PehnepHey everyone, I was wondering if anybody knew how to solve this prolbme I was facing; when I try to boot up my Xubuntu machine it gets stuck at "checking battery state... [ok]" and doesn't come up with the GUI. How could I fix this?00:36
PehnepCan't seem to find a working solution elsewhere.00:36
JennyBlueBirdOk, probably asked a bazillion times, but. Menu editor? Trying to install alacarte wants to pull in half of gnome ...00:37
PehnepJennyBlueBird: Do you know what to do when getting stuck after "checking battery state... [ok]" during booting? GUI won't start.00:39
JennyBlueBirdPehnep, absolutely no clue00:39
PehnepAlright, well, I was asking since there don't seem to be a lot of others active currently.00:40
well_laid_lawnJennyBlueBird: see if this helps - http://wiki.xfce.org/howto/customize-menu?s[]=edit&s[]=menu00:40
JennyBlueBirdwell_laid_lawn, that's what I'm trying to avoid : /00:41
JennyBlueBirdlxmenu seems bugy00:41
JennyBlueBirdas in, it misslabels the entries and wants to change them00:42
well_laid_lawnnothing about lxmenu there00:42
knomeJennyBlueBird, if you want to avoid manual menu editing, i think alacarte is your best bet00:42
JennyBlueBirdwell_laid_lawn, actually there, is , second sentence :P00:43
JennyBlueBirdknome, so just install it with no-recomends or something ?00:43
knomeJennyBlueBird, that should work00:43
well_laid_lawnit says lxmenu is also available - read three sentences00:43
zacariashow do you encrypt files or folders in Xubuntu (Iha a suggestion on the Ubuntu forum, but it was for Gnome)00:44
PehnepWell_laid_lawn: no astroturfing?00:44
knomezacarias, if you want to encrypt single files or folders, i'd say look for encfs00:44
well_laid_lawnonly natural here !00:44
PehnepSorry, I'm bored, since my other PC won't boot :P00:45
knomePehnep, http://techspear.com/2011/08/booting-ubuntu-oneiric-stops-at-checking-battery-state-ok/ ?00:45
zacariasknome: what's encfs? A software?00:45
JennyBlueBirdknome, yea, installing it with --no-install-recomends did the trick00:45
knomezacarias, yes00:45
knome!info encfs00:45
ubottuencfs (source: encfs): encrypted virtual filesystem. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.7.4-2.2ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 368 kB, installed size 1812 kB (Only available for linux-any)00:45
knomeubottu, HELLO?00:45
ubottuknome: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:46
PehnepLet me try that straight away, knome!00:46
knomeJennyBlueBird, okay, good :)00:46
zacariasknome: Tx, I'll try it00:46
JennyBlueBirdit SHOULD probably be enabled by default, but I assume there is some very good reason not to ?00:47
JennyBlueBirdhmm, gonna restart X to see that it didn't trash everything00:47
JennyBlueBirdweee , it worked00:48
knomeJennyBlueBird, alacarte or --no-install-recommends?00:48
JennyBlueBirdwell both :)00:48
knomeJennyBlueBird, (re: not enabled by default)00:49
JennyBlueBirdor well, both really00:49
JennyBlueBirdif it is not installed by default it probably should not pull in all those gnome packages since that will trash your xubuntu DE , and many will try it to get a menu editor00:49
knomewell, the thing is that --no-install-recommends is not enabled by default because some apps might not work properly, and with that on, if we pulled in alacarte, it would take horribly lot of space00:49
knomewe try to make the menu as useful as possible, so you wouldn't need to edit it at all00:50
knomeof course you are free to, and then you can just install alacarte00:50
JennyBlueBirdwell I meant when you install xubuntu00:50
knomeJennyBlueBird, yes, me too. :)00:51
JennyBlueBirdis it not possible to have it just install alacarte without the recomendations during the first install of the system ?00:51
knomeJennyBlueBird, as i explained, it's not so simple00:51
knomeJennyBlueBird, since --no-install-recommends is not enabled by default, why would we want to do contrary to that with a package in the installation?00:52
