hyperair3.0 didn't have anything in /sys/class/backlight00:00
TheMusoHuh. I have 2 in that dir.00:00
TheMusoacpi_video and intel_backlight00:00
hyperairneither of those were there in 3.000:00
TheCowboyI have a T60p00:01
hyperairxbacklight didn't work, and there was no way to set the backlight from userspace.00:01
TheCowboyI think this is related and has a list of affected Thinkpads: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-settings-daemon/+bug/35767300:01
ubot5Ubuntu bug 357673 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "No notification when sliding audio volume, muting volume on ThinkPad X23, X24, X31, X32, X41, X60, T22, T40, T41, T42, T43, T43p, T60, R50e, R51, R52" [Medium,Triaged]00:01
TheMusoRight, I have a T510 here. When I disconnect my monitor next, I'll check to see if the same thing happens to mine.00:01
hyperairTheMuso: there's one entry now, which is intel_backlight.00:01
TheMusohyperair: RIght, but I also have acpi_video.00:02
TheCowboyI only have acpi_video for mine00:02
hyperairTheMuso: acpi_video probably comes from thinkpad_acpi, i guess, which doesn't properly support this thinkpad just yet.00:02
hyperairreally ironic because ubuntu used this thinkpad (e220s) on its website front page once.00:03
TheMusoI know in precise, my brightness controls worked fine.00:03
TheCowboyyou can also use System Settings > Screen to avoid the doubling, but it's a little annoying to have to open it every time, and I tend to adjust it a lot00:03
TheMusosorry, that should be oneiric00:03
hyperairwell precise has 3.100:03
TheMusoI am now in precise, and do get the double step.00:04
* hyperair uses a custom kernel00:04
hyperairno wait precise uses 3.2 i think00:04
hyperairanyway i'm off for breakfast00:04
TheMuso3.2 was uploaded to precise, but is not yet pushed out to users, unless they know its already there.00:04
hyperairoh i see.01:20
bschaeferthumper: hey, so when I traced it yesterday it stopped at area->AcceptFocusArea() == false. So it doesn't hit the SetPathToKeyFocusArea()03:19
bschaeferthumper: in WindowComp03:19
* bschaefer looks up line number03:19
bschaeferthumper: 1883 close to there03:20
thumperbschaefer: I'd definitely say that is a question for Jay03:20
thumperbschaefer: which file?03:20
bschaeferwindow compositer03:20
bschaeferthumper: well iam going to run it again because ShowDash runs twice so I want to check that03:21
thumperthe area being passed in should be a text area right?03:21
bschaeferthumper: then I want to add my line of code changed to see if it effects that03:21
bschaeferthumper: that is what deafult_focus() gets03:21
bschaeferthumper: it gets the input area in SearchBar03:22
bschaeferbut it isn't accepting key focus, so window_->...03:23
bschaeferthumper: in ShowDash() should set that...03:23
bschaeferthumper: hmm03:23
bschaeferthumper: it is inited to true03:24
bschaeferthumper: sensitive_ which is what gets returned for that check for false03:25
thumperprobably worth seeing what variable is being passed through the first time03:27
thumperis it the one we expect?03:27
bschaeferI can check, I saw nux sets it to false with a static text in an abstract button03:28
bschaeferNux/AbstractCheckedButton.cpp:45:    static_text_->SetInputEventSensitivity(false);03:28
bschaefersame with button03:29
bschaeferNux/Button.cpp:291:      static_text_->SetInputEventSensitivity(false);03:29
bschaeferthumper: there are only 4 places that I see that it gets set to false, but I might have missed some03:29
thumperbschaefer: note that SetSensitivity calls SetInputEventSensitivity03:29
bschaeferthumper: yeah but it is deprecated, and grep couldn't find it being called03:30
bschaefer(saw a random comment)03:30
thumperoh for the love of all that is good, delete it03:30
* thumper wonders if gcc has a good deprecation pragma03:31
bschaeferthumper: haha, I will03:31
bschaeferthumper: hmm, but I am thinking possibly when unity sets up static text it sets the SetInputEventSensitivty to false, but it doesn't get changed until the dash closes03:32
bschaeferthumer: (random thinking) I will go look into it some more03:32
thumperSetInputEventSensitivity isn't called in the unity codebase03:33
bschaeferthumper: not directly, but it has to be getting set to false some how03:34
bschaeferpossibly not directly*03:34
