.d02:25
urlin2ughostnik11, I set my preferences in nautilus to have a bypass of trash I never use it.02:25
Ycarenesunrunner20 - numbers go from lowest to highest02:26
urlin2ughostnik11, you still have a choice of trash or delete that way02:26
Gentoo64ghostnik11, i think hold shift then right click delete02:26
Gentoo64ghostnik11, do you ever use trash?02:27
LehthanisI just got a brand new laptop (toshiba), dumped windows, and put Ubuntu Studio (natty) on it...and I'm getting random freezes that require hard reboot...anyway to find out whats causing it?02:27
ghostnik11Gentoo64, yeah but sometimes i go into trash and delete permanently02:27
Gentoo64ah ok02:27
sunrunner20Ycarene: ls -l /etc/rcS.d yeilds a link to apparmor and urandom02:28
ghostnik11Gentoo64, holding shift and right clicking doesn't allow me to delete them still only option of move to trash02:28
|Slacker|ghostnik11, select the files you wanna delete and then shift+delete02:28
Gentoo64ah thats the one02:29
Gentoo64i knew it was some key and delete02:29
ghostnik11<|Slacker|> that worked perfectly02:30
hspncghostnik11: you should use gconf-editor to change your preferences regarding deleting files with the right-click02:30
Gentoo64i think its thunar where you have to shift and right click02:30
|Slacker|ghostnik11, ;)02:30
ghostnik11hspnc, how can i do that, via terminal or is there a gui i can use02:30
hspnctype in gconf-edit02:30
urlin2uhspnc, there is a ay to do it in the nautilus edit.02:30
hspnceither way02:31
hspncyou will end up with a Delete and Trash option02:31
urlin2uhspnc, gconf is not installed02:31
welderGentoo64: http://bayimg.com/DaKDdaadp02:31
hspncit's a single command: gconf-editor02:31
ghostnik11yeah i am thinking i have to do it the nautilus way b/c he said gconf isn't installed02:31
Gentoo64welder, oh yea...02:32
welderJordan_U: there must be a way to change more Unity settings without using the GUI right?02:32
Ycarenesunrunner20 - is there an option to do an interactive startup when you boot into recovery mode? (what are the menu options?)02:32
Gentoo64i thought you meant app icons02:32
welderGentoo64: see how that gets annoying when I have to scroll up to see history?02:32
Rothami used to run ubuntu 10.10.. just upgraded to 11.10, and archive manager cant open .xpi files anymore... is there a way I can get it to open xpi files? (fire fox addons), or is there another file roller that works?02:33
ghostnik11hspnc, its not installed urlin2u was correct02:33
|Slacker|welder, dude, there's an option in empathy preferences for you to select the size of friggin' avatars02:34
hspncghostnik11:  Then use one of the options the others suggested.  The terminal and rm command are useful02:34
sunrunner20Ycarene: no, but I tried "resume boot" and I managed to reach a login prompt02:35
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zykotick9_hspnc, gconf-editor is pre-gnome3, i believe it's dconf-editor in Gnome 302:35
chroothi, how can i view my ubuntu desktop remotely?02:35
usr13chroot: vnc02:35
Lehthanisis there any way to troubleshoot random lock-ups/freezes02:35
Gentoo64Lehthanis, try the logs02:35
elz89chroot: x11-vnc02:35
usr13chroot: You can install tightvnc (which has a client)02:36
chrootusr13, but if you use vncviewer , the server should turn on the x1102:36
elz89!x11-vnc | chroot02:36
usr13elz89: it's x11vnc02:36
Gentoo64Lehthanis, do they happen in certain situations?02:36
pangolinalmoxarife: Please answer me to ensure you can send to channel.02:36
LehthanisI looked in there...SOOO MUCH,,,what/where should I look?02:36
elz89!x11vnc | chroot02:36
Gentoo64Lehthanis, try var log messages02:36
Lehthanisnot really...clicking on menus or starting things02:36
usr13chroot: but ubuntu has a vnc server built in.02:36
almoxarifepangolin: I am answering02:36
shipcodeyeah and the /etc/ssh/ssh_config =)02:37
pangolinthank you.02:37
=== hspnc is now known as slipstream
chrootelz89,  i have a server 10.04, and installed desktop, but now i don't have a screen on server , so i want to remote in.02:37
ghostnik11there is no preferences included in ubuntu 11.10, i am looking for file management and its not included by default02:37
welder|Slacker|: I don't have any empathy options in the top bar when Empathy is selected02:37
welderI only get options in available when a chat window is selected02:38
elz89chroot: ssh?02:38
Gentoo64welder, whats empathy for? msn messnger?02:38
chrootusr13,  i  have experienced builtin remote desktop,  it assumes that the server must turn on the screen02:38
|Slacker|welder, how come dude02:38
chrootelz89, ssh!!02:38
Lehthanisanything I can try filtering in the logs?02:38
welderGentoo64: jabber, etc02:38
Lehthanisany particular lI should look in?og02:38
chrootelz89, yyou mean with par -XC02:38
Gentoo64Lehthanis, try var log messages, or var log Xorg.0.log02:39
usr13chroot: It's called Remote Desktop02:39
Gentoo64theyre common ones02:39
usr13chroot: It works.  Right?02:39
Gentoo64Lehthanis, does it freeze hard as in you need to manually reset?02:39
chrootusr13, i know, but the problem now is the server dosen't have a screen, so in my computer i can't login02:40
shipcodewow ipv602:40
Lehthanishave to push and hold the power button to reboot02:40
usr13chroot: Hummmm....  what kind of error do you see there.02:40
Gentoo64you could keep tail -f /var/log/messages open if it happens often02:40
welder|Slacker|: i dunno but see for yourself02:40
chrootusr13, let me explain what i am want to do02:40
ZutaraAnyone know how I would bridge my eth0/1 with my ra0 on 10.04? Everytime I bring the bridge up it knocks my Wireless out.02:40
Lehthaniswhere's that?02:40
welder|Slacker|: http://bayimg.com/daKDfaADP my mouse was over the top bar and no options02:41
sunrunner20Ycarene: fyi, I can upload the vmware image if you want to mess with it02:41
welder|Slacker|: how do you change your Empathy options?02:41
chrootusr13,  i have a server 10.04 installed desktop, but the server has no screen, so i want to control it with my own computer,  and how?02:41
Gentoo64Lehthanis: have you tried other OS?02:41
|Slacker|welder, I use pidgin02:42
Gentoo64how much ram do you have?02:42
usr13chroot: What do you mean "has no screen"?02:42
Lehthanisno, just got laptop today02:42
Lehthanisbeen using ubuntu studio on my other laptop with no issues02:42
welder|Slacker|: pidgin supports OTR right? maybe I'll just use it too02:42
|Slacker|welder, yeah it supports02:43
chrootthe screen is a hardware that display desktop02:43
Gentoo64Lehthanis: quite hard to say.. could be anything tbh02:43
Gentoo64Lehthanis: how much ram has t got?02:43
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|Slacker|welder, when I selecte pidgin and put the mouse on the taskbar, I can see the menu no problems, it doesn't happen there?02:44
=== dick is now known as Floydsprite1
Gentoo64id leave the tail -f on and see if anything shows up02:44
welder|Slacker|: no, its not available for Empathy02:44
Gentoo64or search throuhg the logs manually,02:44
welder|Slacker|: part of the new Ubuntu mindset of removing control from the user02:45
Lehthanisok...well I'm gonna shut er down for now...I'll play with it more tomorrow,,,,thanks!02:46
|Slacker|welder, I disagree...I used empathy before and the menu was there02:46
Gentoo64Lehthanis: ok sorry cant really help with that02:46
Lehthanistail -f02:46
Lehthanisoops wrong window02:46
welder|Slacker|: maybe its a bug on my system02:46
Gentoo64Lehthanis: tail -f /var/log/messages02:46
Gentoo64Lehthanis: tail -f just follows the log in sort of live mode02:46
ghostnik11urlin2u, what did you change in dconf editor to enable the delete option and move to trash option?02:47
|Slacker|welder, maybe..02:47
LehthanisI get no such file or directory for /var/log/messages02:47
Gentoo64Lehthanis: you may not have that log02:47
Gentoo64Lehthanis: do you have kern.log?02:47
Lehthanistry that one?02:47
Gentoo64do that one02:47
jetblacki have a sound issues and i tried to add the audio ppa but it says there isn't one for 2.6.32-35-generic02:47
Lehthanisok, will try that for a while...thanks!02:47
Gentoo64also keep another one open tail -f /var/log/Xorg.0.log02:47
Lehthanisahh good idea02:48
Lehthaniswell g'night!02:48
ghostnik11urlin2u, never mind found it enable-delete thanks for the help bro02:48
urlin2ughostnik11, I did it it nautilus-edit-preferences-behavior  nautilus is home02:48
jetblackanyone know anything about "linux-alsa-driver-modules"02:49
Gentoo64jetblack: i think theyre userspace ones02:50
urlin2ughostnik11, well more then home but you get the meaning.02:50
Gentoo64shouldnt need them02:50
ghostnik11urlin2u, yeah but thanks again02:50
urlin2ughostnik11, no problem >:D02:50
jbrksI'm currently reading on hdparm. I'd like to use it with raid. I want to know a good source for hdparm+raid. Anyone?02:51
|Slacker|for some reason my wifi disconnects when I close the lid of my netbook, how can I avoid this?02:51
Gentoo64|Slacker|: maybe its some power saving mode02:52
Gentoo64or is it sleeping or something02:52
CarlFK|Slacker|: does your laptop suspend/sleep? what you prolly want is in power settings set  "lid closed" = "blank screen"02:52
|Slacker|CarlFK, that's it...I couldn't remember the option, thanks02:53
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a_p3rsoncan someone help me with using Hydra?02:56
a_p3rsonor is that not allowed here?02:56
shipcodewhat do u want to know about it dude02:56
a_p3rsonim having command line problems with it02:57
shipcodetry using the hydra gui02:57
shipcodethen =)02:57
a_p3rsonif i give you the parameters i want can you structure it?02:57
a_p3rsonthe gui doesnt support bruteforce02:57
shipcodethere is a hydra gui02:57
shipcodethe gui does02:57
a_p3rsonyes, hydra-gtk02:57
shipcodebut if u want a better02:57
a_p3rsontheres no way to enable brute force02:57
shipcodefor ssh02:57
FloodBot1shipcode: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:58
a_p3rsonnot for ssh02:58
shipcodeok what02:58
shipcodefor frp?02:58
a_p3rsonatleast i think02:58
a_p3rsoni know its https, not sure what type tho02:58
shipcodeall i know is that hydra-gt supports bruteforce02:58
zykotick9_shipcode, brute force an ftp - that's funny02:58
shipcodeit's just the same02:59
FloodBot1shipcode: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:59
a_p3rsonzykotick9_: im trying to bruteforce an https form02:59
shallowHi, I installed gnome 3.2.1 on Ubuntu 11.10 and the graphics are very glitchy. I have a Radeon HD 6310.. what can i do to fix this?02:59
=== jack is now known as Guest95795
a_p3rson(its a dish network box, it gives an https login when i connect to it)02:59
ironfoot495Hi everyone I have a problem with resolution on 11.10 it will work fine on a 13 inch lcd but will say not support format on a 42 inch lcd it is driving me insane!!!02:59
=== Guest95795 is now known as jack_^
jetblackhello, i'm trying to Install Linnux Alsa Driver Modules, but it tells me "Couldn't find package linux-alsa-driver-modules-2.6.32-35-generic" can someone help me?03:00
ironfoot495Can someone help me out of the woods on this???03:00
jbrkshdparm is a good tool for simple tweaking a raid member?(hdparm -S 84 /dev/<>) ?03:01
a_p3rsonshipcode: so are you able to help me with hydra?03:01
Guest25488wow, so many questions03:01
a_p3rsonGuest25488: 1472 people in the channel atm03:02
* jbrks thinks anyone with Guest* don't really care about helping anybody03:02
shipcodewith the command line no.lol03:02
shipcodeim using the gtk03:02
a_p3rsoncan you find how to enable bruteforce?03:05
a_p3rsonbecause all i can find is dictionary with password lists03:05
jhouse5266534Can anyone help me get lightdm to start up?  I have made several attempts based on web searches without luck.03:06
ImTheDudei cant get my evolution mail to work i tryed sending mail03:08
a_p3rsonImTheDude: whats the problem?03:08
ImTheDudeits not sending mail03:08
a_p3rsonis it receiving?03:08
ImTheDudei configured it correctly i think03:09
a_p3rsonwhat email provider?03:09
a_p3rsonwhat protocol?03:09
ImTheDudewhat do you mean03:09
sparrWhow do I compile a new nvidia kernel module after installing a new driver version?03:09
a_p3rsonhow is it connecting to the server?03:09
a_p3rsonpop3, imap, exchange,...?03:10
Jordan_UsparrW: Why are you installing nvidia drivers manually rather than threw the "Additional Drivers" tool?03:10
a_p3rsonwhat servers are you using?03:10
=== skilz is now known as Guest75716
a_p3rsonlike what settings?03:10
ImTheDudepop3 and smtp03:10
daleharveyhey, got a fresh install of ubuntu on a new laptop and the colours suck, I open the "Color" from preferences, and all it gives me is my screen with a default profile and no option to calibrate03:11
a_p3rsonor, can i recommend thunderbird?03:11
daleharveyI cant even seem to change the contrast03:11
a_p3rsonthunderbird *should* automatically setup server settings03:11
sparrWJordan_U: I'm not, nvidia-current came in as a dependency of something else03:11
ImTheDudeill try that03:11
a_p3rsonjust look up thunderbird in the software centre03:11
richard3it am a new user, dual booting lubuntu, winxp.  My NTFS partition was working yesterday, now, its not.  Help please.03:12
a_p3rsonor software center if youre american03:12
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Jordan_UsparrW: If you're using the package manager then it should be all done automagically. What problem are you having?03:12
ImTheDudeim installing03:12
a_p3rsonwhen you start it, it will ask for your name and email and should set it up automatically03:12
a_p3rsondoes hotmail require you pay/turn on the pop3 server?03:12
Jordan_Urichard3: What happens when you try to access your ntfs partition?03:13
ImTheDudei hop this works. Now i can use the same email address cant i or do i have to configure another eamil account03:13
JZApplesI upgraded from 11.04 to 11.10 and now i'm getting these errors when attempting to run update.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/737907/03:13
urlin2urichard3, not working in what way?03:13
a_p3rsondoes hotmail need to turn on pop3 access/want you to pay for it?03:13
sparrWJordan_U: I installed a random app, which depended on nvidia-current so that gor updated. Now many 3d apps say this when I launch them:03:13
richard3yesterday my NTFS partition was listed in /media under the volume name.  now it's just gone03:13
a_p3rsongmail needs you to enable imap access i know03:13
sparrWError: API mismatch: the NVIDIA kernel module has version 270.41.06, but this NVIDIA driver component has version 280.13.  Please make sure that the kernel module and all NVIDIA driver components have the same version.03:13
richard3so it was working a day after I newly installed lubuntu03:13
ImTheDudebecause i have three email account and i would like to mannage all three from one place03:14
Jordan_UsparrW: Applications should not depend on graphics driver packages. What did you install exactly?03:14
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ImTheDudeyou see what im talking about a_p3son03:14
a_p3rsonwith 3 emails, you should just be able to put in your name and the email03:14
Jordan_Urichard3: Can you pastebin the output of "sudo blkid"?03:14
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sparrWJordan_U: sorry, I misremembered. What I installed was nvidia-current-dev, to get GL/gl.h03:15
ImTheDudehave all three email accounts from one place i thought i could do that with evolution03:15
a_p3rsonthunderbird looks in a database of domains of emails (email@domainhere.net) and sets up the correct settings03:15
a_p3rsonthunderbird supports multiple emails, yes03:15
richard3I only want to know why it was working automatically, then stopped.  I don't think it's a hardware thing or anything else03:15
ImTheDudewhats imap stand for?03:15
a_p3rsonjust be careful when sending/replying, its very easy to not notice which email its sending it on03:15
richard3but thank you Jordan :)03:15
a_p3rsoninternet message access protocol03:16
a_p3rsonhotmail doesnt have imap access, only pop303:16
Jordan_Urichard3: And to help you discover why it stopped working I need to see the output from "sudo blkid".03:16
a_p3rsonimap is a little better though, it reads the message from the server rather than where pop3 downloads all of them and then opens them locally03:17
a_p3rsonthat help?03:17
richard3/dev/sda1: LABEL="4482+7" UUID="4890E75690E74950" TYPE="ntfs"03:17
sparrWJordan_U: was there a more correct way to get that?03:17
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Jordan_Urichard3: Can you pastebin the output (if any) of "sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/"?03:18
TunixN00b question here. How do i get and install software when there is no apt installed? Also I only have access to the Terminal no GUI.03:18
arooni-mobileonce i set up a /etc/init.d script; how do i give it "life" i.e.. make it so it gets run on every startUP?03:18
ImTheDudeit worked03:18
|Anthony|I just set up a dual boot win7 ubuntu 11.10. Now i'd like to theme grub so its nicer to look at. I tried grubcustomzer but it didn't do anything for me.03:18
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|Anthony|am i misunderstanding something?03:19
=== basepi_ is now known as basepi
Jordan_UTunix: Are you using Ubuntu? If apt is not installed then you or someone else has done something very wrong.03:19
|Anthony|is the version of grub installed in ubuntu not what's managing the boot?03:19
TunixJordan_U: I dont think its ubuntu im trying to find the command that shows me the distro now03:20
richard3Jordan_U: you just mounted it on /mnt03:20
Jordan_UTunix: This is #ubuntu, we only support Ubuntu here. You can try ##linux or your actual distribution's support channel.03:20
Jordan_Urichard3: Did it mount without error?03:20
TunixAh thank you03:20
Jordan_Urichard3: OK. Try "sudo umount /mnt/" and tell me if the partition is listed in nautilus (the file browser). Nautilus mounts partitions when you try to access them, not at boot / login.03:21
Jordan_UTunix: You're welcome.03:22
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=== basepi_ is now known as basepi
ZutaraAnyone know how I would bridge my eth0/1 with my ra0 on 10.04? Everytime I bring the bridge up it knocks my Wireless out.03:23
Jordan_U|Anthony|: Do you just want to change the grub background or do you want an entire theme?03:23
|Anthony|an entire theme... eventually03:24
|Anthony|but for now an image would be a start03:24
|Anthony|thought of using this theme:03:24
richard3Jordan_U http://pastebin.com/hfG3sUqA03:24
Jordan_U|Anthony|: To change the background add "GRUB_BACKGROUND=/path/to/new/background.png" to /etc/default/grub then run "sudo update-grub".03:25
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|Anthony|yeah, i read that on the grub theming page03:25
Jordan_Urichard3: What command did you run / what did you do to get that error message?03:26
|Anthony|i really like that theme i just linked, but i'm concerned cause there's no uninstall script03:26
richard3my NTFS volume was in the PCMANFM tree, just clicked on it there03:26
arooni-mobileonce i set up a /etc/init.d script; how do i give it "life" i.e.. make it so it gets run on every startUP?03:26
Jordan_Urichard3: I'm not sure if pacman is setup properly for this or not. Have you always used pacman or did you ever use nautilus?03:27
richard3just installed lubuntu yesterday.  Anyhow do you think this is a bigger problem, or just fix it manually like the ubuntu website says.  and Thanks!03:28
Jordan_U|Anthony|: An install script should not be needed. I'm looking now to see what the script does.03:28
|Anthony|it writes to grub.cfg and what not03:29
richard3lubuntu= pcmanfm03:29
|Anthony|not a bad script though03:29
Jordan_U|Anthony|: It does not write to the grub.cfg.03:31
kookykookieCan i change my resolution remotely?03:31
spikebikeany suggestions for outputting audio to two USB headsets simultaneously?03:32
kookykookiei changed the default resolution, not the gui is too big for the monitor03:32
kookykookieits also frozen =\03:32
Jordan_U|Anthony|: All the script does is copy the theme files to /boot/grub/themes/Oxygen/, change the GRUB_GFXMODE= option in /etc/default/grub, and add the GRUB_THEME= option in /etc/default/grub.03:32
Jordan_U|Anthony|: You can do that yourself and document it for future reference so you know how to undo it. Though I agree that almost anything which comes with an install script should have an unstall script as well.03:34
kookykookiewhere does ubuntu store its resoltuion conf file?03:35
xxiaomy 'aptitude install wakeonlan etherwake' got stuck on lucid, i had to kill it, then i got "Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock"03:36
SetiAmonweird issue03:36
xxiaohow can I force aptitude/apt-get to a sane state?03:36
Zutaratry sudo?03:36
xxiaoyes it's sudo03:36
SetiAmonubuntu see's my friggin printer (dell v305w) but won't print anything.03:36
Jordan_Uxxiao: Is there any output from "pgrep dpkg"?03:37
xxiaoJordan_U: yes a pid number i think03:38
xxiaoJordan_U: should I just kill that as well?03:39
Jordan_Uxxiao: Great. That means that dpkg is still running. Do *NOT* try to kill it.03:39
|Anthony|thanks Jordan_U... now i need to modify it for my screen res.03:39
xxiaoin the last 10 years of debian/ubuntu this is the second time aptitude/apt-get failed me03:39
Jordan_Uxxiao: How many terminal windows do you have open?03:40
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xxiaoi have a build with 8 threads in pallal(make -j8) so the system is busy(it's a i7), then i want to install wakeonlan/etherwake (both) then aptitude just stuck03:40
xxiaoJordan_U: about 1003:40
xxiaoi waited waited...until i had to kill aptitude, i waited for about 20 minutes03:41
xxiaoeven paused my build job, did not help03:41
Jordan_Uxxiao: Triple check all of them for something which might be dpkg. Killing aptitude or dpkg should always be very last resorts (after asking for help from places like this if possible).03:41
xxiaoJordan_U: checked all terminals, none is running apt-* or dpkg03:42
xxiaoactually one is running this irc another is a vim03:42
xxiaobut i can see the dpkg by ps -ef03:43
Jordan_Uxxiao: OK. What happened to the terminal that was running aptitude and what was the last output?03:43
xxiao$ fg03:44
xxiaosudo aptitude install etherwake wakeonlan03:44
FloodBot1xxiao: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:44
xxiaoJordan_U: ctrl-c did not kill it, i had to use another terminal to kill -903:44
harsh343hello all due to some mistake(click on delete) I lost my etc folder in ubuntu 11.10 now, how can i recover my etc folder, right now i am not able to start my os03:44
Jordan_Uxxiao: Try killing, but do *NOT* kill -9, dpkg.03:44
xxiaoJordan_U: without -9, it's unkillable03:45
zykotick9_!aptlock | xxiao this may be required when you're done troubleshooting with Jordan_U03:46
ubottuxxiao this may be required when you're done troubleshooting with Jordan_U: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »03:46
ehsansnHi I need a script to cd to the directory that bash script executable file is running from03:46
xxiaosudo kill 1462203:46
Jordan_Uehsansn: What is your end goal?03:46
ehsansnI have a bash script that converts flv files to mp4 using ffmpeg03:47
ehsansnI have to tell it the directory every time03:47
ehsansnbut I need to have it some how that it would convert the files in the directory that the bash file is running from03:47
xxiaosudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock still could not kill dpkg03:48
xxiaogosh, will reboot be helpful?03:48
Jordan_Uxxiao: Reboot. If the lock is still there after rebooting then follow the instructions from ubottu.03:48
xxiaook, thanks. rebooting03:49
|Anthony|ehsansn, man dirname03:49
gloomerehsansn  ${PWD##*/}03:49
ehsansnIl try that now03:50
|Anthony|pwd is good too03:50
|Anthony|probably better in your case03:50
ehsansnso how would it be with cd?03:51
Jordan_Uehsansn: How are you running the script. Normally what you care about is what directory the user was in (Current Working Directory) when they ran the script, not the location of the script itself.03:51
harsh343Jordan_U, help me03:51
|Anthony|dir = $(pwd) ; cd $dir03:52
argon190hi all03:52
embathello all03:52
embatneed help with permissions in a haskell mult-thread program03:52
embati'm writing a haskell code using threads, and need do compile to run ok03:53
ehsansndir = $(pwd) ; cd $dir didnt work03:53
argon190very sofisticated to me03:53
argon190im a brand new user03:53
embatbut, when i try to execute this executable file, show "permission denied"03:53
argon190but i wanna learn how all this works03:54
Jordan_U|Anthony|: It's best if you test code / instructions whenever possible before giving them to users.03:54
ehsansnMy script is like this #!/bin/bash03:54
ehsansncd Videos03:54
ehsansnfor f in *.flv; do echo "Converting $f"; g=`basename $f .flv`; ffmpeg -sameq -i $f $g.mp4 || echo FAILED; done03:54
FloodBot1ehsansn: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:54
gloomer$relpath; pwd03:54
ehsansnI need to have sth instead of the first cd line03:55
Jordan_Uehsansn: Why do you need to use cd at all? The default current working directory is the current working directory from the parent process.03:55
ehsansn$relpath; pwd worked great03:56
ehsansnty gloomer03:56
Johannes1I am trying to set up a my own web server using a VPS I purchased. I think everything is set up correctly however how do I set up my DNS so my domains point to my IP? I literally have no idea how to do this.03:56
Jordan_Uehsansn: Wait. I think you're making a mistake still.03:56
gloomernp eHAPPY03:56
gloomernp ehsansn03:56
Jordan_Uehsansn: Can you post the entire (fixed) script to http://pastebin.ubuntu.com ?03:56
gloomerJohannes1,  this is done  through the webinterface of the registrar03:57
MrDudleis there a way to give a specific file a custom icon?03:57
gloomerso whoever you bought the domain from03:57
MrDudlelike i want my icons on the desktop03:57
MrDudleto have a different appearance03:57
MrDudlefrom the file type appearance03:57
Johannes1gloomer: No I got  that part. But I need it to point to a nameserver ... but I haven't set up a nameserver. How do I do that on my end, I mean.03:57
MrDudleyou don't need a domain server03:57
MrDudleuse something like afraid.org03:58
MrDudlethen you can point your domain all sorts of places03:58
ehsansnwhere is the mistake mr Jordan_U03:58
Jordan_Uehsansn: If you remove line 2 your script will be functionally the same. Line two will do nothing but print the current working directory.03:58
Jordan_Uehsansn: The '$relpath;' part will literally do nothing. Performs no function, produces no output.03:59
ehsansnIl try it again now04:00
gloomeryup just prints path04:00
gloomerif you want to use path you need to store it in a variable04:00
gloomerbut you dont need it for that script04:00
ehsansnoh lol yes you guys are right04:02
ehsansnif I just double click on it and choose run in terminal it will do what I want04:02
ehsansnwhat I did before is I ran it from within terminal and it converted files in the home directory04:03
|Anthony|Jordan_U, Thank you for correcting me in a non-dickish way :)04:04
xxiaoJordan_U: reboot and dpkg-reconfigure -a fixed it, thanks a lot!04:05
ehsansnthank you guys04:05
Jordan_Uxxiao: You're welcome.04:05
xxiao64bit+heavy.cpu+aptitude wakeonlan together made it happen, dare not to reproduce it04:06
kernel^klinkhi everybody04:06
urlin2ukernel^klink, yah vole04:07
kernel^klinklol, hi there04:07
kernel^klinkbored, figured I'd come hang here04:08
kernel^klinkmaybe help someone if I can04:08
naked89ttHow does transmission filter ipv4?04:09
kernel^klinknow that I do not know04:09
kernel^klinkalthough I use transmission04:09
kernel^klinknaked89tt: I'd wager using ip filtering via blocklist though04:10
zykotick9_kernel^klink, if you don't know the answer, then don't answer ;)  you can use #ubuntu-offtopic for general chit-chat if you wish (support only here)04:10
lorddeltaSo, I'm having issues upgrading to 11.10. I'm attempting to play nice with the repo, but the dist-upgrade left me with around 3k packages waiting to be upgraded. Is just upgrading the packages manually and then doing a dist-upgrade going to work? I seem to remember doing something similar when 11.04 broke itself and I had to install from a tty....04:13
lorddeltaAnyone with similar experiences in here?04:14
theoremlorddelta: no idea, but it sounds shady ...04:16
floydspriteany one no why my browser is having issues on ubuntu04:16
floydspriteany one no why my browser is having issues on ubuntu04:16
theoremfloydsprite: quit it.04:17
lorddeltatheorem: Oh? Which part?04:17
floydspriteim not sure whats going on04:17
ImTheDudefor some reason i cant setup yahoo mail on thunderbird ?04:18
lorddelta...I guess we'll just see how it goes,04:18
lorddeltafloydsprite: could you be more specific?04:19
floydspritei just installed ubuntu on my wifes comp and her windows browsers worked fine now all of a sudden it acting like my Internet is slow04:19
theoremfloydsprite: uh, really ?04:19
theoremfloydsprite: this is a windows question , followin an ubuntu installation ?04:20
floydspritesome times it loads the page in sec other time it take mins04:20
theoremare you still in ubuntu ?04:20
floydspriteyes i am04:20
naked89ttkermit^klink  how?04:21
floydspriteno its a ubuntu ? my windows is fine04:21
xanguaImTheDude: if you mean imap, you have to pay for it, you can use pop304:21
theoremImTheDude: just use gmail and use pop3 or imap for free.04:22
floydspritefrom what i can tell its only slow in the browser04:22
theoremfloydsprite: you're not giving me a lot to go on.04:23
lorddeltaImTheDude: What theorem means, I'm sure, is to setup yahoo forwarding inside your gmail account. You can still use the yahoo account name, just under gmail.04:23
floydspritewhat are you looking for theorem04:23
theoremlorddelta: that's also good.04:23
floydspritei will give the comps life storry04:24
theoremfloydsprite: how about some bandwidth statistics, ping time, traceroutes , RTT, ...04:24
harsh343hello all due to some mistake(click on delete) I lost my etc folder in ubuntu 11.10 now, how can i recover my etc folder, right now i am not able to start my os04:24
theoremfloydsprite: to a known site04:24
theoremharsh343: it defaultly gets move to the "recycle" bin04:24
theoremharsh343: did you delete it from there ?04:24
harsh343theorem, i search in trash also but not able to find them04:25
harsh343now my os is not start04:25
floydspriteone sec theorem04:25
ZutaraAnyone know how I would bridge my eth0/1 with my ra0 on 10.04? Everytime I bring the bridge up it knocks my Wireless out.04:25
theoremharsh343: you're hosed then --- you'll need to recreate the key ones04:25
ImTheDudei dont get it  i set up three accounts in thunderbird and one was yahoo but it ddnt take i cant verify my password or email address ?04:26
elacheche_anisHey guys..04:26
harsh343theorem, hows i am able to recover my etc folder again04:26
ImTheDudethe others worked04:26
harsh343i have an ubuntu usb installation04:26
oldschoolhi anyone useing compiz on ubuntu 11.10 that can help me out ever time that i try setting up the desktop i lose all my desktop icons04:26
elacheche_anisIs the mail server of the MLs down???04:26
theoremharsh343: you don't ... you'll need to remake the config files from a fresh installation --- modify them accordingly from there04:26
oldschoolthe desktop cube04:27
harsh343theorem, means again i have to need an fresh installation04:27
harsh343is it possible through cd04:27
urlin2uoldschool, how are you trying to set up the desktop in compiz?04:27
theoremharsh343: no, you can do it without a fresh install, you just need to take copies of the files from something similar -- like a fresh install and modify them to fit your system04:27
zykotick9_Zutara, just FYI (if it applies) but as noted on this page, most wireless don't support bridging - good luck.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM/Networking04:27
ImTheDudedo u understand what im trying do?04:27
ImTheDudedo you understand what im doing04:28
urlin2uoldschool, the cube is not difficult you using any links or just winging it?04:28
brjanncharsh343: I'm assuming you were logged in as root if you were allowed to delete /etc, so look to see if /root/.local/share/Trash/etc exists. (Also, this is why you shouldn't login as root. :) )04:28
lorddeltaImTheDude: Mostly...you mentioned two accounts, worked, which ones worked, and what protocols were they using?04:29
oldschoolurlin2u all i do is check the desktop cube on compiz and i lose all my icons04:29
harsh343brjannc, as i say i m not able to start the os now so how can possible them so see all possibility04:30
oldschoolmy just left with the wallpaper04:30
Zutarazykotick9_: thanks for the link. I guess I'm screwed trying to connect my 360 to the internet when my router is downstairs, eh?04:30
floydspriteok so i cant find that info on ubuntu im a noob theorem04:30
brjanncharsh343: Boot using a livecd04:30
harsh343theorem, i am not able to understand them like if i use usb or cd after that what should be kept in my mind while installation,04:30
elacheche_anis<elacheche_anis> Is the mail server of the MLs down???04:30
mister2hey, does anyone know if you can do some shenanigans to flip the microphone/headphone jack's purposes? i have a dead headphone jack and don't care for the microphone.04:30