JennyBlueBirdbecause otherwise you're left with the choice of either breaking the DE or leaving the user without a menu editor ?00:53
knomeinstalling alacarte does not break the DE, even if you installed with all the recommends00:53
JennyBlueBirdand as usual when you try to figure out how to do it you get 10 forum posts suggesting different things 5 out of which don't work and 4 that actually break your system00:53
knomewe are setting up a top 10 faq on our new website once it's published and this is one of the questions.00:54
PehnepMany thanks, knome, now I can access my PC properly again!00:54
knomethere are always sources that make you do things that possibly break your system, if you just type all the commands without thinking/knowing what they do00:55
knomePehnep, np, enjoy xubuntu00:55
Pehnepknome: Thanks, I will ;D00:55
JennyBlueBirdwell, still, you get what I'm saying. If you're not a xubuntu developer and just want a working menu editor you will probably end up spending a lot of time trying to get it to work00:56
knomeJennyBlueBird, possible. and yeah, i understand. the situation IS suboptimal until xfce has its own menu editor, and there's no ETA for that.00:57
knomeJennyBlueBird, but at least people usually get to install the menu editor.00:58
JennyBlueBirdknome, perhaps one could create an additional package alacarte-xfce which pulls in only what is needed to make it work with xfce ?00:58
knomeJennyBlueBird, more likely the recommends should just be purged to minimun in the current package00:59
JennyBlueBirdknome, the repository is separate from the ubuntu one ?01:00
JennyBlueBirdwell, then wouldn't that cause issues for the ubuntu users ?01:00
knomeshouldn't. but that should be investigated. sharing the same repositories bring us other problems than this only too, but it also brings some advantages01:01
knomelooks like it recommends gnome-panel, which is pulling the rest of the packages in. that is kind of viable recommend, but shouldn't be necessary01:02
JennyBlueBirdalacarte doesn't enable me to add items it seems01:02
knomeJennyBlueBird, you are running 11.10, right?01:03
knomehmmh, that worked for me.01:04
JennyBlueBirdI click "new item" and nothing happens01:04
JennyBlueBirdalso, I can move items up but not down01:05
JennyBlueBirdand the properties dialogue doesn't seem to work either01:05
knomeJennyBlueBird, i wonder if it's because you didn't install the recommends..01:05
JennyBlueBirdit did pull in 2 requiremenets01:05
JennyBlueBirdand something like that01:05
knomeyes, but you didn't install the recommends.01:05
JennyBlueBirdgonna run it in a terminal to see if it moans01:05
JennyBlueBirdwell the recomends wanted to pull in all of compiz ...01:06
JennyBlueBird"OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory"01:06
JennyBlueBirdyea it definitely lacks something01:06
knomei don't think it will pull anything of compiz. but you can of course pastebin the output from apt-get for the list of packages it says it would install01:07
JennyBlueBirdhow do I tell it to include recomends when I do -s ?01:08
JennyBlueBirdit says 0 new installed, presumably because it really is installed01:08
knomeyou could just remove and reinstall01:08
knomeor install gnome-panel :P01:08
knomethough that would be set to manually installed then01:09
JennyBlueBirdknome, well the following is just the start :01:12
JennyBlueBirdThe following extra packages will be installed:01:12
JennyBlueBird  apg appmenu-gtk appmenu-gtk3 appmenu-qt bamfdaemon banshee01:12
JennyBlueBird  banshee-extension-soundmenu binfmt-support brasero brasero-cdrkit01:12
JennyBlueBird  brasero-common cli-common compiz compiz-core compiz-gnome01:12
JennyBlueBirdIt goes on to list all kinds of gnoem apps01:12
JennyBlueBirdit seems to want to pull in unity as well01:12
knomelooks like you are true. then installing alacarte definitely seems to be awkward01:13
knomeUnit193, but that doesn't work01:14