thumperbschaefer: when you step into the function using gdb03:34
thumperbschaefer: look at the type of the poitner03:34
thumperbschaefer: I think you can go print *area03:34
thumperyou can then poke around the object internals03:35
bschaeferok, I will also see if I can get stack trace of when sensitive gets set to false03:35
bschaeferthumper: i think I remember seeing a conditional thing with gdb03:35
thumperyes, there is a way to watch a memory location03:36
thumperand it will break on change03:36
bschaeferthumper: yeah the debugger is a lot faster haha03:36
bschaeferthumper: and fun to play around in03:36
thumperit is well worth getting proficient with03:37
bschaeferyeah. I am going to switch irc to my windows so I can use the debugger . brb03:38
=== thumper is now known as thumper-afk
bschaeferthumper-afk: when you get back, It is returning on if (key_focus_area == area) not the other one.04:12
bschaefer(changed view_->default_focus() to window_) was thinking it would get filtered down to the active input area in nux04:20
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om26erdanilos, Hey did you report a bug about icons disappearing in Unity launcher a few days ago?10:19
om26erref: http://people.canonical.com/~danilo/screenshots/unity-mess.png10:20
danilosom26er, yes, I did, but I didn't get it since (though it took a few weeks in my session without logging out for me to get it originally)10:20
om26erdanilos, thanks, found the bug report10:21
om26erit was in my email ;-)10:21
om26erseems there are a few other people out there that face it these days10:22
om26erbug 80624810:25
ubot5Launchpad bug 806248 in unity (Ubuntu) "Launcher icons are all rendered up in top left corner" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80624810:25
DebolazIs this channel also home of Unity-2D?11:33
kamstrupmhr3_: in your face ace! https://code.launchpad.net/~kamstrup/dee/tree-index/+merge/8314111:43
kamstrup(please disregard the snafu in the Dee.py, I just pushed a revert)11:44
mhr3_kamstrup, hmm, says there's conflict in dee-index.h11:44
kamstrupmhit doesn't here...11:45
kamstrupmhr3_: ^^11:45
mhr3_+2.5k sloc?!11:46
mhr3_i'll need a coffee :)11:46
mhr3_kamstrup, it's what lp says11:46
kamstrupmhr3_: i see... odd... I am pretty sure that index.h hasn't been touched in ages...11:48
mhr3_kamstrup, i just tried locally, lp is right11:48
kamstrupmhr3_: ok, lemme sync with trunk11:49
mhr3_aah, the g-i fixes broke it11:50
mhr3_should be simple fix11:50
kamstrupmhr3_: fixed11:52
kamstrupmhr3_: almost 4k lines of pure fun, just for you my friend ;-)11:52
mhr3_wooo, i'm so honoured :)11:53
om26erbug 883573 anyone have a say on it? maybe a theory? plz11:59
ubot5Launchpad bug 883573 in unity (Ubuntu) "launching an application doesn't focus it" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88357311:59
kamstrupmhr3_: with regards to the transactions the crucial decision is whether we want to make it possible to have something like a "transaction model" that we overlay so you can read the changed model, but without committing11:59
kamstrupthat's nice in theory...11:59
kamstrupbut bloody hard to get performant11:59
kamstrupand doesn't play naturally with DeeIndex, because you'd have to have separate indexes on the transaction model...12:00
kamstrupthe "simple" solution is to just write a GObject wrapper for the current txn format in DeeSharedModel12:00
mhr3_kamstrup, ultimately you're the db expert, so your call, but for the uses i plan the simple solution would suffice12:04
DebolazI have a question; I use Unity-2D because I'm on a netbook (compiz being a very significant memory hog), and while most of the default behavior is just fine, one annoys me: Most windows aren't maximized by default, nor is there any way to enable this behavior unlike in Unity-compiz.12:05
DebolazIs there a reason for this?12:05
htorqueDebolaz: have you tried setting /apps/metacity/general/auto_maximize_windows to true with gconf-editor?12:07
Debolazhtorque: That doesn't actually maximize all maximizable windows, the name is a bit misleading.12:08
DebolazIt should really be called auto_maximize_really_large_windows :)12:08
htorqueDebolaz: yeah, it's just maximizing those that would already start with whatever% of screen size12:08