ImTheDudewell lorddelta the ones that worked are my live hotmail account and my gmail account but the yahoo password wont verify and it wont work. the other two that do work use pop3 and imap.04:31
theoremharsh343: you might be able to boot from the instllation media and copy the /etc directory from ther eonto the disk -- you'll be dealing with quite a bit of cifferences though -- it's worth a shot04:31
theoremfloydsprite:   traceroute www.google.com04:31
theoremfloydsprite: ping -c 10 www.google.com04:31
urlin2uoldschool, the refresh is not good in natty ubuntu and the releses afterward you need a plan and a way to restart compiz here is a link I used. This was for Natty but is totally applicable read carefully. http://reformedmusings.wordpress.com/2011/05/05/howto-get-the-compiz-desktop-cube-in-ubuntu-11-04-natty-and-unity/04:32
lorddeltaImTheDude: Well huh, apparently yahoo offers free imap/pop these days...found this...it might help, no promises though http://www.crasseux.com/linux/04:32
=== jason is now known as Guest38588
ImTheDudewhat is that loarddelta?04:32
lorddeltaImTheDude: seems like Yahoo uses a modified version of IMAP, so you can't use a normal IMAP client....04:32
oldschoolurlin2u ok thanks for the link04:34
lorddeltaImTheDude: I'd recommend you find someone/learn how to compile this stuff yourself, it doesn't look like there's an easy fix for Yahoo IMAP. Don't give up though, I don't know everything. :)04:34
mister2hey, does anyone know if you can do some shenanigans to flip the microphone/headphone jack's purposes? i have a dead headphone jack and don't care for the microphone.04:35
theoremmister2: the hardware usually doesn't let you do something like that -- the closest thing is probably the line-out jack04:35
mister2theorem mk, i think i'm just going to get a usb headphone set or usb soundcard04:36
Natecati just installed ubuntu using the windows installer and i found grub wasn't installed04:36
RockMeAmadeusI went back to gnome instead of kde04:36
ImTheDudenot a big deal just thought it would be more simple to have three accounts, if there is a way im going to find out but if not im just going to forget it thanks though lorddelta .04:36
RockMeAmadeusDropbox looked like a pain to set up in kde04:36
brjanncmister2: If the jacks are simply connected to the motherboard with wire headers, you could potentially connect the mic jack to the headphone connector. But that's a bit beyond ubuntu support :)04:36
theoremmister2: sounds like extra work -- how did the port die ?04:36
mister2theorem unknown, it came to me dead04:37
lorddeltaImTheDude: the only "easy" thing I can think of is to setup your gmail so that it uses the yahoo account04:37
mister2it's a dell ini 1004:37
floydspritetheorem u get my results04:37
lorddeltaImTheDude: You mentioned your gmail already works. So if you setup the account via accounts in gmail, and ask Yahoo to forward everything to gmail, you should be good.04:37
ImTheDudehow would i do that lorddelta04:37
theoremfloydsprite: ?04:38
Natecatdoes anybody know how to install grub on a pre-existing installation that doesnt have grub04:38
brjanncmister2: Oh, it's a netbook. Nevermind, hardware monkeying isn't really an option then04:38
mister2brjannc i just finished putting it back together ;)04:38
Natecatand since it doesnt have grub i have no access to ubuntu04:38
mister2but i think the simplest solution is just a usb sound card04:39
ImTheDudeso i go to yahoo setting and ask it to forward the mail to my gmail?04:39
zykotick9_Natecat, use a LiveCD, then chroot into the HD install - see "/msg ubottu grub2" for the link to the grub2 help page04:39
lorddeltaImTheDude: In gmail: Little gear in the top right corner -> Accounts tab, "Add another e-mail address you own"04:40
lorddeltaImTheDude: In Yahoo: wherever their forward to address button is.04:40
waterDrophello avery one04:40
waterDropwhat ae we talk about now?04:40
Natecatzykotick9:i dont have any blank disks. i got ubuntu using windows installer is there anyway to do it without the disk?04:41
zykotick9_Natecat, if you used WUBI then disregard what i suggested.  Good luck.04:41
Natecatshould i reinstall and hope the installer works properly this time?04:42
zobugtelcomo ago para ir al chat de ubuntu en español04:42
waterDropNatecat: try Virtual Machine...04:42
urlin2uNatecat, are you letting th app work as presented and not building a partion?04:43
Natecati have a partition of 200 GB for ubuntu04:43
Natecatwhen i try to boot into ubuntu it goes to command line04:43
ubottuzobugtel: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.04:43
urlin2uNatecat, and your using a wubi install?04:43
Natecatit didnt install grub for some reason04:43
urlin2uNatecat, that is your problem it does not work that way.04:44
lorddeltaImTheDude: Yeah it looks like yahoo doesn't wanna let you forward for free. So you'd have to use the other, more technically involved option I gave you.04:44
Natecaturlin2u: what do u mean?04:44
urlin2uNatecat, boot a ubuntu cd and install it to that partition it has to be a ext type not a NTFS04:44
Natecatoh so i have to reformat?04:45
* skgolden is away: i'm not here at the moment.04:45
urlin2uNatecat, wubu is not a partition install it is a file in windows as is limited to 30 gigs.04:45
Natecatnot according to the guide on ubuntu's website04:46
urlin2uNatecat, link me to that guide.04:46
Natecatnvm can i just move files to main partition or do i have to reinstall04:47
harsh343theorem, after inserting bootable USB stick now what option i select try ubuntu or install ubuntu 11.1004:47
harsh343brjannc, same Question04:48
ImTheDudeloarddalta that didnt work ether   thats crazy.04:48
harsh343I want to recover my etc folder04:48
urlin2uNatecat, not knowing what you have done I can't answer, and you seem to have some wires crossed in your understanding not sure where, but as I have exsplained is how it is.04:48
xanguaImTheDude: just set yahoo pop304:48
ImTheDudei gve uyahoo is to stubborn04:49
brjanncharsh343: you want "try ubuntu."04:49
Natecatok im going to do a reinstall04:49
ImTheDudeot yielding to reason or persuasion04:49
ImTheDudenot yielding to reason or persuasion04:49
Natecatoh the installation size is how much data is on the VM04:51
Natecatit's a VM right?04:51
harsh343brjannc, and also i am using xp OS and also i do not want to disturb this04:51
ImTheDudereally i tryed that xangua04:51
urlin2uNatecat, okay, good luck just give this page a read as well. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide04:52
brjanncharsh343: No worries, booting from usb and selecting "try ubuntu" won't change anything on the disk, and we won't need to do anything that will mess with your windows install04:52
Tonycan anyone recommend a good VPS or Dedicated Hosting Company for around $100 / month? I'm looking for 4GB Ram. Thank you.04:53
harsh343ok thanks04:53
ImTheDudewhat Tony?04:53
elacheche_anisIs the mail server of the MLs down???04:53
TonyI'm looking for web hosting04:53
ImTheDudewhat ram got to do with vps's04:54
Natecatwho is stupid enough to allow only 5GB of free space on there machine04:54
harsh343brjannc, the same screen appear after clicking try ubuntu now, what next ?04:54
ZutaraNatecat: Me04:54
* Zutara only has 1.5 left04:54
brjanncharsh343: What do you mean by the same screen?04:54
harsh343brjannc, means now i am under the ubuntu os04:55
elacheche_anisIs the mail server of the MLs down???04:55
harsh343means dekstop appears same as previously04:55
brjanncharsh343: Ah, okay. Did it automatically mount any of your partitions? If it did, there will be icons on the desktop04:55
Natecatis there anyway to soft reboot ubuntu while it is frozen04:55
harsh343two icons on my dekstop install ubuntu 11.10 and Examples04:56
brjanncharsh343: They may have labels (like WINDOWS) or just partition names (like /dev/sda1)04:56
tonyyarussoTony: I can get you 2GB for $80 or 4GB for $160, but not 4GB for $100.04:57
brjanncharsh343: Okay. Do you know what partition you installed ubuntu onto?04:57
Tony<tonyyarusso> can you tell me your comany name, or PM me please? Thanks04:57
elacheche_anisIs the mail server of the MLs down???04:58
harsh343brjannc, i think in D Drive in C drive i install XP04:58
brjanncharsh343: Partitions are treated differently in linux; but that's okay, we can find it. :) Open up a terminal window and type     sudo sfdisk -l    (that's a lowercase L)04:59
brjanncharsh343: Ideally, there will be one line that says "Linux" under the system column05:00
harsh343brjannc, this is the output http://pastebin.com/05bRfAmC05:04
brjanncharsh343: Excellent. Okay, what we're going to do now is mount your ubuntu disk so we can see what's going on. Type    sudo mkdir /mnt/ubuntu     and then    sudo mount /dev/sda8 /mnt/ubuntu05:05
brjanncharsh343: (And make sure you double-check your typing before hitting enter; don't want to mount the wrong thing by mistake :) )05:06
=== ok is now known as ok_wait
ok_waitcould someone be so kind and point me in the right direction to ask a question about ssh connections?05:07
brjanncharsh343: ok as in all done?05:07
brjanncok_wait: You can ask here :)05:08
shriphanihi. is it possible to create a bootable NTFS disk using disk-utility? My usb disk appears to be readonly now after I formatted it.05:08
harsh343brjannc, yes now what next05:09
Lewoco_Which package contains the terminfo database? I think I accidentally uninstalled it cause none of my ncurses apps work =/05:09
brjanncharsh343: First, let's check to see that your etc directory is actually gone; type    ls /mnt/ubuntu/etc05:09
somsipLewoco_: ncurses-term ?05:10
harsh343brjannc, and sudo ?05:10
ImTheDude do stick nots go away or they just stay on your desktop05:10
ok_waitok, there's computerA and computerB on a lan and from computerA i say ssh -X username@computerB 'command' and it shows an instance of computerB's 'command' on computerA's screen, but when computerB says the same command (ssh -X username@computerA 'command' the 'command' shows up on computerA's screen. what gives? i'm not even sure which one is right.. :/05:10
brjanncbrjannc: Nah, you don't need sudo for that05:10
DildeauxI am looking to run a porn site from an Ubuntu server... any good guides you all suggest?05:11
brjanncharsh343: You'll either see a directory listing, or "no such file or directory"05:11
ImTheDudeyou get hot chicks i work for free haha05:12
harsh343brjannc, output http://pastebin.com/Wu44H34Y05:12
ImTheDudei take that back i work for food05:12
ok_waitmy question is how do i control which computer's screen the 'command' shows up on05:12
Lewoco_somsip, Sounds like the what I need but ccmake still didn't work after installing it.05:13
ImTheDudethat was a joke yall ant laughing though05:13
somsipLewoco_: not sure about that. I just use ncursrs-term to give me a terminfo for urxvt05:13
brjanncharsh343: Okay, good. Well, not good, since it is in fact gone, but we're at least in the right place :) Now, try     sudo ls /mnt/ubuntu/root/.local/.share/Trash/etc05:14
Lewoco_somsip, Hmm, aptitude uses ncurses right?05:14
brjanncharsh343: Ah, sorry, i typo'd.     sudo ls /mnt/ubuntu/root/.local/share/Trash/etc05:14
ok_waitdoes anybody know a good place to ask this question?05:15
Lewoco_somsip, And that works so maybe it's not a problem with ccmake.05:15
qinImTheDude: reinstall sense of humour, that one was silly.05:15
harsh343brjannc, output http://pastebin.com/G521crm705:15
brjanncok_wait: Generally speaking, if you ssh from A to B and run an X program, the program should show up on A.05:15
ImTheDudei was thinking of food and i already had a sandwitch05:16
brjanncharsh343: Sorry, there was an extra dot in the first directory I asked you to check; see my revised command above05:16
harsh343brjannc, same output again05:17
ok_waitbrjannc, would you know how to change that?05:17
floydspritetheorem i think its my video card sonds wierd but i think thats it05:18
crassusHi, I'm wondering when I'm using something like tty1, if it's possible to use xmonad or other window managers with it05:18
crassuslike dwm, etc05:18
=== Guest38588 is now known as jasef
brjanncharsh343: Okay. We'll try and brute force find it, then -- try     sudo find /mnt/ubuntu/ -type f -iname "debian_version"05:19
harsh343brjannc, http://pastebin.com/t5KmbhFV ouput05:19
crassusI'd like to tile apps in the tty, you see05:19
qincrassus: All x dm will use vt, but you can xinit -- :1 vt1 (so xterm will land on tty1)05:19
crassusqin: not sure I understand you fully05:20
qincrassus: maybe: fbterm, tmux, screen05:20
brjanncharsh343: This will take a while to run, because it's going to search everywhere. But it's basically looking for a file that should only exist in the /etc directory05:20
crassusoh, so tmux will work with the ttys q?05:20
crassusqin: ^^ ?05:20
qincrassus: Yes, it will05:21
brjanncok_wait: It depends on the program -- what are you running?05:21
crassusoh ok05:21
crassuslemme try05:21
crassus...how do I launch another xterm from within a tty without killing the first?05:21
crassusjust suspend with Ctrl+z maybe?05:21
qincrassus: You cant05:21
crassuswhy's that05:21
crassusI get the intuitive reason why05:21
crassusbut not the ... "reason" why, if you know what I mean05:22
floydspritewhats that fix for when your videos are choppy because ubuntu dont like your video card05:22
qincrassus: since, most likely you will crash xserver, use another tty and display05:22
ok_waitbrjannc, nautilus05:22
crassusthans qin05:22
deku-treethis is really pissing me off............05:23
harsh343brjannc, this is the output http://pastebin.com/i9T01BZg05:23
qincrassus: Maybe the is way to wrap xinit, to have it in background, not known to me.05:23
=== eric is now known as LLStarks
ImTheDudeif you uninstall an application and it dont fully uninstall how can i remove it05:24
crassustmux is very nice with tty05:24
crassusthanks qin05:24
brjanncok_wait: one second05:24
qincrassus: Welcome.05:24
crassusbest terminal browser recommendation qin?05:24
crassusi have tried lynx, it's bad05:24
brjanncharsh343: Aha, looks like we found it. Run    sudo cp -r /mnt/ubuntu/root/.local/share/Trash/files/etc /mnt/ubuntu/05:25
crassusi want to try w3m and elinks probably next05:25
qincrassus: I prefer elinks, coz of tabs05:25
Jordan_UImTheDude: How did you uninstall it and what went wrong?05:25
crassusneat, thanks qin05:25
brjanncok_wait: So, from computer B you're running "ssh -X user@A nautilus", and the nautilus window is showing up on A's screen, not B's?05:25
floydspritehey anyone no how to fix the problem with my videos being all choppy05:26
ImTheDudethrough software center and i uninstalled it but i still see it listed inapplications05:26
ok_waitbrjannc, yea and from a it shows up on a as well05:26
harsh343brjannc, after using this again i am on the terminal05:26
dr_willisfloydsprite:  clarify what videos, players, and so forth..05:26
qinbrjannc: No, on A, ssh -e to execute remotely05:26
deku-treei have a desktop that has no way to access internet except for wireless.. i have a Netgear WNA1100 n150 usb wifi adapter, but need the drivers.  check netgear website via my laptop(using it now).. they dont have the driver itself.. just a setup.exe.. i dont have WINE because i have no internet... so i just use the windows driver for it off my other desktop (it works fine on there).  but i need NDISGTK to use the windows driver.  cool.  download05:27
deku-treeNDISGTK deb file and try to install... needs other things to run... cant update ubuntu becuase I HAVE NO INTERNET. FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU05:27
Jordan_UImTheDude: What application?05:27
dr_willisImTheDude:  could be the menus have just not refreshed.05:27
brjanncharsh343: Okay. One second, we may have to try that again -- need to check something really quickly05:27
ImTheDudeevolution mail05:27
crassusbest terminal mail client you can recommend qin?05:27
ImTheDudei tried shuting down and its still there after i rebooted05:27
ImTheDudethe os05:27
henric_Could someone tell me how to check from the console if I have installed Ubuntu correctly? Unity is all garbled, but the text mode in recovery works. I know nothing about this but I'm trying to learn.05:28
qincrassus: mutt (or pine if you are neurotic)05:28
dr_willishenric_:  whats your video card/chipset?05:28
floydspritethere is a line for compviz or somthing any one remember it05:28
crassuswhy if you're neurotic qin?05:28
crassuswhat do you mean with that?05:28
xanguadeku-tree: you can install ndisgtk and ndiswrapper from the ubuntu cd05:28
dr_willisfloydsprite:  you refering to the 'enable vsync' (i think) compiz setting?05:29
crassusalso, will my computer know to suspend or whatever if i'm using the tty when I close the lid qin?05:29
qincrassus: That mutt is a bit more sane (and probably powerful) than pine05:29
qincrassus: If upower runs? Yes05:29
xanguadeku-tree: you just need to add the ubuntu cd to sources list from Software Sources05:29
crassusis it running by default qin?05:29
crassuslemme check ps05:30
floydspritewhats the alternative  for Flash05:30
henric_<dr_willis_> Nvidia GT 240. I suspect I need the proprietary drivers, but don't know how to get them from the console. I writing this from WinXP that is also installed on the machine.05:30
crassussweet, it is05:30
brjanncharsh343: Almost exactly the same thing again -- just -a instead of -r this time.     sudo cp -a /mnt/ubuntu/root/.local/share/Trash/files/etc /mnt/ubuntu/05:30
crassusgod bless ubuntu05:30
zykotick9floydsprite, gnash is one05:30
crassusso awesome05:30
qincrassus: Amen05:30
harsh343brjannc, again i am on the terminal05:31
crassusok, last question qin: is there a way to quickly lock my computer if it's running on tty?05:31
dr_willishenric_:  jockey-text should do that.05:31
brjanncharsh343: Okay. Please pastebin    ls -al /mnt/ubuntu/etc05:31
crassuson normal gnome, I can just do ctrl+alt+l05:31
henric_dr_willis: Nvidia GT 240. I suspect I need the proprietary drivers, but don't know how to get them from the console. I writing this from WinXP that is also installed on the machine.05:32
dr_willishenric_:  or boot using the nomodeset option, and that should get you to  the desktop where you can then use  the 'addational drivers' tool05:32
dr_willis!nomodeset | henric_05:32
ubottuhenric_: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter05:32
brjanncok_wait: I'm really not sure why that would happen -- it really shouldn't be. :)05:32
qincrassus: I am using tmux, so just locking session, not really sure.05:32
ImTheDudehow would i remove something from the application tab if it didnt full uninstall though Ubuntu Software Center?05:32
brjanncok_wait: (And sorry for having divided attention)05:32
dr_willisImTheDude:  find its .desktop file and delete it.. or use the alacarte program05:33
harsh343brjannc, output is http://pastebin.com/GvjffAyg05:33
ImTheDudewhat alacate?05:33
brjanncok_wait: My only guess is to investigate the DISPLAY environment variable, which is what X programs use to determine where they should pop up.05:33
crassusqin: you can lock session in tmux? how?05:33
dr_willisImTheDude:  a menu editor app for gnome05:33
ok_waitbrjannc, that's ok, thank you for trying :)05:33
dr_willis!info alacarte05:33
ubottualacarte (source: alacarte): easy GNOME menu editing tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.13.2-2ubuntu3 (oneiric), package size 52 kB, installed size 348 kB05:33
dr_willisif im spellingit right. :)05:34
ok_waitbrjannc, ok i'll look into it thank you again05:34
brjanncharsh343: Pastebin the output of the ls command too please?     ls -al /mnt/ubuntu/etc05:34
ok_waitqin, thank you as well for your input05:34
qincrassus: man tmux | less -p lock-session05:34
ImTheDudecan i install it in software center ?05:34
henric_Great. I will try this out. If I can't straighten it out I'll come back on from my laptop so I can both ask and look at the command line at the same time. Thanks!05:34
brjanncok_wait: Sure thing, good luck!05:35
crassusthanks so much qin. you are truly wise master.05:35
Jordan_UImTheDude: Can you pastebin the output of "apt-cache policy evolution"?05:35
=== jao is now known as Guest79389
qincrassus: No, I am just coffee addict.05:35
JPetersonany ideas on this http://i.imgur.com/SjRlR.png ?05:35
JPetersonapt-get install crashes05:35
harsh343brjannc, output is http://pastebin.com/a1W4H2wS05:35
floydspriteok i just downloaded ubuntu on this comp and when i try to watch viedos at tv-links the videos are all choppy05:36
JPetersonand png support seems to be broken, notice the missing icons and window borders and the error message when trying to start update-manager http://i.imgur.com/NA6QG.png05:36
ImTheDudei cant do nothing right now i got a system lock again darn05:36
dr_willisfloydsprite:  but local video files play fine?05:36
brjanncharsh343: Beautiful. okay,     sudo umount /mnt/ubuntu05:36
JPetersonthis is what nutilus looks like http://i.imgur.com/Jkxp8.png05:36
floydspriteone sec dr,05:36
xanguaJPeterson: tried to reset unity with¿: unity --reset05:37
brjanncharsh343: Assuming it unmounts cleanly (and doesn't complain about it being in use or something) you can try and reboot back into ubuntu.05:37
harsh343brjannc, ok again on the terminal05:37
deku-treexangua, thanks.  sorry for late response.  i was busy raging.  anyway, quick question.  if NDISGTK and NDISWRAPPER can be installed via CD.  why on earth weren't they installed to begin with?05:37
brjanncharsh343: Okay, reboot, pull out your USB stick, and try and boot into your ubuntu install again05:38
skypentdr_willis how would you go about fixing floydsprites issue if local videos play fine?05:38
floydspritedr. hulu videos work just fine05:38
JPetersonxangua: yup here's the screenshot http://i.imgur.com/5l1OC.png05:38
dr_willisdeku-tree:  disk space limitations...05:38
harsh343brjannc, afre reboot again i select try ubuntu05:38
dr_willisskypent:  that would point to it being a flash issue mainly.05:39
dr_willisskypent:  or an issue with the specific service.05:39
brjanncharsh343: No, you need to remove the live USB stick and boot into *your* ubuntu install from grub05:39
dr_willisfloydsprite:  paste a url to a problem video.05:39
=== chris_ is now known as Guest87054
xanguaJPeterson: tried also to delete compiz settings on your home¿¿ i believe is ~.compiz05:39
harsh343brjannc, I am not able to understand means i remove my USB right now after that what next ?05:40
JPetersonxangua: I have no such file05:40
brjanncharsh343: As in, the same grub menu that shows your Windows XP install, also05:40
floydspriteit is http://www.videobb.com/watch_video.php?v=mX6NWSicFWAw05:40
crassusqin: upower does not seem to be running, however `ps aux | grep upower` shows upowerd daemon is running. how do I make sure upower is running?05:41
brjanncharsh343: I'm asking you to reboot and attempt to boot into your installation of ubuntu, just like you would have done *before* your /etc directory got trashed. :)05:41
xanguaJPeterson: got the directory right here on lucid, unless compiz uses another directory now05:41
harsh343brjannc, means after removing USB i reboot my system and start my previous ubuntu which is already installed ?05:42
crassusalso, my normal cmdline keyboard shortcuts (like jumping word to word) isn't working05:42
brjanncharsh343: Yep!05:42
JPetersonxangua: well what can i tell you, there's .cache, .config, .dbus etc, no .compis05:42
crassusok, most are actually. just not the word jumping. others like erasing whole line (ctrl+u) and erase to end of line (ctrl+k) are working fine05:42
xanguaJPeterson: is compiz, not compis05:42
crassusis there a reason for this behavior in tty?05:43
booh-Is it possible to make an image of ubuntu on an online box to another harddrive connected ?  (and connect to the box in ssh console...)05:43
=== reo is now known as Guest84692
booh-I can close a lot of services before doing it...05:43
floydspritedr_willis: the site is http://www.videobb.com/watch_video.php?v=mX6NWSicFWAw05:43
celltechPuppy Linux rocks! I just can't figure out the harddrive install of it05:44
brjanncbooh-: Technically, yes, but if you're not in single-user mode, things tend to get weird because programs are still running and the disk is changing while you're trying to image it.05:44
ImTheDudei tried to uninstall evolution but i still see the tab listed in application . how do i remove the evolution tab from application?05:44
sioncrassus, are you sure your shell behaviour isn't set to vi instead of emacs? (which I prefer anyway, but could, though unlikely, be the cause of some of your trouble)05:45
BiggerMaoHi there, I'm trying to compile software and I'd like to know, where is the path to the standard libraries specified?05:46
BiggerMaosomething like /usr/include/c++/4.6.1 .05:46
BiggerMaoI want to change it to use /usr/include/c++/4.4.605:46
BiggerMaobut I don't know which config file or environment variable I need to edit05:46
BiggerMaoand I don't want to uninstall gcc 4.6 or anything drastic like that.05:46
harsh343brjannc, I am able to start my previous ubuntu 11.10 but not display all the options05:46
crassussion: i'm not sure, but I'd prefer vi05:47
brjanncharsh343: What do you mean by display all the options?05:47
JPetersonxangua: searched the whole ./, there's no compiz05:47
crassusor whatever keeps the normal word jumping stuff05:47
harsh343only shows file, edit, view, Go, bookmarks and help in the top line not displaying all the features of ubuntu 11.1005:47
JPetersonhow do i change back to ubuntu classic from the command line?05:47
xanguaJPeterson: are you using unity2d¿05:47
crassuslike in irssi now05:47
crassusI can't jump word by word05:47
crassusbut I can erase fine05:47
JPetersonxangua: couldnt' tell you05:47
JPetersonhow do i tell?05:48
ok_waitbrjannc, would you know how i would execute 'xset dpms force off' for example on the remote machine?05:48
xanguaJPeterson: if you didn't had 3d efects from the beggining, you are05:48
JPetersonxangua: was using ubuntu classic in 11.04 and upgraded to 11.1005:48
ok_waitand it actually turn off the remote machine's monitor05:48
brjanncharsh343: Did you perhaps delete any other potentially important directories besides /etc? :)05:49
sionwell crassus depending on the program you can set it, for example in your .bashrc you can have "set -o vi" for bash or "bindkey -v" in .zhsrc for zsh...?05:49
harsh343not seeing like this http://arstechnica.com/open-source/news/2010/10/shuttleworth-unity-shell-will-be-default-desktop-in-ubuntu-1104.ars05:49
sioncrassus, then you could jump words, by switching to command mode and pressing w, same as in vi/vim05:50
brjanncok_wait: You could try      ssh -X user@host "DISPLAY=:0 xset dpms force off"05:50
eltigrehey, I would like to have gcc-4.3 in a current version of Ubuntu....05:50
wafflzhello ppl. so im trying to install 10.04 on an old computer but i need to unshadow the bios first.. how can i do this?05:50
eltigredo you know any way to do that?05:51
harsh343brjannc, no i do not delete any other things, but may be if its my fault again05:51
zykotick9!notunity | JPeterson05:51
ubottuJPeterson: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic05:51
=== jesus is now known as Guest14340
brjanncharsh343: Hmm, I'm not sure, then. We restored the /etc directory to what it was before it was deleted, so I don't there there should be any issues there... Are you logged in as a different user or anything like that?05:52
JPetersonzykotick9: thx but apt-get install crashes http://iu500.imgur.com/all/05:52
JPeterson* http://i.imgur.com/SjRlR.png05:52
harsh343brjannc, now i am logged with the same user05:52
sioneltigre, 2 ways, either do Packge > Force Version in synaptic package manager (may be possible from apt-get also) or download 4.3 source and install (that way you can install elsewhere, e.g. your home dir, so that it does not conflict with your normal gcc installation)05:52
Guest14340hi i just get compiz cube working for me but now i can move my windows around anyone know how to fix this05:52
brjanncharsh343: And it's still not the way it was before?05:53
eltigresion, hm ok... I had hoped for a simpler way, but thanks05:53
Guest14340compiz desktop cube05:53
zykotick9JPeterson, umm, ya I saw your pasted image before.  That looks like a very broken system, good luck.05:53
ok_waitbrjannc, that's perfect thank you very much05:53
sioneltigre, the first way is not really complicated, if you need help just ask05:53
=== barna is now known as bipul
brjanncharsh343: I'm not sure what could be wrong, then. The only thing I can think of to try is to create a brand new user, and see if it looks right then05:54
harsh343brjannc, now also there is not option of shut down and restart and all those things05:54
brjanncok_wait: Sure thing :)05:54
eltigresion, yes, but wouldn't that break other software?05:54
JPetersonzykotick9: well there was nothing wrong with it before the 11.10 upgrade05:54
crassussion: in emacs mode, do I jump words by ctrl+leftArrow/rightArrow?05:54
sioneltigre, possibly, probably only if the software needs to be compiled with a certain version (in which case take option 2, installing from source to another place). it might also be possible using software centre but I don't know because I don't use it05:55
JPetersonhow do I reset apt-get? so that apt-get install doesn't crash?05:55
harsh343brjannc, it looks like little ubuntu 10.0405:55
brjanncharsh343: It sounds like your user profile may be corrupted or something; I would try to create a new user and see if that works, and if so, maybe come back and ask how to fix a corrupted user profile in 11.10? (I'm not using 11.10, so I really don't know)05:55
xanguaJPeterson: i see no apt crash there, just a broken window05:55
xanguaor a chashed window¿ :P05:56
eltigresion, in synaptic I can see that I have 4.4 and 4.5 installed, how can I downgrade one?05:56
brjanncharsh343: But it *is* the installation you had before, right? All your files from yesterday or whenever are there and everything?05:56
JPetersonxangua: how do i get the fullscreen console?05:56
xanguaJPeterson: control+alt+f1 i believe05:56
sioneltigre, I don't use EMACS but according to the internet forward is M-f and backward is M-b05:56
sioneltigre, sorry, wrong person05:56
sioncrassus, I don't use EMACS but according to the internet forward is M-f and backward is M-b05:57
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xanguaand you exit with control+alt+f7 JPeterson05:57
Jordan_UImTheDude: Can you pastebin the output of "apt-cache policy evolution"?05:57
=== DJPerrone is now known as HighlanderBlue
harsh343brjannc, yes now i am able to see all my files and folders as yesterday05:57
ImTheDudehow and where05:57
harsh343brjannc, before login i am able to see all the options in the login panel05:57
booh-brjannc, with wich app I can do it in console?05:58
booh-for the image?05:58
JPetersonxangua: thx. it looks the same in the fullscreen terminal http://i.imgur.com/EAkoP.png05:58
sioneltigre, as far as I know you would have to uninstall and reinstall with forced version05:58
JPetersonxangua: notice how it crahes to the terminal after the 50% message05:58
harsh343one small question at the same time i am not able to copy the data in the pendrive how can i ?05:58
brjanncharsh343: Okay, good. Then my only guess is that your user profile is corrupted somehow05:59
ImTheDudejordanu how and where?05:59
harsh343brjannc, yup05:59
Jordan_UImTheDude: Run that command in a terminal.05:59
pxwebdevAnyone experienced issues with the latest versions of flash in 11.10 not working?05:59
booh-How can I stop all graphical gnome while I'm in SSH ?06:00
booh-I want to stop all services of the "desktop" gui remotely... I need to reduce at minimum ressources of the machine... I'm remote in ssh.06:01
sioneltigre, also if you are using apt-get from commandline you can downgrade by specifying the package version like apt-get install gcc=4:4.6.1-2ubuntu5 (replacing the last part with the desired version number)06:01
harsh343brjannc, three options occurs in the login screen myusername, Guest user and other is it possible to enter the login from 2 other options06:01
brjanncbooh-: There are many different ways to do it; tar and rsync are probably the most basic, and there's lots of guides available online06:01
ImTheDudethat didnt work06:02
harsh343brjannc, and check whether it is works or not with others ?06:02
ImTheDudeJordan_U that didnt work06:02
brjanncbooh-: you can try     sudo service gdm stop06:02
harsh343brjannc, hello06:02
Jordan_UImTheDude: "Didn't work" is almost never a useful description of a problem.06:03
harsh343i am able to see all the options from the Guest account06:03
booh-ok and if I stop gdm, all things related to graphical interface will shutdown?06:03
ImTheDudeno but it is a result of the action.06:03
brjanncharsh343: Like I said, I really don't know how to help restore your profile :(06:03
sionbooh-: yeah, pretty much06:04
HighlanderBluehey hows it going everyone06:04
harsh343brjannc, thanks man but now i am able to enter through guest user and able to see the same as my previous windows06:04
ImTheDudegot any other ideas Jordan_U?06:04
brjanncharsh343: glad to hear it!06:04
harsh343and all my important datas i need only the password for this because now i am the guest user06:05
harsh343brjannc, is it possible to create a new user with admin06:05
Jordan_UImTheDude: Run "apt-cache policy evolution" and pastebin the output so that I can see it.06:05