knomeUnit193, alacarte doesn't open all the dialogs01:14
Unit193knome: Weird, I tried that and it worked well still :/01:14
JennyBlueBirdknome, it seems that it is the recomends of gnome panel that pulls in the crap01:15
Unit193I'll have to try it in a VM again01:15
JennyBlueBirdso maybe --no-install recomends alacarte gnome-panel will work01:15
knomeJennyBlueBird, maybe01:15
JennyBlueBirdseems better01:16
JennyBlueBirdit still pulls in evolution data server and things01:16
knomemmh :|01:16
JennyBlueBirdgonna have to check if it works01:16
JennyBlueBirdbut it is only like 25 meg alltogether now01:17
JennyBlueBirdcan live with that01:17
knomei've forwarded this... trying to fix it for 12.0401:17
JennyBlueBirdwell I can add new items now01:18
JennyBlueBirdstill can't move existing ones down however :P01:18
JennyBlueBirdonly up :S01:18
JennyBlueBirdknome, yea, the rest seems to work , can create new elements and sub-menus01:21
JennyBlueBirdbut it seems a bit slow01:21
JennyBlueBirdalso, that delete button kinda needs a confirmation dialogue :S01:22
JennyBlueBirdbut that is upstream's job I guess01:22
JennyBlueBirdcan't create a new separator either01:23
JennyBlueBirdoh well, it "kinda works"01:23
JennyBlueBirdknome, I'm getting the feeling that the whole menu system is a tad overengineered01:27
GridCubewhat i do is to create a new panel and add launchers boxes on them :P01:27
knomethe menu system is not. that's just xml files...01:27
JennyBlueBirdI meant more that it appears that there's a billion little places to put those files01:28
JennyBlueBirdand there are too many options in the entries01:29
knomeJennyBlueBird, if you want something not that complex, add a launcher menu01:30
JennyBlueBirdknome, ah yea, that works01:31
JennyBlueBirdbut I take it new apps are not added to that by default ...01:32
* JennyBlueBird is hard to please01:32
knomethat's why the menu specification is no simple01:32
JennyBlueBirdI guess xfce just needs its own menu editor01:32
JennyBlueBirdwork in progress ?01:32
knomeit's planned, but i don't know if there is any actual progress01:32
JennyBlueBirdurk... the menu entry format seems more complicated than iptables01:33
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high-rezIs there some sort of secret to software raid and xubuntu?04:19
high-rezSpecifically, a software raid root and boot.  Is it required to use the alternate cd ?04:20
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto04:20
mihuHi. I made a stock installation of Xubuntu 11.10 on my notebook and I'm new to Xfce. When I suspend/resume my notebook, I receive these notifcations about network being available/not available, which is fine. I accidently clicked on "Don't show this notification again" for the "network now available" notification, though, but I'd like to have it back. But how?07:39
baizonmihu: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1142952707:57
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mihubaizon: Thanks, that helped.08:40
attio'Ello. I'm having problems using a External Hard Drive within Xubuntu, and I was wondering if someone here could help.09:12
baizonwhats the problem?09:13
mihubaizon: Thanks for the hint, that helped.09:13
baizonmihu: np09:13
attioI can open and view the files in my '487G Volume' (As it appears on my desktop) perfectly fine.09:15
attioBut I cannot remove any of the files within it, it says 'Permission denied' or something similar. I am the only account on this machine and network.09:15
attioAnd I was wondering why it was doing that, and how I could fix it, as I'm not... A genius with computing.09:15
baizonattio: what filesystem is on that hard drive?09:15
baizonhave you tried it with "sudo"?09:16
attioI don't know. D:09:16
attioProbably not...09:17
baizondf -T09:18
baizonto get the info about file system09:18
blackouthi guys someone a clue what this can be? 8gb sdhc shows icon not mountable via icon if I open in manager windows closes no problem getting access through terminal09:24
