GridCubeochosi, one of madnick's awesome mockup greeters had a nice clock like that, it also said the version of ubuntu you where using i remember :P00:23
madnickI had? :P00:24
GridCubeyou did00:24
GridCuberemember back in the day, i made a silly mspaint mockup too :P00:25
madnickI will take your word for it, I acctually don't have access to my old ones00:25
madnickMy sister has the USB drive :P00:25
GridCubethose are new ones00:26
madnickyeah :P00:26
GridCubegreat i start making a bugreport and software-center decides to work00:27
GridCubewell it did not00:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 890025 in software-center (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu software-center crashes on xubuntu Oneiric whit no apparent reason just stays grey" [Undecided,New]00:29
GridCubedamn me and whit00:30
knomemr_pouit, micahg_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/737846/01:16
knomemr_pouit, micahg_: 'sudo apt-get install alacarte'01:16
micahg_knome: yes?  that's why we don't seed it :)01:21
knomewhat's the alternative?01:21
knomewe tell the people you can edit menus in 11.10, but the fallback is that you need to install compiz?01:22
micahg_not sure01:22
* micahg_ wonders if obmenu would work in xfce01:23
knomedoes it support the fd.org spec?01:27
micahg_no idea, just found it01:35
micahg_ah, no, it's openbox specific01:35
knomemmh :|01:42
knomei'll be off for today01:43
knomesee you later!01:43
mr_pouitmicahg_: hey, do you have an oneiric system to test exo from -proposed? (Bug #878069) I uploaded it, so I think I can't set it to verification-done myself ;-)09:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 878069 in exo (Ubuntu Oneiric) "Mailto helpers broken on !i386 in 0.6.2-2" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87806909:43
ochosimr_pouit: does it make sense to test it on 64bit oneiric?09:48
mr_pouitochosi: yes, it's only broken on amd64, i386 will work fine09:51
mr_pouitmost of the helpers should be broen on amd64 in oneiric, and they should work again with the -proposed package09:51
micahg_mr_pouit: yeah, can try later this week09:53
ochosimr_pouit: if the package is already in proposed, i'll quickly switch mirrors and then upgrade and let you know10:10
ochosimr_pouit: seems like the package isn't there yet (using main mirror)10:18
micahg_ochosi: mr_pouit: exo is stuck in binary new10:19
ochosioh, ok10:21
knomei just asked in #ubuntu-website and they told the team reports are abandoned until somebody takes care of the project.11:01
madnickAll team reports?11:06
knomeall team reports.11:06
astraljavaWell, it sounded too good to be true in the first place.11:57
knomemmh. well, i suppose it worked for some time...11:58
Unit193I seemed to have missed something11:58
knome13:01  knome: i just asked in #ubuntu-website and they told the team reports  are abandoned until somebody takes care of the project.11:59
knomeUnit193, want to start caring after it?11:59
Unit193I don't fully know what that is12:01
ochosimeh, i was pretty sure that the gtk3-version of thewidgetfactory gets shipped in oneiric, but it seems like it's gtk2 :/16:45
plantoschkais 12.04 going to use xfce 4.10 ?17:17
baizonif 4.10 will be released until then17:17
baizonplantoschka: http://wiki.xfce.org/releng/4.10/roadmap17:17
Unit193They aren't on schedule, so my guess is no17:18
plantoschkamarch should be ok?17:18
baizonyes but then xubuntu will be in beta status17:18
baizonso its too late then17:18
baizoni think 4.10 will be on 12.1017:19
baizonbut who knows :)17:20
plantoschkaprobably the better decision for a LTS17:20
baizonyou can ask on feb17:21
ochosii think there's no way that 4.10 will land in 12.0418:13
Unit193That's what I thought, but I'm just a random18:14
pleia2knome: btw, 22UTC on Saturday would be great for the site sprint, turns out I have a cousin from far away in town on Saturday and she wants to do lunch before that ;)21:33
astraljavaHey guys, my Studio installation Indicator Plugin doesn't show the volume icon. Since I still know very little of XFCE, can anyone hazard a guess as to why is that?21:45
knomepleia2, right. :)23:30

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