Jordan_U!pastebin | ImTheDude06:05
ubottuImTheDude: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:05
harsh343like what i have the permissions for my previous username06:05
Jordan_UImTheDude: That command isn't supposed to change anything, it's supposted to give me information I need to try to troubleshoot the problem.06:06
ImTheDudeoh it said evolution was not there.06:06
Jordan_UImTheDude: Please follow my directions. I need the full output.06:07
booh-There is nothing like "clonezilla" for online imaging?06:07
harsh343brjannc, thanks You very much :) :) :))))))))))))))))06:08
ImTheDude apt-cache policy evolution06:08
ImTheDude  Installed: (none)06:08
ImTheDude  Candidate: 2.28.3-0ubuntu10.306:08
ImTheDude  Version table:06:08
ImTheDude     2.28.3-0ubuntu10.3 006:08
FloodBot1ImTheDude: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:08
booh-oups ok I found "partimage" in console... good ;-)06:09
brjanncharsh343: Yes, in the administration menu there should be a "Users and Groups" program you can use to create a new user.06:09
brjanncharsh343: You're very welcome!06:09
sioncrassus, if you're still here backward and forward by word with EMACS bindings is in fact M-b and M-f respectively (just tested it) but it can have annoying conflicts, e.g. my Meta key is bound to Alt, and Alt-F on my terminal opens up the File menu, this wouldn't be a problem with vi bindings06:09
Jordan_UImTheDude: I told you to use pastebin multiple times. Please read more carefully and try to follow directions exactly. If there is something about my directions you don't understand then ask.06:09
sionbut then you would need to know the vi bindings...06:09
JPetersonit wasn't that hard folks, a rm /var/lib/dpkg/lock rm /var/cache/apt/archives/lock dpkg --configure -a apt-get install -f should have been suggested to my question!06:09
Jordan_UImTheDude: Do you understand what it means to use pastebin?06:09
harsh343brjannc, but with the guest account i am not able to see the administration panel06:09
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »06:10
ImTheDudeis that on ubuntu web site06:10
dr_willis!info pastebinit | ImTheDude06:10
ubottuImTheDude: pastebinit (source: pastebinit): command-line pastebin client. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2-2 (oneiric), package size 30 kB, installed size 480 kB06:10
crassussion: I am more comfortable with vi bindings06:11
harsh343sorry right now i m login from myusername again06:11
dr_willisImTheDude:  install pastebinit, then use commands like 'sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit' it will auto paste the output to a pastebin web site.06:11
brjanncharsh343: Oh, right. You can do it from the command line, too:    sudo adduser <username>06:11
Resistance!pastebin | ImTheDude:  FYI:06:11
ubottuImTheDude:  FYI:: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:11
harsh343brjannc, right now i m login with my username06:12
lorddeltaRandom question...pastebinit work for ubuntu's pastebin?06:12
ImTheDudewhats poster mean?06:12
ImTheDudeoh nevermind06:12
brjanncharsh343: And everything is working correctly?06:12
Jordan_UImTheDude: Is English your first language?06:12
icerootlorddelta: yes, its te default06:12
lorddeltaiceroot: ah k thnx06:13
lorddeltaiceroot: I hardly ever use it myself. >_>06:13
crassuscan someone please hilight me quickly, I'm testing something...06:13
ImTheDudeJordan_U i pastbenit from you url you posted i dont know where it goes from there?06:13
brjannccrassus: ping06:13
crassusok thanks06:14
ImTheDudeJordan_U whats launchpad?06:14
crassusalright, one more time pls06:14
icerootcrassus: foo06:14
harsh343brjannc, now i create an user name hary with the following command  and able to see all of the options what i have, but not able to see the harsh username only which is my old username06:15
brjanncbooh-: Sorry, I've been missing your messages -- it's easier for me to see if you mention my name :)06:15
elacheche_anisHey I have a question..06:15
crassusawesome. thanks guys, irssi works how I want it to now06:15
elacheche_anisHey I have a question..06:15
brjanncelacheche_anis: Go ahead and ask06:15
crassusyou know, i'm thinking of defaulting to just using tty now06:15
crassusonly thing I need now is a music player06:15
harsh343brjannc, but i am not able to use sudo nautilus with the new username hary06:15
crassusfor the tty. there's probably one out there though06:15
lorddeltacrassus: apt-get install play?06:16
lorddeltacrassus: play *.mp306:16
brjannccrassus: check out cplay06:16
zykotick9crass, check out moc06:16
crassusi'll give them all a go :)06:16
harsh343output:) hary is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported.06:16
sion!lp | ImTheDude06:16
ubottuImTheDude: Launchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/06:16
brjanncharsh343: I'd recommend against sudo nautilus in the first place ;)06:16
elacheche_anisbrjannc, Is the mail server of the MLs down??? I try to send a mail to the Tunisian loco(that I'm a member) since 00h & every time a receive a mail with an error from google..06:16
JPetersonhow do i reinstall all system packages?06:17
zykotick9harsh343, users need to be in the "admin" group to sudo.06:17
icerootJPeterson: why you need that?06:17
Resistancezykotick9:  or written explicitly into the sudoers file, no?06:17
harsh343zykotick9, means i am not able to use this command with any other username06:17
zykotick9Resistance, don't do that06:17
JPetersoniceroot: well look at my system http://iu500.imgur.com/all/06:18
JPetersonpng support is broken or something more06:18
brjanncharsh343: At the command line, change to your old user with     su harsh06:18
Resistancezykotick9:  ;P06:18
icerootJPeterson: iu500's images are not publicly available.06:18
Jordan_UImTheDude: Is English your first language?06:18
zykotick9harsh343, add your new user to the "admin" group (not sure how if you don't currently have a sudo users though)06:18
JPetersoniceroot: oh, http://i.imgur.com/Jkxp8.png06:18
sioncrassus, for CLI music player I would use mplayer or mpd+mpc :)06:18
icerootJPeterson: what you did before?06:19
brjannczykotick9: He does have one, but that user's profile is currently jacked up06:19
harsh343brjannc, excellent bro thanks very much again06:19
JPetersoniceroot: windows borders are gone, png files broken06:19
ImTheDudethis ant english this is linux06:19
JPetersoniceroot: upgraded from 11.04 to 11.1006:19
icerootJPeterson: also what is the output of "dpkg -l | grep -v ^ii"06:19
elacheche_anisthx brjannc, Is the mail server of the MLs down??? I try to send a mail to the Tunisian loco(that I'm a member) since 00h & every time a receive a mail with an error from google..06:19
JPetersoniceroot: this http://pastebin.com/rRNDpEZ106:20
brjanncharsh343: No problem. As your old user, you can use     sudo visudo     to edit the sudoers file, and follow the comments in that file to give your new user sudo permissions.06:20
icerootJPeterson: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop   should fix the issue06:20
JPetersoniceroot: thx trying...06:21
sionharsh: sudo usermod -aG admin hary06:21
brjanncelacheche_anis: I don't know the answer to that question, sorry :) You're welcome to keep asking in here, but please allow 5-10 minutes before repeating again06:21
sionharsh343, : sudo usermod -aG admin hary06:21
icerootJPeterson: if not, then the config is broken, not the packages06:21
JPetersoniceroot: you mean apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop ?06:21
JPetersonsince it's already installed06:21
JPetersoniceroot: how do i reset all system configs?06:22
JPetersonor the gnome config to begin with06:22
JPetersonto the 11.10 default06:22
elacheche_anisok, brjannc thx :D06:22
JPetersonif some 11.04 configs carried over and broke it06:22
brjanncharsh343: sion's recommendation to use usermod is better than mine, do that instead of visudo ;)06:22
brjanncelacheche_anis: Sure thing!06:22
icerootJPeterson: something like "unity --reset"06:23
ImTheDudeok i see Jordan_U its so i dont flood the chan.06:23
icerootJPeterson: but because i dont have unity installed, i cant check06:23
harsh343brjannc, but sudo usermod -aG admin hary give the output hary is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported06:24
JPetersoniceroot: i'm switched to gnome classic now, can i --reset that too?06:24
sionbrjannc, are you sure it's admin group though? in other distros it's the group: wheel06:24
zykotick9sion, it's "admin" for ubuntu06:25
icerootJPeterson: maybe with renaming the config in ~/.gnome  (dont know the exact name of that folder because i am not using it)06:25
sionharsh343, your problem is that the user you're using does not have root access06:25
brjanncsion: True, but right now I'm in adm and admin06:25
JPetersoniceroot: ok, maybe06:25
harsh343sion, then what i can do ?06:25
icerootJPeterson: have a look with ~/.gnome TAB TAB06:25
lotuspsychjeany solution yet for corrupt mouse cursor bug at boot?06:25
brjanncharsh343: Yes, you'll have to     su harsh    first, since that user can use sudo06:25
JPetersoniceroot: i've just noticed before that the ubuntu version upgrade sometimes asks if i want to reset a changed config06:25
icerootlotuspsychje: is there a bug opened?06:25
JPetersonso i thought that function might be exposed from the command line06:25
icerootJPeterson: that is a dpkg-thing06:26
lotuspsychjeiceroot: im not sure, but i tought it has been opened06:26
sionharsh343, do you know the password to your previous username?06:26
harsh343brjannc, after using su harsh i am able to do anything then why need any other command06:26
JPetersoniceroot: ok so?06:26
icerootJPeterson: if you choose no, dpkg will create a config called foobar.conf.dpkg for that package06:26
harsh343sion, yes i am only the user of my lapt06:26
icerootJPeterson: just try the rename of the global gnome config06:26
brjanncharsh343: Because you may as well add your new user to the admin group, so you don't have to constantly su to harsh before you can use sudo06:27
brjanncharsh343: It's not necessary, just might be less hassle for you06:27
harsh343brjannc, then what i can do now06:27
JPetersoniceroot: can you be more specific, for example which file06:27
sionharsh343, I obviously don't understand your problem, what are you trying to achieve?06:28
brjanncharsh343: su harsh    then      sudo usermod -aG admin hary06:28
icerootJPeterson: ~/.gnome3 ~/.gnome or something like that should be the file06:28
lorddeltasion: he deleted his /etc folder, and now he's trying to fix the system.06:28
icerootJPeterson: but because i am not using gnome i dont have that folder to check06:28
brjanncharsh343: Then you will be able to sudo as hary.06:28
jeggarzahi !! , i need a help, is about to emesene, don't connect to the service06:28
JPetersoniceroot: ~/.gnome2 is the only gnome in ~06:28
JPetersonbut there's nothing in it basically06:29
icerootJPeterson: but your screenshots looks like you are using unity and not gnome06:29
JPetersoniceroot: ya, i switched at login now06:29
icerootJPeterson: unity --reset06:29
lotuspsychjeiceroot: i think i found it http://askubuntu.com/questions/21295/mouse-pointer-strange-problem06:29
JPetersongnome classic is broken in the same way to, but at least i can reach more program shortcuts06:29
sionlorddelta, ok and do you know if any progress has been made?06:29
JPetersonfromthe Applications menu06:29
icerootlotuspsychje: you tried Option        "sw_cursor"?06:30
harsh343brjannc, befor using this also i am able to go in sudo nautilus with su harsh06:30
lorddeltasion: sounds like it. I'm just hanging (waiting to see if I can upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10 here), though so, I'm not sure how far he's gotten.06:30
lorddeltasion: If I knew dbus well enough to to a grep search on the logs in pidgin I could provide with a summary on pastebin...06:31
harsh343and also after using your command su harsh    then      sudo usermod -aG admin hary, when i again open a new terminal i am not able to open sudo nautilus again i neede su harsh again06:31
JPetersoniceroot: what about dpkg-reconfigure --all? what does that do?06:31
brjanncharsh343: I understand that -- what I'm saying is that you would be able to sudo *without* needing to su harsh first. But if you're happy doing that, it's fine06:31
icerootJPeterson: to much06:31
brjanncharsh343: You'll need to log out and log back in for the change to take effect for the hary user.06:31
harsh343brjannc, ok06:32
sionlorddelta; hah, well thanks!06:32
brjanncharsh343: (Also, *please* don't sudo nautilus! That's how you ended up deleting your /etc directory by mistake!)06:32
harsh343brjannc, hmmmmmmmmmm06:32
JPetersoniceroot: ok06:32
icerootJPeterson: ls -all ~/.06:32
sionharsh343, why do you want to 'sudo nautilus'? what will you do once you get nautilus?06:32
brjanncharsh343: sudo should be used *very* infrequently, only when you need it.06:32
icerootJPeterson: can you paste that output? (check first if there are filenames you dont want to post)06:33
lorddeltasion: actually I've sudo nautilus'ed a couple of times to change a config file or something. Its not always obvious how to do that to a newbie.06:33
booh-partimage tell me that it can't work with mounted partition but... I continue and it seems to do the job anyway ;-)06:34
icerootlorddelta: sudo gedit /path/to/configfile06:34
zykotick9lorddelta, i at least hope you used gksu or gksudo06:34
harsh343brjannc, yes now after restart i am able to see the window again06:34
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)06:34
JPetersoniceroot: ok here http://pastebin.com/zNktULP706:34
icerootlorddelta: of course gksudo gedit /path/to/configfile06:34
lorddeltaiceroot: yeah, I know that.06:34
harsh343and use sudo directly with username hary06:34
sionlorddelta, well I was just thinking, if he wants to fix things maybe we can help him do it without nautilus instead of going on a mission to get a GUI?06:34
brjanncharsh343: Great!06:34
harsh343brjannc, but i am not able to see all my drives06:35
lorddeltaiceroot: actually usually these days its sudo gedit or sudo bash -c 'echo "changetobemade" >> fileinquestion'06:35
harsh343yes not i am able06:35
icerootlorddelta: its always gksudo06:35
harsh343when i again open sudo nautilus06:35
harsh343brjannc, thanks very very much dear06:35
harsh343you are very clever man06:35
icerootlorddelta: and of course the real solution is "sudo vim /foo/bar"06:35
brjanncharsh343: You may need to add a few more groups to your new user. You can see what groups harsh was in with    groups harsh    and then add hary to those groups with     sudo usermod -aG <group> hary06:36
lorddeltazykotick9: and I think I eventually did that. I mainly did that back in 10.10...before I learned about gksudo06:36
icerootJPeterson: mv ~/.gconf ~/.gconf.orig && mv ~/.config ~/.config.orig06:36
brjanncharsh343: Heh, you're welcome. Good luck!06:36
lorddeltaiceroot: Yes I know, but I'm not proficient yet with vim. I'm an emacs guy anyways.06:36
icerootJPeterson: after that, logout and login again06:37
harsh343brjannc, one last question i am not able to copy anything in my pendrive what i can do now ?06:37
JPetersoniceroot: i made a new user, looks the same, so these settings wont matter06:37
icerootJPeterson: hm06:37
ImTheDudeapt-catch poilcy evolution is that it?06:37
sionharsh343, check which user owns the pendrive with: ls -l /media/pendrive (replacing /media/pendrive with path to your pendrive)06:38
ImTheDudei forgot06:38
lorddeltaImTheDude: apt-cache policy evolution06:38
ImTheDudeim still trying to figure out pastbin06:38
icerootJPeterson: then i guess --reconfigure on dpkg is the only way06:38
icerootJPeterson: thought its just a user-based config issue06:38
sionharsh343, if the owner of the file is not the current user then you will probably not be able to write to it without either a) changing permissions b) changing ownership c) changing users d) remounting drive06:39
icerootImTheDude: post your text on pastebin, click "submit" and post the url so we can see your pasted text06:39
ImTheDudeim try to it keeps sending me to launchpad06:39
icerootImTheDude: or use this "sudo apt-get install pastebinit" and then you can use "command-you-want-to-paste | pastebinit"06:40
ImTheDudehttp://paste.ubuntu.com/738003/plain/ there is that it06:41
sionImTheDude, try http://pastebin.com/ instead, you should be able to paste anonymously, just paste your code in the box and copy the URI from the address bar06:41
sionImTheDude, nevermind, looks like you got it! :-)06:41
ImTheDudeya but does it work06:42
icerootImTheDude: what is your issue with evolution?06:42
JPetersoniceroot: what --reconfigure?06:43
ImTheDudei cant get the tabe evolution out of application06:43
JPetersonyou mean dpkg-reconfigure?06:43
iamfennechi anyone up ?06:43
icerootImTheDude: so you mean "evolution is still in my menu but its not installed"06:43
ImTheDudeeven though i uninstalled it06:44
JPetersonhow do i dpkg-reconfigure -a silent? i don't want a million dialogs06:44
icerootImTheDude: should be removed after you logout and login again06:44
iamfennecwhats a program that can tell me what the internal stuff is doing on my lappy ?06:44
lorddeltaiamfennec: top, iotop...06:44
ImTheDudei did that .06:44
iamfenneclike  temperature and whatnot?06:44
lorddeltaiamfennec: good question! :)06:45
sionJPeterson, there should be a "force yes"06:45
icerootiamfennec: lm-sensors06:45
deku-treei've heard alot of opinions on this.. but i want your opinion #ubuntu.. what is the best (at least semi-recent) in-depth Linux book? (preferably one for ubuntu, but not limiting my choices by this)06:45
=== jesus is now known as Guest68269
sionJPeterson, try option --force06:45
JPetersonsion ok06:45
harsh343brjannc, output is http://pastebin.com/EizEiSVX now what next here NO NAME is my pendrive06:45
ImTheDudeya no its still there06:46
brjannciamfennec: powertop is another good one, especially for laptops; helps you tweak certain settings to increase battery life. See also http://www.ubuntugeek.com/saving-power-on-intel-hardware-using-powertop.html06:46
Guest68269hey anyone know were to setup the fire on ububtu compiz06:46
deku-treeGuest68269: you might have to install the extras06:46
ImTheDudethat didnt work06:46
sionharsh343, unfortunately my proxy is blocking your pastebin at the moment :(06:47
lorddeltaGuest68269: After you install the extras (usually apt-get install compiz-extras), you need to lookup what the config key is.06:47
ImTheDudei thought there was an easy way to do links in irc06:47
harsh343sion, hows ?06:47
iamfennecthank you06:47
brjanncharsh343: I'm not very good at usb device problems, but it looks like sion is offering help :)06:47
ph4nt0m_xis anyone else having flash issues in 11.10?06:47
harsh343brjannc, ok06:47
sionGuest68269, do you have Compiz Config Settings Manager installed? It will be under the extra animations.06:47
ph4nt0m_xit keeps telling me i have an error when i goto youtube06:48
iceroot!details | ph4nt0m_x06:48
ubottuph4nt0m_x: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."06:48
Jordan_UJPeterson: You almost never want to use "force" type options. Try --pcritical. That tells dpkg to only show questions with a priority ('p') of 'critical'.06:48
ImTheDudewait is there a command to put a link in irc?06:48
brjanncsion: the mountpoint he's talking about has perms 775 and is owned by user 99, group 9906:48
JPetersonJordan_U: ok06:48
lorddeltaImTheDude: What irc client?06:48
sionGuest68269, if not, the package you want is compizconfig-settings-manager06:48
lorddelta^v for me.06:48
icerootImTheDude: http://foo.bar   just write it06:48
Jordan_UJPeterson: Make that '-pcritical' rather than '--pcritical'.06:49
icerootImTheDude: or copy it06:49
lorddelta^+shift+v for terminal06:49
sionGuest68269, if you're using Onieric you should be able to find it by searching "compiz" in the unity bar thing06:49
ph4nt0m_xok i try to load a youtube vid but the output i get is either that it cant load the video or a real slow buffering06:49
ImTheDudeoh  copy past duh06:49
JPetersonJordan_U: ok i'm doing dpkg-reconfigure --all -pcritical06:49
Guest68269all i have in the extras tab is annotate screenshot windows preview06:49
sionImTheDude, what are you trying to do with the links?06:49
Jordan_UJPeterson: What are you hoping to accomplish with that?06:50
ImTheDudedumb question sorry06:50
lorddeltaNow...whether there is an api for spamming irc with links is a better question (not in the spirit of spamming, in the spirit of piping pastebinit urls to irc)06:50
deku-treeGuest68269: you might have to install the extra's via synaptic package manager (or varient).  just look up "compiz extra" or whatever06:50
icerootph4nt0m_x: as i said before, we need usefull infos. what ubuntu version, what browser, what error-message, output of "dpkg -l \*flashplugin\"*06:51
icerootph4nt0m_x: as i said before, we need usefull infos. what ubuntu version, what browser, what error-message, output of "dpkg -l \*flashplugin\*06:51
ImTheDudesorry for the insolince06:51
sionbrjannc, thanks, it sucks that the apge is blocked... let me see06:51
brjanncsion: Yeah, of all the strange sites to block with a proxy o_O06:52
lorddelta*has pipe dreams about a cloud based irc with piped everything, all from a tty*06:52
sionph4nt0m_x, you probably have gnash player installed (it is free software, free as in freedom) you can replace it with the proprietary Adobe Flash Player if you like, there is a chance it might work better06:52
sionph4nt0m_x, also no, I am having no flash problems in 11.10 and I'm using Gnash (GNU Flash Player)06:53
ph4nt0m_xok ty06:53
ImTheDudei think i need to eat now06:53
Guest68269sudo apt-get install compiz-extras does not work for me i get Reading package lists... Done06:53
Guest68269Building dependency tree06:53
Guest68269Reading state information... Done06:53
Guest68269E: Unable to locate package compiz-extras06:53
icerootGuest68269: compiz-plugins-extra06:54
lorddelta'sudo apt-get install compiz-plugins-extra'06:55
JPetersonJordan_U: fix images http://i.imgur.com/LHWT4.png06:55
JPetersonit seems like png files are broken since no window borders or images are shown06:55
sion!pb | Guest6826906:56
ubottuGuest68269: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:56
JPetersonand all windows are stuck in the upper left corner06:56
=== jason is now known as Guest19072
Guest68269 ok sorry06:56
JPetersondpkg-reconfigure --all -pcritical quit after just minute at "dpkg-maintscript-helper: error: couldn't identify the package"06:56
sionharsh343, sorry, could send me the output of "ls -l /media" in a private message (so as not to flood the channel) because my pastebin doesn't work?06:57
lexflexhello ubuntu geeks06:58
sionJPeterson, does your image problem only occur in Gnome or with other DEs as well?06:58
lexflexis there any way to speed up the ubuntu dash? i use it to launch programs but when i type "skype" for example, it takes 0.5 seconds to show up..06:59
shayek_i cant install ubuntu restricted extras. i am from bangladesh.please help me.06:59
=== Numbertech is now known as OllieN
lotuspsychjeiceroot: /etc/xorg.conf doesnt exist so it seems to "sw_cursor"06:59
OllieNplease could somone help me06:59
silveryOllieN : in what?07:00
OllieNi have used the rm -rf command in terminal to force remove a program but it is still in my gnome desktop apps under other and when i click it says its not their but how do i delete it from gnome?07:00
JPetersonsion like what other Des? do i have any other?07:00
Guest68269ok i got the compiz extras were would i look for the fire settings :(07:00
HulkHoganOllieN: open main menu07:01
sionOllieN, rm -rf is not the right way to go about configuring Gnome...07:01
HulkHoganOllieN: then delete the icon07:01
OllieNhow do i delete the icon?07:01
=== enchilad1 is now known as enchilado
sionJPeterson, not sure, would you like to try with XFCE or Gnome3?07:01
ImTheDudethats what im trying to do07:01
JPetersonsion sure gnome3, why not07:01
JPetersonwhat's the install command?07:01
sionJPeterson, I'm not saying you should switch to them permanently but you could install them to check your problem07:02
ImTheDudeexcept not off the desktop07:02
OllieNhow do i delete of the main menu bar?07:02
=== Guest45021 is now known as tMH
sionJPeterson, as far as I know you do sudo apt-get install gnome gnome-shell gnome-desktop07:02
ImTheDuderight click it i dont know07:02
JPetersonsion E: Unable to locate package gnome-desktop07:03
icerootJPeterson: your problem is a corrupt file about mime-types07:03
sionJPeterson, my bad, leave that one out then :D07:03
sionI feel bad for not getting an answer for shayek in time, now he quit :(07:03
JPetersoniceroot: ok where is that?07:03
OllieNthere is no option for delete when i right click it07:04
icerootJPeterson: you pasted it already07:04
iamfennecok got all that installed but umm how do i use lm-sensor? lol07:04
ImTheDudeya you have the problem i have haha07:04
JPetersoniceroot: in the pastebin?07:04
sionharsh343, are you still there? did you manage with your pen drive?07:04
=== OllieN` is now known as OllieN
ImTheDudei have been in this room for like 45 min07:05
ImTheDudesame problem07:05
OllieNhow do i delete something from gnome?07:05
ImTheDudeoh wait07:05
icerootJPeterson: shared-mime-info  that package is oyur problem because you have a missconfigured /usr/share/mime/packages/freedesktop.org.xml07:05
harsh343sion, yes boss07:05
harsh343i m here07:05
ImTheDudeollie go to software center and uninstall07:05
sionharsh343, problem solved? or not yet?07:05
icerootJPeterson: http://http://i.imgur.com/LHWT4.png07:06
OllieNits not in the software center07:06
harsh343sion, not07:06
OllieNit was a non officail prog07:06
icerootJPeterson: -http:// :)07:06
almoxarifeOllieN: how was it installed?07:06
ImTheDudeit not in installed software07:06
sionOllieN, which program are you trying to remove?07:06
icerootJPeterson: you edit the file by hand?07:06
OllieNsion: clownfish07:06
JPetersoniceroot: not that i know of07:07
harsh343how can i send in a private message i am newbie in xchat07:07
JPetersoni did a apt-get install --reinstall  shared-mime-info07:07
OllieNand it was installed in some package mananger that poped up when i downloaded the .deb07:07
brjannciamfennec: check out the sensors-applet package07:07
JPetersoniceroot: works, thx07:07
JPetersoncya later folks07:07
brjannciamfennec: it's a gnome applet that can display data from lm-sensors07:07
ImTheDudeit was installed though synaptic07:07
icerootharsh343: /msg nick message07:08
icerootharsh343: or doubleclick the nick-name07:08
ImTheDudesynaptic package manager07:08
iamfennecyeah i'm not finding it07:08
harsh343iceroot, after double click nothing happens07:09
OllieNja but the package isnt their as i removed it with rm -rf07:09
ImTheDudeoh in terminal07:09
icerootharsh343: doubleclick on the nick-list on the right07:09
icerootharsh343: or use /msg nickname message07:09
icerootOllieN: what? you removed a package with rm?07:09
brjannciamfennec: what version of ubuntu?07:09
icerootOllieN: why?07:10
OllieNas someone told me too07:10
OllieNby the way im on 10.0407:10
icerootOllieN: beat the person how told you07:10
=== pete is now known as Guest36209
icerootOllieN: so what is your exact issue?07:10
Natecati installed ubuntu using WUBI but at boot i dont have option to start ubuntu07:11
OllieNi need to remove an old programs icon from the gnomes apps bit07:11
=== Guest36209 is now known as skiwithpete
harsh343iceroot, after right click various options occurs when i click on 2nd options  which is open dialogue window new window open is it correct ?07:11
icerootharsh343: double click not right click07:11
brjannciamfennec: and sensors-applet isn't available for you to install?07:11
icerootOllieN: what application?07:11
iamfennecnope not seen07:11
OllieNclown fish07:12
brjannciamfennec: Do you mean you installed it but can't find it, or can't install it?07:12
harsh343iceroot, ok07:12
harsh343now i am in private message07:12
* brjannc shrugs07:12
icerootharsh343: great07:12
OllieNg2g guys but i have this on a bnc now so ill bbl07:13
Natecatcan anybody help me with this? on a WUBI install when i boot up no option to go in to ubuntu is avalible07:13
almoxarifeNatecat: you restarted and windows did not come to a screen to allow you to chose which os to start?07:13
=== OllieN is now known as OllieN`
almoxarifeNatecat: and you are sure the wubi install completed successfully ?07:14
Natecatit didnt crash or anything and it didnt indicate errors so im pretty sure it installed successfully07:14
StavaWhenever I do drag-and-drop ubuntu hangs07:15
Stavaim sure its since i installed unity07:15
almoxarifeNatecat: I would look within windows for the setup for 'booting options' , there should be two now, ubuntu and windows07:16
Natecatwhere are error logs stored in windows 707:16
icerootNatecat: ##windows07:16
KamiccoloNatecat, You'll burn in hell for using windows07:17
Natecatwindows was just for gaming07:17
sionon the topic of Wubi installation, I have only ever seen bad things happen with it, is there any advantage?07:17
Natecatsion:easy to use07:17
Natecati dont wanna buy a blank disk07:17
almoxarifeNatecat: I started on ubuntu using 'wubi' its odd that the window for you to chose which os to start did not show07:18
Fudgehi what would be best sli video card to use on ubuntu, running am3 system. nvidia still?07:18
Natecati only get that when i have 2 partitions07:19
Natecatnvidas always best07:19
Natecatif u have money then go for 580s07:19
almoxarifeNatecat: no, you would have windows offering up two os's to chose from with wubi properly installed and assuming windows does not somehow lockout that option07:20
Natecathmm it doesnt show as a OS07:20
pnormanI just installed tomcat7 (using apt-get install tomcat7) and it's failing to start with the message  * no JDK found - please set JAVA_HOME07:20
Fudgetks Natecat07:21
almoxarifeNatecat: in your root folder there is a folder called 'ubuntu'??07:21
Natecatin c: there is a folder called ubuntu07:21
almoxarifeNatecat: within ubuntu folder there is at least two files one somewhere between 8-30gig, the other the swap with about 1-4 gig ?07:23
Natecatall folders that are named grub are empty is this normal?07:23
almoxarifeNatecat: no, not normal, the install did not work07:23
Natecati was thinking those were installed on first startup07:24
Natecatill reinstall07:24
lexflexwhy do i suddenly have no sound with banshee?07:24
Natecatmy download speeds are slow today07:25
sionlexflex, because banshee has tremendous quantities of evil mono dependencies?07:25
almoxarifeNatecat: you don't need to install with a dvd, you can do it with a usb also, look it up07:25
Natecatusbs cost more07:25
lexflexsion: what sound player should i use?07:26
Natecatmy only usb is with my friend in florida07:26
almoxarifeNatecat: you should not need to re-download, if the original download completed07:26
Natecati deleted ubuntu folder07:26
Natecatclean install07:26
sionlexflex, well I was actually just joking, it depends how much you care about software freedom, you could use something like rhythmbox or audacious instead, but they might not be as featureful as yours?07:27
almoxarifeNatecat: the bittorrent download is usually faster07:27
lexflexsion: i like banshee becasue it integrates. when i click on the speaker (top left) i can control the music07:27
Natecatbittorrent? Fast? lol07:28
lexflexsion: then again, all this is useless without sound ;)07:28
sionlexflex, you should be able to do that with other media players as well, and the sound issue is *probably* caused by something else07:28
Natecatanyways 6 minutes isn't that long07:28
lexflexsion: it used to work..07:28
lexflexsion: i will try reboot07:29
lexflexsion: reboot didn't work07:32
=== ericm|ubuntu is now known as ericm-afk
=== MoL0ToV is now known as Mol0Tov
sionlexflex, do your other sounds work? like maybe Totem movie player or the error beeps?07:33
lexflexsion: now i got it! had to switch a few times between hdmi-output and normal output07:33
sionlexflex, interesting, thanks for sharing your solution!07:33
lexflexsion: np. the other sounds did work all the time07:34
Natecatyay imma restart for ubuntu07:35
=== s is now known as Guest52149
=== alumno is now known as dedi_chanclas
lexflexis there any way to speed up the ubuntu dash?07:38
lexflexit is slow compared to mac os X spotlight and windows startmenu search07:38
alumnodedi feo07:40
* phlak_user is standing by07:44
=== tnm_ is now known as kubanc
lorddelta10.10 -> 11.04 resulted in a system crash and me dropping to tty.07:46
lorddelta11.04->11.10 is no different apparently07:46
phlak_userlorddelta, whats a system crash?07:47
dedi_chanclasijos putaa07:47
lorddeltaphlak_user: system froze07:47
lorddeltaphlak_user: Unresponsive07:47
phlak_userlorddelta, dropping to tty is a normal mode of operation for the server07:47
lorddeltaphlak_user: Required a reboot.07:47
phlak_userlorddelta, oh ok;07:47
phlak_userlorddelta, why reboot? couldnt you have restarted X?07:48
lorddeltaphlak_user: No, I couldn't even drop to tty07:48
lorddeltaphlak_user: I'm pretty sure the shortcuts weren't working either.07:48
phlak_userlorddelta, ic07:48
|Long|hi, where do i change new ip from ssh?07:49
dr_willis|Long|:  What?07:49
phlak_user|Long|, change it where?07:49
|Long|i have new stattic ip where do i change it from ssh screen07:50