baizonso problem solved09:59
baizonnext plz :P09:59
ng0meshello , i cant seen to find rhythmbox-client binary in instalation , already installed rhythmbox package, that looks like the package than contains it10:12
baizonng0mes: try alt+f2 then rhythmbox10:13
baizonif it works10:13
baizondownload a menu editor :-)10:13
baizonand edit it10:13
ng0mesbaizon: my problem is that i want to add shortcuts , and as far as i know its only possible with rhythmbox-client10:14
go8765Hello. How I can start manage mouse moving by keyboard in xfce?10:14
go8765*or use mouse by keyboard10:15
baizonng0mes: yes10:16
baizonng0mes: but what is the problem?10:17
ng0mesi want the play pause from my multimedia keyboard available10:18
ng0mesbaizon: ^10:18
ng0mesyes  what ?10:18
baizonng0mes: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=100524810:18
baizonyou mean something like that?10:19
ng0mesok thanks , let me check10:19
baizonng0mes: and this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XfceMultimediaKeys10:20
go8765Can anybody help me please with keyboard-managing-mouse ?10:20
baizongo8765: you want to move your mouse with your keyboard?10:21
go8765baizon, yes10:21
go8765baizon, in gnome - its work, but in xface I cant find where lanch it...10:22
ng0mesbaizon: i want rhythmbox-client10:22
ng0mesits always available in other distros10:23
baizongo8765: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=32499610:23
ng0mesits just a cli binary that cames with the package10:23
baizonng0mes: ah ok10:23
ng0mesbaizon: the thing is ... i cant find it in xubuntu , had it in  slackware and debian10:24
well_laid_lawnapps aren't always built with all options and some things get dropped by the application developers10:24
baizonng0mes: then you have to use "own scripts"10:24
ng0mesrhythmbox-client is usefull10:25
go8765baizon, thank you for answer :)10:26
baizongo8765: np10:26
baizonng0mes: have you tried the settings manager -> application shortcuts?10:28
baizonadd there rhythmbox-client commands10:28
baizonok guys have to go :)10:32
ng0mesno good with rhythmbox-client ... why the hell does it exist a man and the binary isnt there ?10:52
ng0mesplease help10:55
well_laid_lawnng0mes: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/rhythmbox/+question/17110211:01
ng0meswell_laid_lawn: thanks , looks like its gonna return , i have to wait then11:02
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marcussomeone in here ?11:40
marcusI got a question about configuration of an xfce panel11:41
marcuscan you help me ?11:41
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:41
marcusokay than lets start ^^11:42
marcusI want to change the background color of the workspace switcher in panel1.11:42
knomeyou need to edit the GTK theme then, and it will change all the workspace switcher backgrounds11:43
marcusbut it shall not change the panel color etc only the background color of this workspace switch application11:44
knomeyes. but you still need to edit the GTK theme11:45
marcusin xubuntu 11.10 die panelcolor is different from the windows color although greybird is selected.11:46
knometrue, that's intentional11:46
marcuscan you tell me the path to the gtk theme ?11:47
knomei suggest taking a backup though11:47
marcusmaybe thats a good idea11:47
knomeyou can copy it to /home/yourusername/.themes/greybird11:47
knomeand edit that11:47
knomeand it will override the theme in /usr11:48
knomebut it will only work for your user11:48
knomebut that's hardly a problem usually11:48
marcusand if I delete it then it should fallback ?11:48
knomeyes, then it uses the thenme from /usr11:48
knomeif you want, you can rename the folder11:48
knomeand you can switch between both at all times11:48
marcusI will try it11:48
marcusto copy I need to type : sudo cp  -r /usr/share/themes/greybird /home/user/.themes/greybird right ?11:51
knomeshouldn't need sudo to copy, but yes11:51
marcusand -r for recursive ?11:51