DebolazIt wouldve been nice if this % could be configured with gconf. But thats not the case. :(12:09
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DebolazThe problem isn't just cosmetic; Many applications (Text editors for instance) tend to open a smaller window than the maximization treshhold even though they clearly need to be maximized before they are usable on a netbook in many cases.12:14
smspillazom26er: I think that's something I've fixed in precise. not sure though12:21
om26ersmspillaz, you mean trunk or was there a new upload of compiz in precise?12:21
smspillazwe're not doing any precise uploads until my unit testing framework is finished and that is going to take a while12:24
om26ersmspillaz, seems bug 770283 only happens with fglrx driver+unity-window-decorator the issue does not happen with gtk-window-decorator12:42
ubot5Launchpad bug 770283 in fglrx-installer (Ubuntu) "[fglrx]title bar does not update on non-maximized windows" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/77028312:42
smspillazom26er: we're dropping unity-window-decorator in precise anyways. but that's a driver bug in any case12:42
smspillazsome drivers don't send damage events for non window backed drawables. no idea why12:43
om26ersmspillaz, wow replacing unity-window-decorator for?12:43
smspillazI merged them12:43
om26eralright, so the above issue is something to be taken to AMD? smspillaz12:43
om26eri pinged the X guys didnt get a reply though :/12:44
smspillazI'm not sure really12:44
smspillazI'll need to look into it some more, but I don't have any hardware which exhibits this bug anymore soooo.....12:44
htorqueis there a "build compiz from trunk" guide somewhere?12:48
* Debolaz ponders if he implemented a gconf setting for adjusting percentage, if it would be accepted.12:51
htorquesmspillaz: hi! is there a "build compiz from trunk" guide somewhere?12:52
smspillazhtorque: yeah, hang on13:05
smspillazthat's a bit out of date though, you'll want lp:compiz-core for compiz core13:08
smspillazI haven't been able to do a git resync for quite some time13:08
htorquesmspillaz: good, thanks! :-)13:11
smspillazhtorque: oh a word of warning,  I don't think lp:compiz-core is building at the moment13:23
smspillazfunny, there are about 4 different merge proposals pending which fix the build failure but none of them have been approved yet :p13:23
smspillazhtorque: you'll need to remove the files it complains about from po/POTFILES.in13:23
htorquesmspillaz: thanks, trying it now. :-)13:32
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htorquesmspillaz: other than core i can use the stuff from git?13:55
kamstrupmhr3_: ! I finally got around to reviewing https://code.launchpad.net/~mhr3/unity/fix-856205/+merge/82433 :-)14:38
kamstrupmhr3_: I am not sure, but maybe you only have 15 minutes to reply to my comments before the automerger kicks in? ;-P14:39
kenvandinekamstrup, no pressure right :)14:41
kamstrupkenvandine: nooooo :-)14:41
mhr3_kamstrup, as for why reinterpret, i dunno, copied it from some other part of unity14:43
mhr3_but yea, i guess static_cast would work as well14:43
kamstrupmhr3_: if in doubt static_cast is normally what you need14:43
mhr3_g_source_remove isn't necessary, the return FALSE handles that14:43
kamstrupmhr3_: ah, right, it's a callback... the method name seems to imply that it's fine to call directly as well. that's the "source"  (gsource pun intended!) of my confusion I think14:45
mhr3_right, i could have put cb suffix14:47
mhr3_but at least it's static... so it's weird enough :)14:47
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Andy80it looks like LP is having some problem at the moment, I cannot search for packages, uff :\15:35
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mgedminunity ignores my terminal windows again -- can't alt-tab or use launcher to switch to them :(17:03
didrocksDBO: ^17:12
DBOmgedmin, any idea how I can reproduce the issue?17:12
mgedminsadly, no17:13
DBOmgedmin, is it happening now?17:13
mgedminI use a keyboard shortcut to launch gnome-terminals17:13
mgedmininstead of using super+number17:13
mgedminthis may or may not have an influence17:13
DBOit shouldn't...17:14
mgedminsometimes, after a few days of uptime, unity starts not noticing I've terminal windows open17:14