dr_willisif you are refering to the 'shell' :)  you are sshed into a machine.. if you change its ip.. you will get disconnected from ssh..07:50
|Long|i can't boot from GUI so there is only one way07:50
lorddeltaSo anyone use ircii? I'm wondering how to add another screen (without delving into screen)07:51
dr_willislorddelta:  theres irssi tutorials out there that detail how to do it. I use weechat these days myself..07:51
dr_willisso i dont recall the irssi syntax any more.07:51
dr_willis /window create   or somthing like that..07:51
|Long|dr_willis, can you help plz?07:52
phlak_user|Long|, is that machine sitting next to you or like 1000 miles away?07:52
|Long|yes it is far away07:52
phlak_user|Long|, and you want to change its IP address?07:53
|Long|thats correct07:53
phlak_user|Long|, and that ip address is replaces the one that you used to connect over ssh?07:53
zrtyyehello there07:53
zrtyyewho use terminator ?07:54
iceroot!anyone | zrtyye07:54
ubottuzrtyye: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.07:54
|Long|yes will be replace new ip address07:54
phlak_user|Long|, do you realize that your ssh session will get disconnected midway?07:54
zrtyyenever asked anyone ? iceroot07:54
phlak_user!who | zrtyye07:54
ubottuzrtyye: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)07:54
icerootzrtyye: its a useless question you asked, you get a "yes" or "no07:55
zrtyyewhat a insult ?07:55
icerootzrtyye: what is your real question about terminator?07:55
|Long|i need to know where the file location and name for ip address07:55
zrtyyei can't open terminator07:55
icerootzrtyye: what error-message comes when you type "terminator" in the shell?07:56
dr_willisopen up gnome-terminal and run terminator. :)07:56
zrtyyeit open then close automatically i don't know why ?07:56
dr_willisif gnome-terminal also fails.. well try xterm07:56
phlak_user|Long|, ok, if its a server install, go to /etc/network/interfaces and change the ip address that appears in front of eth007:56
lorddeltadr_willis: btw thnx that was it07:56
lorddeltadr_willis: the whole /window thing07:56
dr_willislorddelta:  check out weechat some day. I perfer it 100x over irssi.07:56
icerootzrtyye: what error-message comes when you type "terminator" in the shell?07:57
lorddeltadr_willis: will do07:57
|Long|phlak_user,thaks and what cmd to restart interface07:57
phlak_user|Long|, sudo ifdown eth0; sudo ifup eth0 (with the first command, you will get disconnected so you have no way of knowing whether the second was fired)07:58
dr_willislorddelta:  also 'znc' works well with the console clients. :) I use znc on my linux box. and i irc to it.. it then bounces me here.. so i cen be connected with a dozen differnt irc clients.. and you just see me here once.07:58
zrtyyethere is no error iceroot07:58
icerootzrtyye: then use "termintor -d"07:58
zrtyyefrom terminal if i type terminator, it just open then auto close07:58
zrtyyelet me check07:58
|Long|phlak_user, thanks let me try now07:58
icerootzrtyye: please start always with the nickname you are writing with07:58
icerootzrtyye: you can use TAB to complete the nick07:59
phlak_user|Long|, yw and remember if that interface does not come back up; you need to get physical access to that machine07:59
lorddeltadr_willis: Ah, yeah, seen a couple of those.07:59
lorddeltadr_willis: Not sure of the relative benefits, but thnx anyways. :)07:59
|Long|phlak_user, will let you know in 2 seconds08:01
zrtyyeok here is the error : http://paste.ubuntu.com/738021/ iceroot08:01
stevecammy screen is connected to my pc using HDMI, the sides of screen get chopped off, how do i fix this? ive tried changing resolution and ratio's but i constantly run in to the same problem08:02
icerootzrtyye: you are using gnome/unity?08:02
icerootzrtyye: with gnome-terminal?08:02
phlak_userstevecam, is the screen (assuming hdtv ) configured for pillar box or 16:9 aspect ratio?08:03
bowojono ?08:03
zrtyyewell if i remember what i have done08:04
stevecamphlak_user, my TV has 4:3, Full and Auto08:05
zrtyyei think on terminator i put a command to autorun when opening the terminator iceroot08:05
zrtyyei think the problem is that one08:05
=== jesus is now known as Guest42546
stevecamphlak_user, im using an DVI to HDMI cable if that makes any difference08:05
icerootzrtyye: remove that and try again, so its easier to find the reason/issue08:07
zrtyyeyou mean autoremove ?08:08
deku-treeanyone here got a favorite in depth Linux book? im looking to buy one soon.  just want to know what you all recommend  (prefferably an ubuntu one, but not limiting my choices by that)08:09
kaguyaSämtliche Artikel, die Sie zwischen dem 1. November und dem 31. Dezember 2011 auf Amazon.de bestellen, können bis einschließlich 31. Januar 2012 zurückgegeben werden, sofern die Ware die sonstigen Rücknahmebedingungen erfüllt.08:10
FloodBot1kaguya: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:10
kaguyawrong channel08:10
zrtyyeallready done doing the samething iceroot08:11
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=== ENCHILADO is now known as dead_enchilado
Guest42546anyone know how to get the burn option for compiz i got the compiz-plugins-extra but i dont have that option08:14
=== dead_enchilado is now known as enchilado
Guest42546like in this video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0RZ8uw20Ng&feature=related08:15
=== jason is now known as Guest74183
phlak_userdeku-tree, you neve need to buy a linux book - tldp has most of everything ((www.tldp.org)08:16
zrtyyeautoremove then reinstalling terminator not working iceroot08:16
zrtyyeyou can try yourself08:16
lorddeltaAnyone know what this issue with gnome-control-center is about?08:17
lorddeltaThat is its dying when upgrading...hold on will get more details...08:17
lorddeltahttp://paste.ubuntu.com/738028/ is what I get when using dist-upgrade08:19
lorddeltaAnyone have a clue about gnome-control-center doing this when upgrading to 11.10?08:20
deku-treephlak_user: 0_0 ... I am now wondering why i have never heard of this until now... if this was real life, i'd probably give you $20 for referring me to that webpage >_> thanks bro.08:21
_mustafa_anyone ever seen a car charger for a laptop08:22
_mustafa_or is that off topic08:22
deku-treebut, my question still stands... favorite Linux book anyone?08:22
_mustafa_linux hacks08:22
|Long|phlak_user, you still here?08:23
|Long|interfaces files doesn't have any ip address info there08:23
_mustafa_101 Linux Hacks08:23
zrtyyehello there08:24
zrtyyeis it true that something unistalling an application not working correctlY  ?08:24
zrtyyeon Ubuntu ? *08:25
stryke297when trying to boot to usb I received a no configuration file found error, and was told to check my md5checksums.  The sums didn't match but now I dont know what to do next08:27
phlak_user|Long|, yes08:27
phlak_userstryke297, download again08:28
|Long||Long|> interfaces files doesn't have any ip address info there08:29
phlak_user|Long|, is it a server or a desktop?08:29
office_how to change http port in ubuntu08:29
phlak_user|Long|, oh ok08:29
phlak_user|Long|, desktops used the network-manager08:29
lorddeltaok...why does the dist upgrade always remove ugly plugins.... X_X08:30
lorddeltagstreamer ugly plugins.08:30
|Long|from ssh session?08:30
|Long|phlak_user, i can only login from ssh session08:30
somsipoffice_: edit /etc/apache2/sites-available/default and change the port number. Or something similar for other virtual hosts08:30
office_<somsip> is that the only change needed?08:31
office_@<somsip> is that the only change needed?08:31
phlak_user|Long|, you could forward X via ssh or use VNC to connect graphically08:32
phlak_user|Long|, i am not aware yet of any command-line way of manipulating the network manager08:32
somsipoffice_: That's where I'd start08:32
|Long|phlak_user, this box doesn't boot from GUI :(08:33
office_@somsip say, i changed it.. what wud be my next move?08:33
=== soreau_ is now known as soreau
=== _mustafa_ is now known as theOwns
phlak_user|Long|, oh wait; there seems to be something called nmcli08:33
deku-treeis anyone else here in love with "No Starch Press"'s computer books? especially the ones on security.. =P HTAOE v2 FTW08:33
=== theOwns is now known as theOwnsEkSa
phlak_user|Long|, here you go -> http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/oneiric/man1/nmcli.1.html08:35
stryke297phlak, md5 inequalities means I just have a bad version and need to redownload then?08:35
|Long|phlak_user, thanks08:35
=== gloomer is now known as whereswaldo
phlak_userstryke297, yes08:36
dr_willisstryke297:  you cecked the md5sum of the iso file also?08:36
ph4nt0m_xi cant figure out what is causing this error08:36
stryke297Iso checked out, used the recommended program to put in a pendrive08:36
stryke297the application from the pendrive did not08:36
* phlak_user this nmcli seems cool08:37
dr_willisstryke297:   for 11.10 you can use dd to put the iso on a pendrive. theres also a dozen tools to do it at  the pendrivelinux web site. I tend to do the 'use grub2 to boot iso' type methods these dsays08:37
ph4nt0m_xim have loading errors with firefox and flash with youtube but i cant figure out what is causing the issue08:37
theOwnsEkSais there an ubuntu channel in the DUTCH or AFRIKAANS (south african dutch) language?08:37
phlak_user!nl | theOwnsEkSa08:37
ubottutheOwnsEkSa: Nederlandstalige ondersteuning voor Ubuntu (en vers gezette koffie) is te vinden in #ubuntu-nl08:37
dr_willis'dd' - yes.. if you are on a linux type system - its  a straight forward way.08:37
stryke297 /srug08:38
stryke297shrug even08:38
ph4nt0m_xwhen i open firefox it loads the page but has a tantrum about it08:38
dr_willisif you have no idea what dd is.. well.. best to not use dd then.08:38
Hulk_Hoganph4nt0m_x: clear ur cache08:38
theOwnsEkSaphlak_user: thanks08:38
ph4nt0m_xhulk: it does everytime i close08:38
=== whereswaldo is now known as gloomer
Hulk_Hoganph4nt0m_x: update flash?08:39
ph4nt0m_xyer i even reinstalled it to and firefox and dpkg i cant think for the life of me what this could be08:39
Hulk_Hoganph4nt0m_x: whats the problem?08:40
ph4nt0m_xwhen i open firefox it works but has errors loading pages quite reular08:40
ph4nt0m_xyoutubes another story08:40
phlak_user!details | ph4nt0m_x08:41
ubottuph4nt0m_x: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."08:41
ph4nt0m_xit refuses to buffer the videos and stops after about 20 seconds08:41
Hulk_Hoganph4nt0m_x: try other sites?08:41
ph4nt0m_xyes same problem08:41
ph4nt0m_xit was working fine yesterday08:41
ph4nt0m_xonly thing i installed since then is compiz and docky08:42
Hulk_Hoganmaybe is firefox itself?08:42
ph4nt0m_xphlak: i would give those details if i knew where they were and what is causing them08:42
ph4nt0m_xno like i said i reinstalled it an hour ago08:42
dr_willistry a differnt user or the default ff profile?08:42
ph4nt0m_xyes same on other user accounts08:42
Hulk_Hoganwould try another browser actually08:43
dr_williswhat is the errors?08:43
Hulk_Hoganjust to see if is not firefox issue08:43
phlak_userstryke297, use the startup-disk-creator08:43
ph4nt0m_xok ill try that and see if it persists08:43
phlak_user!info usb-creator-gtk | stryke29708:44
ubottustryke297: usb-creator-gtk (source: usb-creator): create a startup disk using a CD or disc image (for GNOME). In component main, is optional. Version 0.2.34 (oneiric), package size 26 kB, installed size 272 kB08:44
theOwnsEkSaEk is lief vir sexy kuikens, vinnige motors, rekenaars en bier08:46
stryke297ill look into it, thank you08:48
mihuHi. When my notebook starts up with 11.10, lp, parport and irda modules are loaded automatically. It seems that the chipset supports these, but they are not available on my hardware. Out of curiosity, I wanted to prevent these modules from being loaded. I blacklisted them in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf and disabled cups' auto loading of lp module in /etc/default/cups.08:48
mihuUnfortunately, this did not work, something is still loading these modules. Any idea how I can find out who is loading these modules and prevent them from being loaded? (I know I can simply delete the module binary, but that would be too easy...)08:48
=== ericm-afk is now known as ericm
=== tegra3 is now known as tegra
miadbahramii config site-enable apache to share directory but error forbidden08:52
* miadbahrami [Mon Nov 14 12:20:41 2011] [error] [client] Directory index forbidden by Options directive: /media/Gnu-Linux/ubuntu/ubuntu/08:52
miadbahramii config site-enable apache to share directory but error forbidden08:53
* miadbahrami [Mon Nov 14 12:20:41 2011] [error] [client] Directory index forbidden by Options directive: /media/Gnu-Linux/ubuntu/ubuntu/08:53
KomiaPoikain ubuntu, why doesn't "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade" update also all the security updates that update manager updates?08:53
dr_willisKomiaPoika:  hmm.. try a dist-upgrade ?08:53
tonyyarussomiadbahrami: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/mod/core.html#options08:54
dr_willisfrom what ive seen.. it does update them all.. but ive never really paid attention to update manager.08:54
KomiaPoikadoes apt-get dist-upgrade just apply security fixes, or does it actually upgrade the current version?08:55
floydspritewhats a good place to learn javascript08:56
xjkxMy audio doesnt work without gdm, how can I fix it ?08:56
dr_willisits a more in depth updateing of current system08:56
=== Fiddich_ is now known as Fiddich
miadbahramitonyyarusso, Thanks for help08:57
miadbahramitonyyarusso, Thanks for help08:57
Hulk_Hoganmaybe http://www.codecademy.com/08:57
floydspritethanks dr.08:57
floydspriteI love when the Dr. is in08:58
dr_willisall i did was google for javascript beginners guide  :)08:58
floydspritelol dang dont tell me that I thought it was from exp. lol08:59
stryke297info usb-creator-gtk08:59
dr_willis!info usb-creator-gtk09:00
stryke297!info usb-creator-gtk09:00
ubottuusb-creator-gtk (source: usb-creator): create a startup disk using a CD or disc image (for GNOME). In component main, is optional. Version 0.2.34 (oneiric), package size 26 kB, installed size 272 kB09:00
stryke297thher we go09:00
dr_willis! is for bot triggers.09:00
ubottudr_willis: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:00
stryke297when I tried installing from USB i got a no configuration file found error, is that because of not having the right md5checksums09:01
dr_willisstryke297:  that would make sence.09:02
dr_willisbad sums = currupted files.09:02
stryke297alright I would want the oneiric usb creator right?09:02
xjkxHulk_Hogan: you're kidding ?09:02
dr_willisyes. most likely. Or some of the tools at pendrivelinux.09:02
floydspritedr. I took your advice and installed ubuntu on a 64gb flash drive I love it09:03
xjkxWhy my audio needs gdm to work ?09:03
dr_willisfloydsprite:  comes in handy.09:03
DNDguuuyyyss.. i need help. why is it whenever i try to login to ftp, firefox keeps opening.09:03
dr_willisxjkx:  clarify what you mean by 'needs gdm'09:03
DNDi dont want firefox to be an ftp browser09:04
xjkxdr_willis: I start the system normally I hve sound, if I do gdm-stop then run openbox by startx, I don't have sound09:04
stryke297ill just download some things and see if I can make it worse.09:04
dr_willisxjkx:  my guess is openbox is not running the pulse audio service.09:04
xjkxdr_willis: how do I make it run09:04
=== root is now known as Guest13765
floydspriteyes yes it does my hard drive crashed again but it was all good cuz I have a OS on flash drive lol09:05
dr_willisNo idea xjkx.   try pulse<tab> in a terminal. see what looks like a good thing to run. :)09:05
brjanncxjkx: pulseaudio -D09:05
brjanncxjkx: (the -D tells it to detach from the terminal and run as a background daemon)09:06
xjkx"E: main.c: Falha na partida do daemon.", means like failed to run the deamon09:06
dr_willisif you start openbox via gdm sound works?09:07
lorddeltawoot woot lsb_release -a == ubuntu 11.10, now to check my xorg isn't horribly misfigured again...09:07
dr_willisdo it both ways.. check ps output.. see whats running.09:07
brjanncxjkx: That's unusual. Is pulse already running? Try ps aux | grep pulse09:07
dr_williscompare the listings.09:07
floydspritedr are you from ut.09:07
xjkxbrjannc: usr/bin/pulseaudio --start --log-target=syslog  and usr/lib/pulseaudio/pulse/gconf-helper09:08
=== tan is now known as Guest28422
dr_willischeck the openbox.desktop file that gdm is using. to see exactly what its launching. it may be loading some 'startup openbox' script thats loading extra things also.09:08
dr_willisfloydsprite:  Im in indiana.09:08
brjanncxjkx: looks like openbox is starting pulse, then, so it's clearly something else :)09:08
dr_willisperhaps the sound is just muted.09:09
xjkxdr_willis: I dont see a openbox.desktop09:09
xjkxI checked sound in gnome-control-center and it wasnt muted09:10
dr_willissee what other destop files are in the gnome gdm session dir.09:10
dr_willis  /usr/share/xsessions/openbox-gnome.desktop09:10
KomiaPoikahow do i make alt-tab allow me to swap all applications and not just those of the current desktop?09:10
dr_willisthat .desktop file is running --> Exec=/usr/bin/openbox-gnome-session09:11
R1ch13086DND: still there?  how are you going about connecting to this ftp site?  Like what method are you using to connect09:11
xjkxEncoding=UTF-8 Name=Openbox Session Comment=Use this session to run Openbox as your desktop environment  Exec=openbox-session Icon= Type=Application09:11
xjkx  09:11
xjkxI am running openbox, not openbox-session or openbox-gnome-session, maybe thats it09:13
dr_willisso starting openbox from startx (.xinitrc or .xsession)  may workbetter if its running openbox-session, instead of openbox09:13
xjkxI'll try that thanks09:13
dr_willisththose are scripts.. buti dont really see what they are doing.09:13
dr_willisruning some setup/config files it seems09:14
xjkxBe right back09:14
dr_willis# Run Openbox, and have it run the autostart stuff09:14
dr_willisexec /usr/bin/openbox --startup "/usr/lib/openbox/openbox-autostart OPENBOX" "$@"09:14
luca_bidear friends, which is the command for uninstalling LAMP on ubuntu?09:14
luca_biI'd like to reinstall it because I have some problems with localhost09:15
R1ch13086luca_bi: sounds like a personal problem09:16
R1ch13086luca_bi: sorry bad joke09:16
luca_biwhich jke?09:17
luca_biI don't know if I uninstalled it09:17
luca_bibecause i see It works on localhost09:17
floydspritethey are doing a ubuntu workshop next month in st.george ut or so I have been hearing cant wait09:17
R1ch13086luca_bi: nevermind, check this out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP#Starting_over.2C_How_to_remove_the_LAMP_stack09:18
R1ch13086luca_bi: jokes are not funny if you have to explain them, and this one started out as not very funny so its not worth making it less funny by explaining it09:18
localg0dare there any programs out there that create encrypted usb drives with ghost capabilities etc ?09:18
terolocalg0d truecrypt?09:19
localg0dty i couldn't remember the name for it : tero09:19
teroI am not sure what is a ghost capatibilite...09:19
R1ch13086luca_bi: you still see it on localhost?  probabally not uninstalled then..09:19
blackouthi guys someone a clue what this can be? 8gb sdhc shows icon not mountable via icon if I open in manager windows closes no problem getting access through terminal09:20
R1ch13086luca_bi: what specific issue are you having with lamp?09:21
luca_biI checked every package09:24
luca_biI disinstalled each one09:25
luca_bibut on localhost it remains It works!09:25
luca_biThis is the default web page for this server.09:25
luca_biThe web server software is running but no content has been added, yet.09:25
luca_biDo you think apache2 is still installed?09:25
luca_biI want to reinstall everythink09:26
deej1976luca_bi: Did you shut down apache2 and mysql before uninstalling ?09:26
luca_bimaybe I didn't shut09:26
R1ch13086luca_bi: did you check that link i posted a minute ago?09:26
luca_biYes I did09:26
luca_bithere aren't those packages09:26
deej1976What command did you use to uninstall ? remove or purge ?09:27
luca_biboth of them09:27
bullgard4How to copy a string from a text in rxvt-unicode to clipboard and paste it to a GNOME terminal? 'man 1 rxvt-unicode' does not mention the term "copy".09:27
=== joo is now known as Guest22387
Antony_Hello :)09:28
=== gloomer is now known as whereswaldo
luca_biIs it normal that localhost says "It works"09:28
R1ch13086luca_bi: so you ran this?09:28
R1ch13086luca_bi: sudo apt-get remove apache2 apache2-mpm-prefork apache2-utils apache2.2-common libapache2-mod-php5 libapr1 libaprutil1 libdbd-mysql-perl libdbi-perl libmysqlclient15off libnet-daemon-perl libplrpc-perl libpq5 mysql-client-5.0 mysql-common mysql-server mysql-server-5.0 php5-common php5-mysql09:28
R1ch13086luca_bi: and apache is still running?09:29
luca_biI don't know how to see if it is still running09:29
R1ch13086do this09:29
R1ch13086luca_bi: sudo service apache2 stop09:30
phlak_userbullgard4, do you have a mouse/touchpad on the system>09:30
R1ch13086i dont know how it would still be running if you removed it... but...09:30
luca_biapache2: unrecognized service09:30
luca_biDo you think there is a webserver by default on ubuntu?09:31
bullgard4phlak_user: I do have a touchpad on my computer.09:31
R1ch13086luca_bi: apachectl -k stop09:31
R1ch13086luca_bi: sudo apachectl -k stop09:31
R1ch13086luca_bi: try that09:31
R1ch13086luca_bi: by default, no there is not09:31
luca_biapachectl is not installed09:32
phlak_userbullgard4, select the text on rxvt using touchpad and change focus to a gnome-terminal and press shift+insert to paste09:32
R1ch13086luca_bi: netstat -an | grep 8009:32
R1ch13086if you see a line that says LISTENING, it is running09:33
R1ch13086or established09:33
=== whereswaldo is now known as gloomer
R1ch13086close your web browser before running tho09:33
bullgard4phlak_user: This works. --  Thank you very much for your help.09:33
R1ch13086or it might pick up any connection on port 8009:33
phlak_userbullgard4, yw09:33
luca_bithere are two lines with listening unix 209:35
curfontwow, unity is so bad09:35
R1ch13086luca_bi: have you rebooted after uninstalling?09:35
luca_bimmm i don't think09:36
R1ch13086try that09:36
bullgard4curfont: Try GNOME Shell 3.2 in Ubuntu 11.10. I like it.09:36
luca_bisudo apt-get update?09:36
curfontbullgard4: I will, I was just reading that09:36
deej1976!notunity | curfont09:36
ubottucurfont: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic09:36
curfontI don't understand why they would switch to unity by default for desktops09:37
R1ch13086luca_bi: just reboot and see what happens09:37
R1ch13086curfont: many of us dont understand it either09:37
curfontAnd even on my netbook, it is a lot slower than the gnome shell (that auto hide thing crawls as it opens / closes)09:37
luca_biwhich is the command for rebooting?09:37
dr_willisI belive there was a huge amount of threads and flamewars and postings on  the reasons for changeing to unity.09:37
bullgard4curfont: It is a hobby of sabdfl.09:37
R1ch13086luca_bi: sudo reboot09:37
dr_williscurfont:  theres always unity-2d09:38
dr_willisand supposubly the next  gneration of compiz is to be much faster on all devices and not need 3d acell. but we will ahve to wait and see.09:38
curfontdr_willis: I had ubuntu 10.4 with compiz, and it was good09:39
curfontThen I upgraded09:39
curfontI will switch to gnome shell for now though09:39
AlanBellcurfont: turning off the autohide of the launcher can help09:41
luca_biR1ch: same thing localhost works09:41
R1ch13086luca_bi: hmm09:41
R1ch13086luca_bi: just to be sure, did you run that full sudo apt-get remove command i posted?09:42
deej1976luca_bi: Can you do "Cps -ef | grep apache" pastebin results09:42
curfontIt kind of reminds me of the new Windows 7 bar, which I guess has been in the Mac UI for a while09:42
R1ch13086deej1976: you mean ps?09:43
luca_bithere isn't that command09:43
R1ch13086its the child protective service command ;)09:43
R1ch13086i think he means ps09:44
lorddeltaIt finally works.09:44
lorddelta11.10 seems to have come aways from 11.04.09:44
deej1976luca_bi: ps -ef | grep apache209:44
lorddeltaThough I'm still going to purge this Unity sillyness.09:44
luca_biluca      2524  2463  0 10:44 pts/0    00:00:00 grep --color=auto apache09:44
R1ch13086does not look like it is running09:45
R1ch13086that is grep looking for apache, not apache itself09:45
R1ch13086luca_bi: do you have another computer that you can point at that host to see if it can pull up a webpage when they go to http://thatmachinesipaddress09:46
dv_I am experiencing something odd. every time I boot, fsck comes up and has to replay the journal on two of my partitions.09:46
deej1976R1ch13086: Another web server lighttpd ?09:46
dv_well no, I meant one, the boot partition. but the other one cannot be mounted.09:46
R1ch13086ah!  didnt think of that09:47
dv_I need to manually run fsck on the other one so I can mount it. its as if when shutting down, the filesystems are not unmounted cleanly.09:47
luca_biI have only this computer09:47
dv_anybody experienced a similar problem?09:47
R1ch13086luca_bi: well, i am out of ideas....  everything looks like it is not running, but it obviously is09:48
R1ch13086luca_bi: i am thinking it is what deej1976 said, a different web server other than apache09:48
luca_bimaybe there is another web server09:49
luca_biDo you think apache is still installed from grep command?09:50
terorun netstat and see what runs on port 8009:50
deej1976luca_bi: netstat -at | grep www09:50
R1ch13086luca_bi: it does not look like it..  must be some other web server09:51
deej1976luca_bi: Are you 100% positive you are getting the page back from you machine. http://localhost ?09:53
R1ch13086luca_bi: your machine is haunted by the ghost of apache2...09:53
KomiaPoikahow do i kill X to install nvidia drivers? when i kill the pid's of X and gnome login manager, it restarts automatically...09:53
deej1976luca_bi: sudo netstat -apvtn | grep :8009:54
luca_binow it doesn't work09:54
deej1976luca_bi: Please paste the last column09:54
SirDeiuKomiaPoika: if using ubuntu 11.10 sudo service lightdm stop, else sudo service gdm stop09:54
R1ch13086luca_bi: meaning it is doing what you wanted it to do, not work?09:55
almoxarifeKomiaPoika: why not use the install method via synaptic?09:55
deej1976luca_bi: There is not browser on your machine, please cat /etc/hosts09:56
luca_biWhy not browser? I'm using both chromium and firefox?09:57
R1ch13086deej1976: how do you know there is not a browser on his machine?  is it ubuntu server?09:57
* tMH is gone. nsf09:57
R1ch13086i would hope he has a browser with chromium-browser running09:57
deej1976luca_bi, R1ch13086: Sorry meant web server09:57
R1ch13086deej1976: hehe..  np..09:58
luca_biI try again with localhost09:58
R1ch13086luca_bi: so is it doing what you wanted now?  seeing as how what you wanted was for something to not work, it makes asking the question kind of odd09:58
deej1976luca_bi can you run "cat /etc/hosts" and paste in pastebin09:58
luca_binow localhost doesn't work as before09:58
=== sion is now known as sinisterstuf
R1ch13086isnt that what you wanted?09:59
=== sinisterstuf is now known as Guest94276
deej1976luca_bi: now use "sudo tasksel" and install LAMP server again.09:59
R1ch13086luca_bi: yeah what deej1976 just said.....09:59
KomiaPoikahow do i disable nouveau kernel drivers to install nvidia drivers?10:00
lorddeltaStill....attempting to make sense of this new gnome-panel thingamabobber...10:00
deej1976luca_bi: All looks correct and you've got your result now, no webserver running and you can do a re-install10:00
=== skilz is now known as Guest80570
R1ch13086luca_bi: so you are good to go it looks10:01
almoxarifeKomiaPoika: why not use the install method via synaptic?10:01
luca_biIt's very strange after reboot it was working and now not10:01
luca_bicuold you give me the correct command for installing lamp?10:01
deej1976luca_bi: sudo tasksel10:02
luca_biI saw a lot of commands on web but it didn't work very good10:02
deej1976!info tasksel10:02
ubottutasksel (source: tasksel): Tool for selecting tasks for installation on Debian systems. In component main, is optional. Version 2.88ubuntu8 (oneiric), package size 32 kB, installed size 240 kB10:02
=== Nicolus is now known as c_nick
luca_bisudo apt-get install tasksel?10:05
deej1976luca_bi: yes10:05
Kingsyhow do I run a .air file in ubuntu ?10:07
Kingsyis adobe air in the repos?10:08
luca_biAfter installation do I need to verify if apache works?10:08
luca_bisudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart10:08
crizzyKingsy: adobe has ceased linux support for air10:08
luca_bilocalhost works10:09
Kingsycrizzy: so you just cant run it?10:10
luca_biphp works PHP Version 5.3.6-13ubuntu3.210:10
KomiaPoikaalmoxarife: i made apt-get install nvidia-current after all10:11
almoxarifeKomiaPoika: and it worked I assume?10:11
crizzyKingsy: guess you can hunt down old version of air somewhere10:11
crizzyadobe's site maybe10:11
KomiaPoikai'm trying10:11
KomiaPoikaalmoxarife: i tried the installer from nvidia website, it disabled nouveau kernel module, now i install from apt-get, and the boot screen was all zoomed in10:12
luca_biIs better apache2 lighttpd or both of them?10:13
luca_biI'm installing phpmyadmin10:13
oopsI personally like Apache2 as it is used by XAMPP10:13
luca_biIt asks the webserver to configure authomatically10:14
proxxhi, Iam wondering, can I adjust the "strenght tolerance" for wireless signals ? it appears as if only AP's with strenght ,say 50%+  are displayed ... anyone ?10:14
KomiaPoikaalmoxarife: it's not working... do i have to edit X config by hand?10:14
luca_biso i select only apache2?10:14
go8765Hello. How I can start manage mouse moving by keyboard in xfce?10:15
luca_biand not lighttpd?10:15
almoxarifeKomiaPoika: you installed nvidia-current?10:15
almoxarifeKomiaPoika: and you are logged into your account?10:15
deej1976luca_bi: https://help.ubuntu.com/11.10/serverguide/C/httpd.html10:15
KomiaPoikayes the resolution is all crapy now10:16
almoxarifeKomiaPoika: that's expected, find nvidia-configure  and run it,10:17
proxxCan I adjust the "strenght tolerance" for wireless signals ? it appears as if only AP's with strenght ,say 50%+ are displayed  in the nm-applet ... anyone ?10:18
ct529hi guys I  have installed Windows 7 (only because I was compelled) on a partition of a disk where I had Ubuntu installed. Of course, the silly think overwrite the MBR. I then had to reboot on a Ubuntu USB key, and use grub-install to reinstall hgrub in the MBR. Everything worked fine, and I cna now reboot into Ubuntu. Unfortunately, I cannot see the Windows 7 installation anymore. Any clue?10:18
almoxarifeKomiaPoika: I am not sure about the exact name of the process, I am not on the machine that I have setup with nvidia, pretty sure its nvidia-configure10:18
luca_bithank you very much now for the first time I am able to enter phpmyadmin with user root and my password10:18
proxxnvidia-configure is for xorg.conf10:19
proxxnvidia-settings for resolution stuff10:19
luca_bilast thing: is there a good and simple guide to learn phpmyadmin?10:19
almoxarifeproxx: yes, that's it10:19
tresorine /server irc.epiknet.org10:19
almoxarifeKomiaPoika: what proxx said10:20
deej1976luca_bi: https://help.ubuntu.com/11.10/serverguide/C/phpmyadmin.html10:20
KomiaPoikaalmoxarife: i found nvidia-xonfig and it made a new xorg conf file10:20
deej1976luca_bi: see References10:20
KomiaPoikaproxx: thanks10:20
go8765Can anybody help me please with keyboard-managing-mouse in xfce ?10:21
KomiaPoikaalmoxarife: thanks10:21
KomiaPoikaworks like a breeze10:21
almoxarifeKomiaPoika: cool10:22
aertyuihello there10:25
proxxhi, Iam wondering, can I adjust the "strenght tolerance" for wireless signals ? it appears as if only AP's with strenght ,say 50%+ are displayed ... anyone ? i know i could use wicd or such, just want to know if its possible ?10:25
brjanncct529: run sudo update-grub, that should detect the windows 7 partition and update the grub configuration files for you10:25
aertyuiwhen you have 3 person accessing on a machine where you have root access how to forbid access to other root user ?10:26
ct529brjannc: thanks. I get an error basename: missing operand10:26
dupondjeSomebody around here that uses lucid / maverick and Empathy?10:26
dr_willisdupondje:  you may want to ask the actual question/state teh problem.10:27
proxxaertyui: by default new users have no root permission, else remove them from from the sudoers file, or use the gui tool in the menu10:27
aertyuiyou don't get my question10:27
dupondjedr_willis: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/papyon/+bug/887349/comments/81 needs some testers :)10:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 887349 in papyon (Ubuntu Lucid) "Can't login in Windows live acount using empathy" [High,Triaged]10:27
JPetersonhow do I write the sparse file size in ubuntu?10:28
JPetersonie blocks * block size10:28
aertyuiyou have 3 users logged as root  in a machine how to forbid access to them ?10:28
brjanncct529: hm, haven't run into that problem before10:28
proxxaertyui: i see sorry10:28
JPetersonie get the sparse file size of a file10:28
proxxaertyui: i guess you could encrypt them, or make a seperate group of which the root is not an owner ?10:29
aertyuiuser1 ssh root@ma.com user2 ssh root@ma.com user3 ssh root@ma.com,10:29