marcusso I copied the theme to my home folder and now I opened it with gedit. What lines do I need to change ? Do you know ?11:59
knomei suppose i should, but i can't remember :)12:00
knomeochosi, ^12:00
marcusthen you could open it by yourself without changing and maybe you remember :-)12:01
knomesorry, i just wont12:02
well_laid_lawnsearch in the theme file for panel - gedit has a search function12:02
knomeit's been ages since i touched a gtkrc file12:02
well_laid_lawnnot all gtk themes have a panel section12:02
marcus I give it a try12:03
marcusgnarf its to me like trying to read hieroglyphs :-)12:05
marcusokay here is one12:05
marcusgtk_color_scheme= "panel_bg:#686868" # Panel bg color12:05
marcusbut I suppose thats for the complete panel12:06
well_laid_lawn686868 is about a medium dark grey what colour is the panel?12:07
well_laid_lawnand the desktop changer12:07
marcuslike this12:09
well_laid_lawnthere's three clours involved there12:10
well_laid_lawnpanel, focused workspace and the other workspace12:11
well_laid_lawnso might be bg, fg and base12:11
marcusI just want to change the colour of the unfocused workspace to be more bright12:12
marcusso I can see better what workspace I have switched to12:12
well_laid_lawnI dunno offhand which that'll be - try adding a value for base12:13
marcusby the way, what means bg and fg ?12:13
knomeback- and foreground12:13
marcusah okay12:14
marcusin the gtkrc-file there is this section : base[NORMAL]      = @base_color12:14
marcusbase[PRELIGHT]    = shade (0.95, @bg_color)12:14
marcusbase[ACTIVE]      = shade (0.92, @selected_bg_color)12:14
marcusbase[SELECTED]    = shade (0.93, @selected_bg_color)12:14
marcusbase[INSENSITIVE] = @bg_color12:14
marcuswhat do you think I should change to ?12:14
well_laid_lawnso if the panel section doesn't mention one of those options those values would be used as a default12:15
marcusI guess I should change the value of base[PRELIGHT] , what do you think ?12:16
marcusbut what means "shade" ? Is this a colour ?12:17
well_laid_lawnshade means don't use the full colour but only the values percent of it12:18
well_laid_lawne.g. shade 0.95 is a bit darker12:19
well_laid_lawnshade 1.1 is a bit lighter12:19
knomeafaik prelight is something that is shown on hovering the area12:19
marcusit makes sence, now that you mentioned it12:20
marcusbut which of the 4 is to be changed ? active or selected are not those I could imagine  to need to change12:21
well_laid_lawnyou'll have to have a play with them all to find out - it's easy enough to restart the panel to check12:22
marcusIn ubuntu it was killall gnome-panel12:23
marcuswhich command is it in xubuntu ?12:23
well_laid_lawntry   killall xfce4-panel && xfce4-panel &12:23
well_laid_lawnI think it has a restart option12:24
well_laid_lawnnot on a xfce box atm12:24
go8765Hello. How I can start manage mouse moving by keyboard in xfce?12:29
marcusits xfce4-panel -r to restart12:32
well_laid_lawnthere you go12:33
go8765 Can anybody help me please with keyboard-managing-mouse ?12:34
well_laid_lawngo8765: maybe ask in #xfce if no one here knows12:35
ochosimarcus: what exactly do you want to change?12:35
go8765well_laid_lawn, thanks, I try12:36
knomeochosi, workspace swithcer inactive workspace BG12:36
ochosioh right12:36
ochosii think there's even a thread about that in the xubuntu-dev ml12:37
ion_how do I fix broken package I tried already apt-get install -f but didn't work...12:37
ochosiyou can't change it independently12:37
knomeion_, what do you mean by "broken package" ?12:39
marcusso I guess all the work was useless if I cant change it independently12:40
ion_knome: apt-get install doesn't work.12:40
knomeion_, and the error message is? (pastebin if it's multiline)12:40
ion_knome: I found a forum now let me read it before I bother you guys I might solve it on my own...12:42
marcuslol ^^12:43
marcusmaybe he should have found this forum before he asked for help ^^12:44