DBOcan you ping me next time you are experiencing this?17:14
mgedminit's happening right now, in case you want me to apt-get install some dbgsym packages, gdb attach and inspect global state or something17:15
didrocksDBO: in case you didn't notice, mgedmin is experiencing it right now ^17:16
DBOmgedmin, can you install d-feet17:16
DBOand then find bamf on your session bus17:16
DBOand start going through the applications17:16
DBOchecking their desktop files17:16
DBOsee if any of them are the terminal17:16
mgedminwhat's the session bus address?17:17
* mgedmin launches d-feet in a terminal, sees "Bus address '' is not a valid bus address", wonders if that's expected or not17:18
mgedminthe window is empty, there's a connect toolbar icon that asks me for a "Bus address" and presents a blank combo-box17:18
mgedminI'm not that familiar with d-bus17:18
* mgedmin greps for DBUS in env and finds an address that looks like unix:abstract=/tmp/dbus-MmzYJ2wQeE,guid=f6d51ff36b594cdb460ef36a0000000e, pastes that into d-feet, and finally sees something17:22
* mgedmin finds the window id of his gnome-terminal, converts from hex to decimal, finds the matching /org/ayatana/bamf/windowXXXXX, invokes Parents() and finds the application ID17:24
mgedminDesktopFile() looks sensible (u'/usr/share/applications/gnome-terminal.desktop')17:25
mgedminApplicationType() returns u'system', ShowStubs() returns 117:26
mgedminanything else?17:26
didrocksDBO: can you please help mgedmin when he gives you the feedback? ^17:35
DBOsorry I keep going back to coding17:35
mgedmincoding is good17:35
DBOmgedmin, if you say my name17:35
DBOit lights up my IRC client17:35
didrocksthat's the DBO interruption :)17:35
DBOokay so this is a libbamf issue then17:36
DBOexcellent :/17:36
mgedminsome other anecdotes:17:36
mgedminonce chromium and xchat-gnome got mungled into a single "application"17:36
mgedminshowed up as chromium in alt-tab switcher17:36
DBOmgedmin, is your terminal pinned to the launcher?17:36
mgedminone of the windows was chromium, the other was xchat-gnome17:36
mgedminyes, my terminal is pinned to the launcher17:36
DBOif you close all terminals17:36
DBOand then launcher it again17:37
DBOdoes it work?17:37
mgedmin(there's another bug there, incidentally, that I've reported to launchpad, I think, but never mind that for now)17:37
mgedminI'm quite confident that if I close all the terminals and launch one again, things will work17:37
mgedminbut I can try, if you don't think the current broken state has any more debug use17:38
* mgedmin sighs and wishes he knew how to reproduce these issues -- other than just using the system and waiting for the bugs to spontaneously show up17:38
DBOIm wondering if somehow it got sent the closed signal...17:40
DBOyeah close them all17:40
DBOand then open a new terminal17:40
mgedminI was wrong: the new terminal appeared, but launcher doesn't recognize it17:41
mgedminalt-tab doesn't either17:41
mgedminalso, launcher showed the pulsing start up animation even after the window appeared17:41
mgedminlet me pgrep for any hidden/minimized terminals17:41
mgedminsame result: pkill gnome-terminal; launch new one --> no recognition17:42
DBOnow do this17:42
DBO1) close all terminals17:42
DBO2) unpin the terminal from the launcher17:42
DBO3) open new terminal17:42
DBOdoes it show up?17:42
jasoxDoes someone know where is configuration files of alt tab in unity ?17:54
DBOjasox, what do you want to configure?17:58
jasoxDBO, i would like to change size of alt tab17:59
DBOI have not exposed a way to do this external to the code-base17:59
mgedminand now when I close all terminals and open a new one, neither launch method works: in both cases the terminal doesn't show up in launcher/switcher18:07
mgedminthe thing is; normally I launch all my terminals with the keyboard shortcut, and I can alt-tab between them18:18
DBOmgedmin, what?18:18
mgedminI'm not sure what I can say to clarify things18:19
DBOmgedmin, so you closed all terminals, and unpinned the terminal from the launcher?18:19
DBOand then opened a new terminal with your shortcut18:19
DBOand then what happened on the launcher?18:19
mgedminnothing happened: the icon for the newly launched terminal did not appear18:19
DBOthats more unexpected :/18:20
DBOand if you pin it again18:20
DBO(drag it on from the dash)18:20