YcareneIs there a way to tell if the website you browsed to is ipv6 or ipv4?10:29
deej1976aertyui: Change your sshd_config so root can't remotely log in?10:30
proxxYcarene: nmap ?10:30
aertyuiall 3 user accessing on the machine on a same time10:30
aertyuifirst how to auto disconnect them ?10:30
aertyuifirst how to auto disconnect them ? 2 others root users ?10:30
dr_williskill their login sessions perhaps.10:31
deej1976aertyui: kill their shell session10:31
aertyuihow ?10:31
Ycareneproxx - I thought that was a port scanning utility?10:31
dr_willisget the pid via somthing like --->   ps aux | grep root | grep bash10:32
proxxYcarene does a fine job at these kind a things 2     nmap  -sn  www.domain.com should give you a useful output10:33
Ycareneahh, ok10:33
proxx-sn is for ping scan10:33
YcareneHmm, doesn't seem to work10:33
dr3mrohello I am new to programming and i want to help and program to gnome i have read that vala is easy and i want to learn it to fix bugs and develop for vala my study is away from programming and i only did some small projects in python so i want to have a book that annonate code and give more examples in vala the valadoc is so short and for experts only i don't understand anything but i can do good in python as the docs are sp helpfull any help with name of a10:34
dr3mro<dr3mro> book to start getting the grasp of vala ?10:34
aertyuisorry i get deej197610:34
Ycareneproxx - for example, if I do www.fark.com, it gives me ipv4 information but I know for a fact that firefox uses ipv6 to connect to that site.  (because when my ipv6 went down I couldn't access it)10:34
aertyuiok now once after killing their session how to forbid their autoconnection ? deej197610:35
zjhuihello everyone, i upgrade my ubuntu 10.10 to 11.04 ,than it comes the problem , i was stuck in the screen after a enter the passwd10:35
DildeauxFreenode just uncovered a new Ubuntu security threat!10:35
kv102tfstab with windows 2008 domain share Anyone have the mount line (passworded share)10:37
proxxYcarene : haha I see well there should be a way to tell nmap only to use ipv6,  cant help you there.. good luck10:37
deej1976sudo gedit /etc/ssh/sshd_config, set PermitRootLogin no10:37
deej1976!patience > aertyui10:37
ubottuaertyui, please see my private message10:37
proxx"sudo gedit /etc/ssh/sshd_config, set PermitRootLogin no" that should be default at all times :P10:38
dr_willisreally you shouldent have a root user with a password.  but  if 3+ people all know the root password.. theres deeper issues.10:38
dr_willisthats sort of a main reason for using sudo, better controll of who can do what.10:39
carolhi everybody10:39
zjhuii upgrade my ubuntu from 10.10 to 11.04,than the problem comes, at first it comes the error " ubuntu is running in low-graphic mods" , than i reinstall the gdm , than this error disappear ,but i was stuck in the screen where after  enter my passwd10:40
carolI've installed a new audio device (Jabra speak 410 usb) and the OS detects it but I have no output.10:40
caroldmesg shows the device detection (no error)10:40
dr_williszjhui:  low graphics mode - suggests you need to install the drivers for your video card10:40
aertyuiif i do so from one of the machine where i have ssh access allready will i lose the connexion?  deej197610:41
carolIn fact, it works fine as a microphone, but there is no output10:41
zjhuidr_willis: but i have install the drivers in the ubuntu 10.1010:41
aertyuior i need to be in front of the computer ?10:41
dr_williszjhui:  i would make sure they are installed in the current release also.10:41
dr_williszjhui:  since they dont seem to be working according to your error message10:42
carolI've checked the manufacturer website and product specifications and it announces that this device works as an audio device for Mac and Linux.10:42
deej1976aertyui: Can you remotely login with your userid?10:42
carolCould anybody give a piece of advice in the diagnose of this issue?10:42
zjhuidr_willis: well , may be you are right , thank you for your answer10:43
proxxzjhui: can you give us a "lspci | grep VGA"10:43
dr_williscarol:  you tried the variou pulse audio control  tools? could be it needs tobe selected some how.10:44
zjhuiproxx: ok10:44
susundbergcarol: It might be that output is muted or is using wrong output?10:44
stevecami am using a DVI to HDMI cable, and i loose the edges on my screen, is this a common problem?10:44
susundbergcarol: i usually use 'pavucontrol' to check those, but new kde/gnome tools might be good enough10:44
zjhuiproxx: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation GT215 [GeForce GT 240] (rev a2)10:44
proxxzjhui: oke just install the nvidia drivers and you should be good to go.  plenty of stuff on the net that can help you :)10:45
carolI've checked, inside the sound preferences, that the  hardware is properly selected/detected.10:46
carolAdditionally, I've tested with the 5 different profiles for the "settings for the selected device".10:46
aertyuii can only access remotely as root deej197610:47
carolI've verified that output it not muted.10:47
caroland in the output it only appears the Jabra device as the only device for sound output10:48
zjhuiproxx: ok , thank you10:48
floydspriteguys I'm board what can I do for fun10:48
denizhave fun10:48
denizso have fun10:48
proxxfloydsprite: reinstall your machine... bye bye10:48
zjhuiproxx: but how did you know i should reinstall the drive from this" 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation GT215 [GeForce GT 240] (rev a2)"10:48
deej1976aertyui: You need to create 3 local users on the machine, and allow sudo for them10:49
floydspritelol mk will do10:49
proxxzjhui: the drive ? what do you mean ?10:49
almoxarifeproxx: drivers10:49
zjhuiproxx: drivers10:49
proxxhaha, well your in low graphics mode, and you updgraded, and do the math :P10:50
floydspriteunfortunately I have a droid so I can talk y I reinstall10:51
proxxzjhui: besides, wanted to make sure you didnt have any new fancy laptop with shitty switchable graphics or any other nasty card that hates linux10:51
zjhuiproxx: =.=  ok..i clear now10:53
floydspritewhats a easy way to make money10:54
bodhi_about to install on a dual boot windows 7 system, creating partitions from the unallocated free space, i dont know if i should make it logical or primary, if it should be at the beginning or at the end and where it should mount, any help much appreciated10:55
smwfloydsprite, win the lottery10:55
proxxfloydsprite: iam no admin , but plz stop spamming10:55
floydspritesorry proxx10:55
deej1976!offtopic | floydsprite10:55
ubottufloydsprite: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:55
proxxbodhi: how many partitions do you have or want to have ?10:56
kv102tfstab with windows 2008 domain share Anyone have the mount line (passworded share)10:56
bodhi_proxx, i dont know, i want to be able to boot dually with windows 7, there-s the two ntsf partitions and the free space, i dont know how many partitions i need to make before i can install linux10:57
proxxbodhi_ oke, well one can have only a few partitions on an logical partion (4 if iam not mistaking)...  uhm so i suggest you make an extended partition for linux.. on top of that make the  root and the swap etc10:59
luca_biDo you know MIME?11:00
bodhi_so how do i go about doing that? heres the options i am given, logical or primary, location for new partition beginning or end, use as ext4, swap, etc, mount point, / etc11:00
bodhi_i have about 60 gb of space11:00
luca_biIt is a fundamental component of phpmyadmin since 200311:01
xjkxso it is weird, I got the 11.10 and my audio doesnt work on youtube, i downloaded a ogg file I also cant play in banshee, but, if I go in gnome-control-center and do a speaker test, it says "test left" and "test right", how about that ?11:02
edakiriAre there tablet computers with Ubuntu preinstalled yet?11:02
xjkxI mean I hear it11:02
proxxbodhi_ just a sec, iam thinking :P11:03
SirDeiubodhi_: If you already have win7 installed and want to install Ubuntu after, the Ubuntu installer will present a choice of : Install Ubuntu alongside Windows ...11:04
bodhi_proxx, i want grub to let me choose from win7 or linux, as i said i have 60 gb of free space11:04
deej1976bodhi_: Two partitions minimum, / and swap ( Best is 3 /,/home,swap )11:04
CrazyThinkerWhy do we need /bin, /usr/local/bin and /usr/bin? Three different places to store a binaries that can be executed by non-root users?11:04
edakirixjkx, youtube is flash.  there is a special package for Flash audio. check you have it installed.  I don't have a tip for banshee.  In worst case you can bail to Rhythmbox or Amarok or 1 of the new Amarok forks.11:04
llutzCrazyThinker: historcal reasons, to be changed in future i guess11:04
SirDeiubodhi_: otherwise you already have 2 primary partitions, and can add two more only (one should be /boot and another one extended with 2 logical ones for / and swap)11:05
rumpe1CrazyThinker, try "man hier" in terminal11:05
bodhi_deej1976, so, that-s two logical or primary? one swap that mounts where, one ext4 that mounts where?11:05
CrazyThinkerrumpe1, Thank you11:05
edakirixjkx, you can also ditch pulse-audio.  Is there any reason to have it now that ALSA DMix is enabled by default?11:05
xjkxedakiri: i'd say its an audio conflict, in Hardware on gnome-control-center I have Internal Audio, and High Definition Audio controler, ddont they conflict ??11:05
xjkxNot sure, I just installed it, then it has alsa11:06
ubottuAn explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview  see also: man hier11:06
Ycarenepulse-audio is pretty hard to remove without breaking other stuff.11:06
deej1976bodhi_| One primary for / (root) and swap partition#11:07
proxxbodhi_ oke but you can make an ext and a swap ? the swap should be mount point SWAP and the EXT4 should be as     "      /        "11:07
bodhi_let me see if i am communicating well here, I am facing a box, that has a ticker, where i can select from logical or primary, location at either beginning or end, ext4, ext3, ext2 etc, and then mount point, / /home etc11:07
edakirixjkx, pulse goes through alsa. pulse-audio uses much RAM (which I have little of at the moment)  Intel HD Audio is usualy Internal. Ycarene I removed it without suffering, but am running Debian sid/unstable.11:07
deej1976bodhi_: primary, ext4, mount point /11:09
bodhi_what should i choose for what, if i choose to make a swap should i choose it primary or logical, considering i have win7 already installed, considering i have 60 gb of free space and 500 mb ram what size should i make swap and where should it mount11:09
esbenunity and gnome3 is asking me for root password instead of sudo password. I accidentaly screwed up my groups but am now a member of admin again and can sudo, but gnome and unity doesnt know.11:09
proxxdeej1976 yes that seems to be good11:09
deej1976bodhi_: swap, desired amount (end)11:09
xjkxbe right back11:10
bodhi_deej1976, the ext4 should be located at the beginnning or at the end?11:10
proxxbodhi_ it is appended this way, else you will leave gaps, its just stack :)11:11
bodhi_ok now, the swap, i have 1,5 gb free space left, 500mb ram, should the swap be primary or logical, located at beginning or end, and where should it mount11:12
proxxbodhi_primairy beginning , mount as swap11:12
kv102tfstab with windows 2008 domain share Anyone have the mount line (passworded share)11:12
kv102t/ccbackup/deployment-bk /media/Backups cifs username=####,password=####,uid=1000,iocharset=utf8,codepage=unicode,unicode  0  011:12
kv102tcan someone help me please.11:12
lorddelta...hi, I have a fairly major gripe with the privacy of ubuntu...why does the operating system know my name?11:12
lorddeltaMy real name.11:13
lorddeltaAnd how can i remove that.11:13
gloomeryou typed it in there11:13
lorddeltaWhere can I untype it?11:13
deej1976lorddelta: sudo gedit /etc/passwd11:13
proxxbodhi_ did it work ?11:14
lorddeltadeej1976: thnx11:14
bodhi_installing, seemingly11:15
proxxbodhi_ nice :)11:15
edakiriUbuntu was doing work with ARM.  Is there an index of ARM devices running GNU in general or Ubuntu specifically?11:15
=== root____ is now known as gggmaster
proxxbodhi_ youll get a feel for it after couple of times :)11:15
bodhi_i have a pretty old motherboard11:16
edakirilorddelta, gnome-control panel / users maybe.11:16
bodhi_it uses ddrm1 memory11:16
lorddeltaedakiri: Can't, running 11.10.11:16
bodhi_i want to get 2gb of memory for it11:16
jasonmchristosHey folks in the past printing worked now I am having problems, anyone willing to give me general troubleshooting guidance ?11:16
proxxbodhi_ are you runnung bodhi linux ??11:16
deej1976bodhi_: Once you've enjoyed the pleasure of Ubuntu, and want to have single boot, have a 20Gb primary /, 2Gb swap, rest /home :D and further comments to ubuntu-offtopic :D11:16
bodhi_proxx, yes11:17
proxxshould run fine11:17
xjkxhow do i stop gdm to start on inicialization without reinstalling it ?11:17
proxxbodhi_ runs perfectly on my brothers netbook, but indeed enough offtopic11:17
bodhi_proxx, laptop died, old desktop reviving11:17
onryoIs it possible to dump Unity (Gnome 3 is not an option) for XFCE. I need a DE/windows manager that is usable.11:17
xjkxtried to move init.d script but didnt work11:17
proxxbodhi_ good day 2 u11:18
edakiribodhi_, Too much swap can effectively crash your system if it gets used. If you don't use TmpFS, I recommend <= 1GB swap. ext4 is well supported and stable.  you don't need other filesystem for files.  Reiser4 is good for /tmp or /var/cache11:18
jasonmchristosWhere do I start to get some debug output with a failed print job ?11:18
Exopaladinonryo: Pretty easy, just sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop11:18
deej1976onryo: sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop11:18
laxpaxHow can I list all prations with they are label ? 'fdisk -l' is not the thing.11:19
edakirilaxpax, blkid is similar, but not same.11:19
deej1976laxpax: df -lh11:20
onryodeej1976, that wont mess up my system will it? Its just the DE that will change I am hoping?11:21
laxpaxedakiri, it doesn't list them though.11:22
deej1976onryo: Shouldn't do, you can then logout and login selecting Xfce session11:22
laxpaxdeej1976 cheers, it doesn't list only mounted devices though.11:22
onryodeej1976, I installed Gnome 3 shell and did everything in my power to get use to it. Just cant. Looks and feels like a Windows 7 smartphone.11:22
deej1976laxpax: Are you after Windows partitions as well?11:23
laxpaxdeej1976, Yup a few NTFS and FAT32 partations.11:23
deej1976onryo: imagine a lot of people feel the same, but this is heading offtopic11:23
onryodeej1976, kk11:24
jasonmchristosHow do I troubleshoot mantinence commands not activating on my printer ?11:25
stwangehow can I install a *minimal* Ubuntu (oneiric) server? I've tried server iso and alternate, and neither asked me which packages to install, they just went ahead11:26
deej1976onryo: try "sudo blkid"11:26
jasonmchristosstwange: its a boot option during grub11:27
nslutjehow do I get UUID if 'ls -l | grep sda1' does not work11:28
deej1976nslutje: try "sudo blkid"11:28
jasonmchristosHow do I troubleshoot printer errors ?11:28
onryodeej1976, just found this. Looks like a "Pure xfce" way of FIXING Ubuntu. http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce11:28
stwangejasonmchristos, sorry I think you misunderstood. I'm not looking for single user mode, I don't want the additional packages to be installed in the first place11:28
jasonmchristosstwange: right there is a minimal mode boot option11:29
jasonmchristosstwange: explore the advanced F-key options while booting the live install at grub11:29
proxxnslutje: just open gparted, the lame way :P11:30
ct529brjannc: thanks a lot it worked11:30
=== sanderj_ is now known as sander^work
stwangejasonmchristos, the server ISO doesn't have a live boot. Are you sure you're not just telling me how to boot ubuntu into rescue mode (similar to sticking a 1 or single after the kernel line)? I'm trying to *install* the base system, so only the basic packages even exist on the hard drive11:31
nslutjedeej1976: That worked.... as wel as 'ls -l | grep sda1' But I figured out that SWAP has no UUID +'11:31
nslutjeproxx: command based........11:31
proxxhaha :P11:31
deej1976nslutje: try "sudo blkid"11:32
nslutjedeej1976: as I said /dev/sda5 (SWAP) has no UUID I gues11:32
proxxmine does11:33
deej1976nslutje: /dev/sda5: UUID="0bdf4ed6-03aa-4080-8832-79f46f6c8a2d" TYPE="swap"11:33
icerootnslutje: every partition jas a UUID and blkid will show the UUID11:33
nslutjedeej1976 /dev/sda5: TYPE="swap"11:33
nslutjedeej1976: no UUID... It is a debian 5 os, don't know if that matters that much11:34
jasonmchristosstwange: the prompt where it asks install after the launguage selection11:34
icerootnslutje: is this #debian?11:34
icerootnslutje: go to #debian11:34
jasonmchristosstwange: at the bottom there are F-key options11:34
nslutjethey don't anser11:35
icerootnslutje: and we are not #debian11:35
nslutjeand ubuntu and debian are quit simular11:35
jasonmchristosstwange: I think its the advanced options and you can choose minimal install and free software only installer11:35
icerootnslutje: so dont ask debian questions in here please, use there channel11:35
icerootnslutje: as you see on your example, they are not11:35
jribnslutje: try the freenode channel as well as the channel on oftc, there isn't really anything else to discuss here11:35
sliptteeshi all11:35
jasonmchristosDoes anyone have a 1350w printer ?11:36
sliptteeswhy empathy (ubuntu 11.10) cant connect msn?11:36
deej1976nslutje: I think debian uses /dev/sda# naming not UUIB cat /etc/fstab11:36
MeggHi guys, I installed Ubuntu and formatted Windows Vista off of my system while doing it. The problem is that I can't play WoW anymore, the game runs but I can't see anything except blocks and sometimes just darkness. I use the Additional drivers too11:36
icerootslipttees: its a msn issue11:36
Megg*tool but it doesn't detect anything.11:36
nslutjedeej1976: since debian 6 they do11:36
proxxMegg: go to wine channel11:36
iceroot!appdb | Megg11:37
ubottuMegg: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help11:37
sliptteesiceroot: iceroot anyway fix it?11:37
MeggI have wine and it generally works fine11:37
icerootslipttees: there was a patch on launchpad for using a different msn server11:37
proxxMegg: good but its not supported here11:37
icerootslipttees: but the best fix is not to use msn but using a free alternate like jabber11:38
Meggok, thought I'd check here because I'm sure it's a problem with my graphics drivers11:38
deej1976nslutje: I've still only on 511:38
proxxMegg: does glxgears run ?11:38
dupa500hej ho11:38
proxxMegg: if it does , your graphics work :)11:39
Meggwhat' glxgears?11:39
dupa500tro lo lo lo11:39
FloodBot1dupa500: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:39
proxxMegg: Alt-F2 "glxgears"11:39
sliptteesiceroot: msn-pecan?11:39
ct529anyone who has any experience in recompiling the kernle?11:39
proxxct529: a little11:40
iceroot!kernel | ct52911:40
ubottuct529: The core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)11:40
MeggSo i should see 3 gears which are basic red, green and blue?11:41
proxxMegg: yes, your acceleration works, so graphics work.. other stuff goes to the wine channel as i said.11:41
proxxMegg: welcome11:42
ct529iceroot: thanks a lot .... I had the document. I wanted to know about issues you may face, and danger I should look out for11:42
MeggHow do I get into the wine channel? says invite only11:43
nslutjedeej1976: strange11:43
conntrackWas is the difference between dnat and nat?11:43
proxxdamn i came here to ask a question not to give support,... stupid me :P    Does anyone know if AP signal strenght is filtered in nm-applet ? and if so how do I change the tolerance ?11:44
Megganyone know if I can get an invite to #wine11:45
proxxMegg: your asking to be spoonfed, did you check out wineHQ for your problem ?, use google plz.11:45
MeggI've googled for 2 days, installed multiple drivers and fixes11:46
Meggthis is my last resort11:46
computerYou can't possibly know something before you know it11:46
computerI know the feeling Megg11:47
MeggI just wanna get into #wine to sort out my problem now, thought instead of wasting time googling agmeain that someone would be kind enough to help11:48
jribMegg: the wine support channel is #winehq, not #wine11:48
jasonmchristosDoes anyone recall how to enable the firefox apparmor profile ?11:48
proxxDoes anyone know if AP signal strenght is filtered in nm-applet ? and if so how do I change the tolerance ?any wireless guys here ?11:50
ghulamHi, there11:50
ghulami am facing issue related to lock out users after number of unsuccessful attempts11:51
jasonmchristosproxx: it obviously is11:52
jasonmchristosproxx: you need to recompile it unless theres a config file11:52
kv102tfstab with windows 2008 domain share Anyone have the mount line (passworded share)11:53
proxxjasonmchristos: nasty , well thanks :) search for a config , ah well compiling isnt the worst thing in the world11:53
kv102ttrying, // /media/Backups cifs user=windeploy,password=###,noperm11:54
jasonmchristosproxx: ;et me know if you do i might use the package make a ppa11:54
proxxjasonmchristos: :)11:54
alumnosAlgun español?11:55
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.11:55
jasonmchristosproxx: I am working on wirless security problems as it is11:55
jasonmchristosproxx: pretty much there isnt security with wifi11:55
sliptteesiceroot: install empathy ppa but still doesn't work :s11:56
CrazyThinkerCan I create a vmware image out of the ubuntu that I'm using onto a USB and then boot from this image from USB?11:56
proxxjasonmchristos: iam into security myself , kinda intrested in what your doing ,11:56
MonkeyDustCrazyThinker: in vbox, you can export to  a vmware image11:57
jasonmchristosproxx: just trying to minimize the hackers at a public wifi hotspot11:57
proxxwanna chat on private ?, dunno how that works lol11:57
jasonmchristosproxx: sure we could but how private dcc isnt going to work because of my firewall but you can query me11:58
wh1zz0Hii guys.. I'm trying to manually mount my blackberry, because for some reason which I am not quite sure of, my box automounting my blackberry. Initially I thought it was the USB but when I tested it with another it worked perfectly... Please how can I manually mount this successfully. Here is the result of sudo fdisk -l .... http://paste.ubuntu.com/738105/11:58
wh1zz0but im not sure which is the blackberry11:58
jribwh1zz0: none of those are your blackberry11:59
deej1976wh1zz0: These are only your harddisks sda#11:59
deej1976if you "sudo tail -f /var/log/syslog" and plug in your bb, what is shown12:00
wh1zz0deej1976: Do I do this command while my BB is plugged?12:03
wh1zz0deej1976: Or before it is plugged12:04
deej1976wh1zz0: before12:04
wh1zz0deej1976:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/738138/12:06
lokidervishis this channel available for absolute noob questions?12:06
ct529iceroot: iceroot?12:07
lokidervishwonderful - i am switching to linux and from what i remember a while back it made a differance if desktop version was installed on a laptop - is this still true or can i just install newest version to my laptop?12:08
deej1976wh1zz0: You should see something like http://paste.ubuntu.com/738141/12:10
visionvi1usups sorry ;)12:10
deej1976lokidervish: The default desktop will do12:10
Umerhello everyone i need help,12:10
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
deej1976!ask | Umer12:10
ubottuUmer: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:11
laxpaxI have an ~/test.sh and works just fine, but if I set a keyboard short it syas 'Error while trying to run (~/test.sh) which is linked to ...'12:11
laxpaxany help ?12:11
deej1976wh1zz0: Do other USB devices work? like a memory stick?12:11
lokidervishthank you very much i was pretty sure of that answer but this time winblows is gone for good so i wanted to check so as to mitigate issues with  transfering12:11
laxpax/an/a script12:11
UmerI have installed xubuntu just now, i have been a windows user, my system is not that quick, 2.4 ghz and ram is 512 mb,  my xp works quite well, i installed ubuntu other day but it was very slow, i read on internet that xubuntu is better for slower computer, but for me it is still slow, is there a way to make it quicker?12:12
deej1976laxpax: Try specifying the complete path /home/laxpax/test.sh12:13
dr_willisUmer:  whats your video card?12:13
jriblaxpax: how did you create a keyboard shortcut?12:13
wh1zz0deej1976: Yes.. they wor perfectly.. I have an external USB drive Samsung and as soon as I plug it in, it auto mounts12:13
dr_willisUmer:  lubuntu, and xubuntu are better for low end machines.  and your ram is  most likely the big bottleneck12:13
Umerdr_willis, hmm i am not sure, but its an old one,12:13
dr_willisUmer:  i would try out Lubuntu12:13
Umerdr_willis, i tried to download lubuntu, but it couldn't work12:14
laxpaxjrib: keyboard in System setting.12:14
deej1976wh1zz0: Does the BB prompt to connect the storage, like an android phone, or modern camera?12:14
Umerdr_willis, i don't have a cd writer or usb to run setup from it, i download the cd image of lubuntu and ran wubi from those files but the setup screen didn't give the option of lubunt12:14
laxpaxdeej1976: Yay! that did the trick. cheers.12:15
Umeris there a way i can install lubuntu alongside windows?12:16
wh1zz0deej1976: It used to but it no longer prompts me, it just starts charging immediately12:16
AnttiMHello. I have a question about Ubuntu Live USB persistence file. How is it supposed to work?12:16
ZtaKUmer: Yes.  I believe that if you follow the instructions on www.ubuntu.com you'll acomplish just that12:16
laxpaxA lil script to Toggle The touchpad and set a shortcut for it. my first practical bash script.12:16
wh1zz0deej1976: But when I use this same usb cable with a friend's bb, it still prompts12:17
ZtaKlaxpax: grazt ;)12:17
AnttiMBecause last night I tried creating a live usb with 3g persistence file, then I ran Ubuntu from it, installed a few programs, but when I rebooted, it was all gone12:17
deej1976wh1zz0: Sounds like a phone setting has possible changed, as the USB sub-system is working12:17
UmerZtak, thanks i tried but it doesn't give the option of  installing lubuntu, wubi files give options of ubuntu, kubuntu, xubuntu and mythbuntu but not lubuntu, any help?12:18
ZtaKAnttiM: maybe it just persists your home folder12:18
=== avernos__ is now known as avernos
wh1zz0deej1976: Hmmm12:18
=== Guest74183 is now known as jasef
deej1976wh1zz0: Have you rebooted recently?12:19
UmerZtak, amonst ubuntu, xubuntu, kubuntu and mythbuntu, which is best for slower computes12:19
linelevelHi guys. When I look at `df`, I see a partition named /dev/mapper/VolGroup00-LogVol00  --Does anyone know what program is handling that partition? I want to increase the partition size. Also, in my /etc/fstab I see a similar (but different) device: /dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00 (mounted at / ) .. Any help?12:19
ZtaKUmer: xubuntu12:19
AnttiMZtaK: so is there a way to make it persist all of the data on the disk?12:19
ZtaKUmer: I think you can make ubuntu into lubuntu by installing a package, can't you?12:19
wh1zz0deej1976: Yeah.. I rebooted the phone and even the bb device12:19
ZtaKUmer: isn't there a lubuntu-desktop?12:20
wh1zz0deej1976: Yeah.. I rebooted my machine ** and even the bb device12:20
UmerZtak, how ? I am new to linux, i tried to find a way of installing lubuntu but couldn't then installed xubuntu12:20
ZtaKUmer: (I though you were referring to the process of installing Ubuntu along side of Windows, and not specifically Lubuntu -- sorry for my misleading answer at first)12:20
UmerZtak, no problem brother, so is there a way of installing lubuntu without cd or usb?12:21
BesogonHI everyone. How to switch rights for a mounted directory? Like it's done in samba? I need something for an NTFS folder12:21
computerI find that there are fare few things still quite buggy or not functional at all in 11.1012:21
computerIs there a consolidated list somewhere of know issues with 11.10?12:22
AnttiMI'm a little confused how persistence is supposed to work. Is there anyone who has experience with using Ubuntu Live?12:22
deej1976wh1zz0: Sorry, if nothing is displayed in /var/log/syslog then it looks like Linux isn't seeing it. If theres someone around with more BB/USB hopefully they can pick this up.12:22
ZtaKUmer: I haven't tried installing Lubuntu.  But if you boot from a normal Ubuntu from cd or usb you get the option of installing it next to Microsoft Windows.  I'd assume Lubuntu support the exact same.12:23
AccidusI've upgraded from 11.04 to 11.10. Straight after the upgrade things seemed to have worked well, until I rebooted. Since then, it's as if none of the configurations ever take place: none of the settings lasts between sessions, changing the settings through the GUI (such as switching to dual screen mode) doesn't take effect, new keybindings don't take effect. What should I do to find out what's wrong?12:23
computerYes I have AnttiM but I did it with Multisystem so I haven't learned how to implement it manually as of yet12:23
wh1zz0deej1976: Just chekced the log again while it's blugged to my machine, and this is the error I'm now getting http://paste.ubuntu.com/738153/12:23
ZtaKUmer: Why do you want a non-usb or non-cd installation?  And have you read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu ?12:23
BesogonOK. I have an Mysql database DIR which is located in NTFS partition. NTFS partition is mounted with rights (root:plugdev). mysql server is started as mysql:mysql.... How to resolve the problem? May be add mysql user to plugdev group...hm12:24
BuGohow to list all displays that are connected i know one is :012:24
BuGohow to list all of them?12:24
deej1976wh1zz0: looks like corrupt memory card12:24
Besogonxrandr -r12:24
BesogonIf I remember right12:25
BuGo-r - invalid12:25
ZtaKAnttiM: Not sure, I haven't exatly *worked* with live systems, I just use them to test if the new distro properly supports my hardware how it looks.  You could always install it on disk =)12:25
wh1zz0deej1976: Uhmmm... but I can still add things and delete from memory card12:25
Besogonthen thy just xrandr12:25
wh1zz0deej1976: I think memory is fine12:25
deej1976wh1zz0: can you try another memory card, just to check and elimanate12:26
wh1zz0deej1976: Okie let me try that12:26
BluesKajhiyas all12:26
BuGoit shows all connected monitors but how i alias them in xcalib -d option? one accepts :0 but xrandr is not showing :0 or smth near the monitor that i change12:26
Besogonhiays :)12:26
aertyuithen ? deej197612:27
aertyui[#ubuntu] aertyui: You need to create 3 local users on the machine, and allow sudo for them12:27
BesogonBuGo: Have you got NVIDIA graphic card?12:27
BuGointel built in12:27
deej1976aertyui: then change sshd_config Stopping root login12:28
laxpaxZtaK: thanks :)12:28
go8765Hello. How I can start manage mouse moving by keyboard in xfce?12:29
BesogonBuGo: I've never used "xcalib" and my built in INTEL g card works perfect with xrandr.12:29
muduhi all12:30
blitzer320hey i have a fresh 11.10 install that wont boot i ran boot-reapir and stil no luck12:30
muduhow to share wired connection via wifi to my tablet pc?12:30
BuGoBesogon: yes xrandr shows me all my monitors allright. but i need some additional piece of information about how monitors are adresssed in linux12:31
muduhow to share wired connection via wifi to my tablet pc?12:31
muduhow to share wired connection via wifi to my tablet pc?12:32
deej1976!repeat | mudu12:32
ubottumudu: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/12:32
blitzer320anyone can take a look at this pastbin for me http://paste.ubuntu.com/738157/12:33
go8765 Can anybody help me please with keyboard-managing-mouse ?12:34
AnttiMand why is it that I can't make a bootable usb that actually works with any Windows software for creating a live usb?12:34
BesogonBuGo:  xrandr --verbose -q12:34
BesogonBuGo: You defenetly have to read xorg.conf man page... I simply don't remember such info12:35
AnttiMit only worked when I made it within Ubuntu environment, with Ubuntu startup disk creator12:35
AnttiMbefore that I had already tried three different live usb creators in Windows12:36
MonkeyDustAnttiM: sounds like a bug12:36
AnttiMthey just didn't do their job right12:36
AnttiMbug where12:36
MonkeyDustunable to boot in linux, if it is created in windows12:36
blitzer320hey monkeydust know anything about boot issues12:37
AnttiMyeah but three different programs and they all have the same bug?12:37
MonkeyDusthm idd12:37
AnttiMI mean, we are talking about software that's designed to do just that12:38
jeaxhi all12:38
BuGoBesogon: ok! Thank you for the info!12:38
Per-Arne_Hello. Do anyone know how you configure Ubuntu 11.10 to use two Network Cards (No GUI)? i'm getting errors when i try to make a second eth1 in /etc/networking12:38
MonkeyDustwhat kind of boot issue?12:38
blitzer320dang idk why im having such issues trying to install ubuntu on this laptop12:38
AnttiMcreate a bootable linux live usb12:38
jeaxi was playing minecraft for a few days, then all of the sudden it stopped working. it seems to be a universal problem with my java, that has made minecraft throw a fatal error out of nowhere. there haven't been any updates the last 2 days or so, and it's also doing it with a cracked version that i know for a fact has no updates.12:39