goliatHello i have a broken list in my menu in the office list since i remove gnumeric, how can i remove it? I cant find any customization option for the menu.14:44
goliatSorry i mean broken icon.14:45
popschhow can I switch in xubuntu from the speakers to the usb headset? in Ubuntu, I can do this with the sound applet by selecting a different output channel. Xubuntu's sound applet looks differently.14:45
TheSheeppopsch: you need to install padevchooser14:54
popschTheSheep, does xubuntu use pulse or alsa? Are they mutually exclusive?14:55
popschTheSheep, padevchooser isn't available for oneiric yet in the ppa14:57
goliatHello. I removed gnumeric but in my menu i still have the icon left. When i click it i get a "failed to execute command". How can i remove the icon since i dont have any use for it?14:59
TheSheeppopsch: xubuntu uses alsa with pulseaudio on top of it15:00
TheSheepgoliat: do you have a gnumeric.desktop file in ~/.local/share/applications ?15:01
TheSheeppopsch: try pavucontrol then15:01
goliatTheSheep: in /applications i only have mimeapps.list15:02
goliatTheSheep: Is there some way i can edit the menus there? Ive looked but i havnt found any settings for that15:07
popschTheSheep, pavucontrol works well. thanks a lot15:16
jmcantrelli switched all my computers over to xubuntu over the weekend. it's very refreshing getting out the unity mess15:20
holsteinjmcantrell: i remember you... im still getting used to XFCE, but im finding it different, and quite useable15:21
holsteinive worked out any dealbreakers, and im happy to be settling in :)15:21
jmcantrellholstein: yeah, i remember you too, and i agree. the problems that i experienced initially were mainly just unfamiliarity15:22
jmcantrellone thing i find slightly unsettling is that there are a number of gnome components. what are your (or anyone's) thoughts on this?15:23
primaryI made btrfs my roof filesystem. Things did not explode. However when booting I had an error "Sparse files not allowed"(some other stuff, vague) "Press any key to continue." Things booted normally then. Wonder what that was.15:23
holsteini mean, everything works... whatever is pulled in is not pulling in much from gnome15:24
holsteindoesnt feel heavy15:24
holsteinim not looking for XFCE to be light though15:24
primaryAlso, with the LightDM, it has an 'Xubuntu session' and an "Xfce session', what is the difference?15:24
holsteinim looking for a desktop like experience similar to what i am confortable with from using gnome215:24
jmcantrellholstein: it just seems odd that there are components that are from gnome. i thought it was supposed to be separate from gnome15:24
holsteinif i want barebones light, i will use LXDE15:25
knomeprimary, xubuntu sesion is all the xubuntu default settings loaded, xfce is just bare bare xfce, i suggest using xubuntu.15:25
primaryI thought as much, thanks.15:25
holsteinjmcantrell: it is seperate, but if something works, and works well... why reinvent the wheel15:25
jmcantrellholstein: that's a good point15:26
holsteinalso, it could be that some of what we are considering 'gnome apps' are just apps that both use15:26
jmcantrellholstein: i'm thinking specifically about the gnome keyring15:27
knomenot all xfce apps are used in xubuntu, since we also try to be easy-to-use15:27
holsteinyeah, thats true as well... xubuntu might customize for ease of use, more so than the typically XFCE experience15:28
jmcantrellknome: what kind of apps?15:28
knomejmcantrell, small "goodies" and some of the "xfce apps" might also not get included, if we think there is a better one15:29
knomejmcantrell, for example, gthumb is the default image viewer for oneiric, since ristretto is mostly broken15:29
knomejmcantrell, it is by no means given that any "xfce app" will be included15:29
jmcantrellknome: what's wrong with restretto?15:30
knomealso the "xfce apps" might not have anything to do with the core DE, so that's a bit misleading anyway15:30
