scott-workgood morning12:40
scott-workhow are you doing today knome?13:11
astraljavascott-work: Hiya. Sorry, my weekend didn't go as I planned. What was it that I needed to look at, again?13:19
scott-workastraljava: don't do it quite yet please :)13:19
scott-worki'm reworking it because the flow of the page really bothered me13:19
scott-worki hope to be done either tonight or tomorrow13:19
scott-worki'm kinda glad you didn't dig into it yet actually :)13:20
knomescott-work, better today :)13:30
astraljavascott-work: Oh okay, good.13:46
scott-workokay, astraljava, here is what i have for the qa testing page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/TestingQA-ISOImages22:56
scott-worklet me know what you think22:57
astraljavascott-work: Ok. I'm actually trying to sleep soon, but if I can't (which is likely) I'll have a look.23:03
scott-workdid someone just ping me as i left a few seconds ago?23:04

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