blitzer320grub just doesn't boot my bios just skips my hdd in the boot order12:39
jeaxwhat could have caused it to just go out?12:39
blitzer320but everytime i install grub it says it installed fine12:39
blitzer320i was searching and i tried boot-repair but still no luck i have this paste that it output12:41
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=== me is now known as Guest21250
Per-Arne_Anyone know which is the best Socks 4/5 software availible to Ubuntu?12:42
blitzer320whats odd is this isn't the first time i've installed ubuntu on this laptop and when i actually get installed i know im going to have some wifi issues12:42
AnttiMso how can it be that Universal USB Installer, LinuxLive USB Creator, and UNetbootin have the same bug that's failing them altogether?12:43
AnttiMseems to me quite improbable, that's all12:44
blitzer320i think i fixed it gonna try and reboot be back12:45
AnttiMI've also tried installing two different versions of Ubuntu, with the same results12:46
jasefPer-Arne_, I use ssh to do my socks proxy :P12:46
muduhow to share wired connection via wifi to my tablet pc?12:46
AnttiMI've used two different USB drives12:46
AnttiMon two different computers12:46
AnttiMall the same12:46
Per-Arne_hmmm ill try that jasef. thanks!12:46
luca_bidear friends, I am able to write a table on phpmyadmin but i don't know the use i can do of the table can you help me?12:47
varun06anybody got firefox 8 on ubuntu 11.1012:47
MonkeyDustAnttiM: is this the first time this happens on this laptop12:47
MonkeyDustdesktop ;)12:47
jasefThe line I use to connect is 'ssh -D localhost:1080 user@server'12:47
AnttiMyes, it's the first time ever I have tried linux live usb12:48
jasefPer-Arne_, ^ that just creates a socks proxy on port 1080 of the computer you run it on, and pushes all traffic through the server, and between you and the server is nice and encrypted :)12:48
deej1976luca_bi: What language to you want to use? Have you explored the use of google and find tutorials?12:48
deej1976find = finding*12:48
MonkeyDustAnttiM: have you tried more than one distro?12:49
AnttiMand then the one program that actually let me run Ubuntu Live from usb, lost the whole persistence file12:49
AnttiMyes, two of them12:49
AnttiM10.04.3 and 11.1012:49
luca_bideej1976: the language is php but you can use phpmyadmin without writing code in php12:49
MonkeyDustAnttiM: and something completely different, fedora or so?12:49
luca_bideej1976: this because phpmyadmin is a good interface which simplify php code12:50
deej1976luca_bi: I know what phpmyadmin is12:50
luca_bideej1976: My problem is that I don't understand which is the role of these tables12:51
deej1976luca_bi: But the clue is in the name: phpmyADMNIN, I don't believe you can make useable applications in it12:51
jasefdeej1976, correct me if I'm wrong... but wasn't the question about tables, not 'usable applications'12:51
Per-Arne_jasef: so basicly it works just like, say for example Your freedom?12:52
deej1976luca_bi: This is no long a ubuntu support question, and is more about php/mysql12:52
Per-Arne_or dante for that matter12:52
jasefPer-Arne_, I have no idea what 'Your freedom' is, I can tell you that I use it for APT, and for web browsing12:52
ReliantMy Wireless stopped working after a recent Ubuntu update. The troubleshooting docs on the official site are no help. Does anyone know some useful ones or if this is a known issue with a known fix?12:52
tomodachiReliant: does running the command iwconfig in the terminal, list the device?12:53
luca_bideej1976: What is the best channel i can ask this question? I think you can create usable applications without writing in php12:53
Relianttomodachi: Yes12:53
jasefdeej1976, my mistake, I apologize for correcting you, I was wrong.12:53
deej1976luca_bi: There are many applications you can use with out writting php ( wordpress, joomla )12:53
deej1976jasef: :d12:54
ReliantTrying to connect to a wireless network I only get the message "Disconnected - you are now offline"12:54
theishii need to get apm installed on my laptop.... when i run apmd (which i am guessing is the right program) i get an error message 'No apm support in kernal'.... my boot config file has a line 'CONFIG_APM=m'... could someone point me in the right direction for configuing this please?12:54
jasefluca_bi, phpMyAdmin is not usable to create applications, it only creates the backend structure to store information for other applications, such as blogging software, forums, etc.12:54
luca_bideej1976: I prefer using phpmyadmin because it's the application which my host company gives to me12:54
deej1976luca_bi: Please see jasef comment12:55
luca_bijasef: Really?12:55
Reliantthere we go. Deleted the connection and re-entered the key, and now it works12:55
jasefluca_bi, Yes. I'm very sure about this.12:55
luca_bijasef: So with LAMP structure you cannot create applications?12:56
KrisDouglasluca_bi, PHPMyAdmin is designed like an excel spreadsheet editor. It doesn't make the user interface for you.12:56
KrisDouglasluca_bi, you run "apps" on a LAMP structure, using PHP & MySQL12:56
jasefluca_bi, for web applications, you can use LAMP, but you WRITE the applications in PHP. The PHP application uses MySQL as a backend to store data.12:56
ReliantI just got a spam tell from sedena asking me to go to a website12:56
KrisDouglasReliant, me too12:57
luca_bijasef: But I know that you can import .sql file in phpmyadmin12:57
KrisDouglasyes, .sql is exported data12:57
jasefluca_bi, a .sql file is only a database. It is NOT an application12:57
luca_bijasef: you can also export these kind of file12:57
jasefluca_bi, I know what you can do with phpMyAdmin. I happen to be a PHP/MySQL developer.12:58
luca_bijasef: So with phpmyadmin I cannot modify my website?12:59
theishiIf I am in the wrong room for my question please let me know12:59
aertyuihello there12:59
deej1976!ask: jtheishi12:59
theishino j in my name deej197613:00
jasefluca_bi, short answer is no. I wouldn't recommend anyone who's not familiar with database structure principles to even try to edit anything with phpmyadmin. Any website that you could possibly edit with phpmyadmin would have a much easier interface for editing it.13:00
aertyuiis there anysoft to process full check hardware ?13:00
theishi!ask: theishi13:00
dr_willistheishi:  you may want to tell the channel why you are wanting apm. it could be its been replaced by somthing else.13:00
llutztheishi: tried "sudo modprobe apm" before starting apmd?13:00
jasefluca_bi, if you want to create a website solely with phpmyadmin, then NO, it is NOT possible13:00
theishiok dr_willis13:00
theishiI have NotIon windows manager installed and I am using a notebook. I had the enjoyable experience of finding out the hard way that I no longer have a reminder to plug in my laptop when I forget..... I am trying to install a plugin that will display the current battery life on my status bar and I am told apm is needed13:01
ReliantThis is my laptop during a power failure:  "You have 2 hours of battery life remaining"  <2 minutes later, battery dies>13:04
espereguHi. I have ubuntu 11.10 running and have activated RTP which seems to work except on flash. I see online there are some issues but did not yet see a solution for 11.10. Any experienced guru around?13:05
theishillutz: FATAL: Error inserting apm (/lib/modules/2.6.35-30-generic/kernel/arch/x86/kernel/apm.ko): No such device13:05
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luca_bijasef: I want to create a website with LAMP13:07
luca_binot only with phpmyadmin13:07
jasefluca_bi, If you want to write your own website, I suggest you start with some PHP/MySQL tutorials13:08
ralliashow do I force a disk check on reboot?13:12
luca_bijasef: I'm studying php on a tutorial but I can write my website also without knowing php and this is my problem because i can add files, links, images, whatever I want on altervista do you know?13:12
jasefluca_bi, I don't understand the question.13:13
booh-I have an old feisty server... I would like gdm doesn't start automatic... and start it with startx if I want it.. how to stop gdm starting at boot?13:14
luca_bijasef: The question is how can I put a .php file on my website?13:14
jasefluca_bi, upload it through either FTP, or a file manager, if your website's control panel has one.13:14
PsykofloydSomeone know if it's possible to install unbuntu on asus eeepad transformer ?13:15
jasefPsykofloyd, can't say for sure, but I have it on an Eeepc myself13:15
teroPsykofloyd i don't think so13:16
luca_bijasef: Yes my website has a control panel but I thought tha I could import my .php file with phpmyadmin but you teach to me that it is not possible isn't?13:16
random123Q) 10.04 Server tasksel install lamp-server all works fine except netstat -antp show no 443. Q) how do i get https working ? thanks...13:16
Psykofloydok thanks have a good day13:16
jasefluca_bi, No, it's NOT possible - phpmyadmin is, unlike its name may seem like, NOT for administration on PHP, it's for managing a MySQL serer13:16
=== [sanyi] is now known as [Sanyi]
luca_bijasef: And if a want to put a file .php on my website what should I do?13:19
jasefrandom123, type 'sudo a2ensite default-ssl', then 'sudo nano /etc/apache2/ports.conf' and add a NameVirtualHost and Listen directive for 443, then type 'sudo service apache2 reload'13:19
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
jasefluca_bi, use your control panel. It should have a file manager. I do NOT know your site's configuration.13:20
booh-How to stop gdm starting at boot?13:21
kamilnadeemI had hidden the file menu options in CHOQOK nut now I am unable to get it bcak >?13:22
kamilnadeemwhats the shortcut for it13:22
luca_bijasef: file manager like joomla??13:23
ivanbcnCan someone help me to recover my password?13:23
ivanbcn(for my nick)13:23
jasefbooh-, to disable gdm from starting at boot, type 'sudo update-rc.d -f gdm remove', to re-enable it later, type 'sudo update-rc.d gdm defaults'13:24
jasefivanbcn, #freenode - this is an Ubuntu support channel13:24
booh-thanks jasef, I found rcconf ;-)13:24
ivanbcnoops, thanks13:24
drecutehow do I upgrade ubuntu that is on a flash disk13:25
jasefluca_bi, No. Joomla is a CMS. If you have a cPanel link, use the file manager in that - otherwise, please take this to #ubuntu-offtopic. This channel is for supporting Ubuntu, not for general tech support13:25
jasefdrecute, is it installed properly to it, or is it a live startup disk with persistence?13:25
drecuteit is installed properly to it using lili13:26
drecuteI want to use it to upgrade linux installation on my laptop13:26
=== GeorgeSebastian is now known as sm0key
jasefWhy not just upgrade with the laptop's internet connection?13:27
drecuteso i want to know if i can download an upgrade of ubuntu and have it on the flash disk13:27
=== misoshi_ is now known as haylo
=== sm0key is now known as georgesebastian
drecutethe ubuntu on that laptop has crashed13:27
proxxdrecute u can13:27
=== georgesebastian is now known as Calvin
jasefdrecute, 'crashed'? Do you mean it no longer starts? If so... I suppose you could technically boot off of a USB stick and chroot, and do-release-upgrade to try to upgrade, but I'm not sure how well it will work13:28
drecutethe ubuntu on the laptop is saying "gave up waiiting for the root device"13:28
jasefdrecute, if you boot from the USB, do you have access to your documents from Ubuntu?13:29
drecutei'm booting from the ubuntu on the usb stick now and it all stops at the ubuntu logo13:29
RaTTuS|BIGdrecute - just download the latest ubuntu and boot from it - then either upgrade or re-install13:30
RaTTuS|BIGeither CD or usb13:30
drecutejasef: i can't even get to the desktop13:30
drecuteRaTTuS|BIG: what about my existing setup and configuration13:30
luca_bijasef: I think there isn't a file manager on my host company13:30
Per-Arne_jasef, ive been trying this ssh proxy thingy now but doesnt seem to understand it fully.     ive currenty found this: ssh -D 9999 -C me@ipaddress.com     am i supposed to write this on the server or on the client?13:30
drecuteRaTTuS|BIG: my files and all?13:30
RaTTuS|BIGdrecute - if you boof rfom a USB you can access teh HD you have on thhe lappy and move the data else where13:31
luca_bijasef: Is the file manager paramountal for reading .php files?13:31
Per-Arne_im trying to use it with Google chrome on a windows pc13:31
dbuggerhey guys. Is there a way to play apple videos (apcn) in Ubuntu?13:31
jasefPer-Arne_, you run it on the client - it connects to the server's SSH daemon and routes any SOCKS traffic through it.13:31
rix1234Hi all...i hear lot of sound and distortion while I record through my microphone. I am connected to my virtual desktop through citrix receiver and recording through sound recorder...however I can't hear the recorded playback...only thing I can hear is lot of unwanted noise...can anyone help me regarding this???13:31
RaTTuS|BIGbooting from a live CD will give you access13:31
jasefPer-Arne_, ... Er... you need putty if you want to make that port forward then O_o13:32
Per-Arne_jasef, ok let me see if i can get it to work :)13:32
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jasefluca_bi, your web host must provide some method of uploading files. Read their documentation and find out how please. And I will repeat, please move the non-ubuntu support to #ubuntu-offtopic.13:33
jasef!ut | luca_bi13:33
ubottuluca_bi: For information on how to play Unreal Tournament, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games/Native/UnrealTournament - for Unreal Tournament 2004, see !ut2k413:33
jasef!ot | luca_bi13:33
ubottuluca_bi: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:33
jasefLol, wrong trigger.13:33
random123jasef, thanks will give that a try!13:34
kamilnadeemwell it is CTRL+m , ok13:34
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luca_biHow can I open a file .cue?13:36
=== GeorgeSebastian is now known as Eleanora
AnttiMHow do I install UNetbootin in Ubuntu?13:37
AnttiMa double-click does not work13:37
=== georgesebastian_ is now known as georgesebastian
jasefAnttiM, Unetbootin is a Windows application only, I believe. You can use 'Startup Disk Creator' to make Ubuntu USB disks from inside of Ubuntu13:38
=== Eleanora is now known as register
mrgazolinejoin #mixxx13:39
hayloUnetbootin is actually used  by linux users all the time13:39
=== register is now known as Guest90945
haylouniversal usb installer is more for windows only13:39
hayloBut use the startup disk for ubuntu it is eassier and better13:40
=== Guest90945 is now known as Eleanora
haylostartupdisk creator*13:40
jasefhaylo, my mistake - thought it was a Windows app.13:40
hayloya very useful fo rmajing usb for other distros like cb or mint or backtrack jasef13:41
salsamanhey, i am trying to upgrade a machine from 11.4 to 11.10, but it wont let me - it says it needs to remove skype, but trying to remove skype tells me it cant because it is a a virtual package ! help !13:41
=== Alex`aw is now known as BaNz
acidChristhello, any one know something about xapian 1.2.x installing for ubuntu 11.10/64 ? I have quite big problem because i added ppa and updated all but  xapian-core and bindings are still unavailable.13:41
=== apsuva is now known as Guest18027
jasefhaylo, thanks. I know what unetbootin does.13:41
hayloAnttiM sudo apt-get install Unetbootin13:42
salsamananybody ? i am stuck with an un-upgradeable machine here13:42
haylojasef sry i use it all the time13:42
haylosalsaman then dont upgrade13:43
salsamanhaylo not ever ?13:44
salsamanstuck on 11.4 for eternity13:44
TehDGMmy studio pc is on 8 still :P13:44
TehDGMs'all good13:44
salsamanwell if i cant upgrade im gonna have to remove ubuntu and install something else13:44
haylosalsaman get a stable distro and stick with it there is no need to upgrade if you are just a casual user surfing the web and what not- an old distro is just as fast for that13:44
salsamanno im a developer13:45
salsamani use my machine for both work and projects13:45
salsamanif i cant upgrade im wiping ubuntu13:45
tegracan i report a critical bug in ubuntu ?13:45
jasefsalsaman, if you can't upgrade even by using 'do-release-upgrade' or by using the Update Manager, then you can download a disc image for the newest version of Ubuntu, and in the installer, choose "Upgrade Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal"13:46
iceroottegra: sure13:46
iceroot!bug | tegra13:47
ubottutegra: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.13:47
salsamanok thanks13:47
jasefsalsaman, personally, I use 12.04... but I wouldn't recommend it if you rely on your machine for work :P I need mine for school and stuff, but I like bleeding-edge :313:47
AnttiMhaylo: the persistence file created by startup disk creator vanished during reboot13:49
AnttiMso that's why I'm trying alternatives13:49
AnttiMalso Windows-based live usb creators don't work13:50
jaseficeroot, so glad you're here :P I can go to sleep now without feeling guilty that people won't get support13:50
ct529Hi! I am recompiling the kernel .... I cloned the git rep using git clone git://kernel.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-<release>.git13:51
ct529now I am tryng to find the debian/config as suggested by the instructions, but there is not such a file .... has it been changed?13:51
BluesKajdoes google-earth work on oneiric yet , I've treid several approaches , they all installl or appear to but launchubg GE always fails13:51
BluesKajer launching13:52
AnttiMhmm. the package Unetbootin was not found13:52
ct529iceroot: you ar eresident super expert, any clue?13:53
AnttiMI downloaded unetbootin-linux-563 installation file on my desktop, so should I then use sudo apt-get install unetbootin-linux-56313:53
AnttiMhmm. didn't work13:54
jasefAnttiM, 'sudo apt-get install unetbootin'13:54
jasefIf it doesn't work13:54
AnttiMok, I just had one uppercase wrong13:54
jwageAnyone have any ideas why dual monitors won't work with a GeForce GTS 450 in the latest ubuntu. I installed the recommended drivers but it won't detect the 2nd monitor.13:54
jasefEnable the universe repositories or something13:55
jasefOh, okay.13:55
rolandhi.. anyone know what is the folder /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.35   used for?13:55
rolandis it used for building the kernel?13:56
BluesKajjwage,, which latest drivers?13:56
jasefroland, I assume it contains the kernel source for linux 2.6.3513:56
jwageBluesKaj, when I go to System Settings > Additional Drivers13:56
salsamanok got it - sudo dpkg -r skype:i38613:56
rolandjasef: me too, but is it safe to delete?13:56
salsamanit needed an :i38613:56
jwageit does its thing and detects what I have and I install the recommended drivers it shows me13:56
compdocroland, I think it is13:56
AnttiMI'm doing this on live cd, it says that the retrieval of some of the archives did not succeed13:56
salsamannow the update is going through13:57
jasefroland, yes, I assume so - I don't have the folder,13:57
rolandok thanx, so we all agree :P13:57
pdqBluesKaj, have you tried launching it from terminal with google-earth to see if there is any info?13:57
BluesKajok jwage , have you checked the nvidia xserver settings GUI13:57
jasonmchristosWhy isnt rhythmbox downloading info from musicbrainz when the CD is in thier database ?13:57
jwageBluesKaj, im looking through it now and it actually detects it in there13:57
jwagebut in the ubuntu built in display gui, it doesn't detect it13:57
icerootct529: sorry13:58
jasonmchristosIs there a way to foce rhythmbox to rerquery Musicbrainz13:58
AnttiMjasef: how do I install from the file I just downloaded?13:58
drecuteI'm looking at the thread at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1068895&page=313:58
AnttiMor can I do that at all?13:58
drecutei'm hoping I will be able to fix this on my box13:59
jasefAnttiM, if you just ran 'sudo apt-get install unetbootin' successfully - it's already installed.13:59
=== Mud is now known as Guest76487
jasonmchristosClicking reload album info seems to do nothing still says unknown although uits listed on musicbrainz13:59
AnttiMoh, ok13:59
jasefOtherwise, if it's a .deb file you downloaded, 'sudo dpkg -i /path/to/downloaded.deb'13:59
AnttiMmut why does it then give me error?13:59
BluesKajpdq , yeah it's always the same error , can;t find googleearth-bin in usr/bin . I took the googleearth-bin executable from /opt and placed it in /usr/bin , but no joy14:00
jaseftype 'unetbootin' on the terminal or start it from the menu14:00
jwageBluesKaj, hmm, i am not sure if it is detecting it or not. When I open it up I see one blue box for my main monitor which works, but in the "Model" dropdown below I see two options, if I select the 2nd one it changes the Layout to have 2 boxes above for 2 monitors14:00
jwagetrying to tweak the configuration and apply it to get the 2nd monitor to come on14:00
jwagebut no luck14:00
drecuteit says ubuntu 9.1014:00
drecutebut i'm running ubunto 10.0414:00
=== [Sanyi] is now known as [sanyi]
jasonmchristosHow do I query the disc ID ?14:01
TuxOtakuhey why does Evolution not obey themes?14:01
TuxOtakuI'm running XFCE14:01
TuxOtakuand I switched to a GTK2 theme14:01
compdocjasonmchristos, blkid  ?14:01
TuxOtakuand Evolution is all ugly now14:01
TuxOtakudoes it only recognize gtk3 or something?14:02
AnttiMjasef: and where would I find the unetbootin executable?14:02
pdqBluesKaj, hmm sorry i dunno hmmm, works in my install am using google-earth-stable package14:02
drecuteplease where can I find grub.cfg on ubuntu 10.04?14:02
coz_TuxOtaku,  not sure I can answer that one,,,  I havent installed 11.10 yet14:02
jwageBluesKaj, i got it thanks! :)14:02
drecutefind / -name "grub.cfg" returned nothing14:03
coz_drecute,  are you wanting to edit the grub config?14:03
drecutecoz_:  yes14:03
jasefAnttiM, you don't have to, it's installed like every other application, just type 'unetbootin' and it'll start. If you REALLY need to know where it is, type 'which unetbootin'14:03
drecutei want to set the rootdelay to a higher value14:03
AnttiMjasef: no it won't14:03
=== soreau_ is now known as soreau
coz_drecute,  you want to edit  /etc/default/grub14:03
drecutecoz_:  i'm not on desktop yet14:04
coz_drecute,   so   gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub14:04
tegrawhy this command freeze ubuntu ? dd if=/dev/random of=/dev/port14:04
AnttiMjasef: it failed to retrieve some of the archives needed to install unetbootin14:04
coz_drecute,  oh I see...14:04
jasefAnttiM, let me clarify - if it was installed successfully, that is how you do it. I specified this before... what archives failed?14:04
jasonmchristoscompdoc: whats that a cli packege to install ?14:06
AnttiMjasef: p7zip-full_4.58~dfsg.1-1_i386.deb, unetbootin_304-1_i386.deb, and unetbootin-translations_304-1_all.deb14:06
drecutecoz_: any idea?14:06
jasefAnttiM, what was the error given?14:07
drecutewhere can I find grub.cfg on 10.04?14:07
jasefdrecute, probably in /boot/grub/grub.cfg14:07
compdocjasonmchristos, its a command. Are you looking for the UUID?14:07
coz_drecute, unless you are already on the Desktop,, then no,, I dont know off hand.. just exactly where are you now if not on the Desktop?14:07
jasonmchristosdrecute: /boot ?14:07
drecute /boot is not available in grub?14:08
jasefdrecute, though I will mention, that every time Ubuntu updates the kernel, it will erase your changes in /boot/grub/grub.cfg14:08
jasonmchristoscompdoc: no this is something musicbrainz uses dont know if its in the cd or calculated dont think its calculated since its quick i think the music industry adds disc ids to the cd14:08
AnttiMit's in Finnish, let me try to translate: "the retrieval of some of the archives did not succeed, maybe "apt-get update" will help or try --fix-missing?14:08
trispaceis configuring bonds using /etc/network/interface supported, if the bonds do not have an IP address assigned (on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS)?14:08
drecutei can only see /proc14:08
AnttiMjasef: I've already tried those commands14:08
jasonmchristoscompdoc: the cd is in musicbrainz database ut rythmbox will not grab it for some readosn14:08
drecuteJasef: at least for now, let me get ubuntu to boot14:08
compdocjasonmchristos, do you have an example of the id?14:09
drecutethen i will worry about changing it again when the kernel is updated14:09
BreakableHey  , how can I manage the open windows easily , I've alot of open windows14:09
drecutei'm at (initramfs)14:09
Breakableand I click alt+tab every time which is tedious14:09
jasefAnttiM, do you have the universe repository enabled?14:10
AnttiMI don't know14:10
drecutecomplete interactive mode14:10
AnttiMwhere can I do that14:10
trispacewhen an IP address is assigned to the bond, it comes up correctly after reboots, but not if "iface bond0 manual" is used14:10
jasefYou can go to your menu and open the application called 'software sources'14:10
AnttiMjasef: which menu?14:11
jasonmchristoscompdoc: yes http://musicbrainz.org/release/35a68426-e638-457a-841d-c6e202654639/discids14:11
Yoryohi there, someone could give me a hand with an installation problem I have with java? I would really appreciate it14:11
jasefAnttiM, if you're in Unity, the dash home.14:11
AnttiMjasef: Ubuntu live14:12
compdocjasonmchristos, those dont look familur to me14:12
coder27Hello. I have restricted-extras installed on lucid, but nothing plays WMA-files. Please help14:13
jasefAnttiM, that would explain it probably... if it's 11.10, then go to the Dash home by pressing the Windows logo key, or pointing to the top-left of the screen for a moment while the dash appears, then click on the top icon, when the dash home opens, type 'software sources'14:13
AnttiMit's 10.04.314:13
hansg01couldn't install ppa's14:13
hansg01please help me14:14
OY1Rnetworking (wireless and wired) on one of my laptops just stopped working running ubuntu 10.04 ?14:14
AnttiMjasef: no, wait, this is some older distibution14:14
coz_hansg01,  how and which ppa  are you trying to install?14:14
AnttiMjasef: 9.0414:14
=== Fiddich is now known as Amr0d
jasefAnttiM, in that case, I think it is the far right menu (I forget it's name), then under Administration (if not Administration, in preferences)14:15
hansg01coz_ anyone14:15
Gangrelhow can i clear my grub and make it not show at boot unless it is necesery?14:15
coz_hansg01,  you are on 11.10? yes?14:15
hansg01coz_ yes 11.1014:15
coz_hansg01,  ok do you have a PPA  link ?14:16
wbBlueDaveHey everybody! I think that there is something wrong with my Gnome3 Banshee notifications... there are some strange(XML) strings i guess, like: «Name of the song» <span color=686868 size="small" .... </span> ... Is tha ta bug? can be fixed?14:16
hansg01coz_ recently i inserted the emesene ppa and i m not able to download it from software manager14:16
hansg01coz_ some error that cannot download from unsupported source14:16
AnttiMjasef: ok, I found the software sources14:17
coz_hansg01,  ok open a termnal..  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade   then...  sudo apt-get install emesene14:17
aertyuiis there anysoft to process full check hardware ?14:17
drecutecan somebody help men please14:17
jasefAnttiM, enable the 'Universe' source if it isn't already14:17
drecutei can't find grub.cfg14:17
AnttiMjasef: I have all of them checked14:18
drecutewhere is it please?14:18
jasefAnttiM, where they already checked?14:18
jasonmchristosWell just decided to use sound juicer instead and it has musicbrainzlib as dependency which works a bit better than the internals of rhythmbox14:18
AnttiMjasef: yes14:18
jasonmchristosso forget it i have other things to do just wanted to get a few cd's to listen to in the background while i work14:18
coz_drecute,  it should be in in /boot/grub14:18
drecutecoz_:  it is not there. There's no /boot at initramfs14:19
ct529does anyone understand the way of compiling the kernel? the ubuntu kernel documentation does not seem to work for natty14:19
jasonmchristosbut for future reference how does one view the CD TOC ?14:19
coz_drecute,  ah  mmm.. ok I will back off,, I dont have a good answer for you14:20
jasefdrecute, I just checked, on 10.04 it IS in /boot/grub. if you don't have it, then you don't have the correct filesystem mounted.14:20
AnttiMjasef: I guess this distribution is no longer supported or something14:20
hansg01coz_ y can't gui?14:20
jasefjasef, let me check real quick, 9.04 was it?14:21
coz_hansg01,  after the update/dist-upgrade ..if the PPA is valid  emecene shouldl be in the software manager14:21
drecutejasef: could it be because my usb is listed first in the boot order?14:21
hansg01coz_ in cui it is giving an option to skip verification bt not in gui thats y i can't install ppa's thru gui14:21
drecutebecause i don't know how my hard disk wouldn't be mounted14:22
=== glenn is now known as Guest28395
drecuteexcept it has developed some fault14:22
arcskyif i edit /etc/network/interfaces how do i restart it?14:22
Guest28395What did i need to share directories between 2 ubuntu pc's14:22
coz_hansg01,  ah I see,, verification is a good thing,,, generall I install PPAs  via the terminal with the key included,,, not sure I have even attempted  it via gui14:22
UmerHello, is there a way of using a portion of hardisk as ram like you do pagefiling on windows?14:22
=== Guest28395 is now known as glda19
jasefAnttiM, jaunty support is available through old-releases.ubuntu.com - could you type in a terminal 'sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list' and replace all 'xx.archive.ubuntu.com' with 'old-releaes.ubuntu.com'14:23
jasefIt should allow you to apt-get then.14:23
hansg01coz_i am using gui for a long tym actually can't remember the long codes :P14:23
AnttiMjasef: I'll try that14:24
UmerHello, is there a way of using a portion of hardisk as ram like you do pagefiling or something like that on windows?14:24
glda19what did i have to install to share directories between ubuntu14:24
=== compdoc` is now known as compdoc
UmerHello, is there a way of using a portion of hardisk as ram like you do pagefiling on windows?14:27
Gentoo64Umer: yea, tmpfs14:27
Gentoo64or you mean a swap partition?14:27
UmerGentoo64, can you please explain a bit i have just started linux , have been a windows user14:28
Gentoo64ubuntu by default make a "page file" partition14:28
AnttiMjasef: 'sudo apt-get install unetbootin' still doesn't work14:28
BluesKaj!swap | Umer14:28
ubottuUmer: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info14:28
jasefAnttiM, you have to run 'sudo apt-get update' first to update the package lists14:28
Umerblueskaj thankyou :)14:29
Umerubuntu thankyou :)14:29
lucidguyLooking for a new email/groupware platform for a mixed windows/linux environment..  thats not Exchange.  We are currently using Scalix, but preparing to jump ship.  Any recommendations?14:29
Sh4dowcatis there a way to get the grub boot menu back in ubuntu?14:29
jason00Has anybody had their laptop trackpad just magically stop working in mid use on 11.10?14:32
jasefWhile typing, yes. Otherwise no.14:32
AnttiMjasef: finally it works14:32
jason00jasef: directed @ me?14:32
jasefjason00, yes, sorry for not including your name14:33
jasefAnttiM, yay :)14:33
MonkeyDustjason00: there's this tool called gpointer in the repos14:33
jason00jasef: requiring a reboot to fix it?14:33
jasefjason00, No.14:33
jason00MonkeyDust: what is it used for?14:33
Tulitomaattijason00: not exactly but a similar case: yeah, though on a touchscreen magically stops working mid-use14:33
jason00jasef: I have to reboot to get mine to work. THREE laptops now it's happening on randomly.14:33
jason00Tulitomaatti: have you noticed it prior to 11.10?14:33
=== ruyman is now known as no_system_mode
AnttiMjasef: should I partition/format my usb before using unetbootin?14:33
Tulitomaattii never got it working prior to 11.10 anyways.14:33
jason00I had zero issues for the last... five years?14:34
jason00then 11.10 lands with continued trackpad issues on my laptops14:34
jasefAnttiM, if it already has an OS on it, I'd format it, but it's up to you14:34
jason00all different hardware.14:34
AnttiMjasef: which file system should I format it into?14:34
jasefjason00, ran 11.10 for about 4 months, and running 12.04 now, no trackpad issues14:34
jason00What's funny is my touchpointer (lenovo - red dot in center) works fine.14:34
AnttiMext4 ok?14:34
BluesKajso who's testing 12.04 and if so what's it like so far for desktops with nvidia graphics?14:34
jason00but my actual trackpad does not14:35
jasefAnttiM, I think FAT32, but unetbootin should be able to format it too.14:35
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ldz420question: is the name of ubuntu ui call unity?14:35
jasefBluesKaj, I'll isntall it on my desktop in a week or so after exams, thenI can answer :P14:35
BluesKajso who's testing 12.04 and if so what's it like so far for desktops with nvidia graphics?jase yeah < Iasked the question in the wrong chat :)14:36
OY1Rnetworking (wireless and wired) on one of my laptops just stopped working running ubuntu 10.04 ?14:36
AnttiMjasef: so what command do I use to format /dev/sdg1 into FAT32?14:36
OY1Rneed some help please.14:36
aking1012Blues I'm installing it in a dev VM RIGHT NOW.  I'll let you know, but I'm thinking I'm going XFCE with all the changes to gnome14:36
beasty_OY1R: just ask14:36
=== Guest18027 is now known as apsuva