knomejmcantrell, if you try to use it with thumbnailbar, it freezes/crashes15:30
knomejmcantrell, also, for example xfburn was only recently set as default, because we didn't think it was good enough for a default burning app before15:31
jmcantrellknome: what was the default before? brasero?15:31
knomenot that it couldn't still be the default, if we just chose so :)15:32
knomejmcantrell, if you're interested in the development process, join our mailing list and/or the development irc channel, #xubuntu-devel15:33
jmcantrellknome: oh, maybe you can help me with this. the "web browser" launcher doesn't show chromium as an option, and any attempt to make chromium the default browser, it doesn't seem to recognize it15:33
jmcantrelli can enter chromium as a custom option, but then chromium doesn't think it's the default15:34
knomejmcantrell, hmh. did you look at "preferred applications" in setting manager?15:34
holsteinpersonally, i found i had to enable gnome services to get a web browser choice to stick15:35
jmcantrellknome: yeah, it behaves the same way15:35
holsteinthis is my first time living in xfce/xubuntu though, so im still suspicious that its probably something i need to learn15:35
knomejmcantrell, even if you selected the "debian sensible browser" ?15:36
knomejmcantrell, that should make chromium the default if you have that and FF.15:36
knomejmcantrell, also, check that the launcher is pointed to the command 'x-www-browser', not 'firefox'15:36
holsteinknome: that could be my issue right there15:36
jmcantrellknome: yeah, i tried that. then chromium doesn't recognize itself as the default15:36
knomeactually, x-www-browser always opens chromium :P15:37
jmcantrellknome: yeah, i changed the alternative to chromium15:37
knomei'm not too familiar with this, because i'm personally happy with ff15:37
jmcantrellknome: well, i'm real happy for you :P15:38
holsteinff got fast again... i got so comfortable with chromium though there when ff was just awful15:38
jmcantrellholstein: yeah, ditto15:39
go8765Hello. How I can start manage mouse moving by keyboard in xfce?15:41
jmcantrellknome: where should i report this bug?15:43
knomejmcantrell, launchpad, but i'm not sure against which package.15:44
baizonjmcantrell: http://www.ubuntu.com/community/report-problem15:44
jmcantrellknome: my first thought is one of the exo packages, but i'm not sure15:44
holsteingo8765: http://gizmod.sourceforge.net/ looks interesting15:44
knomejmcantrell, maybe you could search LP first if there is a similar bug15:45
knomejmcantrell, and just chime in if there is15:45
jmcantrellknome: i'll check15:45
knomejmcantrell, also, feel free to paste me the bug url, whether you found one or filed a new one15:45
jmcantrellknome: ok15:46
go8765holstein, thanks for answer, I try it now :)15:47
babblebaizon: what's wrong?16:35
baizonnothing nothing16:35
baizoneverything is ok :-)16:35
jarnosI can17:55
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jarnos't create a swap partition in 11.04. mkswap fails telling /dev/sda17: No such file or directory17:56
jarnosstill fdisk tells it is a 82  Linux swap / Solaris partition. Gparted fails to create the swap; it uses mkswap.17:57
kasztan85anybody knows18:33
kasztan85how i can18:33
kasztan85delete a session18:33
kasztan85in xubuntu18:33
holsteinkasztan85: you mean what is saving between logins?18:34
holsteinmaybe you have that check box checked on logout... "remember session" something like that18:34
holsteintry that first since its easy18:34
kasztan85when i login18:34
holsteinwhen you logout, the option is there18:35
kasztan85i must choose one from 3 other18:35
holsteinyeah... depends on whatever else you have installed18:35
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w30my desktop icons launchers keep playing musical chairs, how can I glue them down?19:02
primaryelmer's glue19:09
go8765Hello. Can anybody help me please to  start manage mouse moving by keyboard in xfce?20:17
