benlebovitzhi out there... does anyone have a PreSonus AudioBox?  I'm trying to get one to work right now on 11.1000:32
benlebovitz64 bit...00:32
Lehthanishey all!00:57
Lehthanis got a gnome themes question00:57
LehthanisI can't figure out how to install them lol00:58
Lehthanisand I think its because I might be downloading the wrong things00:58
LehthanisI keep seeing gtk and metacity...and I'm not sure what that refers to00:58
LehthanisIs it ok to upgrade to 11.10 through upgrade manager or do I need to do a complete reinstall of Ubuntu Studio to get that upgrade?02:33
MckbrotherHey, I've got a question12:52
holsteinMckbrother: well... i have no idea why im up and my computer was still on, but just ask12:54
MckbrotherHaha ok :D I want to install UbuntuStudio, is there a possibility to install UbuntuStudio in the terminal of the normal Ubuntu? I've running Ubuntu on my notebook and don't want to remove it first. Is it possible or not?12:56
holsteinMckbrother: ubuntustudio = ubuntu12:56
holsteinpretty much12:56
holsteinso, you dont need to install ubuntustudio12:57
holsteinyou can open up a package manager and search ubuntustudio12:57
holsteinfrom the terminal... you can run12:57
holsteinapt-cache search ubuntustudio12:57
holsteinthere are some meta packages that pull in various sets of packages12:57
ubottuTo install Ubuntu Studio on top of a vanilla Ubuntu install, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/Installation12:58
MckbrotherOk. Thannk. I will try it :)12:59
holsteinpersonally, i would just pull in ubuntustudio-audio ubuntustudio-audio-plugins ubuntustudio-graphics ubuntustudio-video and ubuntustudio-menu12:59
holsteinbut... you dont need to use these metas even12:59
holsteinyou can just install what you like... JACK, ardour, hydrogen... whatever12:59
MckbrotherI will try it and if there are any questions I will come back.13:00
MckbrotherThanks very much :)13:00
MckbrotherHello again.14:09
MckbrotherI've installed UbuntuStudio on my notebook but there is XFCE now as desktop enviroment. How do I make my UbuntuStudio looking like the UbuntuStudio on the Screenshots at http://ubuntustudio.org14:10
astraljavaMckbrother: Well, you can't. GNOME 2 isn't in the repos anymore, so either you will have to use an older release, or deal with the change.14:17
MckbrotherIs there a tutorial for using an older release, or could you explain me how I can do so?14:18
astraljavaLucid (10.04) is still supported for 1½ years, and 10.10 almost a year still.14:18
MckbrotherOh sorry :D14:18
astraljavaIt's like installing any other distro.14:18
astraljavaBut you can't downgrade, sorry.14:18
MckbrotherHow ?14:18
MckbrotherHow do I downgrade? I dont want to install it again..14:19
astraljavaI just said you can't.14:21
astraljavaDebian doesn't provide such a functionality.14:21
MckbrotherOh sorry, I read 'you can' :D14:22
MckbrotherOk so in  10.04 it looks like the screenshots ?14:22
astraljavaAlmost, but there's an additional t there, that makes all the difference.14:22
astraljavaPossibly. I'm not sure which release those are from.14:23
astraljavaBut up until 11.04 we used GNOME 2.14:24
astraljavaJust switched to XFCE on 11.10, cause we wanted to gain experience for 12.04, as it's an LTS release.14:24
MckbrotherSo I can use 11.04 ?14:25
astraljavaYes, you can. Sorry, I accidentally left it out there in the list earlier.14:25
MckbrotherHm. I think that design is an important part for an audio, video and graphic distribution.14:25
astraljavaIt will be supported until October of 2012.14:25
astraljavaDesign? Which design?14:26
MckbrotherNo design in general. Sorry for my bad english, I'm german :D14:26
MckbrotherI mean the appearance14:27
astraljavaOk. Nevermind about english. I'm a finn.14:28
Mckbrother:) Like Linus :)14:29