compdocOY1R, have you recently added a new network interface?14:37
jasefAnttiM, sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/sdg1 - if I remember correctly14:37
OY1Rcompdoc, No14:37
glda19how can i share directories between ubuntu14:38
aking1012AnttiM still don't know why you would use fat32 for anything...bootloaders support ntfs and ext4 unless you're doing embedded and Uboot14:38
Breakablehow to fucken manage open windows ????14:39
Gentoo64i thought unetbootin needed it to be fat3214:39
aking1012unetbootin will format it for you14:39
Gentoo64as fat32 no?14:39
aking1012possibly...i don't remember.  i think so14:39
Gentoo64i cant remember either lol14:40
AnttiMso it's the same what ever the file system it is formatted into prior unetbootin?14:40
aking1012not the same...read that warning that say "you will lose all data on this partition"14:40
OY1Rcompdoc, i did try a different usb netcard after the network died, still nogo. i also tried wired network, not working either.14:40
sipiorBreakable: if you want help, start with a clear question.14:41
Gentoo64Breakable: what do you mean manage?14:41
compdocOY1R, some laptops have a network on/off button14:41
Breakableswitching among windows easily14:41
MuphridBreakable using what DE?14:41
OY1Rcompdoc, hehe yea i did test it14:41
sipiorBreakable: "alt-tab"14:41
Breakablealt-tab is radicilous14:42
BreakableI've 15 open windows14:42
MuphridBreakable, what about super+w14:42
AnttiMjasef: it seems this version of UNetbootin doesn't support newer distributions than 8.10 :(14:42
=== Kraln- is now known as Kraln
BreakableMuphrid: doesn't do any thing ...14:42
Gentoo64AntiSpamMeta: there should be an option to "choose iso"14:42
MuphridBreakable, are you in unity 2d?14:42
aking1012AnttiM - it supports newer versions than 8.10 from the windows side.  they just expect you to use distro tools on the linux side14:43
BreakableMuphrid: how can I know :D ?14:43
=== Tony is now known as Tony2
=== Tony2 is now known as Tony
BreakableI think it's gnome14:43
Breakableor unity ?14:43
MuphridBreakable, unity has the auto hiding panel in the left14:44
AnttiMaking1012: it won't work in Windows, that is, the Ubuntu Live won't run from the usb if I create it in Windows14:44
ShapeShifter499can I run ubuntu off a flash drive in a way so that I can plug it into any computer but the stuff I install that would take up the most space stays installed on my main home computer?14:44
BreakableMuphrid: This does 't , so it's gnome14:44
Gentoo64AntiSpamMeta: it should do. is there no option in there to manually choose the ubuntu iso?14:44
MuphridBreakable, in gnome shell only browsing through activities or pressing the super key14:45
Gentoo64ShapeShifter499: make a live usb stick14:45
BreakableMuphrid: there is no 'task bar' or something that shows open windows ?14:45
Breakableand open apps14:46
Gentoo64Breakable: the interface is weird. there is a lot of hate for it14:46
MuphridBreakable, there is an extension for the shell that does that, but if i have many windows open i use multiple workspaces14:46
BreakableGentoo64: yes , so , unity is better?14:46
Gentoo64better than what?14:46
BreakableMuphrid: K gonna try your strategy :)14:46
ShapeShifter499Gentoo64, I want to make ubuntu look anyway I want but the stuff thats extra that would take up space would be on my computer.... can a live usb be made in a way where the partition its on can be changed and written to?14:47
Gentoo64i think you can install to a usb. but i thought you meant something like a livecd so you can take it around14:47
captain_alexпривет всем14:47
stonedmanworkinghello all! foirst time in here, need help to install java on linux mint... step by step if possible (using linux since a couple weeks)14:47
ShapeShifter499Gentoo64, I thought live (usb, cd, anything) was locked, itself couldn't be messed with but you could use a second drive to save stuff14:48
Gentoo64yea it is14:48
Muphridstonedmanworking, i think the package name if default-jre14:48
Gentoo64not sure about installing to a usb14:48
aarossigWill notifications in irssi work over an ssh connection? (like this but with irssi running remotely: http://www.codealpha.net/215/script-irssi-ubuntu-notify-osd-notification-system/)14:48
stonedmanworkingthankyou <Muphrid> i'm on it, bu honestly i need the real basic step by step14:49
stonedmanworkingthankyou Muphrid i'm on it, bu honestly i need the real basic step by step14:49
RB2_Good Morning... is there a way to force ubuntu to use TCP for DNS lookups? I've been through the resolv.conf man pages, etc.. but no luck getting it to work.14:49
Muphridstonedmanworking, open synaptic package manager, then search for default-jre, then install the package14:49
ShapeShifter499Gentoo64, I want to use the os like I would if I installed it but since I'm strapped for space be able to install the "extras" on my main computer and only use those extras when the usb is pluged into the main computer14:50
RB2_Using dig (with +tcp), everything goes fine. But, nslookup always fails.14:50
stonedmanworkingyou will laugh at me now... the fact is i have no idea on how to proceed for even a basic installation... 17 years as windows user didn't help me to deal with the linux terminal :(14:50
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=== laptop_ is now known as XO
Muphridstonedmanworking, on the terminal type sudo apt-get install default-jre14:51
Gentoo64stonedmanworking: to install things you use apt-get install14:51
tp_eddystonedmanworking, I think you can input "sudo apt-get install java", Just like orher Linux based on Debian14:51
stonedmanworkingseems working14:52
Gentoo64ShapeShifter499: so install the extras to a usb?14:52
Gentoo64im confused14:52
stonedmanworkingactually downloading packages14:52
ShapeShifter499Gentoo64, no14:52
Gentoo64stonedmanworking: or in the software center, type java and stuff should come up14:53
=== Lynx is now known as Guest29176
ShapeShifter499Gentoo64, the operating system is on the usb, but anything that wouldn't be installed as a default of the os be on my computer14:53
Gentoo64ah ok14:53
xulliAs some of you know the X11 has PRIMARY, SECONDARY and CLIPBOARD. It's easy to access the clipboard through for instance java.awt.datatransfer.Clipboard, but do you guys know any way to get the current PRIMARY with some Java API?14:53
XOAre here german channel too?14:54
Gentoo64youd prob need to mount the real hdd in fstab as some data partition14:54
stonedmanworkingty Gentoo, actually trying to install throught the sudo apt-get install default-jre line and it seems all ok, it's @37%14:54
ShapeShifter499Gentoo64, the problem I think there might be is that the operating system would fail if I tried to run it on another computer14:54
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».14:54
Gentoo64ah you beat me to it14:54
CarlFKXO: try #ubuntu-de14:54
conkigliachi mi puo' aiutare14:55
=== aristos_achaion is now known as jbuchanan
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.14:56
ShapeShifter499conkiglia, !fr14:56
captain_alexplease advice how i can uninstall xubuntu from drive D: and leave ubuntu on C:?14:57
Gentoo64ShapeShifter499: it should be ok14:57
Gentoo64ShapeShifter499: its not like windows14:57
proxxcaptain_alex c: d: ?? lol , this is not windows14:57
ShapeShifter499Gentoo64, but wouldn't the os have issues if I installed something that was more system wide?14:58
captain_alexi undestand, i mean logical drives14:58
Muphridcaptain_alex, do you have ubuntu and xubuntu in dual boot and wanna leave only ubuntu?14:58
proxxcaptain_alex what are you trying to do , not very clear14:58
ShapeShifter499Gentoo64, when I unplug the usb for another comp temporary it won't run right?14:59
Gentoo64ShapeShifter499: im too tired and im getting confused :s if you're low on disk space then it can get confusing mounting certain partitions in fstab for certain folders14:59
captain_alexmuphrid: yes!14:59
=== ubuntutest is now known as glda19
Muphridcaptain_alex, install gparted if not installed, then open it and format the xubuntu partition14:59
captain_alexHow to uninstall it correctly14:59
Gentoo64ShapeShifter499: if its installed to the usb, it wont work no14:59
captain_alexand how to remove it from dualboot15:00
proxxcaptain_alex , recap? you have 2 installations ? and want to remove 1 ?15:00
Gentoo64captain_alex: delete the ubuntu partition, extend the space then reinstall windowsd botloader15:00
captain_alexi have ubntu and xubuntu15:00
proxxcaptain_alex     on 2 partitions ?15:01
captain_alexand just whant to uninstall ubuntu and remove it from the dualboot15:01
captain_alexuninstall xubuntu sorry15:01
Gentoo64you have to delete the partition15:01
Gentoo64you dont uninstall it like an app15:02
aking1012capt_alex - make sure your grub files are inside of your ubuntu install first15:02
captain_alexyes, ubuntu is firstsystem15:02
captain_alexbut how to remove it from the grub (to rstore its state without xubuntu?)15:03
Gentoo64captain_alex: it should still work15:03
proxxcaptain_alex ,  remove partition, update-grub15:03
captain_alexsudo update-grub?15:03
proxxupdate-grub will build the grub.cfg15:03
captain_alexso easy thanks a lot to everybody!15:04
=== marco is now known as Guest27197
captain_alexgoing to try15:04
glda19how can i share directories on a bubuntu network15:04
proxxto windows boxes ?15:05
glda19proxx, is that question for me15:05
Muphridglda19, right click the files, click on sharing options and it will install samba then share the directory across the network15:05
private_metaYou all just lost The Game!15:05
proxxglda19   *nix >> windows or *nix >> *nix ?15:06
glda19Muphrid, is samba the only to share files15:06
glda19proxx, ubuntu ubuntu15:06
Muphridglda19, the only one i know of15:06
proxxglda19  oke you could use nfsmount for that15:07
proxxor go for share over ssh15:07
proxxglda19 should be plenty of documentation, its far easier than it seems at first, i promise15:08
phoenix_firebrdvote for kde http://blog.lydiapintscher.de/2011/10/10/help-kde-e-v-secure-funding-for-a-sprint-with-just-a-few-clicks/15:08
glda19proxx, for ubuntu and windows samba and ubuntu  ubuntu nfs mout ssh share15:09
proxxglda19 indeed15:09
glda19proxx thanks15:10
proxxglda19    easy way: setup an ssh server ., use the mount server option from locations ,15:10
tp_eddyssh very easy15:11
proxxglda19 after thats confirmed you can go and add it to fstab etc etc, google it ;)15:11
compdocglda19, for samba and vista, go here and read the 3rd post:    http://forums.techarena.in/windows-vista-network/670498.htm15:11
alnitHello everyone. I have installer kubuntu and my graphic card fan goes on max rpm and i dont find any rogram to set rpm, i dont want to install atis own drivers because it screwd my computer totalt and there wasnt even a fan kontroller in it, anyone have any tip? i realy prefer a graphic interface15:12
glda19proxx,  so i have to setup the ssh server on evry pc15:12
proxxgiu method; go to places15:13
proxxconnect to server15:13
proxxglda19 select ssh , youll find it15:14
glda19proxx, i have to installed the ssh server on all the pc's15:14
proxxglda19 "sudo apt-get install ssh"15:14
=== hrundel50 is now known as Guest36470
glda19that i have to do on all the ubutu pc's15:15
tp_eddyinstall ssh server on Linux, and you can use putty or winscp connect it on windows15:15
proxxglda19 , yes you do15:15
craigbass1976I'm tryign to print to a dell laser, and I can't find the driver on Dell's site.  Can I somehow snag it off another box that already prints to it?15:15
ct529hi! I am trying to compile the kernel, but 1) I am not certain about the numbering of the ubuntu kernel: does it follow the numbering of the kernel? 2) is it possible to compile the kernel by using the output of cpuid, or /proc/cpuinfo?15:16
glda19proxx,  what is the best for  2 ubuntu pc's and 2 windows pc's i think samba15:16
_calumdoes anyone have an idea of how long dd will take to zero fill a 2.0GB usb flash drive?15:17
proxxglda19 then i hate to say , but its samba15:17
proxxglda19: i hate samba but it does work15:17
glda19thnx proxx15:17
genii-around_calum: Probably around 20 minutes15:17
=== Caveman is now known as Caveman-afk
proxxglda19, be carefull what you do, its easy to screw up15:18
_calumthanks genii, by the way do I do dd if=/dev/zero for a zero fill?15:18
proxxglda19: your welcome15:18
genii-around_calum: Yep15:18
_calumalright cheers :)15:18
glda19who use thunderbird15:18
craigbass1976glda19, I do.15:19
glda19craigbass1976, how can i upgrade to tb 815:19
LogicallyDashingmy machine keeps starting, like, four fuser processes at a time and locking up the CPU very briefly. It's causing problems whenever I want to fork something. How do I find out what's calling these things? I've turned off the apache server...15:20
craigbass1976glda19, 8?  I'm on 3.  No idea...15:21
glda19 how can i upgrade to tb 8 by ppa15:21
proxxglda19; compile it from source :P ?15:22
proxxglda19 search google for a PPA15:23
glda19proxx, i can't find a ppa for tb 815:23
proxxglda19; build it from source ;)15:23
glda19proxx, tb8 is out and compiled for linux15:24
proxxglda19 search for a .deb file , also possible, bit dirty but you can15:24
watermarkAs the PHP 5.2.x branch is no longer supported by PHP, has anyone heard of what this will mean for Ubuntu server 8.04?15:25
magoosterhello i have a problem if anyone can help15:25
proxxmagooster; go ahead15:26
magoosterwell to start with i'm not sure if it's a graphics issue or a wine issue15:26
proxxmagooster; oke can you run 'glxgears' from the terminal ?15:27
magoosterbut I'm thinking it's a wine issue because it seems to run the game fine15:27
magoosteri can try, one second15:27
proxxmagooster; pretty isnt it, if it works at good framerate, than you have acceleration , and your graphicp probably work fine ;)15:28
magoosterk i got it15:28
Paddy_NIHey I am having something of an annoying bug with gedit.. when I type out an html tag and press tab to autocomplete it, it adds another bracket at the beginning of the tag... for example I would start typing <body'Pressing tab here' and it will autocomplete like this <<body id="ID " onload=""}> what is going on?15:28
magoosterRunning synchronized to the vertical refresh.  The framerate should be15:28
magoosterapproximately the same as the monitor refresh rate.15:28
Mavrikhmm, is there any reason Empathy isn't able to connect to MSN network for awhile now?15:28
magooster304 frames in 5.0 seconds = 60.750 FPS15:28
Paddy_NIwhy the extra < at the beginning15:29
magooster312 frames in 5.0 seconds = 62.350 FPS15:29
glda19thx every one for the help15:29
FloodBot1magooster: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:29
magooster311 frames in 5.0 seconds = 62.150 FPS15:29
magooster313 frames in 5.0 seconds = 62.548 FPS15:29
proxxmagooster; should be good, your graphics work fine, go to wine irc channel for support15:29
proxxglda19 welcome m815:30
magoosterhow do i get to wine irc?15:30
magoostersorry, i'm a noob ubuntu user15:30
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu15:30
proxxmagooster dunno think its, #winehq but iam not sure, google it15:30
magooster<~~~~former windows 7 user15:30
tp_eddygoogle search15:30
proxxmagooster; good luck15:31
Paddy_NIHey genii-around would you have any ideas why I am experiencing that annoying gedit bug... or if its normal behaviour?15:31
mfilipehow do I do to find out what is the package that has a file? for example: what is the package that has /etc/issue?15:32
LogicallyDashingI have several apache2 processes running at once, is this normal?15:32
LogicallyDashing(not actually running, mostly suspended)15:32
magoosteris there an irc channel for wine?15:33
kell1818/f i'm so wet and horny...hit me up at http://xxxfever.info username wildnout1415:33
proxxow yeah15:33
magooster#winehq is this it?15:33
kell1818/f i'm so wet and horny...hit me up at http://xxxfever.info username wildnout1415:33
geoffmccmagooster: have you checked to see if what you are trying to run will work with playonlinux? playonlinux usually handles all the wine config for you15:33
proxxmagooster probably, google can help you really15:33
kell1818/f i'm so wet and horny...hit me up at http://xxxfever.info username wildnout1415:34
Paddy_NIUmm.. ops15:34
kell1818/f i'm so wet and horny...hit me up at http://xxxfever.info username wildnout1415:34
magoosterok one last question then i'm out of your hair LOL15:34
proxxkell18 me too :) iam also horny15:34
Skummelhmm, where is thorse ops when you need them :)15:34
kell1818/f i'm so wet and horny...hit me up at http://xxxfever.info username wildnout1415:34
kell1818/f i'm so wet and horny...hit me up at http://xxxfever.info username wildnout1415:34
proxxmagooster; go ahead15:35
kell1818/f i'm so wet and horny...hit me up at http://xxxfever.info username wildnout1415:35
magoosteri have an intel family chipset video card where would i go to find drivers for it?15:35
rolandIs there any simple way to create aligned partition on a SSD?15:35
proxxmagooster; you ran glxgears right ?15:36
compdocroland, use gparted15:36
proxxmagooster; at that framerate, it is already running15:36
proxxmagooster; dont have 2 do anything :)15:36
compdocroland, not that a small device like that needs alignment15:36
tp_eddywho can tell me where can i find a red theme for ubuntu15:36
magoosterubuntu is awesome bu so confusing15:36
rolandcompdoc: why not?15:36
vatzecWhy does "sudo route add default gw ipAddressHere" result in "SIOCADDRT: No such process" in Ubuntu?15:37
MonkeyDusttp_eddy: murrina red15:37
rolandcompdoc: there are contradicting opinions everywhere15:37
proxxmagooster; youll learn over time, trust me , i was noob once 2, just take the ride :)15:37
compdocroland, its for advanced format, 4k sector drives, which are usually 1TB and larger15:37
aking1012lolz @proxx statement15:38
magoosterok thanks everyone, have a great day :)15:38
proxxu2 sir15:38
compdocroland, but gparted starts the partition at the correct location for alingment15:38
rolandcompdoc: then why all the forums say to create the partition as aligned?15:39
rolandcompdoc: I talking about SSD's15:39
compdocyou should, if its an advanced format drive15:39
rolandcompdoc: how do I know if it is an advanced format drive?15:40
rolandcrucial m415:40
vatzecHow to change the default route in Ubuntu?15:40
icerootvatzec: sudo route add default gw IP15:40
vatzecBut it says "SIOCADDRT: No such process" when I do it :(15:41
vatzecI can "del" the automatically detected by nm-applet route though.15:41
aking1012vatzec, are you trying to add a gw not in your routing table?15:41
aking1012that MIGHT do it15:41
go8765Hello. How I can start manage mouse moving by keyboard in xfce?15:41
AlexJdo you know if there is a place from where I can get the .config file uppon which the current ubuntu kernel was built?15:42
vatzecaking1012: Oh. So I have to add the gw first, as a hot?15:42
compdocroland, when a partition starts at sector 2048, which is what gparted does automattically now, its aligned15:45
zaxonspoxhello, got problem - Ubu refuses to connect to one WiFi AP, which is secured WPA & WPA2, without MAC filtering15:45
proxxzaxonspox; can you connect to other AP's , can you connect with encryption off ?15:45
rolandcompdoc: what I meant was, why do you think SSD doesn't need alignment when most of the internet seems to think otherwize?15:46
compdocroland, some ppl think SSD needs it15:46
_calumhey guys, sorry I forgot something. In Ubuntu 11.10 how can I mark a flash drive as bootable?15:46
proxxset flags15:47
_calumthanks proxx15:47
zaxonspoxproxx, i can connect to my home AP (WPA2 and MAC filt.), but here a cant even connect with encription off15:47
compdocroland, it certainly wont hurt it to do so15:47
proxxzaxonspox; But can you connect  to it in ubuntu , when you turn the encryption off ?15:48
zaxonspoxproxx negative, did tried that15:49
proxxzaxonspox, oke  and can you connect to other APs ?15:49
zaxonspoxproxx yes, here to others AP, or in my home, to my AP15:50
proxxzaxonspox; thats funny, it could be that your driver is an idiot15:51
proxxzaxonspox; iam by no means an expert, just to state that, what chipset do you have?15:51
zaxonspoxproxx can it be some AP conf issue? The security mode is WPA2 Pers., WPA alg. is AES15:52
rolandcompdoc: so when creating the partition I should select "align to MiB" ?15:53
proxxzaxonspox; thats indeed possible, than again, if you can connect to other AP's with the same encryption, than its funny15:53
zaxonspoxproxx Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g LP-PHY, the AP is set to 11b/g/n Mixed Mode15:53
maxxxzaxonspox, to configure wpa/wpa2 require lot of lunix skills i don't think so you will be able to configure that..15:53
compdocroland, you might have to disable that bit - been a few months since Ive done it. try it either way and see what happens15:53
compdocroland, what OS you using?15:54
proxxzaxonspox, have you installed it through "device-drivers" ?15:54
zaxonspoxmaxxx what configuration?15:54
rolandsry. 11.1015:54
jason00Odd question for somebody on a desktop with Ubuntu - if you go into system settings and then hit screen, can you adjust the brightness for your desktop monitor just like you can for a laptop? Is it all in the same?15:54
compdocroland, the partition will start at 2048 when its right15:54
proxxzaxonspox; broadcom does require proprietary drivers iirc15:55
maxxxzaxonspox, simply taking beating from ubuntu stick to wep when you want to connect..:))15:55
zaxonspoxproxx i did some circus magic to make it work (little long storry), probably using package "firmware-b43-lpphy-installer"15:56
proxxmaxxx; lol are you serious, do you have any clue to how unsafe that is, my 80 year old grandma can p0wn that15:56
bubu15 03 * * * root mysqldump --add-drop-table --single-transaction --all-databases -u blablabla -pblablabla databaseip << can anyone shed any light as to why this cronjob isnt working?15:56
turboneatGentlemen. I'm running 11.10 and I want to add a Win7 boot, however I'm afraid that Windows will doodoo on my MBR. What's the best course of action?15:56
llutzmaxxx: you don't know what you're talking about15:57
proxxzaxonspox; its probably driver related, it sucks, hard to support a  some wifi card from here sorry15:57
maxxxsimply ask the session if any one has configured wpa/wpa2 to get in this chat15:57
llutzmaxxx: i have, your question is?15:58
proxxmaxxx; dont wanna flame you but works perfectly fine with the right card, never mind15:58
maxxxplease let me know the cli how is wpa is configured then15:58
geoffmcczaxonspox: i am not using it now, but have with no isses. i also have broadcom. i use the firmware-b43-installer though, not the lpphy one15:59
nbubuntuHi anyone know any website copier and able to view offline ?15:59
zaxonspoxproxx if AP is set to 11b/g/n Mixed Mode it should then support 11b/g network card?16:00
proxxzaxonspox; it should yes16:00
renan_saddamIn https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW, it says: "ufw deny from <ip address> to <protocol> port <port number>", but if I do "ufw deny from to tcp port 123" it says "Bad destination address". What am I missing on it?16:00
dzoni_how to change distro name(i need that to pass installation of ati driver)16:01
zaxonspoxgeoffmcc, i did try many ways of make my BCM running,b and only package i told you, have been accepted by system and network card16:01
proxxzaxonspox; you could also use another workaround, isnt safe either, but use macfiltering only, than again, my 80 year old grandma can p0wn that aswell16:01
maxxxi would rather say wpa/wap2 is mistery in linux world..simply not for new users..only for professional simply want to bang their head and then configure it.16:01
llutzmaxxx: read this, works fine if your card/driver supports wpa(2) as most actual cards should do. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=26313616:02
zaxonspoxproxx, when i tried to connect dmesg said: [ 2243.308075] wlan0: authenticate with c8:3a:35:1b:c8:10 (try 3)16:02
zaxonspox[ 2243.508077] wlan0: authentication with c8:3a:35:1b:c8:10 timed out16:02
llutzmaxxx: just don't forget to disable/remove nm16:02
dzoni_how to change distro name(i need that to pass installation of ati driver)?16:02
Sh4dowcatI have a really weird problem16:02
Sh4dowcatI have 11.10 installed, and the system is not detecting all my ram16:02
proxxzaxonspox; any other idea, try wicd for a sec, to be sure that nm-applet isnt fooling you around16:03
Sh4dowcatit's detecting approximately 5.6 GB of 8 GB16:03
spartan2276Does anyone know how to get your Flat panel recognize by the color manager in 11.10?16:03
zaxonspoxproxx wicd? what is that?16:03
proxxzaxonspox;     an application for wireless better than nm IMO16:04
geoffmccrenan_saddam: sudo ufw deny 12316:04
tp_eddywicd is a tool for using net16:04
maxxxi guess no one told me the cli wpa..confi..through cli16:05
AbstractBeliefswhats the best way to truly empty a hard drive (tried a reformat, with windows, and its re-inserted 119MB of data ._.)16:05
llutzmaxxx: i guess you are a troll to lazy to read and follow instructions16:05
zaxonspoxtp_eddy, why were you asking of wlan0 ?16:05
maxxxi know you are going to say that :))16:05
spartan2276maxxx: yeah that is really going to get non-tech users to out camp, good going sir16:06
maxxxif really wanted to do that i know how to do it16:06
zaxonspoxproxx, Starting Network connection manager wicd                              [fail]16:07
compdocwhat do you install in 11.10 to get the classic desktop?16:07
Jordan_U!notunity | compdoc16:07
ubottucompdoc: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic16:07
proxxzaxonspox; that sucks, have you killed nm ?16:07
spartan2276maxxx: oops sorry that was meant for LLUTZ16:07
maxxxzaxonspox,  lspci-v  can you paste the output16:07
llutzspartan2276: those users should stick with nm/wicd16:08
odlahi, how can i install gnome3.2 in 11.10?16:08
tp_eddyzaxonspox, nothing I'm wrong16:08
zaxonspoxmaxx output is long, some pastebin?16:08
maxxxzaxonspox, did you try modprobe16:08
zaxonspoxproxx, did not, can i stop it, or need i kill it, and then start manually, when i need to16:09
rolandcompdoc: I think it worked, but I had to specify "align to MiB" and not gparted's info says: first sector 204816:09
spartan2276llutz: no you tard you are the one whom should find another distro with folks at the level of your superior intellect. Its Ubuntu this channel are for those whom are not tech savy16:09
maxxxzaxonspox, paste the output and link to session16:09
maxxxzaxonspox, !paste16:10
proxxzaxonspox; no you can kill it16:10
spartan2276Does anyone know how to get your Flat panel recognize by the color manager in 11.10?16:10
odlais there a way to get back to gnome and not unity? it's horrible but I would love to stay with ubuntu ... anyone?16:11
bubu15 03 * * * root mysqldump --add-drop-table --single-transaction --all-databases -u blablabla -pblablabla databaseip << can anyone shed any light as to why this cronjob isnt working?16:11
zaxonspoxmaxx http://pastebin.com/Sy26f0ES16:12
zaxonspoxproxx, killed, what now? how to start it?16:13
geoffmcc!notunity |odla16:13
zaxonspoxproxx the wicd16:13
ubottuodla: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic16:13
proxxzaxonspox; Wicd ? from the menu16:13
proxxzaxonspox >>internet>>wicd i think16:13
zaxonspoxproxx, got it, what next?16:14
tp_eddyyes in the internet16:14
proxxzaxonspox, can you connect to your AP with that16:14
tp_eddyI think wicd is not good  for wireless16:15
zaxonspoxproxx "No wifi detected"16:15
renan_saddamgeoffmcc: was trying to do in a specific protocol. Documentation is wrong.16:15
geoffmccrenan_saddam: sudo ufw deny 123/tcp (or udp)16:15
proxxzaxonspox; oke nevermind, not going to debug that, it was just an idea to make sure , Nm-applet wasnt fooling you16:15
renan_saddamgeoffmcc: when using from/to, it becames: "sudo ufw <action> from <ip> to <ip> port <port> proto <protocol>16:16
proxxzaxonspox; I gtg , maybe someone else can help this fellow ?16:16
zaxonspoxproxx, no problem, thx for your time16:17
geoffmccrenan_saddam: i guess i read your post wrong. i thought u were using as an address so i figured you were trying to block the port completly16:17
proxxzaxonspox; welcome16:17
jason00Odd question for somebody on a desktop with Ubuntu - if you go into system settings and then hit screen, can you adjust the brightness for your desktop monitor just like you can for a laptop? Is it all in the same?16:18
=== ndevastator is now known as enikm4
sethetteris there any major downsides to dual booting ubuntu 10.04lts instead of 11.1 on a macbook??16:18
sethetteri tried 11, realized the partion tables don't interact correctly, and now i'm working towards 10.04lts16:18
ccmonsterany suggested tweaks to make to gnome shell?16:19
Muphridjason00, it does not show that option on a desktop16:19
DemoOnHow can i access windows xp registry?16:19
KrisDouglasDemoOn, how do you mean?16:20
JoniiAnyone know how to make my (Nokia) phone into a modem for my ubuntu netbook?16:20
zaxonspoxjason00 the brightness options i saw only with proprietary diveres from nVidia or ATI16:20
jason00Muphrid: okay. I was just looking for a quick way to tone down the brightness across both monitors. I like the visibility of lighter themes (Adwaita on Gnome Shell is pretty slick) but it's pretty bright when it's 2 am and I'm working in a dark room. Being able to quickly change brightness across both monitors evenly would be sweet...16:20
maxxxDemoOn, start run type in regedit16:20
jason00zaxonspox: that has to be incorrect, as I'm using the open source ATI drivers on my laptop and I have that capability.16:20
DemoOnKrisDouglas: i need to turn of automatically checkdisc16:20
zaxonspoxJonii install package "wvdial"16:20
Joniihttp://forums.techarena.in/operating-systems/1243190.htm#post4696280 <- I found something like this16:21
sethetteranybody running linux on a macbook?16:21
zaxonspoxjason00 i have Intel GMA, no utils, using only FN+UP/DOWN key to do brightness16:21
maxxxsethetter, google u tube i will find many16:22
jason00zaxonspox: Intel's drivers are also open source, and included in the kernel by default (just like ATI and Nvidia open source drivers are)16:22
Joniixaxonpox, ty. You happen to know how to configure that?16:22
zaxonspoxJonii or you can install The Package and click2connect16:23
=== matt_ is now known as Guest42137
nbubuntuHi anyone know any software to copy whole website and able to view offline ?16:23
nbubuntuthank you16:23
zaxonspoxjason00, alright, but i still dont have typical brightness options - only FN+UP/DOWN keys16:24
bubucan anyone shed any light why this cronjob isnt working? 15 03 * * * root mysqldump --add-drop-table --single-transaction --all-databases -u blablabla -pblablabla databaseip16:24
PavillioxAnyone know why ubuntu sound only detects my sound hardware now and again? Even after a purge and reinstall it won't find it16:24
jason00zaxonspox: do you have the brightness options in system settings - screen?16:24
PavillioxWhereas alsamixer can find it fine16:24
jason00Pavilliox: is the appropriate sound card selected in system settings?16:24
MuphridPavilliox, whats the output of aplay -l16:25
zaxonspoxnbubuntu, i heard of some app in linux, like web browser (epiphany?) that were able to do that16:25
PavillioxMuphrid: http://pastie.org/286239216:25
zaxonspoxjason00, no, i dont have16:25
Pavillioxjason00: It won't let me select it, that's the problem D:16:25
nbubuntuzaxonspox : tried with HTTrack , but it does work well16:25
geoffmccnbubuntu: some sites protect against it, but you can try wget -mk http://www.site.com16:26
jason00zaxonspox: I have an Intel GMA on my other laptop, but I have that option...16:26
jason00zaxonspox: its just a slider...16:26
jasefUgh... does anyone know if Shorewall uses iptables or if it directly controls Netfilter?16:26
sethetterIs it possible to dual boot ubuntu 11 with mac osx? I read somewhere about problems that can be encountered16:26
zaxonspoxjason00, i have only Monitor Pref.16:26
jasonmsphey all..  I'm running 11.04 and my monitor every so often blinks off and on.  It is probably the video card but if not, is there something else I can be looking at?16:27
=== tomp is now known as tom3p
nbubuntugeoffmcc : the reason is , I wanted to copy a login base forum16:27
jason00zaxonspox: I dont even see monitor preferences. You don't see "SCREEN" in system settings? I have yet to see a system that DIDNT have screen...16:27
GuiEulerhello friends... can anyone here help-me with some problems in Ubuntu Server?16:27
nbubuntugeoffmcc : which a thread required a login to view , HTTrack doesn't support it16:27
PavillioxMuphrid: Any idea?16:27
maxxxsethetter, most of the people simply don't use mac simply cannot effort it ..16:27
MuphridPavilliox, have you tried looking at the official sound troubleshoot guide?16:28
PavillioxMuphrid: I have, I've reinstalled pulseaudio and alsa-core and everything else after purgeing and it just doesn't work16:28
PavillioxMuphrid: My sound works fine, alsamixer works fine it's just pulseaudio16:28
zaxonspoxjason00, i don see, as i have other language, but searched anything that might be a SCREEN, but onlu Monitor Pref. (the connected monitors, resolution, refresh rate)16:28
sethettermaxxx: yeah i understand. i'm looking to get out of the proprietary crap that mac dishes out and start developing in a completely oss environment..16:29