mgedminwhoa: once I drop, the terminal instantly disappears18:21
DBOand it doesn't appear on the launcher?18:21
DBOwell then18:22
mgedminwhat if I close my terminal window before the drag-and-drop?18:22
DBOI think we *finally* have a good idea what is happening18:22
mgedminone of us anyway ;)18:22
DBOoh yeah make sure you close all terminals first18:22
* mgedmin has to wait for the dist-upgrade of his home "server" to finish, because he didn't think to run it under screen18:22
DBOi imagine it wont make a difference anyway18:23
DBOdo you ever unpin the terminal?18:23
mgedminso, this thing with alt-tab is painful and unusual18:24
mgedminwhat usually happens is: I launch terminals with Super+G, and launcher gets two icons instead of one18:24
mgedminone is pinned (but not indicated as running), the other one brings my Super+G-launched terminal to front18:24
mgedminso I unpin the old one, pin the new one, drag it to the top18:24
DBOwhat terminal do you use?18:25
DBOI think I see whats happening now :)18:25
DBOI dont know what its happening yet18:25
DBObut I have an idea18:25
mgedmingnome-control-center -> keyboard -> shortcuts -> launchers -> run terminal18:26
mgedminis where I changed the shortcut -- the default is probably ctrl+alt+t, I don't remember18:26
mgedminI think it's gnome-settings-daemon that handles the shortcut itself...18:26
DBOyeah, thanks mgedmin :)18:29
DBOI'll try to have it fixed ASAP18:29
mgedminaaaaugh unity!18:31
mgedmin<Super>, quickly type gnome-terminal <Enter> --> Celestia starts up18:31
DBOyou probably typed enter before all the results returned18:32
mgedminanyway, data point: with all terminals closed I still cannot drag and drop into the launcher18:32
mgedminthe new terminal icon instantly disappears18:32
DBOfair enough18:32
mgedminquestion: when I manually create/edit/remove files in ~/.local/share/applications/, how soon does unity notice?18:33
mgedminbecause you may have noticed I was experimenting with cp/rm ~/.local/share/applications/gnome-terminal.desktop when I noticed it existed, and was different18:33
mgedmincurrently ~/.local/share/applications/gnome-terminal.desktop does not exist18:34
DBOit should notice immediately18:34
DBObut yeah18:34
DBOmaking copies of desktop files into that directory18:34
DBOis bad ju-ju18:34
DBOdont do that18:34
DBOthat will confuse the everliving shit out of BAMF18:34
mgedminhey, there's an entire askubuntu.com thread based on copying desktop files there to add custom launcher menu items18:35
mgedminI've never done that with gnome-terminal18:35
DBOfor cereal?18:35
mgedminI've done that with xchat-gnome, seems to work fine18:35
DBOit will mostly work fine18:35
DBOthe thing that will get confused is this18:35
DBO1) start xchat18:35
DBO2) start BAMF *after* xchat (done by unity for you, so this is a race)18:35
DBO3) BAMF matches xchat to /usr/share/applications/xchat-gnome.desktop18:36
DBO4) unity registers favorite in ~/.local/share instead with BAMF18:36
DBO5) BAMF now thinks the application lives in two places and goes and cries in a corner18:36
* mgedmin nods18:37
bschaeferthumper: ping, got a better fix for the dash start up problem19:21
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seifstrupDBO, behold I have the power of the strup20:28
seifstruphi kenvandine20:41
seifstruphow do u like my nick :P20:41
kenvandinehey seifstrup20:41
kenvandinehaha :)20:41
kenvandineseifstrup, does that mean you are bug free?20:41
seifstrupi got the power of the strup now20:41
seifstrupi now feel smart(er)20:41
seifstruptry it out20:42
seifstrupbecome kenstrup20:42
* kenvandine has too many bugs :)20:42
seifstrupthe idea is once u call yourself kenstrup you wont have bugs20:43
seifstrupdont wait until your bugfre20:43
seifstrupthe strup MAKES you  bug-free20:43
seifstrupor reduces the bugs20:43
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nookIs it possible that the global menu of Unity allways show the menu items? I dont want to hover the menu to see the items... That makes me crazy :(20:59
bil21al_hello any ody please see this  bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/88519421:55
ubot5Ubuntu bug 885194 in unity (Ubuntu) "drag&drop to trash doesn't work / Ubuntu 11.10" [Undecided,Incomplete]21:55

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