astraljavaYes, well you can have a chat about the appearance on ubuntu-studio-devel@lists.ubuntu.com, and offer your views and opinions.14:29
astraljavaThe current release isn't tuned appearance-wise at all, so there's a lot to be done.14:29
MckbrotherOk. In one year, I will begin to learn 'information science technician specialising in application development'14:31
MckbrotherWhich programming language do I need to know if I want to support the developing team of UbuntuStudio ?14:31
astraljavaWell, we're mostly not dealing with any in particular. Shell scripting is essential in maintaining a distro. But most used programming languages include Python, C and C++. Perl wouldn't hurt, some apps are written in C# (using Mono), and obviously some are Java apps.14:34
astraljavaIf you wanna get into application development, you should look into the development frameworks; GTK+ and Qt.14:35
MckbrotherSounds good, I will learn C, C# and C++ in my education. At the moment I learn Java at school.14:35
MckbrotherSo thanks a lot :) Maybe we develop together in a few years :D14:39
astraljavaLooking forward to it.14:39
astraljavaBye now.14:39
holsteinjfb86: o/17:11
jfb86holstein: yo ! :)17:40
pitchoilcanis webgui stable on ubuntustudio 11?17:48
jfb86yes it is17:53
jfb86i'm on 11.04 with no pbs17:53
holsteinpitchoilcan: 11.04?18:07
holsteintheres not reason to expect an unrelated package like that to behave any differently in ubuntustudio than ubuntu18:08
holsteinpitchoilcan: so, 11.04 or 11.10?18:08
holsteinor both?18:08
holsteineitherway, it'll be the same in ubuntustudio as ubuntu18:09
holsteinwe dont have anything to do with that package (we = ubuntustudio)18:10
pitchoilcanI installed the package from the synaptic repo but I don't know how to link the install directory to my web server root18:10
holsteinpitchoilcan: try connecting via the local machine18:12
holsteinto make sure its not a connection issue18:13
pitchoilcanI had the same problem with ampache and fixed it with : sudo ln -s /usr/share/ampache/www/ /var/www/ampache18:13
pitchoilcan do I have to do something simular with webgui?18:13
holsteini am not familiar with installing webgui18:13
holsteini have only used it with turnkey linux machines18:13
holstein^^ those are ubuntu based, and run live... you could fire one up and poke around18:14
holsteinagain... try accessing it locally to make sure its not something with the network18:14
holsteinnot sure why you need it on a box running X though18:14
holsteinpitchoilcan: i would look for a config file as well18:17
holsteinmake sure you are trying the proper port18:17
holsteinmaybe http://localhost:443/ ??18:18
holsteinnot sure18:18
pitchoilcanthanks nonetheless18:25
pitchoilcanI guess I'll have to make do with drupal and ampache18:26
pitchoilcanor maybe wordpress18:26
holsteinmaybe we are not communicating about the same thing18:33
holsteini would suggest downloading one of those virtual appliances18:33
holsteinwebgui is *not* a CMS18:33
tlmAny chance for Mate desktop in 12.04?20:35
astraljavatlm: What's that?21:03
tlmastraljava it's a fork of Gnome2, theres a ppa for it right now21:27
astraljavatlm: Well, I suppose it could get in, but I doubt we will take it into official use.21:43
MckbrotherI've installed UbuntuStudio 11.04 now, and now, I want to make my login screen looking like this one: http://ubuntustudio.org/files/US3.png22:17
MckbrotherI found this Topic in a forum, the background image is now set, but how do I change the rest? http://www.google.de/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=ubuntu%20studio%20login%20screen%20theme&source=web&cd=8&ved=0CGMQFjAH&url=http%3A%2F%2Fubuntuforums.org%2Fshowthread.php%3Ft%3D1604399&ei=qZPBTr-yLdDNsgbp3KHMAw&usg=AFQjCNFirjEl_k6Kv_jDnh-c2o7xS5oHww&sig2=VfOt4-lf4nwT233UU3m7mA&cad=rja22:18
MckbrotherSorry, this link is better: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=160439922:19