baizongo8765: didnt it solved it?20:19
baizona couple of hours ago? :P20:19
shanttugreetings. i'm running xubuntu natty on my old pc and like it. is there a way to disable login screen? all settings i've found should be on automatic20:21
go8765baizon, I found solution in xfce-settings-manager but it didnt work.  and gnome-settings-daemon runinig when I try another solution, but I want use keyboard managing without gnome-settings-manager :(20:22
go8765shanttu, I use gdm and for me work gdmsetup . If you replace xdm to gdm may be you cam manage your autologin20:27
Sysiby default it's lightdm20:27
shanttugo8765, thanks for the tip. i'll give it a try20:28
Sysishanttu: http://askubuntu.com/questions/51086/how-do-i-enable-auto-login-with-lightdm20:28
Sysisecond ansver20:28
Sysithough you want xubuntu-session20:28
shanttuSysi, kiitos20:29
go8765Sysi, can you help me please with keyboard-mouse managing in xfce?20:29
Sysigo8765: I've only tried that kind of thing with KDE and it was pretty bad20:30
go8765Sysi, :) ok.20:32
go8765where I can found  xfce4-autostart-editor ?21:14
baizongo8765: settings manager21:14
baizonthere sessions and startup21:14
go8765baizon, I cant find it here... Can I rut it on console?21:15
go8765*run with command I mean21:15
baizongo8765: http://screenshots.debian.net/screenshots/x/xfce4-session/7947_large.png21:17
stampobaizon> do you think xubuntu is as goos as ubuntu ?21:18
baizonstampo: why?21:19
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Sysigoos=good? It's better :)21:21
kiruayes lol21:21
baizonfor me yes21:22
baizoni tried all de21:23
baizonand xfce was fine for me21:23
baizonok not all de21:23
baizoni havent tryd E1721:23
go8765baizon, thks, I install it now yet :)21:25
go8765baizon, any ideas how to manage mouse with keyboard in xfce ?21:26
baizonnot really :)21:26
go8765ok :)21:26
baizonhavent tried it21:26
go8765baizon, I founs in settings manager this option but it didnt work .21:27
Sysigo8765: have you tried asking at #xfce?21:28
go8765Sysi, yes. there I found this option in settings manager21:28
go8765*but it didnt work for me ...21:29
Sysigo8765: where is it there?21:35
go8765Sysi, :) in #xfce21:35
Sysigo8765: it's supposed to work with numpad? I'm on laptop21:38
go8765sorry.. english, not my native... I cant understand what you mean. can you explain? you asked - if I want to use NumLock to move mouse cursor?21:40
SysiI just guess that is ment to work for moving mouse pointer with numpad's arrows21:42
go8765Sysi, sorry... but I dont understand you again. You want to say - that you think that it will work if I use numlock buttons?21:54
SysiI donät get what you mean with "numlock buttons", the thing with numbers on the right side of standard keyboard21:54
go8765Sysi, Its really hard for me to translate what you wrote :( do you know how to start use mouse by keyboard ?22:00
zusi have a .py script i created, now  when i "./browser.py" in my terminal nothing opens....its on my desktop and i used the open terminal  here from menu... any suggestions?22:53
zus??? wait i think i figured my mistake22:54
go8765zus, you make it executable?22:54
zusyea, i made my  working copy executable, but the working copy isnt IN my  /usr/bin ....22:55
go8765zus, may be : python  ~/way to your file/browser.py ?22:58
zzillezzcould anyone help me please? i just installed xubuntu 11.10 on my desktop, install went fine, rebooted ... and am now stuck at 'checking battery state'22:58
zushmm not working either in my /usr/bin23:01
go8765zus, may be better to ask on #python ?23:03
zuswell only different variable is xubuntu. its worked in mint, ubuntu, bodhi..23:04
go8765sorry... I dont know23:05
zusill ask there just in case.23:06
zuswell the python room was no use. "cannot send to channel"23:26
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Saijshould my GRUB entry for regular linux boot have an insmod for ext2 when im using ext4?23:35

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