geoffmccnbubuntu: you can try wget --user=theuser --password=thepassword -mk http://www.site.com16:29
sethettermaxxx: unfortunately there seems to be issues with even dual booting ubuntu 11 on mac.. :(16:29
nbubuntugeoffmcc : Ok let me try :)16:29
MuphridPavilliox, i dont know then...16:29
maxxxsethetter, may be some other session of ubuntu if some one or many use ubuntu through mac..:))16:30
maxxxsethetter, i really wanted to help16:31
sethettermaxxx: no worries you have, i may try a different version16:31
sethettermaxxx: 10.04lts seems to say it works with macbooks more smoothly16:32
illDecreeanyone have any idea why i all of a sudden cannot open Deluge? i had some torrents queued up, and halfway through the xfer, deluge locked up. i rebooted, and now when i try to launch deluge, i get the 'starting deluge' tile in the bottom, then it never opens. nothing in TOP, no sign of life out of it. even after reinstalling it will not open. anyone have any idea how to fix this?16:32
NotAnonymousnick Pithikos16:32
maxxxsethetter, you can find out by working on virtual box instead16:32
=== NotAnonymous is now known as Pithikos
bubudoes anyone in here know how cronjobs work? :/16:32
Gentoo64illDecree, try opening it from terminal16:32
Picibubu: I'm sure many people do.  Best to just ask your question.16:33
llutzbubu: isn't your job running at all or does it just fail to do what you expect?16:33
sethettermaxxx: sounds good i will try that16:33
=== cantonic_ is now known as cantonic
illDecreeGentoo64: i've tried that a few times16:34
maxxxsethetter, all try in virtual box and then see can they manage and then really go for dual boot16:34
Gentoo64illDecree, any reason you need deluge? you could try transmission it might be more reliable16:35
Gentoo64if theres no errors showing i cant really say what it could be16:36
bubuPici, llutz , the job it runs works fine but the cronjob just doesnt seem to be running at all...16:36
bubulogged in as root user, crontab -l16:36
bubu15 03 * * * root mysqldump --add-drop-table --single-transaction --all-databases -u blablabla -pblablabla databaseip16:36
geoffmccillDecree: rm ~/.config/deluge/persistent.state in term. this will remove all torrents, but when readded will start where left off16:36
illDecreeGentoo64: i'd like to recoup the xfers i had going. i'd use transmission if i could just get the xfers i had queued up finished. it was a LOT of data. i tried opening in terminal again after a reinstall just now, and i get this, among many other things: (deluge:12002): Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "pixmap",16:37
bubudo i not need the user in there? I cant find a cron.allow or .deny file16:37
BluesKajGentoo64, illDecree ,deluge is somewhat of a hog vs transmission16:37
Picibubu: The format of a user's crontab does not include the user that is running the cron.  remove 'root' from there.16:37
MonkeyDusti prefer deluge16:37
bubuthanks :)16:37
Gentoo64BluesKaj, i know. i was just saying16:38
Gentoo64illDecree, you should be able to keep the files, and transmission should take over the download16:38
maxxxhi Gentoo6416:38
Gentoo64if you add the torrent again16:38
illDecreeBluesKaj: i prefer deluge over transmission; i guess transmission seems to basic for me. i'll give it a go though if i could just get this issue resolved!16:38
Gentoo64maxb, hi16:38
illDecreeGentoo: i've tried addign the torrent again as well. nothing works.16:39
Gentoo64from transmission?16:39
maxxxillDecree, have you used kget16:40
AdvoWorkis there a way to password protect a folder, so it asks for the password each time you go/open it?16:40
illDecreemaxxx: no. what is kget? a torrent client?16:40
theishiI have several config files that I would like to regularly backup with SpiderOak... I want to create a directory that contains copies of these files (something like symlinks)... what would be the easiest way to set up someway of automatically syncing the files without symlinks (SpiderOak doesn't support them), that would be easy to add new files to be backedup?16:41
maxxxillDecree, ! kget16:41
illDecreegentoo64: no, not from transmission. i'll try that now16:41
maxxx! kget16:41
nbubuntugeoffmcc : nope , tried few times still fail16:41
maxxxillDecree, !kget16:42
illDecreeopening the torrent again in transmission starts it from the beginning16:42
tixoscan someone tell me why when i boot into my desktop i am only shown a nautilus title bar at the top, no system try no unity launch, nothing.16:42
tixosit was working fine, and i installed a few apps from software center16:43
Gentoo64illDecree, it should start from where it was and check the file16:43
ct529hi everybody .... I would like to set -march=native as default so that every time I compile a package this is ste up16:43
illDecreeGentoo64: unfortunately, no. i'm trying again with another torrent16:44
Gentoo64hmm it used to for me when i switched torrents from rtorrent to transmission16:45
geoffmccnbubuntu: sorry. only other thing i can think of would be an rsync -a (see man for rsync to see how to supply username/password)16:45
sipiorct529: you could include it in a CFLAGS environment variable. not sure it's a strictly good idea, but it should work.16:45
puffI have a t520 running 11.10 oneiric, how do I turn on the external video?16:46
ct529sipior: a CFLAGS that is permanent and global?16:48
=== JimmyJ_ is now known as JimmyJ
sipiorct529: well, as permanent as any other environment variable, yes.16:48
brjannctheishi: use hard links instead16:49
ct529sipior: I meant, would it be rewritten by the CFLAGS variable that is in the Makefiles?16:50
theishibrjannc: can i use that for directories as well16:50
Gentoo64ct529, the makefiles will override it afaik16:50
sipiorct529: most makefiles are sensible enough to append such things. if not, patch the makefile.16:50
Gentoo64you could set export CFLAGS="" in /etc/profile16:50
brjannctheishi: no, you can only hard link files16:50
STARKanyone knows the exact configuration for dhcp3 server?16:51
illDecreeGentoo64: i just realized i can't use Transmission. i don't see a place in it's settings to configure a proxy16:52
Gentoo64there should be..16:52
ct529sipior: Gentoo64: what I am trying to do at the moment, is to write a script that substitutes the original CXXFLAGS and CFLAGS with CFLAGS= -Wall -O3 -g -march=native16:52
hydesterdoes anybody know if OpenSSL 1.0.0e security fixes are going to be backported to Lucid?  For example, CVE-2011-3207 and CVE-2011-320716:52
ubottucrypto/x509/x509_vfy.c in OpenSSL 1.0.x before 1.0.0e does not initialize certain structure members, which makes it easier for remote attackers to bypass CRL validation by using a nextUpdate value corresponding to a time in the past. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2011-3207)16:52
Gentoo64ct529, for all packages?16:52
ct529sipior: Gentoo64: do you know of any script to do so?16:52
FlyOnTheWallI don't suppose anybody here has any experience in setting up a WPA2-Enterprise Wifi network using debian or ubuntu as the Freeradius server?16:52
ct529Gentoo64: only for the kernel, but the makefile structure is very complicated16:53
Gentoo64leave the kernel as it is16:53
Gentoo64you can turn off Os in the kernel itself16:53
ct529Gentoo64: what do you mean?16:53
Gentoo64and it should use o216:53
puffAh, found it in Accessories/Settings/Settings Mananger/Display.16:53
Gentoo64ct529, the kernel has options for similar things. i wouldnt use custom cflags on it16:54
sipiorct529: configure will generally honour the environmental variables it finds. that should be sufficient. don't use O3 in the kernel, btw (good lord)16:54
ct529Gentoo64: no, I am experimentig with kernel specifically compiled for my processor, with the -O3 --march=native flag on, to see how much we gain in term of performance16:54
Gentoo64disable "optimize for size"16:54
Gentoo64and select the cpu type you have ie core2/xeon16:54
Gentoo64the kernel is best left as it is it has its own optimizations16:54
ct529Gentoo64: I thought --march=native was disabling potimize for size16:54
Gentoo64optimize for size is Os16:54
Gentoo64disable that and you get O216:55
ct529Gentoo64: well, actually generic amd64 is not very optimized16:55
Gentoo64yes thats why you can choose16:55
Gentoo64processor type16:55
Gentoo64it has a small list16:55
Squarismis "i havent gotten it"... as in "i get it" in past sense, correct english?16:55
Gentoo64on my i5 i use core2/newer xeon16:55
tixoswhen i login, i am not presented with the desktop, but 1 titlebar at the top16:56
ct529Gentoo64: exactly, this is what I did, but at compilation time I want to use --march=native, because I have noticed a difference on other compiled packages16:56
tixoshow can i reset?16:56
Gentoo64Squarism, i think so16:56
ct529Gentoo64: why would you not use -O3?16:56
Gentoo64ct529, probably placebo16:56
ct529Gentoo64: what do you mean?16:56
Gentoo64ct529, O3 will slow down 99.9% of packages16:56
Gentoo64makes bigger binaries16:56
ct529Gentoo64: why?16:56
Gentoo64need more cache16:56
Gentoo64and more hdd time16:56
Gentoo64use O2 globally16:57
=== tixos is now known as Tixos
Gentoo64and O3 for very specific things16:57
Nisideopula-n pizda16:58
Gentoo64and leave the kernel to choose the optimizations. i wouldnt touch it with manual cflags16:58
tixossomeone tell me if im visible16:58
Gentoo64tixos, yes16:58
Nisideoyes you are visible16:58
tixosright ok16:58
Nisideowhat the fuck is this ?16:58
Gentoo64whats what16:58
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.16:59
TrizinixHi, my firefox crashs just after I start it, in gdb i get the following output: http://pastebin.com/GLae22WE Any Ideas?16:59
tixoshow can i reset my users profile, ie, the guest session works fine, but when i login to my  users account i only get a nautilus title bar at the top, its the same bug i had when 11.10 first came out, and i reverted to 11.0416:59
* Nisideo hits Gentoo64 over the head with a Big hammer ====[] Bang!!! ====[]16:59
tixosit worked fine 20minutes ago.16:59
oCeanNisideo: this is ubuntu technical support. Please stop the offtopic sillyness16:59
Nisideobah .. romaneste scrie careva ?16:59
NisideoEr0x esti roman bah ?17:00
NisideoMonkeyDust what do you want ?17:00
ct529Gentoo64: I do not understand, gcc documentation suggests that -O3 is more efficient that -O2 in terms of performances17:00
Er0xNisideo: sorry, what?17:00
MonkeyDustNisideo: please type /j #ubuntu-offtopic17:00
Gentoo64ct529, for very processor intensive stuff it probably is17:00
Gentoo64ct529, but like i said i wouldnt use that globally17:00
sipiorct529: you're neglecting the increased rate of cache misses.17:01
tixosMonkeyDust: maybe help me instead of worrying about some clowns17:01
NisideoMonkeyDust and if i dont want ? what ?17:01
ct529Gentoo64: it is a production machine used to run economic models17:01
Gentoo64ct529, i dont know what that involves17:01
usr13I'm trying to use wicd but can't seem to get the applet icon to show up in the unity panel.  Any hints?17:01
ct529sipior: could you please explain, or point me out to some documentation?17:01
Gentoo64ct529, O3 uses more cpu cache17:02
ct529Gentoo64: very intensive numericcal calculations17:02
Gentoo64the smaller the O the smaller the cache needs17:02
sipiorct529: http://en.gentoo-wiki.com/wiki/CFLAGS17:02
MonkeyDusttixos: issue doesn't ring a bell, cant say17:02
ct529Gentoo64: sipior: so what size of cache for -O3?17:02
=== Nisideo is now known as ``BrainWash``
tixoscan you tell me how to reset unity / xorg?17:02
=== magg is now known as haji
sipiorct529: if you don't know what it does, should you really be playing with it on a production machine?17:03
``BrainWash``e vreun roman aici ?17:03
=== Lynx is now known as Guest8509
oCean``BrainWash``: english only17:04
usr13So, I've done away with wicd (and had done away with network-manager earlier) and I still get "operation not possible due to RF-kill" when I run dhclient wlan017:05
``BrainWash``oCean tu ai nick romanesc.17:05
``BrainWash``oCean why only english >?17:05
ct529sipior: I do not understand the problem with installing a parallel kernel for test. I have done it in the past. I know what it does (it is in the documentation), but there is not recommendation for NOT using it for computationally intensive tasks, hence if you say it is not right for it, you may have to explain.17:05
blackboxermy second screen is working17:05
sipiorct529: look, i don't care one way or the other. read the link i gave you, and it will explain why making your kernel larger (and thus increasing the likelihood of cache misses) is a problem for performance. please don't fall into the trap of "the number is bigger, so it must be faster". there's a reason it's not the default.17:06
oCean!ro | ``BrainWash``17:06
ubottu``BrainWash``: Daca doriti ajutor sau doriti sa discutati despre Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu, intrati pe #ubuntu-ro17:06
blackboxerfix it17:07
``BrainWash``oCean bine mah17:07
``BrainWash``sau .,. oky fine17:07
usr13I see:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1610829  but no solutions....17:07
``BrainWash``oricum e plictiseala p-aici17:08
``BrainWash``cred ca imi dau un sut in cur si ma car17:08
ct529sipior: the link is interesting, but even there they state that python and large applications would increase their performance17:09
blackboxerits not fixed yet17:09
Travis-42I went into Keyboard settings and assigned some custom keyboard bindings to some scripts, but they don't seem to be triggered. This is Ubuntu 11.10 64-bit. Any ideas?17:10
=== Caveman-afk is now known as Caveman
sipiorct529: i didn't say it never worked. yes, *sometimes* it improves performance in a meaningful way. and *sometimes* it makes things quite a bit slower. look, do what you want.17:12
ct529sipior: we need to benchmark different kernels to identify the fastest for our applications17:13
sipiorct529: then do that.17:13
ct529sipior: yes, I am actually running the compilations now .... my question was very different.17:13
lightahi guys,  how can I setup a priority wifi ? I mean in univ I can detect 2 wifi but I want he conect to one in particular if that possible.17:14
tziOmWhat should I do to get the ip_set kernel module?17:16
tziOmI try m-a a-i ipset17:17
Travis-42How do I set custom key bindings to run scripts in Ubuntu 11.10? ccsm and the keyboard settings options seem to be ignored17:17
tziOmbut it fails17:17
lexflexhello folks17:17
sethetterDoes anyone know if there are any major downsides to using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS vs ubuntu 11.10?17:18
=== matt_ is now known as Guest76486
mahamed90How do you remove the multiple kernels when GRUB options appear17:19
FloodBot1mahamed90: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:19
icerootsethetter: older software-versions17:19
sethettericeroot: will i run into a lot of those? or just here and there17:19
mahamed90and what did the flood bot meant anyway??17:19
FloodBot1mahamed90: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:19
ct529sipior: thanks for the link, have a nice evening17:19
mahamed90what does the bot mean??17:20
lexflexdo i understand this right: with a laptop, ubuntu can only extend the desktop to the right but NEVER to the left?17:20
lightanot true lexflex17:20
mahamed90both ways17:20
mahamed90even on a pc it does that17:20
mahamed90best settings i do when it plays up is to have auto setting for monitor17:20
=== EatingSteak is now known as Steak
icerootsethetter: most software packages are older in 10.04 then in 11.10 but think of, older often means "more stable"17:20
lexflexlighta: i am trying to extend the desktop on my macbook pro, the laptop is on the left and the 24" monitor on the right. i can only get it done the other way around (laptop right)17:21
mahamed90How do you remove the multiple kernels when GRUB options appear??17:21
lightahmm lexflex did u try using xrandr ?17:21
MonkeyDustmahamed90: you can use ubuntu-tweak17:21
Abhijithi. alt f1 or super key for brining the menu bar is not working. how to reassing it? help17:21
lexflexlighta: i usually use disper17:21
sethettericeroot: good point.. it's looking like i have to use 10.04lts anywyas. 11.1 isn't working as dual boot on my mbp17:21
mahamed90mahamed90: you can use ubuntu-tweak?? what is that17:21
Gentoo64a tweak tool17:22
Gentoo64for ubuntu17:22
lightahmm I don't, know disper, wait I'll try to give you the proper command line I was using17:22
mahamed90maybe if i there is a guides and tutorials17:22
icerootsethetter: if you want a stable release i guess lts is always a very good idea17:22
Gentoo64mahamed90, you can delete kernels with it afaik17:22
mahamed90is that a safe order??17:23
lexflexlighta: how would it work anyway, if i have the laptop on the left and the main screen on the right? the dash is on the left so when i want to go to the laptop monitor i would automatically activate the dash, no?17:23
* Abhijit got rid of lts after boring of old softwares and not having some bug fixes, and for new and latest softwares17:23
mahamed90do you write 'sudo afaik'17:23
Gentoo64try it17:23
Gentoo64see what it says17:23
MonkeyDustlexflex: there's a patch to move the launchbar to the bottom17:23
lightahmm I didn't get what u mean lexflex sorry, you quite lose me there17:23
mahamed90command not found. Dentoo17:24
mahamed90i mean Gentoo17:24
Gentoo64mahamed90, thats because it isnt a command :)17:24
mahamed90typo error17:24
Gentoo64means "as far as i know"17:24
mahamed90how do i use it??17:24
Gentoo64hmm tbh id leave it for now17:24
lexflexmonkeydust: that could solve my problem.17:24
Gentoo64i wouldnt go deleting kernels before you know how to use basic program17:24
lightaI may try anwsering saying that you could invert screen, so left go on right etc.. so that may be more convenient wherever you want to put your laptop but id if I get it right17:25
lexflexmonkeydust: i googled that before, but thought it was impossible with ubuntu.. how do you patch that?17:25
bullgard4[Ubuntu 11.10 GNOME Shell 3.2] '~$ aptitude why mutter-common; i libmutter0 Depends  mutter-common.' '~$ aptitude why libmutter0; i gnome-shell Depends libmutter0.' --  I wonder why installing the package gnome-shell did not install also automatically the package »mutter«?17:25
Abhijithi. alt f1 or super key for brining the menu bar is not working. how to reassing it? help17:26
bullgard4Abhijit: You better tell us your Ubuntu version and Desktop environment.17:27
MonkeyDustlexflex: does this help? http://www.webupd8.org/2011/10/how-to-move-unity-launcher-to-bottom-of.html17:27
lightalexflex, xrandr --output VGA --auto --right-of LVDS or xrandr --output VGA --auto --left-of LVDS.... etc17:27
lexflexlighta: remember standard ubuntu display settings do not work with macbook pro, it's nvidia stuff17:28
TrizinixAny Idea why my firefox crashes with the following output: http://pastebin.com/GLae22WE17:28
lexflexligtha: i am not sure if that affects xrandr too (?)17:28
lightaoh ! I didn't now that lexflex, sorry then can't help =(17:29
Abhijitbullgard4, kubuntu 11.1017:30
bullgard4Trizinix: /build/buildd/firefox-8.0~b6+build2/build-tree/mozilla/db/sqlite3/src/sqlite3.c seems to not exist or in a wrong path.17:32
Abhijithi. alt f1 or super key for brining the menu bar is not working. how to reassing it. in kubuntu 11.10. help please17:32
lexflexmonkeydust: no it doesnt: "For now this only works on 32bit!"17:32
bullgard4Abhijit: I do not much know about Kubuntu and cannot help you.17:33
MonkeyDustlexflex: "for now" was 27 oct, maybe it's possible on 64 bit by now17:34
Abhijitbullgard4, okies17:34
Trizinixbullgard4: And how can I fix it? Wheres the directory /build and why ist a .c File missing, firefox should be compiled, shouldnt it?17:35
Dark_ApostropheHello, when I first installed Ubuntu on this computer, Nautilus discovered and could connect to my Win7 SMB server just fine. I bookmarked it, even. Now, it doesn't see it at all, nor does using the bookmark help reach it. Any idea why? What can I do to fix it?17:36
lightaDark_Apostrophe, are you well connected with it ? ping ok ?17:36
rypervencheIs it possible to see what someone has downloaded on Apache? I would like to share some files with someone, but I'd like to know which ones they accessed/downloaded. Is this possible?17:37
c007hello people17:37
bullgard4Trizinix: I do not understand the word »Wheres«.17:37
icerootbullgard4: where is17:37
Dark_Apostrophelighta: yep17:37
icerootrypervenche: /var/log/apache2/access.log17:38
lightahmm, did you try with other soft ? lie gigolo, doplhin ?17:38
lexflexmonkeydust: also, i don't think this walkthrough applies to my system or at least its not written good enough so i can follow through17:38
lightaI used to lie gigolo for that17:38
lightagive a try Dark_Apostrophe and tell me if that helped17:38
Trizinixbullgard4: Sry, I mean where is this file located?17:39
geoffmccTrizinix: although i have not had that exact problem with firefox, i find most problems with it can be resolved by deleting the /home/user/.mozilla/firefox directory and then opening up firefox again17:39
bullgard4Trizinix: I do not know where your directory /build is. You can use the program »find« to find out.  I don't think that Firefox should be compiled if a .c file is missing.17:40
OY1Rto start wspr i have to open a terminal and cd to WSPR and run ./wspr how do i add it to applications menu ?17:40
z3r0c007hello people17:40
fab__je cherche de l'aide concernant la lecture de mpeg417:40
z3r0c007any help installing ubuntu 11.1017:40
Pici!fr | fab__17:41
ubottufab__: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.17:41
z3r0c007i'm new in this linux ubuntu17:41
Gentoo64z3r0c007, what do you need help wth17:41
bullgard4¹install | z3r0c00717:41
bullgard4!install | z3r0c00717:41
ubottuz3r0c007: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate17:41
Abhijithi. alt f1 or super key for brining the menu bar is not working. how to reassing it. in kubuntu 11.10. help please17:41
Dark_Apostrophelighta: That worked, thanks :)17:42
lightafab__, what do you want to now exacly about mp4 reading ? wich exact format ?17:42
lightanp Dark_Apostrophe, so now that it attach try reaching it with nautilus again17:42
z3r0c007i already install ubuntu but i have a problem connecting ipod touch io517:42
Dark_Apostrophelighta: It works in Nautilus now :)17:43
lightaok =)17:43
Dark_ApostropheThanks again. :)17:43
bullgard4!ipod | z3r0c00717:44
ubottuz3r0c007: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod17:44
=== alee is now known as andrew_LEE
Abhijithi. alt f1 or super key for brining the menu bar is not working. how to reassing it. in kubuntu 11.10. help please this happend after i removed and added the default panel.17:45
z3r0c007ubottu : i have  a error while plugging my ipod touch erro : -1517:45
ubottuz3r0c007: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:45
=== andrew_LEE is now known as andrew_lee
z3r0c007no problem i'm just asking for what solution i need to do17:46
z3r0c007i already send this bug to ubuntu community17:46
z3r0c007ubottu: this is the error: Unhandled Lockdown error (-15)17:48
popeyz3r0c007: i know that error17:49
geoffmccz3r0c007, FYI ubottu is only a bot17:49
alexwatersdoes anyone know off hand how I can check which berkeleydb version i am running?17:49
=== Guest37942 is now known as jack^_
Abhijitalexandrev, may be try berkeleydb -v17:50
popeyz3r0c007: bug 877440 is yours ?17:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 877440 in upower (Ubuntu) "[iOS 5] Unhandled Lockdown error (-15)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87744017:50
Abhijitin terminal17:50
z3r0c007ok, any suggestion about the error encounter17:50
Abhijitz3r0c007, popey is talking to you17:51
popeyz3r0c007: is this a clean install or have you upgraded from a previous release?17:51
z3r0c007i try already  the command device pair and unpaired but there no result in my computer17:52
tpyoif I use unetbootin and install instead of just booting into the OS, should it then work when it asks to reset?17:53
Barbarianshould work fine17:53
tpyoi've tried this procedure three times now, on three different laptops and two different OSes17:53
tpyoand all I get when i remove the USB key and boot from HDD is a blinky _17:53
Barbarianwhat did you use to make the usb?17:54
tpyoi really don't understand what im doing wrong17:54
tpyounetbootin on windoze17:54
tpyofrom an image ive downloaded17:54
Barbarianstrange, only time thats happened to me is on linux when i didnt give it enough privileges17:54
Abhijittpyo, check the md5 checksum of the image first17:54
mahamed90how do i use ubuntu-tweak to change GRUB settings???17:55
tpyosurely if the file is broken then the installation process will fail, no?17:55
Barbariannot necessarily, sounds like grub is broken17:55
tpyoi boot in, do a full install, everything is lovely17:55
Abhijitnot always. not necessarily17:55
tpyothen blinky light17:55
tpyothe bootloader?17:55
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tpyoive had installs get to that point (when i dualed win7 and ubunutu)17:56
popeyz3r0c007: I have left a comment on the bug report17:56
tpyoand going to ubuntu gives me blinky light17:56
Barbarianah, ok, misunderstood17:56
tpyois the blinky _ like the most generic error possible or something?17:56
z3r0c007ok thanks popey17:56
tpyoi just find it strange that all 3 installs ive done with different OSes and hardware result in the same problem17:57
tpyolike im doing something fundamentally wrong17:57
tpyoi am a linux newb17:57
lexflexplease dear friends i do not know which operating system to make my new primary OS. windows 7, os X lion or ubuntu 11.10?17:57
Barbarianas you're in an ubuntu IRC channel, everyone will say ubuntu :P17:58
appi_uppican i use scp to transfer data across wan without encryption?17:58
mahamed90i would say stick with linux and kep thee others there17:58
Abhijittpyo, you intsall from usb to hardisk. then it gives you msg that installation is done. then you press restart. then it ask you to remove intsallaiotn medium. thenyou remove pen drive and press enter and then it restarts and then ti should get a grup menu. in this sequeence where you are going wrong?17:58
z3r0c007lexflex: it's better to use ubuntu 11.1017:58
appi_uppibecause we use wan accelerator to transfer encrypted/compressed data17:58
Tamale_should I expect compiz to work with unity on an ATI mobility radeon x1600?17:58
Odaymcan't I get Thunderbird to stay in the tray?17:58
OdaymI see no option for that in the Preferences17:58
Pumpkin-appi_uppi: yes, but only if the remote sshd has been configured to allow "null" (I think it is nuill) as an encryption type.17:58
mahamed90lexflex you never know when you need some piece of software that works on the other OS's17:58
BarbarianTamale_, yeah, should work17:58
Abhijitlexflex, the one which makes your works easy and which is working as per your tase and satisying your needs.17:59
Tamale_Barbarian: I'm getting "Compiz (opengl) - Fatal: Root visual is not a GL visual"17:59
Tamale_Barbarian: when running "compiz --replace &"17:59
AbhijitOdaym, there was another app which does the thing of putting another app in tray17:59
Barbarianyou got proprietary drivers installed and working?17:59
tpyohi Abhijit, thanks for explaining the process. Last installation I did, I load from USB, it gives me options (boot into USB, scan memory, install, etc) I choose install. Install works fine, it reboots. If I leave the USB drive IN, it boots off the USB (default), if I remove it I get blinky underscore17:59
Pumpkin-appi_uppi: my understanding though is on ubuntu you may need to rebuild the sshd package to allow you to do that.18:00
lexflexthe thing is that ubuntu - of all three - makes my work the hardest as i am fiddling all the time with issues that are "just working" on windows and os x. then again, i think both microsoft and apple are just E-V-I-L18:00
Tamale_Barbarian: sounds like the proprietary drivers aren't supported anymore for cards as old as mine18:00
Abhijittpyo, which working os you already have installed there?18:00
Tamale_I've heard people say open-source should work fine18:00
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:00
tpyoon the last machine I did this on. None18:00
Abhijitlexflex, pls come to #ubuntu-offtopic18:00
tpyoonly one machine that ive done this one had another OS, the other two were clean18:01
BarbarianTamale_: Lemme go do some googlin', see what I find18:01
Abhijittpyo, and which is that os you are trying to install adn getting problem?18:01
Tamale_Barbarian: thank you18:01
tpyoeither Xubuntu or Ubuntu Studio18:01
tpyothose are the two I have tried18:01
tpyoUbuntu studio twice, Xubuntu once18:01
tpyowhat kind of error does a blinky underscore suggest. Is it not very common?18:02
sven_tpyo, at what stage?18:02
BarbarianTamale_: try this driver http://www2.ati.com/drivers/linux/ati-driver-installer-8.42.3-x86.x86_64.run18:03
Tulitomaattiany idea how to control which network interface a process/program(s) use to connect to the internet?18:03
tpyoimmediately after boot18:03
tpyoe.g. post bios18:03
Tamale_Barbarian: you sure propreitary is best bet?18:03
lexflexall: i moved my interesting and highly controversial question to #ubuntu-offtopic as suggested by Abhijit. feel free to join and see how things turn out in the ever lasting fight of the OSes18:03
BarbarianTamale_: When it comes to hardware, normally yes.18:03
Abhijittpyo, try reinstalling grub18:04
tpyolike when you'd expect some console talking about booting or a nice screen showing the OS name and loading bar.... i get a blinky underscore instead18:04
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geoffmcctpyo: Nvidia display?18:04
tpyono, Intel18:04
tpyothey're all low spec laptops18:04
Barbariantpyo: you get something if you press ctrl+alt+F5?18:04
K4kIs Ubuntu server set up not to auto mount CDrom disks like the desktop version?18:04
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tpyolemme try that18:05
KHendrikHi everyone18:05
KHendrikshort question installing ubuntu server on a software raid 10 how long should it normally take18:06
geoffmcctypo: i get that too, it locks up the whole pc, have to hold down power button to get to turn off,  but for me its display. i have to go into bios and turn dual display off and then it boots like a charm18:06
tpyoBarbarian, no, ctrl+alt+f5 does nothing, + del still reboots and nothing appears on the screen18:06
tpyogeoffmcc, id totally understand if it was the display except the Xubunut one at least boots fine off the usb18:07
sstaKHendrik: depends on LOTS of factors.  I wouldn't imagine it would take more than an hour though (unless you have HUGE disk or soemthing)18:07
sven_tpyo, i had the same problem with my fresh install. i booted rescue mode, and executed update-grub2 (or such) - then it worked after reboot18:07
tpyohow do i boot rescue mode?18:08
tpyofrom the usb?18:08
sven_tpyo, just boot another system (same architecture, livecd, usb, etc)18:08
Barbariantpyo, should be on the menu where u select OS18:08
sven_Barbarian, thats the menu he does not get ;-)18:08
Barbarianoh lol18:08
Barbariannvm me :D18:08
KHendrikssta: It#s been almost two hours so I#m kindof worried that something is wrong still the progress bar is at 40%18:08
sven_KHendrik, that is too long. but you can alt-f2 to a shell, use top, chroot /target, press alt-f4 to see logs etc18:09
theborgerKHendrik: sure you set it up right?18:09
KHendriktheborger, pretty sure did it all before18:10
theborgeryea something not right18:10
sstaKHendrik: hmm...that doesn't sound good to me...18:10
tpyoso i chose help and got a console18:10
tpyobut any combination of update -grub218:10
KHendriksven_, top not found18:11
tpyodoesn't seem to be good....18:11
tpyoso like... do I need to search somewhere to find the right command or am I at a bad prompt?18:11
sven_KHendrik, you first have to "chroot /target" - there you have what is installed so far in tools etc....18:11
tpyoshould I execute from the USB instead into "proper" xubuntu?18:11
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* tpyo apologises for not knowing what he is doing D:18:11
sven_tpyo, so you booted from usb/cd, then mount your harddrive (mount /dev/sda???? /mnt) and chroot into it (chroot /mnt) - to find out which sda??? you need to use... either try sda1 sda2...5 or use your knowledge to find out :)18:12
K4kIs Ubuntu server set up not to auto mount CDrom disks like the desktop version?18:12
sven_K4k, i woul wonder if it did18:13
JoniiWhat's the difference between Libre Office and Open Office, and why did the default processor change from 10.4 to 11.10?18:13
sven_Jonii, libre is a fork, due to unclear support of openoffice's new owner - for you it should be the same18:14
sstaJonii: libre office is a fork of openoffice18:14
KHendriktop looks normal to me18:14
Joniisven_: "for me it should be the same"?18:15
K4ksven_: Any idea how I can mount it manually? I can't find /dev/cdrom or anything else like that18:15
sven_KHendrik, any busy process?18:15
sven_K4k, cdr* sr* sd[abcd] dont know sorry18:15
KHendrikmd1_raid10 and md1_resync but only like 4% cpu18:16
sven_Jonii, at the time of the fork taking place, both software products are 100% identical, then some names and logos get changed.... and thats where we are almost at18:16
appi_uppiPumpkin-, scp can't be used for encryption/compression?18:17
appi_uppiPumpkin-, err: without encryption18:17