alticeMckbrother: install ubuntu-tweak22:38
alticemakes changing the login screen a snap22:39
MckbrotherSimply install it with apt-get ?22:39
alticeshould be in the repo22:39
alticeI may be spelling it wrong tho, h/o22:39
alticeno, I was right, just as I spelled it22:39
Mckbrothersudo apt-get install ubuntu-tweak ?22:41
MckbrotherIs not possible22:41
alticedoes it not show up in the repo?22:41
alticemight need to add the ppa then22:41
MckbrotherCould not be found.22:41
alticegoogle ubuntu-tweak22:41
alticeadd the ppa22:41
alticethen should show up in the repo22:41
MckbrotherI try it like here22:45
Mckbrother add-apt-repository ppa:tualatrix/ppa22:45
alticenow 'sudo apti-get update'22:45
Mckbrothersorry I'm new..22:46
alticeno worries22:46
alticeI've only been using linux for a year, learning curve is steep and quick22:46
MckbrotherNow he found it :)22:47
MckbrotherSo i run the program22:47
alticeyea, that tweak GUI allows you to do a lot of things all in one prog22:47
Mckbrotherand with this I can make it looking like the picture?22:48
alticeyou have to have the background picture first22:48
alticebut yes22:48
alticeit is under the "startup" section, and then "login settings" - all this inside ubuntu-tweak22:48
alticethen click 'unlock' on the bottom right22:49
alticeand then you can change the login background22:49
Mckbrotheri did.22:50
MckbrotherThere was the picture with the brushes already.22:50
alticedid I mis-understand your question?22:51
MckbrotherI want the long Bar for logging in22:52
alticedid you try this yet? "sudo cp /usr/share/applications/gnome-appearance-properties.desktop /usr/share/gdm/autostart/LoginWindow"22:52
MckbrotherI only could set the background image22:52
alticelet me play with it a sec22:53
MckbrotherIs there somebody else who could help me?22:59
alticeI see what they are talking about23:01
alticeit looks like you need to have the "theme" installed first before doing that23:01
alticeso find a clear/transparent theme23:01
Mckbrotherwhich theme23:01
Mckbrotherwhere culd I find it ?23:01
benlebovitz_hi!  Does anyone out there know how to configure a PreSonus AudioBox 22vsl?23:03
benlebovitz_usb audio box...23:04
alticefollow this Mckbrother23:08
MckbrotherOk, I will read it.23:08
alticeyou don't need to get the theme23:08
Mckbrotherthe directory /usr/share/images/xsplash don't exists23:14
Mckbrothershould I create it ?23:14
MckbrotherOr what should I do now ?23:17
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MckbrotherSorry, my internet connection got lost.23:20
Mckbrotheraltice already here?23:23
alticehey yea sry23:27
alticecooking dinner23:28
Mckbrotheroh sorry23:28
alticeumm hmm23:28
alticeI'm assuming that is expecting that you have images already there23:28
alticethere may be packages you can load to get more desktop themes, customization stuff, etc.23:28
alticereading further, what does it expect to use the "xslpashes" folder for?23:35
alticethat's what you need to determine23:35
Mckbrotherhm. i should copy the background image in this folder23:36
alticeif that's where it expects the images your looking for then it's important, if you do nothing with that folder later on, then idk? try skipping23:36
MckbrotherOk, sorry but I really have to sleep. Here in germany, it are 15 minutes to 1am and I write me geography exams in a few hours. Thanks very much.23:47
MckbrotherAre you also tomorrow in the irc, altice?23:48
MckbrotherSo, I will not shut down my notebook, write, if you want, I will answer tomorrow ;) Thanks alot, see you soon :)23:54
alticeokay, sorry, yea I can be on here tomorrow23:59
alticegot busy, can't put full attention to this, I'll read the tutorial tomorrow and be ready for questions after23:59

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